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Heather Gemmen Wilson loves to laugh. She says, "Through all the circumstances of my life, I have gained more than I have lost ... and I'm not just talking weight." Heather is married to her best friend, Lawrence W. Wilson, a pastor, and they have a colorful blended family of...

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  1. There was a high school age girl in our apartment complex in 1984. I knew she was hurting. I began to share the Lord with her. I prayed with her and for her, and read scripture to her with her head in my lap when she was at her lowest. Later they moved and I didn’t have a phone number or anything for her.
    25 years later I ran into her when I was visiting a church. We recognized each other and she told me then “It took me several years, but I NEVER forgot what you said to me, and the verses you read to me. I gave my heart to Jesus and always hoped I would be able to ssee you again and tell you.”
    What that taught me is that I may not see the fruit right away, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Our efforts are never wasted.

  2. Thank you, Heather, for sharing this lovely story. It is such a nice reminder that we sow seeds everywhere we go … sometimes we don’t know the impact our actions have in the lives of others. When we get a chance to see … what a blessing!

  3. Thank you, Heather, for reminding us that there is an ultimate Author holding a pen and we get to be part of the story He’s creating. I’m so glad we get to share this chapter! (:

  4. Beautiful reminder to never assume that someone you know, knows the Saviour. What a sweet gift from one heart back to another and straight from the Saviour!