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  1. I think people need to do this sort of thing more often. Last Winter I paid for the breakfast order in line behind me at McDonalds. The cashier was so stunned that I would do that! I hope to do something like this again one day because I believe kindness is contagious.

  2. Plant a seed of joy. How just smile talk to a stranger or someone you meet show them that someone cares. What brings me joy is when a friend is there and speaks up in a time of darkness. Even a person I don’t know well who comments in an encouraging way that’s joy. Family doesn’t always express it, so when a stranger says you are meaningful it’s pure joy

  3. No matter how great or small the gesture, when done with a heart of selfless love, the blessings flow back in such abundance.
    Thank you for sharing this precious story and for giving from your hearts.