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  1. I loved reading your story…
    My theme for this entire year is “GOD IS BIG”. So this resonated with me… deeply. Your response to God’s call on your life… was the same response I had when He plopped me on the mission field and told me to lead a ministry. HUH? SAY WHAT? …and He’s exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

  2. Thanks Amy! I love your theme. Where do you serve? I was a missions major in college…not an easy gig! Blessings to you and thanks for reading!

  3. Ginny. I have tears in my eyes after this. What a story. It is always opposite day in heaven. That, my friend, will stick with me for a long time.

  4. I loved this! You have a way with words, girl.
    I loved this line in your post: “In perfect Job 38 style God humbled me, “Do you know who you are talking to?”
    Oh how many times I have heard that in my own life. Thank you for reminding me again of old struggles and God’s provision.
    He blessed me through you!
    (by the way… it was so fun meeting you and your funky glasses at shespeaks!)

  5. Thanks for sharing your painful experiences which God is using in such a powerful way! What an (in)couragement to press on in spite of difficult circumstances.

  6. Thank you & may God continue to bless you & encourage you as you so tenderly, yet boldly encourage us! Love you!

  7. Thanks for the reminder. There were times when I felt similar to you growing up. Reading this was a great reminder that God can take care of my biggest weaknesses.

  8. Thank you, Ginny, for your words this morning. Not only do I remember feeling like you described thru much of high school, I’m working on allowing God to make me exactly what I am not. And believing He can work that big of a change. To read of Him doing that for you inspires me to keep going. Thanks!

  9. Such a great reminder that His power is made perfect in our weakness! Your courage is (in)couraging!

  10. Such a great reminder of how big our God is and how He knows the plans he has for us. I loved the line where you said God said do you know who you are talking to? I often am reminded of how many times I have wanted to run when God said that to me. Thanks for making my day.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I enjoy your way with words 🙂 and I very much needed the reminder He can make us new. He cam turn our lives around 180 degrees. Thanks again!

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience. I had something similar happen to me in high school (why is it always high school?!) with a bunch of girls whom I thought were my best friends. It took a few years (okay, a lot of years) but God replaced those so-called friends with new, much better ones. Kinda like Job.
    Have a blessed day!

  13. I think many girls go through image issues with themselves at some point or another. Its such a topic for us, and I love that you wrote about it. 🙂

  14. Fabulous! I love this post, because it is exactly what I have been experiencing this past year. God has called me to do something I know on my own I can’t do. And yet He gives me all I need to do it. I love how you said it is always opposite day in Heaven – I think I may borrow that with my kids sometime!
    Whenever I am full of doubt over what He has called me to do and my abilities to do it, He reminds me of a line from a song (that I have no idea of what it is called!): In Your presence, I lack nothing.

  15. Ginny,
    Awesome post…hits home for me. I to struggled in school and felt “stupid” most of my life. But God is so good. He can turn night to day, help a dyslexic learn to spell and have the courage to homeschool her son. My God is that BIG!
    I pray He continues to move mountains in your life! I praise Him for speaking through you today.
    Just Awesome!

  16. Thank you Ginny for such a wonderful and encouraging piece of writing.
    It has touched, encouraged and given me courage.
    Just before reading your article I had just realised that God has been calling me for quite a while and I’ve been reluctant to take the final few steps.
    I AM ready and I can act on the plan that He has put in front of me.
    Thank you so much for giving me the courage to go that final step. Blessings to you.

  17. Oh Ginny…this struck so many chords deep in my soul. I was labeled a loser all throughout elementary, Jr and high schools. The wounds went deep and I struggled with feel inadequate, ugly, and worthless for years and years and even now sometimes fill my mind with negative thoughts about myself. I always found comfort in Joseph’s story and when he said “What man intended for evil, God intended for good.” I’m so glad you listened to God’s voice and not those old recordings.

  18. I never felt comfortable as a child, or even some days now as a grown woman. God is showing me more and more daily that my beauty “doesn’t lie with outward adornment…a woman of the Lord is to be praised.” What an awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Wonderful post Ginny! Thank you for always sharing and being so real. I am very proud to call you a friend!

  20. Oh I love that you listened to His call even when it did not seem feasible to you. All things are possible through Him – I just found you via inCourage. Love your writing! Would love to hear your opinion on “She Speaks” if you have a moment (HA!) I am considering attending in 2010 but would like to talk to someone who has attended.