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  1. So well said! I don’t want to just settle down, either, but raise a raucous for Christ!
    I love your reminder that we are all missionaries…not just overseas, but in our communities (and in our homes!) God bless you for the extraordinary mission work you are doing, Ms. Gina. You are surely making our Daddy proud!

  2. Powerfully spoken with the images, Gina.
    It is scary and hard to open up your heart to the hurts of others. It is easier to block it out and ignore it. Easier, but not better.
    Thank you for the encouragement. I am doing my best to wait on the Lord to give me clear direction in some areas… areas mingled with my own apprehensions and fears. I know God is using your story as part of His map for me. Not sure exactly how at this very moment, but a piece of the big picture nonetheless.

  3. As I read Radical by David Platt, I see that you are living a life that is truly pleasing to Jesus. thank you for following Him no matter the cost and sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  4. There is so much suffering in our world. Thanks for prying our minds away from our own simple suffering and opeining our eyes to much greater suffering. Thank you for your service. Lord, give me strength and opportunity to offer healing somewhere soon.

  5. Gina, You truly are an amazing young woman God has created in His image. Thank you so much for the reminders- “We are His hands and feet on this earth” and WE ARE ALL created for missions (no matter where). Your article and pics moved me to tears again reliving what you experienced in Thailand. I love you and pray Our Lord will continue to use you in mighty ways you never thought possible!! From your earthly father………. XOXOXO

  6. This is a great article, Gina. So moving…I find myself amidst society looking to help in ways as well through volunteer work and merely, a helping hand. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Your words hit home, but your photographs move the heart. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts.

  8. “Fear morphed to pain, and pain turned to love.” – Yes, amazing the tranformative power of love. Once it gets a foothold anywhere or on anyone, it changes everything.
    Thank you for these beautiful faces – thank you for sharing them with us.

  9. Yeah— that: “Fear morphed to pain, and pain turned to love as my heart broke for the suffering.”
    Yeah — *that.*
    I want to do that. Step into fear, feel pain, morph into love…
    I want to cup the faces, look into the eyes of these children, hold the pain and be broken wide open by it… Jesus is with them, the poor, the hurting, the dispossessed of this world — so why do I stay in the safe, clean places?
    Your story, your photos — ripped me right open.
    I really like you. You shining Jesus.
    You teach me.
    All’s grace,

  10. Thanks for posting on Thailand. My heart is there, and I am raising money to go back and keep working in the Bangkok slums. It’s good to be reminded to walk in God’s truth, especially when I feel a similar pang that I am not called to settle down, but be unsettled for the Lord right now.

  11. We’ve seen and heard this scenario too many times to live in ignorance without action.
    God works through US. If we ignore His directive, we ignore Him. Keep writing. Your words prick the hearts of those that need to overcome indifference and move for Christ. I love you-