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Andrea is a wife and mom with a heart for women to know they are loved beyond measure and that they matter. Also, she likes coffee. A lot.

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  1. Ahh, thank you for this. I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time. I hope to some day be able to accept myself as God’s beautiful creation.

  2. When we were dating my husband made me a CD (haha-showing my age) for my birthday. On it was the song “If You Could See What I See” by Geoff Moore. I remember listening to that song & being amazed that he felt that way about me. He didn’t obsess over all my imperfections like I did, or compare my every feature to the girls around me. He loved me.
    How often I treat God like I did my then-boyfriend. I assume He’s as distressed by my spiritual imperfections as I am. That He’s wondering why I can’t be more like her, or her. But He loves me. Although there’s things in my life He does want me to change & improve, it’s not for His sake but for my greater good. Thank you for showing me this!!

  3. Thank you very much for this post. In the past months while digging deeply through God’s Word, I have realized that He created me and loves me. And although I’m not society’s standard of outward perfection, God is well pleased with my working hard on my inner faith and outer health. I’m thankful that God is patient while I learn these lessons!

  4. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today. I woke up feeling fat, disgusted with my flabby Mom-arms and my graying hair and my many other imperfections. I was just headed over to Weight Watchers online to begin a program to lose 15 pounds. But now I think I’m going to stop and pray about it for a couple of days because your words have really hit me. I need to see myself as I really am–a woman approaching 50, in peri-menopause. It’s just natural that I am going to put on a couple of pounds. I am active. I work out. It just is what it is.
    I am going to try to focus today on what God really thinks of me when he sees me. Thank you so much for this.

  5. I, too, am blessed with a husband who sees me as beautiful – and I really think that the more I trust in his love (and in God’s) I am more beautiful. Not that it’s easy to remember when what I want to wear doesn’t fit the way it should! Or when I tired. But God (and my sweet hubby) keep working on me and it becomes easier to see through their eyes. Not my strength!

  6. Andrea, this is brilliant. You have touched upon a nerve we all feel as women. I love the verse from Samuel and yet it is difficult at times to remember that God doesn’t look at the shell He gives us – He looks at the heart. So many of Jesus’ skeptics were skeptics because they expected a great king to arrive with crazy fanfare, wearing the most expensive clothing and being movie star handsome. Instead, the savior was a humble servant without extravagant clothing that rode in on a donkey! What a great reminder you have given me today – thank you!

  7. Boy oh boy did that strike a nerve. I plan to print this out and read it everyday!! Totally my biggest problem. It gets in the way of my being able to believe that I am worthy of God’s awesome unconditional love and acceptance. (Like I know better than He does). That in turn affects my ability to allow Him to live through me. It’s easy to see others deserving God’s boundless love and encourage them to see it too. (One of my most passionate goals). It’s just a paradigm shift away! Thank you for reminding me of my true beauty so that I may have to give to those in need!
    Hugs in Christ, Corie

  8. We are beautiful in His eyes!!!
    Now if I could only believe it in my heart… I would walk as a different woman. I am learning, and He is patient with me.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Andrea, this is a wonderful post. I think it’s pretty common that we women are harder on ourselves than anyone else ever would be. My husband is the same way – he still sees the girl he married almost 20 years ago, and he still thinks she’s beautiful. When I look at myself, all I see are the flaws.
    The lesson I’ve learned is that God finds me beautiful, no matter what, when I’m living my life for Him. And in the long run, that’s what I try to focus on because that’s what really matters.
    Thanks for sharing this post! I really enjoyed it! It’s always nice to know that others feel the way I do and struggle with the same things.

  10. Love this. Such truth you have spoken to me…to all of us. I know I feel the same way often. And at times I feel so rejected because of being single and I know it is not that at all.
    I am learning. Slowly…but I am learning. 🙂
    It is just so on topic with some of what Beth Moore spoke of this weekend. When we are truly secure we can see ourselves just as He sees us. Oh so beautiful. Just as He created us.

  11. Why do we women suffer from this affliction of not believing we are beautiful? My husband is the same way. And when he compliments I always point out the things he should be criticizing. Why? I want to see myself as God and the man He gave me see me. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. I love this post. Everything about it. Having suffered from eating disorders for years, I know full well the battle that rages inside. But having been healed by the grace of God, I repeat to myself, “I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.” all the time. What a lovely and encouraging post for something I still struggle with. Thank you for reminding us that we are His masterpiece. I will treasure this.

  13. When my husband and I first began, we both wanted a simple life…but that is difficult when you add children into the mix. We got caught up in all the stuff the children wanted because everyone had it. Fortunately, we didn’t go over our budget much to our son’s disgust. Our daughter loved the simple life as well, but he had to keep up in some way with what his classmates had. Now, he’s married and on his own…and happy…thank God!!! We’re now in the process of cleaning out all the ‘stuff’ we don’t need and paring our life to make it simpler. It’s now that I wonder how I got sucked into what my son so needed…he was quite dramatic in his pleas. He wasn’t happy with being different. Living in the suburbs is a different kind of place–a place where things matter more than people it seems sometimes. When I reflect on it, I hear again my thoughts on the ‘American Dream’, which I’ve said is not necessarily God’s dream for His children. So now…I try to follow God’s dream for us. Where it will lead, I am not sure. I just want to live it.

  14. This is a great post! I have been studying this very thing these past few months. I am doing better than ever and it is freeing to know that I can just be as God has made me. I still struggle…but for my daughter sake, I have to learn this and pass it her way…I don’t want her to live her beautiful life in misery…of hating herself.
    Thanks again,
    Joyce Marie

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this! I know I have issues with wondering what others think of me, when I should be more focused on Him. He loves me no matter what!