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I'm the mother of two little girls, the wife of an amazing husband who'd rather play the guitar than anything else and I love to write. I spend my weekends watching my daughters ride horses and play soccer. I blog daily and my greatest wish is to see women healed...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh Sarah! You ALWAYS do an awesome job at applying your daily life to God’s lessons for you and then you share them very well! AWESOME, just awesome Sarah!
    I love you!
    I feel as if I can understand the repitition of trials now because of your statement, “I think this is when I understood that this is how God treats us, his rebellious children. He is the perfect father and we are tired, angry babies sometimes. We kick and fight and make it about something else. We simply do not want to obey.
    And it becomes not about the carrot.
    And he reasons, and asks, and tells us what is expected. We still cry and whine.
    Sometimes, he allows us to be disobedient and waits for another day when we might be more willing to be transformed to His likeness. He picks us up, exhausted from struggling, and carries us to our rooms. He smoothes our hair, tells us He loves us, and promises not to give up on us.”
    He’s, (God), giving me another opportunity to obey! Ooooooh, that’s it?! Okay.
    Then, you said this, “The next night, she ate the carrot. And has been eating (limited) vegetables ever since.”
    And I have to ask, “Will I EVER eat the carrot?”
    Thanks again Sarah.

  2. You are so right. Sometimes it’s not about the carrot. And sometimes it’s ok to give in.
    Also, it’s totally true that if you expect them to eat veggies from the beginning, they go down easier! (Experience is a good teacher – I’ve done it BOTH ways, too!)

  3. Wow. Wonderful.
    I have a very pick three-year-old, too. He’s *always* been picky, and I, too, usually take the path of least resistance. (He’s sitting across from me eating Cookie Crisp cereal for breakfast while my 18-month old–who eats anything–is eating scrambled eggs and yogurt.)

  4. This is just lovely. And heartwarming, because parents all over can identify with this metaphor for our relationship and struggles with God. (my son will not eat a single vegetable… or fruit for that matter… unless it’s baked in the form of bread or muffins)

  5. I’m so lucky because I never had food battles at all with my son. That’s not to say there weren’t battles, because my goodness, were there ever. They just weren’t about food.
    I believe, especially with a toddler, there comes a point in time when someone has to wave the white flag. Most likely, it isn’t going to be her. I think Chad did the right thing. I mean, how can you argue with the fact that now, even in limited quantities, she’s eating vegetables?
    Your writing is wonderful. I’ve been reading your blog since I found it last night and have so much I want to say! It’d be great if we could get together for lunch sometime! 😉

  6. Great analogy AGAIN!! We had a time with both girls as they LIED about their obvious disobedience and we sent the older one to the room until she told the truth (the younger one gave in quickly). A day and half later, she finally told the truth. The thing is it was written all over her face. Sounds like I need to blog this…which my daughters will most likely hate me for. But thanks for your insights all the time. I love how the Lord shows you things through the dailies of your life.

  7. I LOVE your post and your blog – Sarah, you always help me see how Jesus shows Himself to us in our every day life. As a mom, a wife, a person with struggles and pain . . . thanks for that!

  8. Yeay! You stuck to your guns (and she stuck to hers) but now she know you mean what you say and she can depend on you for other things.
    (((It’s tough being a Good Parent)))

  9. Beautiful insight, beautifully written Sarah! Such a great picture of how loving and patient and tender our Father is with us–you really made that picture vivid for us–thank you so much!

  10. I know those veggie battles. Ours tend to be with meat, but thankfully, the tantrums have finally subsided for the most part.
    Beautiful, Sarah. Loved how you tied to the Lord’s mercy.

  11. I am glad to know that you also have a child who digs their heels in over a crazy small tiny thing and then it becomes obvious that it is all about obedience. And thank you for the validation that it’s okay for us to have mercy 🙂