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  1. That version of that verse is just what I needed to hear! I have a prayer request…My husband’s parents have a business and after 7 years at home with our kids, it looks like I’m going to have to begin working in the business. To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m concerned how it will affect our home life and it just really isn’t the type of work I’m interested in. Please pray that God would work out all the details to make it a positive experience for my family and that He would do what’s needed in my heart to joyfully follow wherever He leads me. Thank you so much!

  2. – prayed for you Christine…
    My prayer is that my husband would allow God to break through his protective walls and defenses to connect with God and with me. He can connect at times, but on his terms and only if he doesn’t have to deal with anything. He has changed and I can see where God is working, but I am so tired of banging my head against the walls of his heart. I want the quick fix! 🙂 I need to stay with God and trust him to do the work.

  3. Jennifer…I can relate to this hope that I can encourage you to hang on! God WILL redeem the time you believe you are missing with your husband…praying for you and your marriage, which is so special to God!
    I had a conversation with my husband about how “active” our faith is…I pray that God can rouse a living, breathing active faith in me…to bodly live out loud for Him…also pray for restoration of relationships with a friend and my brother.

  4. I am praying for you Christine, that God will work in your heart. Your family will also be in my prayers during this transition.
    My prayer request, the short version, is that God shows me the resources I should look to for help with our house problems. The company went bankrupt and then sold us our home after (without disclosing the bankruptcy) and they will not honor their warranty on damage to our home that was caused by their faulty setup of the home. I have a chronic illness and am getting sicker with the mold from the problem. I cannot sleep in our bedroom with our husband as it is too close to the mold. I now sleep in my oldest sons room. Our water has been unsafe for drinking for over a year and my Dad brings us water daily from his home. I wash my hair with the garden hose and can keep that up, but wonder what this fall and winter will have in store in regards to that and in heating our home. I am unable to work now and feel like we are sinking. We will hopefully visit the food bank soon and will be ok in that regard.
    This is a few of the things that have been going on recently and I am so thankful for a safe place to lie it down. It has just been weighing on me. My God is good and will protect our family and see us through this. I know He will give me the strength I need to continue to be a loving wide and Mommy.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  5. Jenn, I prayed for you and your family.
    Please pray that I can work through this depression that has taken a turn for the worse the past month or so. Pray that I give the medication time to work–its a new medication that scares me to death because of the side effects–I’ve been through 3 meds already and I had quite a few side effects with each one, so I am leary of the new one. Pray that I will keep a tight grip on God even though I feel like I am in a dry spot right now. I can’t pray much if at all anymore, I cant talk to God right now like I used to and that hurts me more than anything right now.

  6. Please pray that me and my husband (who is a pastor) have encouragement to go on. We have faced hard times lately, betrayed by people we thought were good friends, it was so painful and we are both hurt. I always knew it could happen someday but it really hurts, I am about to quit. People can be so mean when everything we wanted and did was to help and love them. I know our Lord faced exactly things like that, I feel I can’t deal with it anymore.
    thank you.

  7. Dear Heavenly Father I lift up KArina and her husband to you today that you would give them strength to go on and not to grow weary in doing good. I pray you will bring along side them people to encourage them and be true friends that they can trust. You have given them a very important calling and I pray you would just bless the fruit of their hands, give them peace, bring peace and understanding to their congregation, convict the hearts of those who have offended and bring healing….in the precious name of Jesus…Amen.
    My prayer is for my family. My husband recently got a job in NC and is already there working. We are a homeschooling fasmily of 5 girls with our son on college in va. it is SO hard to be seperated as a family, we have not been able to sell or lease our house so far and we are getting WAY behind on bills. I dont rmember in 22 years of marriage things being this bad financially. But God knows our needs and we are not to be anxious….pray for increased trust of our lives in the Fathers hands.
    thank you,
    Amy M

  8. After reading the posts above, my heart sank….I feel as though my prayer request is weightless compared to those of you who are REALLY going through hard times. I am praying for you & when I say that, I mean it. My circumstances are fixable, they are just hard right now. We have 3 little kids, & have been renting our cute little home for almost a year now. Our landlord is not kind. That’s putting it nicely. She won’t less us renew our lease, so we have to find a home in 30 days. Packing up again, only after renovating the landlord’s home, to our cost, b/c it was very unlivable, having a baby in May, by emergency c-section…coping with post-partum, & now preparing for my 5 yr olds first year of kindergarten, I wasn’t planning on having to pack 5 peeps up & move. Alot of sudden change,that I don’t manage too well.
    So, w/ all that said, please pray God would show us where to live. Cost is one thing, being in a safe, healthy home too. There is SO much more to my story, but I know I can’t write a book. Trusting God. I’m going to worship & lay all my burdens down at His feet. That is all I know to do. Thank you for praying. Your blog gets me through my day sometimes. Thank you!
    Every blessing to all of you!

  9. If God provides for the birds and clothes the flowers with rich garments, so much more shall be provided to me, His child. My continual prayer is for my friend Derrick: that he find the means to provide for his children and a constant source of encouragement. Help me become a better friend to him. In my helping, let me find contentment in the Lord. I pray for all those in struggle, joy, and the in-between. All in Christ’s name. -Paula

  10. @Paula, I’ll be praying for Derrick and also for you.
    My own prayer is for our financial life. We are lucky to have a strong and healthy marriage, but we need to get back on track with our money. I was out of work for 8 months and the bills piled up. We are current on everything, but haven’t been able to make any headway into our debt.
    God provides for us, I just need strength to do the hard work of being a better steward of what He has given.

  11. I want to feel the love and passion for my husband like I used to feel. We’ve had some very rough times, and my physical love for him is gone. Please pray for me. I want to want him again.

  12. praying for those above!
    I’m currently going through some exciting changes and transitions, but in that will be starting to gather a team to join alongside me and support me in what’s next. So, during this time of preparation, prayers for finances to come together, people to support me, details to be worked out, and God to reveal the time line would be much appreciated!

  13. I am having the same problem as linda. Please pray for me, I need to feel that connection again and it is hard to bear the guilt of not “wanting” him anymore, although I love him so much..

  14. prayed for jackie and the others..
    seriously, I feel so lost somedays, and afraid. I recently started my life over and not young- but got out of an abusive stressful situation and feel like I am just here somedays. I want a purpose, I no onger want to fear things/ and I want to be stronger in my walk with HIM

  15. Praying for you, Paula, as you encourage Derrick and his children, that your friendship will be a guiding light to him to the Lord, may you have peace as you serve God through encouraging and praying for others.
    My prayer is for my family. My mother was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my grandmother is also ill. We ask for God’s continual blessing and his healing for them and for us as we minister to them.

  16. I have been SI-free for 505 days, but recently have struggled a lot with still wanting to hurt myself. A lot of it probably has to do with how overwhelmed I am with trying to balance school and everything else that is going on right now. It does not really help that I felt overwhelmed all summer and that manifested itself in my not getting much done, so now the deadlines are looming closer than ever, and I have already missed some things that really should not have been neglected and would not have been so difficult to just get done.

  17. Dear anonymous, In our early days of marriage, we, too, had financial woes sometimes having to leave part of our church pledge unpaid. We prayed about it and decided to pay the church first,to be very frugal, no charge cards. Amazingly,our financial woes ceased.
    Through God’s grace we have had a wonderful 57 year marriage. However, he has had Alzheimers for 14 years resulting in our moving into a retirement facility 5 years ago. It became necessary 2 years ago to move him to the dementia unit. On Sept. 8 I will have back surgery (laminectomy). I invite your prayers for my surgeon, for my healing and for my husband’s needs being met as I recover. Peace and love, June

  18. VA…saying a prayer for you this morning that the peace of God surrounds you and that these thoughts of wanting to harm yourself are destroyed, and that they NEVER return. The Lord wants you to know, today, that you are SO precious to Him.
    My prayer is that the Lord would provide me with a job in the coming weeks. I am currently working in a very hostile environment, and day after day, I find myself feeling more and more depressed by it. I just want to pursue God’s purpose for my life!

  19. I’m praying for you and your family Deborah. I pray that God blesses you and your family with strength and healing during this difficult time.
    My prayer is for my sister, my stepmother’s family and myself. About 40 years ago my sister and I were sexually abused by our father. When we were in our teens we confronted our father in front of our mom. Their marriage ended, but she did not report our father to the police. Now my sister and I have found out the our father has abused one of our stepmother’s grandchildren. Besides the damage that has been done to this poor, innocent child, this has also opened old wounds for my sister and me.
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  20. Father God I ask that You would protect Meg as she works, and that You would open doors for her for a new job that is just the right fit for her. I ask that You would bless her and keep her and let her know just how much you love her. I ask this in Jesus’ name.
    My prayer request: wisdom regarding my nearly 86 year old mother’s support needs at this stage of her life, and her willingness to accept some help.

  21. I pray for Deborah may God give you and your family the strength and encougement to get threw this time of sickness. May God be with your Mom and Grandma and heal their ill bodies. In Jesus Name.
    The end of last year it felt like the bottom of my world drop from under me. I felt very depressed and I left the ministry I was in charge of at my church. I feel so alone. I want to be where God wants me and feel his presence.

  22. Praying for you, Meg, that God will provide you with a job. I have been in a situation like yours before and I totally empathize with you.
    My prayer is that I will be able to find friends that I can relate to and can share my heart and burdens with. Also, that I will be able to find a church where I can grow and I can serve.

  23. Please pray that I can get over grief from a few losses–my parents from divorce (roles have switched and it has been really hard) and a pastor who had stepped into that father role for me. I feel like I keep losing places where I have been loved. I know I am loved by God the Father…just hard to feel it in the grief.

  24. I’m in my second week of my sophomore year of college and my grandmother ,who has taken care of my older brother and I since we were 10, just had major surgery to remove a mass on her breast bone, the surgery went well but she is having to stay in the ICU for a few days before being put on bed rest to recover for 6-8 weeks, its scary, and its also hard to see my grandfather be so upset because he has Parkinson’s disease and cannot do anything for her. Its just a hard time on my family right now and I am trying to focus with school and i just need prayer for peace and a speedy recovery for my grandmother

  25. Deborah, I struggled with depression this past year and it is a dark and lonely place. I prayed for you and will continue to pray for you.
    I have 2 wonderful sons ages 16 and 13. They are both struggling with school starting next week. My younger son gets teased even though he is talented, funny and intelligent. My older so is dealing with the consequences of his past behavior. Both need a good friend/support network.
    Prayer request: that their self esteem would increase and that they would both find Christian friends who accept them for who they are.

  26. Praying for you H…it is very hard when you feel alone. But you never really are alone! That feeling is only meant to bring you to the only one who will never leave you.
    My prayer is for friends and travel in Leh, India. The foothills of the Himalayas suffered a devastating flood 3 weeks ago. We are to travel there to see friends in 2 weeks…Friends are safe, but so much to do to rebuild. High altitude has been a problem for my husband. We want to help any way we can.

  27. Please pray for my oldest daughter. She is going through a lot of stress right now with school, sports and her astrainged father. Her stress if showing physically with pulling out her hair, and other things. She is a wonderful loving kind young lady.. she just needs some added strength to get through this time. And so do I. Please pray also for her saftey… Thank you!

  28. prayers for Gina and her sons.
    Please pray for healing fo me so I can walk with ease and no pain.2 1/2 years of debilitating pain.
    Thank you.

  29. Gina, I am praying for your sons and their struggles as they start school. I can totally relate, as my kids, now 18 and 16, have had struggles with feeling like they don’t fit in at school and wishing they had good friends who accept them for who they are. My prayer request is for my oldest child, my 18-yr-old daughter who I just took to college for the first time last week. She is having a hard time with homesickness and also finding a network of friends who don’t drink and who are interested in something besides partying. She is a National Merit Scholar and a very serious student, and although she is fun-loving and social, she has absolutely no interest in the drinking/partying that so many college kids want to do. Please pray that she will stand firm in her decisions and that God will bring her friends who will accept her and also want to do things that honor God while having fun. Thanks!

  30. Gina:
    I pray that your sons will have a very blessed time in school, that the Lord will provide true friends for them and that they will thrive through him and do everything that God has equipped them to do. I also pray for you to have a peace and be secure in the fact that God has your boys in his hand at all times.

  31. Please pray for an gentle transition from our earthly home to our heavenly home for my 57 year old husband. He was in a tragic accident 13 years ago and suffers from traumatic brain injury. It has been a long 13 year journey for both of us and his tired and weary and wants to go home to the Lord. He was lucky enough to see heaven while in his coma and says it is a wonderful place! He is in Hospice care now.

  32. I’m praying for your sons, Gina.
    I come to the Lord today asking him to help me focus and juggle all my commitments. It’s so easy for me to get lost in those things that don’t really matter.

  33. Depression is hard. I am battling it myself with recently losing my teaching position. Public schools have been my home for the past 10 years or so and moving around so much in support of my husband’s career has made me consistently have low seniority. Budget cuts have me on unemployment. I know depression. I feel useless, hurt and now anger. The HR person in the district that I live supposedly is a christian. He went to a christian college and attends church in our town. He knows that I’m a believer. Yet he has passed me over more than once when they’ve needed to hire back a position-he hired a new teacher that is half the cost that I am. I thought God commands us to help out a brother or sister in Christ? I want him to step up and stand up for me. I love teaching. I’m an excellent teacher. I have a heart for kids and a long track record of partnering with parents.
    I know that my worth is in Christ. My heart is caught up in my identity as a teacher. I am so sad. My children are affected because they worry about our finances. They are 11 & 8 and can see the strain. I try to hide it; not doing so well. Please pray for me that I can see God’s BIGGER picture for me. Please pray that my heart doesn’t get bitter. I don’t want to seethe in anger each time I see this brother in Christ at school functions. Our kids are in the same school. Pray for me. I feel myself sliding down the slide of hurt, doubt, and anger.
    Gina, I will pray for your two sons that God will send each a wonderful friend who will support them and be a positive network for them. Have you thought about asking the school for suggestions as to kind boys who could do things outside of school with them? I will pray for peace for you. I will also pray that they grow closer in the Lord and He will make their paths straight. God Bless.

  34. Oh, Shelby, my heart aches for you. Am praying for you. My request seems so paltry in comparison.
    My request is for myself and for my sister and her family in Kentucky. Her husband just lost his job and as part of the contract he cannot work for any competitor for the next 2 years (he’s a finance man). She’s basically set, she got a grant a little while ago (she’s a prof. at NKU), but they’ve had to pull their two young daughters out of daycare as a result. His name’s Chris. My request is a little more cut and dry. I’ve been told by Jesus in the depths of my heart over the last 12 hours that I need to cover full-time hijab-style. I still live at home and that’ll create issues for sure (a little background, I tried coming home with a hijab-style scarf a little while back, and my mom just about flipped). To say the least, I’m scared and then some for how my parents will react, much less my sister in town and her family, as well as extended family (not Catholic at all). My mom never understood my conversion (from Lutheranism all my life to Catholicism 4 years ago), so this’ll put the nail in the coffin, as it were. She is a Lutheran minister with a parish in town, and she’s all about appearances, and how my actions reflect well or badly on her. I have to do what Jesus tells me to do, but I’ve waffled and then some over this (from Christian to Jewish to Muslim to everything in between) for way too long, and I know even Jesus is getting tired of it, though I know He’ll love me regardless of what I do (that’s another story altogether).

  35. i wanted to lift up my son in prayer. he is 16yrs old and tiny as a stick. doesn’t like to eat much and is on the highschool football team as a QB (quarterback). he is not number one but number two QB. my prayer is that GOD would speak to him and that he would hear from him and know his voice and give him encouragement, hope, faith, a vision for his future, and know that this is not wasted time. WE KNOW that in all things GOD works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to HIS purpose. he has been placed here where he is at for a reason, for a season, for whatever time the LORD allows. may he see that, believe that, and trust in the LORD and in his plan for him. that he would put HEART in all he does and desire to please HIS GOD AND SAVIOR so that he may excel in all he does and know that he was created for a purpose and plan that the LORD has for him. That he would TRULY BELIEVE IT and i believe if he hears from him my son would be in AWE and able to perform to the glory of the LORD in all he does and is able to do. by faith not by sight. may his faith be stronger than his surroundings and situations. and trust and wait on him. PRAISE GOD and thank you

  36. Oh girls, I’ve added all of you to my prayer list. It is the one thing we can do for each other and it works! I will pray for wisdom, peace, connection and most of all God’s love for each of you.
    My request: Pray for my beautiful daughter who is struggling right now. Her self esteem/confidence is flagging, her career goals are uncertain and she wandering. She has turned away from me, & has lost her belief that God is concerned about HER. Thanks so much~

  37. Gina, I am praying that God will guard your sons hearts – and that He will ead them to good friends . ..and that He give you wisdom in guiding your sons.
    My prayer request today is that I have been facing a lot of difficult things this past year – the illness of my mother and husband, and that my son (I’ve shared prayer requests for him) – -law officer who committed a crime . .. we’ve been through hositalizations with my mom, medical tests for my husband, and the trial and sentencing of my son (the outcome not what I prayed for) . . .I’m exhausted, stuggling with the No that God sent (I trust He knows what is best – but my heart and hopes are broken right now) . ..to add to all of that our financial situation isn’t good and I think I will be dismissed from my job of 21 years this week . .so, I really need prayers – -for hope, for healing, for peace, for self worth (I feel like such a failure – -how could my son do what he did? why is my employer all of the sudden dissatified with my work? I work for a church of very affluent people – I think my being let go is related to my son). I really need encouragement. Pray if I am let go – – that God leds to me a job quickly. I feel so very alone. I don’t know if I have the strength to go through yet another trial.

  38. Gina – I pray that your sons’ self-esteem increase and they find encouragement & support through new found friendships. May they confide in you and seek your love and support as well.
    My husband & I have been trying to start our family for nearly year. I really struggle with accepting what God has planned for us. Please pray that I find the acceptance of our life right now, regardless if God plans to bless us with a child or has another plan.

  39. Father, I lift Susan up to You and pray that You will envelope her with Your love, presence and peace. Give her strength to face whatever comes next by knowing that You are not surprised by any of it.You are in control, even when our life feels out of control. You are the amazing God who gives beauty for ashes,gladness for mourning, and peace for dispair. I pray you will comfort her and encourage her. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Susan, I will be praying for you as the Holy Spirit lays you on my heart in the days to come. I wish I could be right beside you to give you a big hug and tell you that you are not alone. But, since I can’t hopefully knowing that there is someone praying for you and your family can give you a little bit of strength to take the next step of whatever comes your way.
    My prayer request is for my family to find a church that we can be involved with. We are in limbo right now and I just have a sadness with not being connected with a church family.

  40. Gina,
    Praying for your sons…that they both have great school years and that they are able to see themselves through God’s eyes…to see their value as His children. Also that they would find some friends that would help lift them up and not tear them down.
    My prayer is just for everything 🙂 It just feels like when it rains it pours. Our daughter was still born in March and since then God has continued to be EVER faithful, but it feels like it is one test after another. Most recently? I had to have an emergency appendectomy 2 weeks ago, my husband had to be out of state for business last week, and then on his way home he missed his flight home and I had to drive 2 hours to pick him up from a bigger airport (with 8 staples in my belly). Not to mention that I can’t sleep. Also, I quit my job after we lost our daughter and recently decided it was time to go back to work and I am waiting to hear back from a job that I think I really want (a job that I think God has placed in my path). Wow, sorry this turned into a whine session. Thank you for the prayers!

  41. Gina, praying for your boys to know who they are IN Christ and to be rooted and grounded in His love as they go to school. Praying for your older son that the consequences of his past behavior will cause Him to run to Jesus.I pray that they find dear friends that will be faithful and true. Also praying for your Moms heart. That can be so hard to watch your children go through something like this.
    ~I am a homeschooling mom to my 4 blessings…I get frustrated way to easily. I need prayer for the ability to be more flexible and enjoy the moment. I also know that I really want to sow to the Spirit not the flesh. Please pray that I would be Spirit led. Thanks =0)

  42. Praying for all you!
    My prayer request is for healing. In December I had my sixth miscarriage. It was very hard for me. Yesterday was my due date, and I have had a hard week. I just keep crying. I know I need to be strong for my family, and I try to hide my pain but some days it is so hard.

  43. Praying for all of above!! I totally identify with Jennifer..husband connects sometimes (his terms)….mine is same way…out of fellowship with God..pls. pray for me/him!

  44. Prayed for you Gina.
    Please pray for me and my husband and our marriage. Trying to survive after an affair. 8 months later, it doesn’t seem we will make it.

  45. Gina, I pray your children will bloom this year and find good friendships at school. They are children of God and may they know who they are and realize that they are precious in His sight, unique, special and loved. I pray they will find those who accept and appreciate them for who they really are. I pray that you may also be blessed and find the strength, peace, and support you need as a parent.
    My prayer request is I just got laid off from work due to a reduction in force on August 18. In my area, there is a large unemployment population so I will probably be in this for the long haul. However, I am at peace since I believe His hand is in all circumstances. Pray that the right job will come along at the right time and that I can continue to trust Him and not be discouraged. Thank you.

  46. I ask your prayers as I continue to deal with my husband having left me and our three teenage children, his limiting our income so that it is a constant worry, putting up with his controlling and condescending attitude in constant emails while we are supposed to learn to co-parent, struggling with so many doubts and fears on a daily basis, and now battling a case of shingles due to my weakened physical state. It is all so difficult. . . May the Lord bless you all and help each of you in your needs

  47. Gina, please know that I will be praying for your sons. I fully understand their needs as I had similiar problems when I was in school. Being picked on and being made fun of.
    Heavenly Father I ask that you will be with these two boys who need to feel your presence and comfort as they start school. Lord you know their needs of at least one good friend who will accept them for who they are and see their value as a friend. Lord please also help them to see their value to you and how much you Love them. I especially ask that you bring them a very special christian friend who will be there for them. I also ask Lord that you be with Gina and give her the strength that she needs to be there for them and give her peace and comfort about the needs of her sons. In Jesus name Amen!
    My prayer request is that the Lord give me the strength to deal with and break down the walls that were built around me to protect myself from past experiences. For me to be able to become strong to deal with my past and become free! For me to find one femalr friend who is not afraid to be there for me when I ned to talk and cry with someone.
    Thank you!
    Ps thank you for all your prayers for my husband getting home safely lat night!

  48. I am praying today for a friend whose son’s dreams have been put on hold due to injury. This young man’s entire future has been placed in jeopardy. His parents have made so many sacrifices so that his dream could be fulfilled. His parents are heartbroken. Please join in praying for them.
    I also pray that God will continue to show Himself to me. I recently had surgery and when I awoke from surgery, there was God who had been absent in my life for the past year. I had been struggling with my past and wrestling with God who remained silent throughout because I was fighting Him at every turn. But being forced to stop running, quite literally through hip surgery,God finally showed Himself and has filled me with tremendous peace. He has shown what I must do in order to begin to follow His purpose for me. It will not be easy, it will require deep soul searching and tough-love honesty from friends in order to refine the characteristics He wants me to have before I can go any further.
    I thank (in)courage and Heart to Heart with Holley for providing the encouragement to proceed and the confirmation that God is Great and He loves us all!
    God Bless each of you!

  49. Gina
    God is so creative! I love how He uses us in one another’s lives. I woke up this morning and was doing a little meditating. While I was deep in thought….a statement came to me that I thought I should post on Facebook.
    “Help stamp out low self-esteem! Tell someone they’re awesome and that you love them today!”
    Then I hop on (in)courage and find you’re the friend I’m to pray for. God is so COOL!!
    Friend…let me encourage you today. My kids are teens at a difficult high school with lots of worldly classmates/staff. We’ve lived here 8 years and still don’t feel like we belong. Even in the supposed “Christian” circles we’ve tried to be a part of. God doesn’t miss a thing! Even though we get discouraged….he sees. He knows when kids are poking fun or teasing meanspiritedly. He sees when we are suffering from our mistakes.
    My prayers are that both your boys will rise up and soar with eagles. That each of them would feel the Holy Spirit’s POWER to forge ahead in spite of what other’s do around them. I ask God to give them courage to be different and a loving friend to stick with them when they feel everyone is against them. And for you, that you would be the MASTER ENCOURAGER! Fill their lives with loving words and uplifting attitudes. You can do it! God is in you!
    My prayer may seem silly. But we really need an extra car. My vehicle is about to croak. I’ve had it for 12 years and it’s been great. Many expensive repairs are lurking around the corner. We have 2 daughters in high school and we REALLY MUST get an extra car for them.
    Money is a huge problem. Our budget is tight. This car not only has to be reliable it has to be priced perfectly too!
    Thanks (in)courage sisters!

  50. Thank you for praying.. I am a widow with 3 girls and was able to stay at home with them, which totally was a blessing, but now I need to find work. Ideas are going through my mind, well I don’t have to pay my tithe, that will help. This puts a vail on my relationship with the Lord and I don’t feel his presence and my relationship suffers…. My heart is stirring and I am scared.. Please pray for me for a clear focus on what the Lord wants to do in my life and my girls. I live 2000 miles away from family so there is not alot of support here..kathy

  51. Gina, I am praying for your sons that they will find acceptance and a loving, nurturing environment at school where they can flourish. My husband’s business is floundering. We are battling financially at the moment. I am feeling so down and depressed. To be honest, I feel a million miles away from God. I try to pray but I feel like He is not listening. Please pray for my faith to be strong and for a solution to our situation.

  52. Gina: I just prayed that the God of all comfort, power and wisddome would strengthen your sons and bring them closer and closer to Himself through a Christian friend/network.
    My older son was recently diagnosed by a Psychiatrist. This is very hard for our family. He is precious and I know the Lord has a wonderful plan for Isaiah in spite of this diagnosis. Thank you.

  53. Thank you Holley for writing your beautiful thoughts to encourage us.. I will pray for your sons Gina. My Lord please watch over these young men, shape them , hold them close and give them a future fully devoted to you amen
    I would ask for prayer for tomorrow I have a biospy from some atypical cells found in my yearly pap smear. I have had some health problems this summer the Lord has healed and I know him to be faithful. I pray that whatever the cells are they are not serious. He has told me he will walk with me it will be okay. Thank you for praying for my peace and confidence in my Lord
    Sandi Kellman

  54. Cherri, I pray that you will find a connection with Our Lord that can’t be shaken- that you will experience revival in your personal walk with Jesus.
    Please pray for my family. We just sent my oldest dd off to college for the first time this weekend. So we are now adjusting to a different family dynamic. And I lost my other driver! We are stepping back from our church of 6 years, and seeking another place of worship due to a massive case of burn out. We are also potentially moving- long, complicated family issue. I also have had whooping cough all summer long. I am tired of not feeling well. I am so tired of everything being in transition. God is taking us through a time of growth, but I’m so weary. I feel like a snowglobe that has been turned upside down and given a good shake.

  55. I prayed for your sons, Gina and will continue to.
    I have been struggling lately with the loss of my father-in-law. He passed away last month and my husband and I are trying to help my mother-in-law and sister-in-law grieve. We have two boys (10 months and 3 years) who keep us very busy and we are trying to balance being there for my mother-in-law and parenting these precious boys while both working and trying to keep our household running.
    My prayer request would be that my husband and I would lean on God’s understanding and wisdom in making decisions with our time for my mother and sister-in-law and our boys (not to mention each other). I pray for a heart like God’s, His peace and His strength to be evident in our day to day lives.
    Thank you for praying.

  56. gina, i will be praying for you! i was a teacher so i understand a little bit more about the bullying struggles and just transitioning back to school.
    i am recovering from an ovarian tumor. i had surgery to remove the tumor and ovary, and had chemo, and now am 4 months out and in the clear. obviously, would so appreciate prayers for the cancer to never come back. i also would appreciate prayers that jared and i would be able to have our own children. currently my hormone levels are very off due to the chemo. thank you so much for praying!

  57. Dear Gina,
    Praying for your sons as they are in school and that they would find friends and for their self esteem.
    Prayer Request: My husband and his heart condition – afib – continues to be out of control and happening at random times. He is currently wearing a halter monitor that records his episodes. Money is hard to have enough right now with doctor bills and hospital stay and er visit and ambulance ride. Also, I am sharing my story on Sept 11 at a Women’s Retreat. Pray for strength and courage as I do this and those that hear will be touched.

  58. As I read each one of your prayers, I prayed for you. There seems to be so much pain.
    I can understand what it’s like to feel weary and heavy-burdened. I would like to ask for prayer that my relationship with my husband would start to be a happy and healthy one. That God can help me to trust again and love him the way he deserves to be loved.
    Also, prayer that my two boy’s father will stop being so angry and we can have a peaceful relationship with him. And so the boys don’t have to have the stress on them like they have. We have mediation with him soon and pray for God’s will to be done with everything.
    For those of you struggling in your relationship with your husband…have you read “Love and Respect”? My husband and I have been reading it together out loud and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! He thought I was crazy and needed medication but now he is seeing my heart and realizing that I am just like every other woman out there…the way God made me!
    Love and His blessings to you all! Thanks for your beautiful hearts!!!

  59. Going through each of the comments this morning, I took the time to take each problem to the Lord and spent time praying for you. My prayer is that our Lord will lift you up and wrap you in His loving arms—and that you will soon find results to your prayers.
    My prayer is for my husband that has stomach cancer. He is trying so hard to remain positive and have hope, but the extreme loss of weight, inability to keep food down, and the great loss of strength leaves him with questions about a God that loves and cares.
    I pray for time for my husband to see a God that does care–and does love him even more than I do.
    Also, a beautiful friend has liver cancer and is going through a new treatment to shrink the tumors. She is also going through this with a positive attitude–and hope in her heart.
    Thank you so much, and God Bless each of you

  60. Need some prayers towards the financial aspect of my families life. DH has been working with a friend of his, and still hasn’t gotten paid for his services. It seems that his friend is avoiding him, I hope that that’s not the reason, but that’s how it seems. It seems that every bill we have had is due around the same time, and it’s hard. It is taking a toll on DH and I’s relationship and I hate it.

  61. Gina, I am heading to High School this September so my heart is truly with your two sons. I understand completely the pressures of school and how easily self worth can slip away. I will pray that your sons will know the Lord more intimately and that they would feel His love deep in their souls. I also understand the struggle to find Christian friends. They are rare and sometimes the enemy makes us feel so alone in this world. I will pray that they will find Christian friends but even if they don’t, that they will find that Christ is the best friend anyone could ever have and with Him we are never alone. I will continue to pray for you and your sons.
    I am struggling with similar things. My prayer request is that I will find good Christian friends, that I will have boldness to stand for Jesus Christ in the violent opposition that school often brings, and that I will have confidence and shyness and fear will leave me so I can be a testimony to my great God.
    Thank you.

  62. I am praying for some financial stability for you Kelly!
    My husband has been unemployed for 18 mo (he is a Chemical Engineer). He has a job interview for a great company and a job he feels excited about this coming Wednesday. This time has been so stressful for us and our marriage. Please pray that he will be calm and confident at his interview and that they will see what an amazing and talented man he is. Thank you!

  63. Praying for you heart Laura, that it would be shielded from heart ache at such a pivotal time in your life. I pray for true friends with deep friendships that carry you through high school and long into your adult years. I pray for the boldness of Christ to carry you and protect you through all the cares that burden your heart and cross your path.
    I’m praying for direction in my walk. I have identified my walk in the lat years so closely to the church I attended and the friends it afforded. This last year my husband felt a nudge from the Lord to leave that church and wait for our next step. closing in on a year I’m weary and feeling confused. Really needing clarity on what to do.

  64. I pray for all of you, that the Lord will give you the strength, comfort, encouragement, wisdom, everything you need.
    My heart goes out to you, Erica, after your sixth miscarriage. No one can judge grief. Grief isn’t the same for everyone, or even for any particular individual, at any given time. The Lord give you strength and comfort. Please realize the only way to get through grief is to go through it. Perhaps speaking with someone from your church would help?
    I need to ask for prayer that my husband and I will have the finances necessary, to move on September 3rd. I posted recently, about the fact that we had to move in with my mother and step-father, after my husband lost his job, Christmas eve. He is working, two part time jobs. I’m unable to work outside the home, and haven’t been able to see doctors, to have it documented for disability.
    I also would like prayer, for strength and comfort. Our oldest son unexpectedly passed away, August 5th, at 26 years of age. Also, our youngest son moved back to Kentucky, a week ago. I miss them both terribly. There is so much more to the story, it would take a book to tell.
    Thank you, so much, for being here. God bless and keep you all.

  65. God bless you, Gina, for your mother’s heart, made in the image of your heavenly Father who promises to be the father to your sons that loves them and is their builder and finisher. He alone is your and their Shalom, strength, confidence, enabler, empowerer.
    a wonderful encouragement is the Father’s Love Letter both at the website – you can print it off – and on youtube, many versions – i love the one from ewater.net best. this they can have tacked up in their rooms for anytime review 🙂
    also, i have posted 2 powerful video segments How He Loves & He loves us at http://infuse.posterous.com/
    that will impart love in the hearing/viewing
    increased heart understanding of Christ’s love for us is the source of our confidence and esteem. build on this wherever you can.
    i agree with you in praying for a God organized network of support, friends of God’s choosing, but should that not be His immediate plan, we are to KNOW HIM as the friend that sticks closer than a brother. and Heb 13.5 our development in Christ is about process and growth in the knowledge of the one in whose image we are being created. Col 3:10
    BE Blessed today and may Peace be with you!

  66. As I read all the prayer request I realize my request is so small in comparision to all the others…I pray God will answer all the request of my fellow believers….
    …my request is that my daughter who recently graduated college, will be blessed with the finaces to pay off her school to get her dipolma so she continue on with her dream of teaching in Korea….also for my son who will start bible college tomorrow and that his pervious college finds grace towards him and will release his offical treanscripts so he can recieve those credits earned and that all his finances work out for the balance too….
    …as a parent it hurts when you cant fix things for your kids especially when it is related to their education and their dreams…

  67. I have an ankle that I have been dealing with for almost 2 years. I fell and broke it on the ice one day. And now 3 surgeries later it is still giving me issues. I would just like it resolved!!!!Please!!!!

  68. Gine, I pray for you and your children – it is so difficult raising children to walk with Jesus these days. I’m a Nana now with grandchildren around your kid’s ages. They so need God’s love and our encouragement. Are there any Christian youth groups or young peoples leaders, even outside of school, that they might like to get involved in and meet some new people? God bless you

  69. I could use some prayer. For my husband Marshall who is not a christian. I have been for 4 years, but my husband is still not wanting anything to with the Lord.
    Thank-you for your prayers.
    God Bless!

  70. Please pray for me, that I can be restored to all the purpose God intended me for in this life. That He will open doors that seem hopelessly shut. That I will be truly faithful. That I will come into full purpose. I was so excited about my life and all the things God had for me, and then it suddenly turned into a realization of being the prodigal, when I thought I was the faithful girl who ran after God’s own heart. I feel like I’ve missed God and the life He intended for me when I look back and just see all He gave me and how I wasted it. It hurts so much, and the faith i thought I had is shaken to the core.
    But my hope is Christ and this is what I am praying for you all: that the worst of your lives be just a way to come to know God’s grace. I thought of this a while back regarding the story of the Lepers God healed(Luke 17:12-14), before my life fell apart:how the one leper rejoiced because he had been healed, and how he could rejoice too not just because he was healed but because the worst of his life was just a way to come to know God’s grace. He experienced God in a way he never could have otherwise if he had not been a leper.He was healed more completely than he otherwise could have been.
    thanks for your prayers…

  71. Praying for that car for you Wanda. God can find a way!
    I would like prayer for finding a job that I absolutely love! Thanks for whoever prays for me! I like The Message version of that Scripture too.

  72. This morning I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I have had two false positives recently. I pray that this isn’t false and everything turns out well. I need prayer to help relieve the worry.

  73. I left church without even staying today after a rough 24 emotional hours. I came home and read this . . . praying for healing in so many ways that at this point seem so overwhelming.

  74. PS . . . I read Linda’s comment above . . . Linda, I will pray for you, as I specifically am under the same low wanting a renewed love.

  75. Please pray for my mother to learn how to set boundaries with her two younger daughters who are abusing her both emotionally and financially. My mother’s name is Dorothy and my two younger sister’s names are Rosemary and Catherine. I pray that they will strive to stand on their own two feet and learn how to show my mother and the rest of my family unconditional love.

  76. Gina Lind i also have two children and well a third on the way, but i have a great book that a friend had recommended to me and it’s a great book to read it’s called the Power of a praying parent by Stormie Omartian and there’s about 30 of them and i read one of them everyday and i see great things happening in my kids. Here are a few of the topics that it has in the book. Honoring Parents and resisting rebellion, Being the person God created, Attracting Godly Friends and role models, Praying through a child’s room etc. Like i said there are about 30, but just a idea of what great things there are in this book to be praying over our children.

  77. Please pray for my daughter and her children ages 11 and 15 that they will turn back to God for comfort and strength. Eight years ago on Aug 26 (the day before her birthday) her husband suddenly passed away at age 34. She blamed God and has been living without him all this time. Six years ago, her beloved dog died on Aug 24 and this year on the 28th of August, her other dog died suddenly. Cub and Bear were Rottis and she felt very safe with them in the house. My grandson (15) has been attending Christian camp and this weekend was up in Edmonton for a Rock the River (Billy Graham for Teens) event. I’ve been praying he will hear the message of God though Franklin and give his live to Christ. He will come home this afternoon to hear of Cub’s death and we will be very sad. Pray that God will wrap his arms around this small family of mine so they will know his love and find comfort in Him.

  78. You and your family were lifted up in prayer this morning, Richard.
    Please pray for my 9-week-old baby girl who woke up this morning with a fever. Please also pray for our family’s time of transition as I will return to work full time next week.

  79. I have your sons tucked into my prayers and will continue to lift them up!
    Prayer request: Please pray for healing for my husband – he has pain in the muscles on the right side of his chest, especially when he takes a deep breath.

  80. Gina, I know your boys are at a very vulnerable age and pray that they will have a good school year with a good Christian friend to brave the peer pressure.
    I am worn out, tired, and don’t know how sometimes to keep going. My husband is ill, my 32 year old daughter is bedbound, and I am not really well myself. Everything seems overwhelming but I know God is with us and has a purpose and a plan. And I know that He will get me through each minute and hour of the day no matter how hard.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  81. Gina — lifting up your boys to the Father today…my husband and I have worked with children & youth as pastors for years so my heart really goes out to their individual trials & needs.
    My request: My husband and I are transitioning out of the current ministry that we are involved in into the unknown. We are taking some time off to hear the Holy Spirit’s leading. Please pray that we will be sensitive to truly hear the Holy Spirit’s leading wherever He plans to take us next.

  82. This prayer is for my mom who is taking care of my step-dad with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He need 24/7 care and the state is very little help. Along with care for Ron, my mom is also caring for his 2 grandchildren (7 and 9yrs) and has a full time job. She is sleep deprived for about 9 years now and is stressed and depressed. Ron is dying, because that is ALS is a fatal disease. He has out-lived the average diagnosis (which is 3-5 years). But it seems everyone around him is also dying in spirit. Please pray for her spirit and well being. Thank you.

  83. @Gina, Christian friends are so important; especially at that age. (I think I can relate to your older son when I was that age!) I will pray for your sons today that the Lord would bring good friends into their lives!
    @Gail, your request really lays on my heart. I’ll pray for you
    I have two prayer requests. The most important one, that lays so heavy on my heart, I’m not at liberty to share and I ask that you just pray for my family; the Lord knows.
    The second is for another baby. Babies are blessings from the Lord. We have one waiting for us in heaven and two beautiful ones who keep me busy day to day. I’d love to have another little one.

  84. I am making a huge life change in the next week — I was just offered a job in NYC and I start in a week and I have no place to live (but friends to stay with) and so a praise that God is good and has led me to this job which I am so excited about, but also a prayer for guidance and trust and a place to call home sooner rather than later.
    Thank you.

  85. Also — I pray now for each and every one of you who have commented, thanking God that you’ve commented, sharing your worries and struggles.
    Especially to Meg, I pray for you for a better job and a change. I can completely understand as this has been my prayer for over a year and God is good and has answered it. I pray that he answers you as well.

  86. Gina, I pray for you and your boys. That they will grow in strenghth and peace. That their confidence will come from Christ and that He will draw friends to them. I pray for you that He will guide you. He will give you the right words at the right time. That He will give you the strength to stand when your inner desire is to run and protect. Let God be their shield.
    My prayer request is for hope. I seem to have lost mine somewhere, here, in all the stuff. My husband is a hoarder. So are members of his family. Their stuff has ended up at our home too, complicating the matter further. My boys are 5 and 6. The oldest definetly shows signs of hoarding, bringing things home he’s gotten out of the trash at school. I feel so stuck and powerless to change anything. We’ve been married almost 10 years. Although he’s trying to get better, he’s doing it all under his own strength, like an alcoholic trying to not drink, but not dealing with the issues that drive him to excess. We both have been Christians since we were children. We met at a Christian college. We have both been passionate about Christ in the past, but it’s been so long.

  87. Gina,
    I don’t have children but I work with them and was one. The teens are a tough time. In addition to your prayer request, I pray that they know how much they are loved and cared for by you and the Lord.
    I feel like I’m standing at the edge of a cliff in my life right now. I’ve been here before and backed away, too scared to take the leap. I want to jump this time. I want to soar and be all that God wants me to be. I want to stop being afraid to live and love. I want to live a rich full life.
    Prayer request: That I get this promotion and raise. That I rise to the challenges set before me. That I say yes to the possibilities and show up for my life. That I continue on this road to a healthier and happier me.

  88. Shelby and Gina, I pray the Lord helps you and your families through their struggles.
    Please pray for me as my mother just was diagnosed with breast cancer that I can help support her the way the Lord intends for me to do so. Please pray he will lead the way for my child to have the appropriate after school care he needs.
    In His name

  89. Am praying for all of your requests, ladies!
    Please pray for daughter to keep her job..she is a single Mom, struggling financially, too.

  90. I don’t even know where to start. First, my dad has been out of work for two years. He has two big interviews coming up and it would be spectacular if he got one of them!
    My brother is not walking with the Lord and is doing some really sketchy stuff. Please pray the Lord will convict him.
    I have an illness that has taken away my ability to do anything substanial. Pleas pray that I’ll be able to get stronger and maybe a miracle to be healthy
    And lastly, please pray for everyone in my family because this time has just been draining.

  91. Gina, I’m praying for you and your children.
    I have been seeing a couselor regarding anger issues for about 6 months. It is hard work to change 50+ years of finely tuned attitude, perception and anger. Somedays I feel like I’m getting nowhere fast, that I haven’t learned or changed a bit. But I know I don’t want to live this kind of life any longer and I know the Lord woos me to change because He loves me and knows the abundant life is meant for me also. Thank you for your prayers.

  92. Please pray for my friend who is dealing with the death of her nephew and cousin in the last week, and also her Mother who is in hospice. Please pray that God would give her strength and peach through this difficult time.

  93. Gina,
    Just wanted to let you know that I prayed for your sons and their self esteem and for the Lord to bring a good group of Christian friends into their life that they will feel accepted by.
    I also prayed for you. I know it is hard to watch your children and know that you cannot protect them from everything that comes their way. You can only put them in God’s hands and trust Him with them.
    As for myself…this summer has been one big mess (for lack of a better word) for our family. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 renal carcinoma in July. The story of how it all came about is truly a “God thing” and I know He is in the midst of it all. During dealing with all this, my water broke at 34 weeks and my third child was born six weeks early. Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared but God was.
    My prayer request:
    #1 That God would continue to heal my dad and make His presence known in his life. #2 That He will protect my very young son from sickness and that he will gain weight and continue to be healthy.

  94. Wonderful God, please be with these women and their families as they struggle with illness, financial loss, moving, marriage problems and trusting friends. Hold them in your arms as you give them courage, strength and hope to go forward. Amen.
    Please pray for guidance in starting a new business and for healing for a broken toe.

  95. Dear H. & Deborah: I pray for you both, as loss often triggers depression, and depression blinds us to the blessings God pours over us each day: Just been through deep depression over the death of my Dad (both parents now gone in 2 years time).
    May God wrap you so tightly in His Comforter that you are carried through this year and through whatever lies ahead.
    Also, praying for a good support network for those teenage boys, and wonderful Christian friends.
    My request: That I love with God’s heart, and see my circumstances as He sees them, and to continually walk in praise and thanksgiving.

  96. Today is my birthday!
    I pray the Lord gives me many more years to be a disciple for him. I pray that He directs me on the path that has been set for me. After changing jobs recently, my new job is not what I had expected in terms of hours since I’m now a contract employee. I want to do the Lord’s will, and I know that was to leave my previous job. Lord lead me, I’m all yours, and I know in your hands I’ll be just fine.

  97. Please pray for my broken foot to heal so I can get back to my two jobs. I will be so far back on paying my bills. I can’t afford to lose my car as I drive 70 miles to my first job. I will say a prayer for each of the commentors before me. Thanks and Praise The Lord for everthing he has done and is going to do!

  98. Please pray for me; i carry fear concerning my health. I have been unemployed for 15 months; and ever since have had multiple health issues…. God has provided even w/o insurance and i praise Him!!!! No matter how i pray, the fear keeps coming back… thank you for your blog; it always speaks to me…

  99. Praying for you Amy that God will give you wisdom in your new job. Have a great day in the Lord!
    Please pray for my fellow missionaries. They are really being attacked by Satan right now. Their names are Ali and Keshule. We all work with the Turkana people of Kenya. I am not there right now and they are having a hard time. It means they are doing good work and Satan is trying to stop them. Pray for their perseverance. Pray that the Lord would stand beside them as their advocate, mediator, encourager and guide. Pray they will feel his presence and be encouraged. Pray for a time of rest and renewal for them so they can get back into the battle strong for the fight.

  100. Praying for those ahead of me…for strength for Ali and Keshule, for peace and healing for Dorothy, and for helaing and provisions for Pat. Lord, wrap our mighty arms around them and show them that you are bigger than anything they can face!
    Pray for me – I have depression, which is usually under control, but today it’s started to rear it’s ugly head. Pray that I cna keep on an even keel throughout the next few days.
    Also, pray for my A/C? We came home from church today to find that it’s not working. We’re in Texas, with 100 degree heat lately. The A/C is a must have! Thanks for all of you here who live out the mission of this site and encourage and uplift each other!!

  101. Gina, I am praying for your sons and their first week back at school. I am believing that they will both have an amazing, “It’s a God thing”, encounter their first day back at school.
    My husband is in the real estate timeshare industry in FL. We are thankful that he has a job but our income is continuing to drop lower & lower. We are praying for a new door to open in the Lord’s perfect will & timing for us.

  102. I am worried about finances. I have some life/job/living arrangement changes that could be coming in the next year or so, and I’m terrified with my huge student loan payments I won’t be able to do it.

  103. Gina, I prayed for you and your sons. I have a 16 yr. old son who struggles with some similar issues.
    I would like prayer that I could believe in God’s purpose for my life. That He loves me and has a calling for me. Thank you 🙂 Janna

  104. Dear Jesus I lift up all my sisters in Christ in prayer to you Lord knowing you will answer their requests according to your good and perfect will. I ask for prayer for all my unsaved loved ones.

  105. Oh Heavenly Father, in your goodness and greatness, please give Sarah the strength, courage and direction she needs to find a way to handle her student debt, for her and for all students who need your help for the education they have secured, in your name we pray.
    I ask your prayers today for my husband who is looking for work. He was recently let go from a position he has held for the past 25 years. His motivation and courage are lacking. He feels that at 57 years old, no one will be interested in hiring him.

  106. I am praying to let go of a situation, I have prayed about it, but can’t seem to let, it is making me depressed, unhappy & sad, so I am asking for shared prayer. It’s about a financial situation – money that is owed to me. Please pray that I will let this go, I need to move on. Thank you and God’s Blessing to all of us praying for for a situation,

  107. Gina, praying for good friends/support for your sons. It’s so hard as parents to watch children struggle. I know from experience.
    My request is to be more diligent in scheduling my day, that I would not procrastinate doing what needs to be done.
    And for the Bausum family whose daughter died last week.

  108. Gina, your sons are at a difficult age. I am praying for them to find themselves.
    My pastor’s sermon this morning was from Hosea chapter 6, the end of verse 3:
    “As surely as the sun rises, he will appear;
    He will come to us like the winter rains,
    Like the spring rains that water the earth.”
    I am praying that the Lord will come to my husband and I this week, like the rain that is gently watering our lawn as I write, and give us peace about some difficult business and family related decisions that we are facing.

  109. Gina, I prayed for your boys to know God’s protection and be comforted by good friends.
    My dear husband was laid off last November when the financial industry collapsed. Though he is talented, brilliant, honest, hardworking he is still searching for a job (like so many in his field). Twice he made it to the 3rd round of rigorous interviews only to find out they selected another candidate. Though he is discouraged, his faith is strong. He honors God with all his choices and we are trusting that God’s word is true and he WILL provide.
    Please pray that my husband is offered a wonderful job soon. Please pray that my newly launched online boutique will succeed so that I may help provide for my family and remain home with my young daughter. Thank you.

  110. Southern Gal ~ I’ll be praying for you to plan and follow through each day. To acomplish what needs to be done. I’ll also pray for the Bausum family (I lost my son almost three years ago and can relate to their heartache).
    My prayer request is for wisdom and direction about a possible job change.

  111. Dear Lord,
    I ask you to be with Elenita. Allow her to be released from the power this financial situation has over her. I ask you to supernaturally give her your peace which surpasses all understanding. Guard her heart and mind Lord and remove anything that hinders her from feeling your presence and your joy. In your name Jesus, I ask her to be free from depression and sadness. Fill every empty place within her and let her fully feel and believe in her whole being how much you love and adore her. Also Lord, if it be your will, let the money be paid or returned to her. Bless her financially and allow her daily needs to be met. But most of all, let her put you above all else in her life and let her be able to know in her heart what she already knows in her mind. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
    My prayer request is that a situation where I have been betrayed will lose its power in causing me to feel anxious and insecure, sad and depressed. I have made so much progress, and have forgiven. But one of the people who wronged me, I only recently realized I need to pray blessings for. This is hard, but I’m doing it. I would love prayers for strength in being obedient to what God wants me to do and that I can be free from the pain this betrayal still can cause me. Thank you.

  112. Gina – I pray that your sons will find Christian friends and that they will feel welcome, appreciated and supported as young men who believe in a living God. May they know that God supports them each day, has a purpose for their lives and gives them His grace every single day. And that their Mom loves them and prays over them constantly!
    My prayer request: that God will prepare the way and then bring healing and reconciliation to the relationship between our son and his dad, my husband. May their hearts be open and may they forgive, as they have been forgiven.

  113. There is so much in my heart to pray for…..
    I feel so overwhelmed. I want to stay here in SA, have been offered a place to stay and a job but I just felt such peace about it, and now I’m afraid.
    I talk myself out of things, more than I talk myself into things, into Jesus.
    My heart is still a mumbled up mess since my husband left me. Processing through the abuse, though its been years later, and being abandoned and what that looks like to heal is hard. I thought I was doing good and lately I feel like its so new and fresh all over again.
    My church in the states would love me to be there too… There’s just so much I could do, I don’t know where to go/what to do….

  114. Dear Heavenly Father,
    You are so awesome and I am so thankful to be your daughter. I am thankful no matter how little or big we can bring our prayers and burdens to you. LORD I lift these to young men to you FATHER and that you will give them strength to overcome all adversity. LORD may their new year of school be full of memories that they will have for a lifetime. Give them the self confidence to overcome anything they go through and may they have the courage of DANIEL LORD!! School today is not as it used to be, there is so much going on then just teachings now a days. LORD may your angels go fourth to prepare the way, may they know that they are not alone LORD!!!
    I also pray for Gina, that she will have peace that you are with them, and that once was is no more in their life. In JESUS name LORD I pray a special anointing to for these two brother’s LORD, may those they meet see something more in them then what others see, may they walk with their heads up high…give then the courage of David when he took down the giant!!! Father I submit to you this family, and trust in you for praises to come fourth!! You are a great GOD and nothing is impossible with you!!! In JESUS HOLY NAME…AMEN!!

  115. Bekah, dear sister, my heart breaks for you but I also feel a “rising up” coming for you. When you say SA I am guessing you mean South Africa and right this very minute I have a dear friend living in SA herself. She desperately wants to get back to the states, so I can sympathize with your anxiousness about moving vs staying. I pray a heaping dose of strength and peace over you as you step out to do what He calls you to next.
    My prayer request is that people’s hearts would be stirred to continue to make a difference in Haiti. My husband and oldest son (16) just got back from Haiti less than 2 weeks ago and our hearts have been broken for the people of Haiti. Our church has partnered with an amazing organization called GCA (Great Commission Alliance) and I pray that we can get the word out about the work they are doing, and that more people would rise up to make a difference with them.
    Thank you sweet sisters for your prayers!
    xoxo, Mel <3

  116. I am fighting tonsillitis for the third time this year and the antibiotics I am taking are not working. I need prayer for complete healing or for guidance regarding whether or not my tonsils should come out.

  117. I am going through work transitions, from 9 hours a week to 45 hours a week, permanently. I’m scared that I cannot handle it, but I am relying on the hours and really love my job(s). I’m afraid that of how my 2 year old son is going to handle the transition. He will be with me at work for 6 hours each day, and I pray that he will be able to adjust with minimal frustration and allow himself to rest while he is with me.
    I have been battling depression and PPD and have recently changed my medication, I pray that it will continue to help me and that my body and mind adjust well to the new medication.
    I recently realized I cannot control my love for alcohol. After talking with my husband, we have decided to no longer allow alcohol in our house. I am not sure if that’s enough. I am laying this burden at the feet of Jesus, allowing Him to help me through this, since I cannot do it by myself.
    Thank you for this post. I needed to release these prayers.

  118. Gina, i pray that God would indeed send your sons beautiful Christian friends that they can share with, and that they’ll know how valuable they are in God’s sight.
    Prayer request: I am a foreign student in France, and i have to present a paper (almost 120 pages) for my masters on the 8th of September. Of course i did start to work on it, but it seems impossible to finish it. Nevertheless, i know that God can do the impossible through us like He did before! And i need prayer to be able to be faithful on my part, give my very best, and leave the rest to Him!
    So happy to share with you sisters in Christ! thank you! and really encouraged by the Heart to Heart series!

  119. Gina, I pray that your boys will be strong as they go through these difficut years. I pray that they will know the love of Jesus and the love of their family. May the Lord provide them a support network through their church or whatever avenue He decides. He will protect them and never leave them or forsake them.
    I had two boys, now grown who struggled too and I pray that they will continue to find God in their lives and learn to depend on Him. I pray that I will find companionship and love as I struggle to rebuild a life destroyed by my ex’s infidelity. I pray that God will help me to forgive everyday until I can put the past behind and move forward in His grace and love. I pray for hope. God Bless all of you…

  120. Gina, praying that God will go before both of your sons as they start a new school year, giving them His wisdom and discernment along with placing other grounded Christian friends; for not only encouraging and motivational good choices and success this coming year. Believing God will provide some solid Christian based friendships that are founded on serving Jesus.
    My sister in law, Barbara has been sent home from hospital with stomach cancer [fighting bravely for 2 1/2 years] being told she has 1-4 weeks to live. She feels the Bible is “just nice stories” and does not know the joy of her salvation in Jesus; nor my brother Paul or their 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Please pray for the joy of their salvation in Jesus; binding the strongman of fear, anger, bitterness overwhelming them in the Name and blood of Jesus Christ.

  121. Gina I pray for you and both of your boys, to have wonderful years in school. My teenage son is staring up next week and I pray for him to have a good year he has special needs and has always struggled with school in one way or another. My baby daughter is starting kindergarden and is nervous so my prayers are with her as she starts a new chapter in her life. The prayers I need are for a job any job I am able to do. I have been searching for a long while and am well qualified but live in an area with high unemployement.My money is running out rapidly and I need to support these children so please pray that I am able to stand out and get one of te few jobs available. Thank You Melissa.

  122. Gina, I prayed for your sons. As a student teacher, I try to keep my eye out for students like your sons to see if I can offer them extra encouragement. Thanks for reminding me to look out for those students this year!
    Please pray that this semester at college goes well. I’m commuting and taking a full course load and student teaching this fall. Its a lot to handle and I haven’t commuted before (its an hour drive both ways), so please pray that I can keep up and still do well in school. Also that student teaching goes well! Thanks =)

  123. I need prayer for freedom from lies and Satan in my life at work. There is a really uncomfortable situation and I needguidance on if I should stay or go.

  124. Your devotional notes are always so very encouraging. Today was a huge tug in my heart. Last week I was told that there is cancer in my left breast. This is so shocking to me. Usualy in my life I’ve always tried to help whereever I can and now the detour has come in my life. It is in times like these that I know that Jesus truly is in control of the impossible in my life. I’m praying that He will keep me courageous and strong in body soul and spirit in whatever lies before me. Tomorrow I see the surgeon finding out the steps that are to be taken. Most of all in all of this I’m trusting the Lord for His blessing of healing completly in my body and wholeness and that ultimately that He be glorified. I’m so very thankful that He dying on the cross and that He lives today He never leaves us nor forsakes us. So, if anyone reads this I trust that you would pray for me and also for my husband and our two adult sons. God is so good and always faithful. Blessings to all of you! Your prayers do enrich my heart today and the days to come.

  125. Hi Enunice! Just read your note about finding friends. There is someone around you that truly can be your friend. Take a little step out maybe at a new Biblestudy in a church in your neighbourhood and try to consistently go. Show an interest in the lady that you sit beside and then also look for her the following week. God is able to open that precious door for you in so many ways. He will give you the confidence and the secureness that you need as you begin to step out. One true friend is sometimes the biggest gift that you will have. 😀

  126. G., I pray that the Lord would stop your cancer in its tracks or reverse it for complete healing. May He be glorified in every day of life He gives you and strengthen you to love your family well.
    Please pray for me to trust God with my marriage. I would love to find spiritual unity w my husband again, but at least I need peace and confidence in God’s goodness no matter what. Thank you, sister.

  127. I have a very dear friend who is going through something serious right now and I really would like you all to pray for her. I also have been battling a medical condition and I know that God will come through in his time, I just have to stand on His Word and believe the promises.

  128. Lord,
    Right now I lift up Gina’s sons to you.
    I pray that you would place good friends in their paths. That you would shield their hearts from the hurtful words of others.
    Lord I pray that you would give Gina wisdom as well when dealing with her sons that she will know what words to say to help them in this journey they are on and words that will guide and lead them closer to you.
    In Jesus name-Amen
    As for me- I’m not sure how to really phrase my request. things just seem so up in the air right now. And in some ways I’m confused and have some heart ache.
    I guess just pray however you feel God leading you too.

  129. Gina, I remember how challenging the teenage years can be without a positive support system. I am praying for your boys to find friends that will come along side them and support them in making healthy, Christian choices.
    I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow that may lead to a diagnosis that could change my family.
    My prayer request: for my faith to remain strong, my outlook to remain positive, and my family to feel supported, no matter what the diagnosis.

  130. Leeanna, I just saw your post. Waiting and confusion can be so hard. I praying for you to be strong in your faith and to have God show you His path when He is ready.

  131. Jan, I’m praying for you and your family! May God give you His peace that passes all understanding and may you and your family know His presence like never before. My family has been through alot alot alot health-wise, and God has always been there. I know He’ll be there for you and your family too.
    My husband and I are in a place of waiting and next steps and in need of wisdom and favor and direction and refreshing. Also, prayers for safe travels for me and my family this month, for quality time with family we (and our daughter) don’t see often, for God to draw near in times of loneliness (and provide opportunities to connect with other of His daughters.

  132. What an amazingly SOVEREIGN God we serve! I am a teacher and I know a little something about what your boys may be going through, Gina. I will be praying for them this week. Praise God for the wonderful way that He is going to work in your boys’ lives and for allowing me to pray for them!!
    Prayer Request: I need the Lord to help me release un-forgiveness and bitterness after being hurt and misunderstood by a very close relative/friend. I want so desperately to move on but I am stuck trying to figure out how to do so and still have this person in my life. Please pray for me so that I can be released from this bondage. I really hate this place I am in but I’m lost as to how to act and what to do once true forgiveness has taken place.

  133. Fathr I pray for rjb as she continues in this waiting time. Let her know without any doubts Fther that she can draw alongside You anytime she likes and You will be there to take her and her loved ones into Your arms, to protect and nourish them. Father I pray for Your peace and guidance in her life as she waits on You.
    Could you all please pray for Godly people to come alonside my family as mentors. They are great peope and love the Lord but struggle at times and coulod do with peopl in their lives to urge them on and encourage and challenge them. Thank you. Oh and also for me as I begin mentoring a young woman.

  134. Gina, I pray that your heart’s desire for your sons be made real! May they grow strong in who they are and may God cover them with is love as they start school. I will continue to pray for them and you too – us Momma’s need it! 🙂
    I simply ask for prayers for my husband as he struggles with chronic back pain and for our finances!
    May God bless us all beyond what we can fathaom!

  135. Pamela I just saw your post. I am also praying for you that you will know true forgiveness in your heart for this person. God is the only one who can take that pain you have felt and keep it away. I pray you will come to a place of rest in Him and lean on Him and His understanding then I pray you will hear His voice as He tells you what to do. I am so pleased you are trying to forgive and seeking God. You are well on the road to healing from this hurt. Just rest in Him and listen for His voice and ask Him to fill up the hole inside you with good thingd from Him.

  136. I am heavily burdened right now. There are a lot of things going on in my church right now. My husband is a minister there and we have seen Satan’s attempt to use several groups in our church for his own agenda. Please pray for unity amongst the church staff and body.
    I am also dealing with infertility issues. I lost a baby 2 years ago tomorrow and have been unable to get pregnant again since.

  137. It’s difficult to understand why, at times, we all suffer on our journey. Pain grabs us and it’s hard to find a way out of it’s grasp. One thing I do know however is that our God is faithful…he’s bigger than we can imagine. And even when we can’t see him, or feel him…he’s there. He’s close behind, and close in front of us. Psalm 139 reminds me of this.
    Gina I am praying for your sons as they start school that the Holy Spirt will lead them to the friends and support they need to become more fully who God created them to be. I pray too for you because as a mom myself I understand that when they hurt, you hurt.
    My prayer request is for relief of pain in my neck and back and healing in my spine. I’m having spinal surgery in two weeks from injuries I received following a car accident last April. I already had spinal problems and pain for several years and the accident has made things much worse. I pray too that I can stay encouraged in God’s faithfulness and peace. He’s a big God. I know he can do anything.

  138. Amy, I am lifting you and your church up for unity. God knows how to pull members together to be that one body. Know that He will accomplish His plan in the midst of chaos. Also I am praying that as you grieve the loss of your baby and deal with your infertility issues that you feel His arms around you…his child whom he loves so tenderly. He understands your loss and grieves with you.

  139. Praying for those entries before mine that God will answer your prayers and give you peace.
    I am in a financial battle with bills and credit card debt. My husband passed away 3 years ago and the financial crisis has all snowballed to where it seems impossible. I have a 20 year old son who is working and going to college on student loans. Now he cannot get the government loan and had to drop classes this semester. It all seems so overwhelming…I work a full-time and a part-time job to try to cover the bills but it is not enough. Please pray for wisdom for me to know what steps to take next in trying to not go the bankruptcy road.
    Thanks for this place to ask for prayer and for giving us God’s word to give us strength when it feels like a ton of bricks sitting on my shoulders.
    God bless….Linda

  140. First of all, thank your for a safe place to ask for prayers, its a real blessing.
    I’d like to ask for continued prayers for my marriage — that my husband’s heart fills with deep love for me and our life together grows stronger than ever… that I’m able to forgive his betrayal and that his desires are only for me. I’d also like to ask for a prayer that God enters his heart and tugs him to want to start a relationship with him.

  141. I am praying for your sons Gina. I also have a son that is 17. He has a hard time in school because of the way our family communicates he never realizes when people are making fun of him. May the Lord send good friends your boys way and help them with how they feel about themselves.
    I am asking for prayers for my family. I am now a single mother because my husband walked out on us in October. Being a full time student at college it is hard dealing with studies and all the things being a mother involves and now I am acting as the Dad also. My children and I live with my mother so there is the safety of not losing our home but I am still responsible for household bills she can not pay to maintain everything. My divorce is in the final stage now and I guess my biggest stumbling stone is I feel like a failure because this is my second marriage and it did not last. The blessing out of this is I have money left over each month in my account where when my husband was here there was no money at all. I do know there are people that have bigger problems then me I just feel so alone right now. Thank you for your prayers.

  142. Dearest Kathy,
    I admire your strength and courage in providing so well for your family. I pray for comfort from Jesus, that he would speak and hold you in the quiet spaces when you are lonely and fearful of what to do next. I pray a blessing on your finances, that you would be a great steward of them and see them stretch far beyond what you think possible. And also, that you would see God provide you resilience as you continue on in your studies and act as both parents for your children. Stay strong, my sister.
    As for myself, I am also a college student. I have recently been dismissed from the university due to sub-par grades. I now understand that various factors have played into this, but I am having a difficult time being completely honest with friends and family regarding this, letting shame rule my life right now. I ask for conviction to be honest, grace with myself for past mistakes, and grace from those that hear with me when I tell them. ‘Cause to be honest, I don’t want to. Thank you for your prayers.

  143. Linda,
    I am praying for you and your family and that the Lord will hear your plea with your financial issues. That is such a worry for a single mom. Don’t give up, Linda. Keep praying; it works!
    I would like to ask for prayers for my family as we have had a tough road for quite some time with my 28 year old son. He has been battling addiction issues for at least 12 years. In the spring he came back home after being away at a program for a year. I was laid off from a job that I truly loved this spring. After two months of my son being home, he has fallen back into that ugly place of drugs. He has gotten himself into more trouble and we fear for his future. I pray that he can be saved and that we are given the strength to do the right thing by not enabling him. Thank you all for your prayers. This has been an ongoing problem for so long and has been tearing my family apart.

  144. Just prayed for you, Gina!
    I’ve been having a horrible week for a new position I accepted. I was misled into a volunteer position, which includes a small stipend, kind of a like a Peace Corp type of deal, but the program is run by the gov’t. More expectations is required which they have neglected during the interview. Now I feel disappointed in myself that I chose the wrong choice & I’m binded by contract. I feel very trapped & hoping God can provide a way out & that He can let me handle this job day by day until I make the final decision to resign at His right time. That I will exit without any penalties. Also for discernment of God’s guidance, endurance of this week’s work, & mentally stable as I’m extremely stressed and I can’t focus & been making mistakes & been depressed. I appreciate the prayers! Many Thanks!

  145. Thank you Lord for the many friends you have for Gina’s boys to be blessed by and lifted up. Thank you for the many talents and gifts. May they grow in them and use them to your glory…May Your peace surround them and keep them safe from harm and may they grow to be mighty men of God. May they rise up and call their Mother blessed.
    My prayer request is for covering as I deal with the grieving process. Strength to stand firm and wisdom to know what I am to do in this next chapter of my life as well as protection from step son’s backhanded ways. God bless and keep us all..

  146. What a great, safe, place to come and just lift one another up in prayer! Thank you (in)courage!!
    Diane, I just prayed for you and trust that the Lord will watch over you, protect you and guide you.
    I could really use some prayer for a job. We are two days away from needing to pay rent and tuition and I still don’t have a job. I have been searching for 4 months and am supposed to be ‘transferred’, but nothing has worked out. I am stressed beyond and am really trying to trust in the Lord to provide for us. It is so hard! I am also praying for some broken relationships and that the Lord will lead these family members to the Cross! Thanks!

  147. I’m mommy to two amazing boys, 6 weeks and 20 months old…and I am so tired!!
    Please pray that I will know how to balance both of their needs and that I will be present for them each day…not just a body going through the motions.
    I also need one or two soul sisters who live nearby. My best friends just live too far away to really do life together on a daily basis. Please pray that God will bring someone in my same stage of life who lives close by whom I can encouage and be encouraged by on a deep heart level. Thanks!!

  148. Please pray for my husband that God will soften his heart. He is a very narcissistic person and does not see the need for relationship with either me or God. This is such a lonely marriage and I continue to pray that God would break down the walls and soften his heart both towards Him (in realizing his need for a Savior and personal relationship with Him)and towards our marriage. I pray that one day he would actually take spiritual leadership in our marriage.

  149. Faye, I was almost in tears when I read your post. My husband is also the reason that I came today to post a prayer request. I am seeing so many marriages right now where the man is heavily being attacked by the enemt. They are being discouraged, pushed away from God and are acting out towards their husbands. I empathize with you and lift you up in prayer tonight.
    Lord, I ask you to be the comfort, strength and loving husband that Faye needs right now. Minister to her heart Lord God and pour out the Holy Spirit in her life, that she may be strengthened to walk this difficult time Lord God. Fill her overflowing with your love Lord, speak to her heart about what an awesome woman she is and how you love her so. I also lift up her husband Lord God that you will bring about correction and conviction in the areas of his life that are not in line with how you desire things to be Lord. I pray that you will soften His heart toward you and toward Faye. Bring back the Lord and devotion that they once had for one another. Begin to bring him back into relationship with you Lord, put a burning desire into His heart that cannot be denied or ignored. I pray that Faye’s husband will turn His heart back to you first Lord and that He will begin to love her sooo unconditionally as Paul states in Ephesians 5 Lord. Be with Faye and fill her with your joy that surpasses understanding!
    Please pray for my husband and my marriage. I feel so alone in my marriage as I am trying to walk forward in all that I know the Lord is calling me to do. My husband is struggling with depression, discouragement, and isn’t serving God with his whole heart. He is withdrawn from me and the Lord. He has such a calling on his life to be an evangelist, to preach the Word and go to the mission field and it is so hard to just get him out of bed or out of the house. Please pray for physical healing, spiritual restoration, and a complete healing of our marriage.
    Thank you so much for your prayers and I pray that the Lord blesses you and answers your prayers as you lift up mine. We are not alone!!

  150. Jenn,
    Praying that God will quickly bring the needed resources to you and your family!
    Beth Williams

  151. My biggest prayer request is for an end to Cancer. It seems as though, almost daily, I hear of someone else who has this dreaded disease.
    I’m on a Relay for Life team with my church and we work hard yearly to raise funds, but it seems as though the devil, cancer, is winning.
    I know God is in control of all situations & will bring an ultimate end when he comes back to take us home with him!

  152. Praying for all above. God is still on the throne and IS faithful. He is able and the windows of Heaven are open. Speak His word over your situation – grab hold of His promises and speak them into existence. We were made in His image – He spoke and everything was created from NOTHING. YOU have that same power inside of you – the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you. Don’t listen to how you feel – feelings sometimes lie. Call on the name of Jesus.
    Blessings, peace and wholeness to all.

  153. Shelby, I’m lifting you up in prayer today. Your grandmother sounds like a Godly woman – who stepped in to raise you and your brother. I’ll be praying for you and your family. My own mother – took care of my neice from about the same age, after her Mother chose drugs over her children. My neice is now 24, graduated in May with a BS in nursing, and is married to a wonderful, Christ-loving, man. The best gift you can give your grandmother is to not let this get-you off track, keep focused, love God, keep praying and make your grandmother proud.

  154. I have lifted prayers for many of you.
    Linda & Jackie~
    I know God can change your hearts and thoughts towards your husbands. I pray frequently that God will give me the desire for my husband. To open my eyes to see him as God sees him. It works. God has strenghtened our marriage and my love for him and desire for him grows daily. I pray this for both of you!

  155. My husband and I had 3 kids in three years. Then raised another for 2 1/2 years until he graduated high school. Last year we adopted my 10 yr old nephew, Samson and this last week we got the joy of gaining another nephew (almost 15). We were not lookiong to parent another child, but he has no where else to go. We are stretched to our limits with money and parenting (the kids are 7,9,10,11 and 14). I’m asking for peace and prayer for us to endure with grace the blessings God has given us.

  156. Please pray for my Children Carrie and Ben, ages 22 and 20. They are not serving God, and have given in to a risky lifestyle of drinking and partying.
    They are both wonderful sweet kids underneath it all,. Please pray their eyes will be open to the darkness thay are in, and that God will bring them into His marvelous light.

  157. Gina, you sound like a wonderful mother. I prayed, and will keep praying, for your sons. I remember those times as a teenager when I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. I pray both your sons stay true to themselves, that the goodness and loving spirit inside them will draw people who will be good and true friends. I pray their self-esteem grows and that the insecurities become insignificant, and that both boys believe that they are good enough just being who they are, who God made them to be.
    I ask for prayers for myself and my family. I have been a recovering alcoholic since 1991, but at the end of 2009, I began to drink again. I’ve continued this year, breaking the hearts of those who love me and want the best for me. I was arrested last week for drunk driving; through the grace of God, no other vehicles or people were involved. I spent the night in jail knowing my husband/best friend of 22 years, and my 13 y/o daughter were in agony over what I’ve done. I have stayed sober the past two days, but I am full of fear and sadness, afraid I’ll disappoint again. My salvation before was God and AA, and I do believe both are still there for me, that if I can just not give in to the addiction again, that I will be granted peace from this insanity once more. As a family, we have dealt with so much hardship the past 5 years, and though not an excuse, I can see where life gradually became a burden and drinking was the escape again. Please pray I stay sober and that my family feels God is watching over us, so they can find their hope and peace and optimism again. Thank you, anybody.

  158. Dawne, I will pray that God will grant you the strength and support to stay sober, and for your family that they feel peace and will stand by you and that you will all come through this and your other trials stronger than before.
    I’m asking for prayers for financial stability for our family. We have been underemployed and unexpected medical bills have made worse an already tight situation. We are learning how to downsize but I fear that it will not be enough, and so I ask for prayers that my husband find a steady income soon and that I may stay strong if I must continue to be the sole provider.

  159. I’m very grateful that there are people willing to pray for me! I’m in a very difficult relationship with my family and because of it have recently moved 150 miles away to live with my aunt. A relationship that I thought was moving forward has now just become a telephone “friendship”. This has me depressed and confused. I truly believed that God had brought this man into my life and that things would work out. Maybe God is saying, “wait”. I could certainly use your prayers for my situation.

  160. Oh Gina- I will pray for you concerning your sons. I have a 16 year old as well, and two college kids. I work in the public school daily and I know it can be a battle. And it’s so hard when they have a small reputation following them…we’ve been down that road too. I understand your struggle.
    Please pray for my son who is a sr. in college in Illinois (we are in PA so he’s far from home). A messy breakup with a girl this summer continues to give him heartache and pain- he’s in the midst of a mess that he can’t seem to extricate himself from. (another of her ex’s is my son’s apartment mate…and she is mastering the art of keeping in touch with them both. At the same time. You can do the math.) He’s a believer and seeking God’s wisdom through all of this, and seeks my counsel and advice almost daily as things continue to twist and turn unexpectedly with fresh hurts coming fast and furious.
    Thank you – pray for freedom from him from this unhealthy state of the relationship.

  161. Lord, there is so much of this devilish desire among people today. I pray first for this young woman. I know that the Holy Spirit power within us far exceeds the spirit within her, so, in Jesus name, I speak with that power to loose her from this control with its craving desire. Clear her mind … soften her heart so that she might KNOW that You are the true lover of her soul. Give her inner peace and a renewal of self-esteem. I speak peace to the young men, and ask for a special measure of wisdom. Surround them all with a wall of Holy Spirit protective fire, and lead them into an ever deepening relationship with You. For Beth, Lord, I pray that the peace that passes all understanding will guard her heart and mind. Thank You for all You are going to do. In Jesus wonderful, all powerful name!
    I covet prayer for my brother, Jim — who fights anxiety and depression. He needs a personal encounter with Jesus!

  162. I have been sitting praying over these comments over the last few days. So many of the situations filled me with sadness at the hurt and uncertainty dear sisters are facing. The more I read & prayed along with the prayers of others I was so encouraged that God is working in each of these situations.I feel so inadequate to offer encouragement and support because everyone is so far away and I realised that the greatest things can do for each other is EXACTLY this- pray into our sisters and teachers lives. This is such a privilege and I thank you for sharing so honestly .
    We have been through season of illness with my toddler suffering encephalitis- she then contracted mesenteric adonitis which has meant she has had alot of ongoing pain and trips to hospital.as a mum I have been quite out of my depth not being able to “fix” everything.
    Today for her has been tough, she has been having seizures all day, she started to cough during the night and the Dr says she has croup- tonight has been quite bad and the next few hours will be hard.

  163. I would ask for prayer for a 4 year old little girl who has leukemia. It has produced a tumor in her brain and “fingers” on her optic nerve. Please pray that the radiation they are giving her will reduce the tumor and remove the fingers from her optic nerve so she can fully see again. Her name is Sidney.

  164. I have a wonderful, godly husband, and we have a great marriage – the best it has ever been in 12 years.
    The other day while using his iphone to find something on google – I noticed porn in google. Once I got myself together I confronted him about it and he said that a couple of weeks ago he had looked at some things. He was really upset and hated that he’d done it – he says it’s been years since he has looked at anything. I don’t know how to deal with this on any level. I feel betrayed and lost. I love my husband and I know that he loves me and the Lord, I just don’t know how to deal with this. At all. Please pray for me to trust and be open with him, and to feel his love for me; For this really to be a one time thing; And for the Lord to remove that from him and be strong against it. And anything else. Like I said – I don’t really know how to deal with this.

  165. Gina, I also struggled w/ the teasing of school-mates when I was younger. I will pray for Christian friends for your boys, for God

  166. CR – I understand where you’re at, i’m been through it too. It’s so sad that marriages are torn apart by this sin. If he works hard with God’s blessing and provisions he and you will get through this. I can’t say the hurt ever really goes away, it will creep up at times you don’t expect. I do pray for God to heal your soul and help you to forgive him and understand that this is fallen world and just one of the many sins that can draw us away from God. Be strong and faithful, God will get you through this.
    I feel so unfocused! I can’t seem to concentrate on what needs to be done. Financial trouble has left me feeling pretty depressed and alone, an end is in site, but i’m worried about the ramifications of our decision even though it was the only option. I have a very busy month ahead and really need to get back on track and get closer to God. We’ve missed so much Sunday Church and haven’t been to a small group in a long time.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  167. Please pray for my friend PAUL M., who is a police officer. He and his wife KIM have a very angry and hostile marriage. There is a lot of hate, anger, and blackmail. They have one teenage daughter. Please pray for their salvation and for their marriage. Please pray for Paul’s safety while on the job as a police officer. Thank you.

  168. I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago today. The worst part about it, was I hit a person who walked in front of my car. I did everything I could to not hit him, but I did.
    I have been beating myself up for the past 2 weeks about all of the ‘what ifs’. It was a freak accident and I feel so bad about the whole thing.
    Prayer request:
    Pray for the situation to be handled by my insurance company and that the person I hit will heal and have a 100% recovery.

  169. I was just thinking today that my family hasn’t been completely, altogether at peace since I lost both of my parents in 2004. Between my depression in the years following that loss, my husband’s job loss after his pouring his heart into building a business, more job changes for my husband and relocation to a new town and new job again, we just have not had peace overall in our lives. I am seeing changes on the horizon again and I would ask for prayers that God leads my husband to the change that will give him and all of our family peace.

  170. Hi,
    This my third time posting on your site. I think its so wonderful, especially for someone like me who doesn’t feel comfortable asking for friends and families prayers and not part of a church.
    With that said, I’d appreciate prayers for my marriage that it grow stronger, that all the work we’ve put into our marriage this past year makes us closer and that I can find forgiveness for what he did. I’d like to ask for prayers that we find good role model sets of friends to do things with. Good people that we both get along with and enjoy spending time with.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to ask for prayer.

  171. Please pray for me. I feel so heavy hearted and at times pointless. I have not been able to find a job as a lawyer in the area that i went to school for. And i have not been asked out on a date in over a year. I am onley and worried about money. stressed.
    thank you