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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. You would not believe how much in demand these little darlings were at Type-A Mom conference in Asheville–people were “begging” to win one! While it was FUN to have the privilege of giving them away to very happy recipients, I was a little bit sad not to be able to keep one :).
    I can’t wait to see what creative readers suggest! 🙂

  2. Remember to send me your cute ideas in PICTURES. I’m anxious to try out whrrl.
    Poor Robin. . . Maybe I can send you a Christmas present early. 🙂 Glad you heart them so much!

  3. Darn it! I gave all mine away at Type-a as well, but I used it for my laptop bag and it was soooooooooo…… cute! As soon as I get more I will take pics…in the meantime, I’ll pass on this post! 🙂

  4. Lisa Leonard’s new necklace – redeemed – is amazing! We’ll let you know when it’s available. Should be arriving this week!