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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I would gift a copy to my knitting teacher. She has been such an encouragement to me as we struggle through the clicking away of our needles!

  2. This is such a good magazine, I would share with one of my teacher friends and my son’s girlfriend. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. I would gift a copy to my husband’s widowed Aunt and share my copy with my youngest sister, who can then share it with our other sister and her two daughters, then last stop, youngest sisters girlfriend, Linda.

  4. This is one of my favorite magazines … I just went to our hallmark store trying to find the new issue! Now it’s arrived I can’t wait to get my copy . I always buy an extra one to share with my friend! She enjoys it as much as I do ! I read it cover to cover and then go back and read it again until the next issue arrives !

  5. I would gift a copy to my friend who just finished chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. She’s an inspiration to me as she practices everyday faith. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with her.

  6. I would love to see one of these magazines. I would give one to my oldest and best friend, Mary. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. I would share a copy with my daughter, mother of two, who could use some peaceful reading in some peaceful moments.

  8. A faith filled magazine sounds wonderful! I have recently made myself be more intentional about carving out time to read. Faith filled and scripture inspired materials are what I’m choosing to read.
    I would like to gift a subscription to Deb, my Stephen Minister and friend, who has walked alongside me during the painful season I’ve been going through.

  9. This magazine looks wonderful. I would give a copy to my oldest daughter. She grew up watching Candace on TV and now homeschools her children.

  10. Thank you for the reminder that rest is a blessing. I plan to give the extra copy to my coworker who needs extra encouragement if I’m blessed with winning.

  11. Ironically this week’s lesson for my Sunday school class is on the 4th commandment. We’ll be holding up our right hand with all 4 fingers standing tall & our thumb tucked down like he’s taking a nap or resting. We will tell our kiddos the 3 Rs of keeping the Sabbath Holy: Remember what God has said & done; Relax: be physically renewed & Refresh: be refreshed & renewed by the down time God has prescribed for us 1/7th of our lives! I confess I’m better a teaching this practice than always obeying it. I love your 3 prong approach of intentional resting. Thank you for ur encouragement! Blessings!

  12. I read your devotionals most mornings. It would be wonderful if Canadians could get in on the giveaways.

  13. I’d give a copy to my new friend Adrienne. We are both boy moms in the thick of life and change and child rearing and these are life-giving materials to help keep our cups filled (pass the coffee too!).

  14. I would gift a copy to my niece and her husband who are preparing their children for elementary school.

  15. I would gift a copy to my friend who has been such an encouragement to me as we both deal with chronic illness. We are focusing on the Lord and His love, grace, and promises to keep running the race.

  16. love this… I was GRIPPED with fear when covid hit. Not that I would get covid and suffer, but that I would get covid and pass onto others with our knowing and they would get sick. EXACTLY what happened…. but God. By His grace healed me and those that were infected from me. He brought me through my worst fears and delivered me/all. It was in those times I learned to rest in His Word and meditate on it. I believe the ‘lock down’ and restrictions were ‘such a time as this’ for God to ‘force’ all of us to rest, replenish, restore and turn back to Him in relationship with Him and others. May we keep these lessons learned in our hearts and rest in His love to replenish and share His resurrection and promises of hope and life eternal!!

  17. Hi!! I would love to get this magazine, as I’ve never seen it before. I would gift to my friend, Christy. She and I have very similar walks with God, parenting styles to our boys, and values for our families. This would give us more things to talk about!!!

  18. I too, am a person who dies not take time to rest. I loved the encouragement today from the devotional. I would share the magazine with Rosemary, a longtime Christian friend who has moved away and is dealing with health problems herself and also takes care of her, years ago, unfaithful husband who has dementia now. She forgave him, and stays strong to her marriage vows… “til death do us part”.

  19. I’d give a copy to my dear friend who is strong with her faith but questions God as she goes through the grieving process of losing her husband of 18 years. She feels lost and alone. I think this gift will be a wonderful reminder that God is with her and her husband is also watching over her.

  20. I would gift a copy to my friend — needing a much-needed time of rest and refreshment. Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. Such a beautiful reminder of rest. This past long weekend my family and I were able to physically rest. We were much more worn out than we imagined and it was lovely to just be.

  22. This was such an inspiring article. I love Everyday Faith! I would put the extra copy in output church’s lobby so moms could read it while waiting for their kids to finish up scouts or basketball or confirmation class.

  23. I love reading the in courage emails each morning. They always seem to motivate or teach me something I need for that day. I would give a copy to my mother. She started me on my faith journey and would enjoy all the articles in this issue.

  24. Hello, Thank you for this blessing, and great encouragement with today’s article. Very uplifting and its a message we need everyday. I plan to give the extra copy to my niece who is struggling in her marriage and who is in need of peace. Who’s soul need uplifting.

  25. I would give one to my daughter-in-law. She is starting to engage in Bible studies and even her knowledge. I love reading it every day myself

  26. Hi ladies!

    I would give my extra copies to a gal I met, while serving at senior meals. She loves Christian reading materials! And I bet this magazine will be right up her alley.

  27. I love you your website! It brings me peace, and thought-provoking ideas on how to incorporate them into my busy life.
    I would share the extra copies with my daughter-in-love, whom we are both trying to immerse ourselves into God’s will and coping with life.
    Just to say again, I love what you ladies are doing…bless you all
    Linda Thornton

  28. I would gift a copy to my bff and Bible study/prayer partner and then I would share my copy with our senior ladies or other ladies in our Bible study group.

  29. I would gift a copy to my daughter in law. She is a relatively new Christian and I think it would encourage her.

  30. I would give copies to my 2 Thursday friends. We meet each week to have lunch and “do life” together. We call ourselves the GIFT(girlfriends in fellowship together)

    • I love calling your Thursday friends the GIFT! I may have to appropriate that for my buddies!

  31. Oh this article resonates with me so much. I feel overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of getting my kids back to school and I forget to rest. I would gift a magazine to my sister who also has young kids and could use encouragement. I will be putting these into practice this week, thank you!!

  32. Thank you for the reminder to embrace rest, and that rest can be experienced in different ways. I especially love experiencing rest through nature, especially at this time of the year. The changing of the leaves into their autumn colors always amazes me!

    I didn’t know that DaySpring had a magazine! If I were to win a copy, I would gift the other copy to my mom. She loves a good magazine!

  33. If I won a set of the magazines,
    I’d gift a set to my adult daughter, mama of my 2 lil grands.

  34. I would gift a copy to my amazing sister-in-law who
    serves her family and her church all while being the primary caregiver for her 95 yr old parents. Also she works as a mentor for new teachers graduating from our local university.

  35. I would gift to my manager and friend Lauren. She is such a sweet person going through a hard time in life. She surely would love the encouragement.

  36. I would gift a copy to my minister’s wife. She heads up our small group. My family has been through so much since 2020 and it doesn’t seem to stop. Her friendship and encouragement has helped get me through my darkest moments. She has lead me to learn so much about myself and discover such a strong relationship with our Father.

  37. I would love to give a copy to my daughters best friend that just finished chemo today. Her name is Cri.

  38. Great podcast! I would love to give a copy of the magazine to a friend whose husband is under going treatment for cancer.

  39. Honestly If I have a copy of anything by day spring/encourage I leave in my community laundry room for someone to take

  40. Truly enjoyed this post. I’d gift to a dear friend Sandy. We’ve known each other since grade school (50 years).

  41. I enjoy reading this magazine. I’d like to send a gift magazine to a friend that’s healing from a fall 2 months ago. She’s a dear friend of mine.
    Is there a way we can have a subscription for the magazine?

  42. I look for means of encouragement and rest in this very difficult time in my life. I would give a copy to my sister.

  43. I am needing to rest and lower stress in this season as I go through tests for my heart…. this article today blessed me in my need. Deeply.

    I would share a copy of the magazine with a friend of mine also going through a health struggle and needing healing from God.

    Thank you for your faithful encouragement each day. I always look forward to your podcasts, articles, and emails.

  44. Dawn,

    God talks a lot about rest in the Bible. He knows that we need rest for our bodies, mind & soul. In fact He commands us to rest. The fourth commandment states Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God. In it you shall do no work. Society states do, achieve more, work harder. We tend to fall into that trap. Lysa Terkeurst in her book “Your Best Yes” states that “saying yes to everyone & everything won’t make you wonder woman. It will make you frazzled. You won’t have anything left to give anyone.” Jesus knew full well when He needed to gat away, rest & have time with the Father. If Jesus needed rest then how much more do we need true rest?

    Blessings 🙂

  45. I won’t give the gift to my dearest friend of 44 years. She has been taking care of her mom and dad for the last 4 years. Her mom has dementia. She found out that her husband has bladder cancer, lost a friend of hers to liver cancer. She was having a very hard time so I came to stay her a couple of weeks. I have shared this site with her.
    Thank you

  46. I would love to win a copy for me and my sister. We love (in) courage and Candace is a wonderful person. Keep up the good works!