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  1. Beautifully said and so true. We all need to read this and the see the truth in all of these verses.I pray everyone reads this and is truly blessed like I have been:) Thank you.

  2. Pamela:
    Thank God for you & your post. Today I welcome my husband home after a 2 week business trip. My husband travels more than he’s home & so I’m “in charge” most of the time. It’s hard to relinquish that position when he comes home. As much as I ache for him to be with us, we usually end up in a major fight within 24 hrs of his return because I resent that he doesn’t “integrate” as I think he should. Like you, I’ve tried to sweep the submission scripture under the rug, but today I’m polishing it & putting in on the shelf for the love of my Father & my beloved, but mostly for me, because I now have a new understanding of my position as wife. Again, bless you for your words.

  3. Hi Gem, Great question. Feel free to email me at itizbygrace@gmail.com. Oh boy, as I shared I could never get this, like you’ve mentioned above. Submission to our husbands is such a broad topic for us as wives, but I love that the we get the opportunity to dig our heels in with one another who are in this same season of ‘wifehood’ to explore, explain, and understand biblically what it truly means. I look forward to hearing from you ~

  4. Pamela,
    Gods Spirit has us saints intertwined together. When I wrote the note to you on Facebook, and I quote myself, “You are a blessing to your husband, and to his whole family.” I had not read your article. I thank God for you and for all the good in my life.

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey to becoming more Christ-like! I too struggled with the verse with the submission charge, but something that helped me was another verse instructing husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church (and He DIED FOR us) so that’s not exactly an easy role either. And as I tell my kids, we are only responsible for our own actions before God, not anyone else’s!

  6. Pamela – I am so glad that your decided to share your wisdom (and struggles with the world). Another fantasic and real piece that I enjoy. I can’t believe that you ever struggle with submission (except that I have had the honor of seeing you struggle and overcome) , you have been an incredible example to me in my marriage and always challenge me From The Word!
    Love and miss you tons

  7. Pamela, great words of wisdom!
    I am another one who struggled with submission only because of wrong teaching. When taught correctly, submission is freedom in a marriage! When we finally get it and learn to make submission a part of who we are, our husband follows our example (of Christ) and the couple begins to submit to one another.

  8. It’s amazing to see each one of your articles. Just when I think you’ve written your best one, you surprise me with something even more incredible! Keep inspiring the world. God has great plans for you – I know it!

  9. Excellent post Pamela! So wise. I loved how you shared the complete turnaround in your thinking from short end of the stick, to highly honored. I’ve never heard Phil 2:5-8 connected with the idea of a wife’s submission before, but it applies so beautifully. Thank you for a wonderful insight!

  10. I’ve been keeping eggs under my pillow for years. Possibly even hoarding them for the day I get the guts to throw them all, releasing anger and resentment for years of pain caused by my husbands drinking. Even part of me after understanding the truth in your writing struggles with obeying God’s word. If I question, barter, ask if He is sure and not just “do” I will miss many blessings. Something special was entrusted to me from my Lord and Savior-that must be enough. My heart desperately needed this today. I thank God for your words shared today. God Bless!

  11. Great post! Thank God for His words and His infinite wisdom! May He continue to bless and prosper you in doing His good will! love u girl! AK

  12. I read this a couple days ago, and then came back to partake some more…such incredible words.
    Growing up in bible churches, I can tell you that I have NEVER been taught submission from this perspective, and I am brought to lovely moving tears as I read this now. I can’t hardly bear what an amazing gifts we as wives have been given, it’s quietly so beautiful. Thank you for this!