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  1. Here’s how you can pray for me….soon we will have to leave our home. Not quite as bad as it seems as we have some options lined up but with my husband starting a new job (as long as things don’t fall through) and a new baby things are just a bit tough not knowing where God will have us in just days time. Please pray for wisdom in making decisions about our future and peace knowing that he is in control.

  2. Hello Wynn. Change is difficult sometimes. I will pray for you!
    Maybe the next person is willing to pray for me without knowing what the problem is. I have some issues that weigh me down sometimes.

  3. Wynn, I will pray for you as you take a leap of faith into your future. I pray for your peace as God wisely guides your decisions and as He continues to believe in your husband who will start a new job and take care of his wife and new baby. I also pray for you Wynn, that the fears and nervous qualms you naturally feel during this time will be replaced by feelings of peaceful assurance and a calm, but strong, inner strength. You will be fine, you will be cared for, and you will be loved.
    And here’s how you can pray for me…we are facing a battle over what is right for our son. It’s a very stressful and scary time; my temper is too often short and shameful. Please pray that I soon find my way back to being my old self, that I allow God and my family and friends to take away some of the burdens and that I can forgive myself. Please also pray that all those who love our son, and that all those who are charged with looking after his welfare, are guided by God’s love and wisdom.

  4. Mia-
    It sounds lik eyou are carrying a heavy load. I am praying now for God’s peace to fill you today. That he will let you lay down the burden of guilt and experience His grace. AS you forgive yourself, I’ll pray that you feel yourself returning so that you can handle all that you need to in a way that you are comfortable with. Praying also for your son and all who are caring for him. I pray that they have wisdom and that they seek God in all decisions.
    My request for me is simple. We have been trying to get pregnant with a second child for almost a year. We are also waiting on adoption from China. We’ve been waiting for almost three, and have no end in sight. We ask for a pregnancy and for our faith and hope to remain strong. We trust in God’s timing for the building of our family.

  5. For Marianne: I pray for your strength to lay down your problems at the feet of Jesus daily.
    For Mia: I pray for peace for you. I pray for the peace of God to take over your spirit and mind. I pray that you will be strong enough to allow the people who need to care for your son to do so in love. I pray that you will be strong enough daily to get out of bed and face each day with newfound mercy and grace.
    Here’s how you can pray for me: I suffer from chronic pain. I had back surgery in Dec, 2007 that would hopefully “cure” my back pain. It helped the pain I was in at the time, but now I have a whole new type of pain. I hurt almost every day. Financially, we are strapped. I can’t function much more with this pain. I don’t want to take medicine that will make me sleep or “high” because I have a 4 (almost 5) yo to care for and teach. Please pray that God will either heal me or provide the money for me to get help.

  6. Carlyn….I am praying for you and your chronic back pain. When you’re hurting it’s hard to smile and be positive isn’t it? I can’t imagine living with that every day. Praying that you feel the Lord’s healing touch on you today! Also praying for your finances!
    Here’s how you can pray for me. My husband and I serve as missionaries in Botswana (almost 7 years now) and we purchased tickets to go home at the end of the year. This left our bank account a bit lower than I like to see it. I know the Lord is faithful and HE always provides for us, but sometimes I get a bit nervous that I won’t be able to go to the store and get the basic needs for our two small children. It’s never happened and I know it won’t, but that darn devil likes to make me think it can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your prayers!!

  7. Sarah, I will be praying for you and for God’s provision to be clear and apparent. I pray for your spirit and your safety in your work.
    This is kind of an odd thing to ask prayer for, but I would like for you to pray with me that I can learn to love my husband again. We’ve had some problems over the past few years and I feel totally justified in wanting to leave, yet God has made it clear that I am supposed to stay. So I stay… just please pray that I can learn to be happy here.

  8. For Sarah-
    I often find myself in your same circumstance as my husband is self-employed. I know how scary it can be! Sarah, I pray that you will see the Lord as your Provider in a fresh, new way, and that He will free you from the fear and worry you now have.
    How to pray for me:
    My father’s health seems to get worse every day, and the doctors simply can’t seem to make him feel any better. He’s 81, and I know THEY can’t work miracles, so I’m asking for peace and comfort for him, and also for my mom. I have also started a new job and will be needing LOTS of Godly wisdom to succeed in it. Please pray for guidance in this new role!

  9. Whit, I can so identify with what you wrote – I’ve walked a similar road. So I will pray that the Lord will renew your love for your husband – though it may be different – as you are obedient to Him. I also pray for continued encouragement for you – you’re doing the right thing!! even though I know it’s so hard.
    Beth, praying that your father will receive the peace & comfort that can only come from Him & that your mother will be comforted as well. And praying for you as you start a new job, for God to guide you day by day, and give you the wisdom you need to succeed. Those who ask for wisdom will receive it!
    What I need prayers for:
    We are in a time of major transition in our family, losing one house to foreclosure & moving into another one that, on our own, we can’t pay for. My husband is supposed to be starting a new job after being out of work for so long, but we still don’t have a start date. Please pray for God’s provision for us, for Him to make a path where there seems to be none.

  10. Whitt and Beth-my prayers are with you, may you both find peace in the situations that you are in.
    I’m asking for prayers as my husband searches for a new job-for his confidence in a time that feels filled with rejection, wisdom in using the little money that we have, patience as we wait for God’s leading and appreciation of all the blessings in our lives even in a difficult time.

  11. Stephanie: May God show His abundant love for you and bless you and your husband with the perfect job for him! I am praying for wisdom, patience, and blessings for both of you during this time.
    I would like prayer for a new ministry I am putting in place for the Sudanese Refugees that I work with. It will be with the children and youth, and I am praying for all sorts of wisdom, strength, courage, patience, and especially love for them. Its a huge undertaking and sometimes I feel like I’m in way over my head, but I know that God is with me. Thanks for your prayers!!!

  12. Maureen, May God bless you, instruct you, give you a discerning heart. Strengthen you and give you courage to persevere in this new ministry. May He give you His gift of joy, love and laughter to share with all. May He guard you and give you protection and safety. Most of all may He give you the sure and certain knowledge that He loves you with an unfailing love. Amen.
    I would like prayer for my 21 year old son. He suffers from depression and it affects all areas of his life. But most of all He needs to come back to Jesus and the power and forgiveness of the cross.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  13. Noni, I pray for your continued strength through your son’s struggles. I pray that God will bring the people and tools into your son’s life that will make a difference for him. I will continue to pray for him…
    I’m asking for prayers for my husband. He hears the word but he doesn’t live by it. Please pray for God to soften his heart and for him to make a change in his life and his priorities.

  14. Noni, I am praying for healing for your son and praying that he would see and hear God in ways that draw him to God.
    I am asking for prayer for our family’s finances, my education, and for my husband and I to find the motivation to get in shape.

  15. Christi – praying for this time of transition to be full of blessings and that you and your precious family will feel the amazing love of God cover you and protect you. May you begin to see the path that He has perfectly laid out for you.
    My prayer is one of discernment and love, my mother was over yesterday and I finally found the courage and boldness to ask her why she no longer goes to church. She shared with me what I had suspected, that she believes she is an agnostic. Just praying for clarity on what God desires me to do with that situation.
    Blessings on your days everyone.

  16. Jessi-praying for gods guidance and clarity to help you through your difficult situation. There is a purpose to it and God will see you through.
    I ask for prayers to help me find the courage to be a single parent this week while my husband is away on a business trip. I am going back to work this week too after 3 months on maternity leave and need gods help and love to get through.

  17. Jess- I will be praying for you this week as you parent your children without your husband while he is away on business. I just survived a 14 month deployment without my husband. God’s grace and provision will get you though this time.
    I ask for prayers for a broken relationship between myself and another sister in Christ. There is awkwardness and avoidance that doesn’t help the situation. It hurts to experience unforgiveness and bitterness.

  18. I am asking for prayers from each of you that have posted here as I shall say a prayer for each of you.
    This may be hard for anyone that has never had the experience to understand but we lost our ‘little girl’ our ‘sole mate’ and ‘the love of our lives’, our 13 year old doxie a week ago yesterday. She was at our sides (my dh & I) every moment from the time we brought her home until she left us. We never left her alone in all those years and now she has left us totally alone. I found a website ‘Petloss’ where there are wonderful people that have experienced the grief and despair of losing a beloved pet but I think I need more than encouraging words.
    I prayed and prayed that God would take her naturally but he didn’t….I suppose that just was not in his plan for her and maybe for me also. I don’t exactly know the words but I need help in lifting this weight from my heart. The anger the guilt and the pain is overwhelming and I don’t know how to deal with it.
    I am sorry this is so long I tried to make it brief but writing my story helps.
    Thank you for any prayers that may be offered.

    • Ginger, I know that this is a heartbreaking loss.
      Lifting you up today in prayer.

      Lord, thank you for this friend and companion who she’s had for so long.
      Bless Ginger with the renewed joy and peace that can only come from you.
      I ask that you encourage her spirit by Your Spirit today and help her deal with any anger and guilt she’s feeling.
      Meet with Ginger today and remove this weight from her heart, dear Jesus.
      Thank you.

  19. Rebecca, praying for you and your family. Praying for God’s perfect timing and that you consider it joy no matter what circumstances God places you in.
    Please pray for me – there is a teenager who is pregnant looking for a family to adopt her child. God has put it on both my husband and my heart to be available to adopt this child. I can’t express how but for Christ working in us, we would not be on the same page on this. Pray for this situation – the girl who fights her parent’s orders to have an abortion; this child that he or she would grow healthy and know the love of Christ; and for my husband and I that we would follow the Holy Spirit’s leading on this even if it means we risk being hurt.

  20. Praying for you Nikki. It is no coincidence that I am the one following your post for I have two precious adopted babies sleeping upstairs who were both saved out of similar situations to the child you are praying for. Praying for God’s Sovereign will to reign over the entire situation and for you and your husband! Praying for this birth mother that she will be infused with supernatural courage to follow through with her conviction to have this baby and make the loving choice in placing him/her in your arms. Lord you Reign!
    Please pray for me as I am embarking on one of the biggest “jobs” of my life this next week. I will begin homeschooling our daughter! WOW, what a calling to raise these babies to know and love Him. What a privilege! But how overwhelming! Thank you!

  21. Ginger- We lost our dog a little over a year ago and I completely understand how difficult it is. Praying that you would find comfort in your loss.
    Nikki- What an incredible gift you are giving to this young woman and to her baby. Praying that you would find strength to be supportive of her regardless of her decision, that she would be strong and realize what is best for her baby, and that the baby would be given the opportunity to grow up and share Him with the world.
    I leave tomorrow morning to start my sophomore year of college. I’m ready to go, but having severe anxiety about seeing a boy who treated me poorly last year. We haven’t talked all summer and I don’t know whether he blames me for what happened or is just upset with the situation. I don’t know what to expect and I am very worried about what will happen when he sees me for the first time.

  22. Girls you are each going through something…. all of our journeys are different but we serve a mighty God, who takes the time to be interested in the smallest details of our lives. What a blessing that we can read, write, & pray to encourage one another. Isn’t this website just THE BEST!?!
    My request is that I have moved around the world YET AGAIN. I grew up in the USA but spent the past 12 years in Australia. I recently married a Scot and moved to Scotland. Please pray for me as I settle in to a different country, culture, marriage, making new friends, different church situation… the list goes on and can feel quite overwhelming at times.

  23. Oh my goodness, Ginger, I know exactly what you are going through as I prayed the same prayer for our westie, Abby. As it was, I had to make the same decision you made. It is hard, but just know that your best friend is now out of discomfort and is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.
    I am also saying prayers for each person as I read each post as there are so many to respond individually to.
    As to what I would like prayers for: This year has been a year of loss–my father in law passed, my father passed, my westie Abby passed, my husband lost his job, and we sold our home and are having to live in a camper in a campground right now. I would like to have prayers to understand God’s will and accept what he has in mind for us. It has been difficult and I have been struggling with depression that wants to reside in my spirit.
    We are 60 years old with no health insurance and need to stay well. Thank you all for your prayers and know that you are all in mine.

  24. My prayer request is for healing for my family – physical healing and emotional healing. We have had some devastating health problems in our family that are on-going and will affect three generations. It is difficult for everyone both physically and emotionally. Please pray for peace for our children and grandchildren as we walk this difficult road.
    Cheryl, I will be praying for you. I am just a couple of years older than you. How providential that your request should be the one just before mine. I pray that the Father who knows our every need will provide for you in miraculous ways. I pray that He will bring you comfort and peace during this time of such loss. He knows and understands.

  25. Cheryl,
    I have you in my prayers that you will stay well and will find peace in God’s arms as you wait to hear what He has in mind for you.
    My prayer is for my hubby who is starting a new job this week and that we will finally be able to get back on track financially after him being without a job for so long. We are behind on our house payments and have asked for help and are waiting to hear from them. Also I am a teacher and would ask for prayers as we start the new school year.
    Isn’t it awesome how we can pray for each other and know God hears each one and has a plan.

  26. I almost feel silly typing this out. I mean, so many people in this world are struggling with very real, very terrifying experiences, and mine feels petty.
    I’d like y’all to pray that I will find some peace in the life I’ve been given. Life on the mission field can be draining, stressful, and lonely. Paul said he would gladly spend and be spent for people. I haven’t reached that. I just feel spent and many times I want to run.
    I have a fabulous husband, many wonderful children, and the privelege to serve an awesome God. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?
    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  27. Tammy,
    I’m praying for you at this very moment. Father- that you would go before her husband and give him favor and peace in his new job. I thank you Father for open-doors and for new financial opportunities. Thank you Father that you are Tammy’s provider and you will make a way regarding her home. I also ask that you go before Tammy as she prepares to start a new school year. That you will have hand-picked each of her students and equip her to be a life-altering impact in their lives.
    Ladies, my heart is so encouraged!!
    How you can pray for me? I’m leading a ministry in South Africa and I need more wisdom and discernment for the days just ahead. I need more peace and joy, and protection/safety for my family (husband and two small kiddos ages 3 and 1). Thank you…

  28. Linda, I am praying for healing.
    Tammy, I am praying for all of your new starts.
    I, too, am a teacher. I will be returning to school after a 4 month maternity leave/summer break. Pray for our family as we all adjust to the new schedule.

  29. Tammy,
    I pray for strength for your husband as he ventures into the unknown territory of a new job. May God keep you in his wing and give enough riches to get out of debt, and the wisdom to know that all He has provided is enough. I also pray for patience and tenacity as you start another school year!!
    My prayer request is for my husband to be as he studies for his CPA exam. He is inundated at work and tired at night; please keep lift him up in Jesus’ name!

  30. I will keep each of you in my prayers, especially Rebecca who is waiting for her beloved child in China. We were blessed to adopt our beautiful daughter from China in 2006 and she blesses us daily.
    This has been a challenging year for our family. My Mom’s been ill and is currently living with my sister – not ideal circumstances but I have a smaller house and cannot take her in as she can’t walk upstairs anymore. My husband and I also lost our jobs due to the economy. My DH found a great job about a month ago and now it’s my turn.
    I have a second interview with a fabulous non profit org on Monday. I also have a first interview with another one on Tuesday. Please pray that I receive a job offer from the right one for our family and that our circumstances work out (daycare is challenging right now!) Thank you all for doing this for all of us!

  31. Carrie, I gladly pray for you. I pray for peace as I am sure it is not easy. It takes a special heart to be a part of the missions field. Your request is not at all petty ๐Ÿ™‚
    Amy, I also pray for you and your family. What a gift you are giving. I pray for peace during this time as well as protection over you, your husband, and little ones.
    clmk, I am praying for you and your family as you head back to work. I pray for this school year and your new students. I am in school studying elementary education and hope to one day have my own class.
    If I may ask that you would also pray for me. I am praying for a Godly husband for myself as well as my three friends. I love them dearly and know that this has been something on there hearts as well. I know that everything in His timing is perfect.. But there are some days when we need a little extra encouragement.
    Thank you

  32. JoAnn, I will be praying for you that God will provide for you the right job for you and your family and that God will work all things out for good.
    I am asking for prayer because I have been living my life in a pit, surrounded by depression, bitterness, anger, and jealously. I let Satan convince that I’m not good enough or that I screwed everything up and so forth. Recently though, I have finally prayed for deliverance from this pit through our Lord Jesus Christ. I am tired of living a life of dread, depression and self-consciousness. I want fresh air and I want my feet set upon the Rock. So, I ask that as God is pulling me out of this pit that I would let Him do it and that I wouldn’t give into the temptation to fall back down there once more.
    Thanks guys.

  33. it is so great to see so many coming together to share and pray for one another. as God leads me & brings you to mind, i will be praying.
    how could you pray for me? the past two years have been extremely difficult as my life has changed in every way. through a life altering illness, separation & divorce and now single parenting. please pray for God’s continued healing in our lives…physically, emotionally, spiritually and if it’s His will that our family would be whole again. thank you so much!

  34. Tammy, I will pray that the transition to the new school year will be seamless for both you and your students and that your husband’s new job will bring many blessings to your family. I love that in praying for you for a few short minutes I have been able to forget my worries and fears for my son who has type 1 diabetes.
    After arriving home from church this afternoon he began vomitting. After checking his blood sugars and some other levels we discovered he is in a dangerous situation of possibly being hospitalized this afternoon from some complications of the high blood glucose levels. He feels crummy, we have just moved to a new town far from our current doctors, and he is set to begin 1st grade tomorrow. Please pray his levels come into range and he begins to feel well again.

  35. I need to find God again. I have grown up in a Christian family and now have a family of my own. I am in a spiritual pit and desperately need to get out and get control of my life. I need prayer for my prayer life and to find my deep relationship with God again.

  36. Jennifer I am praying for your son and your family. That he will begin to get better and that God will help him not to feel scared.
    Anon, you are also in my prayers
    The last few years of my life have been tough for many reasons but right now I am struggling with not feeling worthy. I had problems with an eating disorder and self harm a few years ago and feel so ashamed of what I did and of how the problems still linger. I wish I had some friends I could trust with these feelings but I feel I cant tell anyone these secrets about me

  37. Tammy, I will pray for you and your family…I will pray for peace for you.
    Please pray for me and my family. We have several illnesses going on and need God’s peace in this time. I need God’s peace to reign over me and my family during this time.

  38. –saying a prayer for all those above I read, especially Whit, as I have a close friend going through something similar. May God be with all of you! Please pray for my first year homeschooling with a very self-willed 5 yo child (I have NO idea where she got it, : ) We’ll be doing first grade work with a 4 yo and a 1 yo hanging around as well. I am alternately over confident and scared silly!

  39. So many struggles, and so many needs. We serve a big God, and He hears all these prayers. It is so encouraging as we stand in the gap for each other.
    Olivia, praying for you in your homeschooling, that you feel God’s peace and direction as you mold those precious hearts in your care.
    I also am struggling today, and pray desperately for a family reconciliation.

  40. Please pray for my relationship with my daughter-in-laws. I love these beautiful women and am blessed to see how they love my sons and my sons love them! But I want a closer friendship with these women that will share the rest of my life.

  41. janet ruth…i have been to your blog and have tried to comment – it won’t let me. would love to encourage you. please know that i am praying now for your family reconciliation.

  42. Tammy, I pray that your hubby’s new job will be a blessing and that you will get back on track financially. I pray that the help you need will be readily available and I pray for you as you start a new school year.
    Please pray for our family as we wait to hear about a new job for my hubby. Pray that we will accept God’s answer in this matter. We long to get hubby out of a difficult job situation and also long to be able to move closer to family. Our daughter has Rett Syndrome and it is hard not to have family nearby to help when it is needed.

  43. Judi,
    First of all, I am praying right now for you and your daughter-in-laws. It is wonderful that you long for closer relationship with these women in your life, God will grant you the desires of your heart.
    My family situation is dire. After eighteen, very long and misarable years of marriage, I need to move on to a different stage in my life. I am an stay home mom and I have three young children and no income. During these trying years which have included adultry, a special needs child, finacial hardships, and so much more, I have felt abandoned by God and really have not only a family crisis but also a crisis of faith. I don’t know what to ask you to pray.

  44. Tammy,
    I will be praying for your request. How fortunate it is that your husband found a job with the economy the way it is! I will be praying that things become more financially stable for you and your family. May God go with you both as you begin your jobs.
    My request is for my Dad’s side of the family. My 89-year old Grandmother’s health has recently taken a turn for the worse and we are unsure how much time she has left. She still lives alone in an apartment, but she really should no longer be living alone. She needs assistance round-the-clock. Her insurance will not pay for a 24-hour nurse or sitter or anything close to it, but it will pay for a rest home. Please be in prayer for my family as we make this difficult decision. Some of my family members are having trouble coming to terms with the need to put her into the rest home. No one wants to do it, but it is where she needs to be. Thank you for your prayers!

  45. Heavenly Father…I need to find God again. I have grown up in a Christian family and now have a family of my own. I am in a spiritual pit and desperately need to get out and get control of my life. I need prayer for my prayer life and to find my deep relationship with God again.
    I uphold Anon to You. You know her name. You know her face and how beautiful she is. You know her beating, crying heart and how she is seeking You. Tonight, I pray with Jesus who ever lives to make intercession for us, that she would find You close, breath upon her face and she would lean back into Your everlasting arms.
    Whisper to her how much You love her.
    Tonight, Lord, I pray for Anon…
    In Jesus’ Precious Name…
    I love you, Anon….
    All’s grace,

  46. Tammy, I am praying that your husband will be successful and happy at his new job, and that your school year goes well, that you find strength and courage in each other as you start your new endeavors.
    My prayer request is for my SO’s mother, Rosemary, who is very ill in a nursing home, that she live to see her new great grandchild who is due next week, and that her financial resources not be drained too quickly, as it is quite expensive and draining on her three wonderful children.

  47. Dear Sisters-In-Christ,
    I have tears in my eyes as I have scrolled down and read each heartfelt prayer. God is so good to bring such wonderful woman together to lift each other in prayer. I have printed out the comments and have placed them with my bible. I will be praying over each of them tonight. So Winn, Marianne, Mia, Rebecca, Carlyn, Sarah W., Whit, Christi, Tammy, Beth, Stephanie, Noni, Maureen, Laura, Christine, Jessi, Jess, Monica, Ginger, Marla, Nikki, Linda, Cheryl, Stepahnie and Katie I will be on my knees for each of you.
    Here’s what I need prayer for:
    Motivation and perseverance to complete a major project that my family is counting on me to complete. I am a perfectionist and it’s getting in the way of my productivty. I also need prayers for my profoundly disabled daughter who will be having surgery next week, for God’s protection and peace. Lastly, for my son will also be leaving for his sophomore year of college. Prayers for him to make good Godly friendships and to persevere in his schoolwork.
    I thank God for answering all of these prayers and praise Him for providing a wonderful opportunity to share in supporting others on their walk with Him! To Him the Glory!

  48. Paula,
    I pray for God’s strength, wisdom, and presence to overwhelm your spirit. He will hide you under the shadow of His wing. What you are going through is so painful, but you are His beloved and I pray that you cling to Him. Let His love amaze you. You are in my prayers.
    I would appreciate prayer for our family right now as we are pregnant with little blessing number 4 (our oldest if four now so we are busy) ๐Ÿ™‚ and moving out of state. We already have an amazing church and hubby has work where we are moving, but finding a house is proving more challenging than expected. Being preggo I just want to settle in (we just moved to our house now in Oct), but I don’t want to put my hope in earthly (home) security. I feel very overwhelmed right now.
    Thank you.

  49. I pray for Carrie, Amy, clmr523, jenifriend, JoAnn in NJ, Briana, Torie B, Sheryl, Jennifer, Anonymous, Gem, Christi, Olivia, Janet Ruth, Judi, Sheryl, Vanessa, Judi, Ann, Amy, Judi, Meagan I lift you up to the Lord who whispered you into existence. I ask His blessings upon each of you. He knows the desires of your heart…He walks with you all the days of your life. You are never alone. Father God, may your peace and grace fall upon these women tonight as the cry out to You. Hold them close Lord, guide them, guard them.
    Thank you Jesus! Thank You Jesus!

  50. I interviewed for a job just over a week ago. I felt like it could not have gone better, and I just knew we (the job and I) were a match made in heaven. Literally. The hiring manager said she’d call and let me know – either way – if I got a second interview by Friday. Two days ago.
    I haven’t gotten a call.
    Please pray that I get a call and that the call is good. Please pray that if it’s within God’s will, I would get this job.
    Thank you!!!

  51. Julie, I pray that God would give you a big dose of His Peace right now, no matter where you are on earth! I pray good health for you and Blessing #4, and I pray that God will hold your family and guide you through these changes. I am so thankful that you have both a church and work for your husband in the new location, and I pray that both would be supportive and enriching environments for your family.

  52. Tammy, I’m praying for you to get back on track financially and that your husband does very well in his new job. I’m a teacher too so I wish you very rich blessings as you begin a new school year – it is truly a wonderful time.
    I need prayers because I’ve recently resigned from my teaching job to take a break, to take better care of myself and to take better care of my family. This was a huge decision and one that I am still coming to terms with. I think I have identified myself too much by my profession because now I feel like a little boat tossed on the waves with no steering. I need to find the strength to get out of bed each day and do what needs to be done.

  53. Tammy, I’m praying for you.
    My prayer is that I will be completely, absolutely, and totally devoid of myself as I start a new endeavor trying to help a family in my church. They need a miracle, and they need a ton of support. It’s going to take everything I’ve got, but…
    I’m totally (in). ๐Ÿ™‚ Go God!

  54. Hi Tammy,
    I will pray for you and your family. I pray that you find the resources and the know-how to get yourself together financially – which I know impacts so many other avenues in our lives. This will be a time of renewal and growth – you have turned the corner!
    I am a teacher, a single mom, who lost my job and I spend everyday in sheer panic over finances and my ability to parent effectively. My prayer is for a job to come and soon (!) and to be a calm and loving mother. Thank you.

  55. Lindsay, I pray that you will stay in His will for your life as you step out to help a family in your church. I also pray that God would bless you for your ministry!
    Pray for me and my patience as I wait on God. I’m single and I’m getting older…Most of all I want to be obedient to the Lord, even if that means staying single.

  56. Deb, I am praying for you … I cannot imagine the strength and grace you need daily in the classroom and then again as a single mom. God has a place for you and your family to live and a job for you as well.
    Please pray for my husband and me … looking at some new opportunities and challenges. And just for me … as I am really struggling with a difficult relationship right now … I need the Lord’s clear guidance and direction in dealing with this person. Thank you!
    Teri Lynne

  57. Deb
    Praying that God will make his shine upon you and give you peace. Also praying that he will provide all your needs during this time of uncertainty! I pray that you find a new job soon.
    Please pray that my husband and I find peace and rest in the fact that we haven’t been able to have children yet. We are nearing our 2 year mark of going through fertility treatments with no success. Our hearts are broken and we have lost friends over it, who say we dont understand what it is like to have kids and it is so very hurtful. Pray that God will use in a mighty way while we still dont have children and that if His plan is for us to adopt that he will open that door. Thank you.

  58. Teri Lynne,,
    Even now I am lifting up you and your husband in the decisions you have to make about new things. I am trusting in God to guide you in the difficult relationship you are dealing with, that you would speak and move and act as He would have you.
    Please pray for me as my two boys ages 6 and 8, start back to school this week. For myself, I always struggle with these transitions and with them growing up so quickly, and for the boys, I want them to have a smooth start to a great school year.
    Thank you,

  59. I’ve been praying for each of you as I’ve read through the comments, and am so glad this site exists!
    Stephanie Ritchie – having been in a similar situation (living in Canada, the US, Australia, and Chile) it can be so difficult to adjust! My heart is with you. Robin Pascoe, the Expat Expert, has a few phenomenal books that really help with coping and settling in. Here is her site (I’m not affiliated, just a great fan!): http://www.expatexpert.com/bookstore
    Tammy – I will pray for success at your husband’s new job, and for financial blessings with your house payments. I also pray that you have a fantastic class (aren;t they all? ๐Ÿ™‚ and that the Lord blesses you in your teaching (I am a teacher as well).
    Here’s how you can pray for me: My friend’s husband has been in a semi-conscious state (similar to Terry Schiavo) for the past 2 years. He has pulled out his feeding tube 6 times, and they are not going to put it back in this time. Please pray for him to trust in God (they are strong Christians) and ease his passing. Please lift his young wife and children, family, and friends up in prayer.

  60. Tammy-
    God loves you so much and wants to meet your needs! I am praying that those who are in charge of your mortgage will decide to meet your needs! I am praying for your year of teaching, that you will bless those kids’ hearts as you teach their minds!
    Pray for my family. My hubby struggles with alcohol. It is hard on me b/c I feel like intimacy is lacking.

  61. Tammy,
    I just prayed for you and I will continue to do that. How wonderful that your hubby is starting a new job! I will pray that your financial difficulties with be relieved by this blessing. And I will pray for you as you start a new school year.
    I would ask for prayer as I begin a 2-week blogging sabbatical starting tomorrow. I’ve worked my tail off for the last week to have a full slate of posts ready for my time off. God definitely orchestrated things so that I could do this and still fulfill the commitments that I’ve made to the businesses and bloggers who support my site.
    I need this time to re-prioritize, refresh and refocus (on what REALLY matters)…I guess I’m only doing things that start with “re”. I desperately want this to be the time when I FINALLY learn how to have something that I love (like blogging) without letting it take over my life. It’s going to be really hard for me to stay away. I would ask for prayer for the strength to do what God wants me to do for the next 2 weeks.

  62. Tammy,
    I will pray for you and your husband. My husband has been laid off many times in our marriage(he is in the construction business) and I know how hard it is to support them while they go through the process of looking for new employment. I am asking for prayers for my daughter who struggles socially in school. She is in seventh grade and has had two very hard years with bullying and being shunned by her classmates. It truly breaks my heart to send her back to school tomorrow.

  63. Dear Tammy, Praise God for your husband’s new job! I will pray that he will meet other believers to be an encouragement, also for your financial needs as well, my husband and I have been down that road many times but God was ALWAYS faithful to provide ALL our needs! My daughter in law is a teacher as well (1st grade) my prayer is that you will have supportive parents that are involved in assisting you with whatever needs to be provided. My prayer is for my daughter and son in law ( just returning from 15 month tour in Iraq) he will discharge from the army before the end of this year and they need God’s wisdom and guidance in decisions about the purchase of a home, colleges to attend and employment. They will be celebrate their 2nd anniversary in November and have been apart most most of it but God has been faithful in provision for his safety and will provide for these needs as well.

  64. Mary, I pray God’s favor over your daughter and son in law. That God would set a clear path before them, blessing THEIR faithful service to our country!!!
    We need prayers concerning jobs. My husband, Jim, just got his paramedic lisence and now the place where he’s been working for over 3 years isn’t hiring, but laying off! Everything seems to be going south quick…it’s so frustrating to not have control over this issue!

  65. Don’t forget girls there is a next button! Don’t get stuck on the first page of prayers. I think that is why Tammy is getting so much prayer action (which is awesome!) but there are other ladies needing prayers on the second and third pages. Including me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  66. It’s amazing to realize how many of us have hurts and trials that we are going through. It’s encouraging that there is one true God whom we can all go to and lay our troubles right at His feet. Thank God that He sits high, above it all and is greater than it all….but praise God that He looks low, to us and is there for us with open and loving arms.
    Tammy, I pray that you would find freedom financially and that your husband’s job would be the answer to that. I pray that your husband will lead your family spiritually, financially, and prayerfully. I pray for the school year and the children’s lives you will impact as a teacher. I pray that in these trials, your faith would increase.
    I ask prayer for myself as I recently found out that my husband and I are pregnant…then just as quickly as we found out, I began to miscarry. I ask prayer that I could find peace in my trial, and trust that God is in control. I am returning to the doctor tomorrow for some more testing. Please pray that the doctors would have wisdom, that I would not have to have a D & C, and that my body would recover naturally. I pray that I would find freedom in expressing my emotions about this, but I wouldn’t lose sight of the Greater God who is always at work.

  67. Tammy, I will definitely pray for your husband’s new job, for financial peace and security and for your new coming school year.
    I would appreciate prayer for my brother in law, who is just recently going through divorce because his wife decided to walk away from the Lord, her husband and her family. She is choosing a path that is very far from God right now. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you!

  68. Tammy, I have never done this before. This is the first time I have been to this website, I stumbled over here from The Nesting Place. I have read through the comments and thought about each prayer request. My heart and my prayers go out to everyone here. I will pray for you and your husband. I will pray for him to have found a good, stable job so you can get your family’s finances in order. I will also pray for you to have a great year at school and hopefully have a smooth, exciting time with your new students.
    Please pray for me and my family. I recently found out I am expecting a baby. We have 2 children, but last year we lost a baby I was carrying at 5 months. It was a complete shock to us all, everything was healthy up to the point of the ultrasound where the tech said the heart stopped beating. We decided to try 1 more time and we are all praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy. But any extra prayers could realy help.
    Thank you so much.

  69. I have prayed for you Stacy and will try to remember to continue to lift you up.
    I am having marital problems. I don’t know if my husband is cheating on me (ongoing situation for the last 3 years). Please pray for me as we work through our problems and as I contemplate staying in the marriage.

  70. Tammy,
    I have such huge admiration for teachers. What an amazing calling to mold young minds. I rejoice with you over your husbands new emplyment and pray that this new year bring much stability and blessings byond your imagination.
    After losing our second son at birth in May, my husband and I have decided to begin trying to conceive again. I will be high risk (Duncan was our fourth loss) and there is much fear and anxiety surrounding a new pregnancy.

  71. Tammy, praying for each of you as jobs start and praying you can get things back on track…no that HE would get things back on track for you!
    My request is for wisdom as I am trying to buy a house by myself, not knowing which one or how much I should really spend in this economy.

  72. Oops. Forgot to hit the “next” key.
    Erin ~ My heart is heavy for the situation you find yourself in. I learned just tonight that my brother broke off his engagement due to his finacee’s infidelity. It is heartbreaking for all invovled, no matter which choice you make.
    I pray God will give you wisdom.
    As noted above, after losing our second son at birth in May, my husband and I have decided to begin trying to conceive again. I will be high risk (Duncan was our fourth loss) and there is much fear and anxiety surrounding a new pregnancy.

  73. Monica, I will pray for you as you live and walk in hope and courage even in the midst of great loss and fear…but with anticipation of what is to come. I will pray that that new pregnancy would be swift and safe and that a year from now, you will be holding a new, sweet life in your arms.

  74. Tammy, I am sort of in the same boat. We adopted a baby from China in March and when we got back, my husband was hospitalized and has been unable to work since then. We are working on mortgage payments as well as being positive to our sweet baby. Pray that we will be molded to be the bestparents to her no matter what situation we are in.

  75. Amy, Parenting is always a huge undertaking and adoptive children often come with special needs. I will pray for your family and that your husband would find a job.
    Emily, You did not present a prayer request, but I will pray anyway. That God will bring you into His loving arms and surround you with His peace and presence in all areas of your life.
    I prayed for each lady on the list as I read the above requests.
    My prayer request is for healing for my 14yo. She suffered a TBI a year ago. I am praying for complete healing of her brain. And for my 12yo and I as we walk this path. That we would be comforted and rest securely in the knowledge that God is in control.

  76. Laura, I saw your post above and I want you to know I am praying for you. Can you pray for me? I can totally understand what you listed. It is a prayer of mine. :>)
    Tammy I am praying for you too!
    I would like prayer for my day tomorrow. It is my birthday and I know most people are happy for this day but I have hurts and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.
    I am so blessed that this site is here and we can lift each other up.

  77. Tammy…. My prayers are with you and your family for grace with finances and for the upcoming school year….I pray that you will reflect the light that they children need in their lives.
    My Prayer…my husband passed away in June. While, I know he meant well, he had been ill for some time and has left our finances in a mess. I may have to deal with losing our home…and I am really struggling with knowing what to do. My 22 year old son is home helpiig right now, but I know he will need to leave to lead his own life…..and I am dealing with such fear of lonliness.
    thank you for your prayers….

  78. Tammy it is amazing how God heard my prayers for each prayer concern as I scrollled down this page. I will pray that you and your husband find comfort with his new job and that God will put your heart to ease when it comes to financial issues. I will also pray that for a great start to a new school year, I am a teacher also and start tomorrow so I will say a prayer especially for you tomorrow morning because those first weeks always take some getting used to.
    My prayer request is my husband and I are trying to conceive our first child and I pray for patience that God has a master plan and that when it’s the right time it will happen and I will become pregnant. We pray every night that the Lord will grant us a healthy, happy child.

  79. Thank you, Father, for such a beautiful encouraging place for us to share our needs. I lift up these ladies who courageously share their hearts and their requests to you and with us. Bless them. Meet every need. Be near, even now Holy God.

  80. Amanda,
    I have been there through the infertility and also lost 5 babies along the way…two of the most painful losses of twins at 23 weeks. We have a beautiful, healty daughter now but it will never take the pain away of the last 5 years. I pray you find patience and strength in such a trying time. Hold on to your husband tight.
    My prayer request is that I can be thankful, patient, and gracious for the teaching job I have when I really would rather be home with my daughter. We have a great deal of debt trying to get her here so it isn’t feasible for me to stay home right now. Someday, but just not right now.

  81. I love this idea of praying for the person who commented before us. I’m on it!
    My prayer request is that I am starting my junior year of college next week and I’m really nervous for some reason. I still have yet to find my place at school or even at church. I am excited to finally be starting classes for my major, but nervous even in that. Pray for peace and guidance as I learn to trust Him with school and my life.

  82. Linda — I’m praying that God will provide you with peace as you walk this difficult path of health problems. May He give you strength and wisdom to face this and to guide others as they walk with you. May your trials be to His glory and may He use you in a mighty way for the Kingdom.
    Tammy — my heart is with you sister, as you struggle with getting on track financially. Praise God for the new job for your hubby. May the Lord give you a sound mind in making financial decisions, may He give you restraint in purchases and may He give you wisdom and discernment in all areas. As you begin this new school year, may God give you an open heart to reach those He’s placed in your class and within your influence, other teachers, students, parents, staff, and may He use you in a mighty way for His glory. He is Jehovah Jireh – God who provides!
    As for me, I ask your prayers as I continue on a path of obedience in writing for Him. Pray that I have a strong and focused mind and an open heart to hear the message He is giving me.
    It’s a joy and an honor to pray with you.

  83. Melissa, I will pray for you. I am asking God to reveal Himself to you in your current circumstances. Asking Him to increase your faith to trust His timing.
    How ironic that my prayer request is that I need courage to move forward in a job hunt and I do not want to. I want to remain at home. My husband wants me to find a job. I have no college degree and I lack confidence in myself. Please pray that I will honor my husband and STEP OUT in faith even when I am scared and my attitude is wrong!

  84. Mary, I’m praying for your mind and heart, that you are open to His message. My prayer is small: Please pray for my husband. He’s been ill all weekend.,and he never gets sick. It’s hard to see him suffer and feel helpless.

  85. Lord, I come before your throne and lift up sweet Stephanie to you. Lord, I ask that you go before her into this place. Lord, I ask that you place people in her life that will be strong partners in the faith. Lord, I ask that you give her a sisterhood of believers and a church family to join in with. Lord, I ask that you keep her heart focused on you, because Lord, I know that You, Lord, are a jealous God and you want our undivided attention. Lord, I ask that you allow nothing to take Stephanie’s focus from You.
    Lord, let this year be a blessing to her. Allow this year to be a time of great rejoicing.
    PS — I posted a comment just before this one, but I didn’t pray for the “right” person. This is why I’m posting this prayer.

  86. Mary, I pray that you will remain obedient to the call of the Lord on your life. That you will be filled with His words, His heart, and His discipline.
    Please pray that I may be a steady and wise help-meet to my husband and that His grace will flow through me to my children.

  87. Father, lifting Deb up to you tonight. Your Word says that your unfailing love surrounds us. I ask that she would know your surrounding love in these days. I ask that she would know you as her comforter, her companion, her provider and protector. Give her strength for each day, meet her in the midst of the loneliness and carry her in your arms. In Christ’s name, Amen
    I would ask for you to pray for a young girl I know in the foster care system. She is struggling with grief and anger and a broken heart. Pray for heart and pray for wisdom as my husband and I seek to share Christ’s love with her. Thank you…

  88. Father,
    I lift Melissa to you tonight. I pray you will honor her desire to be a good wife. Bless her desire to be steady, supportive, and wise in her relationship with her husband. Please give her encouragement in that area of her life. Equip her with everything she needs to best love him the way he needs to be loved. Bless their marriage.
    I also ask you to bless Melissa’s desire to be a grace-filled mom. I pray you will fill her to overflowing so she can bless her kids. Give her wisdom, patience, and love as she mothers them. I’m so thankful you cover where we fail.
    I pray you will give Melissa sweet peace tonight as she prepares for a new week. Help her to feel your love and to know she can trust you for all her family needs this week.
    In Jesus’ Name I pray,
    My prayer request: I’m having a hard time with some discouragement/blues. Also, I’m having a hard time with back pain. I’m so thankful for all of the help I’ve had from friends this weekend. I feel really blessed to have that kind of support and love. Just wanted to thank God for it.
    Thank you for praying!

  89. Daddy, I pray for this sweet little girl in the foster care system that you have brought into Jennie and her husbands life. Thank you for putting a burden on their heart for the fatherless and forgotten. I pray for wisdom for Jennie and her husband in knowing how to love her and what to say to her. I pray for this little daughter of yours. I know that your love her for is immeasurable and I pray that you would reveal yourself to her. I know that you are a God who moves mountains, and I pray that those things that seem impossible to get through or impossible to see past, that seem huge and overwhelming, I pray that you would destroy those things, step in, save her and show her what a loving, wonderful perfect Daddy looks like.
    In the strong name of Jesus I pray.
    We moved to texas about 4 months ago to take a ministry job and are still waiting for our house to sell in georgia. We are living with my parents, which has been good to save us from paying double payments but I’m really getting to the point where I need my own house. I feel like it’s affecting my mind, my parenting, my marriage and I really need our house to sell so we can settle into this new life and try to make some real friends and have a good normal life.
    Thank you

  90. My prayer request is for my other half. He is just so unhappy with where he is in his life right now. I hate to see him look at everything so negativly.
    And yet he wakes up every morning to do the daily grind that just barely pays for our bills & food.
    Please pray that he can find happiness in some things, That he can see joy where there is none.
    Thank you for this site!!

  91. Vickie, I will pray for you all day tomorrow. I know what it is like for a birthday to be filled with more negative memories than good. May this be your best birthday yet. May God bless you as He heals your heart.

  92. Wow! It has been so awesome to read through all the prayers and prayer requests. God is so good.
    Father, I come to you now on behalf of Lacey and her family. Lord, I just ask that you would give her peace about where they are right now. Help her to live in the present and to not to be anxious about the future. Father, you tell us that you take care of the birds so why wouldn’t you love US enough to be sure we have everything we need. Lord, I pray that you would allow their home in Georgia to sell quickly so they can really focus on serving you in their new ministry. Father, I pray that you will help Lacey to be a patient and loving wife and mommy. Draw Lacey and her husband closer to each other during this trying time. You are the great Provider and love us more than we can imagine, so God I ask that you would wrap your arms around Lacey and remind her of just how special she is to you and how You have everything worked out! Praise you Lord. Amen
    How you could pray for me: My husband and I have been trying to have our second child for a year now. Our first was so easy to conceive, but for some reason this one is taking way longer than I ever imagined. I just want to stay focused on loving my husband and daughter rather than obsessing about becoming pregnant. I believe that God will allow us another child, so I’m just praying that it will be sooner rather than later!

  93. KM Family, I am praying for your husband, and for the entire family as well.
    I have been doing contract work for oil companies in various cities for the last couple of years (living in hotels), and consequently I lack roots anywhere as far as a true hometown. My work with my employer seems to be coming to a close due to the effects of the economy, so I am being somewhat unexpectedly pushed back into the unemployment market. I am desperately longing to plant roots and be a part of a community, not knowing where it is that I should be. My prayer request is for wisdom and guidance, in searching for both a job and a place to belongโ€ฆfor me to draw near to the Lord and He to I, for my discernment of His will for me.

  94. I am so thankful that my daughter (who had open heart surgery last wednesday) was moved from cardiac ICU to the peds floor today! I would like prayer for continued healing and a good recovery. We are a long way from home and would like to go back soon! I would love prayer for continued strength, peace and patience.

  95. Lord, you see these requests for finances, wisdom and at times basic needs of housing, and food. Father you order our steps, I pray that this week you would make the crooked path straight, you would bring blessing to these homes and in the jobs these women go too. Father would you show your love and provision once again. For the families with new children and children yet to be born Lord be bigger than these ladies ever imagined. Lord you are an amazing Father and you only want the best for us. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and grace.
    Please pray for my folks and their marriage, for my husband who suffers from severe depression and for the spiritual attack that is going on at my job. Someone is trying to get me fired. We really just need the Peace of Christ. Amen

  96. Kristi I pray for all of your needs tonight. I pray that the marriage bond between your parents will be strengthened. I pray that your husband will find some peace, comfort and some help for this hard time in his life. And I lift you up right now in your workplace. Lord, please protect Kristi and give her peace in this hard situation she is in.
    My girls are headed back to school this week. I pray for God’s direction and guidance as the new school year begins.

  97. I’d love some prayers…
    to not fly off the handle. my temper. I just get so mad sometimes ๐Ÿ™ hate admitting this, but it’s what I need. thanks and I’m going to be praying for the other requests.

  98. Hi,
    My name is Melissa and I so desperately need your prayers tonight. I am the mother of a 7 year old and a 2 year old and was divorced in the last year. My family (mother, sister, grandmother, assorted other family members) have hurt me very deeply with their reaction to this huge change in my life. I am so hurt and have sat here crying tonight as I discovered that my grandmother is telling others that I have gone crazy. (I haven’t :)). I don’t know how to confront them, I don’t have anyone I feel I can trust and although I know he is there, God is very far away tonight. Thank you.

  99. Tammy,
    We are in the same boat- my husband has decided to start his own business in hopes of helping our family get back on track after a hard year. New starts – whether they are jobs or school years- always seem to be filled with excitment and apprehension all at the same time, so my prayer goes out for your entire family: That God will bless you all with a fresh start full of joy and prosperity.
    I just need a little prayer for patience, and wisdom. I have been having a tough time with my kids lately- wanting to raise respectful, thoughtful children and battling the outside world every step of the way. I feel like all I do is contantly correct them, and I think we are all getting worn out. I just need a hand to guide me along this tough time.

  100. God, I just pray that you would be with Tammy’s husband as he starts this new job. Help him adjust quickly. Please put support and encouragement in his path each day.
    Lord, I pray that their finances will get back on track. Please ease their anxiety, and give them everything that they need for each new day.
    And, Father, I pray that you will be with Tammy as she starts this new year. Help her touch children’s hearts and teach them with love and efficiency. Give her energy and patience for each new day. Put support and encouragement all around her.
    We trust this in Your Name. Amen.

  101. OH– and my own prayer request is for wisdom. There is only so much time, and I tend to get overextended. I need wisdom, patience, and support. I want to be the best Mommy I can be to four little ones…
    We could also use prayers concerning our finances. My husband’s hours have been cut and it’s really squeezing us. We’re picking and choosing what gets paid this month.
    While I’m at it– there are three special people in my life that desperately need prayer. One is a little boy who is having major surgery tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  102. Heavenly Father – I am holding Wendy up to you and praying that you renew her strength, give her patience and fill her heart with love for her little ones. Please help her to know that motherhood is the purpose you have for her life now. And Father, you know the needs of this family. We trust in your provision for everything and thank you for taking care of all of our worries. Please rest your healing hand on this little one and those in Wendy’s life who need your presence. We praise you and honour you, Lord. Amen.
    Please pray that my husband and I would trust God’s guidance in our financial situation and rest secure in the purpose He has for our lives. We also seek His help for opportunities to serve and witness. Thank you so much.

  103. To Laura who seems to have been missed – I pray for your husband to heed God’s voice and allow his Word to work in his life.
    To Tammy – I pray that your husbands and your own new job gives you both fulfillment and allows you to recover financially.
    My prayer request is also for financial security, as debts seem to be taking hold faster than I am able to pay them.

  104. Lynne~
    I know the feeling of being desperate for financial security and feeling it slip through your fingers. Dreading having to open the mailbox or answer the phone.
    Holy Father~
    I pray right now for Lynne. In our world and in our culture, money talks. Too often it drowns you out. God, I am asking you to cut through the worldly noise and speak your peace and assurances to Lynne. Holy Father, I ask that you make a way for some sort of blessing in her situation. Just today I learned that you always answer each and every prayer, but we may not know it because we are holding out for the answer we want instead of the blessing you provided. I pray that even if your answer to my prayer is “no” or “not now” that you would help Lynne to at least see your purpose and your goal for her through this struggle. I ask you to help her set aside the fear and worry and only focus on it when it needs to be focused on. You were so right when you said we can not serve two masters. If Lynne is focused on money, she may miss you in so many ways. Keep that from happening with her. Make yourself apparent. I pray this through the power of Jesus’ name. ~Amen.
    If anyone comes along behind me, I could really use prayer in my friendships. Even though I have been attending my church for four years, I don’t have anyone that I can feel close to or connected with. I have tried but I just can’t seem to break in. It’s almost like they set the groups before I got there and there are no more openings. It feels so lonely. I have two friends whom I love, but the closest one is 6 hours away. I would love a girlfriend to hang out with, do things with and just grow with.

  105. Gracious Heavenly Father,
    I know you have heard Shannon’s heart-cry for friendships at church. I can so sympathize with her frustration at the clique-ishness that shouldn’t be a part of church life, but too often is. I pray that even this moment You would give Shannon a powerful sense of the Friend that You are–I know she knows it, and I know her need for a human friend too, but in the meantime, flood her senses with the sweetness of the knowledge that the God of the entire universe calls her His friend. In Your perfect wisdom and timing, I ask You to provide her a deep, joyful, abiding friendship that she can thank You for!
    I know it’s late and I may be playing caboose, but if someone else is here after me and would like to pray, please pray for our family’s finances and relief from stress for each one of the four of us. It’s been a long haul and we’re so hopeful that the dawn and its noisy shout of joy are just about to break through the long inky night.

  106. Dear Tammy, My husband Michael and I have experienced being so behind on house payments in the past, there seemed to be no way out but with God’s help we were able to sell our house within three short weeks! Praise God and we’re financially able after that. I pray the Lord will bless your husband’s job and that you will never lack again. Please pray also for me as I am always providing for my siblings who are poor in Philippines. Pray that God will always provide the resources so that I may help my siblings in their constant needs. I love them and I love to help them!

  107. Dear Holley,
    My heart felt like crying this morning when I read the blog. Your prayer was so fervent it touched my heart . . . Thank you for your prayers. I’m also praying for you that the Lord will always bless you and everything that you do and say for Him and I pray for your family too. Please pray also for my poor Brothers and Sisters in Philippines who are in constant needs.

  108. Dear Maria,
    Praying for His hand in the lives of your family in the Phillippines. My grandparents lived there many years ago and I have listened to many stories about the Phillippine Islands.I hear your heart’s cry wanting so much to help them with the things they need and even though my siblings are in the states, I often have felt the same as I know they have for me. Your heart is heard and I will remember your name and your needs in my heart and prayer.
    Please pray for my family, we have been through many changes and challenges in our family life, the most recent blessing a baby boy born May 17, 2009, the fourth child in our family. We, too, have experienced losing children and understand the grief and pain of experiencing for a short time and losing that sweet blessing. My husband and I have struggled with communication issues and a marriage that has lasted 15 years but we need to be stronger in our union and growth together. I feel very lonely sometimes and want for us to gain strength through studying His word TOGETHER and praying TOGETHER but it is just not happening from my husband’s end right now… please pray for unity in spirit for my household and for all that God has charged my husband and me with through the blessing and responsibility of the children He has given to us.
    Prayers for the hearts of the women I have read about this morning….

  109. Julie, I have been there at times in my ten year marriage, as well, and I will remember your needs in my prayers often.
    My family is in need of special blessings right now, too. My husband and I recently lost one of our very best friends in a tragic drowning accident. His wife is my best friend. I am struggling as I try to make sense of it all, but then to set myself aside and be there for her and her boys. She doesn’t ask. But she needs. And until she is ready to ask, I need the spirit to lead me at times when she needs me the most. We loved her husband so much. He was like family. And we love her. She IS our family now.

  110. Maria, may God bless you for helping your brothers and sisters in the Philippines. “A generous man will prosper. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25. Praying that God will continue to provide for the needs of your family!
    I am asking for prayer for healing/restoration in my life. God has helped me to forgive people who have hurt me deeply, but I am discouraged because the abuse has still taken its toll on me emotionally, mentally, etc. I struggle with anxiety and depression that are sometimes debilitating and it seems to be affecting me more as I get older. I never wanted to be “that person” who struggled with those things, yet here I am. I know that the Lord has given me “treasures of darkness”, and the way I interpret that verse is that even in my darkest moments, the Lord has been with me and I have been growing in my knowledge of/relationship with Him even though I was suffering (and sometimes too anxious or fearful to be around other people). I long to be set free; to be a victor, not a victim. It is hurting my relationships and just every area of my life. I am in my early 30’s, single and jobless and I just need prayer that God will heal my heart, mind and spirit, that I would grow in my relationships with others (and learn to trust them), and that He will be my Advocate and Provider. I want to reach out to others more and BE a blessing, but feel that I just can’t yet. Ahhh, this is so long, bless your heart if you’re still reading this. I believe in the power of prayer!!

  111. Shannon, know you are being lifted up in prayer this morning. I am praying for rest for you, that you can know peace and rest today in the arms of Jesus, that the chains on you will be broken, that the truth of God’s word will blossom in you where we are told we are “more than conquerors” in all our situations through the love of Jesus Christ! Love to you, Shannon.
    I ask for prayer for the church I am a part of. My husband has a leadership role, and the leadership are in prayer and planning for a new, more active direction in our community. We have spent a long time primarily ministering to those within our own walls, and have not shown the love of Jesus to our city like we could have. I’m SO excited to see what God has planned!

  112. Shannon i pray God gives you the light that you will be giving to the people in your community very soon, trust me, sometimes it will be very hard on you but it will all pay off.. always remember The One you’re working for..
    I need prayer for something it will seem silly for all of you and i feel bad writing about it compared to all your prayer requests but i really need it, im 20 years old and i havent found a man who i can really trust and start a relationship with and im starting to get really anxious about it because i really do behave compared to all the people my age, and all my friends who dont behave at all have already found one, i really dont want to give God my back but i dont feel he’s answering my prayers.. not even close, i need to trust Him but in some times like this its really really really difficult to keep believing specially on weekends and parties where all my friends are with their boyfriends and i have to be by myself..

  113. My prayer is that the things that are important like my children and husband and my own spiritual and physical health stay in the right priority in my life- too often the responsibilities of leading ministries crowd out the people and things I need to pour my energy,time and thoughts into. I need wisdom to raise my young children and God’s direction in my own life.

  114. M, I pray that you get an answer soon and that it’s the best possible one! I pray that you get the job if that is what God intends and that you are fulfilled and happy every day at work. Good luck!
    I would greatly appreciate any prayers you could throw my way. My husband is a fireman…has been the entire time I’ve known him. I have a very hard time with fear when he’s gone. Not fear for his safety, but fear for my 2 year old and my self….I’m a scardy cat. Every noise makes me think someone is breaking in to get us. I would love some prayers to lessen my anxiety and fear, so that I can be the brave momma I need to be!

  115. Tammy~
    Your family has my prayers. I have a similar request. My husband quit his job before he got laid off and started a new job last week. He quit that one this morning because of circumstances there that he didn’t agree with. He has a a new job/business venture he is going to try. We also have a baby with a medical condition that is regulated through medicine and we have been having to do a lot of blood work and dosage changing in the past few weeks for this as well. It is a stressful time right now. So please pray for peace and God ot open doors.

  116. It could really take awhile to get here because I just want to see everyone’s posts and pray for all, but here I am…for now.
    Cheryl, I thank God that your husband is starting a new job. It sounds like you’ve been okay for the most part and I thank Him that He’s been there to supply just what you need at the time you need it. I pray He continues to supply all your needs and that you can come back financially secure and become debt free in His time. I pray that you hear soon about help for your house payments and thank God for how He will help you there.
    I thank God for where He has placed you as a teacher. Teachers are such a special group of people. What a heart you must have for children. I pray that as you start the school year that you and your students will have a special relationship where they know how much you care for them and you would be able to reach each one and they would be excited to learn as you teach them each day. I pray God protects you and the school from any evil that could come around. I ask Him to give you enough strength to get through each day and peace, knowing He is right there beside you. God bless your school year and God bless you and your husband as you get back on your feet.
    As for me…we recently moved to a new place because my husband had to change location for his job. We left my hometown of 45 years, but our two daughters are grown, so we didn’t have to deal with schools or things like that. As for our kids, our oldest daughter lives in Long Beach so that was sort of a deciding factor – we wanted to live closer to her. My prayer would be that we could find a home church we would feel comfortable in, but where we feel we could minister to others – get involved. And I need a job, too. My own little account has dwindled and I do have a couple of my own bills to pay off. I know Dan will help, but I don’t want any more of a financial burden than we have. We are doing okay in that sense. Wow, this is long! Sorry.

  117. Tricia, I am praying that your daughter will fully recover and that your family remains strong through this trying time.
    My prayer request is that I fully let God into my life as I have felt that I need to let him lead me and my path instead of trying to do things “my way.”

  118. Ok, so here’s my request. Last April I was asked to pray about becoming a discussion leader in Bible Study Fellowship (if you don’t know about this–it is *awesome*). After praying, I was aware that as scary as this was for me, God was calling me to it. I accepted and that’s when the nightmares began. Literally, a full week with no more than an hour of sleep at a time, and what little sleep there was was fragmented and tortured.
    After much prayer, and my resolve to follow God confirmed multiple times (Satan will not sway me), it stopped.
    Last Saturday I got my first email from BSF regarding the training class in less than two weeks. The nightmares/lack of sleep began again that night.
    Would you please pray that I will be able to get some sleep soon, and that I will not turn into a crazed lack-of-sleep wife and mom during this period of trial? Also, that I will be firm in my stance and not be swayed from following God’s will for my life.
    Thank you!

  119. Tammy, I will be praying for you! My husband also starts a new job this week AND I’m also a teacher.
    My prayer request would be for a teaching job here in Spokane or somewhere in WA State! I’ve been subbing for the last yr and I REALLY would like my own classroom. Also, our college age son is in San Fran, looking for a job and an apartment. It’s tough being a mom and trying to not worry about him.

  120. Cheryl…I will pray that you will see tremendous financial blessing & renewal as your husband steps into his new position. I also pray that this new job would be a blessing for your husband more than just financially. And I pray that God would bring peace to your mind knowing that He is in control and that He knew about your situation before it even happened. I can testify to his faithfulness in this area in my life. Many blessings to you and your family!
    I would ask for prayer for my husband and I. He has been in full-time ministry for the last 10yrs. These last 3 have been a time of testing and waiting for us, a valley of sorts. We feel God moving us into a new season of ministry…different than maybe we had set out to, but we aren’t sure exactly what this looks like yet. We are at peace, but feel unsettled all at the same time. Our life has been filled w/ transitions, so stepping out in faith is something we’re used to. That’s just been our journey. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and clear direction and that we would wait patiently to hear from Him.
    Also, we just celebrated our 11yr anniversary a couple weeks ago. There’s lots of joy surrounding this, but also it’s a reminder that we still don’t have children. We’ve been trying for 5+ years and doctors can give us no reason why we haven’t conceived. I’m going to a new doctor this week. Please pray that we can leave w/ some answers or even just next steps and that God would bless us with children.

  121. Andrea…I will be praying for you as you continue to lean on God’s grace and faithfulness. I pray that God’s directions will be crystal clear…and that in these new steps and in this new direction you will also find joy in His answer of a child. May God bless you richly today!
    I’d like to request prayer for restored joy…in being truly thankful for things…not just because I think I should be. I need prayer to maintain a good attitude towards cyclical MomE chores…and a good attitude about my husband’s job…even when it means hours of overtime and trips overseas. I’m usually so bubbly but have been really struggling lately…and I know this is silly…but it’s been literally raining alot too…it makes it all feel worse.

  122. Tammy,
    My prayers are with you as you and your husband both venture back into the work grind as well as financial stability.
    I would love someone to pray for me and my husband. We learned on Friday that we are pregnant. At this point, while we are putting our faith in our Lord to bring us through this, we are still anxious as we had a miscarriage last winter and that pain still resides within us. Please pray for peace with this pregnancy and for me to bring a healthy child into this world at last. Thank you kindly in advance.

  123. My prayers are going up this morning for each and every one of you precious ladies willing to share your struggles and challenges and give the gift of intercessory prayer for others. Tammy, I so admire teachers- I could never have the patience to teach and then come home and have anything left to give my children.
    I will also be praying for your family as you navigate financial difficulties. Don’t allow the enemy to use fear, anxiety and worrt to distract you from the TRUTH- God has it all under control.
    Please pray for me- my best friend is going through a terrible divorce and is now the single mom of four children. I am trying to be there for her in every way possible including watching her baby (14 months old) four days a week. I have multiple sclerosis so every day I will be depending on God to give me the strength.

  124. Tammy,
    I’m praying for financial stability for you – I find God’s plan already in this as our situation is similar and it gives me peace to know I am not alone and strength when I can pray for others. My prayer request is similar to yours: we’ve had to borrow money from our parents and have been praying so hard for strength as we learn from our past financial mistakes and strive to make better decisions. My hubby is in the process of starting a new job and we still don’t know what it will look like financially for us, it is a time of much uncertainty and faith.

  125. Rebecca, I am praying for the Lord to comfort you & your family right now, for Him to help you learn what you need to learn. He will always provide what you need. My prayer request is that God will take away my obsession with having another baby right now. It seems to be all I can think about & it is not in God’s timing right now, but I am very obsessive. Please pray that God takes this obsession away & helps me to be more thankful for my life RIGHT NOW.

  126. Heres how you can pray for me. I have a great job – I know it’s a blessing in these tough times…but my heart is crying out to be at home with my kids and return to homeschooling them. I am currently pregnant with our 6th (oldest 22 and youngest so far 5)the mere thought of going back to work after this baby (most likely our last) is something I can’t even bear to think about. Please pray that I will have Joy – That I will be thankful for all my blessings – that I will make wise, loving decisions that are right for my whole family (not just for me)

  127. Tammy,
    It is amazing how God works in our lives! My request is almost a complete duplicate of yours. It is encouraging to know that your husband was able to find a new job. My husband has been out of work since February. He hasn’t been able to find anything so far. We too are waiting for word on whether or not we will be able to get help to keep our house. I also am a substitute teacher and am so thankful that school will be starting soon. I will be praying for you and your family that your husbands job transition will go smoothly and that your financial situation will improve greatly and that you will have an awesome, productive school year.
    I try to keep this verse on the forefront of my mind…..”For I know the plans I have for you,โ€ says the Lord. โ€œThey are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

  128. Michelle, I took a moment to pray for you and your requests. May God guide you and give you peace! And bless your precious children! Anyone who reads this, please lift up a powerful prayer for my prodigal son. We need a miracle … and please pray for the Christians that God wants to send into his life – that they will hear and obey His voice. How thankful I am for those he sent into mine!

  129. Linda, I pray that God will heal your family. I pray that God through his mighty power will break this cycle of health problems and that it will not continue on in future generations. He is mighty to save and we must have faith that he can!!!
    Tammy, I pray for you and your husband as he starts his new job. My husband and I went through a very difficult time in 2007 and I understnad how scary it can be to not have the money to pay bills. Keep trusting that God has a plan and be faithful to give if God is asking you to give (whether that be to a church or to someone else in need). I also pray that you have a great class this school year and that your students will see a great witness for Christ in you!
    My prayer request is for me and my family. We lost our sweet baby boy, Noah David 6 weeks ago. He was stillborn at 31 weeks gestation. Please pray for us as we continue to grieve and try to understand God’s plan for our lives.

  130. Violet, I’m sorry, I was looking at the wrong previous comment….I also pray for your request and that God will bring your prodigal son home. I pray that whatever the circumstances may be, that Christ would show up in a real way in his life through other believers! That they would be quick to obey God’s leading to help your son!!!! Don’t give up hope…keep praying for him. It took my uncle nearly 30 years to come “home”, but he finally did!!!! Praise God!!!

  131. I will be praying for your son to come home quickly! I will also pray for joy and peace for you and your family.
    Please lift up my family in your prayers. We have had a rough summer but God has been with us every step of the way. Please pray for my husband’s business and for wisdom and contentment for us.

  132. Dear Lisa, I am praying for you and your family, for peace, for for strength, and for your grieving process. You may never understand why, but you will develop a peace about your loss. God IS in the details, and He loves you.
    I ask for prayers for myself and my ministry in the area of music. I have been in a season of winter for over 2 years, and hope that it will soon be over. Please pray for me to continue to have a good spirit – I know that God is in this – and for me to not be jealous of others. I’m sure all of you can understand this, it happens in all areas of life.

  133. Lisa – my heart is broken for you and your family. I pray that the Lord wraps His fatherly arms each of you and holds you in His lap to ease your pain and bring you comfort. I have never lost a child and will not claim to understand what you are going through, but I have lost several dear loved ones over the last 3 1/2 years. I know that the Lord brings His children Home in His perfect timing.
    My prayer requests are many at this time in my life, but I will try to sum it up quickly. As I mentioned above, I have lost many dear loved ones over the last 3 1/2 years (my mom passed away suddenly, 5 mths later my husband’s mom was called Home after battling cancer, then 1 mth later his grandmother passed away, 1 yr later my grandmother, the following yr my grandfather) and my father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease in the middle of all of that. Now my paternal grandmother has been given 1-2 mths to live. I have found myself sinking into a deep pit, feeling completely abandoned by my Heavenly Father. I feel like I am watching my life go by – not participating in it, missing out on what the Lord had planned for me – b/c surely this isn’t it! And when it comes down to it….I don’t care enough to change it.

  134. Tammy, I’ll pray for you in the new school year and for your husband in his new job. Starting anew is scary sometimes, but only by beginning can we understand the beauty of finishing.
    This is how you can pray for me. I am a new wife and I want to be perfect. I know that neither God nor my husband expects this, but with each non-perfect thing I do, I feel worse about myself and my abilities in this relationship. I am praying for peace to accept things the way they are, and for the strength to keep trying to make things that much better.

  135. Here is how you can pray for me – 3 months ago my daughter tried to commit suicide (at 13; she is now 14). In the past 8 months our family life has changed dramatically given my daughter’s recent diagnosis with depression, cutting, and attempted suicide. Not only do my husband and I feel every possible emotion under the sun but it has also put a strain on our marriage. Please pray that my daughter can find her worth and love herself, and let God fill her heart with love; please pray that our son comes out of this unscathed and doesn’t feel neglected during this time; please pray that my husband and I lean on each other for support and stop snapping at each other out of frustration. Please prayer that we make it through this time and come out even stronger than before.

  136. Hey, Jennifer, I hear you and I’m praying for you RIGHT NOW. I just ask God to bless you both and to encourage your heart. Know that He brought you both together for His perfect plan and His purpose will be fulfilled in you. The BEST thing you can do is pray for your husband – I’d like to recommend the Stormie O’Martian (?) book “The Power of a Praying Wife” as I use it regularly to cover my husband in prayer and find it helpful to guide my prayers. I also find it really encouraging to me. You won’t be a perfect wife – and you can’t be, especially if you judge yourself by others’ standards or your own. Just be open to the wife God asks you to be! Can you pray about this regularly with a good friend or an older church member who you find encouraging? I ask God to give you people in your life you can be accountable to about these feelings of needing to be perfect. I’ve been where you are and it just makes things difficult for you as sometimes life wallops you with stuff you never thought you’d have to cope with when you got married( I had Chronic Fatigue for 3 yrs and really struggled with my husband having to do everything – but he did, because I couldn’t and God gave him the grace to manage for us both) I really pray that you deliberatly turn to God when you feel you are failing in this. You can do this, in GOD’S perfection xx
    I just ask prayer for myself, that I can learn how to pray for myself and to discern God’s will in my everyday life. I also ask (can I get two??!!) that my DD doesn’t inherit all the generational problems and issues that my family have (depression, judgementalism, negativity and comparison) Please ask God to continue to bless my family. Thank you xx

  137. Leyla- I just finished praying for you and your family. I will keep praying for God’s peace to surround you and His strength to uphold you as your family works through all the challenges you have been presented. Depression also runs in my family, and I know it is a long term struggle, but one that can be managed in the long run. I pray that you and your husband grow closer during this time and that you find strength in one another and in God. I pray for moments of joy to suprise you and to remind you that God is good and He is always with you. I pray for your dear son, and know that with a mom like you who is aware of his needs, he will receive the love he needs as well.
    Margaret C – I just prayed for your prayer life, and asked God to let you feel His presence and encouragement. Of course you can have two – or more requests!! I also prayed for your DD, that with your love and God’s presence, she be filled with love and positivity (is that a word?) and be aware of the blessing that God has for all of us, instead of focusing on the negative that the enemy would rather have us see. That’s my overall prayer for all of us here at (in)courage – that we see and experience the world as God created it and see Him in every time and circumstance, just waiting for us to join Him in his magnificant plan.
    My prayer request is for my family – my mother died very unexpectedly last month at only 69 years of age. She was the center of our family and her loss is overwhelming. I pray that my family that are not actively engaged in relationships with God feel His love and strength during this time, and that I might be able to share my story of how He has changed my life with them.

  138. Whit–I am in the same place you are. I have reason to leave, but I don’t, because I know in my heart God is going to lead us to something SO much better. My husband is, I think, slipping into mental illness, and it is hard, hard, hard, to live with. Especially since it was brought about because of his own actions, and the event just made him spiral downhill. He is not working–we are depending on his mother right now. I want to work, but I don’t know how I’m going to handle it–we have a good-sized family, and there’s a lot of housework to do. Working outside the home is going to be very difficult for me. I am praying for God to show me what he wants me to do.
    Someone told me that I’m learning perseverance through this. You are too.
    I have prayed for you, Whit.

  139. Tammy,
    God has perfect timing and whether it’s good for us or not, it’s his timing ultimately. I will pray that your husbands new job will go well and the burden will ease for you sooner than later.
    My situation is similar. I would like to pray for courage and strength to get through some stressful and worrying financial times. My husband is self-employed and work had been slow to say the least. I’m expecting our 2nd child in a few months, and currently stay home with our young daughter. It feels like we hang on week to week and it’s draining sometimes.
    I’m also thankful for this new website where I can get some daily inspiration. It’s a true blessing.

  140. Monica-I am praying for you. Many things in my life feel like they are drifting right now, but one thing I do have is the blessing of children.
    I would like prayers for faith and for a sense of purpose. And to be happy and content again. I once was.

  141. Maegan (I like how you spell your name by the way :), I pray right now that your husband’s business will pick up very, very soon. God is faithful!!!! My husband also owns his own business and after nine years of marriage and nine years of living day to day (not even month to month or week to week :), we are having a year of abundance and blessing. And not to sound corny in any way but the total truth is that, ALL GLORY GOES TO GOD! I pray with much anticipation, boldness and confidence that the Lord will continue to meet each one of your needs, each day, each minute. What a mighty, mighty, God we serve. I pray that today you would be ultimately blessed, knowing that you are an amazing daughter of the most high King! He loves you and adores you, so much so that he can’t take his eyes off of you! How fabulously romantic is that!
    Ok, so my prayer request is this… that there would be more of God and less of me running my life. Could you pray specifically that I would have kind words and a gentle and quiet spirit towards my kids. Can you pray that the Holy Spirit would help me to control my anger? Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. Praying for Jenny (above). For certainty and the purity of purpose that is where we can find our heart’s peace.
    For me: I just feel like I’ve made a terrible mess of everything recently. I have the beginnings of clarity and I’d like to see it grow. I need to mend some relationships – particularly those with my friends. I’ve expected too much and I’m sorry.
    Please pray for me. x

  143. Tammy, my prayer is that God will use you in a mighty way this upcoming school year….that you would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as you interact with students and their families. I also pray that your husband will have success in his new position and that God will give you wisdome, favor and mercy as you desire to get back on track financially. I too am starting a new school year as a teacher. ENrollment is low, please pray that God puts me exactly where he wants me. Pray that my husband can have a change of attitude regarding his work. That he would see how God is blessing him, rather than seeing the negative. Pray that my hubby would be able to experience and get a taste of how much God loves him.

  144. Here is how you can pray for me- My daughter was diagonosed with cystic fibrosis at two weeks old. She is now about to be two years old in November, and God has continued to protect her and keep her healthy. We are believing God for a full healing. I am due with our second born on October 22. Because CF is a genetic disease, there is a chance this baby will be diagnosed with CF as well. We are believing God that this new baby will be born without spot or blemish. Perfectly healthy and whole. The enemy has really started to attack my thoughts as my due date approaches. I immediately speak against these thoughts with Truth, God’s word! I would love for you all to stand in agreement with me that our precious Sophie (first born) will be healed and continue to thrive and that our second born will not even be a carrier of the gene. My prayer is also for peace to be over our house as we bring this precious new life into our home.
    I will be praying over every prayer request on this page. What a blessing to have a place like this to come to for support and love.

  145. Tammy,
    You will be in my prayers both for your husband’s new job and your finances. I will praying also for your new school year.
    My prayer is for a new job also. I currently have a job but a job is opening in the medical facility where I work. This job will be less physically demanding and stressful than current position. Please pray this opportunity opens for me.

  146. Becky, I have prayed for you and your family and will continue to pray for them…I need everyone to please pray for me and my family as we go through some really hard financial struggles..please pray that the few bills we do have will continues to get covered..Also for a daughter who has just broken up with a boyfriend that she doesn’t go back to him and finds a great Christian guy (she needs to get back on track with her walk with God..Thanks and I will be praying for all of you….Matt 18:19

  147. This offering of prayer was just a timely salve to my soul.
    I need prayer against addiction. I have been struggling for years with cigarettes. From all outward appearances, you would not know this. Only my very closest friends know (and it certainly isn’t common knowledge among my church friends).
    I know this fight isn’t helpless…yet it so often feels that way. I have been “quitting on Monday” or “quitting on New Year’s” or so on and so forth for the last FIVE years. It’s one of those things that I want to…but I cannot. Even when I commit the effort to the Lord, I always take it back! What’s wrong with me??
    I so appreciate your prayers – more than you know.

  148. Amy, I pray God would give you a strong desire against your addiction. I pray He gives you the strength, courage, and the will to reject & resist your substance of choice. I pray God heals you. I pray you turn to God in those moments of weakness, temptation. Lord, you are faithfull. I’m praying for you, girl:).

  149. Praying for each one of you! Could you all pray for me tonight? I really need as many as I can get. I am 19 and 3 years ago I had one ovary removed due to a torsioned cyst. I have had numerous cysts on my remaining ovary since my other surgery and required more surgeries to drain these ones. I was rushed to the hospital in severe pain this morning for an ultrasound. Everything seems to be okay with it, but now something is wrong with my kidneys and I am now being booked for an appointment with a kidney specialist. Please pray that God keeps my ovary safe and that he relieves my pain tonight. Having children in my future is very important to me, so I could use all the prayers I can get for keeping this ovary safe. Thank you all so much for being amazingly strong women that us young girls can look up to.

  150. Stacie, I have had many issues with ovarian cysts including two surgeries and lost an ovary last October along with part of the other. I know just how scary it is to worry about your future fertility when you’re so young. I pray the Lord will guard your future fertility and take away the pain you are experiencing now. He will take care of you.
    After things settle down with your kidney, please talk to your doctor about the things you can do to prevent cyst formation. Because of my limited ovarian tissue my doctor is very protective and proactive. God has given us many earthly doctors to alleviate our pain and symptoms here. I’ll be praying for you and thinking about you.
    My prayer request is that I’m having difficulty discerning God’s Will for my life. I had always thought I would be a wife and a mother and that there was no way I was leaving college without my MRS. But I did. And there’s no change in sight. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not in the cards and if it’s not, what am I supposed to be doing. It was the only way I had envisioned my future and if not that, now what? (It does not help that in some Christian circles 27 really IS considered Old Maid status.) I would like prayers for comfort, to help discern what I should be doing, and also for directions to find the hidden stash of good, Godly men that must be out there somewhere. Thank you all so much.

  151. Greetings in Jesus’ Name:
    This has been a difficult year for me. Things are piling on and I need a cry, I think. My mother died in January. One of my brothers was tragically killed in July. I have a 12 years old daughter who comes with much emotion and many different experiences/trials for me. My older daughter is getting married next summer. ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless you richly! Thank you for being you for us!
    Thank you for the prayer you recently prayed for us on Heart to Heart with Holley.
    God bless you richly! Because of Jesus,

  152. I am asking for your prayers for my family – a cousin has been recently diagnosed with cancer and has two young children. We pray that God will guide her through this and that she will live so that she can see her beautiful children grow up and they can continue to know their mother’s love. I also ask for your prayers because my husband lost his job many months ago. It is hard right now not knowing when and where he will find a new job and trusting that God will find the right situation for our family. Thank you for all your prayers as I pray for each of you.

  153. Kathy,
    I am praying for your family for provision. For God to show you He is Jehovah Jireh,our God who provides and our God who sees. He sees your anxiety and may you feel His presence.
    I pray for your cousin who is battling cancer. I lost my mother to cancer a few years ago and the oh, I miss her still. I pray for your cousin’s little children. I pray for your cousin’s complete healing, if that be His will.
    If anyone is still here, please pray for my husband’s salvation. Thank you. My heart is blessed by all the prayers that have been said here.

  154. Oh, I am also adding Nic and Cindy.
    I pray that God will show His will in your life. I pray that He open your ears, eyes and heart to what His plans for your life. If it is Your will that she find a mate, I pray that he will be God’s best for her. May she find someone who will love her unconditionally just like Jesus loves us.
    Father, I lift my sister Cindy to you. She is mourning the loss of her mother and brother. Lord, I know how it is to lose a mother. Please fill that longing and emptiness in her heart with Your love.
    Thank you Father, for the opportunity to lift my sisters to you.

  155. Dearest Grace and Peace,
    I pray for Cindy, I hope she finds strength in the Lord during this difficult time, loosing a family member is never easy and I pray she finds peace. I will also keep your husband in my prayers, that he may find salvation in our Lord. I will also pray for you and your kindness is greatly appreciated.
    Please pray for our small family business, we are in financial distress and I hope we are able to pay some of our outstanding debts otherwise we may face closing our doors. I thank God for this space and the wonderful way it has brought so many together to pray for each other.

  156. Hi Tammy, I do pray for God to intervene in your husband’s job search and that you would be blessed with him finding hte perfect job, with the best pay God can get him, good location and a good environment for him. I also pray for God to prepare your heart for a new school year. I pray you would feel ready and prepared, that God would help you find the motivation to enter the new year. I pray for your students as well to enjoy the rest of their time off and be mentally prepared for a new school year.
    My prayer request is this: strength for my family. My mother-in-law died last Sunday. She battled cancer for a couple of years. No one thought she wouldn’t recover. My husband flew overseas for her funeral. While he was gone, my father died, this Sunday. He passed right in front of me, suddenly without warning. He had a heart attack. I performed CPR, but God chose to take him home. It’s been a long week. I don’t even know what my prayer request is.

  157. Tammy I just realized I misread your post about your husband, so just know, that I change my prayers to suit what your needs are!

  158. Heidi – praying for you & your family business this morning (we also run a small business…we’ve felt those money stresses too) – praying that people who owe you money will pay it promptly, that God will open the right doors & guide you in the coming days. Remember that He is sufficient & He has a plan!
    Katrina – praying peace & strength for you and your husband & entire family. Can’t begin to imagine what ya’ll have just gone through. Praying that you’ll get the rest & comfort you need from the Father!
    Praying for God to use us to influence others for Him.

  159. Dear Tammy, You have me praying for you as well that God will give you your heart’s desire and may the Lord bless the new job which your husband just got this week. I also pray that the Lord will always provide for you and that you will never be behind on your home payments anymore. Please include my Brothers and Sisters who are poor and live in Philippines in your prayers. Also pray for me for the Lord to provide the resources so I can always help my siblings when they need help. Thank you Tammy and may the Lord always bless you and your husband and family!

  160. Maria- I am praying for your brothers and sisters and know that they are so blessed to have such a kind sister and a loving God. I pray for their health and happiness, and your’s too.
    Please pray for my daughter Emme. She is 20 months old and failure to thrive. She has had a feeding tube for 6 months and still isn’t able to hold down enough food to help her gain enough weight. We still don’t know what’s wrong with her and take everything day by day. Please pray for wisdom for her doctors and weight gain for my sweet little girl.
    Please pray for continued strength for my sweet husband who takes care of and provides for us.
    Please pray for peace and answers for my family. These last months have been the hardest months of my life, emotionally, financially, and physically. (I have been pregnant her entire illness. My son will be born next month.) Please pray for his healthy arrival also.

  161. I am hoping you ladies can pray for my family. We are sperated right now. People who said they would help us get back together. So he is working two jobs to support us and reunit.I am hoping we will be doing this sooner rather than later. i will keep you ladies in my prayers

  162. Tammy, my prayers are with you. I will pray for your husband as he begins his job, and I will pray for you as you return to yours. May God bless you and your family.
    My prayer is for patience and understanding as I struggle with the demands of raising two young children. Thank you.

  163. I will lift up your family in prayer, Tammy.
    I’m not really expecting anyone to read this post since it’s been a few days since the last comment was posted, but I’ll share a request anyway…I desperately need a full-time job w/benefits. I am single and have been scraping by on income from a part-time job that I drive an hour to & from each weekday in a 16 year old car that is on its last legs. I would appreciate support in prayer that the Lord will provide me with full-time employment so I can also afford to visit a dentist and get some needed medical attention. Thank you, and God Bless.

  164. Stacie I pray God will comfort and calm you. I pray his will is for you to be a mother in the future so you can teach his love to a son and/or daughter. I pray he will easy your pain and worry, as well as protect your ovary and kidney.
    I need prayers to be positive about the time I had with my late husband. Tomorrow would have been our 26th anniversary. I try to stay extremely busy on days that I think might be difficult, but can’t seem to find anything to do tomorrow night. I’m usually a positive person but I’m having a hard time lately.
    God Bless all of you.

  165. Deb-
    I will pray for you to be able to smile and remember the joyful times and love you shared with your husband.
    I lift you in prayer to remember that he is safe and well with our Heavenly Father.
    Could someone please say a prayer for me? My husband lost his job today, and I am unable to work. I am very frightened for our children and our future. Please pray that he finds a job quickly.
    Thank you.

  166. I have you all in my prayers. Tammy, I pray that you have a wonderful school year filled with God’s blessings. Please pray for me for I am also I teacher and I need continued prayers throughout the year.
    Peace, Joy, Happiness,

  167. everyone please pray for Lona who has just lost her husband Gary at the age of 62. The funeral is tomorrow.(Aug 24,2009) I know he was saved and that he is in her future waiting for her right beside JESUS!I ask that she will know that she knows. I pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to bring such comfort, peace, rest and even JOY to Lona and her family…will you agree with me for this Please? Thank you and God bless you all

  168. I have read all of your requests and am praying to our powerful God to help, heal, meet needs and change hearts. May we all find peace in Him, in pressing close to His bosom. I’m praying he heals your hearts from your losses, gives you strength to endure the unknowing times where we don’t see His hand moving, and for people to be in your life to unconditionally love and lift you up daily. Please pray for my unemployment situation (3 years now), still having my mom live with us (since my father’s passing in ’02) and for my marriage. Blessings to you all!

  169. Hi! My name is Laurie, I am 23 years old and this is my first year as a teacher. I’m teaching 1st grade at the same school that I went to in 1st grade, so that’s fun. However, it is so much more challenging than I expected! The kids are loud, the schedule is tight, and there’s more and more things that we are expected to do as teachers. Plus I have extra mentor things because I am a new teacher. At the end of everyday, I feel so exhausted and I know that I forgot to do something that was important! We have already been in school for 2 full weeks + 2 days, so I’m beginning to feel more routined and comfortable. I just need prayer to calm my fears of not being good enough, and I want to touch the lives of all my children but I don’t feel as if I am being very effective right now because of all the “stuff” we have to do! It’s frustrating and very daunting at the same time. Thanks for your prayers ladies–I’m so glad that there is a place like this where I KNOW women will pray.

  170. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in this site with my sisters iin Christ. My prayer need is … my precious Daddy passed into eternal life on Aug.14. I miss him so very very much!

  171. I am praying for everyone, that God may comfort and guide us in all the issues we are facing these days. I ask that you pray for my health…I suffer from severe migraines besides other health issues and for the past 4 months, I have been getting them more often. 3 to 4 times per week. I was laid off, single Mom of a 4 yo, can’t afford insurance and FL is not like the states up north. Sometimes I am overcome with fear of dying, my baby girl is too little and needs me…but these fear comes from everything else, not being employed, having to share a place, the betrayal of a loved one, etc etc. I have very little support system, which means no family. My friends are my family. Please pray that God keeps me healthy for me to continue providing some stability and happiness for my precious baby girl. Dios las bendiga.

  172. Cheryl, I will pray for you and your problems.
    We too are stuggling financially after my husband took early retirement for health reasons.We need to survive the next 5 months until his state pension kicks in.. Please pray for my 5 monthold grandaughter with Cystic Fibrosis. Marjorie

  173. Marjorie,
    Take a deep breath and feel the Holy Spirit fill you with courage to lean on Him and accept His will for your family. I am praying for you right now to accept His power in your life. Seek to thrive and not just survive. Your challenges and needs are not unknown to Him and He will provide. I am seeking prayer support for my grandniece, Hailey. At age 17
    she just this AM left for basic training at the Great Lake Naval Station. Please give her the courage to face all the new experiences coming her way. Pray for her commanding officers for knowledge and wisdom while guiding her to keep her safe and continue to bless her to be a blessing to others. Thank you!

  174. Auntie Dee, I am keeping Hailey in daily prayer. I can’t imagine how difficult her weeks ahead will be, but I trust that God will be with her and her platoon as they train. She will be a blessing, that I am sure of!
    My prayer request is to forgive the man who stole my life savings while I was attempting to build a house in a foreign country where I now live. I lost the law suit and while I don’t get too upset about that now, I still can’t find peace with the man himself. I’ve left the island where it all took place to avoid seeing him regularly, but out paths still cross occassionally and all I can do is glare at him.
    Thank you!

  175. God himself tells us we must forgive those who trespass us, Just as he forgives us for our trespasses everyday. Forgiving does not mean that the person was not guilty or wrong or that we believe what they did was o.k. It just lets us let it go to let God! God will take care of the situation and the person way better then we could ever imagine. I Pray for you to have the strength and the courage it is going to take to let go and let God handle this. May you be blessed with peace in knowing you are cared for and watched over.
    I am asking for a a prayer for health issues I am facing I am a mother of 6 kids and am underinsured so it makes going to a Dr. next to impossible. I know God is the one true healer and when two or more people pray he is there. So I am asking for prayers to join with mine for physical healing.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  176. Tammy, I am lifting you before the Father’s throne of grace at this time of change in your husband’s life; this time of financial upheaval. As a retired Nursing Professor, I can pray that you will experience the wonderful presence of Christ in your classroom each day.
    My prayer is for my son and his wife as they try to be the best parents they can be for their only son, Josh, who will start Grade 1 shortly. He is a “high-functioning” Autistic child who has times of acting out and attacking his parents physically. They need patience, wisdom and physical energy to help him through these situations and God’s continued hand on their marriage.

  177. Sweet Joan…I have lifted your family in prayer as Josh starts his educational journey and that God will guide your family through this time with the ability to have faith and patience. My prayer request is for my friend April who is going through a hard time in her marriage. Please lift her and her family in your prayers.

  178. Pray with me that God will intervene in my son and daughter in law’s marriage. They are contemplating a divorce. Both of them have made mistakes, but I know that God can heal their broken hearts and restore their trust in each other. I talked and cried with both of them for a long time this afternoon. Pray that God will give me the wisdom to say the right things to them.

  179. Susan, I pray for your son and daughter in law that they might have forgiveness in their hearts and learn to trust each other again. I pray that you will have the wisdom needed to say the things that they need to hear most at this time.
    Please pray for me that I might continue to be strong for my husband and new baby. Our first child was born over 3 months early and is in the hospital still. The hospital she is in is a long 40 minute drive away. She is doing well considering all that she has been through…heart surgery, blood transfusion, infection, jaundice, eye hemmorages, and at this point trying to overcome apnea and bradycardia. It just wears on me. The daily 40 minute drive. Trying to enjoy the few moments I get with my little girl while alarms are going off and other babies are screaming. Having nurses take my baby from my arms because her heart rate has slowed and she isn’t breathing. It is just so draining, emointionally, mentally, and at times even physically. Somtimes I hit a wall and wonder if she’ll ever be home and healthy. I need strength, my husband needs strength, and my baby girl needs to continue to grow and do well so she can come home.

  180. Oh Shalee, we have similiar prayer requests…how fitting that God put us close to each other like this. My son, who’s 34 is also in a hospital like your baby girl…tho your daughter has physical problems, and my son has mental ones. I pray that you and your husband have the faith you need, as well as the strength, to hand her over to Him and trust that He knows best. Take comfort that she is His, and He knows what you guys are going thru…may she grow stronger and stronger everyday, just like her Mom and Dad.
    Please pray for my Josh, let him feel God’s comfort, and know he’s not alone. Let him know his family loves him, let him agree to take his meds, so he’ll turn the corner, and work towards coming home. Please pray that God will wrap His arms around him, so he’s not scared, and let him know He will always be there for him.
    Hold on Shalee…and have faith.

  181. Hi Tammy,
    I can relate to your prayer needs, as money is so tight for our family as well. I, too, am a teacher and have been falling to sleep in an exhausted stupor every night since school started! Those first few weeks are so tough!
    Here is my prayer for you:
    Lord Jesus, I lift up my sister Tammy and her husband to you this day. I pray hubby’s new job is working out well and that it will not only bring in money to provide for the family but also bring him great personal satisfaction. Please sustain the family as they seek to dig themselves out of a deep financial hole. Help them to keep on trusting in You, their Provider. I pray you would use Tammy in amazing ways as she works with her students. May she see past the learning objectives and into the hearts of each student. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!
    I would appreciate prayer for family as we just buried my sister’s husband Buddy on August 15th. Our family has lost five members in less than two years, so grief has become a close companion. Please pray for my sister and her 18-year-old son, Matthew as they make a new life for themselves without Buddy. Matt turns 19 on the 5th of September, and I know it will be a bittersweet birthday without his hero dad there to celebrate with him. Thanks so much, Lee

  182. Ladies, I am asking for prayer for my family. We are a military family (I have 7 kiddos) and my husband is presently deployed in Afghanistan. He’s been gone for exactly 1 month today. Thank you, Jesus for 1 month under our belts!!! Please pray for my wisdom and strength as I govern our family for this season of our lives, our cohesiveness/unity as a family and last but certainly not least, my hubby’s safety and the continued safety of all of our troops stationed around the world. Thanks (in advance) for your prayers & God bless you all!!!

  183. M, Please know that I am praying for you. I pray that you will experience God’s peace, strength and comfort as you wait on Him to open the next chapter in your life and career!!!

  184. Courtney,
    I am praying for wisdom & strength & your husbands safety.
    I am asking for prayers for my mother. She just found out she has EXTREMELY high blood pressure & has been put on medicine. Please pray that she gets better & learns how to be healthier!
    Thank you

  185. Dear Ashley,
    Prayed for your mom to adapt well to the medication and for motivation to make necessary lifestyle changes and perseverance to keep at it. Prayed for peace for family members too.
    Please pray for children to seek a closer walk with God and to be dedicated to having daily personal devotion despite being busy and burdened with school work. Pray for humility to seek God’s guidance.

  186. PRAYER REQUEST: I continue to struggle in breaking away from a violent/destructive relationship with my ex-husband. We were only married two years (divorced for two now). There was lies, deceit, abuse and infidelity on every level. I have struggled greatly with letting go. I am so much farther along the path of healing today than I was even 6 months ago. I will always love him but finally realize with both my heart and my head that he cannot be a part of my life anymore. I pray for his healing and ultimate surrender to the Lord’s saving grace. He has three children that have remained in my life via their mom and step-dad. Please pray for all our continued healing and for my total release of my relationship with my ex-husband. Thank you. – Gail


  188. My oldest son Daniel is moving out tonight to share an apartment with two other college students while he pursues his journalism degree. Please pray for his safety and my ability to cut the umbilical cord.Thank you sweet sisters in Christ. I pray for God to touch each one of your precious prayer requests as well.

  189. I am praying for your son Daniel. I pray the Lord’s protection over him & I pray peace for you during this transition in your life.
    I am asking for prayer for myself. I am presently waiting for some test results to come back to determine why my uterus is so enlarged. I was diagnosed a few years ago with endometriosis & my prayer is that this won’t be anything serious & can be dealt with without me having to have another surgery. Thank you for your prayers.

  190. Tessa, I stand in agreement with you, thanking God for a good report and for peace during this time you wait. XO
    Please pray for my husband. He is struggling with mental health and addiction issues. The enemy is threatening to tear my family apart. Pray for clarity of mind, peace, restoration, forgiveness, and that the Lord would soften his heart.
    Thank you.

  191. Tammy~
    I have you in my prayers! Lord Bless Tammy & Her Family~ Give them Courage, Wisdom & Faith as they start a new job & school. Bless Their Finances, Lord. Give Tammy Peace about her Home, and fill it with love! Amen!
    I have a good friend whom is going thru a nasty divorce! I want to be a good friend & be there for her, But I also want to pull away from her and her situation.
    I ask for Prayer for peace, strength and knowledge to do the right thing. I know I need to surround myself with Godly Women, but my heart breaks to loose a her friendship! Pray God will send me, Godly Women to become friends with a heart yearns for one or many!;)

  192. Marsha,
    I pray that our heavenly Father blesses you with peace, strength and wisdom to help your friend.
    Please pray for healing for my family and myself. We recently loss our youngest son (23 yrs.), September 06, 2009 to a fatal car accident. My husband, his brother, my sister, and me are all devistated and in need of intercession for strength, hope and healing in the days ahead. I know he is with the Lord and no one can take better care of him but I miss him so much and cannot stop the tears.

  193. Yvette,
    I pray that God is with you and your family at this time. I cannot put my self in your place but i can imagine what you might be going through cause i’ve been in situations where in cant stop the tears…. The Good Lord is so merciful he will always be with you and when you feel u cant go on he will lift you in his arms and take u across.
    I need prayers cause im in a situation i dont know how to deal with. I am married and separated for 3 yrs now. I did my best to work my marriage but my husband did’nt give too hoots… now i’ve met a man i love very much and who says he loves me too…. well, being through a lot i may sound unsure of his love cause i dont know if i cant trust anyone anymore but i still got into a physical relationship with him and now i approached my husband for a divorce cause i really want to be free to be able to move on and settle with this guy im seeing. But my husband who never wanted me is now not willing to give me a divorce…. im torn in between wanting to settle down and being stuck in a marriage that i cannot make it happen now cause i cant feel anything for this man anymore… also i dont want to be used for sex and den dumped… Please pray for me….

  194. My prayer request is for encouragement, and happiness. I’m kind of just in a place where it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a junior in college and jut learned I got a “D” this semester for one thing. I also just feel very alone most of the time, like I don’t have any friends, or anyone who would chose to spend time with me. I spend a lot of my time pretending to be happy, but never really being happy. I want to one dy soon get to just really feel that happiness.