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Lisa-Jo Baker is a bestselling author, lapsed lawyer, and current acquisitions editor for HarperCollins. Originally from South Africa, Lisa-Jo lives outside Washington, D.C., where she fell in love with her husband in the summer of ’96. Their story spans decades, languages, countries, books, three very opinionated teens, and one dog.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. this is going to be honest and raw & i might regret it later but here goes…
    i read this and am so sad at my response. i know that GOD loves me yet i so desperately want to hear it from others. it’s not enough for me to know that the Creator loves me and i know that has to be something He is working on.
    by the way…my daughter and i did this all the time when she was little and our thing was, “i love you more than nachos with extra extra extra cheese, a little crispy, with sour cream” (ha. thanks for bringing back that fun memory)

  2. Hi Lisa-Jo … I so love your blog! What a beautiful post. I too am South African and love your sunny Jesus heart! You shine Him well 🙂 Thanks for reminding me how very much my Jesus loves to love me. Such a huge thought for us at times!! Big hugs xoxo Janine

  3. Your post was great. Although I must say I most related to your feelings of knowing you are loved and still being pulled to the question of am I loved/why am I loved and why isn’t that enough? All the way to the cry in the car..been there done that.
    But yet Jesus loves us more and HE should be our umbrella around us keeping us dry,safe,loved and present in all that is going on around us.

  4. It’s kind of hard to try to type through tears. 🙂
    My girls and I have a game similar to yours. Ours goes like this: I love you! I love you more! I love you the most! I love you the most times the most! And it goes on until someone starts multiplying that with the moon and back and whoever reaches “to infinity” “wins.”
    I’ve been in a season of asking God to help me see myself the way He sees me. He has used your blog post to help me to do that.
    🙂 Thank you.

  5. This is something to really think on. He loved us first and we are so undeserving. He loved us so much He crushed His own Son for our sins…amazing and awesome.
    This year because of a trial with my oldest son…(see my blog) I have asked myself over and over again…do I love “Hoss” more than you, Lord?
    May my heart be steadfast to you, O Master.

  6. oh sheesh…i heart you lisa jo, more than a cold stone birthday cake remix! your words always bring me to my knees in thanks and gratitude.

  7. What a wonderful post, Lisa-Jo! We need an “I love you” game for our family, stat. 🙂 Thanks for the motivation!

  8. Isn’t it amazing how knowing — really knowing, experiencing tangibly — this big big love can change you?! I remember quite vividly when I got past the knowing it in my head to the knowing in my heart. I’ll never be the same. His love is so life-changing! Praise God whose love is so deep and wide, long and high, that we’ll never know the end of it!!!

  9. More than clean sheets, the smell of fresh basil in the wind, lavendar soap, and the perfect cup of hot tea in my favorite mug.

  10. We love Him because He first loved us.
    Not deserving.
    Full of sin, ugliness, filth.
    He saw me through the work of His Son, Jesus.
    Oh, so very precious, so beautiful, so worthy.
    Not because of me. But because of Christ.
    He loves me more than the mother’s love He has placed in my heart for my child.
    The love that now walks around outside of me, beyond my control and safe-keeping.
    Side note: Lisa-Jo, my BFF was also from SA and married into the US. Alas, she returned to SA and is not living for the Lord now, but being daily prayed for whether she knows it or not!

  11. Lisa-Jo, that is spectacular! Thank you because I want to FEEL loved beyond chocolate milk! I think as adults, we become jaded by life and forget that yes, Jesus loves ME. The bible tells me so 🙂 Thank you for your gift today.
    Sheryl, I love you! Just reading your words brought tears to my eyes. I love you sister in Christ and if a stranger can feel that passionately about you, how must your creator feel about you? Don’t lose heart beloved sister!

  12. I have a friend who doesn’t believe God loves her. As I recently shared with her how much God loves her and just how crazy He is about her, bitter painful tears ran down her cheeks as she said in desperation, “I want to believe that, I wish I could believe that…but I don’t”. It broke my heart.
    My prayer is that she will come to know that God DOES love her even more than…(fill in the blank).
    Thank you for this Lisa-Jo. This has encouraged me to continue to love her more, show her His love more and continue to pray that she will open her heart and embrace His amazing love for her.
    PS. Thanks also for the (in)couragement to “comment” ; )

  13. We say this to our children too. But a few weeks ago my son said something amazing to his sister after he had gone through a heartbreak with his girlfriend. “Sis, don’t make the same mistake I did. I loved Sarah more than God. Love God more than your boyfriend.”
    Bittersweet . . . something I need to learn again and again too.

  14. So this was so spot on…my post from Monday was up the same alley. As usual God’s trying to prove something to my heart over and over again. Thanks for tuning my ear to hear a little bit better the sweet words of our heavenly Father

  15. My six-year-old daughter and I have “I love you more” contests.
    “I love you.”
    “I love you more.”
    “No, I love you more.”