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  1. Genny,
    What a gift you have with words! Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles with us, and thank you for the reminder that it’s only by God’s grace we are healed!
    I have been set free from several things, one being the disease to please. I used to run myself into the ground trying to make everyone else happy. I generally couldn’t say no, and if by chance I did I worried I had offended the person. While I love to bless others in one way or another (and still don’t like telling others no), God has taught me that pleasing Him should be my priority concern. Goodness knows He is much easier to please than people! 🙂

  2. Genny,
    What a heart-stopping post! I loved this. God’s love and grace has set me free from so much I can barely begin to comprehend it…it’s such a blessing to me, and such an honour to be one of his daughters!

  3. Genny,
    Such beautiful words. I have printed them and they now are next to my mirror so that I might be reminded everyday of the grace of my Saviour. I pray He will continue to walk with me through the daily struggle of life.
    Blessings and Grace to you…

  4. Genny Thank you. I am been experiencing this wonder we call *Grace.* Sometimes I am not sure how to handle it..as amazing as it all is.Miracles I have received due to my health..are for God’s Glory. I am looking up on my wall where the words hang *Amazing Grace* It is something I am trying to wrap my head and heart around the gifts given…
    Thank you so much for blessing me today with your writing.

  5. Genny thanks! We never have enough grace.
    “What has grace set you from?” It’d be from: ME. That old self buried under HIM, in grace. And NO digging up allowed. 😉
    Tammy@if meadows speak..

  6. This was such a delight to read – thank you! I could read this every day and not tire of it, because they are reminders that we all need.

  7. Oh Genny, this is beautiful. How thankful I am for God’s awesome grace. And what a gentle reminder of how that translates into my daily life too.
    Thank you and may the Lord bless you,