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  1. I cried my way through this … thank you for sharing such a beautiful story of grace and mercy. I cannot imagine the depth of your loss but what an amazing story of God’s faithfulness!!
    Praying for you!

  2. I’m taking a class on grief and trauma (I’ve had much in my life) and just wrote a post on grief yesterday. The Lord continues to keep it “in my face” and I am praying for His calling and will to be revealed to me. Many have said I should write a book. Not sure about that or where to start, but if it is within His will, I’m sure it will happen. I’m very interested in your book and your mothers and have already visited your site a few times. Thank you for your transparency and sharing your story.

  3. God’s sweet circle of mercy that you and your mother could comfort the widow of the one who took your aunt from you. So wonder-filled, so perfect in timing, so like God. My tears are for His goodness this morning, as I read your testimony of grace.
    I am part of your upcoming blog tour for Pearl Girls, so don’t enter me in the drawing. Just know I can’t wait for others to read your inspiring new book.
    Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. It always amazes me when God reviels how such deep hurt can be worked out for good. His plan is much, much bigger, then anything we can fathom. May He bless you and your family.

  5. I really resonated with this. I lost my Mama 4 years ago as well. Grief is hard. It’s not the wrapped up package people expect it to be. Your Mama sounds like an amazing woman and so do you.

  6. I am learning to acknowledge those quiet moments God gives me and to find His healing in them. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Powerful! A challenging year for my family has really stretched me into a more positive person who is able to find the good in the most trying times.

  8. These words… “For the past six years, I have been an adult orphan, attempting to put a tangible handle on the intensity of the intangible.”… are a painful, deep truth and yet (you so beautifully describe that) they are delightfully ‘corrected’ in Christ.
    As an only child ~~ who was by the bedside for my father’s last breath; and who was my mother’s caregiver (she lived in our home) in her last years (she died in her sleep in her bedroom downstairs) ~~ I felt the sting, and, a strong connection with what you have written.
    From the ashes of these losses (and others), has risen … HOPE in Christ (the brother that I never had), and, HOPE in God the FATHER of the orphan.
    His mercy has been astounding, and I am grateful.
    Thank you, Margaret, for your loving gift of words,

  9. Your story was very encouraging to me. In August my sister passed away from cancer at age 72. Her 45 year old daughter said to me that she was too young to be an orphan. I am going to try to get your mother’s book for her.
    The day after my sister passed away, my 38 year old son was killed in a bicycle accident. I know he is with his Heavenly Father and his earthly father and is at peace. His father died in 1985 and he never really got over it. It is still hard to deal with his dying in such a horrible accident. His brother is also having a hard time. I am going to get a copy of your mother’s book for us as well.
    Within two days my son and I each became the only sibling remaining in our immrdiate family. He has been so strong for me and concerned about me, that I am worrying about him and his need to grieve.
    I have been fortunate to have so many people of strong Christian faith around me and praying for us, Shortly after the accident I received the first notice from (In)Courage. There have been too many things that have happened to be coincidence. I believe our Lord is finding ways to bring me comfort.
    Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you and your family.

  10. What a beautiful story that illustrates how all our lives are woven together in Christ.
    I lost my Momma 6 years ago. I miss her.
    Thank you for sharing her story, and your story with us.

  11. I too am a adult orphan, my parents are both gone and the only grandparent I ever knew my grandmother passed away 6 years ago. I long for to have a parent in my life now. Even though I am a parent myself, I miss them so much. Thank you for sharing your story.

  12. I am in tears. What a beautiful story. I am amazed at how God worked through the circumstances. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry your Mom is no longer around. Mine passed away from cancer 5 years ago but I find myself crying and missing her. ((HUGS))

  13. Wow, Margaret. You have a way of telling a story with only the gems picked out for us.
    I was very ministered by the arch of how your mother’s grace and grief touched yours, and how it circled back to the widow of another man’s grief and grace.
    Amazing. God reminded me know that my grief will somehow reflect grace in ways I’ll never see. I can trust in His redemptive ways.
    Thank you for sharing.. and I’m loving the title and premise of your book. What a legacy of grace your mother and Aunt Margaret left you, both by your namesake and your message.

  14. The story of your mom forgiving the driver touched me deeply. I lost my husband 3yrs.3mos. ago. He was hit head on by a young man. Two witnesses state that the young man jerked his car over in my husbands lane. Due to an anynomous phone an investigation was started. There was strong evidence the young man was attempting suicide. The young man was in a coma for awhile. After meeting w/ a lawyer and prosecutor several times I met the family and spoke to the young man. It did not go to trial but the young man did do a very short amount of time. While he was in prison I worried about him constantly. He was near my son and nephews age. I had such mixed feelings. I prayed for him and his family. After he got out I felt like I had to meet w/ him. I had to forgive him and tell him so he and I both could move on. It was the most difficult thing I ever did. I was physically ill right before I met him. My husband’s mother and I are both Christians but thought the young man deserved totally different things in regard to the accident. The young man and I talked. I told him I forgave him and wanted him to have a good life. As soon as I walked away I feel relief. I am so glad I am a Christian and that I let God lead me completely forgive him.
    Even after being w/o my husband for this long I still feel lost, incomplete, and alone. I do feel grief is constantly w/ me.
    I can’t wait to read your mother’s book.
    Thank you.
    God Bless.

  15. I feel very alone some times. I think if I were to die tomorrow only my husband and Dad would willingly show up for my funeral. My brothers would probably have a reason not to make it and my friends, well, their lives would be too busy and full. I sit and wonder at times how I accumulate friends who are needy of me, but when I need them their lives are too full of activities. I long for a relationship with a woman or women and this equally given of love, energy, time and commitment. Am I meant to be alone in my journey in this world, other than my husband who adores me? Am I being ungrateful?

  16. This was one of those stories where as a reader I came away feeling honoured. To know that people with such dignity and faith live and breathe and inspire us.
    Thank you for sharing in such a graceful way, and best of everything to you .

  17. This was so beautiful and encouraging and full of the hope of our Lord. Thank you for ministering to my grieving and healing(!) heart!

  18. What a beautiful story of how God truly is in control and does use all things for His glory! It’s amazing to see all the pieces come together and how so many people are touched by God’s love through one event.
    Thank you for sharing this. It touched me deeply. God bless you!

  19. Thank you for sharing. Losing my parents is something I fear a lot – I know they will be going to heaven – but I fear the whole grieving process, and even though I am not close in miles to my parents, I am close to them emotionally. But I know this is something I should not fear….I know God’s plan is perfect and I know He can hush the waves of my grief, when that time eventually comes.

  20. Love this quote:
    “Faith is believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”( Philip Yancey)
    Awesome story, thanks.

  21. this story is movie like. but i am glad that it actually happened and you took a step further and visited and invested yourself in that widow. and i am grateful i got to learn about your aunt Margaret’s influence.

  22. I love the transparency of this story and that the writer took the time to write it. (So many stories go untold!) I thank God for the places it is taking people as they read it. God is in it all.

  23. To JEANNE: i don’t know you, Jeanne, but your words had a ring of familiarity for me.
    Is it a common thread for “people people” (those with a real heart for others – I sense this in you) that they hear the cries of others and step right up to help, but in their own time of need there’s nobody stepping up for them?
    It’s a feeling of INVISIBILITY and it’s very lonely. And then, on top of the loneliness, there is a sense of guilt over resenting the absence of others. It is a vicious cycle.
    I have had to ask God to speak into this for me several times in the past year. It has been a hard but rich path. Cling closely to Him. See what He says to you about this.

  24. I read this again today and was so blessed by the messages in this one writing: grief, forgiveness, God’s grace, God’s mercy, healing. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message with all of us!

  25. Bad things happen in life as the whole cosmic system is governed by inscrutable laws of Karma… as we sow so shall we reap… nothing less or more! If they were only happiness in life… all would become monotonous… meaningless! Only when we suffer… we understood true value of happiness… never otherwise!