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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Yes…I’m glad my life is ordinary. I welcome ordinary days and years. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the ordinary.

  2. EXCELLENT words in an age of Idols, Dancing Stars, reality TV and people trying to amass more and more Twitter followers, even if the followers are not readying any tweets!
    All the real treasure people and mentors of my life have been gems in obscurity, but their value and footing was sure.

  3. OH, I had to laugh when you used the Target “dollar aisle” comparisons…so true! Ordinary is just fine with me. (‘specially in todays world where parents run their kids around so much trying to keep them above the ordinary rest of us..ha!)

  4. I love this…I think that ordinary life sounds beautiful. And I am grateful for my ordinary life as well. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the reminder that my ordinary life is special in it’s own way:) God is Lord today and I’m serving his purpose, isn’t that all that really matters?

  6. It is so overwhelming to know that my Savior sees and adores me and my ‘ordinary’- ‘simple’ life. I don’t have to chase after worldly accomplishments and fame to secure His love!
    That gift of unconditional love can’t be described. I am a friend of God! Think about it.
    That is AMAZING!!!

  7. Sometimes ordinary can be our most powerful gift in life. Target *dollar aisle ” comparison is so true. When I see my granddaughter smile, after finding one thing there to her liking. Its like heaven on earth . Thank you so much for the reminder beautifully written.

  8. I love the way you always open my eyes to the up-side down nature of faith-life in this earth-walk we travel. Thank you for turning things right side up and showing me the extraordinary gift of an “ordinary” life in Him! The blog post I’m linking to is one where I wrote about how we see things and how they really are. Thanks for reminding me!!

  9. beautiful and well written post. It has me thinking… I struggle sometimes with my “ordinary” life that just “blends in” instead of standing out – but it’s important to remember how blessed I am in this ordinary life of mine… simple and ordinary do not equal less.

  10. During a brief stint as a realtor (which I love real estate), my obscure life was now plastered with my face everywhere. Ordinary was still my life, but extraordinary were the efforts to make that quick trip to the store. Uncombed hair, lopsided clothes, and bare face, no longer an option (or so it seemed). Somebody might recgonize me. Yikes.
    No longer in the business, I do love ordinary obscurity. Where trips to the store require nothing extraordinary. Thanks for reminding us of humility. Something always needed.
    Tammy@If Meadows Speak…

  11. Girl, I’m with you on this one. When I was little I bought my mom a book entitled “How to Launch Your Child Into Show Business”. LOL. I sang into my hairbrush (still do, sometimes!) and I danced for my stuffed animals. But now, I am happy to dance with my babies in our den and sing in the shower. Yes, you are right. Ordinary can really be extraordinary ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the reminder.
    And funny you should mention Michael Jackson. Ya know all that singing and dancing I did when I was younger? It was to his music. I was obsessed. Bless his heart…I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be trapped by fame for so many years.
    It makes me thankful for my normal….everyday…ordinary life.
    Still moonwalking,
    Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love this! I look at those magazine covers too, and think about how glad I am that I’m NOT that person. Ordinary is a wonderful thing!

  13. My goodness. This is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.I sigh with relief…and just like you, THANK GOD for my ORDINARY LIFE. What a revelation. I am blessed and encouraged. YOU BLESSED AND ENCOURAGED TOO!!!!

  14. I have also sang into the hairbrush in front of my dolls and stuffed animals. One year for Christmas I wanted a “jambox” with a microphone. I use to stand on my bed and sing to Crystal Gayle. Oh what memories!!!
    Thanks for reminding me that my oridnary life is extraordinary! I am so blessed! Thanks for all you do Lysa!!

  15. Thanks, Lysa. When I was a little girl, I had dreams of Hollywood, too. So glad God steered me away from that dream. Because now I have discovered that an ordinary life turned over to God can be extraordinary.

  16. Ordinary really is a gift. It’s sometimes hard to see when it is what we have. Thank you for reminding us!

  17. How very, very true. Thank you for this humble and moving perspective.
    My husband is a contemporary Christian musician. He wants to share the Word through his music, and he considers himself just the vessel. Unfortunately, the industry, even the Christian industry, is all too often about selling yourself. A person constantly has to wonder if he’s good enough, popular enough, trendy enough.
    I am “ordinary,” albeit perhaps a bit odd. I never wonder if I’m still changing diapers and folding shirts as well as I was in the late 90s. Plus, the diaper-paparazzi isn’t as intense.

  18. Lysa, love your humble and beautiful heart that seeks His glory and not your own. Thank you for being an encourager and freedom-giver to His daughters in all you do.

  19. Beautifully said. I feel like one of my greatest accomplishments of 2009 was really letting go of my desire to be famous! Haha. Your post really speaks to me. Thank you.

  20. Beautiful! Simply beautiful. God is really cool that way isn’t he. Just lets us see little bits of why we should always be grateful.

  21. Your heart beats after His, Beautiful Lysa…
    who came not to be served but to serve… with an ordinary towel and ordinary water and the washing of the real grimy feet. What even the servant wouldn’t do.
    Yes, simplicity and humility… those are the keys to the Kingdom…
    Thank you for all the ways you turn the keys…
    Much love, my friend,
    All’s grace,

  22. Thank you Lysa. Often when we are experiencing hard or difficult times I find that my family wishes we had so-and-so’s fame and money. From time to time I have found myself saying to them “but then you won’t be able to anywhere ALONE.”
    It is so refreshing to be ordinary in a worldly sense because we have a greater audience in heaven cheering us on in life.

  23. Reminds me of Paul’s words … that he knew how to be abased and how to abound. We need to be content with our place in life, in all of its ups and downs — in times of great praise and other times of relative obscurity. I’m longing for my ministry to grow and spread, but enjoying these simple days, too. Thanks for reminding us all of the blessings of being exactly where God wants us to be.

  24. I can remember wanting to be like this person or that person of fame.
    It’s not til I have gotten older that I realize God loves me just the way I am. He sought after me. How cool is that!? The Creator of the universe sought after me.

  25. “Simplicity and humility hold the keys to a freedom this world can’t even process.”
    I love the scene at Target and your chicken nuggest. Was that you next to me the other day? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I know one day when I’m old and gray, I will have those funny memories of tiredness and wild boys, mixed with Icee and popcorn at the food area there. Sometimes I sit there, and I am like, “I can’t believe this is my life… what happened here to me..”, as TJ crunches while the little one drools.
    Then, I laugh to myself and think again — with a smile “This is my life. And I’m glad I can do it. Who would’ve guessed? God has a sense of humor, in blessing me with humility.”
    Thank you for the lift up, to help me see the blessing and beauty of ordinary today, as I’m home on a stormy, rainy day with the kids.