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  1. “To know my desperate need, to sustain my empty with Christ-fullness, to create this space for my spirit….” Ditto! Desperate is a good word for not so good a place to be in the flesh when it’s reached. But it only speaks of our soul’s needing HIM desperately. Sometimes it takes both soul and flesh to get desperate before we’re able to fully turn our lives completely over. Christ-fullness floods in when we do. Thanks Kelly!

  2. Didn’t He know…didn’t He see…didn’t He remember… So you do this too, friend Kelly? Let His wisdom, His grace, His mercy stop just outside your door from time to time? Sometimes I don’t know, I don’t see, I don’t remember how He’s already crossed that threshold. But He is so good to remind, even through wise and gracious words as yours here. Thank you for this. Really.

  3. “There was no demand. There was nothing to satiate His holiness that His Son hadn’t done in my place.”
    Thank you for a reminder I so desperately need today. I fear that I will never stack up– and then He reminds me that He already has.

  4. “I had just wanted to know Him.” Thank you for those simply words. It reminded me of all the times I have tried on my own to “know Him” when in reality He just wanted me to “be”. I so often interfere with what He is trying to do. He is so faithful and enduring of me. Your words are beautiful.

  5. “What grace, this?” Thank you, Kelly, for so beautifully reminding me that HIS GRACE is what “fills my empty with Christ-fullness” and nothing of my own doing.
    Thank you for helping me start my day in this grace!

  6. I just wanted to reply to you all here to thank you for the comments on my guest post. I am so glad to share and to encourage – oops – (in)courage you here. Am grateful God used my words for Himself in your hearts.