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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. So timely for me, Mary. I just wrote today about being seen through others eyes instead of my ow. This brought me to a whole other level. Thank you.

  2. It’s often hard for me to see myself as God sees me. This post reminds me that He truly sees me as pure and clean, that I am beautiful in his eyes. Thank you!

  3. WOW. How awesome to receive this post today. I needed to know that He sees me through all the mess I have put myself in and done to me.
    Thanks for the reminder,

  4. Well, my life is so consumed right now with a puppy and her biting and chewing stage that I feel like my life revolves around keeping every one “gentle” to not upset and excite the puppy to the point of biting to no return. Does that make sense?
    Every one says this stage doesn’t last forever and “it’s normal” just like teething and potty training a child but, I am beginning to wonder…..
    Hopefully God still sees me the struggling mother trying to keep it all together and keeps giving me strength to get through this. 😉

  5. Wow Mary this was amazing to read. It even brought tears to my eyes. Once we realize that God does not see all the imperfection just US, our world starts to become more clearer for Him.
    Thanks for sharing I am going to share this as well.
    Serving with Joy,

  6. What a beautiful post, Mary! Just a few moments before I read this I was dealing with a potty training issue and was feeling very frustrated. Thanks for this timely reminder!!

  7. Girl, I totally get the “gasp” moments. I have two adopted foster daughters, one of whom “soils her way through life” … she’s made art of every possible kind with her stuff… I’ve often found immeasurable joy in knowing God sees those metaphorical moments in my own life like you share here – he sees us. And “us” we can never even fully see. One He loves so very deeply despite our funk. I’m so thankful for your story today. Thanks for keeping it real!
    Encouraging moms with intense challenges, who choose to thrive anyway!

  8. Hi Mary, your post was both timely and awe-inspiring! Just yesterday I walked into the bathroom and found that my 22 month old had pooped all over the floors, wall, and baseboards. I was very upset and felt like I would be potty training this child forever. Little did I know that God had a message for me in the form of your post. Thanks for the reminder to not only see the value that God sees in ourselves but also to see the value in our kids even in the poopiest of moments!
    Thanks Again,

  9. Lol. Sounds like you have your hands full with that precious baby. Literally and figuratively! 🙂
    It is the most incredible peace to know that God sees the “real us”, regardless of the mud. He sees how incredibly far from perfect we are, and yet, He loves us all the more. It’s amazing, really.

  10. I’m sad to say….He probably sees much to clean off in me.
    I enjoyed the post. What a great reminder….to clean it up!

  11. Mary, what a great post! Sorry your little stinker was such a stinker this time, but what a great illustration to help us better comprehend God’s love.

  12. It is years since I had to deal with the whole potty training issue. But this post still so touched my heart. I needed to be reminded of God’s love and how He sees me and not the dirt I sometimes get covered in as I walk through this life. Thank you for reminding me that He loves messy & dirty ME!

  13. Mary, isn’t it wonderful that God sees us through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ!
    Because of Christ…God the Father sees us as clean, pure, forgiven, worthy, usable, righteous.
    We are beautiful because we are ‘clothed’ with the righteousness of Christ. The wretchedness, the sin, the filth, the agony, that should have been ours. He took on himself. And because of Him, we are beautiful.
    It isn’t us that He sees…it’s Christ IN us, the Hope of Glory!