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Heather Gemmen Wilson loves to laugh. She says, "Through all the circumstances of my life, I have gained more than I have lost ... and I'm not just talking weight." Heather is married to her best friend, Lawrence W. Wilson, a pastor, and they have a colorful blended family of...

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  1. What an amzing story.
    Can’t wait to read the book.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    That picture of you and your daughter is simmply stunning.

  2. Oh, Heather. I am speechless.
    You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful Jesus heart. I am in awe of how you are able to use an ugly incident for incredible good. Your daughter is surely blessed to have you.
    Thank you for this!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story of healing and God’s faithfulness. I know it will encourage and help many other women to heal.

  4. Rape is not only one of the most common things here in South Africa, it’s also the most feared thing.
    Thank you for telling your message of hope. And the fact that you decided not to get an abortion, makes you so courageous.
    Thank you.

  5. Wow – I started reading this and thought, “no Jesus don’t let that happen” but He did. And what beauty He has brought from those ashes!
    (Is 61:3)

  6. What a beautiful story of what God can do with the hurt parts of our past and a testimony to He works all things for good. Your daughter is blessed by the life you chose to give, honor and cherish. May God bless you all and may He always be a part of the journey.

  7. Heather – I had no idea. God truly does turn our beauty into ashes and your pain into a ministry. I am so sorry for what happened to you – (one of women’s biggest fears!) but so thankful God healed your heart and life. What an example you are to your child.

  8. I stand totally awestruck by this story. I am amazed at the strength you show here. God can do many miracles of forgiveness and healing. A night or so ago, I watched a movie on the Hallmark station with this same kind of theme. The story was beautiful because it showed how difficult this is but also how beautiful God can make almost any situation or hurtful act–but it takes time…there are so many components to deal with. When I think about it logically forgiveness is the only way we can move on, but how hard it is to do that especially when you’ve been hurt deeply like this. All I can say is that you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. Amazing how God never does anything half way – He always goes all out when he redeems something. Thank you for showing us, thank you for reminding us, thank you for challenging us.

  10. You are so strong and courageous! Our God can do good, amazing things with the evil that is intended by man, can’t He? I was raped 18 years ago. I am healed and whole now and praying God will give me the opportunity to use my story to help others and proclaim His goodness! I look forward to reading your book. God bless you and your precious family.

  11. Wow…your story touched me deeply…you are such a brave, strong woman! The photo of you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a personal story – I’m sure you have helped many!

  12. “And if my restoration will give hope to even one other person, I’ll tell it one more time.”
    Heather, what a story of God’s mighty work in your life. And what a reflection of His love to speak out to share God’s mercy and love with others. If each woman who has been redeemed and freed from her shame-bondage (whether it was rape, abortion, abuse…) was able to speak out with such grace and humble love, how many more hearts could be healed and how many more minds renewed?
    May God continue to bless all that you do in His wondrous name.

  13. Thank you for being so brave and allowing God to turn what the devil meant for evil into glorifying Him and blessing you and your families life. What a beautiful story.
    Love in Christ

  14. Thank-you for sharing this. The very first sentence just made my heart catch in my throat because we are trying, right now, to sell our house and move downtown into a dangerous neighborhood as missionaries in our own city . . .

  15. Heather, I have never heard a woman describe the aftermath of a rape as you have. My heart was breaking for you and prayers pouring out, as I read, but then your words showed God’s strength and LOVE in what must have been unbearable at the time. Thanks for adding beautiful as a word to describe children born from a rape.

  16. {{{hug}}}
    I’m now following you on Twitter and would love to share your story with my blog readers. What a powerful God we serve – though He does not always choose to prevent sorrow, He always offers to redeem our grief when we allow Him full access to our pain.

  17. Isn’t it just amazing how God takes the ugliest of circumstances and fashions something so exquisitely beautiful? You & your daughter are breathtaking examples of God’s goodness where evil once tread…

  18. Just finished reading your book “Startling Beauty.” I just couldn’t put it down. What a beautiful fact of God’s mercy and grace. You are His vessel. I am so reminded of the song “Something Beautiful”, and HE made something beautiful of your life. May God bless and keep you and yours close to HIM.