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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. 1. The joy of watching my baby boy turn 2.
    2. The power of a praying community, especially during a time of suffering.
    3. An amazing job with even more amazing people.

  2. 1. clients who become friends.
    2. little boys to miss on weekends away.
    3. in laws who become caregivers allowing us some TLC moments away.
    Thank, Ann, for your (always) beautiful words.

  3. 1. The sounds of my girls playing and singing together.
    2. For friends who are low maintenance but always there to pick up where we left off.
    3. The continual love and support I get from my wonderful husband.

  4. 1) The protection God gave my parents and my daughter this week!
    2) Time out hiking with my sweet girl on Wednesday, and peppermint mochas afterward
    3) Things checked off to-do lists . . . finally!

  5. 1. Sitting in my backyard
    2. The ability to walk
    3. Hearing one of my children sing out to Jesus with JOY

  6. 1. my baby girl who turns six months today
    2. grins and laughter
    3. a long prayer time this morning with a sleeping baby on my lap

  7. 1. grace for another day
    2. friends who call upon Your name with me
    3. the Holy Experience blog that always calls me upward to You.
    soooo many more…. I love you’s from God’s own heart.

  8. 1. Early mornings spent with God
    2. Each new day to start again
    3. Family and friends, far and near
    Thank you, Ann. You bless me every day with your thoughts and your quiet way of pointing my heart toward Heaven.

  9. 1. A child’s question about Heaven.
    2. Lyrics on a Sunday morning.
    3. New babies near funerals.
    You bless, bless, bless me Ann…

  10. 1. my husband preaching the gospel to me last night amid many tears and accusations from our enemy
    2. being able to get up early…I thought it might be impossible!
    3. that we are loved with an EVERLASTING love!
    Thanks for your words, Ann. I’m grateful for you.

  11. What a timely post less than one week after I have been told I have no job. It articulates so well how I have been feeling. I so needed this reminder this morning. My list:
    1. A wonderful Christian husband who reminds me daily that God has always had a plan for us and this is no different.
    2. Family that simply says “come home and we’ll work it out” as we try to move from overseas during this trying time.
    3. An online community of people who remind me that they are praying for wisdom as we transition and remind me that God IS in control.
    Thank you so much for writing this. It was exactly the reminder I needed this morning.

  12. 1. Hearing His still small voice and obeying it.
    2. When I’m reading His Word and it comes alive.
    3. The sound of a big belly laugh of a toddler.
    Thanks Ann.

  13. 1. My husband’s goodbye hugs and kiss before he left at 4:30am for a business trip.
    2. Seeing a fresh snow on the ground when I looked out the window.
    3. The quietness of my boys sleeping on this early morning.
    Thank you so much for sharing this 1,000 blessings idea and spreading joy.

  14. 1. Celebrating my daughter’s birthday… and quietly rejoicing within as I remember how God changed my father’s heart years ago to also celebrate my birthdays.
    2. The brief beauty of Autumn, filling my bedroom window, that greets me on misty mornings.
    3. Artistry found in unusual places… I see Autumn leaves, seemingly frozen in time, strewn across my bathroom skylight, as the silent shadowy tree-giver stands tall in the background, with bare branches reaching towards the heavens.
    To God be the glory, great things He has done.
    Thank you, Ann, for your great gift of spurring us on in the grace of gratitude.

  15. 1. Thankful that someone can pen truthful words to a season of life I just came out of.
    2. Thankful for a renewed love and being in-love with my husband. Christ did it.
    3. Thankful for healthy children.
    Thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

  16. 1. The quickening of the spirit I feel when I hear HIS voice.
    2. Little arms wrapped around my neck.
    3. Gooey marshmallow fingers.
    Thanks, Ann, for your commitment to the LORD. It allows HIM to minister to us through you.

  17. 1. Quiet morning to prepare for the week with my eyes on the Lord.
    2. Healthy children that make most mornings not so quiet.
    3. A husband who cares for his soldiers with a love like he receives from the Lord.

  18. 1. the One who holds me, while I hold sick babies all night
    2. aroma of liquid energy brewing in the morning as I walk down the steps
    3. happy laughing boy, despite his runny nose
    Ann- don’t know if my soul could sing if you hadn’t prompted this gratitude lifestyle. Thank you.

  19. 1)For tears that salty fall and cleanse this heart.
    2)To know Heaven awaits…..
    3)To have a tiny son that is experiencing eternal bliss and he awaits me as well!

  20. 1. A Heavenly Father who loves me with such wild abandon.
    2. Earl Grey tea
    3. A teenage son who so wants to use his musical gifts in worship.
    (and wonderful women and sisters who share their wisdom and their hearts on the internet so that we can all reap the benefits of their gifts)

  21. 1. My Savior, and his peace, which covers me like a blanket.
    2. Those sweet faces that greet me every morning at 7am.
    3. My hardworking, kind, caring, wonderful husband.

  22. 1. This is the third time I have heard this message in 3 days (through 3 different people) and I am excited at the hope of being transformed by gratitude at the grace of my God
    2. Sweet hugs and kisses from my son
    3. coffee

  23. 1. Seeing our Lord make beauty in the skies for us to see when we wake.
    2. Freckled & sleeping hubby whom I love with a burning passion.
    3. Nights when the Lord is busy in my heart and I can’t seem to slumber.

  24. 1. I am thankful for seeing the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen last night.
    2. I am thankful for a beautiful place to live.
    3. I am thankful that I have a loving family.
    And thank you for the chance to win these beautiful hurricanes.
    Cheryl Sims

  25. 1. Being reminded that I.AM.LOVED. Regardless of any of my failures and doubts, he still loves me.
    2. One of my baby coming down the stairs at 515 this morning to tell me bye and that he loves me.
    3. A song that speaks to me: Come Lay ‘Em Down by needtobreathe
    What if you take the meds though? Are you not trusting God to heal you if you do?

  26. 1.A wonderful weekend with lot’s of family time.
    2.God’s renewing grace for me eveyday.
    3.The knowledge that God will never live me or abandon me.

  27. I am no poet but I need to do this. Boy, do I need to…here goes….
    1. For a morning run in the dark.
    2. For God’s faithfulness when I am not.
    3. For coffee machines with timers.
    I will keep this up! Thanks for the inspiration and hope. Godliness with contentment….

  28. – Thank you Lord, for my husband’s job that allows me to stay home with our 3 kids
    – Thank you Lord, that you are patient
    – Thank you Lord, for opportunities

  29. 1. staying at home with my children… an answered prayer.
    2. restoration and redemption in a relationship storm.
    3. A supportive, loving husband.

  30. 1, A warm robe and slippers on a chilly morning
    2. A hot cup of coffee
    3. Mild, sunny November days

  31. 1. The sweetness of rising early to meet with my Savior.
    2. My husband’s faithful and tender love.
    3. The joy of seeing my daughter’s walking in truth.
    …and I’ll add a fourth…getting to leave Ann a comment. 😉

  32. I am thankful Lord that (1)through the womb of two other women you brought me my children. The children you had always destined to be mine!! (2)I thank you for the opportunity to be their mom, to care for them, love on them, to share YOU with them, to see them smile, laugh, play, grow but mostly see them come to know YOU!! (3)I am so thankful that my boys had the opportunity to LIVE and to come home to me (and their daddy)! In my thankfulness I want to take the time to pray that these two women that birthed my boys come to know YOU…your love, mercy, grace, power, strength, forgiveness….all of you!!! Thank you again father for the gift of my boys!!!

  33. 1. commenters gratitude inspires a soft heart, and prayers sent for their pain. God KNOWS when my needs are to serve and to love- and get my thoughts OFF of myself.
    2. our Lord’s faithfulness in the morning sunrise; reminds me of my unfaithfulness and brings repentance
    3. the cross, where we receive hope and LIFE and joy!
    Bless you, sister!`

  34. 1.How God comforts me and speaks to me through the fall air, leaves drifting, outdoor stillness as the sun sets
    2.The prayers, encouragement, and steady love of my husband
    3.A new love for God’s word that touches me deep within where it counts
    Thank you Ann. I think gratitude is just what I need to help me through this day.

  35. 1. the chance of a new day, with a new beginning.
    2. warm snuggle time with the child that rises first.
    3. holding hands with my husband

  36. 1. A Redeemer whose love is unfailing
    2. four beautiful, healthy granddaughters
    3. a wonderful Christian husband
    love your blog Anne, one of my favorites..God Bless!

  37. 1. A grown daughter whose life amazes and blesses me often.
    2. Four grandchildren whose love is the music that makes my heart sing.
    3. A son-in-law who struggles against his nature to be more and better for his family.

  38. 1)Our Ever-Reliable Compass that guides
    2)Our Straight and Steady Path home
    3)The Eternal Light that dispels all darkness
    How God’s words through you bless, Ann. Your gift is beautiful and I greatly appreciate that you share it with us.

  39. 1. Kittens meows
    2. Sunlight breaking through the early morning fog
    3. Tea made by husband ready and waiting

  40. 1. Early mornings, watching sunrises while spending time with my Heavenly Father.
    2. Coffee.
    3. Three healthy, active, sweet, and silly children.

  41. 1. friends to hash out life issues with
    2. a cup of hot tea on a chilly day
    3. the “want to” to get out of bed early to go to work

  42. 1. A husband who works hard so I can stay home and be with the children.
    2. Hugs, kisses and cuddles with my four month old grandson yesterday. Just what the doctor ordered!
    3. Playing Apples to Apples with all four of my daughters(ages 10-26) and laughing our heads off!

  43. 1) A gentle reminder to live a life a gratitude, to keep my eyes looking up and to be gentle with myself.
    2) My sweet boys who still want to snuggle with their mommy.
    3) My husband who loves me so well, supports me and my crazy ideas and allows me to be me.

  44. 1. the sound of crunching through a pile of leaves
    2. a note saying “I’m praying for you” at the exact moment I need it
    3. discovering how many more things there are to be grateful for

  45. 1. My beautiful sweet children.
    2. My home that God has provided for me.
    3. The pink sky that is outside my window meaning another day has come and I am to pick up my cross and follow HIM.

  46. 1. That I am cancer free.
    2. That my elderly father has finally moved close to family.
    3. For God’s love that is always there.

  47. 1. a caring loving husband who works so hard to provide
    2. a like minded church family that loves and supports through hurts and trials
    3. children to love and nurture.

  48. listening to my husband lovingly ‘trying to be quiet’ in the early morning as he gets ready for work.
    hearing baby brothers talk and laugh in their own little world before sunrise
    brewing black apricot tea

  49. – Friends who show up unexpectantly with an extra heaping of hope to give away.
    – A Savior who does more than save … He’s a friend for life!
    – Precious time with grandchildren to create new memories.

  50. 1. A husband who would die for me
    2. Friends who treat us to dinner
    3. 6 cherubs with unconditional love
    Yeah, coffee, too.

  51. 1. Resonating with the dreariness of the beginning of Ann’s musings but being filled with hope by the end… thankful for Truth that divides.
    2. our little girl’s 3rd year of life and her brothers’ love for her
    3. stillness before the day begins

  52. 1. My 5 year old proudly memorizing a bible verse in Sunday School yesterday
    2. laughing with my husband
    3. my 19 year old’s godly influence on his fellow recruits at Coast Guard boot camp (reading his bible and praying nightly in front of them)

  53. 1. for new beginnings in Christ
    2. for cool, cloudy days–so unusual for FL
    3. the life-giving food of His Word and His presence shared as a family this morning
    Truly giving thanks wounds the enemy. It makes the Lord even more precious to me. Thanks Ann!

  54. Ann…thank you so much for this reminder, again, to live a life of thanksgiving..continually “counting it all joy”. Here are a few things I am thankful for:
    1. Hugs and kisses from my little ones
    2. Hearing my 2 year old singing “Jesus Loves Me”
    3. Listening to my little ones pray aloud at the dinner table for the first time
    I could go on and on…so much to be thankful for…so many gifts from Him!

  55. 1. Another Day!
    2. A Heavenly Father who has shown me what true love and forgiveness really are.
    3. My children and family!

  56. 1. Sunshine after a series of gloomy, gray days.
    2. The privelege of living life surrounded by the sweet husband & boys God has given me.
    3. A certain, comforting knowledge of a God who is present with me in the pain & trials of life.

  57. Thanks Ann – I appreciate your honesty — too many fakes in our world. And the reminder to be thankful.
    1) kids who can’t wait to see me in the morning
    2) God’s word that speaks to me when I read
    3) changing seasons seen through kids’ eyes

  58. 1.My sweet children who call me mama.
    2. My funny sweet hardworking husband
    3. My wonderful friends who provide so much laughter.

  59. 1. Silence with God
    2. His Sunset
    3. The morning stirrings of happy, healthy active children
    {I’m counting my 1000 blessings in community too…}
    Thanks Ann.

  60. 1. Good health for me and my family.
    2. Stable and steady career.
    3. Scarves that keep me warm and make me feel alive.

  61. Sitting here in the hospital watching my 2 year old Danica sleep on day 4 after brain surgery and I am thankful for 1. Our Great Physician 2. A skilled surgeon and amazing children’s hospital 3. The love and prayers of so many of God’s people lifting us up when we are too tired and weak to go on.

  62. 1. A church that gives hope to the homeless
    2. For the book of Daniel
    3. For a husband and daughter, walking hand in hand, to the Walmart for eggs this morning.

  63. 1. A large and wonderful extended family where we all gather frequently for the celebration of life (birthdays, babies being born, funerals and the life of Christ).
    2. My 2 year old daughter’s laughter and love of parties and cake!
    3. The restoration power of a loving God…who sees my husband’s pain and is already working in his life to bring him closer to His side.

  64. 1. my hubby surprising us this morning and staying home for the day to have a fun family day!
    2. beautiful fall colors
    3. warm biscuits in the morning
    (I could go on and on!! Ann, you have given me the GIFT of counting my blessings…and I am SO THANKFUL for you!!)

  65. 1. A Sunday afternoon 4-wheeler ride through the woods with my wonderful husband.
    2. A 20 year old son that still calls to let us know where he will be and that he is on his way home.
    3. A 16 year old daughter that is truly seeking the Lord and proper relationships in all aspects for her life.

  66. 1. Jesus, whose changed my life forevermore
    2. The sound of my children’s laughter
    3. For the friendship of a godly woman

  67. 1. Sleepy blue eyes and tousled hair nestled between us in bed.
    2. Answered prayers.
    3. Warm blankets on a cold, wet morning.

  68. 1. A teenage son waking up on his own this morning without any prompting!
    2. Savoring a weekend with my daughter home from college.
    3. My baby (9 years old) requests me to read to her before she lays her head down at night. I know this won’t last forever, so I am relishing the snuggle time and quiet moments with her.
    Ann, your posts are always a joy to my heart and a balm to my hurried soul. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many others. That is my #4!

  69. 1. the moment you realize your children “get it” after years of training, and the sweet sound to my heart and ears when I say to the Lord “thank you for that”.
    2.warm coffee, quiet morning in my surroundings, such as an opening bud that bursts forth into a flower…..

  70. 1. God is who He says He is (my Savior, my Lord, my everything).
    2. God’s Word is true
    3. God is willing (to love me and have a relationship with me).

  71. 1. new season; new beginnings; new opportunities to trust God
    2. a sweet, singing 4 year old in the background
    3. cozy pj’s, a warm blanket, and a cup of tea on a dull Nov. morning

  72. 1. Golden grove of larch trees out my
    back door.
    2. Three children sitting at the table in
    the mornings for Word time.
    3. The sound of wind whipping through
    pine trees.
    Thank you Ann, just where I am today….

  73. 1. a precious husband who goes to work everyday so I can stay home
    2. the fullness in my heart that comes after prayer
    3. the beauty of this time of year–crisp, clear air; blue skies; multicolored trees

  74. 1. a daughter who dares to dream
    2. listening to a son on the piano
    3. a little dog’s love

  75. #1. a night of restful sleep… doesn’t happen often.
    #2. my Mother who is giving her life away in Africa… but will return a few days before Thanksgiving! Come home, Sweet Momma!
    #3. my Jesus who is always waiting to meet with me.

  76. 1. The sound of my house awakening to a new day.
    2. Books and paper and pencils and a chance to learn something new.
    3. The sound of children’s voices singing praises to God Most High.

  77. 1. Children snuggled in beds on a cold morning.
    2. An answer gently whispered.
    3. Sunlight streaming through the windows.

  78. 1. I am thankful for my two wonderful boys.
    2. I am thankful that I have the ability to go back to school so that I can teach.
    3. I am thankful for the beautiful sunset yesterday.
    I so much needed to hear this today. My life is falling apart around me, but this was a great reminder that I still have things to be thankful for.

  79. 1. A husband who goes to work every morning.
    2. A heater that came on this morning.
    3. Incourage, someone who puts my thoughts into words

  80. 1. Joy of family together at meal times.
    2. Crisp cold November mornings.
    3. Tight wrap-their-little-arms-around my neck hugs from my children.
    Today I will begin my thanks at my blog.

  81. 1. Child moving in my belly.
    2. Curly-topped imp sleeping (late!) in her crib upstairs.
    3. For stumbling on Ann’s blog three weeks ago, and her words and pictures, which have made so much difference since.

  82. 1.a promise~ The God of glory will secure my passage.(the message) husband and our thirty second rule.
    3.rocking chairs on the porch.

  83. 1.the sound of my girls playing and singing together…love it!
    2. The quietness in my house every morning, to enjoy time with God.
    3. Dear friends, who are like family

  84. 1. Pink sunrise through frosty tree limbs.
    2. Snuggly sleep waking girls.
    3. Mercies new every morning.

  85. 1. A son who is finally healing this morning, without the (expected and dreaded) trip to the hospital
    2. A husband who takes such good care of me when I’m sick
    3. A son who wakes every morning and comes to find me wherever I am to greet the morning with a hug and a still-sleepy whispered “I love you, mama”

  86. 1. The sound of my 23 month old daughter calling “Momma” at the door as I try to steal a few quiet moments this morning.
    2.Gracie, above daughter, who God so graciously delivered safely to us on the same day that He delivered my earthly father to heaven.
    3. The precious people that God has led us to enter into fellowship with each Sunday!

  87. 1. A hug & “I love you, Mom” from 12-year old daughter!
    2. Unmet friends from across the miles who encourage me in the thankful way of Jesus!
    3. The faithfulness of my Savior who speaks fresh from His Word every morning… to me!

  88. 1. Sun shining through the kitchen door.
    2. Snuggling with my 8 year old.
    3. The adventure of living with an impromptu husband

  89. 1. Oldest boy-child changing to Man before my eyes. We celebrated 14 years yesterday.
    2. For kids sick with sniffles- a slower paced, snuggly day is on tap.
    3. A husband who went off to work this morning, dog-tired but willing to do what he must for our family.

  90. 1.Imminent vacation-time -away with my hubby and children
    3.Ann-your words never fail to stir my soul, to cause pause and think. Thank you for being a tool in His hands for ones like me.

  91. I am thankful for early morning walks in the cold, a fuzzy mutt who won’t walk on wet grass (and would prefer not to walk on wet sidewalks too!), a job to go to, bosses and leadership who is wise and supportive, grace and knowing that I am loved.

  92. 1. Knowing His grace is sufficient.
    2. Knowing I don’t have to know the whys, but the Who.
    3. HIS great gift of family and love.
    Am so encouraged DAILY by you…

  93. 1. the sound of my son’s laughter
    2. the warmth of a dog sleeping on my feet while I knit
    3. the ability to be nourished by His Word every day.

  94. 1. Hearing my 2-year old attempt to sing the books of the Old Testament
    2. Watching two of my children playing together in harmony
    3. Blogs with encouraging words and beautiful pictures

  95. 1. A beautiful sky on our first really cold morning
    2. My husband and son snuggling in the chair, reading the Bible
    3. Grace and peace at the beginning of a new endeavor

  96. 1. Lots of grace to cover the deeply tired days.
    2. A husband who gives me kisses in the morning before leaving for work.
    3. Good books.
    I can attest that Ann’s simple discipline is transformative.

  97. 1. friends, who have been where I have & are helping me through the endless nights of a crying teething baby.
    2. a husband, who doesn’t always understand – but always loves, deeply from his heart.
    3. a baby who is sleeping right now & giving me time to breath deeply & refresh my soul.

  98. 1. music
    2. Truth
    3. love
    Healing things… found in so many places. I need all of them most when I feel least willing to embrace any or all of them. 🙂 I’m also thankful for my family who surrounds me with all 3, all the time.

  99. 1. Steady love from my father (Daddy)!
    2. A symphony concert featuring my 13 yo son.
    3. A stepmother who loves me and told me that since my mother died she would take care of me like I was her own.

  100. Thank you, Lord, for
    – fresh mercies every morning
    – a warm home with smell of coffee and candles
    – Ann….You speak through her daily to me
    Thank you, dear Ann….so precious to me.

  101. 1. The privilege God gives us in inviting others to be a part of His work.
    2. Daily reminders of our despair and the hope we have.
    3. Early morning cries of children.

  102. 1. Those four children, loving me even when I am hard. to. love.
    2. That man who steps up, constantly, to be present in his life. I didn’t know there were husbands like that before I had one.
    3. Sending my big kids off to a good, safe, holy school, knowing they will be well taken care of, taught, loved, and have fun, before they return to tell all the tales. I suppose I am the only person in the world who is glad to NOT be a homeschooler (anymore).

  103. 1.) For Ann Voskamp who again reaches into that place that hurts
    2.) My husbands morning caresses
    3.) small boys sleep cuddling on cold mornings

  104. 1. Beautiful snow this morning.
    2. Excitement of boys squealing with joy seeing first seasons snow.
    3. Warm cozy home with coffee :o)

  105. 1. Waking up next to my husband.
    2. Having a job to go to.
    3. My siblings and their growing families.
    These are things in which I am thankful this morning.

  106. 1. encouragement from friends a world away
    2. birds singing praise
    3. quiet morning hours

  107. 1. Renewal – Sabbath naps in the sunshine on the wooden bench.
    2. Generosity and laughter from friends.
    3. My husband, and my two laughing daughters.

  108. 1. a God who loves me
    2. my family and friends
    3. chocolate
    Thank you Anne for your writings. Your gratitude journaling as well as your lessons on journaling have been a blessing to me.

  109. 1. Other women in my life encouraging me.
    2. My husband so in love with me even after 8 years and four kids
    3. A sunset so beautiful that my six-year-old announced, “No person could make that!”

  110. thank you!
    1. learning to be broken
    2. my husband and the two miracle children God has given me!
    3. His healing and grace in my life during this season

  111. 1. For the joy of watching my almost two year old discover the world around him (even if that includes the toilet water).
    2. For the tummy muscle pangs when I sit up in the morning, letting me know that the child inside is growing and stretching.
    3. For the new glasses, for even though I cannot stay awake without them, they make me look so smart. 🙂

  112. As usual Ann your writing touches me to the core.
    1. For my eyesight,for knowing its stable for today. Being grateful for how it is and knowing that is a gift. To be able to see the blessings fall brings us. Amazing.
    2.Knowing no matter how hard it is to get outta bed each morning..That when I do..There is always joy that will follow.
    3.For God’s blessing of Family.

  113. 1. For His grace that falls upon us every morning.
    2. Hearts that are united with His
    3. For whispers of His Word ringing in our ears

  114. 1. The way my baby girl’s eyes light up and her wiggly body starts to dance whenever her favorite song plays.
    2. A husband who loves and supports and tolerates me in my times of self-pity.
    3. Words– of comfort, of challenge, of love– spoken, written, shared.

  115. 1. The comfort and security of our home even when the power went out this weekend on our road.
    2. My beautiful, healthy, vibrant daughters who bring immense joy into our lives.
    3. My relationship with the Lord and my relationship with my hubby – two things I can constantly count on and feel security in.
    kathy k.

  116. 1. A loving, faithful godly husband
    2. Two beautiful, healthy children
    3. A loving God who hands out a never-ending supply of patience and second chances

  117. Thanks for: 1. Technology that allows me to keep in touch with my son in the Air Force and other family that is far away, 2. The growth and maturing of my daughter in her role as a new mom, 3. The grace and love of God that is shown to me in all things but particulary in the eyes of my granddaughter Isabella.

  118. 1. clear margins on a cancerous skinlesion, cut from my husband’s shoulder.
    2. encouraging words on a Skype line from a mother far far away.
    3. a dark, rainy day, to give us a breather from hot Caribbean days.
    Thank you Lord.

  119. 1. I am computer-challenged. I’m blessed that I finally found the comment box.
    2. I am incredibly blessed by this blog: the words, the music, the way it draws me closer to Him.
    3. Studying Philippians inductively…giving thanks at every remembrance.

  120. 1. the gratitude community, over 100 and transformed
    2. the health of my loved ones
    3. the chance to go for a run with my husband so we can encourage each other, laugh at the ducks by the pier, smile at strangers, feel alive and blessed beyond what we deserve
    Peace be with you, Ann. Thanking you again, it feeling inadequate to convey a heart, yet hoping it slips in and piles on and warms.

  121. 1. God’s merciful Grace. I’ll never deserve it.
    2. My husband’s unwavering love, even when I’m unloveable
    3. My five beautiful children who teach me more about myself (and my failings) than anyone ever could… and sweet number six who, though not here yet, let’s me know she’s coming with gentle kicks that cause me to pause, and smile softly with joy.

  122. 1. watching a young couple who has just lost a baby surrendering him to God in perfect peace.
    2. old ladies giggling like young girls.
    3. a little stream carrying its harvest of autumn leaves endlessly downstream.

  123. 1. A mother who loved us enough to take us to church every Sunday and holy day and instilling the fact that there is a force greater and bigger than us all.
    2. Security knowing that although my only child is away at college far away but close enough for her to go to my parents house every Sunday and know family is near…security knowing my parents see her every week and know she is ok.
    3. The knowledge that everything will work out the way they are supposed to and I will not be given more than I can handle.

  124. 1. That Yahweh does not give up on us or our loved ones even when we do.
    2. That He is not shaken even when we are.
    3. The beauty that surrounds me every where I go in the countryside of northern New England.

  125. 1. Warm home echoing with giggles from my children.
    2. Being able to stay home and raise my children.
    3. Husband playing with my hair as I drift asleep in his arms…

  126. 1. snuggling with my babies on the couch on Sunday evenings, relaxing before a new week starts
    2. a mother who i contine to be more and more thankful for, the older i get
    3. a warm bed to sleep in

  127. 1. I am thankful of the great God of this universe who still knows and cares about my every heart ache and manages my every victory.
    2. I am thankful for His provision in my life that doesn’t always look the way I want it to look but always turns out even better than I could hope.
    3. I am grateful that and thankful that God made a covenant with me and used the blood of His own Son to save me, redeem me, transform me and I can’t ever take that lightly or give any less of my life to him because it is already His anyway.

  128. 1. The hope of Heaven
    2. Homemade leaf garlands
    3. That my 3-year old’s self-inflicted haircut is not too noticeable.

  129. 1.A sweet giving husband who puts his families needs above his own time and time again.
    2. My church family who treats everyone who walks in the door as family. They are so giving and supporting.
    3. My boys.

  130. 1. The Holy Spirits direction and inspration that always surprises me.
    2. Food in my pantry and a oven that works. Last November my gas oven was broken and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner.
    3. I’m thankful that I can work at home in my pj’s.

  131. I am thankful for a warm cup of coffee, A cold November morning and a loving family that wakes up with me each and every morn.

  132. 1. Cool morning with coffee
    2. Sweet 2 yr. old hugs, kisses, and “I wuv you momma”.
    3. The privilege of homeschooling all 4 of our precious children

  133. I’m tired and don’t want to start this day yet, and I am intimidated by the huge mess in the kitchen… but I am thankful for: Hot water, a helpful family, a new day, God who knows, furnaces!, weather warmer than normal for November, the fact that I am loved by God whether I feel lovable or not, the fact that He can use me whether I feel useful or not!, comfy clothes to work in, the class I am taking (even though it is hard)…

  134. 1. a husband who leads me daily in love and service to Christ.
    2. the sounds of our 5 oldest playing outside in the beautiful fall weather.
    3. a Savior who loves us and helps us where we are, not where we should be…

  135. 1.For Jesus who is more than willing to take me in his arms again and whisper how much he loves me.
    2.Babies just waking up.
    3.Handmade Christmas decorations.

  136. 1. The ability to homeschool.
    2. The provision for a weekend away with the family.
    3. Candles burning to brighten a dreary fall day.

  137. 1. Slicing through fibrous, fresh pineapple.
    2. Three week old Lila Love falling asleep on her own.
    3. Knowing God heard my prayer last night for deep rest.

  138. 1) a Fall season unlike any that I can remember, with the air so warm and the colors so vibrant.
    2) out of town friends and time to spend that hasn’t been spent in twenty years
    3) a husband who is always helping, encouraging, and pointing the way HOME!

  139. 1)Thankful that God never gives up on me
    2)Thankful for a husband that loves me and still continues to show me 21 years later.
    3)Thankful for my children that are becoming lovely people as well.

  140. 1. Tiny fingers on my brand new baby sleeping next to me.
    2. Her brother playing quietly beside her and giving her little kisses.
    3. Three other brothers who are STILL sleeping at quarter to 8 this quiet morning!

  141. Eternally Thankful for these Three
    Three Trays
    in which he poured out his love manger…sod…and cross…which led to
    Three Days
    that remind he breaks darkness with light
    and finally
    Three Ways
    to feel the embrace of His love
    …Father…Son and Spirit

  142. 1. A busy boy loudly playing trains in the living room.
    2. A sweet girl who joyfully heads off to school on a sleepy Monday morning.
    3. Cinnamony pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with a glass of cold milk.
    God is GOOD!

  143. 1. Starting the morning with happy memories.
    2. Being able to laugh in the midst of crisis.
    3. Having someone who understands me and listens.

  144. ~ for trembling words daring to show truth.
    ~ for the privilege of friendship with such a truth-teller.
    ~ for the comfort of knowing we are not alone, but one of many.
    love to you.

  145. 1. godly women who invest their lives in other women
    2. the gift of a hunger soul by which God draws us to him
    3. the wonderful weariness that exercise brings which is followed by elation

  146. 1-mothers (and mother-in-laws) that sweep in and save the day
    2-the joy of a new home to share with others
    3-hot coffee on a tired morning

  147. 1. For my loving and devoted husband and father to our daughters.
    2. For a faithful, Gospel teaching church.
    3. That God doesn’t leave me to myself!

  148. My three blessings look like this…
    1. A chance to be creative with our finances as my husband will suddenly be home more, no work starting the day before Thanksgiving.
    2. A suspended driver’s license is helping me to walk more, finally losing those last 15 baby pounds.
    3. My little boy Sammy (5) and Sophie (2) who think I am the best mommy ever, even when I can barely make noodles for dinner and haven’t seen lipstick in days!
    Thanks for the chance to win- I could use this reminder!

  149. 1.the poverty that surrounds me everyday, reminding me that all God’s given me is for His glory (I teach art in a projects housing commmunity)
    2.hidden blessings in obedience to God’s call in the little things, everyday
    3.quiet moments to remind me that God is near, He is with me.

  150. 1. How much my older children adore their new baby sister.
    2. Hearing my 2 year old say “You’re the bestest mommy in the whole world”, especially on days when I don’t feel like a good mommy at all.
    3. Winter sunrises and sunsets – I’d forgotten how glorious the skies are this time of year.

  151. 1. Today my dad remembers who I am.
    2. My brothers and sister were able to put aside the differences that have torn them apart to sit at a table together and decide on what’s best for our dad.
    3. My husband and mother-in-law taking care of my two boys so I could make a quick trip cross country to spend a week with my dad.

  152. 1. sunshine after days of darkness
    2. the love of my Savior
    3. exuberant children
    Ann, you have blessed me and my family in sooo many ways…

  153. 1. That out of the darkness I happened on this web site.
    2. That I know things can be better
    3. Warm house, protected from the cold

  154. A roof over my head with heat
    After 13 years married a husbands hand to hold
    Family and friends who believe like I do and will spend this holiday season together

  155. 1. a dedicated and loving husband
    2. the best children a mom could hope for
    3. an amazing circle of girlfriends that lift me up daily

  156. 1. The miracle of new life in Christ as a woman prayed to receive Christ with us for the first time.
    2. Celebrating the gift of my new special blessing (Down’s Synd) nephew from Ecuador. What a gift he is.
    3. Starbucks brewing from my very own coffee pot. After a week overseas…I’m so grateful for the little things.

  157. 1-my son’s belly laugh
    2-the way my daughter can turn junk into treasure!
    3-the way my husband looks at me when I’m wearing an old t-shirt and my tennis shoes (it’s like I’m wearing a ball gown and high heels)

  158. 1. Nestling finches, alive and squawking.
    2. Husbands, faithful to go to work.
    3. Fuzzy sweaters to warm my bones on damp, chilly days.

  159. 1. busy little boy who teaches me how to enjoy the moment, to enjoy being a mother
    2. my best girl, who God used when she was just tiny, to show me that just as there is nothing this precious child could ever do to make me not love her, so He also loves me
    3. my husband, who is my best friend and secret confidante, who has helped me to see how strong i can be

  160. 1. The knowledge that Almighty God, the Creator of the entire universe knows me by name and cares about the smallest details of my life.
    2. A church whose pastors teach us the Word of God diligently, and faithfully shepherd the flock
    3. Friendship Tea – both the mug I’m drinking now, and the friend who brought me the recipe 🙂
    Corrine R

  161. ~ My sweet boys, playing and imagining together
    ~ My faithful husband
    ~ The kicks of the little one inside me

  162. 1. The time before a family dinner when everyone is helping to prepare and helping each other.
    2. Quiet walks and talks with Him.
    3. The love, care and concern of others for me.

  163. So thankful for…
    1. My family
    2. the fellowship of Christian women in Bible study
    3. trees – even bare branches are lifted in praise of the Lord

  164. 1. a beautiful post that started my own list of thanks
    2. being uplifted by so many wonderful ladies in the blog world lately
    3. continiuing/beginning on my journey towards God and a life with Him in the center

  165. Forever thankful for…
    1. Christ’s redemption of my soul that set my life on a different path than one I ever dreamed;
    2. the three beautiful girls he brought into our lives through adoption (another unexpected road that has thrilled my heart beyond belief);
    3. each day that He gives me to serve my family

  166. 1. Knowing my husband loves me unconditionally.
    2. Being present during my father-in-law’s terminal illness and being able to provide love and support to him and the family.
    3. Birthday cake.

  167. 1. Quiet Days
    2. Busy Days
    3. The Hope I have from my Lord and Savior
    – receiving the gift of getting to see
    all four of my boys sing your praises with
    raised hands before one of them went to
    heaven too early for the rest of us

  168. 1. God’s forgiveness and grace.
    2. Explosions of autumn’s glory outside my office window.
    3. Hungry teenage boys ready for breakfast.

  169. Oh Ann. These words are so familiar, hurtful yet comforting in their truth. I long for the clarity to see these things in my heart instead of having to be shown them. If that makes any sense…
    For today:
    1. A new beginning in a new city.
    2. A new church so amazing in it’s perfect fit for us.
    3. The sun shining brightly.

  170. 1)a mother-in-law willingly comes to care for me, clean our house & wash clothes while my 2 broken legs mend
    2) our church family providing an abundance of meals and encouragement to their pastor & his wife
    3)a sister-in-law who still has young children, gives gifts of comfort, willing to shop, & take me out shopping(in the rain), coordinate meals & care for me when mom or hubby can’t.

  171. 1)a mother-in-law willingly comes to care for me, clean our house & wash clothes while my 2 broken legs mend
    2) our church family providing an abundance of meals and encouragement to their pastor & his wife
    3)a sister-in-law who still has young children, gives gifts of comfort, willing to shop, & take me out shopping(in the rain), coordinate meals & care for me when mom or hubby can’t.

  172. I have just fallen in love with you, dear friends.
    1. I thank you, Beloved, for the little life you created inside me and placed in my arms. Thank you for each moment with him.
    2. Thank you, Beloved, for the father of my son. I see you working in my husband’s life in ways I never thought I would see.
    3. Thank you, Beloved, for your adoration for me. ME! How can you delight in ME?!

  173. Great timing for me to read this post – it has been a rough morning for this mama … so, now to turn the corner and be thankful ~
    1. food – enough to feed my family; God’s great provision
    2. home – cozy, welcoming, inviting: God’s great comfort
    3. forgiveness – needed to receive, needed to give: God’s great grace

  174. 1. Watching my 7 year old daughter and her friend laughing and running at the children’s museum yesterday.
    2. Great friends who have become like sisters to me.
    3. An amazing 16 year old daughter.

  175. 1. The love and compassion my Daughter and Son have for each other as siblings.
    2.The simple joy of 4 toddlers having a good time together.
    3. Naptime

  176. For a quiet morning to read and contemplate, examine
    For discovering a community of Godfearing gratefulness to walk into.
    For The Word –
    from faithful uncompromising preachers,
    from faithful followers (even those I’ve only met on the web),
    from the scriptures available readily, abundantly in my own language, and
    the Living Word my Savior –
    who was from the beginning, who dwelt among us and who is coming for us –
    “behold, a white horse, and He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True; and in righteousness He judges and wages war.”

  177. 1. Friends who are family
    2. Family who are friends
    3. Puppies who snuggle under the covers with you on a cold morning.

  178. 1. New life growing inside me.
    2. The mist filled morning air melting with bright sunshine.
    3. Little boys who laugh and smile and say, “I like you, mom.”

  179. 1. The incredible amount of noise that ten kids bring to our home.
    2. Baby fingerprints on freshly cleaned windows.
    3. Husband’s strong arms as he works in yard.

  180. 1. the way my 6yr old’s hair sticks up in the morning when he gets out of bed
    2. the blessing these beautiful words were in my inbox this morning
    3. a brand new week, full of possibilities

  181. 1. Feeling better in the morning
    2. Songs from other lands
    3. Thanksgiving turkeys colored in unnatural, rainbow colors, brightening my fridge.

  182. 1. The reassurance of His love, perfect and everlasting.
    2. The reassurance of his love, human but strong.
    3. The three stems of life, product of love that make my life both simple and complicated at the same time!

  183. 1. Healthy children.
    2. A bible study group that has revived my connection to godly women.
    3. Struggles.

  184. 1. My precious little girls, even though they spent mos of the morning fighting.
    2. My church family
    3. warm fall breeze and sunshine

  185. 1. that i am loved beyond measure
    2. for sunny crisp fall mornings that sing to my soul
    3. for precious husband that consistently ministers to my soul and needs and wants….i love you tom!
    i could go on but won’t…this post was on a friends facebook status….i don’t usually read these but something made me stop….OH THANK you lord for these little words that spoke to my heart today!!!

  186. > Silent nights with no coughing or labored breathing
    > Acorns that still have their “hats”
    > An arthritic mother who still wants to bow down in prayer

  187. 1.My husband’s irregular (a-fib) heartbeat normalized. (The cardiologist said, “I’m ordering a stress test for you. I’ll see you in Marquette NO MATTER WHAT–either for a heart cath OR a cardiocversion.) We prayed. And GOD changed that heart!!!
    2. Blue sky and sunshiny November days.
    3. Still, grey, quiet November days–AND those beautiful November sunsets at days’ end!!!

  188. I am so thankful for the path, the way of life, being made plain, and for the quiet voice in my heart that directs me there, and the overwhelming Love that draws me there and keeps me near. Oh Father, thank you!

  189. 1. joy of life long companion, lover
    2. beautiful girls who call me momma
    3. sunkisseed mountains of color

  190. 1. Conversation with a renewed friend
    2. All the necessities to generously supplied
    3. Messages in all the right places to bring focus back where it belongs 🙂

  191. I am thankful for a husband who loves God first.
    4 amazing children who also love God
    my husband’s job and that he was able to find one so quickly after he was laid off. God provides!

  192. 1. The blessing of childrens’ snuggles before heading off to school and work.
    2. The cold air and sun on my face during my walk this morning… the frost coating the leaves along the path
    3. The blessing of a sweet conversation with a sweet sister last night… healing for both of our hearts.

  193. 1. My firstborn daughter with blue eyes and brown ringlets.
    2. My sweet 2nd daughter with jet black hair, green eyes and rosy cheeks.
    3. My third child, my only son, my baby…who is a handful to keep up with at times, but an absolute blessing.

  194. 1. Love of my Lord.
    2. Love of my husband.
    3. Gratitude even for the pain of loss and things unseen… and faith to make it through.

  195. 1. For another day to be alive.
    2. For loving family and friends.
    3. For chances to step out in faith.

  196. 1. For sister-friends with whom I sang, danced and prayed away the evening, yesterday.
    2. For children and husband who quietly joined this morning as fingers plucked notes of praise from strings and voices lifted to Him.
    3. For the warmth of cuddling up back to back with him who I know so well, in the depth of blankets on a chilly night

  197. 1. The journey with my Lord – it may not always be easy, but He is with me each step of the way!
    2. The calm after a storm, the skies seem bluer, the sun brighter and the wonderful smell of the grass!
    3. Listening to the nighttime prayers of my grandson!

  198. 1. a wonderful weekend with my husband
    2. a 13yo son who has fixed both my breakfast and lunch today
    3. friends who inspire, exhort, and love

  199. 1. the sound of rain and the cool day
    2. curious, endless questions from my two boys
    3. a faithful, loyal, hardworking husband

  200. 1. Seeing Fall finally blowing in after a long summer.
    2. A good husband who asks me to bake him a chocolate pie
    3. Friends who love and encourage me.

  201. 1.The opportunity that I have to live for My Savior.
    2. The grace that is renewed daily in my ever so unworthy life.
    3. The endless mercy that is spread throughout the days

  202. 1. The joyful laughter of my children playing together.
    2. Soft, surprisingly strong kicks and rolls from my new baby growing in me.
    3. A sparkling clean kitchen courtesy of a loving husband.
    Thank you for reminding me to be thankful…

  203. 1. A Godly friend who offers wise counsel.
    2. A loving husband who loves being with me.
    3. Kicks of a life growing inside of me.
    Thank you, Ann.

  204. 1. glitter nailpolish on little girl toes
    2. dopey grins from a sleepy baby boy
    3. husband’s warm, strong hands carassing my very tired shoulders

  205. 1. A husband, gift of God, who loves me unconditionally.
    2. The blessing of 6 children.
    3. (In)couraging words that speak to my heart.
    (It’s my birthday tomorrow… what a great gift this would be! *grin*)

  206. 1. For the first time I’m beginning to be thankful for discontentment that surfaces in me, although it is a battle everyday, i have a physical reminder to face my interior struggles and feel the strength that comes from true growth…for others, the unresolved is certain to remain hidden behind the smiles of another day, left unchanged.
    2. The beauty of the rhythm of seasons changing
    3. The gift of finding meaning in the things that would otherwise go unnoticed

  207. A precious toddler who hugs me and gives wet kisses.
    The ability to afford the TWO homes we reside in, despite the inability to get rid of one of them.
    The smell of a fire in the fireplace and the way it warms my back.

  208. 1. The precious gift of my salvation.
    2. Three adorable, healthy children
    3. A job I love that allows me to be at home full time with my children.

  209. 1. Gifted teachers at church, using their gifts
    2. 3 sweet children & a patient husband
    3. bare winter trees against the gray sky
    I could go on and on….

  210. 1. The wonderful people I know doing wonderful things in Haiti.
    2. My family and their health.
    3. My Lord and Savior.
    ~Amy in WI

  211. 1. I’m thankful for my 2 healthy children.
    2. I’m thankful for the challenge of raising them.
    3. I’m thankful for their father who is a good dad, even though we are not married any longer.

  212. 1. thrill of a good book
    2. Sunday mornings in church with my teenagers praising the Lord.
    3. Son reading his Bible alone in his room.

  213. For a husband who loves me more than I think I deserve, for a new home waiting for us in just a short(long) month, and for peace that passes ALL understanding.

  214. As always, Ann, a very encouraging post! These are just 3 things on my Gratitude list this morning:
    1. My (almost) 21yo soldier boy is home from 5 mos. military training.
    2. Children (even the 16 and 14yo!) joyfully playing tag out in the cold TX weather.
    3. JOY that can’t be taken away (only given away) especially on the tough days.
    Love and Blessings from Avodah Farms

  215. You did it again Ann! You wrote my heart especially, today.
    I am struggling ever so badly today with why I feel so wretched having every blessing I don’t deserve. Beautiful children I love. A husband who adores me. A home created for God. Everything and more I could ever dream of having. Yet here I struggle with being disappointed with myself for not being good enough and counting all my failures!! I honestly feel like I am the only one who ever deals with such a thing!
    I’ve been pondering for weeks whether I should join the 1000 Gifts community. I have started a few gifts in my personal journal, but haven’t written much lately (or at least haven’t numbered them).
    The demands in days like today seem to multiply and scream louder than ever. The guilt piles on for even having such feelings.
    I’m ready, now, to join you in community on Mondays. I will email you as well, since there are so many posts here. But thank you – thank you for a transparent heart, because it reaches mine. Please know God is using you, faithful daughter of the King. You are precious…not because I think you’re perfect, but because you’re real and your brokenness before the Lord is radiant and beautiful.
    I am thankful for…
    27. pen and paper
    28. babies who need me
    29. a husband who adores me, and his family

  216. 1: to actually have a job.
    2: food in my stomach
    3: a dry, warm place to sleep at night
    4: (not to mention a great man to snuggle with!)

  217. thank you Ann
    that was beautiful
    I’m so grateful that you have come out from where you were 3 years ago
    thank you Lord!
    The last 2 years I have been broken, empty, in darkness, with no hope.
    I have read your blog over those years.
    God is bringing the joy for me too, as he promises… a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair 🙂
    I thought it would never come.
    There was no life left, just ashes.
    And now I see the crown of beauty coming out of those ashes of nothingness. Life from ashes! It is quite amazing 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your thanks day by day by day by day.
    It helped me to see my gifts too, and allowed me to be healed from a dark, dead soul.
    *I’m grateful for you sharing your thanks on your blog for so long
    *for being open and transparent about your struggles in this post. I know the place of which you speak
    * I am grateful that you are healing so beautifully. I join you in your words,
    ‘I just might live. Even abundantly.’
    with love and thanks
    Ruth in NZ
    Mom of 6

  218. 1. My strong boy who just turned 9.
    2. Dirt broken with anticipation.
    3. Corn cob remnants.
    And oh so many more! Our God is a kind and gracious God.

  219. Mercies new every morning.
    Hot coffee brought to me with a morning kiss.
    Sharing my day learning with my girls.
    Oh how many are the mercies of the Lord toward us!

  220. I have much to be thankful for, but that you would ask for three is exactly the number on the top of my list this Thanksgiving!!!
    1. My early diagnosis of breast cancer allowed me to complete treatments in 2 months, and I am now cancer-free!
    2. My firefighter son-in-law was injured in a severe fire a week after my cancer surgery. God protected him in the fire and spared me “sorrow upon sorrow.”
    3. My precious mother-in-love had open-heart surgery the week I finished radiation. She knows Jesus as her Savior, but I’m glad I don’t have to wait until I get to heaven to see her again – she will be going home this week!
    I am blessed,

  221. 1. The colors of fall; the beauty of death.
    2. Traditions; instant memory makers.
    3. My husband; my best friend.

  222. 1. A blooming relationship with a daughter who has been estranged.
    2. The unconditional love and devotion of a kitten.
    3. Most of all, the unconditional love, loving companionship, and the bountiful privision of my Heavenly Father.

  223. 1. Hope. Always when I forget, I am reminded that hope is only a prayer away.
    2. Late November sun that allows me to finish cleaning up the garden without chill or rain.
    3. Hearing the chatter and friendship of my girls as they eat their afternoon snack.

  224. I am thankful for my home – it is a cozy place for the six of us. I am exceedingly thankful that my Mom is still alive, close by, in good health, and we are good friends. I am overwhelmingly thankful that God uses His people to bless me. God is good. Even when….

  225. 1. The joy of time spent with kids and grands.
    2. The Word to wash my heart and mind.
    3. His unchanging love and mercy.

  226. 1.The finished work of salvation in which I can rest
    2.His love that covers a multitude of sins
    3.My littlest one on my lap

  227. 1. living close to a fabulous children’s hospital so my daughter got the best care when we needed it a few days ago
    2. my beautiful children with sweet spirits who keep me going when I don’t always want to
    3. my amazing husband who works his tail off to provide for us so I can stay home and homeschool our kids

  228. 1-i am thankful to have the opportunity to parent
    2-i am thankful for flexible work that allows me to be home a couple days each week as a mother
    3-i am thankful to my sons first mother, making the most courageous, painful and difficult decision one could make-to make an adoption plan.

  229. 1. A summer full of outings with my 3 children in Chicago
    2. The book, Crazy Love
    3. God’s love and forgiveness

  230. 1. My 3 beautiful adopted children and sweet little foster baby
    2. My amazing, funny, loving, dedicated husband
    3. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  231. 1. Colors- they are all beautiful!
    2. The blessing of motherhood.
    3. Friends in the trenches with me.
    Ann thank you so much for sharing your heart and always pointing us back to the LORD.

  232. 1. A future not fixed on earthly things where moth and rust destroy…or theives break in to steal…
    2. Peace that ONLY comes from the Father above…inner peace ~ the deep peace that comes from salvation…
    3. Joy ~ earthly joy from children’s laughter and their peaceful expressions of sleeptime to the greater Joy of having His truth ~ life breathing in the midst of a dying world…

  233. 1. an amazing husband
    2. parents who demonstrate love
    3. being 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy child

  234. 1. the opportunity to learn
    2. friends who find a way when I cannot
    3. God’s work behind the scenes of my life

  235. This post brought me to tears. Such a beautiful articulation of something so real to me as well. Thank you. I already started my list and joined the community over on your blog.

  236. 1. the excitement of a little boy to see his Mama
    2. the grin of a baby girl as she gets mobile enough to explore her world
    3. the unexpected gift from my sweet husband to me on an unexpected, ordinary day
    indeed, I am blessed

  237. I am going to cheat because I have 5 and I can not leave one out.
    1. Jessica Michelle
    2. Triton Bishop
    3. Vincent Quinn
    4. Zarek Devon
    5. Ella Shae
    I list these because in 1995 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and told I had a 97% chance of never having any children. I gave it to the Lord and told Him “thy will be done”, now they alone are a daily reminder that the Lord has never stopped blessing me even when I can’t see it.

  238. 1. a cold dreary day which makes me enjoy the beautiful days all the more.
    2. hot running water in my morning shower.
    3. the wonders of the age we live in with so many marvels to delight me.

  239. 1. For joyful answers to tearful prayers!
    2. For a godly husband who shares this life!
    3. For undeserved favor and forgiveness rom a loving God!

  240. I do it not for the candles, but for the light:
    1. grinning girl baking cookies
    2. the reaction between vinegar and baking soda
    3. balmy fall day

  241. 1. For my commute… a time God provides for me to pray
    2. For a friend who understands me
    3. a job in times of uncertainty

  242. 1. Forgiveness from sin
    2. Children’s voices singing thanks to God
    3. Family that loves and sees only the good
    Ann, you are inspiration in daily life. Thank you

  243. 1. That my 6-year-old is alive and laughing and playing while going through his 7th round of chemo for brain cancer.
    2. That friends have encouraged me to no end.
    3. For each day that is a gift.

  244. 1) Seeing my husband’s smiling face after a long year’s deployment.
    2) The people in my life that love me…no matter how well they get to know me.
    3) A long, hot bath and a good book.

  245. 1. Hugs from my little girl just because!
    2. The joy of the Lord is my strength.
    3. My husband – his love and support.

  246. 1. I thank my God for sustaining and strengthening me through a rough 4 months of pregnancy.
    2. I am thankful for the times a well-rested child crawls onto my lap for hugs.
    3. I am thankful my wonderful husband is such a support and is my best friend.

  247. 1. the healing of a friend’s near-death baby
    2. first steps of a red-headed grand-niece
    3. sweet rain in the night.

  248. 1. For a Godly place to work each day.
    2. For early morning coffee talk with husband.
    3. For warm November days.

  249. 1. my sweet granddaughter who just turned two.
    2. wonderful friends
    3. this beautiful clear fall day

  250. 1. Little boy dressed up as Peter Pan, begging for me to be Wendy. (I happily oblige)
    2. Cool, crisp Fall afternoon. (Soup day)
    3. Wonderful friend who provided the soup!

  251. 1. He is good all the time, no matter what my emotions or mind is telling me
    2. finally a baby (the 3rd) who likes to snuggle
    3. my most unique and hilarious daughter Hope & her awesome big brother who is learning how to write his letters! so fun!

  252. 1. Joy in the Ordinary moments, such as the familiar scent of home.
    2. A child’s definition of love – pure, innocent, untamed.
    3. A heart that longs for a husband. Through this journey of WAIT, He has shown me over and over again that He wants so much MORE for me than I ever dreamed possible for myself. I praise Him that I never once lowered to my own standards but continue to hold His as supreme.

  253. 1. Thankful for each new day and that the cares of yesterday are gone.
    2. Thankful for his abundance, though to some it may seem we have little…yet we always have “enough”.
    3. Ever so thankful for the biggest gift of all, the gift of the cross.

  254. 1. An awesome bible study on the Gospel of John with other young adult women.
    2. Nannying for three Christian families in which I can share my faith with the little kids.
    3. Great friends who help me on my walk with Christ.

  255. 1. my cat Mara, who drives me crazy and shows me love
    2. reconnecting with old friends in new places, like finding a high school friend online with an encouraging blog
    3. a smile or laugh shared with coworkers that makes a difficult job easier to bear

  256. I am thankful for…
    1. Time to spend with my very sick friend
    2. The sound of a windy day
    3. Music by Anna-Lynne Williams

  257. 1. My group of moms that meet every wed to pray for our kids in the schools.
    2.The peace that I only get from my Savior
    3. Christian women sharing their hearts in blogs.THANKYOU!!

  258. 1. Jesus Christ, the Amazing Son of God who showers Amazing Grace.
    2. My wonderful husband who loves me in spite of me.
    3. My six sweet children.
    Loved it again, Ann. You are a blessing, too.

  259. 1. The gift of the Holy Spirit; comforter, guide, and truth-revealer.
    2. Brothers who delight in each other’s company, and look out for one another.
    3. Being married to my best friend.

  260. 1.little voices who raise praise
    2. The soft fur of a fluffy kitty
    3. A Bible study that draws me into His word & closer to Him.

  261. Sweet Ann,
    I just posted my list over at your quiet corner. I don’t need to be entered in the giveaway. You have given me so much by inviting me on this journey with you. How it has blessed my heart. How it has changed my heart.
    Thank you dear, sweet friend.

  262. 1. Monday mornings spent quietly with the Lord.
    2. My youngest sleeping in until 11 catching up on lost sleep during our church retreat.
    3. Our dog happy to see us back home.

  263. I am thankful for salvation, mercy and grace.
    I am brimming over with gratitude for my
    loving family.
    I am so very thankful for Angie Smith’s blog,
    Bring the Rain. That led to Bloom Book Club
    and Crazy Love, Chapter Six, reviewed by
    Ann. Ann you are truly one of God’s most
    beautiful angels.

  264. friends…sleeping children…warm tea…candlelight… clean diapers…dinner made…napkins (and the rest of the laundry!) folded…new life…books waiting to be read…i can’t stop at just three!

  265. 1. golden warm sunlight illuminating fall leaves against a vivid blue sky
    2. a basket fo assorted chocolates awaiting me on my desk this morning from a coworker thanking me for last minute help on Friday
    3. ten extra minutes at lunch to soak in the sun and thaw my fingers

  266. 1.Small table and chair set specifically for morning devotions and prayer
    2. My husband’s solid, steady, encouraging faith
    3. mild sunny day in November

  267. 1. My amazing twin girls
    2. A truly understanding and supportive best friend
    3. The love of God even in my darkest depths

  268. 1. New mercies after hard days.
    2. Homeless friends who model real faith.
    3. Babies who trust and rest…and remind me to Trust and Rest.

  269. 1. My families health
    2. A job that more than meets our needs.
    3. A safe home during the fall storms.

  270. 1. Amazing Grace
    2. Warm smile of my husband
    3. Sounds of my children (10 and 12) playing together:)

  271. 1. My hubby who I could not imagine life without.
    2. Jesus–who always has my back.
    3. The sweet laughter and play of the 3 boys.

  272. 1.My mother living with me.2.four healthy children.3.being able to seek encouragement from other’s words, on-line.

  273. 1- Having a job I love, giving people joy at seeing their babies, crying with them both in good and bad time….( I am a ultrasound tech in a OB office)
    2- my two wonderful…at least most of the time…kids, happy and healthy. so Thankful for that
    3-My wonderful God who continues to love me no matter what I say or do.

  274. 1. all three playing together, friends, filling the evening with togetherness and memories
    2. i’m wiping away tears, a mess before the day has even begun – he’s frustrated but suddenly remembers and instead of backing away, he offers a hug. “I have just 7 words,” he says, “…I love you & I’m not going anywhere.”
    3. a 10 minute walk in the brisk November afternoon

  275. I am thankful for my 4 precious adopted children, my wonderful husband, but most of all, for my matchless savior…and many more as well…not enough room to count them all.

  276. 1. the joy of answered prayer in the baby growing in daughter’s belly
    2. tears that fall as an offering to the Lord when real worship happens
    3. memories of an earthly father who loved me with actions more often than words.

  277. 1. My husband who loves me even when I’m ugly.
    2. My kids who are a blessing I do not deserve.
    3. My God whose grace covers all of my sins.

  278. 1.a merciful Savior
    2.bloggers who offer the same prayers, on the same morning, around the same time, separated by timezones on earth, but by nothing in the Father’s throneroom
    3.kind bank managers who take time for little kids depositing birthday money

  279. 1. Deep burgundy candles softly glowing on the table.
    2. Evening that brings quiet from a disquieted day.
    3. Each day my mother lives and laughs in the house next door.
    Beautiful words, Friend Ann.

  280. 1. A word of encouragement
    2. The smell of homemade applesauce simmering on the stove
    3. The beauty of simple things like the flame of a candle flickering on the wall

  281. 1. Colleagues who leave detailed and complete lesson plans for substitute teachers (me!).
    2. The smell of supper ready in the crockpot when I walk through the door.
    3. Packages of summer fresh vegetables waiting in the deep freeze.

  282. 1. The Word of God – living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.
    2. Children’s laughter that brings joy even in difficult circumstances.
    3. My husband and father of my children who is my partner in life’s journey.

  283. 1. I’m thankful for people’s honesty of where they are at in life or where they’ve been. It’s an encouragement 🙂
    2. Snow that glistens like diamonds in the sunshine!
    3. A husband who loves me as I am 🙂

  284. 1. Be still to God’s whispers and obeying Him even when I didn’t want to
    2. My family who loves me for me
    3. My husband getting a job

  285. 1. November winds that bring calm and peace
    2. Sweetness of soft new hair on baby heads
    3. Embraces at just the right moments from loved ones

  286. 1. The fresh filling of His Holy Spirit
    2. His sweet voice speaking LIFE to my very soul
    3. So. Much. JOY. IN. HIM. that it overflows…
    Thank you Ann for sharing your 1000 gifts…

  287. Thankful for the Lord’s blessing in my life, reminding me that my ways and wants and not what He wants (necessarily 🙂 for me.
    Thankful for the blessings of a good job which allows me to help others find help they need.
    Thankful for family and friends who lift me up when I stumble and remind me of who I am and what I mean to them and to others so that when I feel so alone I really am not, if I remember that the Lord is with me always.

  288. 1. Being able to turn to God, no matter what.
    2. Healthy husband and children.
    3. Watching my children find joy in the everyday things.

  289. 1. a husband who stays up late to load the dishwasher and wipe counters.
    2. sweet baby grins and giggles
    3. good health and the ability to care for my family.

  290. 1. Seeing my college son grow spiritually in Christ.
    2. The finances to purchase new contact lenses and glasses for my daughters.
    3. The beauty of music.

  291. I thank God, humbly, for my broken womb and a healthy heart above it that “gave birth” to two beautiful adopted children.
    I thank God for my husband who loves me because the older I get, the more I realise how rare that kind of love is. It’s the closest thing I can think of to unconditional love here on Earth.
    I thank God for my fears because through them I search for Him, find Him, and cling to Him even more.

  292. Thankful for lessons learned, improving marriage, and hope for a little one to be joining us soon. =) Thanks Lord!

  293. 1. A happy little boy trying to make mommy sit and listen
    2. The joy of a little girl as she wins
    3. An answered prayer that our future is in His hands

  294. 1. People who point me to Jesus
    2. People who remind me to be grateful
    3. Music that feeds me to the depths of my soul
    Thank you for encouraging me to join the Gratitude Community! I’m on #360 and hope to finish 1000 by the end of the year! Thanks, Ann! xoxo

  295. 1. The One who was and is and is to come, forgiving, saving me
    2. Two of us, hand in hand, heart in heart, stumbling, running, relishing this life’s pilgrimage together
    4. Three vessels, recipients of this Momma’s heart, full of joy and wonder, pouring out love and hope, held close and treasured much

  296. 1. My Lord’s ‘ever presence’
    2. My three children…gifted through another’s womb
    3. My husband, my dearest, my rock…

  297. 1. Beloved Senior Adults at my church.
    2. Worship music
    3. Jesus in other people- challenging me with the way they see Him and interact with Him.

  298. 1. I am thankful for my children, their laughs, curiousity, and adventureness.
    2. I am thankful for my husband and the strength and love he provides our family.
    3. I am thankful for a place to come online to be inspired, to remember the forgotten, and to give thanks.
    Thank you!

  299. 1. Learning life lessons and wisdom at a relatively young age, in a relatively gentle way, by the grace and provision of God and His faithful servants.
    2. Music; always music. Always something new to discover, much like the Word of God.
    3. The fun of baking (and eating)!

  300. I am so thankful for:
    1. For your blog Ann – words cannot express and you will never know in your lifetime. how much it blesses me….
    2. That 28 yrs of misery and searching, God drew me to Himself, and I simply could no longer resist.
    3. That He grew in me a love for His Word like I could never have known.

  301. 1. Easier breathing for my girl after a late night nebulizer treatment.
    2. Uplifting conversation with a friend.
    3. Brightly colored leaves.

  302. 1. the smell of fall
    2. the sound of rain during the evening
    3. the Word of God that reminds me how much Jesus loves me

  303. 1. I’m thankful for my Lord
    2. I’m thankful my 11-year-old experienced God’s courage and after 4 years, gave himself his first insulin shot all by himself!
    3. I’m thankful for a day home from work today!

  304. 1. 10 beautiful grandchildren that I adore
    2. husband who still makes me laugh
    3. beautiful worship music that helps me to focus on all the blessings in my life

  305. 1. His grace that covers my shame no matter how many times I try to say it’s not enough.
    2. His whispered, “Hey there, gorgeous!”
    3. His saints (like Ann) who share their own dark places and (in)courage us to hold ours up to the Light!

  306. Snuggles with little ones on a snowy morning.
    Elderberry – gift from God – to keep off sickness
    A husband who seeks Him as he guides this family.
    Ann – as always, it is wonderful to meet up with you anywhere, here, there (HE) or even when you slip a sweet note into the box at my place.
    Thank you for sharing with us. Oh, the words today speak volumes to this soul.

  307. 1. Provisions when I can’t see how it will happen…and in time to mark my son’s second birthday.
    2. Sunday morning word from God and fellowship with His people.
    3. Music.

  308. 1.Having the priviledge of caring for my Mom and Dad in their last years. 2.Hearing the sweet voice of my granddaughter over the phone, though I haven’t been able to see her in over a year. 3.A Father God who loves me so much and holds me so close.

  309. 1. Giggles from from a group of skipping 4 year-old ballerinas
    2. Warm water
    3. Long, strong hugs from a baby boy in fleece pajamas

  310. 1. Nursing babies
    2. 12-year-old big brother that will happily change baby sister’s diaper
    3. Fellow homeschooling moms that are supportive to each other
    Ann- Thank you for the reminder to give thanks.

  311. 1. For a God who loved me enough to save me.
    2. For my family’s health
    3. For my husband’s job
    Wow, just three? That’s hard 🙂

  312. 1. My two children, a gift from God from China to a single mother longing for little hands to hold.
    2. The hard times with the family born to me that make me appreciate the family that was given to me for my very own. Love is thicker than blood.
    3. The dreams that keep me going that our difficult living situation will improve and my children will know a better world around them.

  313. Today, I can walk. When I was ten, I was paralyzed for one year. Hallelujah!
    I have an abundantly happy marriage and three fine sons. Joy and Chaos!
    I have recurring battles with depression that keep me in touch with the pain of the world that I might be a more effective chaplain. These are not pleasant, but they are part of accomplishing God’s purpose in the world, so I can honestly give thanks (most of the time).

  314. 1. God’s grace
    2. Sweet love and understanding from two beautiful children
    3. For God’s patience with me

  315. 1. battle scars of motherhood
    2. anticipation of seeing my mom again
    3. possible snow today

  316. Your post was such a blessing! Thank you for your God-breathed words!
    I am thankful for:
    1. A faithful husband who is a man of integrity.
    2. Ten healthy, happy children.
    3. My Lord who loves me no matter how unlovable I am.
    4. Ann’s blog!

  317. 1.) teaching english with Jesus’ love to refugees-vessels of hope and perseverance
    2.) Bird droppings on the walkway in the morning–because it comforts me knowing these great beasts have been present and grazing in the early hours before I work
    3.) Rediscovering old stories, beautiful truths, and companion authors–letting the beauty seep deeper into this season of life

  318. 1. Definitely coffee on an early morning with my 2 young girls.
    2. Help from my heavenly father about how to be a better mother. His ways are better than any other way. His way are simple, love, kindness, patience, peace…sounds simple, but when I am not these things I am grateful for a father who forgives me.
    3. Our new windows! After a year of not seeing clearly our GORGEOUS country yard, I now see so vividly. Ahh renovations of the home, renovations of the heart. Being under construction is not so bad 🙂

  319. 1. my oldest daughter, who is also becoming my friend
    2. a husband who doesn’t know what “skinny latte, no whip” even means. A strong, simple man.
    3. red barn against blue sky.

  320. 1. for pain that forces me to trust [in God]
    2. for happy family surrouding the table
    3. for music that stirs the soul
    Thank you, Ann ~ your words are always so encouraging.

  321. 1. The love of my family
    2. A precious – just what my son needed – daughter-in-law; God’s answer to my prayer since he was a baby.
    3. Three dear little children that I am substitute “grandma” to.

  322. 1. Thankful that my husband still has a job.
    2. Thankful for the barbies that clutter my house.
    3. Thankful for my family’s health.

  323. He reduces.
    He reveals.
    He restores.
    He redeems.
    He makes all things new.
    1. My name is written in His Book of Life.
    2. I have been covered by a garment of grace.
    3. My hope’s foundation is eternal.
    Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts.

  324. 1. for my friend Julie that i dont get to spend nearly enough time with but who always remebers me and sent me this post.
    2. for the hug I recieved from my little boy this morning.
    3. for the simple pleasure eating honet nut cheerios brings.

  325. For three losses this year ~
    1~loss of my mother-in-law – for the time we had before she was gone.
    2~ loss of a job – for God providing a new one at just the right time.
    3~ loss of a baby – for God’s gift of six others.
    And for all he has taught me through these losses, however difficult the lesson.

  326. I am thankful for peaceful rest.
    …for the natural world around me that reminds me that I am just a small part of all of this….
    and for the capacity to learn, to change and be transformed.

  327. 1. For a miracle baby we dedicated this weekend.
    2. For parents who could and would drive so far for a special occasion.
    3. For the love and laughter between two little sisters!

  328. 1. The exurberant laughter of my 3 yr old grandaughter, Lily Kate.
    2. My husband adores me. Absolutely. Amazing.
    3. The sweetness of a growing, healthy relationship with my mother – I’m 57, she’s 84 — ’bout time, huh? It’s sweet for the first time. Thank you Lord!
    And countless other blessings and things I thank Him for….
    Gwyn Rosser

  329. 1. How I thank you that my help is in You!
    2. Blessing in any amount of pain relief.
    3. That You’ve given me more of a heart to forgive others.

  330. thank you for fresh coffee in the morning with which to enjoy my bible study
    thank you for 4 healthy boys who are still sleeping
    thank you for beginning to create beauty from the ashes of my grief.

  331. 1. sibling kindnesses
    2. hints of direction from God
    3. simple, daily acts of service between husband and wife

  332. Knowing I’ll spend eternity with my Lord in heaven.
    Knowing my children will too.
    For moments when I hear God’s gentle reminder that HE loves ME!

  333. 1. connections only God can make
    2. seeing hope in the golden light of autumn
    3. laughing over nothing with the ones I love

  334. Well, after reading the latest post, I will first say that I am thankful for my struggles (or at least I’m trying to be). I am also thankful for the love of my Father who adores me in all my messiness and I am thankful for my husband and my family who love me in my messiness too.

  335. 1. The finished work of Jesus Christ for me on the Cross!
    2. God’s Word ~ Nourishment for the soul
    3. Family ~ Richest blessings from Him!
    I LOVE doing this!! Such blessings!
    Thanks so much Ann ~ God is using you…look to Him moment by moment!

  336. 1. harvest of fruit appearing in children’s lives.
    2. tender compassion of my husband
    3. peace

  337. I am looking forward to reading more of you now that I am following The Holy Experience. This is a treat for my spirit.
    1- I receive wisdom with thanks.
    2- I receive knowledge with thanks.
    3- I receive social favor with thanks.
    4- I receive abundant financial blessings with thanks.

  338. 1. Knowing I will see my Grandparents again (they died in Sept. 3 wks. apart).
    2. The ability to attend church freely.
    3. My wonderful kids and husband (of 20 yrs.)

  339. 1. A warm house.
    2. Provision during single parenthood. Unexpected help to hook up the washing machine, anchor the swingset, drop off a needed bag of groceries.
    3. The early morning sight of frosted grass with sunlight dazzling a million diamonds thrown by HIS hand. The breath catch as the kids and I take in such a lavish gift for the heart and eye as we welcome this new day.

  340. 1. That I can be home with my children, homeschooling them and building relationships with them.
    2. A Pastor that preaches the Word faithfully.
    3. A God that loves ME!

  341. His body lying next to me again after four long days…
    Their hair, eyes, limbs that so reminded me of him all those four long days…
    Four long days to remember how very much I need him, how very blessed I am.
    How you bless with this thanks-practice, Ann. It has indeed changed me. I find myself in the middle of struggle, and smile because all I can think is, What are you thankful for, Elise?
    Love you.

  342. 1. a good paying job so I can sow into the kingdom of God
    2. a depressed husband who got out of bed and made me lunch today
    3. a sore throat to remind me how good well feels when its over

  343. 1. Watching my girls donate their hair to a great cause.
    2. Being greeted with a smile when I go to get my boy up in the morning.
    3. The encouragement received from reading a great book – in my case, “Same Kind of Different As Me.”

  344. 1.) connecting with someone new, learning their story and marveling at the obvious ways God has marked their life with love
    2.) the willingness of friends and family to step in and serve out of love
    3.) beautiful cradle made 4 generations ago for a tiny wrinkled newborn rocking and soothing a new person that God knew even way back then.

  345. 1. For my Father in heaven. That he loves me uncontionally.
    2. My husband who works so hard and who loves me.
    3. The sunshine that warms me on this cold autumn day.

  346. 1. A husband who longs to know you more.
    2. The realization that we must work for things that last forever as opposed to things that pass away.
    3. Healthy children who are learning to serve others for the King.

  347. 1. God’s Word- quick and powerful
    2. My almost grown daughter surrendering to the Lord
    3. God’s provision and Patience.

  348. 1. early morning snuggles with my 2 little boys
    2. the Word which convicts & encourages
    3. the steady, patient love of my husband
    Ann, I was recently steered to your blog via a friend. Thank you for sharing of yourself so beautifully and honestly. It has encouraged me more than you can know.

  349. 1. Hearing my unseen little one’s heartbeat for the first time.
    2. Being able to partner with my husband in his life’s work.
    3. To be able to pray with my children before they head off to school.

  350. Mothers of 12 aren’t supposed to have thoughts like that, either. The name-calling is so ugly at times I’d like to lobotomize wherever in my brain it originates. Your words are so very appropriate for me today, God might as well be breaking open the clouds to shout them at me. I’d say “okay okay I can take a hint!” but obviously I can’t…
    1. The anchor of my soul, that Savior who never, never, never gives up. Never ceases to woo and insist that HE LOVES ME, even when I clap my hands over my ears and say “nahnahnah, not listening!”
    2. For a 19 month old who just learned to give real kisses, and gives them readily and with joy (not to mention slobber).
    3. For a pregnancy that may or may not result in a baby 7+ months hence. The soul is already loved, regardless.

  351. 1. the unending love and salvation of my Savior and His desire to spend time with me!!
    2. my Amazing husband who is my best friend, soul mate, the one that God created just for me..
    3.this is fitting!! my 3 kiddos, who absolutely are the light in my eyes and the calling of my life.. to be Mommy, the best gift ever!

  352. 1.Beautiful women with beautiful words praising and AWESOME God.
    2.Renewed assurances from my heavenly Father.
    3.The miraculous things God is doing in the heart of this daughter.

  353. I am thankful for: 1. Friends that encourage me in my walk with God
    2. My children and how they love me despite my constant failure 3. My precious husband who makes this journey fun!

  354. 1. My son, Nick, no longer suffers with cancer. But, Oh how I miss him.
    2. My sweet little sunshine of a Grandaughter, Emily.
    3. Grace for another day.

  355. 1. the possibility of a reconciled relationship where ministry was threatened.
    2. a voice to sing praise
    3. a 17 yr old son who is grateful

  356. 1. Mercies new every morning
    2. Parents who raised me in the Word
    3. The opportunity to swim again

  357. 1. Visit from grandkids that live far away.
    2. Little arms that wrap around my neck in hugs.
    3. Tiny voices that whisper “I love you to the stars”.

  358. 1. God’s gentle persistence in lovingly leading me forward, onward, Homeward.
    2. A clear answer to prayer in just one day (why didn’t I pray sooner?)!
    3. Meaningful work, daily bread, family…this list will definitely hit 1000!

  359. 1. 2 lb. preemie baby now a healthy, happy, smiling, gurgling, beaming 11 pounds!
    2. 2-year-old son of few words telling Grandma “I love you.”
    3. 5-year-old daughter softly stroking my face while I read to her.
    Hard to stop once you get started! 🙂

  360. 1. A home that is and contains always more than enough, no matter my momentary doubts.
    2. My little boys with tender hearts and boyful energy more than I could’ve ever imagined.
    3. My ever-faithful husband who always knows how to best encourage and challenge each one in our family.

  361. 1. Not being afraid of death anymore, because I know that absent from the body means present with my Jesus!
    2. A God that softened my heart so that I could hear his message.
    3. 3 healthy, loud, and messy children.

  362. 1. Warm sunlight dancing through blinds onto desk
    2. Music’s portal to deep places within me
    3. Found letters giving voice to those which have been long silent
    Thanks, Ann. Your blog is a continuing blessing to me.

  363. 1. Cool, crisp November mornings
    2. The warmth and crackle from a fireplace
    3. My son asking “what is fire?”

  364. 1. to find this site after a dreadful day, my heart stilled and filled with thanks
    2. soulfood – basmati rice and a few marshmallows for dessert (:
    3. the quiet if the night, sitting here beside the logfire – and God

  365. – a daughter who says she’s thankful for her family
    – a son who after 6 days of fever, is still the sweetest boy in the world and never complains
    – a husband who shares his life and ministry with me

  366. 1. Three beautiful and flawed-like-their-parents children and a faithful and wise husband who keeps pointing the way to the Best Love.
    2. Our fourth child already in Heaven – praising Jesus in His presence all the time!
    3. God’s graciousness and perfect timing in giving us a fifth child in the womb at just the time when I was expecting to be delivering the fourth.

  367. 1. Warm conversations with a far away daughter
    2. Being able to witness my daughter’s pure joy and happiness as she plans her wedding
    3. dimples deepened in smiling weathered face of my husband
    I’m grateful for an abundance of Joy in my family!

  368. 1. The blowing wind.
    2. Watching my children play together.
    3. God’s restoration & healing power.

  369. 1. Studying God’s Word with lovely friends.
    2. The gentle hope that comes when the news isn’t so good.
    3. A worn out teddy bear that has been overly hugged by a precious little girl.

  370. 1) the job that has taken my husband out of town for 6 weeks before Christmas – that is just the provision we needed, just in the nick of time!
    2) a small community of believers that cares for me
    3) used books on amazon 🙂

  371. 1. warm, sweet, sweaty snuggling up to sleeping little boy.
    2. birdsong outside my suburban window
    3. godsong surrounding me, within me, in quiet, in chaos, always.

  372. 1. God’s perfect provision-emotional, spiritual, financial, physical. Thank you Lord for supplying all that I need and then some.
    2. (In) So perfectly named, whoever thought of it deserves a raise and a great, big hug.
    3.Much needed weekends alone with my husband & and wonderful Mondays when the kids come back.

  373. 1. The gift of holding on to Grace while navigating a stormy patch.
    2. Dear husband who holds my hand and listens to me as I remember to hold on and trust.
    3. Four beautiful, golden maple tree-companions who’s presence I’ve come to cherish.

  374. 1.God’s relentless LOVE
    2.Seeds of hope
    3.Words…. of truth which lead to a whole new perspective

  375. 1. For a God who can handle everything.
    2. For family who drop their plans to handle crisis with prayer and Godly wisdom.
    3. For love without end when the whole world feels like it is shaking.

  376. 1. My very dear sister who will be my neighbor within the month!
    2. An answer to prayer given in God’s perfect timing.
    3. My two-year old grandson’s precious nose prints on the window of my front door. They make me happy.

  377. 1. second chances
    2. strength in weakness
    3. hope
    Thank you, Ann, for being transparent and a willing vessel for Him ~ you bless as you pour yourself out…!

  378. 1. Retired folks who give up their mornings to be elementary school crossing guards.
    2. Sitting around a living room with dear friends and praying for each other.
    3. Opening the mailbox and finding a love letter of scribbles from my two year old niece.

  379. 1. Dinner with my family.
    2. The interesting thoughts that come from my boys. Most make me laugh.
    3. Quiet evenings

  380. 1. For the smell of apple butter cooking down in the oven.
    2. For peace at the loss of my husband’s job.
    3. For the warmth of a wood burner on a chilly, windy night.

  381. 1. my beloved husband and great kids
    2. this glorious fall weather
    3. quiet time to rejuvenate the soul

  382. 1. “listening practice” each morning in His Word
    2. Being drawn to pray at the soccer field where the immigrants play
    3. hearing a call growing louder

  383. 1)Christ, who is my life.
    2)Enormous smile of love from my love.
    3)Priviledge of being called Mom/Mommy by nine amazing gifts.

  384. 1. conversations with family- seeing that God truly has a grand plan.
    2. Feeling God speak through me as I teach.
    3. Living in a loving community of beautiful believers.

  385. 1. God’s amazing grace and His mercies which are new every morning
    2. That HE has my life in His hands – “He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
    3. My precious family (My parents and 11 younger brothers and sisters!)

  386. 1. A healthy family…After losing my Mom to cancer two years ago, and hearing this afternoon that a they don’t think my friend’s Mom will see tomorrow’s sunrise. Death, an aching ugliness we must witness on this side of heaven. Forever abolished when He makes all things new.
    2. A cooing baby, whose greatest obstacle is learning to roll over.
    3. Such boundless love from my Savior, that I wonder how long I can possibly be this filled with hope and joy?

  387. 1. My gorgeous and wonderful husband.
    2. My fantastic family – immediate and extended.
    3. Amazing friends who challenge and encourage me daily.

  388. 1) A beautiful new copper tea kettle from my husband for our 7th anniversary (thanks for my marriage and husband)!
    2) the fun of sharing tea time with my husband, kids, and friends
    3) A great friend to watch my kids for 2 hrs. tomorrow so I can get some much needed work done around the house without my precious little sidekicks! So many more…but that’s a start! 🙂

  389. 1. God’s grace…given again
    2. Fears turned into trust
    3. Adoption…children and to be God’s child

  390. 1. My husband, who loves me… the me that no one else (except God!) sees and the one I think no one could possibly love.
    2. The way my three year old loves God, though he barely understands.
    3. I am so thankful for my 2 babies in heaven and knowing that they will never know a day of pain but were created for a life of joy in God’s presence.

  391. 1. I have a Savior who faithfully feeds my hungry soul with food that satisfies indeed.
    2. The children’s constant swirl of laughter, chatter, ideas and tears through full days.
    3. That I’m loved by my man in ways I can’t even love back.

  392. 1. Answered prayer ….especially for comfort
    for those recent losses of dads in our community and some grandfathers. Funerals have been an odd blessing.
    2. Feasting…with family, food, and friends
    3. good curriculum. Amen to that if you homeschool.

  393. 1. That my oldest son has found joy in hard work. (Even if it’s not for me.)
    2. The priviledge of living every day with my children at home. (Even when it’s hard, like today was.)
    3. A happy friend to chat with on the phone.

  394. Thanks for the reminder, sweet Ann.
    1. My 4 year old’s newly acquired, delightful uptilted little laugh at the end of every statement
    2. My 5 year old who is (finally!) going in for some needed dental work in the morning
    3. For a dear husband who is willing to stay off work to take her since the last trip I made with her alone ended badly
    Praise God!

  395. -his notes left in the house (and skype) that keep my sweetie close even though he’s across the ocean
    -restless but quiet nights rocking a sweet baby who is wrestling with a new leg brace
    -this lovely cool air, good-bye texas heat, hello holidays

  396. 1. My precious Father always listening, forgiving, guiding, loving IF only I will listen
    2. A heart turned to joy and grace by practicing grattitude
    3. A new picture of thanks when the little voice says “mom, will you wipe my bottom?”

  397. 1. My daughter’s sweet, sleepy voice that says, “Good Morning, momma” every morning.
    2. My wonderful, caring, hardworking husband
    3. My life, with all it’s ups, downs & all-arounds!

  398. “Mothers of six aren’t supposed to think this way. Not the happily-married, not the financially solvent.
    Not the Christ-followers. ”
    What an achingly honest post that touched and warmed me. I was quietly reading and enjoying some stillness, and I felt you slipped next to me and offered me some fellowship. Thank you for showing us your real self.
    1. Truth and encouragement, tucked in unexpected, daily places.
    2. My kind, loving husband who is gentle and strong.
    3. The sound of my children speaking.

  399. 1. Blogs that inspire a closer walk with my Lord.
    2. Changing seasons
    3. Hard working, creative Husband.

  400. 1. Phonecalls from out-of-town husband; a reminder that he loves and misses us.
    2. Son playing 3 of 4 quarters of a basketball game and the joy he had in participating in the best game he has ever played!
    3. Daughter’s tummy better, son’s flu bug all gone, and mama’s almost flu bug defeated by prayer and God’s natural medicines.
    Thank you Ann for sharing your heart so beautifully and honestly.

  401. 1. Warm baby breathes brushing my shoulders.
    2.Husband who prays Again, for my same old struggle.
    3. God who never tires of hearing same old prayers.
    Ann-Your daily encouragement is the topic of conversation with many of my friends. You bring renewed hope, inspiration and kindling for friendship in Christ.

  402. 1. Happiness in the Lord
    2. “just enough” in strength, money and contentment.
    3. My job; that I have one and bless to those who don’t.

  403. 1. Watching my daughter with her Poppa.
    2. The excitement my son gets knowing we’re heading to Nana’s house.
    3. My husband – my rock on this earth.

  404. 1. saving grace – that God caught me at a young age and continues to help me learn how to surrender everything to him.
    2. a loving husband
    3. wonderful parents that emulate God’s love for me everyday.

  405. 1) My family; their grace and strength.
    2) Good jobs; Last year this one looked impossible.
    3) A safe, warm home and the abundance that fills it.

  406. For the laughter of my boys.
    For the sun on golden and evergreen leaves.
    For the love and support of wonderful friends.

  407. I am grateful for:
    1)God hearing my cry for true relationship with Him.
    2)Jesus-who obeyed His Father.
    3)The Holy Spirit who compels me to worship.
    Ann-Thank you….no words to describe my gratefulness for your blog and how God is using it in my life. Such beauty….

  408. I am not commenting for the lamps, rather to say, Ann, thank you. You do not know me, but I consider you a friend, the quiet, undemanding friend who can sit in a corner with me for an hour and say nearly nothing, and for that to have been enough. God uses you, your dirty laundry, your children’s tangles, your unmatched socks, and he does miraculous things in the hearts and lives of your unknown friends. My new year’s name is Joy, and its main focus is gratitude to conquer fear. Thank you for your words and your encouragement.

  409. 1.God protection of my parents house in the wind storm last night
    2.having a family, i could be all alone
    his mercy and amazing grace!extra credit

  410. 1.ability to grow in my faith by drawing even nearer than I thought.
    2. Seedless oranges 😉
    3. Quiet time players music – a blessing
    Thank you Abba Father.

  411. 1. Dancing to Oh happy day while washing down the garage
    2. Water running on bare feet
    3. Sweet, warm liquid sunshine on skin