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Lisa-Jo Baker is a bestselling author, lapsed lawyer, and current acquisitions editor for HarperCollins. Originally from South Africa, Lisa-Jo lives outside Washington, D.C., where she fell in love with her husband in the summer of ’96. Their story spans decades, languages, countries, books, three very opinionated teens, and one dog.

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  1. Little do we know who we are impacting for the kingdom of God, or helping to be a better Mom, wife, or woman. A few months ago one young lady was just another beautiful woman at church with two small women. We had friends/co-workers in common but that was about all. She is young enough to be my daughter, yet my own daughter was a volunteer under her and she started loving on my daughter and watching me lead by example unbennounced (sp) to me. She wanted to be friends on Facebook and with slight hesitation I accepted. You see I am not a big Facebooker and do not have a lot of friends on it. I cannot thank God enough for making me hit the accept button. We have shared a lot and am so glad that I can be a mentor to her, tonight she shared with me that she does not have a relationship with her mother and feels like she has missed out on a lot that can help her with her own young children. So tonight I also accepted her as my adopted daughter and will love on her forever. God is so good when we open ourselves up to be used by Him. And tomorrow morning I will take over Otter Pops to help her sick little daughter feel better and love on her some more.

  2. oops, that should have said “another beautiful woman with two small children.” Sorry about that.

  3. When I want to pray for strangers or populations of people I don’t know,asking God to bless people I like to go with what He puts on my heart. One day it may be, Lord bless all the women on the planet named Sarah, or it may be bless all the people in the world born in 1973 or bless all the people who live on all of the John Streets on the planet, may they come to know you as Lord and Savior! People who like the color pink or drink caramel macchiattos, love brussel sprouts or ripped their favorite jeans today. Intercessory prayer doesn’t have to be difficult. God loves when we pray for others.

  4. having FAITH, im something that is unseen? What a hard thing, it tkes courage. We recieve this courage from our Father just bby asking. What an amazing thing it will do for your life to! Have FAITH, you won’t be dissapointed! God Bless You!

  5. Faith in the God who promises to bring to completion, the good work He began in you. (Philippians 1:6). The good work He began. I love that part. Bring to completion. I love that too. A promise. A promise from Him. That’s good stuff. I am thankful that today, my faith is rooted in Him. And that there is this place to be encouraged.
    beehope3 at gmail dot com

  6. I have faith, but sometimes it waxes and wanes. I prayer for God to increase my faith!! Have a blessed day, everyone.

  7. I have found that the city of doubt lives in all of us….. however to be able to walk through that city and remain Trusting in the Lord no matter what clamors round you to take your eyes off Jesus ..its not easy but its necessary to not listen to those voices trying to get you to ‘settle’ in their city with them. Even Christians are just as guilty trying to pull you in their world of doubt.
    I’ve been going through lessons of FAITH all summer long and striving to STAND STRONG despite whats going on around me and God is finding me faithful ….. I stand at HIS Threshold daily asking Him to find me ready and waiting for His assignments for the day………

  8. Faith has been my theme for the adult years my children are now in. My daughter and her new husband are working and living in Chicago, my son is working many late hours as my new daughter in law finishes school in Galveston but soon to be Fort Worth as she starts her rotations for her final degree. My youngest son who just graduated from college cannot find a job in his field and he is busting at the seams to get out in the world and live on his own and be a writer and is also trying to get in to grad school. Their adults lives are in full bloom but still so many loose ends that only God will orchestrate for the plans he has for them. My faith has to come in now more than ever that He will protect, guide/lead, and keep them safe and well while they are in their beginnings and searching for their next step. I keep hitting my knees and praying for those steps and protection every day for them. It is an exercise in complete reliance in the Father and trusting the plans he has created for them.

  9. I love this song because it helps me make it through the rough days.
    Teach Me Lord to Wait
    By: Stuart Hamblen, 1953
    1.Teach me Lord to wait down on my knees,

  10. Everywhere Everyday Faith… that is something that I have been spending a lot more time on lately myself. I have been trying to focus on everyday conversations with God about everything. I’m making a real effort to have my focus be on an upward conversation, an upward interaction, an upward reliance on my Father.
    So many times lately I have felt so overwhelmed by the demands of work, the demands of small children, the demands of being a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an employee… I feel like I need to be all things to all of these people, but really have NO CLUE who I actually am! I know I have to turn back to the ONE who knows me better than all other. the ONE who knows why I am here, why I was made, what I am supposed to do and when and how… I pray for that guidance and that help. I pray that my father will lead me and I trust in His awesome wisdom and timing that all things will come together as they should if I just do as He leads, even when I cannot see the end. So I just keep on going, trudging along through my crazy days and moments of my life that I often think are going to pull me under based on my Faith that God will see me through this and God will do as he has promised. Faith and My Father and the truth of His Word will see us all through.

  11. I commented on the previous post, but I am learning to have faith that God will lead me where I need to be.

  12. Everyday Faith resulted in this story. When my daughter was one she began having petit mal seizures. These are basically stares called absence seizures. She was in ICU for several weeks having them and the nurses did not think they were seizures in the ICU. One night the doc came in the middle of her having one and started her on seizure meds. She finally went home a few days after Thanksgiving. When she was four years old she and I were supposed to go for her EEG that would tell us if she could stop the meds. She loved getting her buttons on her head as she called it. I had been in prayer for days for her healing. I had also enlisted the prayers of the church members. While I registered her she said Mommy I have something for you. I told her to wait. She always carried a pocket book or bag stuffed with things like toys or things from the house. She said but Mommy I brought you something. I looked down and she handed me a necklace. I was awestruck. The necklace was a beaded one made of old church bulletins they rolled to make beads. My grandmother gave it to me when Faith was having the seizures in the ICU. There was no way she could have known. She had the EEG done and then the doc said she is still having seizure activity. You will have to decide whether or not to stop the medication. I went home and told my husband everything. We prayed for a few days and then decided to stop the medicine. I was so afraid something would happen. I stayed up with God and would pray. In my reading He directed me to the story of Jairus’ daughter. She never had a seizure again. She is now almost 9. Blessed be the name of Lord who through everyday faith that he could show himself present in a four year old girl resulted in healing.

  13. We all need faith. But especially more at this season of my life.
    I’m currently raising money to go on the World Race which is an 11-months mission trip, and coming from an Asia country going on a US based trip, the cost is just tremendous because of the currency exchange rate. I know that i CANNOT raise the amount and only God can do it, but it really takes FAITH to trust that He will provide. To have faith that when I do my part, He will do His. It’s easier said than done, but I know that it will be such a growing experience.
    LIFE: Living in FAITH everyday
    Expectant of what He will do!

  14. Faith… a word in itself that can be so little or so huge, but even with little faith we can move mountains; well actually 😉 God does the moving! Especially moving within us, to change us, making us more Christlike!
    I share the opening to this years journey (it seems) growing my faith in Him, to trust more, and become more Christlike!
    He has greatly opened my eyes, ears, heart, and mind to His presence, His strength within, and trusting in Him to use me, instead of letting my circumstances or emotions rule me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share, and even the chance to win a beautiful cross to remind us by!
    Hugs & Prayers, HL

  15. For Me,
    Faith is….when I know I am not relying on myself or anything else….just.God.
    Faith is….knowing that God is in control….no.matter.what.
    Faith is….giving it all up and trusting that what will be is what God wants it to be and nothing.more.
    Faith is….sometimes hard, but oh so fulfilling!!

  16. My husband and I are missionries in Montana, 2000 miles from home. Our faith in God is what sustains us. We live on faith as self-funded missionaries knowing God will provide daily. Our daughter, whose middle name is Faith, is a living example. We prayed 12 years for a child and had faith that God would one day answer our prayer. January 13 of this year, Sophie Faith was born!!

  17. When I was pregnant with my first child- I went in to have a routine ultrasound (about 10 weeks, the couldn’t hear the heartbeat so they wanted to do the ultrasound) and the doctor told me that there was fluid around the babies heart and that it was beating way too fast. He told me that I would most likely miscarry. They sent me to a specialist who also did an ultrasound. They then sent me to a genetic counselor who told me if I didn’t miscarry then the baby would still have some type of chromosonal abnormality.
    We prayed like crazy along with everyone we knew. We went back for another ultrasound a week later and the fluid was gone!!!
    The sweet baby is now a very healthy 6 year old!

  18. I quit a lucrative job because my soul said it was time to go. I took a step in faith exactly one year ago today. I can’t say I haven’t looked back and I can’t say that my life is better. It’s been non-stop struggle ever since. But my soul says I made the right move and I have to trust that God has something better in mind for my life.

  19. Gina, this was meant for ME! There have, and continue to be, so many changes in my life and so many ahead. I’m trying to get guidance from Him in all things, even the small ones.
    You must be growing in Him every day! I can’t imagine how you come up with so much every day and still have a life!
    God bless you, my dear. I love you, Bobbie