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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Wow! Am I really FIRST to comment? Sweet. Um, is it just me or do those cupcakes look reallllly good?! Something about me: Well, here’s a random factiod. When my mom was pregnant with me, her doctor told her that without a DOUBT she was having another little boy (this was before ultrasounds, in the early 70’s). So, my mom being full-blown Swedish decided to name me “Hans”. Haha! My brother’s name is Christian…pretty normal, but Hans? Great name…if you live in SWEDEN!
    Well, when I was born, they were so in shock that they had a girl and had NO name for me! Long story even longer, a nurse…yes, A NURSE, suggested “Anette”. They liked it, so that is what I got. It means “full of grace”. See now? That necklace was DEF made for me. Unless there is a flat screen t.v. being given away soon!
    How do you catch a bunch of fish? With “A-net”! See, Jesus had his eye on me and gave me the name HE intended me to have.

  2. This is wonderful! I know I have been blessed by this site over the past year! Happy Birthday!
    I have a blog but have had major writers block for the past few months so have not been on. I serve as a missionary overseas in Botswana Africa. Your website has given me a daily dose of encouragement that I often need. I love what I do but at times I really miss home!
    Thanks again for all you do for us ladies!
    Blessings…..Sarah W

  3. I had to comment because as that beautiful necklace says, it really is by grace alone. I have realised this afresh in some recent heartache… let’s keep turning our faces to Him, all is grace!
    Blessings! Lois

  4. Happy birthday, (In)Courage! I love this site and all it has shared with us over the past year! I’m Leigh, and I used to blog at Impress Your Kids (http://impressyourkids.org/about-me/). I recently gave up blogging because it was taking me away from my kids. But the blog is still amazing!
    So I stay at home with my 4 and 2 yo boys, and we have a blast. I’m starting homeschool, which is also mostly fun, and I love building things and digital scrapbooking. I’m an ex-opera singer, and I still love music – but I do it for the Lord, now! And, I think that’s it about me! What a fun way to get to know each other! I’m off to meet other people!

  5. Oh how exciting! I so enjoyed how each of you introduced another writer … what a great way to show the true friendship and heart each one of you shares for the Lord. Love this site and the blessing you each are to so many of us!! 🙂
    Happy Birthday!!

  6. It is by Grace alone. I say this everyday numerous times. I am so thankful for Our Fathers Grace. Anete~I love your name story.

  7. What a great year it has been. I have enjoyed reading so many (in)couraging post. Some days it has been what has lifted me out of my funk!
    As for the necklace…so nice. I’m on a “faith-walk” right now and this would be a nice thing to help remind me each and every day what God has for me.

  8. I haven’t been reading very long, but I already have several post bookmarked that I go back to when I need a lift…thank you!

  9. I don’t have a blog but I enjoy reading in courage when I have a chance, it is amazing there have been so many times that I feel you have posted a message just for me.
    As a working mom of a sickly 10 month old life can be overwhelming at time but it is nice to be refocused back to God and his plans for me and my family. I have learned (in my mind all days and in my heart most days) to be thankful for my job that pays for medical bills. I am learning that there is not perfect mother and to enjoy just being us.

  10. I have been encouraged by (in)courage this year. My life is in transition and the hardest thing has been just slowing down and finding my new “normal.” So many times a post has spoken to me.
    Thank you.

  11. Way fun! I’m looking for the 3 different size buttons, but couldn’t find them. I’ll be back to look for it again to put in my sidebar. Thanks for such a great opportunity! You all are a blessing.

  12. Hi Girls!
    I’m a wife and mother and love the job God has given. My wonderful man and I just celebrated 24 years of marriage. I’m married to the hardest working, most loving man. I homeschool my “gifts” from the LORD, teach and disciple ladies, teach children in other avenues and squeeze in some sewing and crafting when there’s time. My darling son is beginning his second year of college and my darling daughter is in middle school.
    I’m new to InCourage ~ found you about a month ago. Sweet blessings abound.
    Looking forward to these giveaways, but more to the great devotionals..

  13. I think God’s grace is all that keeps me going sometimes, and the hope that other women present in their stories. Thanks.

  14. Happy Birthday! I just read in by Bible this morning in the book of Isaiah about grace alone – even in the Old Testament salvation came through God’s grace. I am so thankful that He loves me. And I’m thankful for the encouragement I’ve received from InCourage.

  15. I am a wife and SAHM to two precious little girls. I love simplifying and being creative. I struggle daily with the idea that God loves me for who I am and not who I think I should be. And I really dislike hot, humid weather. 🙂

  16. Congratulations to you all for what you’ve accomplished this year. Each time I come here, or see a tweet from you, it’s a reminder to be inspired and share some love. Although I’m not of the same faith practice as the majority of readers, I still feel welcomed and included (a good thing– says something about you all, y’know).

  17. Singing off key and wishing you the happiest month of celebrating for you all! Whew, now pass me a cupcake!
    p.s. looking for that button bling??

  18. (in)Courage…is exactly what this website has done for me. I am single mom of one precious 8-year old boy from Southern Illinois. I am so blessed to read the daily eamils. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday InCourage! And might I say I do LOVE the closing date of your celebration because 9/13 will be my {gulp} 40th birthday!! (there I said it. it’s official, i’m turning 40 🙂

  20. I don’t have a blog, but I enjoy this one everyday. Happy Birthday. I am an over 50 Texas girl with two grown sons. I babysit a precious 4 year old boy who keeps me on my toes.
    Thank you for the inspiration each day.

  21. Happy Birthday! I have so enjoyed reading these (In)couraging messages. You truly bless me. My name is Jenny and I am a single mom getting ready to send my only child off to college next week!

  22. I’m new to InCourage, and I have shared you all with my daughter-in-law with the prayer that it would indeed InCourage her at this time in her life. I have to add this special note: my daughter just gave birth to her first child, whose middle name she called Grace. We weren’t sure my daughter would be able to have a baby, and how fitting that the meaning of her name is “undeserved gift.” Then I see on this beautiful summer morning that your first “birthday” gift has that precious word “Grace” in it! Our heavenly Father is so generous, isn’t he?

  23. Happy Birthday! Love this site sooo much. New in my walk, and quick to slip back into my old habits, this site really helps put me back into place, get my head straight, and put things back in perspective. And for that, I can’t thank you girls enough!

  24. What a fun thing to celebrate! Looking forward to a super (in)couraging month 🙂
    I’m a full time working full time SAHM to 2 darling little girls and learning to live by God’s grace as I endure some of the toughest trials ever. God is good and He will shepherd me through. Praising Him for that!!

  25. Oh my, I love seeing those faces!
    What beauty up there in those thumbnail links!
    Every single one!
    God definitely knows what God is doing, huh? Stunning, shining, glowing…

  26. Well, I have a blog, but I am in the process of moving from blogger to wordpress, re-writing etc. So Anyways!
    I am a late 20’s girl who is married to her best friend. We lead busy lives between Church, Work, Family & Kiwanis. We love to volunteer and spend our time helping or community!
    Happy Birthday (in)courage!!!

  27. Happy birthday! I feel so blessed to have you in my inbox daily. As a single mom of twins boys, I need all the inspiration I can get. Thank you for providing just that. I’ve added your button to my new blog and linked up above. Here’s to a fabulous milestone…and many more.

  28. Happy Birthday to Incourage and to my little dog daisey. I don’t have a blog but I look forward to and enjoy reading this one every day.
    Thank you so much for giving me that extra boost each day and for all of the nice things that you say to us. They always seem to fit my situation.
    I also give thanks to our Father for pointing me in your direction.

  29. No blog here, either, but look forward to finding (In)Courage in my inbox each morning. Early 30s, blessed mom of a 10 year old son & 8 year old daughter. Leaning on the Lord & praying He will, through His grace, heal my marriage. Have spent my whole career (15 yrs) in the nonprofit sector, but have felt especially blessed to be helping secure support for the mission of faith-based organizations in OH the last several years.
    May God bless all of you on your life’s journeys!

  30. Happy Birthday!! I love this site and have referred it to countless friends. Just yesterday I jotted the web address down on a sticky for a dear friend in need of some encouragement…if you’re reading this, and you know who you are, I’m glad you stopped by!
    As for me, mom of 3 boys, and recently renewed my faith, thanks to this site and all of the wonderful contributors, whose sites I visit frequently as well!
    I’m planning to start a blog soon, so just a comment for my entry. Thank you for everything, and a heartfelt congratulations to everyone at incourage!

  31. I am a mother of two small children (1 and 2 years old) I love reading the posts from (in)courage. The quiet time I get, little as it may be, is vital to my existence. Thank you for being a part of that. It gives me a glimpse into others lives and helps me feel like where I’m at in life is normal. On a journey with God!

  32. Happy Birthday! I posted the blog link and then wrote a short note on my blog about this site.
    I wanted to say Thank you to all the ladies that blog on this blog- you all are phenomal- I love reading this one and love all the encouragment you provide.
    Thanks again!
    God Bless!

  33. Hey Girls,
    First off I just want to say how grateful I am to have this blog and everyone in my life. These months I have read my email every morning it has made my day worth while and precious. It gives me happiness and strength to press on during the struggles in life. I am 24 yrs old, a Christian, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I have recently come into the wonderful place in my life where I surrender all to God and let me tell you its a process daily but it is amazing. I have been a believer since 1997 and have just now received all that God can give me. So thank you all for being a part of my life and these blogs for changing my life.

  34. Oh My!! God bless you (in)courage! It has been a wonderful year following you!
    You each have blessed me so very much!
    Thank you for the many ways you touch and move my heart to be better for Christ!

  35. happy birthday, (in)courage! i’m a mother of 2, and we are about to start classical conversations- very excited about that- oh, and i’m a doctor, so we’ll have to do it on saturdays! love getting to know the other sweet women here by their blogs

  36. Oh, id love to win! I am a SAHM for an almost 1 year old. Hmm what else is there to say about myself? Im married, and hopefully will be a homeowner within the next year. thats my life right now. 🙂

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY INCOURAGE!!!!Thank you for the daily blogs. Some are like, right when I read them, it seems like it is meant for me as something is going on in my life at that time and I just think that is so humbling…you have a nice website…very inspiring. Pilamaya…that means thanks.

  38. I am not a blogger but loved seeing all the faces of those of you that are.
    All that passion for the written word and all the words that are inside you just waiting to be shared.
    Thank you all for blessing those of us who read what you MUST write.
    Bless you!

  39. I came upon this website when I was given your book (by your mom actually 🙂 ) and I have enjoyed it every single day since!
    Thank you for it all!!!!
    Jessica Ferguson

  40. Happy Birthday, (in)courage! You truly bless me whenever I stop by. You’re so good at what you do I thought, for sure, you were much older. 🙂
    About me: early 50’s, widowed almost two years ago, and know that it’s only by God’s grace that I’m still standing. His love and His grace IS amazing!

  41. Happy Birthday! I didn’t discover this site until four months ago, but I am so grateful every day that I did. I work in a Radiation Oncology office, and work with amazing patients every day. This site has helped so many times, at EXACTLY the moment I needed it! Thanks for the beach house, and the terrific women who reside here.

  42. I don’t have time for a blog…but I always have time for inCourage! It is such a blessing in my busy life! Happy Birthday!

  43. I have a blog (http://abbieknaub.wordpress.com/) but there is no “about me” page as it’s really intended for family and friends. 🙂 Feel free to look at it anyway.
    Here’s a little about me: I’m 32, married to a pastor, have three kids under 6, live in a town of 2,000 people, like to bake pies and just used a springform pan for the first time last week!

  44. Happy Birthday. Love the inspiration — follow Jessica Turner (Mom Creative) and am always inspired by her too.

  45. I don’t blog either, so I guess I’ll just say something about me. My Hubby and I have been married for 13 years and we are adopting. We are just waiting for a call from our agency saying a birthmom wants to meet with us. The bad thing is that during this time I lost my Mom to cancer and she wasn’t able to see her grandchild. But we know that she is happy in Heaven.
    We can’t wait to be parents, we have already gotten some of the items that we need for the nursery and been picking up some clothes and other items that we will need.
    Happy birthday on your blog.

  46. Happy birthday InCourage! =) Joining in celebrating and thanking God for this wonderful ministry to so many women! I know I love my daily email encouragement! It is through grace alone that all things, good and bad, are enjoyed and weathered in our lives – because God works ALL things for the good, for those who love HIM!
    Thanks ladies!

  47. Hi there! Thank you for your daily inspiration. The necklace is so beautiful and I think it would be perfect for me since my name is Karis. Karis is greek word which means grace. 🙂

  48. Hello to all. I don’t have a blog, but enjoy several others by folks. I just turned 49 years old and enjoy spending time with my husband, stepchildren, family and wonderful friends. We are active in our church and I lead a ladies Bible study group once a month. I try to remain in an “attitude of gratitude” each day for all that the Lord has blessed me with and all He continues to show me. I appreciate Dayspring and all you do to bring encouraging and spirtual items to us all.

  49. Imagine my surprise when I opened this up to study today. My birthday is actually on Sunday and I am having a major pity party. But now I feel and know that I have many sisters and friends to celebrate with. Thank you for the encouragement that you continue to bring to me daily. Looking up!

  50. About me? I have been so blessed, beyond what I deserve. I am married to a wonderful husband, 20 years next April, and we have 3 beautiful children. Our oldest is serving in the armed forces, is married to a beautiful lady, has a precious 1 yr old son and another baby on the way. He has already done one tour in Afghanistan, and is scheduled to go back again in February. We also have twins, who are graduating this weekend from the Word of Life Bible Institute. Patricia, the girl part of the twins, has been being courted by a young man she met at the Bible Institute, and about 1 month ago he called and asked her daddy if he could have her hand in marriage. After a lot of prayer, talking, and more prayer, he gave his permission. He hasn’t asked her yet, but we expect it will be soon. We are so proud of all our children, to God be all the glory!!

  51. It’s so Christlike the way you have chosen to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for pursuing God’s plan for you and encouraging all of us. What a blessing.

  52. By the way I forgot to mention that I love these cupcakes because they won’t end up on my hips!)

  53. Hello – I don’t have a blog. but I do want to say Happy Birthday!
    I’m an full-time Administrative Assistant in a church I so love and enjoy. and I’m blessed with a loving family. I have a cancer “the doctors” tell me is incurrable. God uses you to bless me each morning through your “in-couraging” emails.The stories from the ladies are refreshing. I share them with my female coworkers, daughter, a friend out of state as an encouragement to them and whomever I have the opportunity to visit-with during the day. Happy birthday “in-courage”! I’m so glad your here! Thank you.

  54. Well, I need some courage and some encouragement right now–this month, this week, this day, this very moment. I know God revealed this site to me. I am a 40 something wife and mom of 2 children, 12 and 11. A boy and a girl, a strong-willed one and a mild and meek one, a social bird and a home body. In other words, two TOTALLY different children. I also work outside the home. I am so glad was led to this site!

  55. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I look forward to receiving my (in)courage emails every day… they are such a blessing and ALWAYS raise my spirits!
    I have been a Christian for almost 2 years and I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this blog. I LOVE reading all of the stories and the way that God’s plan is continually fulfilled in so many women’s lives. It’s awesome!!
    I am recently married, almost 4 months, to a South African and we are working on building our life together!
    Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace 🙂 it is such a beautiful reminder!
    Thank you!!

  56. I have a blog site – nothing on it yet.
    Happy Birthday! This site has been such a blessing since I found it earlier this year. Enjoy the cake and the beach house :)!

  57. I want to thank you for all your daily (in)couragement! Your words always hit the spot! I am a stay@home mom with 3 daughters.

  58. This is wonderful, brings about a connection no matter where we are on the globe! I live in California, a true “beach Girl” and love to read and comment almost everyday! I’m 56, love Christ with all my heart, have 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren and work for a biotech company. I had the tremendous blessing of raising my kids with a global perspective, we were involved in mission work for many of their childhood years, imparting to them a love for people, respect for diversity of culture, ethnicitiy, and values & understanding that sharing Christ is number One. I’ve been through many seasons since coming to know Christ in my senior year of HS and no what He is the Everlasting One, all things in this world will pass, but He is always there for us!

  59. I am a stay at home Mom with two wonderful little boys. I love books gardening soccer playing the piano and tickling my boys! Been with Incourage since the start and it has been so wonderful. Glad to be a part of it!

  60. Every Day is a blessing and they should be celebrated as UnBirthday’s! These daily messages lift my soul up each and every day and I thank you all for those that share their thoughts with us.
    Happy Birthday (In)Courage and may you all be blessed with miracles everyday!

  61. Happy Birthday, how fun a surprise! So glad for your site…I found it from Ann Voskamp’s. Wish I had a blog, maybe this year I’ll start? Thank you for InCouraging my life and writing. I’m at 336 in my gratitude journal with more to write!
    Homeschooling our daughter and wifing a theologian teacher at Westmont college, I’ve been a longsuffering wife to a grad student for 17 years until 2008 when he got the full-time job of his 40 years schooling preparation, teaching doctrine at a sweet Christian college in Santa Barbara, CA. (Beyond my wildest dreams is God’s promised land for our life and work together.) We moved and had 4 months of “can’t believe we live here” when the Montecito Tea Fire came and we spent an unforgettable night in the gym surrounded by praying and guitar-playing Christian college students (and smoke!) and our house was not burned down: just the yard and a hole in the garage. Then it was tough for us here, yet God’s been faithful and most days gives me a song in my heart. All glory laud and honor to thee, Redeemeer, King!

  62. Happy birthday Happy day. Thanks for your witt and wisdom that enters my world everday and brings me back home to childhood memories or makes me deal with today or inspires me for a better tomorrow..I don’t have a blog but love the gift please..will give to another to pass on and make their life better..if possible..
    God bless you and again thanks

  63. Happy Birthday (In)Courage!!! I don’t have a blog either, but thanks for including those of us who don’t too. I’m late 40’s, from Wisconsin with a 27 year old daughter and a 25 year old son, and of course my husband of 28 years who has just gone through cancer treatment and is cancer free!! I love to read my Incourage every day!!

  64. I don’t have a blog but keep up with several that others write. Happy Birthday and thanks for the daily encouragement! Factoid about me – I am a stay-at-home mom (never thought i would be) and today is my baby’s first day of Kindergarten! (and i think his teacher is the best because she just emailed a picture of the class to us and my boy is SMILING! – when i left he was in tears)

  65. Happy Birthday (In)courage!!!
    I don’t have a blog but visit often. I visit Jessica Turner’s blog and found you through her! Love her.
    I am a wife to my wonderful husband of 14 years(just celebrated our anniversary August 10!) Mom to 4 great children and am blessed to be able to stay at home with them and homeschool them. I love making homemade cards with rubber stamps and such from Stampin Up!

  66. I don’t have a blog so will introduce myself , lots of lovely ladies here. I just turned 50 and my youngest will now be a senior in HS>
    We live on a small Diary Farm in WNY> GOd is good!

  67. Hi! I don’t have a blog, and I’m not much of a cybernetic reader but I loved the necklace so here I am. But Unlike all the wonderful and funny comments I don’t have funny in my life now. In the last two months I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s, my best friend to cancer and I tore a muscle in my leg and been confined to my bed fo the last two weeks. I’ve been battling not to be depressed and to be happy for my departed loved ones and for ten days bearing excrutiating pain but I just read your e-mail telling me I can be bitter or better, like your grandmother used to tell you and I choose better. At this very moment easier said than done, but I promise to be good and keep trying.
    Thank you for sharing <3

  68. I’m a 60 yr old grandma, pastor’s wife….love incourage and especially Holley…..happy birthday!

  69. Happy Happy Birthday Incourage! I stumpled upon your website one day by accident and have been back everyday since. Thank you for the encouraging words and stories that you give us everyday. They help on days where I have needed a little extra.

  70. I don’t have a blog and I can’t remember how I even stumbled across (In)courage. I look forward to reading it everyday. I told my husband it is like God speaks to me through all these other women. As a mother of 2 children and another on the way, it is my little escape!! thanks so much and keep up the good work! 🙂

  71. First time I have visited your site – really like it. Happy B’day! I will definitely be back.

  72. I have felt love and kinship from your e-mails; I’ve shared with friends who were blessed with exactly what they needed that day. Thank you for all the encouragement. I’m in my last year of fifties and still discovering who God made me to be! I like your party!

  73. My name is Katie, I live in Florida with my youth minister-husband and our 7-week-old baby girl. I’m enjoying 4 more weeks of maternity leave before returning to work as a social worker. I’ve been enjoying (in)courage since the beginning. Happy birthday!

  74. Happy Birthday InCourage. I’ve been blessed by Heart to Heart so much this year. I’m recovering from a (not a literal) fire that swept over the plains of my life 23 months ago. I’m a housekeeper/caregiver and currently have ten clients. I’m pushing 50 (three more years) and am actually looking forward to it. One of my life dreams is to visit Texas. I don’t have a blog but enjoy all I read.

  75. I love this incourage! I try and read everyday! My name is Melissa and I live in Connecticut and am a nanny for a family with 5 children!

  76. I kind of have a blog that I started when I decided I wanted to help other people who sturggled with or were helping those who struggle with self-injury, but after having it about nine months and having about one visitor every few months I gave up. I am a teen, who you have probably guessed by now has struggled with SI, but have been SI-free for 488 days now by the grace of God.

  77. Happy Birthday (in)courage!!! I’ve enjoyed following you for the past 4 months and each woman’s story and relationship with the Lord encourages me so much.
    I’m 27 and just moved to SC to finish my Masters. I love Jesus, shopping, decorating, cooking, laughing, and sunshine!

  78. I’m a new wife, a writer, and currently surviving by working in a middle school (a lesson in patience, for sure!). Love visiting this place every day!

  79. Happy Birthday, (In)Courage!!! I can’t believe it’s been a year! I love this site & have been lifted up by it many times! Read it every.single.day! 🙂
    About me: well, I am a momma to an amazing girl from China and an inner city art teacher to middle school kids…growing in my relationship with Him every day, by Grace Alone! 😉

  80. Happy Birthday (In)Courage! I’ve been reading for a year and been very encouraged! I look forward to more and am working on commenting more too.

  81. I read inCourage every day but also don’t have a personal blog. It was fun seeing all the members, and I’m sure there are many more of us out there…
    Congrats on your/our birthday!! I’m always keen for a good party~
    oh yeah, about me: I’m a Jesus-loving mother of 3 american missionary in SA for the last 7 1/2 years. I teach music at a local primary school and our family stays busy.
    God bless you guys~ xox

  82. In Christ ALONE my hope is found, HE is my light, my strength, my song” – I too have flitted among the blinkers and twinklers that flash about in the summer’s evening skies – JOY, JOY, JOY overflows each precious one that chases HIS LIGHT and HIS LOVE :):):) GOD IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ALL THE TIME – FOR HE BROUGHT YOU, SWEET HOLLEY TO SHARE HIS JOY AND HIS LOVE EACH PRECIOUS DAY – BY GRACE ALONE FOR SURE :):):) KEEP ON SHARING HIS LOVE THROUGH YOUR DEVOS – WE ALL LIGHT UP A LITTLE BRIGHTER IN HIS GRACE AND BY YOUR ENCOURAGING WORDS 🙂

  83. oops, i also wanted to say i have loved looking at the bios of incourage readers, how neat! every one is such a gift. my birthday is this week, and last year when incourage began, it sounded wonderful & was a great way to celebrate. it has truly been a marvelous present/presence in my life all year long!

  84. Alas, I am blog-less. At Incourage, I do find encouragement and christian friendship. I am a mama of two, one who left this week for his senior year in high school. And so, I am marvelling at the speed of time–he just went to kindergarten, I thought! The other chold is a 8th grade girl, who at some moments is more like a 25 yearold!! And then she turns around and she is 5. Life is passing quickly. And I don’t want to miss a thing.

  85. I don’t have a blog either but I have been blessed by this site and have shared many entries with friends who needed to be encouraged.
    I am a mother of two teenagers trying to be intentional and be who God created me to be. That’s not always easy so I appreciate Incourage soooo much!
    Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  86. Just subscribed! I always love checking in and being encouraged by everyone out there doing amazing things, sharing, and loving the Lord! However, I am completely blog challenged. Took me five minutes just to figure out how to leave a comment. Ha! This empty-nest, Texas lady needs some new skills. Blessings to all my Sisters!

  87. I don’t have a blog either, but I really look forward to opening yours each day. I am an 8 year survivor of Leukemia with many long-term effects from treatment. I still consider my cancer journey to have been one of the greatest blessings I’ve received from God. I try not to let my medical issues get me down and today’s post hit the nail on the head…”Get bitter or get better”. What a great philosophy to live by! Thanks for the daily in-couragement!

  88. Oh! How Fun! I love birthday parties, and those cupcakes are calling my name.
    Happy Birthday, to all of you ladies who have blessed us through the (in) Courage site. You have touched many hearts and encouraged us in our walk with the Lord.
    I’m looking forward to celebrating with all of you here for the next 30 days!
    Now, I just have to link up my page.
    Blessings and Joyful Celebration,

  89. Happy, happy birthday to (in)courage! I absolutely love reading all the posts of you young women. I am a 60 year old woman who still remembers all the hectic times that come with raising children and trying to do it all “right”. Keep up the good work. Grace is what we all need.

  90. Happy Birthday…..I look forward each morning to your thoughts and have passed them on to friends. I have been in “transition” stage for the past couple of years….as I have seen kids move in and out, marriage…and career’s started. Now, I am trying to figure where I fit in to the new picture. It is exciting and exhausting.

  91. I don’t have a blog. I’m a 19 year old college student. I’m moving away to school in one week, and that has me pretty nervous. But God is good, and He is my strength. I would love to win the giveaway. What a precious reminder that would be to have!

  92. I love this idea of courage expressed …we as women have to have a lot of courage to get through the obstacles at times in front of us. The last three years have been overwhelming and each step I know brings me closer to where I am to be in God’s plan.
    God’s blessings to everyone.

  93. Happy Birthday in courage……we are wrapping up our last term as over seas missionaries in Papua New Guinea, soon to hit the shores of the US around the 4th of Sept. Since discovering this blessed web site my heart has been refreshed, enlightened, convicted, encouraged, blessed and more words then you have time to read. I look forward to being involved more when we are settled in the states, actually in Southern Ca. So very grateful for all you ladies who have blessed my heart with your God inspired post. So often I am stirred to action by what i read, to make my life count more for Jesus, to help even more encouraged others. The vision God gave you women who lead in courage has and is taking place as I write. Thank you.