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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. thank you, ann. deeply beautiful…you write from a place you’d never been, but your voice ALWAYS helps crack open our hearts to let in more light. thank you for going. thank you for writing.

  2. Thank you, Ann for another beautifully moving post! I really feel there with you and it is an honor to feel a tiny little part of what you and Compassion are a part of over there. I have no monetary gift to bring, although I deeply wish I was able to provide that. My heart aches for these families, and my children gather round and we read and we weep and pray together. Please know we offer up our sincere prayers for these families and trust that Our Great Lord will move in a mighty way through them. We WILL NOT forget these beautiful faces you have posted for us. Again, thank you thank you!

    • Oh, but the prayers that you offer, Natalie, these are eternal. Today we spoke with a pastor who urged that we pray for his church as they reach out to the people living in the city dump. The pastor’s name is Saul — might you pray for him too, Natalie?

      You have such a heart and I read it here and it moves…. thank you, Natalie!

      I see Jesus in you….

  3. God is good! Thank you for sharing your story. I have sponsored one boy in Guatemala this past week and my heart is bending towards more:) Still praying on it, waiting for God. Stay strong in Jesus, there is so much more to do, so many more miracles to come. Praise God and give Him the glory. In Jesus’ name I pray for all of you.

      • I thank God for the opportunity he gave me power to be blessed by the compassion and I’m also very grateful for all the sponsors who have the opportunity to bless my country different children in Guatemala, lots grasias

        with all my heart for you that God always multiply them all and am always praying for you
        Josue DAniel Xitimul
        I am part of the LDP in Guatemala

        • Dios le bendiga, Josue. Y gracias por sus palabras. Por sus corazon, tambien. Mark in california norte.

  4. Thank you for writing Ann. I have been following your trip and am so burdened to help in some way. Thank you for expanding my horizons and showing me that God can use me to help others achieve God’s dream for them.

  5. Daniel, Josue y Maynor,

    ¡Qué el Señor haga resplandecer sobre sus rostros y su gracia siga multiplicándose en sus vidas! No tengan temor del enemigo asechando en contra de ustedes. El Señor, es fiel, Él los llamó y Él perfeccionará la obra de Jesús en ustedes.

    Estamos orando por ustedes en México.

    • I owe every one of his prayers, because I know that God uses as tools to enable them to bless us, and with all my heart I give grasias and want you to know that God has blessed me in an extraordinary way, and so I only glorify our God

      are always in my prayers.

      From: Daniel Josue Xitimul

  6. Ann… I love you, you know it my friend, and I remember you in my prayers.
    I understand what you show in you pictures and with your words, we live in a country where poverty and insecurity and great needs are found around our corner every day. We are learning to reach and yet it seems that there is never enough reaching. But His arms, His arms can reach with love and hope.
    Praying for your safety.

  7. I call this community a miracle. The joining of hearts and dreams via some nebulous internet connection. I have been following the blogs of those on your trip and I am wrecked. Beauty in aprons – Love from pulpits – Hope within tin homes and promise in three young men. Daniel, Josue and Maynor – I don’t have to be your sponsor to pray for you and that is what I am doing – right now. May God’s dreams be etched deeply in your souls and may your lives continue to be a testimony to hope and faith.

  8. Daniel and Josue and Maynor, may God continue to bless you richly! Thank you for sharing your stories! God must be bursting with joy at your lives. I pray that He will use you to bring hope and help to others in your situation, as He is already using you to inspire others to sponsor children, so that they too may rise out of poverty.

    • God have given me so much and I am very grateful to God and therefore I speak to many friends over my testimony because I had the opportunity to go through many situations difisiles and I know many young people have seen a miracle in my life.
      Xitimul DAniel

  9. Daniel and Josue and Maynor, the phot of the three of you with heads bowed struck me right to my heart. My sponsor child is in Huehuetenango… And I am sure he wil grow into the straight, Godly men you three are. Keep your eyes on Jesus, precious men of God. He holds your hands. He will always lead you towards the dream He has for you. You will be in my heart, and I will pray for you every time I write to my Delmar. With love in Jesus; Jen (Australia)

  10. Daniel and Josue and Maynor, the phot of the three of you with heads bowed struck me right to my heart. My sponsor child is in Huehuetenango… And I am sure he wil grow into the straight, Godly men you three are. Keep your eyes on Jesus, precious men of God. He holds your hands. He will always lead you towards the dream He has for you. You will be in my heart, and I will pray for you every time I write to my Delmar. With love in Jesus; Jen (Australia)

  11. You’ve so eloquently (every day) written the words etched upon my heart. You’ve formed the words I can’t even speak. Sweet Ann, you now bare the pain of God and you will never be the same. I think He gives us glimpses (if we choose to open our eyes and see them) into His great pain for His people. You’ve looked the pain in the eye and you see a miracle. I love you, friend.

  12. Thanks for sharing this story, I see the move of the holy Spirit in every line.
    I will pray for the people of Compassion, who reach out their hands for the lost.
    I will blessed all the young man and women who met Christ in their lives.
    In the wonderfull name of Jesus

  13. Daniel, Josue y Maynor,
    Que placer de conocerles! Mi corazon esta lleno con todo que Ann nos dijo de ustedes y de los suenos que Dios tiene para ustedes! Hoy, oramos para todos y damos gracias al Senor que el es fiel, es poderoso y que el nos usa para cosas tan grandes.
    Su hermana en Cristo,

  14. BRAVO!!! I dream that maybe one of my kids (I have 4) will someday get into the LDP.

    To the 20 — you’ve come so far. You can go even farther! Dream big and work hard to make that dream happen.

  15. So beautiful! I look at those young men and I see my three boys. Thanks to your posts, Ann, and a few other signposts left by God this week, our family will be sponsoring our first Compassion child. Our goal is to eventually sponsor one child for each of ours, 4 so far. May God bless you all and may He turn the tears that flow so freely in front of this computer screen into real, living, Kingdom work.

    • Oh Jennifer…. just this: “may He turn the tears that flow so freely in front of this computer screen into real, living, Kingdom work.” May the words that I have tapped onto screens join you, sister, in real, living Kingdom work… your work that sponsors another child from Guatemala. Your faith has responded and it has responded with a yes…. You just *really* changed a part of the world, Jennifer.

      I whisper teary thanks for you….

      All’s grace,

  16. Apenas hay palabras … Gracias por compartir este mensaje. Tenemos que recordar … de ser sacudido por lo que no dejan de reconocer el plan de Dios para todos. Todos somos sus hijos y creo que a veces nos olvidamos de que hay vida, una sociedad en la necesidad de más allá de nuestras propias puertas. ¡Gracias!
    Bendición para usted y oraciones para la compasión.

  17. Congratulations to you three young men for walking this journey. You are truely blessing me with your story.

    I have four children, one who has sponsored a child for years now. She is sponsoring her second now, because her first one’s circumstances improved and she no longer needed the program.

    Yesterday we sponsored two more for our younger two, Max and Isabela. They chose from the pictures of your city and chose Cristian, age 3, and Lesvia, age 11.

    I will deam and pray miracles for them, as God granted to you.

    May you all continue to walk in the grace of Jesus.

    • Oh Marie…
      How to thank you for reaching out to Cristian and Lesvia? For making a difference… for praying for miracles. This is what matters.

      I am praying this very moment for you, for God’s overwhelming blessing on your giving-back heart.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you….

      All’s grace,

  18. Following every word of your journey. Weeping with you. Praying for you. Carrying these stories around in my heart and asking myself if there is more I can do. Faith requires a response. Blessings on your journey — keep writing His words, Ann.

  19. Daniel and Josue and Maynor – you are my heroes. May God pour out blessings in abundance on your lives as you continue to grow in your knowledge and understanding of His great love and grace for you. God loves you, and so do we, His people. May you shine like stars in dark places. (Daniel 12:3, Philippians 2:15) In the love of Jesus, Patricia

  20. Thank you Ann for every word you have shared with us this week! My heart has been moved…we have been moved…my family and I. We weren’t just moved with emotions in the moment that quickly fade when all is out of sight and out of mind–(which has been the case in times past)–we were moved into an action of sponsorship! My husband and I, along with our three kiddos decided to sponsor our first Compassion child with the desire to sponsor more very soon!

    Daniel, Josue, and Mayron–thank you for sharing your stories for us to hear! May God continue to lead you throughout your years of study at the university and into new and wonderful adventures He has planned for your lives.

  21. Daniel, Josue, and Maynor, you are all living reminders to look to God for the strength to persevere through whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. My husband and I have sponsored a little girl named Juliet in Columbia for many years. We have watched her grow from a tiny preschooler to a beautiful young lady, and we hope she will have as wonderful a story as yours when she is your age. May God continue to bless you all!

  22. Ann, the powerful stories from your blessed time in Guatemala have moved me deeply! You have been our eyes. You have let us see. And to Josue, Daniel, and Maynor ~ may God continue to bless you…you were chosen for a reason. Keep reaching for your dreams!

  23. Ann, Daniel, Josue and Maynor,
    I read this and my heart tears even more. Deep inside is a pain to reach out to others like you in areas like yours, but I don’t know what specifically the LORD would have me to do. If I were by myself, I’d sign up with a group like Compassion and live and work in a place like yours that so desperately needs and wants the hand of GOD to move. My husband does not believe we are called to the mission field as of now. I want to sponsor someone, but I don’t know if he’d let me add another to our list of 7 charities/organizations/people we support already. I pray the LORD will lead us in what we should do. I pray HE will somehow open my kids’ eyes to see beyond the malls, toys & trinkets of this American world to see the rest of the world that needs them to be JESUS’ hands and feet.

    I pray GOD will open up the eyes, hearts and pocketbooks of those who read Ann’s posts, who come in contact with organizations like Compassion to give generously of what GOD has given them. May HE stir the hearts of those sitting still in the pews.

    May you see the hand of GOD in your life each and every day. May you feel HIS love on you and in you as you move throughout your day. And may HE use you to reach those who so desperately need HIM.


    Ann, Daniel, Josue y Maynor, yo leí este y las lágrimas de corazón aún más. Sea en el fondo un dolor de llegar a otros le quieren en áreas como suyo, pero yo no sé lo que específicamente el SEÑOR me tendría para hacer. Si estuvimos a solas, me inscribiría con un grupo como la Compasión y viviría y trabajaría en un lugar como suyo que tan necesita desesperadamente y desea que la mano de DIOS mueva. Mi marido no cree que seamos llamados al campo de la misión a partir de ahora. Quiero patrocinar alguien, pero yo no saben si permitiría que agregue otro a nuestra lista de 7 caridades/organizaciones/personas que apoyamos ya. Oro que el SEÑOR nos dirigirá en lo que debemos hacer. Oro que abrirá de algún modo los ojos de mis niños para ver más allá de los paseos, los juguetes & chucherías de este mundo norteamericano ver el resto del mundo que necesita ellos ser las manos de JESUSES y pies.

    Oro que DIOS abrirá los ojos, los corazones y los bolsillos de los que leen los postes de Ann, que entran contacto con organizaciones como la Compasión para dar generosamente de lo que DIOS los ha dado. Pueda bate los corazones de esos sentarse todavía en los bancos.

    Puédale ve la mano de DIOS en su vida cada y en cada día. Puédale se siente SU amor en usted y en usted como mueve a través de su día. Y puede le utiliza para alcanzar los que tan desesperadamente LO necesitan.


  24. It is so wonderful to read positive stories about people doing good things
    and to beautiful people like Daniel, Josue and Maynor! May God continue to
    bless all of you…Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Cindi

    • I agree, Cindi! To meet this trio of young men who were
      1. on fire for Jesus
      2. working and studying diligently towards furthering their education
      3. THE GOAL of sponsoring — to see the smiling success of all the years of sponsorship encapsulated in the faces of these young men… there is so much more to their story that I hope I can someday write. It made my heart sing and weep and wonder at the miracles….

      All’s grace,

  25. Thank you Ann for sharing the stories of Daniel, Josue and Maynor. As always, your writing is deeply moving. I will keep them and their families in my prayers, that their light can shine on others to help them out of the shadows as well.

    Thank you also for your kind and loving heart, for stepping out of your comfort zone to travel to Guatemala. I am a regular reader, and I know how you feel about travel and leaving your family. Thanks also to your family for helping you share your gift with others.

    Now, my story related to this…..

    Prior to your story about shopping for your Compassion child, my 11 yr.old daughter picked up a flyer for compassion at the grocery store. She read all the flyers, and picked out a little girl from Togo Africa that she was interested in helping. She wants to use her saved money to sponsor. The flyer was sitting by the computer when I read your first post about going to Guatemala. Coincidence? I think not.

    So, I have been trying to figure out how to afford this, on one income, all the while reading your blog posts about your trip. Your post yesterday I think pushed me over the edge, I could barely get through it. Today we are trying to figure out how to sponsor TWO children…one from Togo, and one from Guatemala.

    So again, thank you for bringing the stories of these courageous young men (Daniel, Josue and Maynor) and beautiful children to us.


    • Debbie — this story. God’s hand manifested so undeniably, your daughter’s heart loving so profoundly… you trying to figure out how to sponsor TWO children, to wrap your heart around the world and give? You are courageous and you are living it and you are a miracle-maker and I murmur thanks.

      Just thanks, Debbie… you, your family, you *inspire*

  26. The three young men — I have heard a story like this before in the Book of Daniel – yes, Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego – like Daniel, Josue and Maynor – who trusted God and stepped out boldly in the fierce face of opposition and oppression! God be with these three young men in our own time, and grant them that inner courage born of faith; guide them with Your grace and power; inspire them by Your Holy Spirit to be all they can be, all You created them to be – and their story whch so inspires many of us.
    Thank You Ann, for your courage to step out in faith and be used by the Lord in so many ways….Thank you, Voskamp family, for your courage and faith in God,, freeing your wife and Mama to go where she is called by the Spirit to go — it has been a rich feast for the soul following Holy Experience this week…as in all weeks….
    Vaya Con Dios!!!!

    • What a powerful prayer you’ve offered over this trio of men, Christine…
      I’m praying it with you, knowing God hears and has dreams for these men.

      Thank you, Christine — *thank you for coming too.*

      All’s grace,

  27. PS I am a Compassion Mama of two, a boy in Indonesia, a girl in Rwanda. God be with Octavianus and Leah!

  28. Ann…thank you for every word you have written and shared with us from Guatemala.

    Daniel, Maynor and Josue….I have met several LDP students, now, and am always impressed and amazed at God’s presence in your lives. God has definite plans for your lives and I pray you will seek Him and his will above all else. I am praying for you right now – that God will continue to do a great and mighty work in your lives, and use you to touch the lives of those around you.

  29. Ann, thank you so much for sharing your heart here. Tears filled me eyes as I read your beautiful post, and as I heard the stories of Daniel, Josue and Maynor. I feel convicted that there is more that I can do…more that I can offer when it comes to furthering God’s kingdom and reaching a lost and dying world.

    Daniel, Josue and Maynor, I am so inspired by your stories. Our God is the maker of dreams…He placed those dreams in your hearts and He put compassion in the hearts of your sponsors. Keep working, keep fighting, keep pursuing EVERYTHING that the Lord has for you. Our prayers are with you.

    And to Daniel, Josue and Maynor’s sponsors, BLESSINGS TO YOU. Thank you for your compassion. So often it becomes so easy for us as Christians to sit back and there is nothing we can do to help others. But this is not true. By opening your pocketbook, you opened your hearts. And more than giving a part of your income…you invest your time and your hearts in these young men. We thank you and pray peace over you and yours.

  30. How can i feel so devasted and hopeful in one moment, reading these posts have me feeling like that. The hope and God’s joy are in the boys faces. How often do we take what we have for granted.

    God bless you boys and may your dreams be lived to the full xxxx

  31. Daniel, Josue and Maynor – your stories, your lives, are an inspiration! Praying with confidence that God’s grace will a kind to you so that YOU will abound in every good work.
    Thank you, Anne for the good work you’re doing in Guatemala…

  32. Daniel, Josue and Maynor,
    Just prayed for you. May you continue to walk closely with God and to know His blessings and be a blessing. God has great plans for you.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Then you will call upon me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

    Jeremiah 29:11,12,13

  33. I am glad to read your posts! Thank you for taking the time to come and visit our children, our partner churches, and our LDP students.

    Thank you for steping out and speak for those who have no voice!!!!

    May God bless you abundantly….!!!

  34. I did it Ann…I opened my heart to a precious girl in Guatemala…I can’t wait to get my packet…and see what God has planned for her!!! Thank you for your posts that touched me so deeply…I could not just sit and read…I had to act!!!! Much love to you!


    • Lori! You did it! I am sitting here in Guatemala City so grateful for your wide open heart. The eyes of little girls I looked into today —- and to think one of these little girls will be one of yours to write to and support and encourage and reach out to!
      Congratulations, Lori! I can’t stop smiling! Thank you for going to Guatemala and loving the least of these with us!

  35. Thank you Ann, for giving this your all. And many hugs, lots of love, and encouragement for Daniel, Josue, and Maynor. May God continue to water you, to be blessed and be a blessing for your time and generation.

  36. (((Daniel, Josue and Maynor)))

    I send you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Colorado in the United States!

    How I thank God for the three of you.

    I pray you will understand when I tell you that I do not weep for you. No. I rejoice. I rejoice because I know Who keeps you and I know Whose you are. My brothers, please do not misunderstand me. I am deeply moved and grieved to learn of the circumstances that surround your living and the lives of those you know and love which are fraught with challenge, pain and sorrow.

    As I read Ann’s report, our Lord kept reminding me of the exchange of words between two sisters, Betsie Ten Boom and Corrie Ten Boom, during their stay at Ravensbruck concentration camp during World War II.

    Corrie turned to Betsy and said, “This place is the pit of hell!”
    Betsy replied, “We must tell them what we have learned here. We must tell them that there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still. They will listen to us, Corrie, because we have been here.”

    I exhort the three of you to consider specifically these words for the testimony God has and is forming in you … which your lives today bear witness to and which you must continue to witness to others for the rest of your lives.

    And these Spirit-inspired words from the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome … hold fast to them, my brothers. They are truth and they are life! …

    “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?
    He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?
    Who will bring a charge against God’s elect? God is the one who justifies;
    who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is He who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, who also intercedes for us.
    Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    Just as it is written,
    But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.
    For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers,
    nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. ” – Romans 8:31-29

    My prayers go with you. May the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and may the finished work of the cross empower you to consecrate your lives to Him.

    Grace and peace be yours!


  37. Hola Men! So proud of you for staying strong when it would have been easier to bend. Lord, hold them still, bring their dreams to fruition!

    Ann, I picked up two sweet faces to add to my refrigerator – moved by God in your words. So proud of you for facing down the demons of fear and going. I have 3 sons and you should just see the eyes of that girl I added…I went to the oldest groups in the list – still time to offer hope.

  38. Thank you for sharing your story and gratitude. We have sponsored a boy in Guatemala for the past 4 years and as we receive his picture each year and his letters in response to ours, I have yet to see the glimpse of hope that his life could be different. But I’m humbled by his ever-present gratitude for his life and school. Your stories make it clear that it’s time for us to start making Jose Gonzalo “ours” – make it personal – help him to dare to dream a God-sized dream! God bless you!

  39. Thank you Ann.
    Love to you Daniel, Josue, and Maynor. God bless you , each and every moment.
    Although the poverty I knew cannot compare to yours, the love that I received from caring people and the Love that never made me feel alone, gave me strength and wealth and hope always. May I continue to honour this grace I was given by giving it to others. May you and your families know peace always.

  40. Daniel, Josué, y Maynor ~
    Usted es una bendición. ¿Sabes que? Creo que usted lo hace. Miro el rostro hermoso y ver a Dios que brota de ti. Dios te ve y te conoce y te ama. Su vida – hasta hoy – han hecho una diferencia en el mundo. Usted está brillando allá. Eres amado, y se nota. Usted es rico en todo lo que importa. Estoy mejor hoy gracias a ti. Yo estaré orando por usted por nombre. Puede contar con ello.

    Your words have changed me this week. You know that I love you, don’t you? You burst forth with love and you are changing this world of ours. Yes, you are.

  41. Ann, I look forward to Holy Experience every day…..I am touched with every post, especially these newest ones from Guatemala…It reminds me of many trips I took to Mexico with our church youth group… can not but wreck you when you see the grace in which and by which these people live…I am always challenged by them.

    To Daniel, Josue, and Maynor, Dios Le Bendiga!

  42. Daniel, Josué, and Maynor,
    Looking into your faces is such a joy. You truly are a miracle. Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a blessing to hear what God is doing in your lives and I am thankful I get to witness such love and faithfulness. I pray every blessing upon each one of you and your families! May you turn your city upside down in Jesus’ name.

    So much love,

  43. Daniel, Josué, y Maynor,
    My Spanish es muy mal, and so I write to you in English. Our family sponsors an LDP student in Kenya, and we write too another LDP in Indonesia. (Both are studying to be teachers.)

    The more time I spend with students in the Compassion LDP program, the more excited I am about this program! All of you are such talented, incredible people who are called by God to a special place in this world. You are men and women of integrity, faith, and wisdom who are emerging from such difficult places. Each one of you gives us joy, and such hope. We see a bright future for your communities and your countries, because we see how hard you work, and how dedicated you are to helping others in Christ’s name. You dazzle us with your potential, and we are all honored to share that journey with you! Every one of you is a treasure, a pearl.

    Please know that there are people all over the world who pray for you in your LDP training and studies. We want you to grow, and learn, and stretch, and discern God’s powerful will in your life. You truly are our best hope for the future. God calls each one of you to amazing things! Blessings, and joy, Sherry

  44. Tantas gracias por compartir tus historias con nosotros, hermanos. Me inspiran y animan como no pueden entender. Que Dios les bendiga ricamente. Se que les va a usar en su reino…

    Tu Hermana en Cristo,

  45. Dear Ann ,

    Your posts always move me and frequently bring me to tears. Today, you have brought me to action. Last night before I went to bed, I had looked at the Compassion website and was overwhelmed by all of the faces, each one needing someone. One boy stuck in my head, a 14 year old boy named Angel who had been waiting over 6 months for a sponsor. I wondered about the money each month but then this morning to see these young men has moved me to look beyond that, to turn any worry into a giving of thankfulness for all I do have. I can give up many things for $38 a month for Angel. He was still there needing a sponsor this morning and now he has one.
    Bless you Ann and Thank God for the miracles he is bringing through your beautiful words. Words that come from God through your open heart.


  46. Ann,
    My children were so excited to pick out a girl and a boy this morning to bring into their hearts and to pray for and write too. Thank you for sharing your experience. It touched our hearts and now will also touch Oscar and Jenifer’s in Guatemala.

  47. “How did this happen?”

    Oh, only God can do something like this! Only God can create these miracle dreams and make them realities! He provides for us and those blessings fill up and brim over and we pray they spill in the directions He chooses.

    He chooses to bless these precious souls, leaders for the next generation to glorify Himself. And, oh the glory I see when I look at these faces and hear the stories in their hearts.

    How can I not choose to give back to Him and be part of His miracle-making?! The joy and the privilege are such a blessing!

    Thank you for a glimpse at these souls I will look forward to spending eternity with!

  48. Daniel, Maynr & Josue, thank you for sharing your stories with us. It really touched me in a deep way. We sponsor a Compassion child and I pray that we can remain his sponsor and that he will be able to go to the University like the 3 of you have.

    God is doing a great thing! Praying for the 3 of you!

    Ann, thank you. Praying for you….. for Darrell & the kids at home…. and for YOU. thank you for allowing us to peek in… for sharing with us.


  49. Dear Daniel, Josué, and Maynor, – repeating from above – I don’t have to be your sponser to carry you in my heart, to think of you and your people, families, life – and to care, so deeply, from the Love of Jesus Christ. He is an enormous God, the one backing you and me up, and I KNOW His Power is incredible and He will do marvelous things with your life..keep hoping, dreaming, trusting.
    Te amo como tu hermana menor!

  50. Mi amigos, Daniel, Josue y Maynor,
    You have been chosen by God for greatness. Never lose sight of this. Always remember that He has called you out of the wilderness to do His work. I am SO proud of you! ” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

  51. I can’t wait to get our sponsor packets and to show my children their new “brothers and sisters”. Thank you for sharing from your heart. You make the “impersonal” internet clicking of sponsorship, a personal, individual hands reaching out with hope Thanks to Compassion too, for their work.

  52. Ann…

    Thanks for the posts. I also sponsor a Compassion child in Guatemala. And thankfully, we have had him a while…maybe 6 years or so. I am familiar with Amanda Jones, but clicked over to read some of the other blogs as well. I welcome your opportunity to comment to Daniel, Josue, and Maynor….


    I have loved seeing your pictures, your smiles, and reading your stories. My family sponsors 11 year old Jose in Guatemala, I don’t know if he’s close to you or not, but seeing you reminds me of him. I hope and pray that he grows up to be just like you. Lord willing, we will help him as long as we can. May the Lord Jesus himself continue to lead you, protect you, and use you for His glory…and I look forward to the day when we too will meet…and worship Him together.

    Many blessings,
    Corrie Bell, TX

  53. Daniel, Josue and Maynor,

    You have blessed me this day; thank you! My family sponsors three boys through Compassion – David (15) in Honduras, Bryan (3) in Ecuador and Kwesi (11) in Ghana. Though we sponsor them with love and in the name of Jesus, I didn’t realize how important our sponsorship is until today after reading Ann’s message. They are dear boys, but they were never so close to me, so real to me, as they are now after reading about you three men. In your faces, your success, I see the faces of my three sponsored boys. I pray they will grow to bow there heads before our great and gracious God as you do. I am humbled to be used by God for such a holy purpose. I will cry out to God everyday for you Daniel, and you Josue, and for you Maynor. May you live lives of humble obedience doing everything in Jesus name for the glory of our Father. Will you please pray this day for my family, and for our three sponsored boys?

    The Boj-Sode Family,
    Steve, Jacqueline, Noah and Elam

  54. Ann,

    I have been following the blog posts all week…the tears spilling as I see the utter poverty these people live in. Oh how spoiled we are. In the pictures that have been shared, I see our own Jhonny and Sonia, our sponsored children in Bolivia, who are living in much the same conditions…and my heart breaks. I want to do more…urge others to do more. We have so much…can’t we spare a little in order to save these precious lives? Thank you Ann for saying “YES!” to going to Guatemala. My passion for the ministry of Compassion is now a hundred fold and I am considering becoming an advocate…and hopefully sponsoring more children…maybe one from Guatemala!

    I will continue to pray for the group as you head home soon. Thank you, too, for providing an opportunity to share with these three young men:

    Dear Daniel, Josué, and Maynor,

    What a blessing to see such handsome young men who love the Lord and are eager to serve Him! Thank you for sharing about how much letter writing means…we sponsor two children in Bolivia and I pray that our letters to them will be as much an encouragement to them as they have been to you. I will never forget your faces and will be praying for you as you continue studying at the university. Keep Jesus at the center of all you do…He will always be there for guide you, protect you, and encourage you. May the Lord richly bless you all!

    Love and prayers,
    Sheri from Kansas, USA

  55. Daniel and Josue and Maynor-
    Your courage to make different choices amazes me! Keep working for God’s dreams for you, and don’t lose heart.

    My husband and I sponsor children in Tanzania and India. Your examples and testimonies encourages me to stay faithful and keep loving, praying, and giving to them. May God work in their lives as magnificently as He has worked in yours.

    God bless, protect, and keep you, men. And the blogging team and their families back home.

  56. Daniel, Josue and Mayron –

    What an amazing testimony you have of our Father’s faithfulness in EACH of our lives! I am struck by the good choices you have made – the choices that bend your heart toward the One who created and called you and not away from Him! May His presence be always richly felt by each of you as you journey with Him! Your stories … THIS is what sponsorship is all about! Thank you for sharing your stories – thank you for sharing your testimony of His almighty faithfulness!

    Your Sister in Him –

  57. Hi Ann!
    Chris and I have been sponsoring children through World Vision for decades… We are looking closely into sponsorship through Compassion. One of our sponsored children just “graduated” and is on to start his life as an adult. We are so proud of him. It is at times like this that we usually sponsor a new child.
    Thank you for sharing your days of adventure, courage, hope and LOVE … so much LOVE.

    My daughter, Rachael and I did mission work in Apache Oklahoma. There were homes there, devastated by flooding, that I will never forget. Such devastation and poverty.
    I have never been able to look upon what I have the same way.

    You are in our prayers as you travel.
    Bless you always ~ Your friend in Jesus ♥

  58. Dear Daniel, Josue, and Maynor,
    My heart leaps with joy to see your photos and to hear how the Lord is blessing you!

    I grew up thinking organizations asking to “sponsor a child” were stealing money. In the past year, I have watched several online friends meet their sponsored children and young adults. Amazing! I’m excited for our family to sponsor a child.

    May the Lord continue to provide miracles in your lives,

  59. Daniel, Josue, and Maynor,
    Ustedes son hombres maravillosos!
    Dios es con ustedes, sin duda.
    La luz del Señor brilla en ustedes.

    Mi esperanza es que ustedes siempre tendrá la Palabra de Dios en sus corazones.
    Deseo para usted la paz y la gracia de Dios.
    Mucho gusto de conocerle!
    Vayan con Dios ~~~ Maria

    ps. Espero que escribió bien en español !

  60. Your words are so good at painting a picture for us to see and feel and be greatly moved by. Ann I am so blessed to be a reader of your blog. God is using you and your writings to bless so many. A pastor of a sort ministering to many in different homes and different lands. A missionary sending to your readers thoughts so provoking that we MUST take time to think and pray and search our hearts for the questions that must be asked. Why is there poverty to some and not for others. I feel we are in deep poverty when our hearts will not open to others. I will pray for these three young men. It is awesome that they have escaped the deep darkness that could have been their future.
    Thank you compassion team. All of us will be different because we have read your words.

  61. Daniel, Josue and Maynor,

    Estoy muy agradecido por Ann y su capacidad de compartir tu historia con nosotros. Mi corazón está lleno, y estoy alabando a Dios por la fortaleza que le ha dado a los tres. Su agradecimiento y la fe es un ejemplo a seguir por muchas personas.

    Mi oración es que Dios sigue fortaleciendo sus corazones en los próximos días. Rezo para que usted continúe con su educación en la Universidad con el carácter y el trabajo duro.

    Voy a seguir gracias a Dios por Compasión Internacional, por sus patrocinadores, y para todos los niños de Guatemala. Sus historias han cambiado mi corazón esta semana.

    Estoy agradecido por usted.


    I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share your experience. It has truly changed my heart in deep ways this week.

    Praying for you.

  62. Thank you Ann for writing about your trip. This summer my 17 year old son went to Gatlinburg, TN to a Student Life conference. Of course I went to help cook and chaperone. I also took my 7 year old son. At the conference they talked about Compassion and my 7 year old wanted to sponsor a child. He wanted a boy born on the same day as he was. So we looked and looked and finally found a boy born the day after. We have enjoyed writing letters to our boy in India and just last week we received our first letter from him. After reading about your trip I am so thankful I let Cooper my son talk me into sponsoring a child. Thank you!!!

  63. Daniel, Josue, and Maynor –

    Thank you for showing me that a sponsors letters do matter. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that someone you’ve never met and have relatively little contact with is so impacted by something as simple as a letter.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us and impacting my heart to be a better sponsor…and you given me another reason to review my Spanish just in case I ever get to meet Pamela from Ecuador. 🙂

    Ann – Your words are beautiful, as always, but thank you so much for being open and willing to share your heart so that what God is doing there in Guatemala we can witness, praise, and join him here in the states.

  64. Since reading these posts, I’ve been asking God what He can do with the tiny “cup of cold water” I have. We barely make ends meet here, and yet, we have more than we need when we’re really honest. I’m thinking of using a bit of the money that comes to us for the care of our own child to care for another child – sort of an adopted brother across the miles. But I have to first know in my heart that I’m committed for the long haul, willing to write the letters and continue being a part of the hope and help needed. I cannot let a child down once I would begin.

    These three young men are courageous and strong. I can see dreams alive in their eyes, and cannot wait to hear the “rest of the story” on the other side of eternity when all has been said and done. But until then, I can tell they will be making a difference just in the way they live their lives and bear good fruit.

  65. Maynor, Josue and Daniel – What a privilege it is to hear your story today, to see your smiles and to know that you are following God’s plan for your lives. I pray that you will trust Him with every single day as you prepare to live this amazing life. And I say thanks too for your sponsors who show me how to support my Compassion children.

    Ann – Your posts this week have been just as exceptional as you are! I cried through every single one and felt like I was sitting beside you on the journey. God definitely directed you to be in this tour for a great big reason as you share with us. I am anxious to hear about your family’s response to your trip. Travel home safely and continue to serve our amazing God!

  66. Thank you Ann for allowing us to travel with you this week. My eyes have been spilling as I’ve followed your blog, and now esp. this week… How powerful is Hope! Powerful enough to slay the dragon in His own lair. Our Compassion son lives in Kenya and your posts have encouraged me to realize the power of faithful giving…the power of the unseen Seed.
    Please thank your precious family for giving of you this week in such a sacrifical way. May their hearts be strenghtened while you are away!
    Blessings, dear friend in Christ.
    Rhonda in South Carolina

  67. Ann, your words always move me but I have wept copiously over your posts from Guatemala. I am a single adoptive full-time homeschooling mom and have so longed to sponsor a child from Guatemala, but I do not have a steady income, and often we cannot make ends meet. I am afraid to commit because I would feel terrible if I could not come up with the monthly payment. But I feel more resolved than ever to find a way to do this. Even in our “poverty,” we have SO much more than these children do – we have opportunities they can only dream of – unless they have someone to sponsor them. You have vividly brought to life just how much a difference such a relatively small amount can make to a family – particularly bringing God into their lives, Who will sustain them even in their poverty. I have the images of Guatemala etched in my heart forever.

  68. I am so blessed to be reading about all of these people. I am at home with pneumonia nd have a week of bed rest. I tell you this only because I have pillow, bed and medication. I am safe and have felt the presence of God because I know His word. I want all people to know Him and have a relationship with Him. This is why I thank you for being obedient to His coomand, loving others, and being His hands and feet here on this side of heaven.
    Be safe and soak it all in. Remember.

  69. I am so blessed to be reading about all of these people. I am at home with pneumonia and have a week of bed rest. I tell you this only because I have a pillow, a bed and medication. I am safe and have felt the presence of God and I know His word. I want all people to know Him and have a relationship with Him. This is why I thank you for being obedient to His command, loving others, and being His hands and feet here on this side of heaven.
    Be safe and soak it all in. Remember.

  70. This year my little preschooler is learning one letter per week. Aside from reading books, baking goodies and making crafts that being with the week’s letter, we’re also looking for a way for our family to bless or serve someone whose name begins with our letter.
    Monday begins our “C” week and we’ve decided that our act of service will be to choose a few Children to sponsor through Compassion.
    Your writing makes me feel like I’m right there witnessing these precious miracles myself and I can’t wait to see the wonderful plans that God has for the sweet children He’s already planned for us to support.

  71. Ann, thank you so much for sharing your journey with each of us. You’ve given us a glimpse into the hearts of the people of Guatemala. You’ve stretched us, convicted us and loved us through each and every post. Thank you for being obedient to His call on your life to share about Compassion and what He’s doing there. Bunches of holy hugs for you!

    Daniel and Josue and Maynor ~ What an honor it is to hear your stories and hear your heart. Keep pursing His call on your lives and giving back to those around you. You are a light…it shines beautifully through you…keep shining for Christ! 🙂

    Melissa ~ Mel’s World

    PS – Our Compassion daughter, Ericka, lives in GU with her family. She has been a part of our family for over a year now. We are so blessed to be in her life, and yes…we write her letters every month and keep her letters/pictures all over our kitchen cabinets so we think of and pray for her often! 🙂

  72. My heart has been touched this past week. I can’t get the images out of my mind. I pray for all those that you have touched this past week. May our blessed Lord be with you and get you home safe. I know you will never be the same as I will never be the same. I give thanks for all that I have. We have so much, they have so little. I ask why Lord, why have you blessed me so. I know that somehow I must share what he has given to me. I pray that he will lead me and show me. Thank you Ann.

  73. My husband and I sponsor a darling girl (Ziada) in Tanzania (World Vision) and now God has helped select seven year old Dayana in Guatemala. I can’t wait to get to know her. Can anything be more rewarding than sponsoring a child? What a beautiful way to put our money to work in God’s kingdom today.
    I am doubly blessed to have learned that I am going to be a grandma for the first time next year so I used the due date to find Dayana.
    Thank you to Ann and the other bloggers for the heart tugging posts. May God bless you all.

  74. So inspiring. It is so good to be able to read these conversations and to know the impact that check we write every month makes. I am so blessed by the last part about helping to fulfill God’s dreams for those kids, wherever they are, wherever they live. It is so humbling to be a part of that. Thank you so much!

  75. Dear Ann,
    Your words have always brought insight and hope, but this week they bring such incredible opportunity! I’ve wept daily while reading your poignant words put to this canvas of poverty and the light of Christ’s love. Thank you for inviting, no imploring, your readers to come with you. My world has been shaken as my heart has been moved. Yesterday’s post especially spoke, “faith is always responding. Either with indifference or with intercession . . apathy or aid.” Such beautiful words of conviction. Through your writing today, I realized the life impact that supporting our Compassion child can have. This has been an opportunity I’ve long neglected, sending funds but not sharing my life. I can’t wait to read your post to my children. To let them know the picture on our fridge is a life we can love in a way that is real. That he KNOWS us. That what is so little to us can change the direction of his life. And how with very little sacrifice, we could impact even more lives in a life changing way. Oh, thank you, Ann.

  76. While reading your entries, Ann, I feel like I’m reliving my time doing short term missions overseas and it’s amazing how easily I slipped back into the consumerism of my country and generation, even having 2 Compassion kids of my own for the last 11 years, and seeing the desperate needs firsthand. Thank you, Ann, for showing me just how far a small sacrifice can go to radically change the outcome for His Loved Ones, and how it should be our deepest desire to further His Kingdom with our resources. Your words touch my heart and rip it right open every time, just as He intends! We talked with our boys tonight and they are excited to pick a new brother to sacrifice for. My Levi (great name, eh?!), 5, had tears brimming as we talked about the living conditions and lack of resources, and how many kids don’t even get to learn about Jesus yet. He really was hoping that they could just move in with us…oh how I would love that, but know that God can save them in their own land by His Sovereign Hand. It’s quite embarrassing that we haven’t shown them more of the hurting world around them, but your blog serves as a wake up call to what really matters in life. Bless you as you transform so beautifully!

    Maynor, Josue, and Daniel-you young men are an inspiration and God will use you mightily to bring Him glory and lead others into the freedom that you have found in Christ alone. Finish well, my brothers!

  77. Thank you Ann. The more I read your words on this trip I can feel my heart opening more and more. I am looking at living a lifestyle of compassion like I never have before. My husband and I live on a very tight budget right now, but soon we will be in a better place and this is one place that I am adding to our upcoming budget. Thank you for letting the Lord use your words to be the light on the path for me. ~Jessica

  78. We just sponsored Rosa, who is 13 like my two daughters, who I adopted from China. I have longed to adopt again but can’t afford it, but this helps a lot! My heart would not rest all day and I figured out some areas where we could shave off a bit here and there, give up the small treats that we could surely do without, and I am so excited! Thank you for the inspiration, Ann, and for so vividly bring these people into our hearts.

  79. Ann and gentlemen,
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this post. My son is one who could be a statistic. His dad has been incarcerated. Yet through God’s grace my son is not a statistic. We’re fighting.

    We are blessed to sponsor a child in Africa. My little 9 year old boy who many would have written off because of his daddy, helps love a little boy across the world. He prays for him and we write.
    Your post blessed me in a powerful way that we are making a real difference in our Compassion Child’s life and that God can work in amazing ways when we’re willing to give.

    What a blessing to see what God has done in your life. Thank you for sharing.

  80. Muchas bendiciones chicos amados por Dios,
    Les saludo en el nombre de nuestro Señor Jesucristo! Quiero tomar esta oportunidad de compartirles unas palabras de ánimo desde otra parte del mundo 🙂 Primero, quiero darles gracias por ser un ejemplo por los demas. Quiero agradecerles por su valentía en vivir una vida recta en medio de mucha dificultad. Como saben, NO están solos. Quiero animarles, sabiendo yo, que la vida del creyente es una lucha… Fijamos nuestra mirada en Jesús. Solo en Jesús. Ese día, cuando veremos a Jesús en persona, que glorioso día, todos sabrémos que TODO valió la pena por simplemente estar en su presencia.

    Acérquense a Dios mas y mas cada dia…
    Búsquenle en cada momento…
    Deleitarse en El en cada instante…

    Porque El es bueno y fiel.

    una de tus hermanas en Cristo…

    amy in peru

  81. Ann, I have read and reread your postings. Tears fall every time. I’ve sent emails to friends and family members urging them to go to your site…hoping that they will sponsor a child. I currently sponsor a little girl in Guatemala and a teenage girl in the Philippines, and am always in awe of what $38 a month can provide in the midst of such poverty. The beauty of these people grips me. With God’s help I will do more to spread the word.

    You’ve also prompted me to write to my girls more often. Sadly, I have not been too good with this.

    Thank you for your beautiful writings and may God bless you and your precious family.

  82. Ann,
    What a refreshing drink of water your words are! And I need to be reminded daily there is nothing better to spend our God-given resources on than these miracles. Your words are beautiful. You are real, and you let us jump into your life. Thank you. Praying! I hope to make a decision soon on sponsoring another sweet child.

    Loving you and all those in Guatemala from California,

  83. Dear Ann, This is the first post that I have read about your trip to Guatemala. You have such a lyrical way of writing. Straight from God’s heart to the words on this website. My husband and I sponser Emmanuel from Tanzania. It has been almost 4 years now. I have to admit that I didn’t always write as often as I could have even though I always enjoyed reading his letters. I received a reminder from Compassion about his birthday in November. So I went to the Compassion site to send my Birthday gift. After I did that I looked at a blog from a Gal who has started a site that encourages sponsers to write to their children the second Friday of each month. She told about how important it is to write on a regular basis. Needless to say I was feeling just a little guilty but greatly encouraged to do my part. Last night was Second Friday and the letter didn’t get done. But I did get up this morning and wrote my letter with a hand made Birthday Card with it. I made it out to the mailbox in time for it to be picked up. I thank you Lord for letting me give back just a small gift to Emmanuel. In his letter at Easter he said, “I continue to pray for you so that God may bless you because God answers also children’s prayers.” Yes, Emmanuel, God does answer children’s prayers. Daniel, Josue and Maynor – God heard your prayers when you were young and now you are going forth into adulthood with so much courage and strength and hope for a life lived in the love of Jesus. How Awesome is our God?! With Love and Gratitude in Him, Elaine Wiley

  84. Hola!!! Graxias por el apoyo que nos tienen
    les damos las graxias por leer nuestras historias
    y que siempre nos lleven en sus oraciones
    nosotros lo haremos desde guatemala

    Hello! Graxias for the support they have for us
    give them the graxias to read our stories
    and always lead us in prayer
    we will do it from Guatemala

  85. Hola”’ que Dios les siga bendiciendo mucho¡ y de verdar de todo corazon les doy las grasias por el gran apoyo que cada uno nos da para que podamos seguir siempre adelante y en los caminos de Dios, les agradesco por cada una de sus oraciones y yo se que Dios nos ayuda a traves de sus linda oraciones.

    en mis oraciones siempre estan, y seguiran estando muchas grasias y que Nuestro señor Jesus les bendiga mucho mas.

    atentamente Daniel Xitimul

    Hi”’may God continue to bless a lot and really with all my heart I thank grasias for the great support everyone gives us so we can continue moving forward and in the ways of God, I thank you for each of its prayers and I know that God helps us through his beautiful prayers.

    are always in my prayers, and will continue to be many grasias and that Our Lord Jesus bless you more.

    Sincerely, Daniel Xitimul

  86. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for making the sacrifice from family and home and comfort to make this trip. On their behalf, but also on ours.

    Thank you for sharing about the hope and the miracle of it. Thank you for using your gift of words to paint a picture for us of what it was like to shake those boys’ hands and pray with them. What a gift to YOU. What a gift, through you, to US.

  87. What beautiful posts all week. I found you all on facebook months ago and this week have been following every day, praying for your journey. I am currently battling cancer. I am 30 and have a curly haired 2 year old boy and the cancer treatments may well leave me infertile. We were trying for another baby when I was diagnosed, we so wanted more children and that desire has turned into an ocean size ache. This week I feel that heartbreak turning into a hope and a desire to instead focus on sponsoring children who need help and love and hope and letters and prayers so desperately. Gods healing touch comes in beautiful, mysterious ways. Thank you.

  88. God bless these boys and all the children who have dreams in Guatemala. May He lift them up and walk beside them, may their dreams inspire others, may His good work in each life be a light to others. Thank you for sharing their story. Thank you, Daniel, Josue and Mayron for walking in the light. You are a shining example for others. With love and admiration,
    Ann C

  89. As much as I am soul-touched by Ann’s heart-on-paper, I am even more touched by the long list of women responding. We can make a difference. Women. Mothers. We can be Jesus to a hurting world. We can give hope. Yes, in Jesus’ Name. And it doesn’t cost us nearly enough.

  90. Ann, I praise Jesus for leading me through you.

    I learned more about a holy home life from your blog. You were sharing out loud my inner thoughts about love and home and Jesus, the things that mothers think but don’t talk about…and showing the way to live from inside out in a family.

    My children and I studied your geography materials in our homeschool and a seed of caring was planted.

    I began to follow your Guatemala experience and my heart broke. I’m ready now. Ready to sponsor a child.

    I am raising four sons. I don’t need to explain to a mother of sons what these photos of Daniel, Josue, and Maynor have done to me.

    Thank you, Ann. God bless and keep you. I know that He is the One who will be able to help you transition back to your home life even though you will be forever changed.


  91. Ann,
    I’ll just say….thank you for being so very brave. I have sponsored two…in Jesus’ name.

  92. The lives of your families: (Canada & Guatamala) have touched me .Thanks for sharing and encouraging them to share what they are learning. Maybe this will help me re-focus,
    respond and change in places in my life where I need to do so. Gracias!

  93. Hi Ann
    I have just found this page from facebok Compassion. I have just read about Daniel, Josue and Maynor. What an amazing story. I sponsor 3 children Lenin from Ecuador, Devine from Rwanda and Reena from India. Just reading this story made me hope and pray that my “children” will one day be standing up telling people how compassion has changed their lives. As a sponsor it is such an amazing story to read, that you have made such a difference in a person’s life. I made a card for my “children”,with a picture of some hands on the front. On the hands I printed out the name of my child and on the bottom it had the scripture “I have written your name on the palm of my hands. Isaiah 49v6. Inside I have written God knows my name and He knows me really well. God is awesome, powerful and mighty yet He knows and cares about me! He knew me before I was born and my name is written on the palm of His hands. Psalm139—Isaiah49v6. I have sent this card to my children and pray that they too grow up to be great men of God. Just as Daniel, Josue and Maynor have.
    I pray that Daniel, Josue and Maynor will be blessed even more each day as they carry on in their journey of life. Many blessings to you and your team in all you do.
    MichyB xx

    • grasias por sus oraciones, por que se que Dios atraves de ustedes nos bendice mucho mas, tengo un gran testimonio por que Dios a impactado mi vida de una manera muy bonita atravez de compassion y por mi patrocinador.

      Que Dios le bendiga siempre¡¡¡

      atentamente: Daniel

      grasias for your prayers, by which God through you to bless us much more, I have a great testimony that God has impacted my life in a very nice Through of compassion and my sponsor.

      May God bless you always

      Sincerely, Daniel

  94. I am in awe of God and His ability to connect so many people to pool resources and prayers together to help the hurting children and their families in Guatemala! My little family lives on a very small income as my husband and I are both disabled and we have 3 children between us. I heart is broken and my prayers are spilling out this afternoon as I read the stories of these three amazing young people!!!! It is our prayer that someday we will be able to add a Compassion child to our little fold…but right now we cannot afford to do so…what we do have is a heart for these children who are desiring to follow God’s dream for their lives! I am praying for each of the children still waiting for sponsors and for the church and its pastor who heart is filled with the desire to help families find the Hope of the Gospel! I am also praying for you while you are there…for your safety and health and wisdom as you talk with and pray with these wonderful young people. God is more powerful than all of our circumstances and my heart is filled with joy in knowing that He can change lives in ways that we can never do by ourselves!!! God bless you!!!!

  95. I very rarely comment on blogs. I regularly read (In)Courage, and am moved by Ann’s blog daily, but I have never commented on either.

    For you three men, I MUST make an exception! Thank you so much for your shining example.

    I’m not so much older than you are, twenty nine, but my life path has been very different. Along with my husband, and our five children aged 9 – 1, we sponsor four children. I’ve been praying for ways to encourage and relate to the newest child, you see, our first three are nine year old girls and I have my own nine year old girl as an example, but now we sponsor Bill, a 13 year old boy, and it seems like he is a whole different world. I do my best to encourage them in the letters we write, but now, NOW I will be telling them (especially Bill) of three young men I read of in Guatemala. Three young men who grew up sponsored, just like them. Three young men who are rising to higher callings than they could have otherwise. Three young men who are following God’s dream for them.

    Thank you again, so very much, for being an example for younger children.

    Keep pressing on, keep leaning in to God, and keep shining. I will be praying for you.

    Thank you Ann. Just, thank you. Thank God for you.

  96. Ann,
    I have sat in front of my computer and wept many tears this past week as I have read of your travels. God has been doing a work in my heart and life and He has used your writing to partner with His work.

    My family and I are now proud sponsors of a 5 year old little girl named Damaris….we already are in love with her. Thank you for opening my heart to this kind of love.

    To the three special boys who are love so much by God…Josue, Daniel, and Maynor…
    You are great lights for God. You can be amazing encouragers to other boys…lights that can shine forth to their lifes so they can see hope in the midst of fear and despair. Thank you for sharing your stories with us so that we can celebrate in your life. You are blessings!!!


  97. My heart weeps for the children, the young adults, the parents, the eldery. They are all faces in a kind of poverty and dispair that no one should have to experience. To be scared to take a job for fear your grandchildren will be taken into a gang….oh Ann, my heart aches. My breath is taken staring at pictures of these homes that literally and inexlicably cling to cliffs—to think that children live there and attempt to play and live lives. It’s impossible.

    To these young men, you are inspiration. You are cherished and loved and prayed for across the world. For your eternal lives in Christ, your safety, your family, your strength to continue to resist temptation, and I’m certain mockery in order to hold on to this dream that you have. A dream to change your lives, to better your lives and those of your family and to make a DIFFERENCE in your country! God bless you. You are not a nameless face Maynor, Daniel and Josue. You are indeed one of God’s FAVORITE THINGS. Never forget that and continue to shine your light into the darkness. You can, will and ARE making a difference brothers.

  98. You three are such an inspiration to me. I am amazed at the things you all are doing for God. The dreams you are fulfilling to offer back to our Heavenly Father. I will be praying for you all. I know that God is doing miracles, moving circumstances around for you three to do some amazing things for His glory. May God be glorified in all you three do. May you share your stories of what God has done and is continuing to do in your lives that He may be praised by others. May His Spirit sweep through you, Daniel, Maynor, and Josue in such a way that people are swept away and drawn to Christ. Thank you for allowing God to plant a dream inside you and allowing His dream to grow.

  99. Ann,

    I think your trip has many, many purposes, but I know for me, hearing from the bloggers has encouraged me to wake up and realize the difference I could truly make if only I invested more in the child we sponser.

    I’m ashamed to say how long it has been since I’ve written our sweet girl in Kenya, or worse, how long it’s been since I’ve prayed for her.

    Not any more…times are changing! Thank you for your words and photos.

  100. Your three miracle boys sound a bit like Shadrack, Meshak and Abednigo. What a blessing they are and what a blessing that you are there! You are not alone. We are here praying for you and the others… and the miracles.

    (A few years ago when you first blogged about 1000 gifts, I began blogging about 1000 blessings. i’m excited to get your book.) Blessings… Polly

  101. Ann, Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us…so many emotions washing over me as I read your words. I have been yanked out of my comfortable, daily, homeschool, mom world…yanked out and shown the power we have with resources He’s given us. Feeling so glad there IS something we can do. So glad Jesus paid it all, so glad He redeems. Praying for you. Kathy

  102. To my brothers in Christ, Daniel, Josue, and Maynor:

    Like so many of the other writers here, I commend you for your hard work and faithfulness in spite of every kind of discouragement. Surely, you have (and are) fighting the good fight that Paul mentions. There must be a whole band of angels in heaven charged with celebrating your achievements.

    I would also like to add that my husband, while he was adopted as a boy, also grew up in poverty. He was an orphan, a street rat in a third-world country. He bears scars. But God has redeemed every single one of them. It brings me to my knees, honestly, to see how beautifully God uses even the painful experiences for His glory and our good. May the same be true of you! I will pray it is so.

    And Ann? You always write in such a way that my heart and soul are penetrated. But this week, the Holy Spirit has used your writing to shatter me, once again. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used in that way. Thank you for staring down the ugliness of poverty with the love and hope of Jesus. May you be blessed.

  103. Oh Ann, thanks for these windows into the heart of God. I am rejoicing with you in what you have seen, what God has done, and what , through your words, through your fear-conquered faith He is going to do and is doing through the stories you bring back.

  104. Dios les bendigan, Daniel, Josue y Maynor. Yo estoy muy feliz porque El Senor ha sido tan bien para ti. Yo espero que pueden dar tiempo a tus clases y pueden aprender muchas cosas que pueden cambiar nos mundo. Gracias por usando todos tus regalos con cuidado. FELICITACIONES!!! (Lo siento, Estoy aprendido espanol y yo necesito practicar mas!!) -Virginia

    • Hola, me da gusto poderla saludar y grasias por sus lindas palabras.

      Y yo siempre le he pedido a Dios que el sea que nos siga bendiciendo para poder seguir hablando de lo que Dios ha podido a ser en mi vida, y grasias a Dios el me bendise siempre en mis estudios y le pido que sigan orando por nosotros, y por Guatemala ya que hay tanta delincuencia y mucho peligro es el que corremos,
      y yo siempre estare orando poo sus vidas muchas grasias.

      y respecto a su español si esta muy bien por que si se le entiende lo que comento¡¡¡
      que Dios la bendiga

  105. Again your writing touches my heart Ann and I rejoice with you to see what can be done when we allow God to break our hearts and see His precious children with His eyes. I have just at this moment signed up to sponsor a wee lad – not in Guatemala as that doesn’t seem to be an option for UK dwellers – but in Uganda. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used as God’s voice today.
    Love and prayers

  106. To Daniel and Josue and Maynor: May you know how high, how deep, how long and how wide the love of our God is. You are in my prayers this morning.

    To Ann: Your words this week have been my heart. Oh that we can love more, pray more and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for your vulnerability. You are a gift. I love you, friend. xo

  107. Oh Ann….your beautiful writing and way of seeing things always leave me crying…it’s a good thing! I am praying for you, the success of your trip, your family back home, and of course, for the beautiful people of God you are ministering to this week. Our family will definitely be sponsoring a child, or two, or three…whatever the Lord tells us to do!
    Thank you for being our eyes out in the world…..
    Much love…..
    p.s. to the young men in today’s post: Please know that people are praying that you are successful in all that you do….you are role models for your generation! :):)

  108. Ann, you are not alone on Guatemala. Many prayers for you and your new friends who have been blessed by Compassion. Thank you for sharing your journey, as it has taken me seeing that the money sent is being used for real help for me to consider sponsorship. I will pray over whether our family can sponsor. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  109. Daniel, Josue and Maynor…you are role models for not only those in your circle of influence, but also for MY own faraway children. Thank you, thank you! You keep wielding your sword and fighting the good fight. You make your Daddy proud with your glorious kingdom work!

    Ann…you are a hundred kinds of beautiful. You have brought me to my knees every day this past week. Getting on them again to pray for all these precious Guatemalan children.

  110. Daniel and Josue and Maynor . . . our family joins our hearts with yours in praying for miracles and in speaking and working to share the hope found in Jesus. You are an inspiration and a reminder of that calling. Thank you for sharing your story–we send love and a hug for all from Alaska.

    Ann, thank you for your words which brought the needs in Guatemala to life, which moved all of our hearts and gave us a mental picture to grasp and understand. We were out of town all weekend, but I logged in at the hotel computer to follow your days. As we visited the zoo, the museum, the wildlife center, the mall, I thought of how impossible it sometimes seems to reconcile the two worlds–ours of privilege, their hardships so unimaginable. Compassion and sponsorship are a bridge of hope–not only for those in poverty, but for those of us in spinning in the modern web of materialism, technology, and hurry. Thank you for being our eyes and ears, but most of all for looking deep into the hearts of people, here and there, and sharing their humanity. We are sponsoring a boy, David, and a girl, Melissa, from Guatemala.

  111. Daniel, Josue, and Maynor-
    What a blessing it is to learn about you! I am overwhelmed by your testamony and courage. It is an awesome work of God that we share the same joy, love the same Savior, and are members of the same heavenly family! I will keep you all in my prayers and I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in and through you three. May the Lord Bless and Keep you!

    Ann- Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Words are not enough to express the places you reach into with your transperency………not nearly enough.
    Be Blessed Dear Sister!


  112. this was amazing Ann. and it’s amazing to me how my heart can swell with pride for three boys I’ve never met. and break for the 180 who were not in the 20 out of 200 chosen. and wonder where they are and who is caring for them.

    and I need to go right a letter to my boy in Ethiopia. right now.

  113. this was amazing Ann. and it’s amazing to me how my heart can swell with pride for three boys I’ve never met. and break for the 180 who were not in the 20 out of 200 chosen. and wonder where they are and who is caring for them.

    and I need to go right a letter to my boy in Ethiopia. right now.

  114. Josue, Daniel, and Maynor~

    [ First, we have 5 sons, and one is Joshua and one is Daniel!]

    I want to encourage you to continue to Stand Firm on the promises of God, to sow godly seeds in your life and the lives of others that will bear godly fruit. I am so thankful and encouraged that you 3 have been given the gift of following your dreams. That is a rare treasure. Use them to live boldly for God.

    May God richly bless you with His abundant grace and mercy, may you walk humbly with your God, and may you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    Prayers From Texas.

  115. Daniel, Josue y Maynor,
    Siendo una chica de 22 (casi 23 anos), ustedes me inspiran. Ustedes son tres luces que claman de la gloria del Senor, de los milagros de solo El puede manifestar en un lugar que el mundo dice que es tan oscuro. Gracias, hermanos mios, por dejar que su sueno se haga realidad.
    Mi deseo para ustedes es que conozcan mas y mas al Senor, que su familia fisica y espiritual los continue apoyando y que ellos vean y reciban vision de lo que es posible. Muchisimas felicitaciones, los dejo con este versiculo: Efesios 1:16-17 🙂

  116. Ann, I came home from working a 12hour shift as a rehab nurse on sat nite and I read your post . God squeezed my heart beyond my ability to voice expression of my heart. The pictures of your meeting your child,the emotions spoken through those pictures’ spoke volumes and I could not comprehend ever saying goodbye to that precious child of God. My oldest granchild is 10 and my name is Lydia, I prayed “Lord if you have a little girl named Lydia 10 years old I will take that as a sign that is the child you want me to sponsor.” I absolutely broke when scrolling through all those precious pictures that there was a little girl named Lidia (Lydia) 10 years old. I prayed and cried myself to sleep feeling guilty for sleeping in a nice bed with a wonderful roof over my head aching and wondering where Lydia was sleeping .Ann the Lord has used you in a mighty way to open eyes and hearts to awaken sleeping hearts all over. I have since been telling everyone about “compassion” and your blog . Love to you sweet sister in the Lord. Lydia

  117. sending love to all children around the world who are fighting for their God sized dreams and thanks to you for fighting for yours. Thank you Ann for sharing this experience so profoundly.

  118. Al parecer se ha olvidado esta página, el cual es muy impactante para muchas personas de todo el mundo.
    Les agradezco de todo corazón las palabras de motivación y que cada una de esas palabras me han ayudado a seguir adelante y jamás desmayar.

    Hace 2 años,
    Y ahora ya paso el tiempo pero yo sigo siendo una persona muy dedicada a Dios, a mi familia y a mis estudios como administrador de empresas, espero que cada uno de ustedes se encuentre bien,
    Dios los bendiga y siempre piensen cuán grande es Dios.
    Jama me olvido de la visita a Guatemala, siempre lo tengo presente en mi mente y mi corazón.

    Atentamente Daniel Xitimul

    Apparently he has forgotten this page, which is very shocking for many people worldwide.
    I thank you with all my heart the words of motivation and that each of those words have helped me to keep going and never faint.

    2 years
    And now the time has passed but I’m still very dedicated to God, my family and my studies in Business Administration, I hope each of you are well,
    God bless you and always think how great God is.
    Jama I miss the visit to Guatemala, I have always in my mind and my heart.

    Sincerely Daniel Xitimul