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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. It has been a very hard year or two. The past 6 months the worst. Many many times I have felt so alone and have cried buckets of tears to God to come rescue me! I was so blinded by the tears, the hurt, the anxiety, the confusion that I did not see clearly that He was right ahead of me guiding me through the jungle of emotions and issues at hand. Some days He picked me up and stood me on my feet and some of those days He just laid down beside me in my bed. He has put people in my life that He handpicked specifically for me that He knew would be able to help me overcome so many obstacles and I thank Him everyday! Its getting better, I’m no longer at the bottom of the ravine, I am on my way back up and my visual is His cross is along that slippery slope and its there for me to climb up, or to rest on as I make my way out of this miry pit!
    How do I draw near to Him? I pray many times throughout the day, I read His Word and ask lots of questions to those friends he gave me and sometimes I go walk through the park and admire His work while I sit quietly somewhere and talk to Him or listen for Him to talk to me.

  2. God has been silent the past 5 months or so, and this post was very encouraging. Never thought of it this way…that I’m in the crib and God is waiting right outside the door. He is near, and very present. I draw near to Him by reading His Word, looking for a special verse just from Him, praying, and just being encouraged by other precious bloggers insights.

  3. Sometimes…I just need to wait when I feel far from God. When I’m stressed and asking for His help, I don’t always feel Him there. It’s after the storm that I realize He was…so I just wait.

  4. I never thought of things in this way.
    What a perfect and gentle way of putting things in a light that we can understand.
    Thank You.

  5. What a beautiful metaphor. As I sit by my 25 year old husband’s bedside watching him slowly succumb to cancer, I have often cried out to God asking Him to rescue me. Thank you this perfect illustration and reminding me that God hears those cries!

  6. I absolutely love this perspective. I let my little ones cry it out too when they nd sleep. I have found myself holding the door knob on more than one occasion. I love to look at god the way I look at my children. I am crazy about them. Want the best for them. Would do anything for them. And when I am reminded that god feels the same for me my heart overflows with joy and gratitude! Thanks Jessica. I always love your posts.

  7. I’ve been in my crib crying for awhile..LOL. Not really, but I have been sitting there whimpering wondering where my ‘walk’ has gone.
    I’m blessed in always knowing God NEVER leaves me, but I painfully am reminded at the same time that it’s mostly me that moves away from God.. not Him.
    To draw closer I usually have to learn to sit still and listen.. stop dumping all that’s bothering me and just listen. That’s when I feel Him draw near..

  8. From the moment I first held my little daughter in arms I felt like I saw God in a different light. Things like him standing back, not because He doesn’t love us, but because we need to grow just a little bit.
    Before my daughter was born I looked at God in these situations as “The mean kid with the magnifying glass and I’m the ant. He could save me, but NO! He’d rather just watch me SQUIRM!”-thank you Bruce Almighty-
    Then she was born, and I realize all the time with my girls that sometimes, I know the big picture and they don’t. My heart breaks when I see those tears in their eyes, but in the long run, I know they will be stronger and better.
    *thanks for the great post*

  9. Wow, I thought this post was going to be specifically about that sweet peanut. I didn’t see the rest of it coming. I needed this today. I’m coming out of a funk, but even in the midst of it, I knew that God was going to see me through it and take me to the other side. I’m not on the other side yet, but on my way there. Thanks, Jess!

  10. I just today read some comments from mothers debating wether or not to let your kids cry it out sometimes. I was so pleasantly surprised to see your post on this topic but from an eternal perspective. How great to learn something about being a mom and being a child of God from your post.

  11. A fantastic metaphor. I love it. And just as our little ones give in eventually to what is best for them…if we are able to keep this perspective, we could relax into God’s Best for us…even when it seems like the worst in our eyes.

  12. I love how sweet you are in saying, “I’m here honey. Right here. Go to sleep. You need that sleep. I haven’t left you.”
    You’ve got to be his favorite mommy ever 🙂