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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Thank you for this chance to request prayer and to pray for each other.
    I am having a difficult time dealing with loneliness. I know that it’s probably to be expected following the death of my husband almost two years ago but it’s so hard to come home to no one at the end of the day. I also have a couple friends who I know care about me and want to be there for me, but they are so busy and often do not follow through when they say we’ll do something together. I just feel like I need them so much more than they need me. I feel guilty for the pity parties I’ve been throwing myself lately but things just have been hurting a lot lately. Please pray that I maybe try harder to find a little joy in life instead of just feeling sorry for myself. I do trust God to give me what I need. I also have been praying that God would lead me to a man to share life with.
    Thank you for your prayers!
    Love and blessings,

    • Becky – I know too well the torture of lonelines, both from death and from divorce… I pray that you would draw closer and closer to God as your best friend….that you would see the He is enough for you…Anyone extra is a wonderful
      blessing,…more friends, a man to share life with….trust that God’s timing is perfect.!
      I have seen big blessings when we wait Patiently on HIM! I will continue to pray

    • Becky, I will put you in my prayers that you feel the love of the Lord and the love you have for yourself, and that it would be enough for you until the time is right for you to move into another stage of your life. You are so lucky to have shared love with your husband. Cherish that. It is priceless.

  2. I would LOVE prayer for a full-term healthy pregnancy.
    I am currently at 31 weeks, 6 days . . . which is exactly the point where I delivered my last son. With my last pregnancy, I had already been in the hospital for 10 days.
    With this pregnancy, I am currently home and doing well, with no major issues. I just pray daily that I continue to remain healthy and that this baby continues to grow and thrive until at least 36 weeks.
    Thanks so much for your prayers!

  3. Heather S. I’m sending up prayers for your pregnancy and your baby. Rejoicing that you are doing well so far. Trust in the Lord.
    My son is going through heart ache right now. Rejection. And it breaks my heart. Please pray for him as he has a tough day ahead today and he’ll be on the road for 8 hours.

  4. (prayers for becky, heather and southern gal’s son)
    i’d really like prayer for patience and listening ears – it feels like there’s change afoot, and i guess i’m just waiting for the plans God might show me soon. thanks.

    • Lord, I pray for Anna… give her a heart that is open to all that you have for her, discernment to hear your voice and the courage to go where you lead her. Pour out abundant blessings on her life, and fill her with the joy of your presence.

  5. Southern Gal, praying for your mother’s heart and for your son today – that he might find peace in the Son who will never reject. Also prayers for traveling mercies for him.
    Please pray for my family as we are being stretched in so many ways – pray that the Lord will provide {He knows the needs} and that I will remember to TRUST in Him.

  6. Lost my job of 7 1/2 yrs on 5/3. Trying to do the right thing I took a job and the boss turned out to be a verbally and sexually abusive eccentric nutcase. I could only handle 4 days and therefore lost my unemployment benefits after working the last 40 years and only using the system one other time for 3 weeks. Actively searching for a job but can’t find work. Been divorced 31 years and have nothing or no one to fall back on. My appeals hearing is this Wednesday (7/28/10) at 4pm CDT; please pray for God to put his hand on this hearing and the mediator; for me to win this appeal as I need some money coming in and to find a job

  7. Please pray for my family. 2009 was a very rough year with 2 major things happening that just knocks people off their feet for awhile…Divorce/leaving a single mom, and the death of a life just getting started. My grandson was born in the spring of 09 so that was a saving grace for us last year. He has brought so much joy. 2010 has brought stresses beyond belief along with still dealing with the tragic events of 2009. My husband is a minister and is under so much stress he has had a headache for 4 days straight. Today is Sunday and he is preparing to go to church to minister today. He is tired and needs prayers as do I. We just need some relief from stress. Thank you ladies in advance for your prayers. I know prayer works and I also know who is in Control of it all. So in the middle of all of this…”This is the day the Lord has made I WILL REJOICE and be glad in it!”

  8. Lord I pray for Denise’s sister; may you grant wisdom to her doctor, rest and peace for her sister as they face this challenge. You, O Lord are the true Healer! Please heal her sister of this cancer. Thanking you in your name, amen!

  9. I am praying for all of the above! Please pray for my daughter, single Mom….that she will be able to keep her job! Thanks!

  10. good morning,
    my prayers are for me, to heal from a heart break, heal from a broken arm, heal from the lack of service to others.also for my dad who is 87, and going through kidney dialysis.

  11. Please pray for me as I deal with divorce after 20 years of marriage. I love my husband and do not want this divorce. It has shook me to the very foundations of my being. I am scared, severely depressed, frightened, and angry at God for answering my prayer for a healing of our marriage in this way. Thank you!

  12. Roy Lessin of DaySpring has a beautiful devotion that speaks to our hearts that I believe will encourage each and everyone of us: Thank you Jesus for listening to our prayers.
    To Be and Not to Be
    by Roy Lessin, DaySpring
    Jesus knew that those who believed in Him and obeyed His word would face difficulties. In the book of John, Jesus said,

  13. Becky , it has been 16 days since my husbands death. i feel overwhelmed. prayer seems like an ongoing list… will pray for you. Laurie

  14. What an awesome opportunity to be the body of Christ in action.
    I am really struggling right now with the death of my mom. She died from lung cancer on April 21st. I miss her so much. The pain goes so deep. Also, my biggest lamb (I have 4 adopted children) is on a journey and finds himself away from home at a Christian Boys’ Ranch. Please pray for the Lord to do a work in his heart. He has made great strides and has made a profession of faith. See my blog and click on “Hoss'” picture for more of the story. Bottom line, I am missing two very special people in my life and hurt so badly. But I know God is great and good and has my spiritul well being in His focus.
    Thank you .

  15. Lord, thank you for creating us….thank you for giving us this day. I pray for all the ladies who read Holley’s blog. You know their needs, you know their hearts. Fill them with joy today. Give them peace, give them rest. Help them to see YOU today in a real way. In Jesus name I pray and ask these things. Amen.
    Please pray for my friend’s (Sue) dying Mom. I’m here with her now and she’s really suffering. I want to cry but I’m trying to be strong and just pray. Also, pray for my friend, Sue, who has suffered greatly from the recent death of her son. She really needs pray during this time. Pray for comfort, please pray for comfort for both of them. Pray for sleep as they have both been up all night again.
    Thank you Holley for your ministry. Thank you all for your prayers. It certainly does work….God is here with us, right now!!

  16. We’re asking God to move in a mighty way concerning our finances. We are a single income family with some debt that we are trying to repay. Seems like it will take a miracle, but I know that God can handle this!

  17. I just came back to pray … as there was no one before me when I posted. (Though I prayed for Holley.) I will pray for all who have now posted — and know, Laurie, that my heart breaks for you. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for your prayers — I am praying for you, too.

  18. I am asking God for help and strenght for my best friend Frances who is seriously ill with Terminal cancer, a mother of 3 boys, and finding it hard to deal with this at this moment in time as she feels that she is too young to die and leave her family behind, and cannont understand why this is happening to her. We need help and guidance Lord on a daily basis with Frances, strenght and courage also for her husband Mark to be able to deal with this and his young family. Show us the way, light up our path, speak through our heart. Let her not suffer, show her peace and love around her. I ask you these things in the Lords name. Amen. Chantal

  19. O dear! I have a future that is very uncertain come 1 month from now. I have to make decisions about staying here in South Africa to minister and do grad school, or return home to the states to do grad school. I just have no idea what is best for me. I need Jesus to reach down and give me peace and open the right doors and I need courage to talk through them. I want to live fully secure in His directing me but there are so many things I’m passionate about I’m unsure how to go forward.

  20. Bekah…I just prayed for you! I will continue to pray for you throughout the day. I can really relate to your situation. I was sent to Canada 8 years ago, and I was supposed to only be here for 1 year! What I have learned is that God can use us no matter where we are….I pray that He gives you the direction and peace to make things easier for you.
    I’d like to ask prayers for my parents. They have adopted two little girls (ages 4 and 5)…the same ages as my little girls. My new little sisters have severe attachment disorder, and my parents have been isolated from normalcy…they can’t go on normal outings, etc. My mom is struggling with anger as she feels her freedom as been taken away, but they are 100% commited to their new children. I pray that you all will lift them up to the Lord…for renewal of spirit, but for healing in these little girls’ hearts and direction for them to share their feelings in positive ways. They are such sweeties!

  21. Please pray for me. I lost my job last year and have run out of options and only have enough savings to last one more month. If I don’t get a job before then I will lose my home, car, and everything. My husband left me 5 yrs ago and we are divorced. I have no one to turn to for financial help. I don’t understand why God allowed this to happen. But I am trying to hold on to my faith and believe that He does care.

  22. FATHER GOD…I lift up all your precious children that are posting on the BLOG. today…Thank YOU FATHER for meeting all the needs that have been posted & LORD I give YOU all the glory & praise for YOU are an awesome GOD…Full of Mercy & Grace.

  23. I pray that our Father causes His blessings to flow into each of your lives and into all of the areas of your needs. I especially pray for those of you who are walking through the Valley of the Shadow, or who have loved ones who are, that each one would feel His presence with them, close to them in every moment.

  24. Prayers always help us, I agree. Please pray for me. I am about to move to a smaller town 2 1/2 hours away from my mom. She is 83 and even though she still drives and can do things for herself, has become very dependent on me since my dad died in April. I have prayed about the move a lot, and believe that this is what God wants me to do, but my mom feels like she is losing her “security blanket”. One of the biggest reasons that I’m going (I’ll be living with my favorite aunt) is finances. I left my job 2 years ago to help care for my dad. I haven’t been able to find a job where I live now. Please pray for my mom’s understanding and the strength to do God’s will for me.

  25. I will be praying for you, Susan.
    My requests are for my husband, my son and myself. I pray that my husband will turn fully back to God. We have been married for 35 years and during that time he has had numerous affairs. We are still together through the grace of God, but how can I ever trust him again.Thanks to his last affair, I now have an STD. I know some of you out there might think I’m crazy to stay with him, but somehow I know that God wants us together. Please pray for our marriage. And please pray for our son. He has wandered away from God and I pray earnestly every day for his deliverance. And finally, I need prayer also. It might sound trivial compared to the many requests that I have read today, but I just started my doctoral studies and at age 60 it’s incredibly difficult. I need to know if I should stick with it. Thank you, my sisters.

  26. I pray for you all, with illness, death, loss of work, and all. I ask for prayers for my 52 yr old son who just went thru colon cancer surgery and into chemo. He has been without income for 4 yrs(dye to 3 back surgeries thru workmens comp) and the system keeps stalling him from financial assistance and medical assistance. He is a miracle of the Lord’s, due to his healing as the drs. didn’t give him much of a chance. He is trying to stay positive, but with the constant requests for paperwork, he is wearing down. He was in hospital for 3 months then they told him to get out. He had to sign a paper saying he would pay $3100 for each chemo treatment. He has sold just about everything and wants to come to CO to live with me, but needs SSI and Medicaid to kick in to help him. Pray that the Lord will get his paperwork cleared up. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, so I am trying to be patient…

  27. Reading the posts, I’m thinking of all the profound needs in this world and in each life represented on this page. None of them are too big for the God of all possibilities! Praise His holy name!
    I would like to request prayer to help me prepare and pass the cert exam for Nurse Practitioner mid August. It’s difficult and expensive. I want to learn it/ pass it the first time. More than that I want to be able to help people more and be really good at it so I can be a blessing to people in need.

  28. Thank you for this opportunity to have somebody pray for me. Please pray for the restoration of our marriage. May we never ever forget to include God in our marriage and in our daily lives. I am praying too for everyone who needs healing in their lives. May they feel the presence of God regardless of the situation and believe that they will come out of it victorious.

  29. Our God is good !!! Even when we are in a time with many problems, as we are now. But I rejoice and sing out of all my heart that our God is good and He cares for us. In His power we can go further !

  30. praying for you rea, for restoration in your marriage, for strength and courage to face each moment and trust in the Lord and sense that He is with you every moment. I ask for prayer for wisdom to know what to do with some difficult situations in my life at the moment. For guidance and direction and peace to replace the anxiety. Thank you so much, I am so grateful for this list, for all of the prayer requests listed, for God who knows all our needs before we even ask Him! HUGS!!

  31. I came to post a prayer request, but it seemed minor in comparison to what some of you are going through. So God impressed on me that I was to go through each prayer request here and pray for all of you. In so doing, I received so much comfort. Because I know without a doubt that God loves each and every one of you, and He will not leave you. He might allow you to walk through some very difficult times of testing, but I encourage you to stay strong. God has a wisdom so far above what we can comprehend. Stay close to Him, and on your knees, surrendering your all. The path through pain might be long, but at the other end is a peace and sweetness beyond compare. God might not always heal when we ask for it, take away financial problems when we ask for it, make things “right” (in our eyes) when we ask for it. But that doesn’t mean He isn’t there. He is. He is watching to see if you totally trust Him. And He truly knows what is best for us.
    May God comfort and bless all of you today, and wrap His arms tight about you. Lean into Him, and let Him carry your burdens and lighten your load. I have never met any of you, but I love you dear sisters in Christ.

  32. Jennifer, I am lifting you up this morning.
    I need prayer for direction, open doors (or closed ones! or a nice opened window), and blessing on the ministry I am involved in — GodlyGals.

  33. Rea, I am praying for your marriage. My heart goes out to you, because my own marriage is coming to an end, my husband having left me and our three teenage children last November. May the Lord bless and restore your marriage.
    I ask all your continued prayers for myself and my children. I have physical custody of them, but my husband and I are sharing joint custody (in decision making). Though we have a legal agreement, it has been such a constant struggle. His attitude toward me is so constantly negative, and he does not have a heart open to his children. As part of the agreement, we are supposed to go to a psychologist to help us with co-parenting and for him to get along better with the children — but I am fearful of this, as he has tried to manipulate our counseling sessions (and the counselor) in the past. Please pray for us. Thank you, Holley and dear ladies. May the Lord bless you all!

  34. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that these prayer requests before and after my post will be answered as so many need you today. We are your children and you take care of us. As the old hymn sings “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so”. I reflect to think those who are lost and doubting that you reassure them of your greatness and your promises. I too struggle with insecurities both the physical and mental pain that can destract us from thinking of others but only ourselves. We are not alone and you God are there for us always.
    “Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up.” Psalm 71:20
    “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” Galations 3:26
    God Bless you all.

  35. To GOD be the Glory! I pray for all the brokenhearted and all those who struggle in their everyday lives with lonliness and loss of loved ones or trying to help them to see the goodness of the LORD. I pray everyday for the things in my life that I struggle with and I look at the life of those who are less fortunate than I and my heart cries with sorrow. I pray for comfort and healing and the fullness of GOD’S peace in all your hearts and souls.
    GOD bless you all.

  36. Praying for you all today! I am asking for prayers for myfriend Kaci as she has been diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. She is a wife and mother of 3 small children. I pray for healing, clarity, and for the pain she is in. Also for her family.
    One more thing if I may ask for prayer for my son Jaiden, who has autism and God has lead us to homeschool. I ask for prayer for him and me to stay in God’s will a do what is best for him. Thank you!

  37. Dear Abba,
    I pray your awesome presence over each and every one of us who have posted; that the depth of Your love in Christ and Your faithfulness hold us even in times of pain and loneliness…
    am struggling from a tramatic breakup and going through transitions in new job (hospice work as a medical social worker) at the same time; quite shakened.pray for God’s healing and assurance to move on.

  38. Dear Holley,
    I love that we can lift each other up,not just on Sunday when we blog about it. But every day. I have asked Jesus to wrap his arms around us & to let us feel His Warmth. I hope everyone has a nice, blessed day today.

  39. I have several requests; please pray for my sister suffering with depression for many years. I am praying for her deliverance. Also, pray for another sister that is having surgery on July 26, 2010. I am believing that it will be successful and she will completely recover. Also, pray for my brother-in-law’s business. Because of the economy his business is struggling and he has had to lay off employees. Lastly pray for me, I recently had surgery and it has not healed as expected. I am praying for healing from the Lord, the Great Physician. I stand in faith with all the requests sent in by others. God’s blessings to all of you.

  40. I am praying for all the precious ladies who have listed their needs this morning. God sees those tears. Penny, it seems my heart is especially drawn to you and your husband this morning. My brother is a retired minister and my husband was a pastor for over 60 years. I know about those times when they have to stand behind that sacred pulpit with a heavy heart. When God’s servant gets up to deliver God’s Word to God’s people the Word of God will not return unto Him void. It will accomplish that which the Father pleases. In that process, God’s servant (your husband) will receive strength and power beyond his own. I will be praying for him as I go to church this morning, as well. God bless you both ABUNDANTLY!

  41. I stand amazed that none of these prayer requests are impossible for our Awesome God, though though our trials and struggles it’s hard to focus on, grab onto that truth. My request is for salvation for my husband. He knows Good, but has yet to really surrender to Him. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement and your strength everyone.

  42. Susan, today I am praying for you! That you would see God’s provision in a mighty way and that He will lift your spirits and encourage you. I don’t know why He waits until the last moment to intervene sometimes, but I’m excited to hear about how He does a great work in your life!
    My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for 10 years, miscarrying twice last year after getting pregnant seemingly out of the blue. We have an absolutely beautiful adopted son, whose existence never fails to remind me of God’s love and sovereign plan. I’ve recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and have begun fertility treatments this last month. It’s extremely difficult to feel like I’m re-starting this journey towards pregnancy after so many years, but desperately wanting to walk it differently than I have in the past. The first month’s treament was unsuccessful and I’m struggling. I cannot speed up this journey that we’re on, but there are times that I’m just. so. tired. Please pray that I would continue to HOPE, that God would give me endurance that only He can provide, that I would seek comfort from His word.

  43. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God…Jesus taught this while He walked the earth.
    Holy Spirit convict us of wrong, selfish or foolish motives…We want to see you in all your glory and splendor today!

  44. I would ask prayers for my brother’s wedding in 2 weeks. Right now there are some relatives who have decided for various reasons not to come. I pray that this wedding day is one of looking forward, being thankful for our family connections, and the new relationships we will start with our extended family. I pray for safe travelling for all coming for that wknd, and that God will guide my brother & his new wife as they start their life together, united in their love for God & seeking His plan for their lives.
    I would also ask for prayers for me as I continue to heal from the hurt caused by disconnected relationships of friends who no longer attend my church b/c of synod decisions on the “social statement”. I feel like my circle of friends has greatly dwindled b/c of this, and it saddens me (and I must admit anger/bitterness is also still in my heart).
    I lift up my boss and that she seeks the Lord for all the various decisions she needs to make as she leads my workplace into the future and new projects. I pray that you release negativities she is holding onto from past hurts, and that she is filled w/God’s love.

  45. Susan,
    God does care, it may feel as though this trial is lasting far too long or that he may have forgotten you. Just remember that just as Christ suffered so must we, He never leaves or forsakes you and this trial is only temporary. Those who sow in tears will reap in Joy! Keep trusting him and he will see you out of the dark place that you are in. I am believing and asking God to give you the perfect job and to sustain you financially until you get that job. I am praying for your comfort and for your mind to be worry-free and steadfast on Him until you receive your breakthrough. -Amen
    Please pray for my daughter, Siara. Her daddy is leaving for Afghanistan in August and he is already gone. She is not taking it very well and she has break downs on and off all day long. She is three and misses her daddy so much. I have trouble getting her to sleep and she wakes up screaming for her daddy at night. It is so hard to go through a deployment, especially for the children. Please pray that she feel comforted during this time and that her and I are able to get along ok without daddy for a while.
    Thank you.

  46. Dear Heavenly Father, there are so many needs and desires represented in these prayer requests. I know that You love each of us deeply and want to meet our every need and give us the desires of our heart. You want to strengthen us where we are week, encourage us when we are down, provide healing where there is sickness, bring deliverance to the captive, open our eyes in areas we have been blinded.
    Father, I ask that You meet each person at their point of need. I ask that each of us find strength within to trust You and hope in Your promises. And Father, I ask that You would give each one of us grace to stand until Your Word has come to pass in each situation. In Jesus Name…Amen!

  47. Dear God,
    You know the troubles of this world: our thoughts, emotions, struggle with adversity, sickness and death. You have promised you will never leave us or forsake us. You hold our hand or even carry us when we are unware. Make us cognizant of Your Presence. Wrap Your loving arms around each indivdual today. May we be touched by word, deed or smile that may lighten the loads we bear. Help us to look up and know that this life is fleeting and soon we will be home with the King of Kings and all will be right. Thank you, Jesus, for saving us, loving us and keeping us. Amen

  48. Please pray that my heart’s wounds may heal through the transformative grace & love of our Lord, that I may freely offer & receive forgiveness & acceptance…that my marriage may be lifted & strengthened.
    Thank you, & may God richly bless you all.

  49. I would like to lift in prayer my Mother and my Father, both of need of your upkeep, Dear Lord. I’m also praying for my husband and for my long-distance marriage.
    As for myself, I pray for consistency, confidence in the Lord, and for stopping procrastination.
    Thank you, Lord, and please bless everybody here abundantly.

  50. Please pray for my family. My family is one of the most precious things to me and Satan is trying to hurt each of my 4 children marriage relationships. I pray for victory over these and for continued financial help in our business. Also, for my sister who needs a job desperately.

  51. Heather, I am praying for your heart’s wounds and for your marriage. I want to offer some hope by telling you that God has healed my marriage recently in ways that I never would have imagined and it’s absolutely wonderful.
    I’m asking for prayer for my sister. She is 29 and so desperately wants a family in the form of a husband and children. She leaps into engagement with every man she dates almost immediately which also involves moving in with them. She was married once to a man she dated for 3 short months and he turned out to be an abusive alcoholic. She is now engaged to another man that, after 3 years of separation, is still married to his wife. He is severely controlling and I fear for her in this situation. Please pray that the Lord will guide her out of this situation and bring her the family she so desires with the right man for her.
    Also, this pales in comparison to the needs in this world but would you please pray for me. I’m a stay at home/homeschooling mom that has lost her passion for this. I’m feeling depressed about my life right now because I feel that I have no directions or goals for myself. I feel a deep desire to have a little something for myself but I don’t even know who I am anymore.
    Thank you

  52. Susan, I am praying that the Lord will provide a job and security for you. I pray that you would be able to turn to your church family and that they would be able to help you if possible. The Lord’s will be done.
    Please pray for my 17 yr old daughter. She is India on a mission trip and this next week they’d be heading back to Dehli (24 hr train ride). Please pray that the Lord has been doing a work on her heart. That she has found Joy while in India. Also pray that my expectations aren’t too inflated. I would love to have a cordjial relationship with her and my prayer this whole time is that she’d have the Joy of the Lord in her!

  53. Dear Father in Heaven,
    I pray for all those having needs to be met only by Your Will.
    May we remember after giving you all of our prayer requests to
    Praise you and remember all the needs that we met and Blessings of the Past and thanking you for that as well. May the Angels “Grace and Mercy”,
    Your Grace and Mercy be Present in our Hearts always,
    Blessings and Hugs,
    Jan Belzer Schaumburg,Illinois

  54. I desperately need prayer.
    My world has been turned upside down. I’ve lived my life on the premise of “if I just do what I hear God’s voice telling me, everything will turn out ok”. And then I heard God telling me something, and at first it was something I didn’t want, but then He confirmed it to me over and over and over again, through many means and many people. And I walked into that thing with the hope and confidence that comes with following what God has asked of you, and then several months later, the floor fell out and that situation fell apart.
    I have been asking God over and over again if I heard Him wrong, if I was standing on the wrong promises. But He has actually given me more confirmations since the situation fizzled, that it was right all along. I keep getting words from people, who don’t even know what’s going on, that that promise stands and God will restore it, and I keep getting Scriptures about God’s promises never failing and His word always stands.
    But nothing ever seems to get better. And it’s so difficult. And I feel lost. Not because of what I lost in that situation (though that hurts too), but because I feel I’ve lost my compass, because God has always been my compass and I have tried to follow Him, but I followed Him into this and my heart has been crushed. I know He is here, I feel Him and I hear Him. But I’ve never felt so alone or so lost, because I feel like the main thing I’ve lost is my trust in God.
    My heart is so sore, and I feel so lost. I feel like I’ve lost everything. I feel hopeless.
    Please pray.

  55. This prayer was found on a bookmark in St. Teresa of Avila’s prayer book after she died:
    Let nothing disturb you; let nothing frighten you
    All things are passing away
    God never changes
    Patience obtains all things
    Nothing is wanting to those who possess God
    God alone suffices.

  56. Hi Becky
    It is extremely hard sometimes to be alone,and I know you can’t keep reaching out for people to fill that space. I have had to live for years alone, initially a choice out of my own fears but then as a part of God’s testing, and waiting for God’s timing. Only people who live alone can understand the absolute anguish some days. Ask God during this time what He is trying to accomplish in your life post your obvious grief. He has a way of taking the most horrible of situations and making a stronger (emotionally) woman (you) for His kingdom. You garden shall bloom again…accept the season that you are in. Do not fight YIELD ..seasons change
    Big Love

  57. I pray that you all are touched with the grace of Jesus Christ and receive His almighty healing of mind, body and soul. After reading your prayer requests I remembered something I read the other day that I thought was beautiful:
    A miserable looking woman recognized a well known spiritual leader on the train and ventured to share her burden with him. For years she had cared for a crippled daughter who brought great joy to her life. She made tea for her each morning, then left for work, knowing that in the evening the daughter would be there when she arrived home. But the daughter had died, and the grieving mother was alone and miserable. Home was not

  58. I will pray for your daughter, AnnMarie. Thank you for sharing the story you shared.
    On Mother’s Day I lost a pregnancy at the beginning of my second trimester. We had been dealing with infertility for the last 4.5 years and this was a miraculous pregnancy, one that completely shocked us. I am so sad – so, so sad – and feel like I can hardly find God amidst my heartbreak.

  59. I am asking for prayer. My daughter and son in law and two grandbabies are moving across country. I am asking for safety over them and for God to comfort this papa and nana who are struggling with them leaving.

  60. I love this idea!
    I simply ask for prayers so that I can just learn to accept the past, quit pointing my finger and quit blaming those around me. I need to learn to forgive. No matter how many times I tell myself and others I’ve forgiven them, I still feel constant resentment and anger, yet I try to hide it. It is killing me.

  61. Hello (:
    My older sister is a single mom and she lives at home with us. I pray that she can find a good Christian husband for herself, and a wonderful dad for my almost one-year-old niece.
    Thank you for your prayers! (:

  62. God, I pray for little Siara. I pray that you would give her heart peace. I pray that you would give her Mama wisdom and comfort as she deals with the tears of her little one and the ache in her own heart. I pray for the safety of Siara’s Daddy. I pray for peace and comfort for the whole family until they can be together again. Give them strengh and endurance for this deployment, Lord. Most of all, meet their needs each and every day. Where there are feelings of emptiness, fill them with You. Where there is aching for the one they miss bring healing and comfort. And bring up people around them to support them. (I’m a military wife with small kiddos too–your prayer request caught my heart this morning, Jennifer).
    I pray for physical healing for Linda and the stomach trouble she is having.
    I pray in agreement iwth LaShorne as well.

  63. Dear Lord,
    The need is so great, the hurt so deep. Your heart is big enough to bring light to the dark places and balm to the hurt. I pray that you would be with each of us today as we hurt, cry, worry and struggle. Help us to follow Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
    Wishing everybody just a little peace and contentment today! I’m so glad we can come here to offer help or to receive it. Thanks (in)courage!

  64. Praying for those above me who have such deep needs! God, work in the lives that are crying out to you. Hold hurting families that are facing illness, repair broken incomes/job loss….bless your children.
    My needs seem trivial in comparison.
    In just a few weeks, I have to return to a very stressful job. The work is tough but the environment is brutal. My fibromyalgia tends to get pretty intense (thanks to the stress) while I’m back in that environment. I feel anxious already about going back. Like many on the prayer list…I NEED MY JOB!!
    I ask that other’s help me by bathing my future in prayer!
    With God..anything is possible! Even a happy workplace.

  65. I pray that we all are blessed with God’s promises for our lives and for this opportunity to join together in His Name. This is such a wonderful thing to pray for each other. We all need prayers.
    I am facing some challenges in getting a job and need prayers for His goodness to take me through all that I have to do. I know He has brought me this far and will not foresake me. I pray for all that are responding to this blog and thank God for Holley for all that He puts in her heart for us to share!

  66. Prayed for all the needs above. Scripture says when two or three are gathered in His name, He is in our midst, and he’ll give us what we ask. We’ re gathered here from all the ends of the earth, in his name, so Im looking forward to answered prayers! 🙂
    I’d love prayer for my husband, who lost job in April because his company was losing clients. We ask for direction for a new job and for His provision.

  67. Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future
    I have read all of the requests before this one and my problems now seem so small. All of us struggle though—at different places and in different ways. No one’s struggle is unimportant to God. He loves each of us, hears each of us and will hold us in his hands.
    Sorry to past such a lon quote, but this is from a somg by JJ Heller—it is beautiful.
    I have unanswered prayers
    I have trouble I wish wasn’t there
    And I have asked a thousand ways
    That You would take my pain away
    That You would take my pain away
    I am trying to understand
    How to walk this weary land
    Make straight the paths that crookedly lie
    Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
    Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
    When my world is shaking
    Heaven stands
    When my heart is breaking
    I never leave Your hands
    When You walked upon the Earth
    You healed the broken, lost, and hurt
    I know You hate to see me cry
    One day You will set all things right
    Yea, one day You will set all things right
    When my world is shaking
    Heaven stands
    When my heart is breaking
    I never leave Your hands
    Your hands
    Your hands that shape the world
    Are holding me, they hold me still
    Your hands that shape the world
    Are holding me, they hold me still
    When my world is shaking
    Heaven stands
    When my heart is breaking
    I never leave Your hands

  68. Need prayers as I grieve for my husband of 22 years that passed away in February.Having such a hard time emotionally,physically and financially.Please pray for me..

  69. My Almighty God, As we all come together on this day to pray for each other, we mostly want to honor Your Name and thank You for everything you have blessed us with. We understand that your Grace is a gift that we don’t deserve and your Mercy is go take care of our sins. We are so grateful for this. As I read the pains and concerns, problems of the precious readers of this blog, my heart goes out to each and every one of these. They are my sisters and I pray that you let them know that You are forever close to them. I know you are with me in my present trial of kidney failure. Open our spiritual eyes and ears and encourage us to be still and quiet and let You speak to us and hold us tenderly in your arms so we can rest and feel your closeness. It is so good to lay our heads on Your shoulder as You hold us tenderly with Love as only You can do. May Your blessings fill my sisters’ lives and joy will cover them. We know you don’t lie and You have said that You would never leave or forsake us. Thank you, Father for this promise and let us begin this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. In the precious name of Jesus who died for us all, I pray AMEN
    Have a blessed day, my sisters.

  70. Lord, I pray for the thing that is in my heart, and I believe it matters to you to) you could cause all things to work for our good, to speak the words in faith and of knowledge, and change the heart of those listening. That you my God Almighty!
    Thank you. Hallelujah, Jah Hovah Rapha (The Provider God)

  71. Karen, thanks for posting the wonderful poem, beautiful words, and timely, your quote Jer 29v11 was the subject of our service this morning, so there is a word from God there for me.
    Jill, will pray for your husband Brian, by husband also needs salvation ( Robert).
    My prayer request though is for my grand-daughter Hollie (10) has an unsettled home life at the moment, divorced parents and is ready to go on holiday with her Dad and his girlfriend for two weeks. Also very difficult for my daughter Karen. Please pray for stability for this wee girl and that God will settle her heart and also her Mummy’s.
    I thank God for my praying sisters.
    God Bless you Holley.

  72. I am a widow of 5 months, and I am 29. My heart is preparing to move forward with life and I am feeling the void of loneliness and desire to be a wife again. Please pray for God to fill that void with Him! Thank you!
    (And Holley, I will be praying for your daughter and granddaughter this week!)

  73. Liz, I pray for you daughter and grand daughter Karen and Hollie that God may give them grace at they need as they go through this time. May God grant them His peace and encourage their hearts and may God’s perfect plan be worked out in the midst of uncertainty for His glory.
    Please pray for me, I have been out work for over two years and I am desparately in need of a job, God’s favor, provision and direction for my future. Thank you.

  74. Please pray for my sister. She lost a dear friend a few years ago to a sudden heart attack at a very young age and has just received the sad news of losing another very close friend the same way.
    I also need prayers for my mother who is in treatment for a tumor. I pray for her quick recovery and that she grows closer to our Lord in this crisis and turns to Him for strength and forgiveness.

  75. Wonderful Father, I pray that you will bless each one of your children with their daily bread and let each of them know you in a new and special way this day and forever more. Amen.
    I ask prayers for my second son. He had a very difficult year in school last year and seems to have given up on trying. Also please pray for my family as we are dealing with my separating from my husband/their dad going on four years now and it’s still tough. Thank you! God Bless!

  76. I’m an elementary teacher who needs a full time teaching job this fall. I’ve applied for lots of jobs but haven’t been able to get an interview. It’s a very long time until a substitute paycheck comes along the end of Sept/Oct and I’m struggling to make ends meet at the moment. I’ve only been teaching for three years and most of this time it’s been as a substitute. I’m ready for my own classroom!

  77. Heavenly Father, we know that you are the Provider for our hearts. I pray that you would be near Nancy and give her strength and your love as her family continues to adjust to a new normal. Help them all to hold tight to your grace and peace. I pray for her son as he struggles with his school, our boys can get so easily discouraged sometimes, I pray that You would encourage him that the fight is worth it, that learning to be faithful in the ‘little’ (to him) things will prepare him for the life You have planned for him. Thank you for Nancy’s heart and continue to bless her with Your truth.
    I ask for prayer for my family. I’m happily married but my parents and sister are dealing with a lot. My father has had abusive (not physical, but *everything else*) tendencies for a long time and it’s getting steadily worse. My mom’s eyes have been opened to the fact that she does not deserve to be treated this way but she doesn’t know what she can do. My sister (age 27 and living at home) honestly believes my dad has a right to treat my mom the way he does… it’s all so convoluted right now. I ache to see my mom free of the abuse and to see my dad get help and truly accept the freedom God offers, I want to see my sister accept that our family culture is not healthy so she can embrace God’s plan for relationships as she nears her own engagement. Thank you so much for your prayers, they are precious to me.

  78. i ask for prayer for the situation i am experiencing with my daughter’s dad. i am thankful that god is in control. but sometimes it’s just so hard to see and remember that. i ask for prayer for my daughter’s almost 15-year-old heart and spirit. that god will give her strength. that her dad will see and understand his daughter and realize that what he is doing is not drawing them closer together in their relationship, but pushing her away.

  79. Holley please contact me concerning a Worry comment from late May. I need your help solving this problem. Thanks.

  80. Good afternoon,
    Praying for everyone on the blog today to receive healing, comfort, joy, peace and blessings. There are so many circumstances in our lives that we ask “why me Lord?” and it is difficult to keep the faith. May God grant each of you the strength to carry on and wisdom to approach your needs in a new light.
    Please pray for my dad who is in hospital with Alzheimers and cancer to receive the love of Jesus and be content (and smile) again. It is difficult to see him so “grumpy” most of the time.
    Thanks and blessings,
    Sandy from Canada

  81. Father God, I pray right now that you will put your loving arms around each and every one of the perople that have posted prayers today and that you will remind all of them that no matter how bad things get in life you are always there with us. I have faced many troubled times in my life but you have helped me to understand that you were not only there for the good times in my life but you were also there for the bad and it was your strength and grace that saw me through each and every troubled time-no matter what the outcome. Give us all love, strength, grace and understanding Lord.

  82. I wish to lift up Becky and let her know that life does go on after the death of her husband. I too lost my first husband at the age of 32 and I thought I would never love again and always feel lonely even when I wasn’t alone. I am married again and have had 4 beautiful children from my second marriage. God has filled my life bountifully with people I can love and people that love me. He will hold you up and you are aloud to be happy. When you are feeling lonely get out there and give and help others… you will feel better and joy will come back to your life tenfold.
    I will send up a prayer for you,

  83. I pray for all the widows as I too am a widor of 18 mos. Not long after losing my husband (7weeks) I lost my father. I pray for all those who are lonely as I know that feeling well. Also, praying for my frined who has been hospitalized twice in the last 2 weeks for severe back pain. That she may find relief from her pain. They have found a fracture nothing else thankfully. You are all in my prayers also.

  84. This is my first visit to this blog and prayer is definitely needed for all daily. When I decided to log in and add my prayer I couldn’t help but read some of the previous post and my eyes filled with tears. Just a reminder of how good God is and how easily I can forget and find myself feeling the poor me syndrome. However I also believe there are no coincidences and I have to remain open to hear God’s message and direction for my life.
    My prayer for today is to be still and to trust the process. I’m packing to move next wknd and wow did I forget how this can be over-whelming, especially with you have no help but I can’t allow that to hinder me.
    I’m challenged financially, emotionally and mentally even though the place is empty and ready for me to come in, God answered my prayers and still I can somehow manage to get in my own way and sabotage.
    Please keep me in your prayers and I shall do the same.

  85. Hi, I woke up depressed this morn. but after reading the problems other women are having, my heart goes out to them, and praying for them as I read them.I have a wonderful husband who loves me, so that means a lot. Tomorrow have to take care of some difficult things, so pray that everything will go well for us.Our two children are not serving the Lord, so have been praying for them.Our God is faithful and will take us through the valleys, and give us Peace. Thank you Lord -Maddie

  86. Please pray for a loved one who is facing the loss of her job. We seek a peaceful heart and the leading of God to open a new door.

  87. please pray for my son to get a better paying job. The one he has is only paying him $7.50 an hour. He has to ride around on his job and they do not pay him for travel allowence. He lost his business recently that helped keep his head just above water, but now he is going under fast! Please pray that the job he has applied for will call him to come to work. He should know by this Thursdayif they are going to call him in for an interview or not.Thank you for your prayers. GOD BLESS you all

  88. Dear Father I pray for all these requests mentioned that Your peace and love will be with all. Draw us closer to you in these last days that You will reveal yourself to those who know of You but have not given themselves to you fully. We commit them all to you. Be our encouragement so we may be that for others. Thank you for Holly as she encourages us with words of wisdom from You. Bless us all I pray. In our Lord Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  89. I pray for our churches to open their hearts and doors to hurting people, and not turn their backs on those who are crying out for help – even those who are “leaders” in our churches. We are all human, and we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, but “…He is faithful and just, to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness…”

  90. Hello All, I received this email a few days ago from one of our Blue Star Mom’s, (a non-profit organization that supports the families of those serving in the military, my twin sister and I are both Blue Star Moms. (both her sons are serving, and my son was in Air Force reserves).
    Army PFC Matt M., currently serving with the Airborne Brigade Combat Team, came home for leave on May 24, from Afghanistan so he could attend his older brother college graduation on June 5.
    Unfortunately he was not able to attend due to an accident that happened on May 26.
    Matt was running along side a grading tractor that he was helping a friend move when he lost his footing in the rain. Matt fell and was run over by the tractor. He sustained the following major injuries:
    Fractured femur
    fractured tibia
    fractured pelvis
    fractured tailbone
    orbital blowout fracture to the right eye
    torn bladder/urethra
    Matt was airlifted to Mercy in Charmichael. He has undergone 4 surgeries. Matt received over 9 units of blood initially after the accident, and was given more blood/platelets for the next several days in the trauma ICU.
    Matt spent 8 nights in the trauma ICU before being transferred to the trauma floor in the hospital where he spent another 15 nights. Matt was home for 10 days before being readmitted to the hospital again for an infection that occurred in one of the wounds from the accident. He spent another 4 nights in the hospital before coming home again.In September Matt will go to UCSF where he will undergo another surgery to repair the urethra/bladder tears.
    Matt is determined to recover 100% and return to his unit and continue the job he has been trained to do by the United States Army.
    Matt’s 20th birthday is July 25 and his current goal is to be able to begin walking by then.
    Many people have asked what they could do to support Matt. We have two very important things that we would like to encourage people to do.
    1 We need to let this young Hero know that he is supported, in our prayers and that we wish for his speedy recovery!
    2. Since Matt received 9 units of blood during his hospital stay, the family would like to give back to the blood bank The family has set up a Blood Source Donor Club for Matt. His donor club number is 7823. To find a Blood Source Center near you, please go to http://www.bloodsource.org
    Pray, Pray, Pray! Please God is listening. For those that feel the burden on their heart to write a note or send a postcard from your area of the world. You can email me and I will send you his address.

  91. To Kelly…oh, it’s so hard when your world is turned upside down, especially when it comes to your relationship with God and when things don’t turn out the way you thought. Hang in there. God IS working something out for you.
    Dear Lord, I pray that you would be with my sister Kelly. Lift her up, Lord, and encourage her. Speak to her lovingly and gently. Help her to continue to feel your love and presence in ways she needs to have trust rebuilt. Help her to have peace about the past. Help her to rest in her decision to follow you. Help her to know You smile on the hearts who say such things. Father, be her Father. Wrap your arms around her, whisper in her ear that You see her and You have her in Your hand. And remind her of Christ, who understands pain so much. Who understands what it’s like to have God’s leading lead to such loneliness and pain…remind that because of that, You are a God who understands. And that as a God who understands, You are with her, You are for her, and You are working something incredible in her and for her despite the circumstances.
    God, You are a big God and can handle us when we are disillusioned with You. Remind her constantly that You love her with an everlasting love, and You are not like a man who changes his mind or forgets His promises. Send her friends, messages, whatever, to encourage her in You.
    God, please bind up Kelly’s wounds and rebuild her trust in amazing ways that will make her heart sing for joy.
    Thank You, Lord.
    In Your name,

  92. I have been struggling with depression all my life. I am determined to overcome it for my kids sake. I am severly overweight and I wish the Holy Spirit would fill me with His presence but, I so often feel left out like He is waiting for me to figure things out on my own. Thank you for your prayers I believe they make a difference.

  93. Please continue to pray for my husband and myself as we seek God’s guidance and direction in our lives. We are grieving many losses from this past year, and are seeking His wisdom in our next steps. Thank you for your prayers; they are much appreciated.
    In Christ’s Love,

  94. My heart aches as I read these posts. May our Heavenly Father grant peace & rest to all those hurting from loss, loneliness & worry. May He give a calm assurance & an answer to those facing financial/job issues. And to those facing disease may He surround them w/His love & guide their medical caregivers to bring healing.
    As I prayed my way through each post I was especially moved for that little 3 year old who misses her daddy. Dry her tears, keep him safe & give her mom strength.
    This has been a difficult year. Personal health issues, husband’s loss of job & subsequent cancer diagnosis, medical bills piling up, a cut in my work hours, & a daughter’s family hurting finacially due to job situation.
    When the worry get’s the best of me, I’ve found myself singing in my head this old hymn…
    “When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot thou has taught me to say,
    It is well, it is well with my soul … Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, let this blest assurance control, that Christ has regarded my helpless estate, and hath shed his own blood for my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul”. Yes, It is well with my soul!
    It is a gift to be able to come each week & lift up in prayer the needs of others. Thanks, Holley, for this opportunity.
    May God bless you all.

  95. Maureen, I pray for your courageous son’s complete healing. I am thankful to God that he is alive and has retained his spirit for life. I am thankful your son has served our country and I pray he will be able to continue to do so and that your son will be able to walk again.
    Please pray for me as my ex-husband was married yesterday to his 4 month pregnant girlfriend. My ex and I were high school sweethearts and were married for 21 yrs before he left for this woman he met at his workplace. Our daughter constantly feels like she is in the middle and my ex doesn’t always treat her kindly. My heart goes out to all those women who feel so incredibly lonely due to husbands dying or husbands abandonment of family. While our marriage wasn’t perfect, my heart still breaks from missing my childhood friend who is now my ex husband.Thank you for sharing your prayers. I’ve gone through almost all of them and have prayed for you, my sisters in the Lord. Love you though I’ve never met you. Keep the faith.

  96. This posting today is not unlike many others, but today again it really hits a heart string with me.
    First, I would like to say that as I read over each entry, I am touched by the number of issues over marriage. I too am dealing with marriage issues and some days think I am all alone, only to read your postings and see quite plainly that we are in numbers. So for each of us going through this valley, may peace and comfort be ours for the asking.
    A special note to Patti Lynn….married 35 years, husband who has had numerous affairs, infected with an STD. age 60 and seeking a degree from school. You go girl……you and I have the same story, except I am not going to school or working on a degree. But I too have chosen to stay and there are those who think I am crazy but I believe that God has a plan for us. I lose patience some times and there are days when I want to throw the towel in, but I continue to stay and fight for restoration and healing for both our marriage and my husband. Hang in there, this decision you have made is one that only you can make. God knows and you know why the choices are made and He respects you for them and He will carry you through. He is with you every step of the way and when times seem rough and weary, just speak His name and move forward…..I understand, I truly understand….In the name of Jesus, I pray for every posting here today and for God’s grace to cover each and every one for their individual needs. Amen

  97. LaShorne, thank you so much for your prayer! Truly humble you are before the Lord! I will pray a prayer of thanks for you and all the prayer warriors that have put their Faith out there for others!
    I would like prayer for our family to be together and restored. After a season of unemployment, bankrupsty, and all that that entailed, my husband got a wonderful job…God-given, we know. But, it is too far for him to commute and for 21 months now we see him on weekends only and the house has still not sold. We still have 4dc at home, 16, 15, 12, and 5, but our older 2, who are out on their own, need him just as much. My oldest dd is going through a divorce, our odest son, 21, has ocd and it is heartbreaking to see such a vibrant, loving young man be so spiritually tortured. I am so weary. Teens love to talk late at night and share their hearts, 5yodd is so active and hits the floor running in the morning. I desperately need my husband, and the children need their daddy. We have fasted and prayed and prayed and fasted. We know God has something wonderful waiting in the wings…heaven just looks so much better every day. We will covet your prayers, and I will be praying for each and every one of you.

  98. We have been trusting God for the gift of children. We have been married for seven years and we tried a number of options but we have not been sucessful. Please pray for us as we trust in God for a miracle.

  99. My heart breaks for all of God’s children who are hurting in any way, but I especially feel a special bond with Becky and Laurie. You see My beloved Husband passed away 14 months ago of Cancer. He had just turned 65 and was the love of my life! Even though I am so grateful that God chose to take him home and not let him suffer any longer…. I MISS having him in my life every day. I am soooo lonely for friendship and someone to just be there when I want to talk. Please pray for me and know that I will will pray for you.

  100. Holly, thank you so much for allowing others the opportunity to share what’s on their hearts and take to a place where we can share and more importantly pray for other sisters in Christ. First, I pray for all those who have left comments today that GOD will grant you the desires of your hearts. GOD is all knowing, all seeing and knows each of us so well. (He must have a busy busy job). I can’t even keep up with myself at times. Second, I say thank you LORD for today I am celebrating my 28th Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for the soul mate you placed me with. Thank you as well for the beautiful family that has come from that marriage. My children and family mean everything to me second only to GOD himself. Thirdly, in mentioning my family I do ask for your prayers as we are faced with some “yucky” items in our lives right now that we need your help with GOD. I know that you are there GOD for you have been carrying me through all that has been taking place. I may not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but I know you have been the one “carrying the flashlight” in some of the darkness and guiding me through the steps I need to take. I just need to keep the faith and look to you for that continued guidance and reassurance. Blessing to all of you today. Amen.

  101. Thank you for offering prayer together! I have been praying for healing in my heart as I am exhausted physically and emotionally by the many family members I care for, serve, pray for. I lean on the One who restores me in the way only He knows. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to pause and pray. It is in the name of Jesus I pray- Amen.

  102. Lord, life in this world seems to be such a struggle, and I know without you we have no hope. Thank you Lord for pulling me out of the darkness that was swallowing me during my marriage and though things have not changed I have you to walk by my side.
    All of your precious children here need you and as we seem to not have answers to our problems, we have the hope that your promises will come to fruit. You will restore us in a mighty way for you are the Creator, the Savior, the Healer.
    Help us to have the strength to hold your hand and endure life until the day we are with you, in You precious and Holy name, amen

  103. please pray for me. i’m recovering from a broken heart and daily need strength to keep walking away from the relationship..i’m trying to be obedient to God. i’m also at a crossroads and have a lot of passion for many things but have no idea what should be the very next thing. pray that God would show me where to go next, and that i would have faith to follow.

  104. I want to thank you Holley for such wonderful words of strength and wisdom. I look forward to your daily words. They put a smile on my face and Gods words in my heart. Some times they are so profound it is like God is getting my attention. I pray for you and your family.
    I pray for the one with the lonliness for I to am struggling with that also. Yet I have to stop and realize I am not alone God is always with me. I lost my husband back in 1997. I have tried several other relationships since then and they have not been good at all. I am away from all my family and since I lost my grandmother 3 years ago the lonliness has really hit hard. For she was my strength, the one Godly person I could turn to in my low’s. She gave me such wonderful wisdom and knowledge and understanding and told me that when I moved away that it all was part of God’s plan for me and for me not to second guess it. I have tried several times now to find work and go back home but it always falls thru. I feel selfish sometimes for not being there for my family yet I understand that I have always been the one who has kept us together and it is time for them to grow and have their families and deal with their crisis in life. Yet I am still only a phone call away. I have been blessed with one wonderful friend where I live now and unfortunately I have had to help her get thru a ugly divorce after 30 yrs marriage to someone who really was selfish and coniving. To the point where he has gone before the church that we all went to as one of their deacons and told them it was her fault she left him and he had no choice except to find another woman to turn to. We both as sisters in Jesus have helped each other thru alot and keep standing strong for our Lord and Savior. I pray that God gives us all the strength we need to get thru whatever it is he gives us and that we have enough faith to trust in Him and know he gives us no more than we can handle at one time.
    Once again Thank you Holley for such Grace given words. You are a blessing yourself.

  105. Dear Lord – Please be with Jess. Hold her up with your strong right arm. Show her the direction you want her to go. Strengthen her faith in You and guide her every step.
    We are struggling financially right now. My husband is only working part time over the summer and we can not pay all our bills. Our oven has quit and my husband truck is not running well. It seems like everything is going wrong.

  106. My husband has been out of work since spring 2009. He has been seeking a job desperately, but has struggled with the rejection. While we are okay financially (I have been working full-time), this isn’t the life either one of us wants. We have three young children and need the balance back.
    I participated in the last post like this and want to thank all of you for your prayers. My mom had surgery for her cancer and is now cancer-free! Thank you!
    Praying for all of you above me.

  107. I divorced my husband of 29 years due to alcoholism/drug use..I had no love for years. I pray for him to recover and find peace with God. Our incompatibility in the spiritual realm also led to our marriage’s demise. I now love someone else but according to God’s word we can’t marry. Please pray for direction, wisdom and peace from God as we all try to find our way. Depression is setting in and understandable since all parties see no way out of the hurts. Thank you and God bless.

  108. I pray and ask for prayer for my family to be restored so that I am able to see my grandchildren again. They love me and I love them, but their mom (my daughter) has met someone on line and now is keeping the children from me without explanation because of her new man friend. I am devastated about this, but I have walked with the Lord for a long time, and believe he can restore my family. Please pray for me that it is God’s Will that my family becomes whole again. I miss my daughter and my grandsons with all my heart. thank you for your prayers. Tania

  109. Oh Lord Jesus Please bless each one that made requests today and give them the comfort and peace and joy in knowing that you have their best interests at heart even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. I pray for the peace of Your presence to surround them each day as all of us stuggle with our daunting situations. How wonderful it is that we can come together to worship and honor you even though we haven’t all met, we can join together in oneness to bring our requests before you… our Comforter. I thank you for the opportunity to share on this great website and to know that you are here and everywhere. Praise Your Name Forever…..Jesus, Amen

  110. Ladies I am praying for you today. We have so much in common with one another and we each go through our own issues but it’s always a wonderful thing when women come together and pray. God loves to hear our voice especially on someone else’s behalf. Thank you for praying for me. I have chosen to use my Inward Witness the Holy Spirit as I intercede on your behalf. Don’t lose your confidence cause than you lose your faith and your reward. Have manifested a week.

  111. So glad we can come together in community to pray.
    I have a request for my friend Jean who is undergoing cancer treatment for the 2nd or 3rd time. She is a mom to 6 kids, the oldest is 18, the youngest is 8. Things are not looking good. We are praying for a miracle.

  112. HI I want to pray for all of your prayer requests.
    Father God, I pray that your mighty love will give each person with a prayer request, just what they need at this very moment. I pray they get your wisdom to understand how to pray for your wisdom in their circumstances. Help them all to keep their hope up to endure their situations and be able to keep positive in the midst of it all. This I ask in Jesus precious name. Amen
    I would like prayer to find a job after 13 months out of work. I keep looking, but no one seems to respond or see my applications. I am keeping the faith but want to know how else to proceed. My Unemployment will run out in the next month, so I need another direction to go in. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
    In him,

  113. A Praise for all in the Body who continue to lift up those we personally know and those we pray for whom you know Father and as you continue to give them love, hope and peace may their trials be labors of love to your ultimate purpose for the plans you have as we glorify your name….prayer for my sister Debbie that her faith remains strong as she awaits medical test results tomorrow…..

  114. Lynn, I uplift you to our Father who is in heaven. I pray that he may provide you with direction on what to do next, where to go next; all acoording to his perfect will for you. I ask for the surrender of your heart, as you realize that he alone can provide to all your needs. May he lead you to himself, your Rock, as he weanes you in and draws you ever so closer to him. May he give you peace as you stand on the promises in the living word, for he has asked us not to be anxious about what we will wear or eat because he is our father, who knows what we need even ebfore we ask. He has reminded us that we are more precious that the birds in the air. Lynn take this time to surrender to God’s refining fire, because he is afte your holiness. Trust that everything does work together for the good of those who love God, and are called according to his purposes. May he bless you during this new week.
    My prayer requests are:
    -For a safe and enjoyable travel to my father who is going back to visit Africa after a 12 year absence.
    -For a friend of mine who is struggling financially to make ends meet as an international student
    -For my local Church to continue to have a forceful impact in our city. For me to accept, eat, and live the fact that I belong in that Church. To stop running away in fear & uncertainty from connecting, and fellowshing with others.
    -For my older sister, as she works to restore her marriage, and rebuild a healthy household.
    -For my new Mary Kay business to thrive according to God’s will. For courage to take the steps I need to take in order to find success in the business.
    Happy Sunday!

  115. Our faith is hard when we see only the storms of life and not our desination. Keep your eyes and focused and trust the one who has promised to take us through.

  116. Please pray for me to find the strength I need to overcome my health issues. I know what I need to do to help myself, but somehow can’t find the will to take the right steps.
    Also, please pray for me to heal my relationship with my kids.
    I am praying for all the women above.
    Thank you,

  117. What a wonderful idea.
    Casey, though I just feel too odd to type out a prayer, I promise I will spend the next few minutes praying for you.
    I would greatly appreciate prayer for my upcoming transition to moving in with my ailing grandparents, as I am struggling with worry about how that will work out but wanting to be a help and a blessing to them. As well, I struggle with a deep clinical depression, and though I know God is my hope, some days that is just far too hard to see, so if you could pray that He would help me to appreciate that, and to find strength in Him, that would be wonderful. Thank you, sister.

  118. Thanks for the reminder, Maxine, bless you! And to Nancy, I lift up all your requests to Him, namely your church and Mary Kay business requests. Ironically, I’m part of a large, impactful church in my city, and have been *longing* for and *seeking* connection and fellowship with others there, because it can be so ‘annonymous’ feeling and so many people do slip out instead of staying and making a connection. So I pray that your fear would dissipate, so that you might be open to reach out and connect with others and a heart open to God’s prompting and direction in that area. I also lift up your Mary Kay business – I did that for 11 years and totally understand where you’re coming from, and pray for whole-hearted commitment to it, that God would direct your steps and provide opportunities and your willingness to act on those opportunities! Bless you!
    For myself I want to lift up a prayer request for our finances. We were in a big financial mess a few of years ago, and have been able to dig out of all that and have gotten back on track. It just seems like every time we get ‘leveled out’ and get a step ahead, something hits us (like it did last week) and throws us back a step or two (or three!). Which makes it extremely difficult to get to a place where we can build up savings to prepare for these unexpected expenses, not to mention the daily expenses that young growing children require! Lord, please hear our prayer, and please bless all these hearts reading, requesting, and uniting in prayer to You our Father.
    (thanks, Holley, and the inCourage network!)

  119. Lord, I pray for the requests of these women. Jesus, thank you that you know and care for their hearts. Care for them like the Gentle Shepherd you are and let them experience that so tangibly. Lord Jesus, let them see the answer to their prayers today or let them be encouraged to know you ARE at work for their good in all of these situations.
    Hi (in)courage women!!! You can definitely pray for me! I’m moving from IN to SC on Tuesday to go back to school. You can pray for a safe and smooth transition. You can also pray for the provision of a job and great friends. You can also pray for the provision of a husband 😉 and my patience and trust of the Lord with that. I’m 27 1/2 and have LOVED my single years, but would also really love to get married soon, especially since friend after friend are getting engaged and now having babies. It kind of sounds crazy, but there is a certain man I am praying would pursue me. We’ve been friends for awhile and re-connected this summer and I just enjoy him so much! I am praying the Lord would put me on his heart.
    Thank you friends!!! Enjoy our dear Savior today…

  120. Susan, I am lifting you up to our Heavenly Father, who is able to provide the perfect job for you. Trust in Him. He will open the door.
    I would like prayer because we are losing our home. My husband has been unemployed for over a year now (construction) and although side jobs are keeping food on the table, we are losing our home to short sale next month. It’s hard. We’ve raised our children here and love the custom room additions and things my husband has done, but we must let it go. Please pray we will find a suitable place to rent and that God will provide full-time work for my husband!

  121. I’m praying for a friend who is struggling with meeting the basic needs of her family as a single mom/grandmother. She is working but barely earns enough to cover the bills, struggles to put food on the table and her two teen daughters have not been able to get work. Please pray that she would find income sufficient to meet their needs, employment for her daughters and reliable transportation. I also include in my prayers daily my brother and his family who lost a son (17 years) in a tragic car accident in June. His older brother was driving and there are many family issues. I pray that they would come to the Lord, surrender the pain and anger that have been part of their family for too long and let God heal the divisions. Thank you for all who continue to pray on behalf of others. God bless and keep you all.

  122. Betty, it’s a privilege to pray for your friend and for your family. Lord, I pray that you will meet the needs of Betty’s friend today, and those of her children and her grandchildren. May she find the job that You have already set aside for her. Help her to put food on the table for her family. Most of all, help her to trust You more. Lord, I would also ask that you make yourself real to Betty’s brother and his family. There is hurt and pain there, but You are the divine healer. May they come to know You and to trust You as their Lord and Savior.
    My own prayer request is for my marriage and for my husband. He knows the Lord, but is not being obedient, but is going his own way right now. It has been a source of pain in our marriage for a long time, and I have a hard time respecting him. Please pray for me too, that God would soften my heart towards him and make me a better example of Christ.
    Thanks, and God bless.

  123. I am asking you to pray with me for a dear friend who is going to the hospital tomorrow again because of a cancer she has been suffering for the last year. She is such a devoted christian, a devoted daughter of God, mother of 3 girls, married to a wonderful man, and she with nothing but faith in her heart has been suffering so much. May God be with her tomorrow, and for the next 10 days, all through her most difficult moments, showing her His amazing love and protection.

  124. My prayers are with all those that suffer and in need of His Heavenly Intercession. Jesus says to pray for one another that we may be healed. I pray the Lord touches everyone with His love and pours His healing balm on each precious soul on this blog. May He comfort your hearts and lift your spirits and binds the broken hearts. Amen.
    Love and prayers

  125. Hi..
    I leave for Ethiopia on Wednesday with a team from the Mocha Club. Prayers for our safety in country and that we would be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve.

  126. Dear Bekah,
    God bless you !! I will pray that the God will you give you His devine plan in our fathers heart for His glory. He will direct your path as we committ our ways unto Him. He will have favor on you no matter where He takes you. God bless this woman of God, Lord Jesus !!

  127. For the woman who lost her husband. I pray God’s power and authority over you heart, mind, body, soul and will. I pray that you will find peace, love and fulfillment in Him. I pray that He will bring more Godly people into your life to walk with you.
    In His Love

  128. please pray for my son who says he is agnostic. i want him to know the lord and my daughter has a cronic pain disease and needs prayer she has a son who needs her the doctors can’t do to much for her and the pain is hard to bear. also my husband needs to stop drinking for health reasons but only
    god can take away the desire. he is a hard working man who takes care of his family but he needs a miricle. i hate to ask for so much and i will pray for the other requests i have read. i am so glad our god is an awsome god. thank you so much.

  129. Lord I pray that You will bless and keep every person who has shared their hearts,
    I pray that You will make Your face shine on them and be gracious to them,
    and that You Lord will turn Your face towards them and give them peace within their particular needs (based on Numbers 6:24-26)
    Please pray for me too. I have borrowed a lot of money to help someone I thought I could trust.I was sharing my faith with him. I rarely ask for help for myself as I have always trusted in the Lord’s provision. I have virtually nothing to live on but have always had a soft heart for others in need! I have no way of returning this money unless this person does the right thing. Please pray that he does return the money and that he comes to the Lord.

  130. Lord Jesus ,I pray that in our despair that we look to You for help, solace and strength and believe in faith despite our circumstances…for You are our rock and our fortress and our ever present help in times of troubles!AMEN.

  131. Father God,
    I lift Susan right now. Please open her eyes and guide her to the job you have prepared for her. Thank you, Father, that you are a living, hearing and answering God. I give You all the honor and praise. How wonderful to be able to pray with and for my sisters in Christ. Amen!
    Please pray for my daughter, Tara, that she and her husband sell their house in Quincy.

  132. I am praying for all of you that the Lord will grant you the grace to handle the situations you are in He is faithful.
    Please pray for me I am married to an alcoholic who is very controlling and I have been struggling with the desire to leave but have not felt the Lord direct me in this way. I find my faith in prayer severely strained as I struggle for some evidence of God working in my husbands life, I am hoping to go back to school for my RN and haven’t told my husband I am worried how he will react, please pray that he will be receptive or that curcumstances will be such that it will be evident that it is not God’s will for me to go. Thank you and prayers for all.

  133. I pray for all of us who are desperately seeking employment. I pray that God gives us the might strength to carry this cross of challenge. I pray for all of you and ask your prayers for us.

  134. Lifting you all up in prayer as I read through the previous messages. We are all so different, yet so much the same. I often struggle with feeling that I am fighting alone–coming here reminds me that I’m not.
    I ask today for prayers for my husband’s salvation, and for the restoration of our marriage. I know nothing is impossible with God, and He works all things for good for those who love Him.
    May God bless all of you this week, in miraculous ways you can’t imagine.

  135. Dear God, please give Susan the comfort and security she needs. Increase her faith and give her a job. Thank you, Jesus.
    I would appreciate prayer. I am so confused about our ministry on the foreign mission field. I want to be supportive of my husband’s ministry, but right now I have so many doubts about what we are doing. Things aren’t right and there is no one I can turn to. God help us.

  136. Heavenly Father I pray for Susan in her time of financial need. Meet her Father, where she is, call to her and let her hear Your voice of comfort. I pray that as you will supply her need fora job. Amaze her with your love. Please let her feel your presence especially close today. Father please let people around her come forward and minister to her too.

  137. This is an amazing place, a great reminder of how wonderful our God is, what a wonderful heritage we have in Christ Jesus. I do not know any of you, yet, I feel we are sisters, Thank you! I know that God will meet each of our needs, there is so much pain and so many different needs. Yet, one God, Jehovah Jireh, our Provider watches over each of us. I pray that we will all come to an awareness of HIs providence, have grace and patience to wait for His answer and wisdom to see HIs answer.
    I was in the midst of cleaning my house and felt I had to come here. I am glad I did.
    God is among us!

  138. Praying for you Patti Ross. My brother is in a similar situation after working for a beverage company for 10 years. He was dismissed last September and has been unable to find work and has been denied unemployment because the company termed his dismissal as “gross misconduct” for not reporting that a bicycle ran into the back of the truck he was driving which he did not know had happened. There was only a claim for $100 to the bicycle. He began collecting unemployment and when the company reported gross misconduct he was told he would have to pay back over $6,500. Please pray that he will find another job at age 57 because his wife has been in the hospital since Dec. 24, 2009 and is in critical condition. He has no health benefits now.

  139. Please pray for my daughter Barbara and her family as they wait on some test for one of her children.

  140. Dear Father, please cover the finances of my son and daughter so that they will not lose their homes and are able to cover their financial commitments.

  141. Please pray for my father in his ongoing battle with lung cancer. Pray for my family as we cope. This fellowship is a blessing. I can’t help but be reminded of the power we have when two or more are gathered in His name…even through technology.

  142. I feel very moved this evening by each and every prayer request. I pray that the Lord meets each and every one of you right where you need Him the most. He loves us so much. And even though sometimes it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle all alone… He is with us, holding our hand, catching our tears, encouraging us to continue on. His promises are real and true and we need to stand on those promises. I’m about ready to send my 1st foster baby home to her mom. We have raised her for over 16 mo. and I cry everyday, waiting for the call that she’s going. So much uncertainty. I wish she could stay. We love her so much. I’m so worried about what will happen to her when she’s returned to a mom w/ a mental illness. The rules of the county just don’t seem to make any sense. Not even sure how to pray anymore.

  143. Dear God, my heart goes out to each and every person on this post who is suffering and hurting. When I think of my problems, I realize it is nothing compared to the heartache many others are enduring. I pray that everyone here may find guidance, peace and comfort through their faith in You and may be blessed with your grace to continue with a hopeful heart that things will ultimately end up for the best, just as You had planned it all along. I know it is so difficult to understand why we have to go through these pains or situations that put us through the test. I’d like to ask for prayer to receive strength, comfort, guidance and peace as I deal with a broken heart and prayers to help me find a stable job where I can feel accomplished and contribute my talents and skills that God has blssed me with. I continue to struggle with many insecurities that have affected my relationships and finding purpose for myself because I hope that I truly become the woman that God wants in me.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. This community is great. We are never alone and need to remember to lean on God’s shoulder and one another in faith.

  144. My grandfather went to heaven last Sunday. My grandmother Rose, age 88, asked me to call her every day and read the Bible to her. She needs the Lord. I feel so humbled yet honored to be the first one to lead her through the pages of the Bible. She has been a devout Catholic all her life and yet never opened this book that has been my comfort and strength. Please pray for me as I call her daily to read. She says it brings her peace. I’m spoon feeding my grandmother and I want you to pray with me that she, too, will taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessings to each of you.

  145. Angie, what a privilege God has given you to speak Truth into the life of your precious Grandmother. I pray that she will see our Lord clearly, and seek Him with her whole heart! I am praying for you and for her.
    Please pray for my husband, T. His kidneys are not working properly. He is not in kidney failure but his blood work is not good. He has many other complicated health issues, and we’d like for his kidneys to last! We are in our 50s. Please pray that the Lord would heal his kidneys, and that he will continue to be so responsible for his part. Thanks you so much!Blessings,GG

  146. I would please like prayer for my husband “Bruce”, who has cancer in the abdomen region and the liver.

  147. My husband and I are 64 and he is wanting to retire. I’ve been disabled for 9 years. We will have to sell our home if he were to retire and we really don’t want to. No matter what we do, we want God’s will for our lives. Please pray with us that God will show us the way he’d like us to go. We fully believe tht God will provide a place for us to live, when the time comes. We have a couple of things going that we feel will help us to make our house note and stay in our home. We have put it in God’s hands.

  148. I want to pray for becky who posted today very early in the morning..what r u doing up so early?.lol I’m heartfelt to get up by 9:00am..actually it’s because I’m on a temporary disability due to a near death experience.
    I’m getting better..thank you.
    However I wasn’t thinking about me..I was thinking about you Becky..a fairly new widow..and I feel your pain and lonliness. I have not lost my husband but my mother did after 53 years of marriage and 9 children together and I can tell you everything your posting…my mom felt & God feels it too..”remember the widows and orphans”..He says. He is close to you..carrying you thru this. I know you need friends and activities..keep busy..and be what you want to attract..you will be irresistable. Go places and do things you’d like to do if your new husband was already in the picture. Some of my single friends met on the internet..but be careful..check eveything out. Bless you becky..you are not forgotten..

  149. Susan, I am praying for you right now. Don’t lose faith in our Ultimate Provider. I have seen Him work in our lives when we didn’t know how we would pay our house note, fix our car, or pay doctor bills. Just keep trusting Him! Tell Him you’re scared…ask for faith. There was once a father who had a child overcome with seizures. When asking Jesus to heal him, he said, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” And you know what Jesus did? He healed that little boy. Even though the father admitted his belief was not complete. (You can read that story in Mark 9) I am asking OUR Father to remind me to pray for you this week.
    As for my request, please pray for my family. We have taken in my Mom, who has cancer and the beginning stages of dementia. She and her husband have recently lost their home due to foreclosure, and he has stayed in their town until another permanent home is found. It is very hard on all of us. Pray for me, that I’ll have patience with her. It’s so unlike my mother to be frail and forgetful. I want to be what she needs right now. Pray for my relationship with my husband, that it will not be strained too much. He is so precious and has bent over backwards to help my mother as well as me. Pray that God’s ultimate will will be done in her life, whether that’s healing here on earth or taking her home to be healed. I honestly don’t know how to pray about that.
    I’m so glad you opened up this post for prayer requests! I get to pray for a dear lady and get my sights off myself, but I also get prayed for, as well.
    Thank you, Holley!

  150. God you know Chris’s
    circumstances and pray for her health and restore it. I need prayers for confidence that I can finish these blood thinner shots and go through my surgery on Wed. with no complications. I pray for no anxiety, doctors skillful hands and trust all will be positive, and afterwards there will be no blood clots. Please pray as a year ago I had 2 Pulmonary Embolisms due to a blood disease I have. I need Gods hand in this. God bless, Lori

  151. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for meeting all of these needs — “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”(Eph. 3:20), Reveal to all of these crushed hearts that Jesus is the one who gives the oil of joy for mourning by flooding their spirits with His joy! Cause them to face this new day with a Holy Spirit empowered fresh measure of faith. They can’t do it, and acknowledge their weakness, but we believe that You can … and will … do it for them! Glory to Your name!
    In the wondrous name of Jesus we come.

  152. My heart breaks as I read each of these needs. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but then I remember that we have an awesome God who is able, and nothing is too difficult for Him! I join with each of you in praying.
    Please pray for me as I deal with our daughter going to college in a few weeks. She will be 2500 miles away, and I know I will miss her dearly. We have a close relationship, but today I realized that I am scared of how this change will affect our relationship.

  153. Abba,
    I lift of Karijean and her daughter. Not yet at that stage of children leaving for college, I can only imagine..and remember, how I must have broken my mother’s heart. I pray you will keep her daughter safe, and close in heart and spirit…and uplift Kari Jean….
    I may be last on the list…it is almost 11 pm PST time in California…but I do believe in prayer and feel so overwhelmed. Momma of 4 (single) and working through our tough transition of my newly adopted 11 year old….It has been a really tough first month home…and all of us are hurting (and all of my kids are scrapping and poking)….I have had major headaches…just pray for God’s health, energy, wisdom and most of all love and peace….. as my oldest son said, God did not make a mistake making me the momma (although at the moment he said that I was saying how he must have.).
    Blessings and encouragement.

  154. Good morning on this beautiful winter morning in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This morning I have a very special request. I have not heard from a friend since Friday morning. All my text messages goes unanswered and I fear the worst. I have images of him being killed, hurt, maimed and unable to contact anyone for help. Please pray with me for his safety. I love him and want to spend time getting to know him better.

  155. Please pray for my friend Tracy’s mom, Molly Sparks. She has pancreatic cancer and is dealing with complications from pneumonia now too. Lord, You are mighty and Your Grace is so beautiful. May all of your children who are hurting and in need of Your Love feel Your Presence today, please Bless each of them with Your Love.

  156. I pray that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit will bless, protect and meet each one with a prayer request above at the point of need, Amen.
    I need prayers for my son who is seeking admission into the university, my daughter whose school has been closed for two month due to strike by lecturers, for my safety at my place of work, where I have been facing a lot of persecutions and discriminations for reasons I do not know, kindly pray that my son will gain admission, my daughter’s school will call off the strike and my denied promotions will be effected and that truth will prevail in the long run to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. .

  157. Please pray for our daughter whose husband has lost his job twice in one year. Pray that she may be strong….in character, in love, and have patience with him and the children. Pray for their finances, and for direction on where to look for work.
    Let them see the body of Christ at work on their behalf….and may they know without a doubt that God is with them in the very midst of this.

  158. Dear Lord, I pray for all those who have posted above. You know the needs of all. Help us remember that all things work together for good to those that love you Lord. Give us strength to go on and help us be a support to each other. Amen

  159. Please pray for my husband and our family. His father and best friend went to be with the Lord two weeks ago causing his drinking to escalate. Please pray that he will look to our Lord Jesus Christ for help and not the bottle.
    I pray for all those who have posted. We all need to continue to lift each other up to the Lord. He will prevail!

  160. I would appreciate prayer for continued emotional healing after discovering my husband of 34 years had a very long-term affair several years ago. He is a changed person now and we have found a renewed love for each other. However, there are many obstacles to overcome, and memories, doubt and fear make forgiveness a continuous process.

  161. Oh Lord, Please be with Beth and Teri and Susan and Savanna and Savanna’s parents. Help them feel your presence and your love for them. Help Susan find a job soon and provide for her needs. Help Savanna’s sisters to bond in with their new family. Lord, please help your people that are near to Savanna’s family circle around this family in your love. Help other women to become aware of Savanna’s mother’s need for fellowship and surround her with friendship and your love. Help her needs to be met, so that she will have the strength and power of your love to nurture these little girls and bond with them. Help these little girls to attach firmly to their new family, to their Church, to other Christians around them and especially to you, through the work of this family in your name.
    Also be with my granddaughter, Whitley and my son, Matthew and especially with our Church, that more people would come. And maybe for healing for our Church and for wisdom for us to know what to do to help our Church. In Jesus Name . Amen.

  162. Please help me pray for Mother, she has been struggling with her health…. She will undergo further testing, May God give her strength to endure whatever outcome may rise….

  163. For my grandfather, whose wife of almost 60 yeares passed away in March, as he now is living alone.
    For me and my family as we ocntinue to deal with my mom’s terminal illness.
    That my husbnad and I would have a healthy and wonderful trip away, leaving our one-year-old for the longest time ever (9 days), and that my anxiety about air travel would be minimized or eliminated by our Lord’s presence.

  164. Greetings in Jesus’ Name:
    While reading and praying though these comments yesterday, God reminded me of an acrostic for REST: Recognize Eternal Spoken Truth. Pause before Him and receive His truth regarding your situation. I must do this, too!
    Frances, the Roy Lessin thoughts you shared are very apt in light of the prayer requests posted here. Thank you very much.
    Father God: We come to You in the Name of Jesus! Thank You for knowing exactly where we are. Thank You for paying attention to the details of our lives and all that concerns us. Thank You for Your unfailing love for us. May we be enabled to hear Your voice clearly. Please give peace, love, joy and hope in the midst of these needs, as we trust You to walk us through these times. Please strengthen us in our inner men to stand,remain focused on You,and praise You in the midst! Thank You for Your Holy Spirit who enables us to do these things. AMEN!

  165. Thank you God, thank you for who you are and what you do. Thank you for your faithfulness and thank you because you are the covenant keeping God.
    I thank you for Julie and her mother. Thank you because your strenth has been made perfect in her weakness. Thank you because it is well with Julie’s mum spirit, soul and body. Thank your for giving her a powerful testimony.
    Thank you my Lord and father for everyone who has a prayer request. Thank you Jehovah because you are the one is able to do exceeding far above what we can ever think, ask or imagine. I worship you God and thank you for giving each person a testiomony.
    We love you God and will forever praise your name.

  166. What a blessing…I’m humbled by a deliberate slowing down and focusing and praying for others. How weary I become of my own repeated requests at times.
    I pray that each ‘poster’ is touched in a special way by our Father; that each is renewed by the prayers of other believers; that an answer and increase in Faith come quickly.
    I have been sick for many years and am now facing big decisions – do I quit homeschooling and place kids in school for first time? Do, I remove myself from the family business and focus on health? I need clear discernemnt and direction.

  167. I pray today for those who are struggling to see find that next job and to see what your provision for them is. I ask that you would make yourself evident in ways not yet seen and that you would give her the strength to trust in you with her whole heart. You are our comfort, shelter, provider and hope in the storms.

  168. Only you, Lord, know the knots and snarls of our lives. Only you can guide us and make something beautiful and useful out of our human mess. I thank you, God, that you know Hannah. That you have watched over her and every member of her family that preceeded her. That you have smiled at seeing her grow, felt her pains, and forgiven her mistakes. Thank you God that you now continue to watch over her, guide her, give her discernment, give her joy, peace, strength to do what needs to be done. Let her know that you jealously guard her children as you do her. Give her provision of finances, friends, council, and healing as you lead her in your will for her life. We thank you Lord that you are so trustworthy!
    Please pray for my sons. Both need the Lord, they know Him but aren’t with Him now. Pray for God to have favor in their heart by spirit or by other people speaking into their lives. Pray for safety, clear thinking, motivation, and good friends.

  169. Please pray for Mother Earth and all that lives and is upon her that Her true glory will be known, appreciated and loved by all … for She is our Mother … the One who nourishes us, her children, with such unconditional Love, with such abundance … and yet, if we are unaware, or unappreciative, She, in all her beauty and abundance, goes unnoticed and unloved in return. Let us Love Her as She Loves us … and allow this glorious relationship with Mother Earth to FLOURISH … so we, and She, SHINE OUT our truth, and God at last can smile and say, “This is my intention at last fulfilled … this is the FULL beauty of My Creation, and it is Good”…

  170. Hi Holley
    You are doing a great job. You have involved me also to pray for others. God bless you. God save everyone living in the Earth.
    I am very much hung up with my work not able to spend time for prayer. i pray that the situation change. My parents are worrying about me not still settled in life. I have crossed my 30s and still God has not shown the right person for me. I know that I have some health problem but i have not gone to any doctor i have cast my burden to our Lord, our Redeemer, but after so long years of waiting I have a doubt whether i have done a mistake should i have gone to a doctor to check. I am really not clear what to do. Please pray for me and tell what to do. what decision I have to take. Pray God that I soon get well and settle in life soon. God bless you all.

  171. Susan, your needs and request of our Heavenly Father are now are my heart as well. I pray peace for your heart, wisdom, favor, encouragement and strength for you as you watch and wait for HIM to direct you.
    For myself, I am newly divorced 3 days to be exact. I’m struggling with everything. However I am so blessed, God has provided my needs even before I knew I needed them. I am currently under attack from the Devil. I am just empty inside. I’m having issues with my ex in the area of our children, and he has cancelled my car insurance (the insurance company is researching how that happened since we had separated our vehicles.
    Today especially I am an emotional mess. Please pray for strength & focus for me.

  172. Please pray for my marriage… my husband is talking about divorce.. I have been praying without ceasing…this has been going on since last year and I am so worn down with fear and sorrow.. pray for a miracle and for God to breath His Life into this marriage and that it will not end in divorce but get stronger and better than my husband could even have hoped for.

  173. I need prayer and words of encouragement. I have been unemployed for the past 5 months and no matter want I do, I’m not able to find work. I have prayed and asked for God’s guidance. I know I was called in the field that I was working but at this time is appears that season has ended. Again, I’m requesting prayer and words of encouragement.
    Thank you and God Bless to all.

  174. Please Father, hear and answer the prayers of all who have written this morning. My heart goes out to all of you. I need prayers for my son, who has a ruptured disk in his back and needs immediate surgery or there will be permanent nerve damage. He has no insurance, no savings, and we, too, are financially strapped. We need a miracle. Am fasting and praying, and saying, ‘thy will be done’. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Penny

  175. I pray that each of you find comfort in the Father…that only he can give. The peace that passes ALL understanding…especially when we simply CAN’T understand.
    Today I ask that you pray for my husband and myself. We have a blended family of four amazing children, and he only gets to see his two children on a VERY minimal basis due to his written custody agreement. I have been praying for months that their mother would begin to see the importance of them spending time with their dad. Just this past weekend our 5 year old was asking to spend the night more because he misses his daddy. I know that is something that their mom would never approve of, and it breaks my heart because I see how much my husband loves them and wants to spend time with his children, and how much they want to see him more. Unfortunately, it seems as though their mother is more interested in the checks he writes her, than in the relationship between father and son. Please pray as we seek Godly wisdom in to how to best move forward and handle this sensitive situation, and seek what is best for our kids, as we do so.

  176. I have a very heavy heart today. I am torn between two things and I need God’s peace and direction during this time.

  177. Some days we feel so sorry for our selves until reading all the above post today, and other days then at least my problems are not so bad. I pray for all who are hurting for one reason or another,I wish I could help our heavenly Father to wipe all the tears away. I will pray for all and put them in Gods hands for healing each one needs.
    A big hug and blessings Holley and all the lovely ladies above . Hugs Betty ,

  178. Susan,
    I just prayed for you! I am also in a tight situation. I am single and have one job and I am skating on the brink of going into further debt. Last week the sum total of my savings and checking account was $25.60. I had to humbly ask my mom for a temporary loan. (Which she did, but money was tight for her, too.)
    My finances have eroded due to stuff breaking, not to overspending. It gets very hard not to panic when you see the harsh reality. I have lived in lean times before, but it just seems to still scare me and it shouldn’t.
    Happily His and yours, Jennifer

  179. Hi,
    Just prayed for an answer to come to you Jennifer for your situation! Seems like an awful lot of us are in the same boat.
    I would appreciate prayers for answers to my financial situation. Its in the toilet! Husband hasn’t worked in a year – he has to have back surgery. Our house is slipping away and money is runnign out. I am trusting and constantly remembering that God is faithful. I am putting works behind my faith and doing ALL i can and know to keep things going and its HARD!
    Thank you everyone. I pray you are all blessed beyond measure, may we all give thanks for His unwavering love, and constant Grace in our lives.
    God Bless,

  180. I am praying for my mother-in-law, Janice, who will have surgery tomorrow for a cancer-related bowel obstruction. She is suffering greatly and needs relief, and her family needs hope. I am also praying for my sister-in-law’s father, Tom, who is in his final hours as he succumbs to cancer in Texas. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  181. Please pray that I will lose the pride and fast.Our whole family needs me to count on God, believe in Jesus as the Son of God, which I do, but I have been an idiot for a long time, very selfish. Psalm 51 helps me repent. I have a hard time believing I can b forgiven, but He sent His Son to die for me so I can live and my children will be taken care of. I thank you for praying.
    I feel the pain of many of you, you are not alone, God gives us no reason, but He is right. God Bless You

  182. I could use prayer for loneliness. I need some Godly friendships in my life. I’ve also been dealing with self-esteem/self worth issues and I need God to open my eyes to the love that He has for me and how He sees me. Basically, I could use a fresh touch from Him.
    Carol, I’m praying for you. You can always be forgiven, all you have to do is ask. Like you said He’s already died for you on the cross, to take care of you, yes, but also redeem you everything and forgive you from your past. God bless!!!

  183. My 17 year old son has been smoking pot and says he won’t stop. My husband and I have tried everything to get help for him and to force him to stop. The last option is one that we cannot afford and as soon as he’s 18 he says he will leave there anyway. We are at a loss and cannot find answers. It’s tearing our family apart and I feel like I cannot breathe some days. I cannot believe that this is happening. I know that God can work in all of this and I do know that he is with us in this trial. It’s just so hard to be here. I’m thankful to have found a place to be encouraged and to encourage others. My heart aches for all of you who are hurting and I feel privileged to lift you up in prayer. Thank you to those who share encouragement!
    Elizabeth I am praying for you right now. I pray that you will feel his presence in a mighty way and that you will find sweet friendships to fill your life.

  184. Please pray for me; for strength and success. For my husband and that he find his happiness and desire for committment to me and our marriage and that God blesses me with a circle of really good girl-friends. All things that I am really struggling with. One last thing — that God help me to find a really good church, a good fit for me.

  185. Lord, I visualize You now … not content to be a bystander at a wedding, but performing Your first miracle there. You created marriage and You desire to bless it. It is holy and beautiful in Your eyes. Many, many of the requests for prayer are centered on marriage. Open the eyes of everyone involved that they might see their spouse through Your eyes … and love them with Your amazing heart. You who turned water into wine, I praise you for softening hardened hearts and performing one of the greatest miracles, to my mind; that of bringing peace into the midst of the crisis. We bless You … and bow before You in complete surrender to Your perfect will. Thank you for what You’re going to do for these troubled hearts. In Jesus wonderful name! Amen

  186. I am steadfastly praying for each of you…especially those who are struggling with marriage and relationship issues.
    I was the other woman. I was the one for whom a father and a husband left his family. It was not a physical affair…it was a marriage that had long been “over”…but the results were the same. This was over a year ago. We are both married to each other now. But the hurt lingers.
    Please pray for direction for me as a child of God. There are days I don’t know what to do. Am I continuing to live in sin by being with my husband? Am I right with God? Where do I go from here?
    Your prayers are appreciated.

  187. My husband and I are planning to adopt my prayer is that all the planning for the adoption will go well.
    Also we are moving to a bigger property so that the adoption can take place.

  188. My husband of 13 years woke up one morning and decided he was done being married, done with his ministry, done with God. I am heartbroken and struggling to find the “purpose” in it all, struggling to believe that God sees me and my children and will take care of us. My children are grieving and I think that hurts more than my own pain. What makes it worse is that my husband has fallen full-force into a life of sin – seeking out strangers for sex on the internet. I grieve over him as if someone had died. Please pray for me and my children (ages 8 and 5), but also please pray that my husband will turn back to God before it is too late.

  189. Thank you so much for your prayers. I’d like to ask for continued prayers for my marriage. That the “other” woman is never an issue again, that my husband who says he loves me feels that love to his core. That he finds compassion and kindness toward me, and desires me and our marriage more than he can imagine — that he finds his happiness again, here with me.
    thank you and God bless.

  190. R…I just want to let you know that God’s forgiveness knows no bounds. My mother was also the “other woman”. I know she has intense regret, but the redemption I’ve been privileged to see has been nothing but miraculous. I pray that you will find the ability to forgive yourself. We all fall so short. You are not alone.
    Please pray for me. I need to learn to turn to God when I am discontent. Not pointing the finger at what I don’t have, but rather find contentment in Him and who He is. My husband and I have been awaked to the needs of so many children in foster care…but I also have a desire to be pregnant as well (we’ve been infertile for several). Please pray for God’s will in our lives. Thank you.

  191. Heavenly Father, The needs are so great and the hurt is so deep in Your children’s lives, but in these moments we just take hold of each other’s hands and run to you. We come to seek refuge under the shadow of Your wings, to rest in Your warm and sheltering embrace, and to ask You to be what each and every person represented here needs. Be our Companion, our Deliverer, our Provider, our Healer, our Comforter, our Joy, the very One who lifts our heads. We look to You Lord. Your Word tells us that those who look to You are radiant, our faces never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5
    We wait in hope for You, LORD; You are our help and our shield…Psalm 33:20 Love us, GOD, with all you’ve got–that’s what we’re depending on. Psalm 33:22 MSG
    We love you so, LORD <3 And we thank you especially for our dear friend and encourager Holley!

  192. Please pray for my son’s family, going through some very difficult times. pray that God will intervene and heal and restore relationships to Him and to each other. thank you ladies.. I believe that God hears the heartbeat of brokenness in spirit. God be with all these request.

  193. Please pray for my son and his friend who are basically homeless (staying with me for now, which is not easy). Will you pray for God’s provision of jobs, Christians to walk beside them, a place to live, and strength for me?
    Thank you. God bless you!

  194. Janice, I hear you. My 56 year old brother always feared homelessness, even though he had good management level positions. He is now emotionally and physically spent — out of work and fearful of homelessness. I will certainly join you in praying for your son and friend! Lord, thank you for piercing through the darkness in Janice’s son and my brother. I pray for the Light of Your presence to enter their lives and awaken them to their potential in You. I praise You for all You are going to do for these men who cannot do for themselves … and thus removing, forever, all fear in their lives. Give Janice a supernatural strength, and a spring to her step, as she walks in Your joy! Glorify Yourself through these situations. In Jesus name! Amen!

  195. Father I lift up June’s brother, please provide a good job and a home for him.
    For me I ask prayer that I continue to have faith in the Father and not the flesh. I also need a job and direction in all aspects of my life. thank you

  196. Thank you, Rebecca. We do reap what we sow, and I believe God is going to meet YOUR need for a job and direction even as you pray for that need for Jim and the others! I pray you’ll experience His peace in a remarkable way over the next few days — and that peace will lead you into assurance that your heart’s desire will be met in a marvelous way! Praying with you!

  197. Susan I just prayed for u and will continue to…I just pray Father that you will just surround Susan with love through friends, family, and your church family..May a miracle happen for susan and may she just cling to you in this time right now n let go of everything else. I pray for patience as well. Thank u for loving us and saving us..
    I just want to ask for prayer for my husband…he has been sick since last October with ebstein Barre and now adrenal fatigue syndrome along with some other stuff. We are expecting a beautiful baby girl in October which we are so thankful for. I have just been praying for patience and for God to heal my husband. Thank u….

  198. i am just so lost ,i dont know what to do ,everything is so disturbing,….i know how much it hurts when you are not upto or near the expectations of your family but actuallly you want to be….plz pray for me …..i need lots of good luck and your wishes so that i can achieve my goal in life ….

  199. Praying for anonymous, rejoicing that the Lord provides safety networks for us all, a place where we can find refuge in Him. Please pray for His presence in the life of our family, as we deal with the stress this recession is bringing, trying t make ends meet.

  200. Please pray for me and my family. I am struggling with doubt and fear due to our financial situation. My husband finally found a job which I am eternally grateful but I still have worries. I can’t seem to let them go.

    Also and more importantly a friends seven year old nephew just found he has leukemia. Please pray for them esp.

  201. Jessica, just said a prayer for you that our God will be with you and your family in your situation, and that you will His peace. Also, that your nephew will be touched by Christ’s divine healing.

    For anyone reading this, my prayer request is to have a clear sense of God’s directions for my life. I no longer have a full time job and am trusting God to open the right doors for me and to grant me His grace and wisdom.


  202. Sweet Jessica, I KNOW fear and worry! It robbed me of joy and peace for years. So right now, Jesus, I ask you to bind up fear and worry that Jessica is experiencing. Your word tells us that is not from you. We break that off and ask Lord that you loose JOY and PEACE over her this day. Let her rest in your provision for her family and allow her vision to see the plan you have for her family. Thank you for her persistence to hang in there when it has been tough. I ask for Your presence to be all over her home and to be her companion in the days ahead.

    My request is for my parents. After years of poor choices and really bad financial decisions, there house was foreclosed on and they were evicted Friday. We have begged them to get help, look for a new place to live before it came to this and even tried to see if we could get them in assisted living. In the eyes of the law, they make good decisions and so we could not take over finances. Now they are living in temporary housing. They live such dichotomy in life…wanting help to move but unwilling to get help to make better choices. Both of them have long medical histories and abuse prescription medications. It’s a painful thing to see. I pray for breakthrough for them and freedom from the ravages that make them believe that living on the edge is a good way to live.

    • Serena, prayed for you as well. Jesus give her direction in the coming days. Unfold a plan for her that would blow her away with your goodness and kindness for her. Jesus, I pray she is amazed by the perfection of Your plan and that days ahead are spent in wonderment of who You are.

      • Amen. Thank you for your prayer, Jennifer.

        I pray for your parents too. Lord, that you provide for Jennifer’s parents and that you will restore to them their good health and the wisdom to make wise decisions. You are Almighty Lord, our Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Jireh! in Jesus’ most precious name we pray, Amen!

  203. Dear Becky and all the lovely ladies. My love and heart goes out to you all on here.

    Please would you pray God’s will over my life. As many of you know there are times of loneliness and it is hard and sometimes seems impossible to cling to God when we can’t see Him. We long to have someone next to us as we sleep.

    Within the struggle of singleness there is also a deep heartfelt yearn to be calling out to God day and night because He hears us, He loves us, He longs for relationship with us no matter what we are finding ourselves in the middle of. He will never leave us or forsake us.

    Dear Friends Ann Voskamps book 1000 gifts is so amazing. Off the back of that i have started writing a list of 1000 thanks to God and it is becoming not just a list but a way of life. In Anns book it talks about being thankful leads to life full and day by day I am finding real truth and comfort in that.

    Take care sweet angels.

    Love Vicki Bell

  204. please pray for my family, my husband moved in with another woman that he met online the day after we found out we were expecting our second child. When he left he lied to me about everything, I was filled with so much hatred toward him for a long time, but I have forgiven him for all the pain he’s put me through. I don’t want that hatred to consume me as it once did. i know we can work things out if he would just try, I know I can make raising our children on my own, but I don’t want to raise them without him. ( they are now 23 months and 6weeks old) we are going through a very bitter divorce that I don’t want. I want to understand what brought us to this point, and why when he says he wants to work on us being a family again he doesn’t follow through with it.

  205. I’m praying for answers, strength, and peace for you both, Serena and Jennifer, and I’ll continue to lift you up.

    My prayer is two-fold. Somewhat like Serena, I’m praying to understand my “purpose” in life. My own thoughts and desires regarding what I’d like to do and “be” sometimes confuse me. I want to follow God’s will for my life, without getting in my own way.

    I also pray that the Lord removes what is not “of” Him from my spirit: envy, impatience, the need to rush and be busy all the time. Slow Me Down, Lord, and make me shine Your Light, and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you, this wonderful community, for praying with me.

    • Amen, and may God show us His steps and the purpose of our lives, and that we will be able to lead lives pleasing to him. Something to encourage you as well… The steps of a righteous man (or woman) are ordered by the Lord!

  206. I’m praying for you, Michele. Incidentally, I share some of your concerns, primarily that about my life’s “purpose”…

    I’m asking for prayers regarding my marriage. My husband and I currently live in different coutries as I look after my ill Mom and he needs to look after his. Our marriage is strong at the moment but I’m obviously concerned.

    I’m also asking for prayers regarding addiction to alcohol and lies/fantasies.

    Thank you, and Godd bless! 🙂

    • Praying for your marriage, Gosia, that it will be strengthened at this time. and praying regarding addictions. God can heal them, I know.

  207. Please pray that I will find healing as I go through this divorce, that I will be able to accept it and be able to move on. My heart is so heavy sometimes.

  208. I pray for Gosia and her marriage, I pray her and her husband will be able to stay faithful to one another even though they are miles apart, I also pray against addictions.
    lies and fantasies
    I would like prayer for my children and their spouses and also all my grandchildren. They were all serving the Lord, going to church and teaching their children about the Lord. I now have only one still going to church serving god and bringing their children up in gods ways. I would like prayer for them to all come back to the Lord and serve Him with all their hearts. They were hurt in a church and even though they don’t blame God they know it’s the people, they have gone into a worldly lifestyle and they pretty much think it’s okay. Open their eyes Lord and show them Your ways.

  209. I am praying for you, Gosia, that the Lord uses this situation in both of your lives to make you stronger in your marriage and to rely fully on Him, the One that never changes and is always able to sustain you. I pray that the Lord will take fully control of every part of your life and for you to reject the lies and addictions that won’t let you live a victorious life in Him. In Jesus name. Amen.

    I appreciate your prayers for our family. We are missionaries and work for a non-profit organization. We “depend” on the financial support of friends and family. Please, pray that those that already support us will be blessed and for more supporters to partner with us in our mission. Thank you so much!

  210. Dear Lord,
    I pray for Rachel as she is going through a divorce. I pray that she would know deeply that you are near to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed inspirit. I pray that she would be able to experirence a supernatural peace that passes all understanding and that joy would come often for her in the morning. Help her to remember that as far as it depends on her, she is to live at peace with everyone – please help her to do so.

    And I would appreciate prayers for God’s financial provision for our family for three main areas that are on my heart. Thank you.

  211. Kind and gracious Heaven Father I lift these women up to your throne of Grace asking you to bless them and to carry their burdens…both those request spoken and those hidden in their hearts.
    Father you know my struggles with depression and you already know the great lonliness I often feel, even in a room full of people. As April comes upon us I ask you to hold my hand during the fifth anniversery of the loss of my son and the 23rd anniversary of my first husband, the love of my life. Father please be with my son who walks this earth blind to your mercy and grace. Bring him home, dear Lord, please bring him home. Amen

  212. Please pray for me to grow closer to God during what feels like a season of His silence.

  213. Lord, I lift up Susan to you during this difficult month. Please give her your peace and shield her from the enemy. I praise you for her life and her desire to love you Jesus.

  214. Please pray for my family. We lost our business due to the economy. Our lives have completely changed. We are so thankful that my husband found a job four days a week. We are making basically enough to cover house payment. God has been sending angels our way with gifts that have gotten us through. We need your prayers for some difficult things coming up. I have learned sooo much about FAITH: Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him :). Resting In Jesus, Stacey 🙂

  215. Please pray for my eldest foster son who is autistic. He is turning seven in May and will be going into first grade, which will mean many new changes in his life. His special education assistant, who has been such an important part of his life since he was three, is thinking of leaving. Well, she resigned but last week she was saying that she was struggling with her decision. We would LOVE for her to stay so, so much. It is hard to find a Christian who has a heart for this precious little boy. If she really does decide to go then we need to find a replacement for her this week. It is not easy to find a loving, Christian woman who has a heart like she does.

  216. Dear Jesus, I pray for each and every lady who posted here today. Please comfort their hearts and carry them when they can’t stand any longer. Please give them peace that passes all understanding down deep in their hearts. I pray that we remember not to worry about tomorrow because you tell us that it will take care of itself. Help us to FROG: Fully Rely On God. Love you soo Jesus – Amen

  217. Humbly I come Lord to ask for those who have placed their requests here. I know that you hear them and that you love each one. I pray for Stacey and agree that we need to FROG-Fully Rely on God. Thank you for that reminder. Thank you for the opportunity to share our prayer requests here and have so many join in prayer together. We love you Lord Jesus! Thanking you in advance for that love and that you will always be with us.

  218. For some reason my phone is not giving me comments to read…but I’m praying for those gone before. I’m sure there are many deep and personal needs, and I’m sure God will meet the needs listed…
    Lord…change these circumstances, or change these people, and always be glorified in our lives.. heal where You will heal, mend the broken, meet the needs…and draw each of us closer to you, to be changed by Your presence. Let the glory of You shine in us…

  219. I am posting a prayer request for a special Pastor’s daughter and their family.

    Posted 3-26-11 at 3:00pm
    Dear Friends,

    Pastors John & Patty Bray desperately need for you to pray for their daughter. Kari Jackson slipped and fell Thursday night at home (Los Angeles). After rushed to the hospital, being 8.5 months pregnant, had an emergency c-section. The baby, a girl they named Margot June, was stillborn. Kari was in ICU in critical condition as her blood was not clotting and she continued to bleed. After hours and hours of the doctors working on her, Kari’s blood began to clot. We thank our Lord for touching her body as they nearly lost her, too.

    Since then, Kari’s kidneys have stopped functioning. Please lift Kari up to our Divine Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray that He would touch her body and bring her to complete health. Please pray that her kidneys would begin to function very, very soon. Kari is the mother of 2 year old Stella, and is married to Josh.

    The Brays & Jacksons would truly covet your prayer support.

    Posted 3-26-11 at 3:15pm
    Kari’s kidneys are worse. At this time there is no kidney disease. She is not on dialysis as of yet but if the kidney’s don’t respond then dialysis will be the next step. The families can feel your prayer support and appreciate all of your love and kindness.

    Thank you for your prayers,
    Micki Talcott

  220. I love to open my emails and see this site and the good work they are doing, what a wonderful idea “Pray for others” My family too has been touched with kidney disease and so I can feel for this family and the loss of a baby and now kidney health to contend with, we all need uplifted into Gods healing hands and this is what I pray for.

  221. Hello everyone, and thanks for this blog post today.

    Please pray for my husband, Magnus. I pray daily that God touches his heart more and more so he becomes a believer, and saved. My husband is “agnostic”, but still prays to Jesus, and I hope by me setting a good example of being a Christian, that he someday will be one too.

    Thank you! and God bless!

  222. I’m falling more and more in love with this blog every day. Thank you for all of your incouragement not only in our day to day lives with God but in every aspect of ourselves.

    Please pray for my family as we struggle to find the patht hat God has set for our future. Several things are trying to pull our family apart as we struggle to hold everything together, we find ourselves becoming overwhelmed by financial burden, keeping our priorities in line, and setting the best example of a Christ follower for our children.

    Thank you stranger, for your prayer. I pray that God answers yours.

  223. Cris, I will absolutely be praying for you and your family today. It is so amazing to see (again) how God shows us that we are not alone in our struggles and fears.

    My small family needs to be covered in prayer this morning. We are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in 3 weeks and we are planning for me to stay home with her. There are so many financial burdens that come with this plan that we feel so convicted to follow- including moving to a smaller house and renting out the one that we own. We just found out last night that a house we thought God was leading us toward is not going to work and again we feel knocked down. We are scared and have been praying desperately that we don’t make foolish choices at this crucial time. At the same time, we are ecstatic to get to welcome one of God’s children into our home (wherever that may be) so soon. Life feels a bit like a ping-pong game right now… and I’m sure that the pregnancy hormones are a great help… 🙂
    Thank you so much for your prayers, whoever you are, and I pray that God will make His presence knownin a very real way in your life TODAY.

  224. I am praying for all of you! I love this blog! Please pray for me and my husband as we go through this time of financial struggle. I also struggle with a chronic illness and stress only provokes the chronic pain. I’m learning to trust God’s plan and provision for us. Some days I feel depressed though and then I feel guilty.

  225. Kayla,
    I am praying for tremendous peace for your family, covered with physical provision above all that you can ask or think; because you are choosing to practice God’s wisdom and economy, not man’s.
    I’m also praying you will experience tremendous joy and tangible blessings because you counted the cost.
    Our family has been through a literal crucible for the past 5 years. We are battle worn and weary. My 3 oldest out of our 5 children, are expressing that weariness in ways at times that concerns me where their perceptions of the Lord are concerned. I am praying, and have been, that bitterness doesn’t take root, and that we will all remain faithful.
    We have a tremendous opportunity ahead within the next 3 weeks. I’m praying that if the Lord sees fit, He will bless us with the fruit of this opportunity.
    Thank you.

    It is so encouraging!!!!
    Please pray for our daughter as she homeschools
    their 3 children, ages 7, 7 and 9. It is a huge job!
    Also, pray for their ministry as her husband
    pastors a church, so they lead a busy life.

  227. Lord, I lift up Kayla and her husband to You as they seek to honor You in all ways. I pray You will honor their desire to have Kayla stay home with their baby. Please make this path smooth and fill their hearts with peace and assurance that You have it all figured out. Bring that beautiful baby into this world safely and bless her all her days. I claim her precious life for Your glory! In Jesus Name I pray, amen

    I’d appreciate prayer as I continue counseling to deal with some pain from my past that has been getting in the way of the victorious life God intended for me. Pray I can speak God’s truth over my own life until it becomes evident in me. Thanks so much!

  228. I just lost my dog Puck yesterday and its so difficult to imagine my life without him. Growing up in a home with Me, my dad, and my dog Puck were all a family together. My dad traveled alot and me and Puck spent all our time together. So he was my brother and best friend. So if anyone could please pray over my family it would mean so much. Our heart feels as though its missing apart of it as the house seems so empty without him. Thank you so much.

  229. Abba, help LeeBird to see that you don’t intend for your children to walk under burdens or in pain. Help her choose to let go of the hurt, to open her hands to healing and to see that you are already running down the road to embrace her.

    Please pray for my family and the decisions I have to make concerning my marriage. I was served divorce papers on 3/24/11 and I don’t feel like that is the road I am supposed to be on. I trust that regardless of the outcome God is in control yet I am still fearful for the journey. I feel deep sadness for the choices my husband is making. I seek prayers for protection of my stepson’s heart through this time.

    Thanks ladies for being faithful to give us the time, space and opportunity to pray for each other.

    (LeeBird..if you haven’t already downloaded Sarah Mae’s Core Lies book, I would highly recommend it. It spoke deep truth to me!)

  230. Dear Kayla, I’m trying to find the right words as tears well up in my eyes. How precious to be expecting a baby and a daughter no less! As you think of your love for her, before she’s even been in your arms, imagine the Father’s love for YOU! Actually, we can’t begin to understand how much He loves us. It’s beyond our comprehension! The Lord can do immeasureably more than we ask or imagine and I am asking Him to provide wisdom, strength and an overwhelming sense of His presence as you seek His will for your future. Keep holding tightly to His hand. He is with you in spite of how you might be feeling. And I can totally understand why you might be feeling more than a little overwhelmed right now! You are in my prayers dear sister.
    Please pray that I would not be feeling overwhelmed by my circumstances. There’s many things going on in my family’s life, most of which are health related issues. I’m weary from the responsibility of caring for others. I feel called to serve these loved ones and believe I am where the Lord wants me to be. I desire to be His light and love. Please pray that He will give me strength and shine brightly through me. Thanks!

  231. Jesus I lift up this precious lady to you in prayer today. She is seeking truth and we agree as Author and Perfecter of our faith you are truth. I bind up the lies that the enemy tries to sow in agreement with your words of Matthew 18:18 which say whatever we bind on earth will be bound in Heaven…we ask your Spirit of truth be loosed in my sisters life in Jesus name. Amen
    I appreciate the blessing that these comments and prayers are to me and other women seeking to do the will of Jesus. I ask for prayer that I will be led daily in the right direction to be a witness for Jesus in my family and all those around me.

  232. Lord….thank you your constant presence,,,,my friend Jayne needs to feel your loving arms around her,….she is feeling overwhelmed….she loves you Lord….thank you that you have put many wonderful people in my life…thank you for Holly and all of the wonderful friends who surround her and her service to others. love you Lord…nana C

  233. depression. several very young children. by myself a LOT. emotionally absent husband. we need a revival.

    God, reveal yourself to Cheryl in a way she’s never known. help her ask big things from you. help her know you and believe you all the time.

  234. I just started receiving Holly’s devotionals….the one about “joy” in the gift-wrapped package really touched my heart….it came on my birthday.

    I ask for prayer as I prepare to travel across the ocean to see me 91yr.old mom for
    perhaps the last time…she has Alzheimers and is remembering less and less…soon
    will not know me…we havealready lost the Mom we knew…now it is time to say goodbye to the last time she will know us…I can hardly bear it….I have to go alone…my husband cannot get away….please pray that I would have strength and lots of God’s love for her (she’s a Christian)…I will be with her for Easter week…don’t know if i will be able to hold things together……please pray for me.

  235. Lord, please surround my sister, Jill. Let her know you are there and that she is never alone. Show her how you have blessed her and give her joy that she is seeking. Praying for the revival that she needs in her marriage and family. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer and for the way that you will work in Jill’s precious life. Amen

    I am needing prayer for my daughter who is homeless, unemployed, single, 19 yrs old and pregnant. She is refusing to come home. I’m angry about her situation and that she has allowed herself to get there. So very disappointed and not sure what to do.

  236. Please pray for my husband’s job. He has a contract only till 31 March. Please pray that he will be able to continue in the same job till at least our son passes his exam and settles down. Please, Lord, hear our prayers. Amen

  237. I would ask for prayer for a restored relationship with our son. He is 33 years old and has not had much to do with his father and I for several years now. It is a long story that is difficult to go into but as parents, our hearts breaks. We live daily with this and it is such a struggle. I’ve cried a billion tears to God. If you feel led, would you please pray….thank you so much.
    He is our only child.

  238. I wish I could be Jesus’ arms for each and everyone of you, hug you and hold your hand….there is much suffering in this world……but there is much love too….where two or more are gathered…….praying for your daughter, Betsy, that she will be covered and protected until she comes home to you, that she finds God’s love and compassion and healing…..much love to you….
    I need prayer for our family, my husband lost his job in December and is only working part time now ( praise God for that!) we have 6 children and I homeschool,,,pray for God’s provision for a good job ….we are in a new community and dont have alot of support,,,,
    blessings to you all,
    Amy M

  239. Laura, I’m so sorry it’s that way with your only child. I’m lifting all of you up to Him, for forgiveness, peace and a family that can come together again.
    My prayer request would be for us to be able to move this summer. We had some terrible issues come about 3 years ago with some neighbors…very long and bad story, both parties are to blame but we haven’t been able to move and I’m praying God will provide soon. My 4 kids can’t even play in their own front yard because of the just plan evil that lives across from us. Thank you.

  240. Leigh – Praying and believing that God will provide, in Jesus’ name!
    My request is for a neighbor’s heart to be open to coming to church with me. Also, that I would have the courage to ask 🙂 Thank you!

  241. I have written before to let you know how your words have encouraged me. I continue to be blessed by you this past year. I lost my daughter, 26 yrs. Old. She was ran over and killed by a city bus last April. I miss her so much. It hurts so bad. I feel like its worse instead of better as time goes on. I always look forward to your message each day. Thankyou. God bless you!

  242. At age 71, I was diagnosed Friday with TYpe II Diabetes! My first thought was shock, but I’m looking at it now as a challenge. I’m thankful that I don’t have to take insulin shots or test my sugar everyday. Working full time it will be quite a challenge and I need prayer to start an exercise program and get my weight down and stay with my eating plan. Thanks so much for your blog. You are a true blessing to me and I share your daily thoughts with my husband.

  243. Please pray for my husband Andy and myself as we go to get his MRI scan results tomorrow 28th March 2011 at 2 p.m. Andy had a stroke 6 years ago leaving him with a brain injury (severe cognitive impairment). God has been so good to us in the past giving us three miracle children. We know God can heal, we have seen it, but it’s hard to keep going sometimes and we can both get frustrated. God is in control and He knows what the future holds. Thank you for praying for us.

  244. Please pray for His Peace to fold me. A lot to do and the hubs is out of town.
    Working full time, committed to a fund raiser for our son’s school and feeling the pressure. I am in need of some prayer covering and grateful to pray for others.

  245. Lord, thank you for coming up beside Celeste as she faces so many responsibilities and duties now. Please strengthen her and whisper encouraging words to her as she takes things one step at a time. Protect her husband and bring him home soon and safely.

    Thank you for praying for me. I am struggling with the effects, burden, and pain of broken mental health. I am seeking treatment but it’s been soooo long and hard and I’m finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel…..actually, I’m finding it hard to believe that there is a light at all.

  246. My nine year old daughter needs psychiatric help and it scares me to take the next step to get help. I don’t know why, I keep telling myself she’ll grow out of it. I’m a mess right now. I know God loves her more than I do and He will get us through, we just need to follow. I guess a prayer that I would just pick up that phone first thing tomorrow and make the appointment.

  247. Martha…..I will be praying for you. I grew up with a father who experienced mental illness and I know it is very very difficult. I will pray the Lord will lead you to just the right people to help you and provide the best resources.

    Thank you for praying for me. My husband and I would like to start a family so I would love prayer for this. I am really struggling with trusting the Lord for His timing and not my own and not stressing about it. It’s much harder mentally than I ever imagined.

  248. Vicki – I am praying for you with your recent loss – that God reach down and surround you with His presence, His love, and His healing.

    Jo Ann – I pray for God to carry you through your recent diagnosis of type two diabetes. That He lead you along this path and provide you peace.

    Sylvia – I am praying for your husband, yourself, and your family – that God continue to heal and lead, providing you all courage during the steps ahead. I will be praying for you all tomorrow as you receive the results of this latest MRI – that God hold you all closely, and for the results to provide encouragement and hope.

    Sharon – I am surrounding you and your husband in prayer – that God reach into your marriage and provide overflowing restoration.

    Martha – I pray that God fill your days with Hope and Light, and that He infuse you with His Peace. I pray that He reach down, providing overwhelming healing, while lifting this from your shoulders. I pray for God to lead you strongly and courageously along this path, and that He reveal to you His plan for using all you have been through for His Good.

    Today I ask for prayers for my health. I am currently struggling to remain healthy for longer than a couple of weeks. Please pray for God’s healing touch, and that He provide me the strength to continue strongly along His path in the midst of these struggles.

    God Bless~

  249. Dear Amy,

    I am praying for you! I will be praying for peace and patience. God’s timing is always perfect. I know it would be nice if He would shine a q-beam down the path of life sometimes. But, He is in control and has our best interest at heart.

    I would ask for prayer for our family. My husband has cancer. We are on our way to a medical center that is an 8 hour drive to find out what to do next, and of course we left late. But, I would ask for prayer for my children as they are with their grandparents. Please pray that God will hold them close, comfort them and give them peace and that the time would go quickly until we return home. We are praying for the tests, the doctors, wisdom and that God would handle the many details. Thank you.

    Wishing you joy, peace and blessings!

  250. The problems in Japan are just so huge and I feel so helpless in knowing what I can do to help someone, anyone. Please pray that God would show me where to start.

  251. Dear Holly
    Greetings in Christ with peace. Yours words of console is overwhelm me. The end time is close. We are longing for His return. We are in a world of suffering. We can’t even find peace and love in His temple.
    My devorce doc.just complete two days ago. My son stay with a woman in a unknown place in China. He’s only 19.
    Thank God He answer your prayer regarding my mom’s miracle recovering. Now she’s discharged from hospital.90% back to normal.
    Start back to normal in my office. As a financial planner with zero case open is very stressful.pray for God’s merciful provide with appropiate client.
    Thank God we have no earthquake in Hong Kong. Pray that peace be with you.
    Thanks again for your prayer. Find the sweet sweet Spirit from you.
    God bless.
    Alice Mok

  252. I am in the midst of a nasty custody battle over my 12 year old daughter. I am overwhelmed and praying for peace and healing in this situation. It has cost my family a fortune and we are down to one income since I am in the middle of nursing school. We have been battling this for almost a year and there is no end in sight. I need prayers for strength, patience, peace and clarity as well. I have lifted you all up in prayer. God is good and I know He carries all of us!

  253. Alice, I have prayed for you, for peace, understanding, and that your life begins to come together in very meaningful ways. I am feeling in need of prayer myself – that the questions in my life will answered with very real and solid answers and that I will be able to follow through in in very real and productive ways. Thank you for praying for me.

  254. Please pray for, oh, I don’t even know…grace…peace…forgiveness for a momma who’s let the daily grind get the best of her. My heart is burdened by all of life’s daily little struggles and I am throwing the biggest pity party to celebrate it all. I’ve been distant with my husband this morning, causing him to carry an unnecessary burden. I just need prayer that I can snap out of this grouchy mood and serve my family with love and grace. Please pray that my heart would be at peace, because really, life really is so very good.

  255. so many troubles , dear Jesus, please hear all these requests for your loving help today, Lord…..we need you always in our life….good or bad…….i love you first and always…..your friend, adele

  256. I’m going to see a Doctor tomorrow reguarding a bulging disc and pinched nerve, my left arm goes numb and the pain goes down my leg and my heart has been beating very fast, I’m taking vicodon just to get through the day. Pray the Lord will lead me to the care and healing I need. I also have healing ulcers so I can’t take any anti-inflammatory drugs, I really need God’s direction and wisdom. I also am taking care of my 83 year old mom and have alot of doctor apts for her coming up in April please pray I will be restored so I can take care of my family and mom!! Thank you Dear sisters In the Lord, just knowing you are praying makes me feel better!! Love you!

  257. Kim, I prayed for you and had a similar season myself. Some verses that helped me were I Pet. 5:7-10.

    Please pray for my friend, Julie, who is not a Christian and is fighting breast cancer.

  258. last wk was the most pain point in
    my life. my husband wants to divorce me & i couldn’t accept it. he changed & inside of him is dead. I struggle. in despair, distress & pray unto God. his word comfort me & I hold fast to his promises. but seems e I hv to let my husband go & ftee him. I hv no one to talk too of my pain & suffering. I couldn’t sleep & heart is so pain. thanks for yr prayer.

    • Dear Tan, i am going through the same in my life i will be praying for you
      Dear Father help my sister you said that you came to heal the broknhearted that you know the plans you have for us and they are not to hurt us but are for a future and a hope i am standing and beliveing in Your son’s Precious name Amen

  259. Our 35 year old son (a husband and father to a 2 and 4 year old) was diagnosed 15 months ago with bowel cancer with secondaries in the liver. He has fought an intense fight with chemo and other treatments in that time and we have always been privileged to share the journey with him and his wife. However, 3 months ago there was a severe misunderstanding in the family and he has taken severe offense to things said, going so far as to cut off contact with us his parents and forbidding us to have contact with our grandchildren until things are fixed to “his satisfaction.” We live on opposite sides of the country and despite offers to come and talk things through, we have been relegated to ‘only email’. As you can imagine, this makes it near impossible for us to ever really get breakthrough. We are heartbroken that despite numerous attempts on our part to try to resolve things, he is still maintaining his stance, being absolutely convinced he is right. We love him, his wife and our grandchildren very much and to not have contact with him and our grandchildren is devastating and I have a constant heart ache, although God is very good and I continue to pray and draw on his comfort and strength. Please pray for restoration for us all and for healing for him; body, mind and spirit.

  260. Sandy, I will absolutely be praying for your relationship w/your son and his family. I will also be praying for his health. I’m 36 and I can not imagine going through something like what he’s encountering.

    My prayer request:
    I am a full-time college student, wife, mother and I work at an extended care facitily. My class schedule is pretty intense this spring and I am finding myself getting very overwhelmed. I haven’t been taking the time in the mornings to have a quite time w/Jesus, yet I know how important it is. I’d like prayer for clarity of mind, focus and intentionality w/my time. Thanks so much!

  261. Due to different circumstance with my job of 11 years I have asked for help as my body and family have been suffering from all the time (sometimes 60 hours a week) I have put in as a chef. I was told they would promote me to a new postion and they would hire a new chef. Last Thursday I was told they miss spoke and my postion will go to a new hire. They want me to tranfer to a new location that will mean driving an extra 50 miles a day. My pay is not great so the extra mileage will cut into our budget, not to mention the extra time for travel. I’m asking that God give me clear vision as to how to handle this situation. That I follow His will. Thank you.

  262. Tonya, I totally hear you!!! I’m a student, wife, mother, etc… I know how overwhelming it can be. I pray for you, that you will find peace in the midst of it all, and that time with the Lord will be an Oasis in the midst of a busy life, and not another chore. God bless you.
    My request:
    I’m going through a time of transition in my life focus and calling, I know where I’m coming from, but I’m not very sure where I’m headed. As a wife and mother, whatever I do will have an impact on my family. Please pray for discernment, a listening heart, for me (and my family) to be open to whatever GOd has for us, and to trust that He is in control.

  263. help my sister with here plans that they are your plans and you willbe with her and her family thatnk you for being the all knowing and loving Father Jeremiah 29 vs 11-13

  264. Alexandra, I pray Ephesians 3:17-19 over you. That He would give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation. =)

    My Request:
    Please pray for my husband. He is currently in a difficult season and my heart aches over him and our marriage. Please pray that he has eyes to see and ears to hear. Pray that he walks in humility before the Lord and that he Spirit of the Lord will have His way with him. Finally, pray a hedge over our marriage, that we are truly made one.
    Thank you =)

  265. Please pray for me. It seems like I am being hit from all sides both me and my husband. My faith is waning, and I just can’t seem to figure out what to do. I cry out to God, but don’t seem to get an answer. I’m at a loss.

  266. My husband was a youth pastor for 5 years at a church in AZ when the Lord moved us to LA to minister at a new church. After 13 months, the church decided we weren’t a good fit and asked my husband to resign. They gave us no reason why. My husband left a thriving ministry to move to this new one because we believed it was God’s plan. They just dropped us. We have been living with my parents since November. He has no job prospects. Every church he sends a resume to says no thank you, and all he has been able to find in town is a part time job at Walgreens, which we are thankful for. I just don’t understand what is happening right now, but I trust God will take care of us. I just hate how dependent we are on my parents right now. (we have 5 kids.) Please pray that something full-time will come soon and we can lighten the load on my parents. Please pray for my husband as he feels so broken. And please pray that I can be supportive and the kids can be understanding.

  267. I am on the edge of the very sad and emotionally devastating cliff of divorce. After 17 years my husband and I just can’t seem to make it another day. I just can’t see a way out of this and I am petrified. I need the strength of the Lord and I need that inside strength to show up right about now. And I hope to feel the prayers of many surround me through this heartache I am about to endure.
    Thank you!

    • Praying for you! Have you tried a Retrovaille weekend? It has helped several couples I know who were considering divorce.

  268. I am still aching from the loss of a significant relationship that happened 2 years ago. Feeling the pain, guilt and sadness. The other party is doing well. I feel the pain. A part of me is hoping for reconciliation, another part tells me to look at reality and move on. Am I still in love with him? I’m aching inside. Please pray for me. thank you!

    Barbara, I have just uttered a prayer for you, for healing and for you to experience God. May you be comforted and continue to trust Him.

  269. Dear Addy, I pray that God will give you clarity to know His will in this particular situation. That if His will be for you to move on, that he will fill up the cracks in your heart, and that above all, He will use this situation to His glory. That you will be blessed, happy, and have life to the full.

    I’m pregnant. Very much unexpectedly so, as my youngest is 7 months old. We weren’t planning on a fourth child, but it seems that God was. Please pray that I will let go of fear and find the joy in this blessing, and that all will go well with the pregnancy, and that my children accept this news as a positive change.

  270. Good morning Holly,

    How wonderful to know that we are able to pray for one another. I have two that are on my heart this morning. One is for my daughter Amber who has been trying to get pregnant for quiet awhile now. The other one is for my 15 year old niece, Nikki. Her parents are divorced and my ex-sister-in-law is very verbally abusive and emotionally detached from her. She really needs strength to get through these teenage years. Her mom needs salvation and my brother needs the wisdom to know how to keep his daughter close to the Lord. Getting custody of my niece is almost impossible without his exwife using evil people to lie for her against him. It’s a big mess. Our God is bigger than this situation. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement every day.

  271. It is so nice to know that you hare here to pray for those in need. My heart is heavy with the saddness for my husband of 29 years who has not come to Christ yet. He is so skeptical and has so many unanswered questions that he backs away from believing in every confusing moment he reaches. Please pray for him that he will accept the lord in his life aso that we may finally live out the rest or our lives together walking in faith and service for our Lord.

  272. I need prayer for healing in my body and for peace. I am going thru chemo therapy for cancer and trust and believe GOD for my complete healing. Sometimes I get fearful. Please pray and intercede for my complete and total healing and recovery. Thank you.

  273. Please pray for my 18-year-old son who hasn’t been in contact with our family since October last year and who is reportedly using drugs and stealing. Please pray for our 20-year-old son who is going to Afghanistan in November.

  274. We’re missionaries in South Africa and our teenage daughters just left home 3 mths ago for the first time to go to a girls high school in another city. Please pray for their peace in being away from home, my 13 year old is struggling lots. (We know it’s the Lord’s will and direction for them.) And pray also for their friends and family unity while they’re away from home. Thank you!

  275. Please pray for my daughter and her 3 children. Her husband kept cheating on her and she finally after 10 years left and divorced him. He claims to know God but his walk is not Christ like. He convinced her that he was working on the marriage and wanted to be with her….she believed him and ended up with baby #3 only to find out only 2 weeks before the baby was due that he was still seeing and making plans to marry the woman who she left over, her prayer partner from church. His cheating is an on going issue but he tries to blame her and tells her that its her fault. Its a sad situation and he is very verbally abusive. Please pray that God will give her peace and show her that she has made the right decision…and that her life will begin to turn around.

  276. Bea,
    I will pray for your daughter, for her strength and grace. I pray that she will have the energy that only God can supply to sustain through the raising of three children as a single mom. I also pray that God will bless her beyond her imagining with a hope and a good future, that on He can supply.

    My request is for prayer for relief from a chronic pain disease. I am feeling particulary bad and depressed today. Please pray for strength for me to get through each day.

  277. Sandi, I am praying for you today. Prayers that you will feel the arms of Jesus’ love wrapped around you, holding you close and carrying you through each day. May your depression lift and may you see the light of His love shining through the clouds, even on a dark day.

    I’m requesting prayers for my brother and his marriage. He has been unfaithful and does not seem interested in putting any effort into keeping his marriage intact, even though his wife has forgiven him and is still committed to the marriage. May he see the blessings of his marriage and be willing to take the needed steps to save his marriage.

    I’m so grateful we have such a loving God who provides us with the blessings of prayer and hope for tomorrow!

  278. Teri I’ve asked God to produce a change of heart in your brother and to bring this marriage back together in the way that God wants.

    I am asking for prayers for my 8 year old grandson Cody. He was bitten by a stray pitbull this past Saturday. Even though it is a small break in the skin, we don’t know if the dog has rabies or not. Animal Control has custody of the dog and we are praying that Animal Control calls us and tells us the dog does not have rabies. I have seen the power of prayer change what I honestly thought was a hopeless situation with my daughter; I know that God does answer prayer and He hears the cries of His people. Please pray for Cody. Thanks.

  279. To Holly, and all who seek His Help…
    On the night before He died, Jesus said:
    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in me. In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places… If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and take you to Myself, so that where I am you also may be…Peace I leave you; My peace I give to you…Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” John 14
    Always remember this in all your troubles…..For this is not the end…..Just the Beginning
    for all who remember the love of our Jesus Christ and for all who receive him.

  280. Linda, I will pray that your 8 yr old grandson, Cody, does not get rabies from the pitbull and I will also pray that God brings you peace and comfort during the waiting period. God Bless your grandson and family.

    I am asking for prayers for my health and emotional state and to give me what it takes to keep going each day when I feel like there’s nothing left in me and to deal with the challenges that life is bringing to my family and myself. Prayers to keep my faith strong for myself and family and to never give up and to be an example to my children.

  281. Billie, I am praying for you today. I know that the daily challenges of life can be overwhelming, especially with health issues, but that is why we can turn our worries over to God. I pray for strength, for faith and that your entire family will feel God’s presence.

    I ask for prayers for my grandfather who is fighting lung cancer. He is having difficulty recovering from surgery so I ask for prayers of strength and healing. I pray for wisdom and compassion from the nurses and doctors who are caring for him. As I am 1,000 miles away, I also pray for guidance about taking my family on a trip to visit him.

  282. Stephanie, I hope that you and your family will agree upon the travel plans, but that you will reach out and communicate with your Grandfather regardless. Father, you have blessed us with relationships and I thank you for the love that Stephanie has for her Grandfather. I ask for your healing touch to be upon his body and whisper your peace-filled love songs to his heart. Surround him with your Holy Spirit presence and give him strength. May everyone who minsters to him in this process be filled with your grace, wisdom and compassion. Bless Stephanie’s family as they discern when and how to travel that overwhelming distance, and bless the lines of communication that they may be a blessing one to another.

    I ask for prayers for the work of pastoral ministry. To be able to be present to the members of the congregation as well as my family. For wisdom, for strength, for courage, for discernment. For refreshing and communion with Jesus.


  284. Please pray for my older sister who has recently been placed in a nursing home facility. She is 67 years old and has down’s syndrome. She is not in good health and is confused by the move and her new surroundings. Thank you.

    • I lost my beloved 3 1/2 yrs ago and I have been having a realy hard time without It doesn’t seem worth it. Also ,mymom lives with me in my house and she hs mild to mpderate demensa.

      But I then, I read one of Holly’s messages and it lift me up! I hope you get to see this. Because you do/are helping.



  285. Please pray for my daughter Maryanne, she was diagnosed with the vein of galen malformation and she suffered an stroke in her right side of her brain…please pray that she receives her right treatment for this problem so she can be cured…in God we trust, for God nothing is impossible, God is mercy and love…thanks, God bless you!!

  286. Please pray for my mom who has blood pressure, for my daughters, my husband, for myself…God is mercy and love and God provides the health and life…God bless you…

  287. I am 30 yrs old with 3 children 7,4,&2. I am frozen. I’m not moving forward and I’m not moving back. That’s what it feels like for the past 9 yrs of marriage. I need clarity, divine intervention from God to face a heavy decision looming over me. My husband and I are separated for the 2nd time due to emotional, physical affairs and pornography. It’s like a constant state of grief and I really want what God has planned for me, not what I think I should do or what anyone else is telling me to do one way or the Other. Please pray for a miracle from God to me for exact clarity and purpose in this pain. So that my choice glorifies Him and is used in a powerful way. Thank you

  288. Join my family in praying for my Mum who has been fighting with cancer. she’s undergone surgery, presently going through radiotherapy+chemotherapy. We need her so much. I can’t seem to concentrate at work, so many thoughts coming to my mind.
    Yesterday, my brother asked that we take her for healing services at Church. Pls join your faith with ours as we pray for her. I am also praying for a Baby, been married for eight months now, I’ve been told at the hospital to be patient, it’s too early to talk about infertility. But as newly weds, my husband and I are really expectant. Thanks and God bless.

  289. i need to find a church home. i have not gone in a long time. God blessed me with a wonderful loving husband. pray that He will lead us both back to His place of love and learning. ………………………Thy will be done…Thank You Jesus!

  290. Please pray for my husbands freedom from addictions and salvation. Father Open the floodgates of heaven and pour out such redemption and revelation knowledge to convict my husband of all of his sins, so that he may turn to you today! Manifest your awesome power in his life so mightily right now that he know that you are Lord, that your will be done, not his will. Separate him completely and permanently from all ungodly people, ungodly sins, drug dealers, prostitutes, drug friends, drug associates and demonic relatives and anything else that is getting in the way of his salvation and his repentance. Restore him to you Oh Father and Restore our marriage and family uniting us together as one as your word says. Lord contend with those that contend with me. IN the name of Jesus Amen

  291. In 1990 my beautiful, loving 25 year old daughter, Lisa, died from Lupus. Thought I would lose my mind. My husband and I struggled together to make sense of it. One day it became more than I could bear and I threw myself on the floor and cried out “God, I am so mad at you for letting Lisa died. I had held to my faith and prayed for her healing. Why???” A sudden warmth like an all engulfing hug overtook me and God whispered to me “I know your pain” Such relief.
    These days before November 4, I still get the blues until it seems to overtake me. Lisa would be 47 years old that day. I find myself wondering things like what would she be like, but then I know the answer to my own question. Please pray for me as her birthday approaches.
    God bless you Holley.
    By the grace of God, I am what I am.
    I Corinthians 15:10

  292. For the past six months I have not been able to pay my rent. The lady who owns the property has been really good about it, she is using a Management company to pay rent to since she lives out of state. Last week I got a court notice for $8500.00 in back rent, I called her last week she said she would call the management company. They have not spoken to her. I have tried calling her with no answer, I have left several messages. I will be getting SSA retirement at the end of this month, and I am waiting on an answer about a job, they tell me I passed the Background Investigation and are waiting on my references.
    I have nowhere to go . Please add your prayers to mine.
    Grace & Peace,

  293. Thank you for the oppitunity to pray for others and request a prayer for myself. I lost my husband nearly 5yrs ago. I really would like to meet someone to share my life with who loves Jesus above all.


    Just for a while, it would be nice to be held….
    For someone to pat my back and say “ there, there, don’t worry”
    “everything will be alright”
    Just for a while, it would be nice to say, lets not stay home tonight,
    Lets go eat out.
    Just for a while it would be nice to feel wanted and loved by a special person….
    Just for a while it would be nice to say “I love you too”

    Just for a while it would be nice to be taken care of,
    For someone else to say, ill get that!
    Just for a while it would be nice to be driven and not have to drive!
    Its not too much to ask, “Just for a while”

    To feel secure and loved.
    Just for a while………

  294. Please pray for me I just found out that my husband has been having affairs. It’s broke my heart. We’ve been married 25 year and I never expected this.

  295. Please pray for those who are dealing with bullies or abusers or manipulators. Pray for God to give them courage and not feel alone. Pray that God will soften and touch the hearts of mean people or mean girls so they choose not to cause hurt or injury to other for the sport of cruelty. Prey for those who are working under corrupt people that they will be protected and not lose their jobs. Pray for those disorder). And Pray for kids in school to not grow up to be