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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. It seems I am the first one 😉
    Please pray for my mom. She passed away on January 3rd. I miss her so terribly.
    I would also like to ask you to pray for a friend who’s father is diagnosed with cancer.
    Thank you!

  2. I am an adoptive mother with 4 children. My oldest son, who is 13, had to be sent to a Christian boys’ ranch this last summer. See my blog for more info. Just click on his picture and I have a whole list of prayers for him. Most of all that he would see his need to Jesus. Second, that he would work through the pain and hurt involving his adoption.
    We miss him terribly and the pain is great every day.

  3. Marianne and Adoption Mama I have prayed for you this morning.
    Would you please pray that I find the Joy and Peace that God has placed in my heart.I am going through a time of depression as a newly divorced Mom. I am having to learn to ‘share’ my kids between their father and myself which is incredibly hard since I have never been away from my kids! He (ex) has not been playing very nicely lately and it makes it that much harder on me. This has been a good weekend so far with my kids and I am thankful for that time but they go back to their Dad tonight for 3 nights before coming back to me and those nights are always the worst!
    Thank you.

  4. Lisa, I have prayed for you, your ex, and your kids.
    Please pray for me as I struggle in my faith walk. I lost my dad to cancer almost 3 years ago — I do not know if he was saved but I do know that I did not do all that I should have to share my faith with him. I have been living with tremendous guilt and doubts and it has affected my spiritual life negatively. I have been trying to read the Bible each day lately, praying for God to ignite a spark. I so long to feel the joy and peace of God.
    Thank you!

  5. Pam, I am praying for your relationship with God and with yourself. Praying you find peace and God’s love in your heart.
    my seventeen year old cousin took his own life yesterday. This is such a shock to all of us. Friends, strangers, I would ask that you please pray for the spirit of our darling boy, and for our family during this impossibly difficult time.
    Thank you and God bless

  6. Marianne- I am so sorry for your loss. God will guide you through, reach for HIS hand and grab hold. Let HIM be your guide to survival.
    Adoption Mama- Your son will be in my prayers, as will you. You are right your son does need to find God, and just as with finding God and His acceptance and love he will come back to you for your acceptance and your love.
    Lisa H- divorce is ugly. Keep your head up and remember to be the best you that you can be- you must love yourself. Take these next few days/nights and do something that you would not have normally done to pamper yourself. God wants you to have the joy restored in your life! Trust Him and he will get you through.
    Pam- I’m heartbroken with you. Remember guilt is a tool the devil uses to take our joy away. Focus on God to restore that joy, find something today that makes you smile and listen for that amazing laughter that comes from deep within! It’s there!
    As for me, my prayer request is for my husband that he would return to God and that our marriage would be restored. I have divorce papers to file and don’t want to file them, but don’t want my children to see a marriage like this and think its normal either. I pray to be led by God and not my emotions.
    God is good everyday, even today!

  7. I have prayed for each of you this morning.
    My request is similar to Valerie’s in that my husband and I are seperated and I would ask that you pray for him to return to God’s will and our marriage be restored. We have 2 children who are hurting immensely because of his absence (he is in the Navy and not living near us)and my heart is breaking for them.

  8. I have been praying for my health to be restored as I have so many things going wrong in my body but the healing I’ve been looking or yearning for has not been forthcoming. Sometimes I feel discouraged. Of great concern are my feet which get swollen constantly particularly when I sit for long hours at my desk. God’s grace has been keeping me but I long for complete healing so I can function well.
    Also the wrong men are being attracted to me and I would like the Lord to send the right man, His choice into my life

  9. You can pray for me to battle with TRUTH the negative and unbiblical thoughts that I believe are attacks from the enemy. I have a lot of insecurities and feel that the Lord is showing me a lot of times those are from the enemy especially at times when God is doing something powerful in my life. I just really struggle with negative thoughts and dwelling on them. Thank you!!
    Becky, I have prayed for you this morning too! I am praying for your marriage!! God is faithful and the ultimate healer of all things broken.

  10. I am finding my greatest need for this time is to be surrendered to God’s will and that my faith in Him would not be shaken~we lost our 13 year-old daughter to cancer almost 2 years ago and are now waiting on genetic biopsy testing for the possibility of our 8 year old having the same syndrome. My greatest struggle is handing all our children over to His control and will for their lives, and not allowing bitterness and questions to rob our family of our faith in a good God~Thanks so much.

  11. Please pray for my adopted child to receive God into her heart as she was raised in a communist country and does not “know” Jesus yet. please say a prayer for her health as she has received some troubling news and needs to see the doctor about this news as of yet. I know in my heart that God’s will is to bring her to him and all she has to do is ask. I am praying for her to learn, and know to ask Jesus into her heart and life.

  12. Please pray for me as I am dealing the insecurities as a wife, mother and Christian woman. I have a lot of self-doubt and anxiety as well. I actually just pre-ordered the other week, Beth Moore’s book “So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us” I am looking forward to reading it.
    Also, I could use prayer getting into a daily quiet time with God. I don’t know why I find it so hard but I never make time for it.
    Thank you! ~Heather
    Sister Kaite- I prayed for your daughter this morning.

  13. Please pray for me and my children. I am a single mother who is living with her Mom. I’m currently sharing a bedroom with my 10 year old son. I am so thankful for the roof over our heads and for what we have, but I am praying for a home of our own. My ex husband has stopped paying child support and owes $13,000 in back support, so it would be nice if that could be paid. I have a 18 year old daughter and a 19 year old son who have moved out, but I am praying that I have a home so that if they ever need to come home (just as I have had to do with my Mom) they will always have a place to come home to. Also, please pray for my daughter who is “doing her own thing”. She knows the Lord, but isn’t sure of what she believes now. I’m praying that she will recommit herself and her relationship with the Lord. Please pray for my oldest son as he is working and trying to find his niche in life. I know God has a plan for all of my children and for me! 🙂 Thank you so very much!

  14. Date set for February 14th to quit smoking…PLEASE PRAY for me, my husband Matthew and our friend Kim….Thank you and Gods Peace

  15. I have read through and prayed for all of the requests before mine. I know there are so many of us with big burdens but I know that God will give us the strength to face them. Kayla I will especially pray for God to give you the strength to face this man in court. I was sexually abused by my father as a child so I understand partly what you are going through. I would like prayer for my health and for family relationships to be restored. God bless everyone!

  16. I have prayed for you all, such wonderful people, in this place that has given me such encouragement.
    Please pray for my sister who just welcomed her third child…in three years. Her fiance who also has two other children is the only one who works and I just pray that they both make the right decisions to take care of their new family.
    Also, pray for my father who has finally after several years of employment gotten a possibility of a job. The company needs to make their decision and make the offer to him.
    And if it isn’t too selfish, please pray for me. I just started going back to school this month. It is my first time working full time and going to school part time and online.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share with you.

  17. Please pray for my teenage daughter who has an anxiety disorder coupled with OCD. Pray she would be willing to go to therapy and for wisdom on how to deal with this as her parents.

  18. Pray that we would sell our condo soon, for a speedy transition and that God would give us clarity on where to move our family.

  19. my husbands depression, his unfulfilling job, my and my husbands relationship with my brother, for me to have a close woman friend/mentor.

  20. I have prayed for you, makeupmommytotlp. Please pray for me that I would surrender every though to Christ and that I would recognize the voice of the devil for what it is.

  21. I’ve tried so hard and done well for the past few weeks, but today my depression is like bile in my throat. I can taste it. And I am so tired. Please pray for me.

  22. I’ve read these comments and prayed for you dear ladies today. What a broad display of suffering.
    For me, pray for the hard transition I’ve had with our recently adopted son. Sometimes I feel like the stress has brought out the worst in me rather than the best.

  23. makeupmommy, I have prayed for your marriage and will continue to do so.
    Please pray that I would find my purpose here and become closer to God, just feeling a bit lost at the moment.
    Many thanks.

  24. I am a 35 year old single mother. I love our church, but I had definitely strayed away from the things of God for a long time. I was riddled with bitterness and anger from a previous negative experience at a different church. I have a 14 year old son who has joined the youth group at our new church. He loves Jesus, and so do I, but we both have needs that only God can heal. Currently, I am struggling with an eating disorder. This has been a problem off and on since I was 12. The last month has been particularly difficult, and I’ve lost so much weight and have so many negatived things happening with my body right now, that they were considering putting me in a treatment facility last week, which is still not out of the question. My ex-husband was a violent, abusive man, and my son struggles with PTSD, and an anxiety disorder. It’s very difficult for him to make friends, and he’s bullied a lot at school because he’s under the umbrella of the special ed. program. He also struggles with an eating disorder. He is doing better, but I would appreciate prayers. I want to be a good example to him spiritually and emotionally which seems difficult with my present situation. Thank you, and God blessings to you all.

  25. I’ve prayed for you, Kimberly. Praying that our huge God will show up in your circumstances and do huge things.
    We are struggling financially. My husband’s small business is not doing well. We don’t have enough to cover our bills. I am 31 weeks pregnant and looking for more work/working full time. Pray for wisdom and provision in our situation.

  26. My mother (91 years) fell last weak and she broke her hip. The operation has gone well and she is now recovering. She has a heavy physiotherapy and despite the analgesic painkillers she has a lot of pain. She asked to pray for her because then she can really feel a difference.
    Thank you,

  27. Please pray for my finances to improve. Im supporting a friend and his children. He is out of work and down on his luck. Please pray that he gets to know the lord again. He continues to think he is being punished for past mistakes. He has several health issues and no insurance. Please pray for his health to improve. I know that everything happens when the lord is ready.

  28. Please pray for our 23 year old son who is in drug rehab for 30days. Pray that he over ones his physical sickness as well As the anxiety. Pray for my husband and me to cope with all of this.

  29. M, I have prayed for your intentions. May our Lord help you and bless you for your great charity in helping your friend. And may he find work, get help with his health issues, and do what is often so difficult for us to do, surrender it all to God’s loving care.
    I beg your prayers for my three teenage children and myself. My husband left me in October, moving in with his mother who has been a problem in our twenty year marriage. He has now filed for visitation rights/custody of our two younger children. I have been a full-time mother from the beginning, and a home schooling mother for going on twelve years. My children have no desire to live with their father. Please pray for us. I am finding it so hard to deal with the things that just keep coming. There hasn’t been a day of rest from stress for so long. Thank you and God bless you all.

  30. Please pray that I would fall in love with my husband again. We don’t seem to like each other very much these days.

  31. Please pray for my friends L and H, they are having a baby but cannot find a way to do it together, for my dear friend Lisa and her children who lost their home to fire shortly after her husband left her, for my Mom as she has knee surgery, for Amber that she can see that we love her and want to move forward as a family. For those who are lost, hurting, hiding and wanting to love and be loved. For those who lost faith and for those who are finding it again. And for me so that I can keep being there for them in prayer, in love and however God desires…for my husband and son for they are my loves…

  32. P, I pray God will give you the strength to make it through this day and each day that follows; that He will work miracles in the hearts of your husband and mother-in-law; and that He will wrap your children tightly in His love and peace throughout this difficult time.
    This morning I’m struggling with grief over infertility. I have two beautiful children, a happy marriage, and a life full of God’s blessings. But the deepest desire of my heart is to have more children, and my body just doesn’t seem able to. Adoption isn’t an option for us, and it seems like God just keeps saying no to my most fervent prayers. I accept that His will is different from mine, and every day I surrender my desires to His plan for me. But still, I can’t help feeling brokenhearted.

  33. Dear ladies, I can hardly type these words as my eyes are blurred with tears for all the pain, sufferings and uncertainties you all are burdened with. I can honestly say that at 52 years of age I have experienced in one way or the other just about all of the hard places you have or are now experiencing. As a nurse with 26 years of experience in every known area of mental health I have witnessed the immense pain, depression, oppression and demonic possession of many. It is important first of all to know inexplicably that God’s love and Grace is sufficient in all our cases. It matters not that we can’t feel it or see it, only that we KNOW. It is the enemy’s place to cause us to doubt God’s love and to be self convicting but know that God’s love just “is”. The hardest thing for women to do is to release to the Father our children and to be convinced that good or bad He will work all of our hard places for our eventual good. He gave His very best for us in the personage of Jesus so my prayer for all of us is to just “know”. With the absolute knowing comes His peace in all situations. I pray for each of us to go through all that we will knowing that “God’s got it”. That as we go through, we become better and not bitter. Worrying changes nothing but can cause all manners of illnesses and disorders. Casting all of our cares upon Him, “knowing” He cares for us. This “knowing” comes directly from Him and is totally effective. I love you all my dear sisters, and pray His best for you as you go “through” with Him.

  34. Lisa
    I lift You up to God and pray that by the Blood of Jesus and the Word of God that says: He took Jesus out of this world so He could Bless You with the Holy Spirit to be YOUR Helper, Your Strength,Wisdom, Peace, Joy and to Help You, to raise Your Son. I also pray He’ll remind You that God Loves You and the You are the Apple of His Eye. That You are more than a Conquer! So when doubt, fear and stress come in You can say back to it, WHO you are and Who’s You are. I pray that God will Help You and Your Son to Enjoy the Day, Each Other and See the Great Qualities in Each Other. God bless. Cindy

  35. Please pray for me and my family. My father passed away last night. He has been ill for a long time, but we didn’t expect it so suddenly. We know he is with the Lord and at peace. Plese pray for comfort and peace for the family and a blessed celebration of his life. God bless, D Bell

  36. Emily, I will be praying for you that God will heal your broken heart. I too yearned for more children after the birth of our daughter. But after a hysterectomy at the age of 30 was never able to and adoption was not an option for us either. Although I was unable to have more I now have a beautiful 10 month old grandson who is the joy of our lives. And so much fun. Don’t despair it may not be your timing but in God’s timing there could still be children in your future.
    I need prayer for my husband and myself. We opened a restaurant a couple of years ago at the beginning of the recession and because of the economy and multiple employee issues we now face losing everything. Our health is suffering because of the stress, anxiety and 24/7 problems. There is a drama every day. Please pray that God will provide a way out of the situation we are in.

  37. Lisa, I am praying for you and your family and the stress that you are feeling. I pray for peace for you and your family. I claim healing in His name. Please pray for me as I learn more about who I am in Him.

  38. Emily, thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. I pray for your heartache, too. I pray that the good Lord will grant you the gift of more children. If it happens that His will for you is in a different direction, my prayer for you is that He will give you the grace to always be able to embrace His will. God love you!
    I forgot to ask your prayers for the great needs of my sister Peggy, who is desperate to find steady work. She has not worked for at least two years! She is literally penniless, and I am trying to help her financially even as my husband is limiting the income he is allowing the children and me (see my prayer post above). She also has some books she has written that for years she has not been able to find a publisher for. . . And for my brother who is in a similar situation. Thank you all — God bless.

  39. Today, I need EXTRA grace. My sister is a non-compliant diabetic and is suffering some pretty severe pain. She ‘appears’ to be seeking pain-meds each time I take her to the E.R. The docs/nurses are inferring as much. She lives alone & is passing out, so I can only go by what she tells me. I don’t know who to believe b/c all her labs, xrays, tests are normal!! I need GRACE & Wisdom today! I’m getting frustrated w/her and I want to believe the best. I believe she’s just still being non-compliant (hard-headed) and not following dr. orders. But could she be addicted to pain meds? Who do I believe? What do I do next?

  40. It is hard when you make decisions that you have to live with. I pray peace for you and that God will grant you wisdom to know what your next move will be. I was feeling so alone in my hurt and worry today, but I see that I am not alone and neither are any of you. God is with us. I have tough financial issues in front of me even though I work two jobs. A divorce and an unbelieving ex husband are making things extremely difficult for my five children and I right now. I pray God’s blessing and peace for each and every one of you today!

  41. As I read through the comments, I prayed for each of you … my heart hurts so for those seeking wholeness & reconciliation in their marriages. And for those facing financial difficulties and health crises … so many real, big, and scary burdens. I pray for wisdom and peace … and for the presence of Jehovah Roi ~ The God who SEES Me ~ in each of your lives.
    For me, I ask for prayers for wisdom and direction … God is moving me from my “safe zone” and calling me to step into the deep waters of my faith in Him. I tremble when I consider the privilege of teaching His Word and the responsibility that entails. Pray for humility and deep abiding of my heart in His.

  42. I pray for God’s peace and comfort upon you Lisa. I pray for His wisdom and direction in getting through to your son.
    Please pray for me. We have been trying to have a baby for some time now. Today, I found out again that I am not pregnant. It’s very hard to deal with. Please pray for God to remember us as he did Hannah, Rebecca…
    Thank you

  43. As I have read each post, I have asked our Heavenly Father to hold each of us in the palm of His hand. His peace is something I seek everyday. My prayer request is for my marriage. Specifically, that God would restore our marriage and fan the embers of love. I think we need a miracle.

  44. P- Thanks you so much for your prayers. I pray that your husband will do whats right and follow your children’s wishes to remain with you. May God bless your children in this difficult time. God bless you and thank you again for your prayers.

  45. Lisa,
    God had a reason you commented before me. We are praying about adopting. We have been for years, but I am gripped by fear about all of the possible things that can go wrong. Pray that we will have the courage to do what God wants. I will pray for your son. I would love to hear your stor.

  46. Ladies, please all know that I am sending out such love and prayers to and for you all. Hollie, thanks for inspiring us all to post on this today. I’ve noted down all the things raised and will be praying for the whole of this week for you, sisters.
    Marianne, I hope you find peace over the loss of your mom. I hope that He pours down His Grace on you. I also pray that your friend’s father finds healing from his cancer.

  47. Adoption Mama, I am praying for you! I hope your son comes to a place of peace about his adoption, and that he and God start a beautiful journey together. I am praying for you and your whole family right now.

  48. Lisa H, I am praying for you as you move past your divorce. I prayed specifically for God’s joy for you, for you to feel cherished and adored by our heavenly Father.

  49. Pam – I pray that the peace you long for comes to you. I pray that He will guide you in your faith walk and make your days full of wisdom and joy.

  50. heidi, I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for your whole family as you react to this tragic loss. May the God we love so dearly help you through this tough time.

  51. Valarie, I am praying for your marriage, for renewal and wisdom at this time. I pray that God may be at work in that situation.

  52. Becky, I am praying for you and for your marriage. I am praying that God come into the heart of your husband, and for peace for you and your family.

  53. Unicie Smart – I am praying for your health and for healing on your legs specifically. I also pray that God brings you a godly man when the time is right, and that he grant you patience and peace until His time arrives.

  54. Candace – Oh, girl, I was just about weeping when I got down on my knees to pray for you. Insecurities and self-doubt are just poisonous, aren’t they? I pray that you win this battle, and that you will always remember that you are the much cherished and beloved daughter of a magnificent God.

  55. Lori, beautiful girl, my heart goes out to you so. I cannot imagine the faith and wisdom you have already had to call on. I pray that He will make his ways known and that whatever the journey He will grant you peace. I pray for your family, and for your child, and for your gentle, loving soul.

  56. Sister Kaite, I pray that your little one may grow to know Jesus, and that she grows up healthy and happy. I’m also praying for strength and peace for you.

  57. Heather M, I am lifting you up in prayer. I hope that God can work on your heart as you battle your insecurities. I hope and pray you can make some time for God in your day, each day, as you desire.

  58. Jill, it must be so hard to be a single mom. I am praying hard for you, girl. I pray that your money situation improves, and that you and your children are all blessed with the grace and peace that only He can provide.

  59. Karen, I am praying for you, and Matthew, and Kim as you try to give up smoking. I pray that He will grant you strength for this battle!

  60. Kayla, I am praying for you. For strength, and wisdom, and peace, and justice. I pray that everything goes well, and that He is with you throughout this trying week, and beyond.

  61. C, I am praying for your health, and for the restoration of your family relationships. Rebuilding a family unit is such a hard journey – I am praying for God’s grace and peace along the way.

  62. Kristine – I am praying for your sister and her family, and also for your father. Mainly though, I am praying for you. I am so inspired by your work ethic as you attempt to work and study at the same time, and pray for His blessings on your endeavours.

  63. Lisa, I’m praying for you. Please pray for my nephew Rob. He has left his wife, remarried for the 4th time and is now operating a sinful “business” on line. A very dear friend of mine is also about to move in with a gentleman she just met and I’m concerned and worried over this decision as well. Thanks for your prayers.

  64. Mary – I am praying for guidance for you and your husband as you try to help your daughter. I hope she can see the benefits that therapy may bring.

  65. Leanna Thompson – I am praying for healing for your husband’s depression, and that he finds a renewed enjoyment of his job. I also pray for peace in his realtionship with your brother. I pray fervently that God might lead you to a friend you can be close to.

  66. Betsy, I am praying alongside you as you aim to surrender ever more to Christ and to rage against the onslaughts of the devil. praying for strength and wisdom!

  67. Jo – I am praying that you might find reliefe and healing from your depression. The black dog of depression is a terrifying beast, and I pray that God can help you through this time.

  68. I have prayed for each of the requests before mine today.
    Please pray for me in my fight against anxiety. I feel like my life is ruled by fear, which I know is not of God and is from the enemy, but I’m having such a hard time right now. For every good “strong” day, there are at least 4 bad “weak” days. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  69. lisa – I am praying for you in this time of transition. I hope that things ease for you, and that your son begins to feel more settled. May God bless you as you build this family.

  70. Kim – I am praying that you might find your purpose, and that the lost feeling will subside. I pray fervently that you may grow as close to God as you desire.

  71. Kimberley – I am praying for you and your son. What strength you have displayed to come through so much already. I pray that he grants you peace and grace as you continue this journey, and pray that you may always know His goodness.

  72. Stacie – I am praying for you, as requested, for wisdom and provision. I pray that God may watch over you and keep you safe during this time of great joy, but also great stress. I am praying that your husband’s business will improve, and also that more money may becoem available to your family.

  73. M – may God bless you for what you are doing for your friend! I am praying for your finances, and also that your friend might grow nearer to faith, and to know the Lord.

  74. Beth b – I am praying for your son as he journeys through rehab. I am praying for strength, peace and wisdom for you and your husband at this time.

  75. Lora – I am praying for you today, that God will give you peace and courage during your “weak” days.
    For all of you who have posted your prayer requests – thank you for trusting us with your pain, struggles and heartaches. I am praying that God will give each of us wisdom as we deal with the hurdles he has allowed in our paths.
    Everyone here has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for making this site a very welcoming place. I ask that you lift up my friends in prayer right now. We’re all at that age where society pressures us to be in relationships, married, etc. Please pray for those who are very single and struggling with desire of having familes of their own. I also ask that you pray for those who are in relationships that they will hear and follow God’s leading as they seek the mate God has for them.
    Thank you!

  76. P – I am praying hard for you. What a stressful situation! I pray that you might find comfort in the storm, and that He will watch over you and your children always. I am also praying that your sister Peggy and your brother might find work.

  77. amy miller – I am praying for your and your husband, for a miracle of love to rekindle your hearts. I pray that you might both be renewed and recall why you fell in love in the first place, and that He might guide you both to a depper, lovelier season together.

  78. Shanyn – what a lot you have to deal with, sweetie. First and foremost I am praying for strength for you, so you can continue to help those around you. I am praying for L and H – I pray that God may bless them with a child (however he decides to do so). I am praying for Lisa and her children – what a horrible time that sounds like. I also pray for your mom and for healing for her knee.

  79. Emily – oh, my heart goes out to you. I pray that the Lord may grant you peace over this. Whatever His will turns out to be, I pray that He may make it clear to you and grant you His joy in your heart.

  80. Diann Bell – I am praying for you and your family. I hope that you may find peace at this sad time, the better to remember the life of a man you loved. May God watch over you all.

  81. Cheryl – I am praying for God’s provision, and for Him to guide you at this time. It sounds as though things are really tough with the restaurant – I pray that he will grant you strength and wisdom throughout this trial.

  82. Christi, what a beautiful desire. I pray that you may grow ever closer to God, and that the love you have for Him may deepen every day.

  83. Kerlly, I am praying for you as you deal with the decision you have made, and for peace as you react to it. I pray that He will heal your heart and show you the way from here.

  84. Debi – I am praying for you at this toughest of times. I pray that you may deal with your divorce with grace and strength, and that He will watch over you and you children. I pray that your ex might come to know Jesus, and that he will be reasonable as you both navigate the new parameters of your relationship.

  85. TeriLynne – I am praying hard for you as you head to the “deep waters”. May he hold you in the palm of his hand and bless you at this exciting, and terrifying, time. I pray you might come to know Him more each day.

  86. Tee – I am praying for you as you wait on a baby. I pray that you will be blessed with a child. I pray that God will reveal his plans for you, and that you can understand the beauty of them.

  87. Lara, I am praying for strength and courage for you as you consider adopting. I pray that He will grant you understanding and grace as you come to a decision.

  88. Joy, I am praying for your nephew Rob and for your friend…that they might do the right thing, not the easy thing, or what society says is the norm.

  89. Hart, I am lifting you and your friends up in prayer, that you will know the way of the Lord and be delighted in Him. May God bless you in this exciting season!

  90. My engagement ended 4 months ago (he ended it), and I’ve been having an extremely difficult time ‘getting over it’. I’ve prayed and recieved so much confirmation that we will be together eventually, but it seems so unlikely (..and I’m worried its only wishful thinking despite some clear anwsers). On top of this, he called the other day out of the blue and told me he was dating someone else. I’ve been having a REALLY hard time with this, I’m full of hurt and confusion, and I’m having a really hard time letting go. If you could just pray for God’s will to be done in my life, and my healing and understanding, I’d really appreciate it..thank you.

  91. K, I prayed for you this afternoon and will continue to pray for your healing and willingness to trust God and his work in your life even in the midst of this heartbreak.
    I am struggling with doubt and unbelief. My oldest child was born with incredibly profound medical needs, so I’ve spent the last ten years doing everything for her. She died unexpectedly almost a year-and-a-half ago, and all the questions and confusion that was pent up all those years is pouring out now. Add to that some really hurtful behavior by believers and I’ve found myself harboring anger, bitterness, and mistrust of God and those people. I think I’m battling depression on top of it all. A really wise woman in our new church is helping me, but I’m struggling every day just to keep moving.
    Thank you.

  92. CXX
    Thank you so much for your prayers and thank you for praying for my friend. I would ask that you continue to pray for my friend, so that he may see that everything happens in God’s time. thank you and god bless.

  93. K
    I’m praying for you. I have been in a simlar situation. I pray that God has someone in store for you.

  94. K- praying for you girl. Let go. If it’s God’s will, He will bring it. Your guy wasn’t ready. Pushing him won’t make him ready faster. He may also be in a season of rebellion, either way, God is saving you the pain of dealing with this as you would have if you had married as scheduled. Let God heal your heart as He does His work in your life. –My prayer request is for my father and my brothers and sister. My dad has alzhiemer’s/dimentia. It has progressed to the point it is necessary to place him in an assisted living center. My sister’s family has been living with him for years and helping him. Physically he is well, but mentally he is constantly confused and trying to leave. He thinks that he is in another state and that he needs to pack to go home. My sister is so fearful he will leave in the middle of the night she keeps waking up. She and one brother have found an assisted living center they really like. My oldest brother and an uncle like another one. I live cross-country so I am of little help at this point. I fear this will become a battle between my family over where my dad will spend the rest of his years. Please pray for peace and guidance. Thank you.

  95. Father, we thank You that You are a BIG God… bigger than all these issues listed above, even all put together! Help us to just pause for a moment and regain that perspective in the midst of our trials.
    Lord, I pray for Lisa. What an amazing challenge she has taken on, opening her heart, her home and family to a brand new son… one who is trying to find his place and learn trust in a brand new setting. Give Lisa grace, patience, endurance, and most importantly, YOUR unconditional love in the midst of it all. She can’t generate it or fake it – so we ask that you pour it on her in abundance! May this transition period, as difficult as it is, be just the beginning of the most glorious bond as you weave hearts together in You.
    I’m asking for prayer for myself in regards to the issue of forgiveness. (We’ve all been hurt in one way or another by someone close…. We all know what it is to have to grapple with forgiving.) I’d love some extra prayers in that regard. I so want to honor God in my responses, and find it so easy to fall right into my fleshly reactions! Help, Lord!!!!!

  96. Ladies prayers ascending for all your needs.
    Rejoice in hope,
    endure in affliction,
    persevere in prayer.
    (Romans 12:12)
    Please help me storm heaven for a cure for my niece Cindy who has cancer. Strength and perseverance for my daughter Hailey. God bless you all today.

  97. My prayer request is that I have issues trusting. I really didn’t realize it until someone asked me why I didn’t go to the Ladies funtion at church. I told her I don’t trust many people I stay to myself most of the time. I added that if I was telling her this I trust her but many people I don’t. Before I sign off with my comment I would like to ask the Lord to be with all of these beautiful ladies that had added there prayer request today and for the ones that are reading it now and will add their prayers soon.

  98. Heavenly Father,
    We come to you today, with our heart open to your love, grace and forgiveness. You are bigger than any issue or problem we face here on earth. With special blessings and your covering for Cindy who has cancer, and Hailey who is asking for strenth and perserverance. You are almighty and powerful. As I come to you today, I praise you and ask for employment for Chris. It truly is all about JESUS, help me stay focused on that and Your loving grace and peace. God bless us all today. In Him, Kathy

  99. Please pray for my husband, Adam. He’s a sweet, but very stubborn man. He won’t listen with an open mind to anything about the gospel. Please pray that he’ll be curious, or drawn to know the truth.
    Thank you.
    And, Mona, I did pray for you.

  100. Unicie Smart – I’m praying for you. My friend is in your situation. He has several health problems and no insurance. He get frustrated daily due to feeling sick all the time. Please pray that he may find a diagnosis and find someone to help him with no insurance. I too, i’m looking for the right man. I seem to attract the wrong ones as well. I will continue to pray that god will send us someone of of his choice and pray that we will know who that is. God bless you.

  101. M- I pray that God will bring “the” one he has made just for you into your life soon. May you have an open heart to “see” with God’s eyes who he is. May you be blessed with the man of your dreams.
    I ask for prayers for perseverance with my homemaking, especially the budget. I really struggle with impulsive decisions and I just ask for prayer to overcome this challenge. My family is counting on me.

  102. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. So many things are going on in the world around us that we never know about unless we are willing to share our burdens with others. So, thank you all for sharing… I, too, have a prayer request. I had extensive surgery on my knees after which complications set in. I was unable to work for over 9 months. By that time, my job had to be given to someone else. I have been unable to find work for 2 years now. Please pray that I find work soon. Also, two dear friends of mine have been diagnosed with breast cancer and could use your prayers as well. Thank you and may God Bless.

  103. Lisa and Jo, i am praying for you, that God might give you the strength and comfort you need. that he would renew you and encourage you and give you wisdom for each day! Please pray for me and my new role at work that God would make me and my team successful raising the huge amount of money needed for our hospital and He would grant me wisdom and strength.

  104. I have prayed for God to answer each precious prayer request according to His will on this site. Its so easy to doubt Gods goodness for us when we do not get the answer we think we should get from Him.I want to encourage my fellow sisters in Christ to keep pressing on and know that you are deeply and thoroughly loved by our Heavenly Father who always has our best interest at heart.
    Gods Sweetest Blessings To Everyone,

  105. Wow, I can feel the power of prayer through all of you ladies who have made yourselves vulnerable and allowed us to lift you up today! This is amazing!
    I would like to ask for prayer for my family. My husband is overseas for 4 months, and it has been so hard on us! We are not quite halfway through, and the kids are acting out (ages 6 and almost 12), I am stressed to the max and I’m having trouble maintaining my patience, and we are just tired of Daddy being gone!! I am feeling frustration and resentment, and I don’t want those negative emotions to override my ability to walk in God’s will. There is major, unusual stress at work, too, so that adds to the burden. I have not been the nicest Mommy lately, and I don’t want to be that person! Please pray for peace for my family and strength to weather this brief time of hardship.
    Thanks, ladies!

  106. Father, my heart aches for these brave women who have layed their hearts bare before you and have opened their lives up to all of us. Lord, you are the healer, the binder of broken hearts and the One who creates strength in our weaknesses.
    Nancy- you have been lifted up. May you be filled with the strength, wisdom and ability to raise the funds you need and then some!
    As for my prayer request- my husband and I lost our sweet son, Luke, shortly after he was born on January 4th. We knew based on his diagnosis that his time in an earthly body would be short. So now we are facing the days of moving forward without him with us and they are so difficult. We ask for prayers for hope, healing of our broken hearts, an eventual return of joy and for protection over the future of our little family. Thank you!
    Blessings to all- Keep pushing forward toward victory.

  107. It’s so great to see so many people who have asked for prayer and not be afraid to open up. I am asking you pray for my son and myself. We are both unemployed. I have been struggling a whole lot without a job. I am married and my husband does work but what he makes doesn’t pay the bills. I have had to have help from my dad to pay 4 of our bills each month. I just want to go back to work full time, with benefits. I want to just beable to believe God does want us to have jobs and that he trust us to take care of money so that we can pay our bills, and tithe again the way we should. I just want another chance.
    Thank you all!!

  108. Dorie:
    We are rowing similar boats. The stress of my husband’s absence is great as well. Though his reason for being gone is not as noble. I will pray for you and your children. For peace, understanding and grace to flood your heart and your days. I will pray for rest for you each night that you spend alone in bed and renewal each morning as you face your day. I believe God blesses those who show up. We fall, we fail, we get angry but His grace doesn’t end, His love doesn’t stop.
    My husband is an addict in deep denial of his burdens and baggage. Like Dorie, I haven’t handled the situation well lately and I don’t want to be hurt and angry, and act hurt and angry. Please pray that my husband will come to the end of himself and the beginning of Salvation and Grace.
    May God greatly bless those whose posts are before me, and those who will come along after.

  109. I just came upon this site a few days ago and have been so Blessed by my find …..Reading through all your comments and heart burdens; I prayed for each of you …Janice(Jan) Moore Petty; I really appreciated your comments and I could identify with what you are saying !
    Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom as God led you. Well said ! God Bless you ….
    Having two daughters that were taken to be with their Heavenly Father early in their young lives I can feel the heart pain of you mothers … and also having had a husband who died when he was 40 (20 yrs ago)… I pray extra for those of you with difficult marriages … let God work and He will … Trust Him to Heal and Restore. I know your circumstances are very real and it feels like your mired in it; just Believe and “hang in there” …He is the Love, Courage, Hope and anything else we need … He will see you through anything you are facing !
    Praying for each of you, (I won’t remember all your names, but God knows each of you) and I know you will be “touched” by Him, if you reach out … He is waiting to carry those heavy burdens and show you His Way ….. and try to count your Blessings each day … there is always so much we take for granted each day:
    life,kids,family,friends,sunshine,beauty of God’s world all around us each day …. Hugs to each of you … God Bless you today ….

  110. Today, I’m ‘pausing’ in prayer for each of you ladies who shared here,.. there are so many needs… I’m just “feeling” this, and opening my heart and lifting up my divine sisters. We serve an Abba who Knows. let us ‘be still and know’… Xtra hugs for their courage, Jenn
    ~I’m learning the dance of the heart and its all about total dependence on God. I pray that in working on this new faith project, it goes well and that I continue to let it flow IN and through me as it wants to, that I won’t resist it. The soothing balm for our communities and our nations begins in us. I want to be a part of it. Its tough feeling vulnerable.. please pray for extra courage for me now too! 😉

  111. Lisa, I understand the stress of adoption as I adopted my 2nd husband’s daughter at the age of 12 as her biological mother gave her up. The stress is enormous. My prayers are with you.
    For me, I need prayers for peace as several months ago I had a meltdown where suicide was considered and instead of having friends that stood by me they have deserted me. I am alone when it comes to girlfriends and extremely hurt by their actions.

  112. So many needs;But God! We have a great Big, God
    who loves us unconditionally & has so much for us. His promises are true & everlasting. I pray
    for His greatest Peace & Comfort for all who need it & may His Mercy & Grace overwhelm those
    who have humbled themselves to His will. I love
    you Abba Daddy God & pray for all to come to know you as such. Blessings & Encouragement to all. DC

  113. I had an affair last year and told my husband 5 weeks ago right before Christmas. We are working to restore our marriage. I covet your prayers during this incredibly difficult time.

  114. Jenn – Praying that the Holy Spirit stirs in you and moves you as you learn to depend wholly on God. May His heart be your heart. May He give you His strength, His eyes and His will to seek His direction and path!
    I covet prayers for my husband. He lost his mother almost 3 years ago and he is sinking deeper and deeper into his depression. I don’t know what to say/do anymore and it is causing strain in our marriage and with his relationship with our 17 year old son. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any thoughts that can help us. Shalady1988@att.net

  115. I’m praying for you and your son, Lisa. I understand adoption problems. Please pray for our adopted daughter, and for her relationships with other little girls. She has a hard time establishing close friendships. In particular, pray for her friendship with ‘Abby’. Thank you!

  116. I’ve had a problem with worry over finances, and have not depended on God for what I need really, but I always used to! Even when I had much less. The point is, I have depended on God or Jesus and have gotten myself all worked up over a credit card that I have, and don’t really use. I just feel that I depend on it, that it is there if I need it. I’m sorry this sounds so confusing. I am confused as well.
    I’m worried about my salvation because of my wants do match the obedience God needs from me. Please pray what ever you like. I’d appreciate it. Thanks:)

  117. It’s me again. Two of my children are not calling me. They are upset with me. I’m out of my mind with grief about it at times, and then I forget, like it doesn’t exhist. I don’t know how to approach them, and their wives. It’s all my fault, I know, so there are no excuses:(

  118. So many hurting friends! I am praying for each of you. Lisa, your new role as mom is understandably tough! God knows your weaknesses! I pray that He empowers you to lovingly mother him. And that through HIM you will both find unconditional love and acceptance!
    My prayer request is financial stress! Almost 2 years ago my husband left a pastoral position and we were unemployed for over 4 months. Since that time he has gained employment but our mortgage took the hardest hit. We have struggled to catch it back up….but we are still behind. The stress of it has nearly eaten us both up.
    We have a son in college and two high school daughters. Every little (or big) thing that could happen to us financially….has! We’re constantly having to pay something else that was unexpected!
    We feel as if we’re drowning financially.
    We need a miracle! And we trust God that He is at work in our lives.

  119. Dear Jesus, please bring your comfort and peace to Lisa. Help her to see how even the smallest of steps can be monumental in merging a new life into her family. Let there be some moment today or in the coming day when she knows – without a doubt – that she made the right decision with her son. Even if it’s a fleeting moment, speak directly to her heart.
    Now, I ask for my own prayers. I’ve had a rough weekend, missing my deceased parents and brother while trying to celebrate my birthday with my husband and kids. The grief still overwhelms me at the most surprising times. I also ask for prayer for my husband in his journey with Jesus. He seems to be so close to believing and then so far at the same time. Some days, I have a hard time even daring to hope for his salvation, but I know God is working even when it seems impossible.

  120. “Me” – I am praying hard for you and your husband now. I was in the same situation 6 months ago and am learning that God restores. It is hard work as you know, but as Joseph told his brothers, “what you meant for evil, God meant for good.” I believe God has wonderful plans for you both and it starts with a repentant and willing heart. You are not alone and remember, you and your husband are in a fight together against the enemy who seeks to destroy all that God has built up…to HIM WHO IS ABLE to do ABOVE all that you can imagine…He restores, rescues, resusitates our soul.
    Shalady – I can’t imagine the loss everyone feels in your home. I pray that your husband will be lifted up by the Lord himself. I don’t have the words, but I know the words that contain life. May your husband depend on Jesus himself for every breath and may he use this time of weakness, uncertainty, disapointment and loss to turn to a Savior who is mighty to save (Zeph 3:17), a Savior who comes as sure as the morning dawn (Hos 6:3), a Savior who has overcome (John 16:33) and a Savior who is with us during the fire (Isa 43:1-5). May you also be given the strenght to endure the trial. May this be a season of years of prayerful fighting, that on your knees, you would have the strenght to do what you need with your heart, mind, hands and mouth. That you would hold fast and be steadfast to endure to the end. I pray for love to overwhelm you so much, that you have the strenght to carry on. The Joy of the lord is your strength and I pray you are filled every time you want to give up. God is mighty to save. Your tears have not gone unnoticed. May your son be given a peace. That even though he desparately desires his dad to be healed, that he too would trust in a God who is working. Silence doesn’t mean abandonment. God is there. He is holding you together even though it seems all is falling apart. I pray that God gives direction on how to move forward and that he puts someone in your path to help in a very practical way.
    My prayer request is that my “inner man” would be strengthen, so I may do the work he has called me to do. I am a new stay at home mom after working 13 years and I struggle with the little things that are really the big things: Being diligant and consistent and steadfast. May God restore our hearts, our marriage and our home.
    what a powerful group of women that we would bear each other’s burdens and take them to the cross for the one who bore it all!

  121. Oh, wow. I realized I didn’t go to the end of the comments before I just posted mine. So now I want to pray for Wanda too!
    Dear Father, I pray boldly for Wanda, her husband and three kids. In their uncertainty, remind them of the truths that never change: Your love for them. Make it unquestionable in their hearts, Lord. Help them to hold on to each other in the midst of such worry. Amen.

  122. Karen – I am praying for you too…that your precious daughter would be able to make friendships. Lord bring this precious daughter of yours and Abby together in such a special way. May they learn to love each other, care for each and have compassion toward each other. I pray God would use this time in her life to open doors to many lasting, meaningful relationships as she grows older. May she also know always that she has a friend in your Jesus…that you will always be by her side.
    Elizabeth – praying for you as well. That God, who is our comforter, would give you the peace and comfort only He can give. It is okay to hurt, to grieve, to long for your parents…after all your heart is filled with love for the two most important people to you. In your weakness, God’s love, provision, and grace is perfected. May the Lord give you joy as you seek Him, as you dwell and medidate on his precepts day and night. May the Lord also draw your husband to himself. May the Holy Spirit open his eyes to know that it is You, Lord, who gives life in abudance. That we can do nothing without you. There is nothing in life that compares to the salvation we have in you and you alone. May you put people in his path, that will speak truth and show the love of Christ. May he come to a saving knowledge of you. And lord, continue to give Elizabeth an extra dose of love as a wife who lives for you and trusts in you, even with the husband you gave her Lord.

  123. God is so amazing, its not by chance that I get to pray for you. Ive been where you are. I don’t know your situation with your husband, but I can tell you I put mine on a pedestal. I took my eyes off God and placed them on him. They belonged on God first. He loves you so much. He wants you to know you are not the accumulation of this sin. You don’t wear the Scarlet letter, you wear his garment, he has washed you clean. You are his. I pray for restoration for you and your husband. My story is changing. My husband served me with divorce papers. I don’t want this. God is gracious, helping every step of the way. Good bad or ugly. I do have peace. I don’t know whats going to happen, but I know I won’t be alone.

  124. Melissa and Terrie — Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. I continue to tell myself that everyday is one day closer to restoration. We have good days; we have bad ones. But I have an amazing husband and we both know we will get through this. In time, we will heal our hearts, but only through God’s grace and mercy.
    “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
    and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
    Philippians 4:6-7

  125. Kerlly, I’m praying for your “safety” and comfort in this storm.
    Ladies, I’m once again struggling with music/singing and church. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized what the true struggle is – in re-reading Holley’s Jan. 15 post on the Showdown, I finally became aware that I’m struggling with my expectations versus God’s plans for me. Please pray that I will get peace about all this, and that I will come to accept God’s plans, rather than what I WANT and EXPECT to happen.
    Blessings to you all!

  126. I also request prayer for my husband to come back to his relationship with God and that our marriage would be restored and in that order. He walked out May 16, 2008 saying he didn’t know what he wanted. He loves me but not in love with me. He has a female 18 years younger than him now living with him. He filed for divorce in August 2008 right before our 24th wedding anniversary. We have no children. Our divorce is not final yet and I’m praying it never will be. I love my husband and want to grow older with him. I’m praying and expecting a miracle because I serve a POWERFUL Saviour.

  127. Please pray for my 18 year old nephew who was diagnosed with a rare kind of lymphoma in April of 2009. He is currently in remission & attending our local community college which we are thrilled about. Also – have had some issues myself since his diagnosis that I have to re-work through….I am a laid back person most of the time. Have had a few physical issues (extrememly minor) over the last year which I have rushed to assume the worst (I guess figuring if an 18 year old can have cancer, then something bad could happen to me as well). I am fine…& I don’t want to be that person (& I don’t think God wants me to be that person either.) I know it is a distraction to my faith life & I’m determined to NOT let it be. Pray that I will trust in the Lord & keep in the forefront of my mind that if my focus is on God, the physical is irrelevant (I hope that came out right). Thanks:).

  128. Please pray for my best friend who is having to leave a home and job she loves to move to a place she does not know for a job she does not know and pray for my daughter who is facing another loss in her 12 years.

  129. Please for my husband. He is not walking on the Lord anymore. I will love to homeschool our son but my husband said no. because he wants to be a 2 income family. Please pray that God change his heart and I will be a good/wise wife and mother

  130. Ranay, I pray that God will bless and keep your friend as she leaves what is familiar to her for the unknown… I pray that her journey will be blessed with courage and that she will find joy and contentment wherever she goes. I also pray that your daughter will be comforted and healed by the compassionate embrace of our amazing God…and that she will truly experience the loving presence of our Savior who promises to remain with her as she grieves yet another loss.

  131. I will lift you all up before our Father to meet each of you where you are. Never forget, He is always with us and loves us with such an intense love.
    Please pray for my son and his lifestyle choices, he had decided he is gay. He does know the Lord but is obviously not walking with him. Also pray for my nephew that was just deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He has already spent a year in Iraq. He has a wife and 3 small children at home. Also, that I will walk closer with my Saviour.

  132. Lisa I pray that God brings you peace and strength. As a mom, I know how hard some days feel. Please pray for my husband who is suffering from depression. He is frustrated with work and life and has threatened suicide. I’m praying, but I feeling like I’m losing and Satan’s winning.

  133. Pat, I pray for your son, your nephew, his wife & children, and for you during this difficult time. God is a patient, forgiving and omnipotent and he hears our prayers.
    I ask your prayers over my finances. I am finally feeling like I am getting ahead of my debt and I thank God! I pray for God’s protection over my teenage daughter, she is such a wonderful child and I see her growing into a wonderful young lady. I need help staying faithful to my promise to stay in the Word of God. Just as I take time to watch TV I need to take the time to read my Bible and walk with God. Pray my strength in the Lord!

  134. Dear Sisters, let me call you sisters for that is what we are in His sight. I am new @ Incourage. I believe that God has led me to this site as I need encouragement and courage to finish the goal.
    A colleague sent this msg. yesterday morning and it says ” Not everything that makes us happy is right…but for sure there will come a time when everything that is right, will make us happy” God bless you all
    I pray for strength, wisdom and determination for all of us to finish the race that is set before us.

  135. Please pray for the restoration of our marriage. May God never ceases to provide me with wisdom & strength to go through life feeling grateful and be always a blessing inspite of everything.
    I am also praying for everyone who are going through the same pain. I want to hug all of you so tight and remind you that God’s love is immeasurable — He sure do love us beyond our imagination.

  136. oh what a perfect timing for this — we need prayer right now for our house to sell! We had a buyer who just fell through tonight and I’m feeling really discouraged. . . We are feeling called to live downtown Atlanta in community with the families we minister to, but we’re not sure how in the world we’re going to sell our house in the suburbs, which we bought right before the housing market down-turned (terrible timing in other words)

  137. Please pray for patience and wisdom in regards to returning to Africa and for my actions to currently be a reflection of God’s love to all those I am around.
    -praying for you ladies above!

  138. Katy, praying for God’s wisdom in your decision regarding Africa, and that He will be seen through you.
    Please pray for my daughter, Samantha, as she is stuggling with OCD and anxiety, Please pray for healing and true peace in her heart and mind. Much thanks.

  139. Please pray for our financial situation as we face unemployment for the third time in the past 18 months. Pray for God to lead us down the path He has prepared for us, and also for wisdom on making decisions on what to do with every bill that comes our way, including our mortgage. We have applied for mortgage modification but the bank seems to be really taking its time.
    I prayed for every posting I read today. May God bless each and every one of you this week.

  140. Denise,
    God must have lead me to post next because I too struggle with anxiety and my heart goes out to your daughter. I will pray she finds peace to ease struggles. I have recently lost my job and I am now fighting to collect unemployment. I really struggled with my faith when I lost my job because I’m a social worker and I thought I was doing work that pleased God. I now see I wasn’t doing what I was intended for and I am in graduate school to do what I know God wants me to do. However I can’t complete school without unemployment because I won’t be able to make ends meet without an income and I can’t finish my degree if I go back to working full time (I have to complete an internship that is scheduled from 9:00-5:00 3 days a week). I am trying so hard to stay out of debt with student loans, but with the cost of school these days I may end up with $100,000 in loans by the time I graduate. So I ask for prayers that I will be able to collect unemployment to see me through until I finish my internship and I can go back to work full time and with God’s blessing I’ll be able to carry out His will without too much debt.

  141. Anne,
    Thanks for your prayers. I will be praying for God’s provision, leading and peace in your life.

  142. WOw. everyone is carrying something. You ladies are in my prayers tonight. Please pray for me. Unemployed since summer, very concerned about it. thank you. Praying for a breakthrough career wise.

  143. Having a break from work is overrated, especially when the last 3 weeks have been filled with pain. Actually, 2009 was filled with pain off and on due to some unusual complications from two root canals. It is a long and complicated story, but these last weeks have been so discouraging and disheartening that I am requesting more prayer. I have problems sleeping and tonight I was just lying in bed, filled with dread that I may have to give up my job or that I might be let go. And also oddly enough, I am also filled with doubt that I can even go back to work and do what is required. I am not sure what to do or what God wants me to do. My dear husband has been right here beside me, working from home the entire time and I am deeply grateful to the Lord for him. But both of us are very tired, and he does not know how discouraged I am. I am weak from being in bed most of this time and I still have some pain which cannot be fixed right now. Thank you for your dedication to the Body of Christ. You are much appreciated. God Bless, Karol

  144. Cathie, I am praying that God would be opening doors for you even now not only in your job situation but in other areas of your life. I pray that even today you would be encouraged by the miracle He is orchestrating just for you! I need prayer for my marriage and my family. My husband informed me yesterday that he wants a divorce. We have been married for 8 years, seen God do amazing things, have a miracle 3 year-old daughter but my husband has lost hope for our marriage meeting his expectations. I am crushed beyond words and can only walk in faith that God can redeem even this. Please pray that our daughter would be our focus and we don’t get caught up in the distraction of possessions and pettiness. Jennifer

  145. Please pray for my husband who feels he is more secular than spiritual. He loves God, has accepted Christ but holds back to the point of finding excuses not to join a church or even go. We are “attending” the church we were married in 3 yrs ago when I am very persistant. We’ve agreed to start attending a small study group on Parables Tues nights. I’m hoping for a break through. Please pray God is able to draw him closer to Him. I don’t want to be the spiritual head of our family, I want to safely follow my husband. Maybe I need to change my thinking on it.

  146. Please say a prayer for my mother. She is 80 years old and in poor health which is getting worse daily. I don’t know what I’d do if I lose her.
    Thank You

  147. Lisa, Here’s praying that God would give you energy and strength and patience and wisdom as you lovingly approaching the relationship with your newly adopted son. I pray that God would grow all of you closer together and smooth over some of the rough patches of transition. I pray that the enemy wouldn’t gain a foothold but that God would defend your heart and bring you refreshment and renewal.
    For me, I just found out recently that I am losing my part-time job. This is my last week. I have been looking for a full-time job in book publishing for quite a while without any luck. I know that God is up to something, but I don’t know what yet. Please pray that God would come through as my Provider with a new full-time job soon. Without Him, I am toast.

  148. Praying for all of you.
    I’m struggling with deep insecurity, envy and I feel that my faith is on shaky ground. I know that I should let go and trust God but most of the time I don’t feel that my faith is there or if it is that it’s just feeble words with insecure trust behind them. Its as if my own thoughts and doubts and unanswered prayers have chipped away at what I thought I could count on.

  149. Katie, my prayer for you is that God will open your eyes to the career possibilities He has for you. He is so much greater than our narrow dreams and I pray that you will have the courage to follow where He leads. This may be a full-time job and it may be in publishing, but it might be something totally different. Rest in the certainty that God will provide for all your needs and will bless you abundantly as you walk with Him.
    My almost three year old daughter has been with me since she was three weeks old and we are still waiting for the adoption that will take us out of the foster care system. The department keeps delaying the final court hearing. Contact with her birth father will continue long term, but the frequency of visits needs to be dramatically reduced. She begs me not to take her and takes several days to recover from each visit. The birth father has a long history of violence and has threatened to kill/injure me and abduct my daughter on several occasions . The department says that I will need to supervise visits by myself, despite an array of professionals saying that we should never be left alone with him. Please pray for us in the complexity of our situation – for safety and psychological health for my daughter and wisdom for all involved in the case. Thank-you.

  150. Kate and for all these pray requests here all asking for God’s help and intervention and to be answered. We are weak but HE is strong and HE will never leave us or forsake us. Put you faith and trust in HIM for he is all merciful and forgiving, the great HEALER of both mind, body and soul. This prayer, by Ruth Harms Calkin, echoes the very words I know many of us have spoken as we try to wait patiently for God’s will to be worked out in our lives. The title is:
    Could You Hurry a Little
    “Lord, I know there are countless times
    When I must wait patiently for You.
    Waiting develops endurance.
    It strengthens my faith
    And deepens my dependence upon You.
    I know You are Sovereign God –
    Not an errand boy
    Responding to the snap of my finger.
    I know Your timing is neatly wrapped
    In Your incomparable wisdom.
    But, Lord
    You have appointed prayer
    To obtain answers!
    Even David the Psalmist cried
    With confident boldness:
    ‘It is time, O Lord, for you to act.’
    God, on this silent sunless morning
    When I am hedged in on every side
    I too cry boldly
    You are my Father, and I am Your child.
    So, Lord, could you hurry a little?”
    “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord.”
    Psalm 27: 14
    Your friend,
    Ana (Oakville, Ontario)

  151. Thank you all for your prayers. Today has dawned anew after a peaceful nights sleep. Things appear a little better and even if they’re not, there is a peace in my spirit. I am able to “make a plan” just for today, and I hope that peace for each of you too! Jer 29:11

  152. Please pray for healing in every way (spiritually physically, mentally,emotionally and all financial and legal matters) for each member of my family and extended family to be all GOD created each one of us be, do and speak for HIM that HE may be glorified, the lost won to Jesus Christ and the needs of others be met by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us. Pray for salvation first for each one and that each know that GOD has a plan and a purpose for their life and that they seek it and be walking in it; HIS will be done on earth as it is in heaven in each of our lives. May each of us seek to spread the GOSPEL into all the world so that all have the opportunity to hear and accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR. May others see, feel and hear the love of JESUS in us and seek to know HIM as their SAVIOR.
    Let us pray for an awakening here in America as well as all over the world that we seek HIS face, repent of our sins and ask that HE heal our land.
    Let us pray for Israel’s protection. America must stand together to defend Israel and the Jewish people. GOD commands us to and tells us that HE will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. Let’s get in the WORD and seek HIS face as we keep our eyes on the eastern sky in great expectation of seeing our LORD come for the great Rapture of HIS Church!!!
    “I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again.” Phil. 1:6 NLT

  153. Please pray for my son Eric he is 22 years old and has been addicted to prescription meds for over 4 years. He is planning to enter rehab on Feb. 15, I ask that the Lord give him strength to keep him on the path to recovery and that he will make it to rehab and complete the 6 months they require. Thank you and God bless.

  154. I am asking for prayer as I begin to open myself up to possibility of God bringing a new relationship into my life. Divorced 8 years after 25 of a lonely, emotionally abusive marriage, I am finally ready to take the steps toward loving again.
    Thank you in advance for the prayers!

  155. I am asking for prayer for my mission trip to Cambodia coming up in march for the funds and for a mighty move of God. Also for the favor of God to go before us and prepare the way. Thank you for your prayers.

  156. I am asking you pray for my “daughter”(my son’s wife of almost two years) who has been listening to bad advice and has caused very serious relationship problems between us. She refuses to have Christmas with us yet accuses my husband and me of not placing family as a priority. She is very cold and rude to us. We have gone to her and apolgize and know it is in her hands to forgive. It is difficult as they only life 1/4 mile from us (we live in the country)It has put our son in a very difficult situation and we have had to do some tough love because of it.(he is an only child) Pray for healing in our relationship and the Lord will place Godly women in her life. But also restore the lady who has given her this bad advice as she once was also a very close Christian friend of mine and Satan has taken over in her life. Thank you for your prayers.

  157. I am asking for strong prayers for a precious friend of my daughter, whose name is Mary Ann. She is bewildered by her husband’s cruel verbal abuse and threats. As sister prayer warriors, I pray for protection and strength for this brave young mother.

  158. I pray for each and every one of you today. May the Lord bless you and give you peace; may He touch each and every one of you today in some way–HE IS THERE!! He will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Please pray for my depression over my deteriorating relationship with my only daughter. She lives so far away which makes it even more difficult. It is a constant source of heartache for me; it is unbelievable how the heart can actually feel physical pain.
    I am trying to take solace in the fact that our Lord suffered and knows the pain of our hearts–may you find STRENGTH today. NEVER give up!!!! LOVE will find a way!
    God bless you.

  159. What an absolute inspiration this site is… Every day… I stop, for just a moment… read my daily email, and am touched beyond measure. What a blessing.
    Please pray for my marriage… I know God is there, in the center but we really need tofind him together.
    Thank you!!! Thank you for incouraging me every single day.

  160. I just prayed for the 3 ladies above me; what a privilege it was to pray for you!
    My prayer request is for my husband and I. This is his 6th month of unemployment. Please pray for him, his faith, the way God created him as a man to provide for his family (something he’s not feeling very good at right now), for his stamina to press on and seek Him, and that a great job would be presented to him. We know God is working and that He hasn’t forgotten us.
    Pray that I’d be able to build him up in the ways that he needs right now, for me to be a good helper for him and for us together to be the parents that our sons need, especially in this crazy time!
    Thank you. 🙂

  161. Wow! There are so many prayer requests! It is amazing to see how God brings us all together and encourages us through others 🙂 I am praying for your husband Kelly! It is no coincidence that your post was right before mine! I am currently unemployed, and know the discouragement of living without a job (over a year now!). Although I may not know what it’s like to feel the burden of the husband providing for the family, I do feel the discouragement. But like you, I trust that God has not forgotten us! My prayer request is for God’s will to be done-whether it’s a job for me or another form of schooling. I am currently praying about getting a second degree in nursing. Please also pray for my husband who is waiting to start training to become an Air Traffic Control Specialist. We have been waiting to hear when we would go off to training in Oklahoma! Waiting seems to be the hardest 🙂
    Thank you!!!

  162. Yes, waiting… it’s so hard to wait when your heart is leading you to something. My husbands been out of work for seven months. He just recieved an offer last week, praise God! Even though it’s been quite difficult for our family we know that there is no better timing like His. So, I pray that your husband and you will embrace this moment in time as y’all wait on his perfect timing. Also praying for direction and wisdom in your career. Please pray for wisdom for my husband and for our hearts to be at peace as we wait for all the details to unravel in this job offer.
    Much love,

  163. I am praying for these women who have faithfully asked for prayer. I am asking for prayer for my son. He has been battling with a mood disorder. He does love God. I think he is in such a terrible battle. Pray for his complete healing. Pray he will turn his heart to the Lord completely. This is hurting our family so much. Thank you for this page to request this prayer.

  164. I am praying for all of you. My son has a mood disorder. Please pray for his complete healing. I am in dispair. I know God Sees him. He is suffering. I can’t seem to get through to him. Please pray that he will let the Lord heal him.

  165. I just read this post, so I am a day late, but God’s timing is perfect. Lisa, I will pray for you in the days ahead. I would like prayer for my mother, who has Alzheimers; pray for her to respond to the medications that are meant to slow its progress, and praise God that she has been having several days of clarity lately. Please also pray for my sister who lives by my mom and takes care of her. I live several states away from them, but my sister and I trust that our mom is in God’s hands.

  166. Laurie, you are so right. God’s timing is perfect. I’m two days late (just read this post this morning). But I just read your comment and have prayed for your mom. Your sister. You. I don’t know personally what you must be going through, but I know that God knows it all. And I pray that He continues to help you and your sister rest in knowing that your mom is indeed in His loving, merciful, full-of-abundant-grace hands.
    My daughter has been sick A. Lot. lately. Always a virus. And I’m spent from it. And I’m a little bit worried that there might be something more serious going on. So please pray that my husband and I know what to do — whether to pursue blood tests or try extra vitamin supplements or what to do. And please pray that I have the energy and motivation to really love her, my husband and my other daughter as we go through this. Thank you.

  167. My husband lost his job this morning. I sense that God could use this to do big things for us. We are trying to trust in Him and not in our bank account. Please pray that our Faithful Father would lead us in His will.
    Thank you.

  168. I’m feeling discouraged because no one of my family belive and trust God, I don’t have an evangelic church in my area (I live in a strong catholic country!), I am a signle mother, and since I’m back to my country I can’t find jobs in my profession which I love in massage therapy just because over here (Italy) my diploma I got from the States (where I lived and worked for a while) is not recognized. I’m trying to build my own cliental and I’ve rented a space from a clinic but I’m not having enough clients to make a living so now I’m looking for a waiting job….I know God has a plan for my life and this situation I’m living is for a reason….bu I’m still struggling with doubts, fears, and feelings of failure. Please Pray that our Father in Heaven would strengthen my faith, lead me according to His will, and fix all the mess in my life. And Please, Pray for my mother and brother that they will find in Jesus Christ their Hope. Thank you

  169. Cindy and many others on this list…
    I have prayed for you today. May the Lord bless you all abundantly.
    I ask for prayers for a little girl who’s family is an acquaintance of mine – Avalon Havan. Her story is here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/avalonhavan She’s doing “okay” now, but this little one has a life-long battle thanks to cancer treatment and a surgery that wasn’t performed properly. Go to her Jan. 20th post and you can get a full history of her issues.
    Prayers also for our family. I struggle daily with working full-time, being a mom, wife, and all the joys and heartaches that go along with a full life. My husband will be losing his job later this year when his company relocates. We opted not to go with them, due to the good benefits my company offers our family. Please pray for us.

  170. As I pray for others needs, I present my own. I need real prayer warriors to intercede on my behalf. I have been called into ministry in ways I never thought God would use me, and even though I am in training, it is still very overwhelming. I have 3 main needs before I can go forward further than I am right now. One Is I need my car fixed, and I don’t know anyone to do it, even though I have bought the parts. My second request is I need my own home to live in since I started receiving my disability income. I also need the finances to move into that new home, and last my helpmate needs to come home. He is away at the moment, and I need him home with me. I would appreciate all intercessors praying for God to remove the hinderence’s of the enemy in my life. I know God is going to move, and I have been standing, but now God says it’s time to move, and step out in faith. I’m believing and trusting God to watch where He takes me. Thank you, Bigheartedljb

  171. Laura,
    Praying your finances would be enough for the perfect place for you to live. Praying He would give you clarity as to where you belong in your ministry and that your helpmate will be with your very soon.
    I need prayer on conceiving and carrying a healthy child to term. Prayer for my mothers addiction and finances. Prayer for the continued restoration of my mariage.

  172. Pray for my triplet sister, who contracted a rare form of flesh eating bacteria which started in her mouth June 2009. She lived, although many surgeries already performed and to be performed. I’ve been her main caregiver. I now have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthtitis — having ALOT of difficulty/pain just to function a little.

  173. Linda,
    Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your sister and the current pain you are facing. I will pray and believe for healing and a quick recovery for you both. By HIS stripes you are BOTH healed.
    I need prayer for my outlook on myself. I am constantly consumed with negative thoughts about myself and my abilities. I pray that I will step into the person that God sees me as and be more confident and sure of myself.
    Thank you:) and thanks inCourage! Great idea.

  174. HT, I am remembering you in prayer today. Just think, when Jesus looks at you, all He sees is that His blood covers you and makes you perfect and brand new! 🙂
    I am asking for prayer for my pregnancy with our baby girl. I’m right around 20 weeks, and so far she looks to be healthy, but the placenta is not in quite the right place. The doctor says it should move on its own and it’s too early to be concerned, so I’m asking for prayer that that placenta will get situated in just the right place where it needs to be, and quickly! Thank you, sincerely.

  175. please pray as am unable to decide what is god’s will in my life….if feels as if god is so silent

  176. I’ve tried suicide and me and my boyfriend have some big money worries. Pray that I’ll know all the words and subjects that hurt his feelings so I won’t hurt him ever again. Pray for me more and more possibilities to help him and other people instead. Pray we’ll survive from our money problems, because at times they bring stress into our relationship and it’s a burden on our love. Let our life be fulfilling and blissful, because even though we’ve have had smaller or bigger troubles, we need each other very much. Let the troubles turn into God’s grace over us, because we believe in Him.

  177. Nameless Faith, I am praying for you today! If you feel suicidal again, please call 1-800-SUICIDE. Also, I would recommend finding a counselor you can trust. You can look for one at http://www.ecounseling.com. There are other great resources there too. We take what you shared seriously, please do too! Your life is incredibly valuable to God and others.

  178. Amem – prayed for your marriage that God would be at work in your relationship.
    Ramya – prayed to ask God to clearly reveal His will for your life.
    NamelessFaith – prayed for you also – that you would know how precious you are to God, and for your protection.
    I am asking for prayer for healing over past sins. I have asked God for forgiveness (and know He has provided that!), but I can’t seem to let it go, and I dwell there too much. It affects many other areas in my life, and I so want to be able to let it go.

  179. Sanxx, I am praying for you for healing. For God to reach down and lift the burden of past sins from your life; that He reach down and place His Healing Hands upon you. I pray that you feel His Presence and Peace during this time, and that you feel Him working a new work within you. God Bless you sister~
    I ask for prayers of God’s healing of my health. I am currently experiencing a physical ailment that the doctors have been unable to determine the cause, thus leaving them unsure of how to treat. In addition, I’m beginning to feel the flare up of a long-term illness. The past eight years have been sprinkled with illness, and I’m just so ready to be healthy once again. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love in Christ <><

  180. Rearing children is always a difficult task, Lisa. Know that you are loved by a wonderful God that understnds your needs.. I am in need of prayer to find an amazing job using the gifts and talents our amazing Father has given me. I do pray for a job in the Chicago area if that is God’s will for me.

  181. There are so many needs, I hardly know where to begin…
    My daughter (4 kids) continues to suffer from a bitter divorce 3 years ago. The kids are angry and confused – acting out horribly in so many frightening. Two eldest boys (aged 15 & 17) kicked out of high school, on drugs, active sexually and many run-ins with the police. My daughter is beside herself with grief and concern. Her ex is no help – refuses to interact with her except to hide behind texts/email messages. He will NOT talk to her in person or by phone, making co-parenting nearly impossible. They were strong believers before this happened, but now both seem to have lost their way. Pray for my daughter and her family.
    My three children are estranged from each other, which breaks a mother’s heart every day! I love them all and can see mistakes each has made that contributed to the tension between them. Two are believers, the other makes fun of believing & trusting in God. One daughter is preparing for mission service in Africa, yet she cannot communicate with her siblings. They have been estranged for many years. Please pray for my precious children.
    My husband has had multiple bouts with severe chest pain since December. The docs are unable to determine a specific cause. It’s frightening and very wearying. I know he’s afraid every time it happens that it will be the end for him and he fears leaving me alone with all that’s going on in the family. He also has a severely torn rotator cuff (VERY painful, too damaged for surgery) and suffers agonizingly horrible chronic nighttime leg cramps. Again, the doctors offer him no hope of relief, but just brush it off. (Leg cramps? Gee, whatta bummer!) Please pray for him!
    I was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which though not life-threatening, is very painful, disfiguring and frightening (stress-related, no doubt). My left-side facial muscles are paralyzed making it difficult to eat and it’s hard to drink from a cup or glass without dribbling. Unfortunately, there is really no effective treatment – you just have to ride it out. For some it goes away, for others it’s permanent. Please pray for me!
    Do NOT hear me saying, “Poor me!” I am “pressed down,” but not depressed! God is in control, and I am totally trusting in him to handle everything according to His perfect plan. Thank you for your prayers!

  182. It seems that my whole family is under attack by the twit. My son in law lost his uncle about 1:30 this morning. He is very upset and having panic attacks. My daughter’s car is down and needs repairs,she had to call off work today but partly because of her husband needing her. My son is looking for a job that pays better and has benefits for his family. His wife has fibro or MS and can’t work. My hubby and I need financila blessings, as soc.sec. doesn’t stretch very far. Friends are facing some tough things too. I thank you for your prayers. GOD BLESS