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  1. (in)courage friends,
    Psalm 40: 1-3 Is what I call my “life verse”. Not only does He lift me out of the slimy pit and give me a firm place to stand but in verse 3….
    He put a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn of praise to our God.
    Many will see and fear (be amazed by) the Lord
    and put their trust in him.

    Lately, I could really use prayer for allowing myself to truly rest. Running a non-profit foundation is a lot of work (a lot of great work), but still work and I am so passionate about it that I just go and go and go until I hit the wall and crash. I am exhausted and need to learn how to pace myself better and follow God’s command to rest and be still because I want to sing of His goodness….
    Bev xx

    • Lord, we pray that you would speak into Bev’s life every day, that you would give her words and music for the song you want her to sing, and that she would be lifting her voice from a place of peace and rest.

      • I would like prayer for two friends. Both with similar circumstances.
        They are married & have 4 & 5 children. Ranging in ages 10 – adults.
        Each ones husbands are clinically depressed.
        One has A Downs Syndrome daughter with depression.
        Each child as they get older start showing signs of depression.
        One is extremely anorexic. Some want to harm themselves. 2 have turned to illegal drugs & have been in & out of rebabs. Others have been hospitalized for different results of the disease.
        Both are Christian families.
        In both families the wife is carrying the heavy burden of caring for the family.
        At times having 3 children hospitalized in 3 different states. Not being able to leave home at times because she doesn’t want to leave adult children alone because of new medication being taken or fear of them harming themselves.
        This is also difficult for grandparents (who are Christians) to stand by & see their daughters carrying this burden.
        They’re struggling with giving it all up to our Lord but at the same time wondering how much more their daughters can carry.

        • Father, I thank you for Barbara and that you always hear and answer our prayers. I lift Barbara’s 2 friends and their families before you, and I thank you that all the promises of God are in You ‘yes’ and in You ‘amen’ to your glory in us. I take authority in Christ over the spirits of infirmity, addiction, death, hopelessness, heaviness and despair and every unclean thing that has attacked these precious families and I bind their power and command that they let your people go in Jesus name! I speak life to all these families and declare they shall live and not die in Jesus name! They all prosper and are in good health even as their soul prospers. They are the heads, not the tails, above, not beneath. I ask Jesus that you bind up their wounds and heal their broken hearts. Give them the revelation that they are accepted in the beloved and their is now no condemnation for them in Christ Jesus. And for Barbara, I ask that you meet all the unspoken desires of her heart and surround her with favour as a shield because of her love for her friends. Thank you that you hear us when we pray in accordance to your will, you answer is in You yes! And in You ‘let it be so!’ to your glory alone. In Jesus name, amen.

        • Barbara: Praying for your 2 friends and families. God is greater and He will change things! Keep on loving those friends ❤ God carries every one of them and only He is their helper.

          • Maija,
            Totally what God has been laying on my life these past 10 yrs especially. So many hurting ppl all around. Not always easy and sometimes costly but loving people like Jesus does matter!! ❤️ Barbara remember God sees your care & love for your friends. I pray He keeps showing you this & fills u up to pour over them again and again. I ask you Father, once again to fill these sisters& me up in our empty & broken spaces as only you can! Thank you Jesus ❤️

        • Praying for both your friends families. Father God please help these 2 families in there times of difficulties. Please surround them with Godly people to help them thru this midnight of their lives. Bring healing, hope, rest, and confidence of faith in each family member’s life. In Jesus name amen.
          Nothing is too difficult for Elohim.

      • Amen, Michele. For myself, please agree for my healing of the respiratory ailments raging war in my body. They cannot stay, in the Name of Jesus. And I need a place to live, a room to rent with the right Christian Sister, et al. Thank you. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. No car. I Love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

        • My Father of heavenly lights, from whom every good gift and every perfect gift comes from, I praise You because You are good and your mercy endures forever. You say that even to our old age and gray hairs, You will sustain us, carry us and rescue us ( Isaiah 46:4). I ask that out of your glorious riches you provide a home for Joyce, a new car, a good christian sister to fellowship with, all their needs supernaturally met, (debt free) exceedingly abundantly above all she could ask for or imagine according to your power that is at work within us. I command the respiratory problem to leave her now in the name of Jesus! I declare her healed by the stripes of Jesus and decree that as her years, so shall her strength be! I thank you that your grace super abounds to Joyce and all her needs are supplied by You according to Your riches in glory. We thank you for these your gifts and give you all glory and honour forever, amen.

        • Joyce, praying right now. I was at the E.R. Thurs going back now for respiratory problems, and asthma. Wheezing is horrific. We hold each other up. I have tumors/ lungs that are cancer, however, it is slow growing/ 10 years now. However, as a child/ on up to now 70 years old, asthma. I am having labored breathing and wheezing severely. I feel I need steroids to help. I am a Christian, follow In – Courage, and also feel part of this family; family here of God. I am speaking life to You Joyce, and to me, Psalm 118:17 – and the Lord’s healing and restoration and His added strength to us as he gives us His Grace and Strength. Thank you for your prayers. In Jesus name amen. Martha – Atlanta, Ga. area.

    • Father, I pray for Bev this morning – that you will both give her the strength and wisdom in her daily work, but also give her the rest and peace she needs to refresh her body, her soul and her spirit. Help her to trust You and find her confidence in You. Bless her work as she strives to serve You. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ name…

    • Bev,

      Praying for you as always. May God help you find the spiritual whitespace you need daily. God send your whispers of rest to calm Bev’s soul & help her to sing your blessings.


    • Get the Book, Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray! Excellent ! Also follow her online! She has a 40 Days to revitalize your soul. It’s all about REST! Her pond casts are amazing!
      Blessings and prayers for REST!

    • Good morning, first for Bev who preceded this post, from Psalm 121:5, Jehovah Himself is carrying you! He is your defender and so much more. Return to Sabbath as a place if rest and refreshing. For myself, please pray that going forward we can truly live loved, for nothing can separate us from the love of God.

    • Bev, God will surely give you the rest and refreshing wind that you need. Turn to Him in everything. Ask Him to show you your speed bumps, and to slow you a bit. He will. His,Word is True. Be encou

    • Bev, I pray that as you pour yourself into what you’re so passionate about, that you will find a daily limit in order to take time to rest.

    • Lord Jesus, please work in Bev’s life and heart. Help her to seek out and accept your rest. I pray that she would take your yoke upon her and accept no other burden. Bless her in all she does. In Jesus’ name. Amen

    • I can so relate. I am praying hard for you, that you will find time to be still and spend time with the Lord. One book that has so helped me, it was a gift from my sweet husband, is called Jesus Calling. It is a book of daily devotionals, one for morning and one for evening, And I absolutely love it. God bless you always.

    • Oi, linda!
      Sou do Brasil. E orando por você, que encontre o descanso nos braços do Pai.

  2. I would love some prayer. After the trauma of my husband leaving our marriage in quite shocking circumstances, I have felt a lot of anxiety about who I am. I am plagued with self doubt and I continually expect the worst to happen, jump to negative assumptions, read too much into things. I have many moments of peace but also many moments of crippling fear (all based on things my ex said/decided I was/projected onto me). I have taken some things on board as fair feedback, there is always things to work on within ourselves. But I cannot get perspective on who I am. I cannot stop catastrophising. I cannot stop feeling uneasy, unsettled and unhappy with myself.

    • Lord please pull Hannah into your arms and never let her go. Restore her to you you made her to be. Give her back your eyes so she can see herself as you have always known her to be, a beautiful worthy wonderful child of yours. Let her see she is NOT responsible for another’s actions whether right or wrong only her own. Give her the choice to see she is worthy and for her not to put her self worth in the hands of another other than you who loves her dearly, allow her to see that and lStly please take away her anxiety- we all hate that Lord, protect her and us, Amen.

    • Lord, Hannah, is walking the broken ground of loss and fear. We pray for her, our sister in Christ, that you would speak truth into her days, revealing to her who she truly is because of you. And we pray for healing to come to her broken heart.

    • Father, I pray for Hannah this morning, that she will find her peace in You. Surround her by Your love and Your peace. May she rest in the assurance that You created her, and You have made her special in Your sight… help her not to allow Satan to use what others would use to try to pull us down – help her to find her confidence, her strength and her peace in You… thank You for loving her… in Jesus’ name…

    • Hannah,

      Lord help Hannah walk this broken road. Give her eyes to see herself as you do-as your beloved. Comfort her &send your everlasting. Remove the wrong thoughts she has & put in your thoughts. Help her to see she isn’t responsible for anyone else’s actions or words. Bring some peace to her soul! Give her whispers of rest for her hungry soul!!


    • Hannah,
      I am deeply sorry for what you are going through and pray for you this:
      Psalm 2 :73
      “Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I’m attacked I will remain confident.”
      Blessings to you,

    • Hannah,
      I’ve walked in your shoes and I so pray that the Lord would wrap His arms of comfort around you and let you know that you are His beloved and He delights in you. Please, please, don’t let one person’s opinion define who you are. Like you I internalized a lot of lies over a 26 year marriage. Now when I hold those lies up to the Truth that God declares over me, I see them for what they are. I know your self esteem has taken a big hit and anxiety and fear and a whole mix of emotions are normal. You are grieving a loss and the person didn’t pass away….they left. That hurts. The Lord will not leave you comfortless; He will come to you. John 14:18. Praying that Truth over you right now. You are loved and you are beautiful. Lean into the Lord and may He give you peace.
      Love and ((hugs)),
      Bev xx

      You WILL make it through this valley…..

    • Lord, bless Hannah to consider the ravens and the lilies – you take care of them and dress them in splendor – and we are worth so much more. Help her to remember her worth is in You alone. Thank You that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, that You created her with a purpose, that her identity is first and foremost Child of the One True King. Gracious Father, lift her eyes up to you, open her heart to your healing and pour your love into her. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • Hannah,
      I pray that you would feel safe in laying all that you feel before the Lord right now, knowing that He can handle it, that He wants us to be real and in truth with Him, I pray that you know that He will meet you there, right where you’re at, in the darkness and pain. I pray that you wouldn’t go one step more thinking you have to straighten yourself out or feel more self confident before you come to Him. He already knows all about you. I pray you have the courage to come before Him exactly as you are, hiding nothing. I pray that in that you will see Him and that He will meet with you right there and do an awesome work in your heart and your life. I pray that no matter how bad things are, you could look up to Jesus and see Him always at the end of your path and know that all is already well, that despite the pain and suffering of life, He already has the victory and has won the battle for us. For you. In Jesus name, amen.
      (I have felt the pain and loss of being left, more than once, and the anxiety about my identity and I also have a sister named Hannah so I felt a kinship! Love to you in this time).

    • Dearest Hannah,
      May you hear the lullaby of our loving Lord singing, rejoicing over you. May it comfort and you and give you peace.
      Zephaniah 3:17
      Our dear Lord is a Mighty Warrior, and He will go before you….
      He is a Shield around you (Psalm 3) and will quiet the naysayers… (Ps. 3:7).

  3. Lord, I lift up Bev in prayer to you, she is although wise in age she needs you yo show her how to seek, pull back and receive a fully rested body mind and soul, to receive restorative rest so she may continue your good work. My Lord please bless her, the children and people her non profit helps through you. Walk with her and keep her close, I love you God and I ask these things in thy name, Amen xx

  4. Dear Lord, Please lift Hannah up into your loving arms. Let her feel your presence and love. Fill her heart with the understanding of how truly precious she is to others and to you. And that while it is hard today, it won’t be forever, because you are leading her right through this. Please Lord also, Lift Bev into your peaceful arms. Help her find that moment to bask in your presence. Help her to find time to work on what is most important to you….her. Let her feel that in her day today. In your name, Amen

    I have my own things I need prayer for but He knows. And I will talk to him. But I have a friend that is in need of your prayers today. A friends husband was just put into the hospital with Pancreatitis. Her younger daughter is running a fever and exhibiting signs of the flu. And her older daughter is in the middle of a competition weekend. She has it all handled and sounds like she is on solid ground but if you could pray for her. We know just how hard it is to be pulled in so many directions physically, and emotionally.

    • Praying for your friend, Andrea. Thank you, God, for this friendship that demonstrates to us the act of bringing a friend to Jesus. Help her to sort out the many threads of her life and to do it with grace. We pray for healing to come to her husband and daughter, and for Your strength to carry her through this process.

    • Father, I pray for Andrea’s friend this morning and especially for her husband. Heal him, Father – give the doctors wisdom, help them to keep the pain of the pancreatitis under control, may he be able to rest in You. Keep the rest of her family safe from illness – keep the flu from bringing them down right now while they need strength to get through this time of illness. Help Andrea’s friend to find her strength in You, and to feel Your presence in her life. Be with Andrea – bless her for sharing in this special friendship… thank You Father, for being our Great Physician… in Jesus’ name…

    • Andrea,

      Praying for you. Lord help Andrea’s friend. She has a plate full this weekend. Your word says you will never give us more than we can handle. Give her the strength to deal with all the problems & a sense of peace & calm. Help her husband & daughter heal quickly. You know what they need even before I ask it. Give her whispers of rest for her soul today!


    • Dear Jesus Living loving Lord of Calvary…I do lift up Hannah and all the ways “we” get stuck in our emotions fears and anxieties insecurities [me included here today]. When I get stuck in my hurt pockets places where I CAN’T GO THERE LORD…in a day
      I tell the LORD you go in there before me I can’t go in there. [That was when my husband suicided yrs. back and our son was 16].

      The LORD gave me a life verse then …Psalm 59:10 GOD OF MY MERCY [HEBREW=UNFAILING LOVE COVENANT LOVE] PREVENT me. [TO SEE BEFORE GO BEFORE AND MAKE PROVISION FOR ][Hebrew] What I did not know there was some insurance from his job and it kept us till I got his Social Security and pension. At this point in time I did not know the love and grace of God. I just had to keep every jot tittle of the law of God. I had been in a church that taught you have to keep the whole law of God. Because I never knew th love or grace of God I felt like I had to be perfect within myself. Now I know the LORD is my husband. I tell the Lord….I can’t carry this meet me there (:)) Bring to my heart and soul what I need to stand and walk. GRACE AND TRUTH to be a light unto my path a a lampunto my feet. (:)) Jesus being bringing to me what I need to stand and walk.

      (“)) Here is another verse (:)) The LORD is thy keeper [hebrew= hedge about with thorns guard protect circumspect to attend to look reserve save] I LOVE STUDYING THE HEBREW of words in original language I have a concordance of the whole Bible hebrew and Greek] So I look up words in verses and it carries my heart and soul upon his bosom.

      There are times..when I just ask the Lord..I just need you to hold me and love me today. Meet me ther in the word dear Jesus.

    • Andrea,
      How sweet of you to be so tentative to your friend, you are a blessing.
      I pray that as she’s faced with all this, that all will be well.
      Blessings to you,

  5. I pray for Andrea and her friend you know what they need most , please be with them both and provide to each of your children according to their need, Amen.

    May I ask for prayers for God to reveal to me what to do- I am doing my second year of a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies and the Lord has blessed me with a scholarship does this mean I should take on 3 subjects in the first semester to allow time for my practicum component in the second semester? Or do I do two subjects per semester and take the practicum locally? Will this let me obtain the overseas job I e been thinking might be a possibility at the end? Will my husband be supportive of me leaving for 4 weeks like he was in the beginning? Lots of questions- can I handle it with 3 kids? I need guidance please Lord make it extremely clear – do I have what it takes ? Being part- time last year was hard but I did it thanks to you! I am lost and need to make. Decision fast feeling I am following your path for me.


    • Jas, my head is spinning with all these choices.
      Lord, do give guidance to this servant of yours. Thank you for all the good she is doing. Please make it clear to her what she is supposed to tackle with your help, and what she is supposed to leave for another time or for another servant.

    • Lord, you are able to guide Jas and want to! As she lays all her desires and options before you, highlight for her what is truly life-giving, important and timely for her. Grant her peace and help her see everything through your vision for her.

      I ask prayer as I hope to start something like an InCourage for Asia. We have many women who need the Word, are searching for mentors and could use empowerment. I’m not sure how to proceed but excited to see God pull things together! Thank you.

      • Dear Lord God, please guide Jenni in her heart’s desire to encourage our sisters in Asia. We know this aligns with your desire to bless and strengthen your daughters throughout the earth. Please open doors and help Jenni find the answers and direction she seeks to do this exciting ministry. In the precious name of Jesus we ask. Amen

      • Thanks Jenni, prayed for you this afternoon in your quest for an incourageAsia, May the Lord guide you and direct you xxx

    • Dear Jesus-
      Please guide Jas during this season of her life. You have lead her to this point, and You know what is best for her and her family. Please show her the path that she choose. Make it easy for her to see. Please also be with Family and provide them the resources they need while she pursues her studies. Amen

      I am also in need of prayer. I am using my spiritual gift to the best of my abI lift, but lately I feel inadequate. Like Moses and so many others, I sometimes ask God, isn’t there someone else? This is too hard. I need help trusting Him.

      • Father,

        Sending up a prayer for Kate. Please let her to continue to use her spiritual gift that you have given her. Father you supply each of your children with gifts. Let her lean in you and know that your words can never come void. Let her feel your presence today in Jesus name. Amen.

      • Thanks Kate, I also ask God to show you just how miraculous and special you are…you are all that you need to be, you just need to see the wonderful creation God made you to be xx

    • Father we lift up Jan to you this morning and ask that you would guide her in this decision she needs to make soon. Please help her to discern whether she should push ahead and take three classes this first semester or if she should stick with two. She wants to be in your will, she desires to follow you. Lord I pray that you would make it very plain to her which course she should follow for this next year. I pray that you would greatly bless her in this course and what she’s learning and how she hopes to use it in the future, to you be the glory. And I pray for continued unity with her husband and grace in the family situation. Thank you for this opportunity that you have given her, use her gifts. Amen.

      I was so hoping that you would have this opportunity again to give our prayer request because I am still so broken over what I asked about last time! I’m asking prayer for my son and his wife, Chris and Nicole, who are greatly struggling in their marriage. Humanly speaking divorce looks like what will happen. But they are still in communication and seeing and talking together. And I am asking the Lord to soften both of their hearts and knit their hearts together again. They are both committed to Jesus. And I so firmly believe that he can greatly bless them with a marriage way beyond their expectations and use them in the future to help other couples. Thanks ever so much. I have been trying to focus on hope this year, but lately it has been harder.

      • Oh Father, I pray for Shelly this morning, as she carries this burden of concern for her son and his wife – Chris and Nicole. Oh Father, I believe that Satan is out to destroy Christian marriages, and I pray that he will not have the victory in this couple’s life. May their hearts be turned to You, to remember the covenant they made before you to love each other. May their love be restored in abundance, and may their marriage be strong and a testimony of Your grace to others. In Jesus’ name…

      • Dear Father in heaven! We put Chris and Nicole into your loving hands. They are your children and You love them SO MUCH. You want the very best for them! Knowing you have their hearts in your hand, we beg You to turn their marriage around so they will be able to serve You together once more as a unified, loving couple, displaying the relationship You have with Your church. We also pray for Shelly who is burdened and affected by these circumstances, too, that you would give her the strength and discernment to take on one day at a time and see what You want her to do. For Satan’s schemes to be defeated in this situation and for Your glory to be clearly seen, we pray. In Your precious Son Jesus’ name, AMEN!

    • Father, I pray for Jas this morning, and ask You to fill her heart with peace as these decisions that need to be made swirl around her. Help her to prioritize what You would have her to do… give her wisdom and clarity. Help her to stay focused and committed to serve You… thank You Father, in Jesus’ name…

    • Jas,

      Lord please send whisper of rest to her soul today. Show her what direction you want her to take. Give her a sense of peace & contentment about the decisions. May her husband be supportive of her in this endeavor. Calm her down enough so she can sort through her options.


    • Lord please give Jas what she needs. Help her to know the answers about school and her family.

      I need prayers about ovverwhelm and making decision to retire and what God wants me to do with my life.

      • Thanks Sharon x Lord please help Sharon in her decision on what is best for her and her family. Guide her and at the same time wrap her up in your arms in this season of change, I JN, Amen

    • Lord God, please bring peace to Jas’ heart and mind. Grant her the wisdom she seeks, and give her courage to discuss her questions and concerns with her husband. Together help them reach the best decision for their family, keeping you as their center. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen

      I’d so appreciate prayers for 3 of my children, 2 of whom are adult men struggling with alcoholism and mental illness, and 1 teenage girl who is having trouble dealing with deep sorrows of the past, losing her dad and recently her beloved pet. Thank you

      • Jesus, I pray for Joanie’s children. Even when they all grown up, we still worry about and love them just like when they were younger. Alcoholism and mental illness are big struggles…but you are a big God. We pray your protection & healing over her sons as well as her daughter in the loss of her father. We love you Jesus…thank you for loving Joanie and her kids.

      • Dear Lord, please watch over and help each one of Joanies children. Provide the help and healing they need as only you can do for their respective problems. You are all mighty my Lord, show your mighty healing power here for this family and I pray for peace for the family and joanie, Amen

  6. Please for me as I struggle with health and financial issues. I’ve had 2 hand surgeries on my dominate hand due to a car accident, its been over 2 years. My life has been a roller coaster ride.

    • Lord, I lift up Paula to you today and pray for healing for her hand. She needs her hand to do so much in life and to serve You. I pray also for big blessings in her finances. Lord, please strengthen her in this time and calm her heart, help her to have faith and know that you are at work on her behalf!

    • Father, Be with Paula right now in this moment – fill her with Your peace, surround her with Your love, may she feel Your presence in her life in a very real way. Heal her hands, that she might be able to continue well in the work You have for her. Meet her financial needs – bring others into her life who might be able to come along side her and help her. You are our Provider, Father – may she know Your provision in her finances and in her health. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Praying for you Paula. Lord , hear our prayers. Lord, God , please take care of Paula in every way. Heal her hand. Sort out her financial worries. I pray she feels Your loving Arms around her. Bless her Lord. Yes and Amen.

      • Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I pray that our Heavenly Father supplies all of your needs in Jesus name Amen…

  7. Please pray for our young adult children who are trying to find their path. Pray that they can overcome depression and addiction as they move forward with what God has for them. Praise God the youngest has a new job and the oldest just finished a program that will lead to a new career. God has been there for our family this past year in difficult circumstances but pulled us out and put us and gave us a new place to stand.

    • Father, I pray for Leigh this morning, and for her children. May they be still and listen for Your voice and Your leading… may they clearly sense the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Thank You for answers to prayer – a new job, completion of education, the assurance that You have been there for this family and have led them through these difficult journeys. Give Leigh peace in her heart – help her to feel Your presence… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  8. Lord, I lift up Paula to you today and pray for healing for her hand. She needs her hand to do so much in life and to serve You. I pray also for big blessings in her finances. Lord, please strengthen her in this time and calm her heart, help her to have faith and know that you are at work on her behalf!

    I ask for prayers for my husband as we are starting a ministry to assist churches and Christian organizations financially. We also need prayer for our finances.

    • Father, Thank You for the commitment that April and her husband have made to serve You in this new ministry – may they be assured of Your leading and in the fact that You will provide for their financial needs as they serve You. I pray for this ministry – may the churches and organizations that will receive support use this blessing as the way to grow and to serve others in return. Give April and her husband peace and wisdom… thank You, Father… in Jesus’ name…

  9. Bless all the wonderful people who have come together in prayer in Your name Lord. Pray for blessings of wholeness, Your presence and guidance for each person that is brought to you here. Please help me to be strong and clear headed as I approach an important date. Many of the women’s voices have rung true for me; life situations and needs. Please bless us beyond understanding and bring us closer to you. Lead us to rest in your arms, restore is each day and brighten our understandings. In Jesus’ name Amen!

    • Father, Be especially close to Charlotte today as she seeks Your wisdom and leading in this important time in her life. May she rest quietly so that she can hear the leading of Your Holy Spirit, may she be assured of Your presence and Your will for her life… thank you for her trust in You… in Jesus’ name…

  10. Father, I come to you on behalf of Jas asking for clarity and direction. Your word says when we ask for wisdom You give it to us liberally holding nothing back. Your word also says in Isaiah 30:21- Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left. So be encouraged Jas, God hears you and he desires to speak to you. Go where your peace is leading you. And position yourself ridding of any distraction, so that you can hear the voice of God. I pray that He speaks to you expediently in Jesus name amen.

    My prayer request is for the comforting ministry of the holy spirit to be with me as I walk through a very difficult marital journey. I too need strategy & confirmation of what God would have me do. I want to rely on Him in total and complete rest while He does the great work. I roll over every care upon Him because I know that He cares for me.

    • Lord I pray for Renae and her husband this morning! I pray God that you would have your way in both of their hearts and minds! Exodus 14:14 says “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be quiet.” This verse has helped me to remember that the battle is God’s and I need only to rest in Him! God please help Renae and her husband on their journey together and breathe life into their marriage giving them a purpose to serve and honor your name together. I pray for your divine intervention and wisdom for them both and for your will in their lives God no matter what the outcome You are God and Renae is your daughter! Remind her that she is loved and help her to walk in Your light and love I ask all this in the name of Jesus, Amen

      Please pray for a dear friend of mine to put her trust in Jesus and be saved! Her name is Jessi and her journey has been so long and hard!

      • Father, I pray for Jessi this morning – may she come to trust in You as her personal Lord and Savior – may she know the peace of Your salvation and Your forgiveness of sin, and Your Holy Spirit in her life to lead her on her life journey. May she be able to give the difficulties she has faced behind her and move forward allowing Your leading in her life. Thank You Father for Missy – continue to use her to reflect Christ to Jessi and to others… in Jesus’ name…

        • Thank you Leanne I believe God gains more ground every single day! I trust Him for her salvation! It’s just so hard sometimes waiting and seeing her struggle on her journey! Please continue to pray for her! Thank you!

      • Thank you s much Missy! God bless you and keep you in all your ways. I also agree in prayer wirh you for your friend’s salvation.

    • Father, Be close to Renae – help her to feel Your love, surround her with Your presence. Father, we know that You designed marriage to be a forever commitment and a reflection of your forever love for us. I pray that Satan will not have the victory in destroying this marriage, but instead give Renae strength to stay the course and finish this journey well – restoring the love and covenant that was given. Thank You Father, that You know all the circumstances, give Renae peace… in Jesus’ name…

  11. I am lifting you up in my prayers Bev, that you may find peace and rest in the one who is our Prince of Peace. He is waiting for you to come, lay it all at his feet and just be held. May you find that rest today, thst peace and rest that calms your soul and soothes your heart. You are doing incredible work for his glory, shining his light and being a blessing to so many others for which I thank you!

    My prayer request is two fold: I lost my Mom two months ago. The grief comes in waves and sometimes overwhelms me. I have no doubt I will see her again so then why is this so hard? I have a sister. We were close when younger and have been growing closer. Please pray for our relationship to continue to grow. I think it’s part of God’s plan.
    Secondly, oh this week of such heartache. I teach freshman in a high school in South Florida, not far from Wednesdays tradgedy. One of my students, her cousin was there, who lost his friend and his coach. What he witnessed, no child should ever have to see. Please pray for him, for all these young people who were trsumatized, their families and the teachers too. Despite the horrific act of evil I have also witnessed so much love and community support. I’ve seen God in the courage of our first responders, in the sacrifice of our teachers and the love we share.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    • Father, I pray for Heather this morning – surround her with Your presence, Your comfort, Your peace as she mourns the death of her mom. As those waves of grief come over her, help her to turn to You and to rest in You. It is hard, because although we trust that there will be a reunion someday, in our humanness, the emptiness Heather is feeling in this moment is very real, and it hurts. Heal her weary spirit… thank You for being our God of comfort… in Jesus’ name…

      • Father, I also join Heather in praying for those affected by yet another tragedy of innocent lives being taken… Father, heal our country – as Christians may we live lives that reflect You to others. Be with these families who are suffering – although we don’t understand, we know that You can use these horrible life events to bring others to You and to help us to further trust Your presence and leading in our lives. Thank You Father, for knowing all things… help us to trust… in Jesus’ name…

    • Heather,
      Thank you for your prayers and I pray for the bond between you and your sister to grow closer….keep reaching out to her. I am an only child and as my parents pass away, I so wish I had a sibling to turn to. What a precious gift. God grant you grace to overlook differences and build bridges. I also pray for these precious children who have witnessed and been traumatized by these horrific acts. Only you Lord can restore peace and healing to those hearts and souls. We pray that your mercy, love and grace would be upon the survivors as well as those who lost children. Thank you for Heather’s sweet and caring heart.
      Bev xx

  12. I thank God for all He has done in my life, I have had many health issues lately and care for an elderly friend. I would ask that you would pray to help me to stand strong in my faith and not loose sight of our Lord and Savior. When I step off the path, everything goes wrong, so if you would pray that I will not loose sight or faith, thank you.
    I pray for healing for Paula in every aspect of her life, the blood of Jesus over her and her family and peace for them all. Healing for her hand. In Jesus precious Name, Amen

    • Lord, I pray for Linda today- you know all the details of her health issues, Father. I ask in the name of Jesus for healing in her body, mind, and spirit. I pray that as she is struggling, she would not grow weary in doing good. That you would give her energy to continue serving her elderly friend. I pray that you would keep her roots connected in you for nourishment during this time, that she would be like that tree planted by streams of water than never ceases to bear fruit, even in a drought. Help her to keep her eyes on you, to abide on you, and continuing receiving her strength from you. Amen.

    • Dear Lord I pray that Linda will stay strong in her faith with you. That she will see the good things that you are doing for her as she goes through these trials. I pray you will give her a peace and know that you are there for her. I pray for a healing and for strength as she cares for her elderly friend. Be with her every step she takes. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Father, Be with Linda this morning… heal her! You are the Great Physician, and I pray that Your hand will bring healing and peace to her heart and life. Guide the physicians who are caring for her… and may she be able to rest in knowing that You know, that You are there – surround her with Your love and presence. Be with this elderly friend as Linda helps to care for her… bless Linda in abundance for the love she is pouring out to this friend… in Jesus’ name…

  13. My daughter has had 3 miscarriages. She has had a surgery and can try to get pregnant this month. She has been going through this for almost two years. Please pray that the surgery was a success and she can get pregnant and carry the baby full term to have a healthy baby boy or girl.

    • Father, Be especially close to Amy’s daughter this morning… surely the pain and disappointment in so much loss is difficult… surround her with Your presence, help her to rest in Your love. Father, You know the desire of this couple’s heart to have a child… as it is Your will, may they see the results of successful surgery, and may they be able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Be with Amy, comfort her as she comforts and supports them… may they all know Your love, Your leading, and Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jesus, I pray for Amy’s daughter today. Miscarriage is so heartbreaking. I pray that you give her renewed confidence and belief in your perfect will and timing. Please be near her Jesus…may she become a mama and have a healthy baby. Thank you for loving Amy and her daughter….

  14. I would like to ask for prayer for my relationship with my boyfriend. We have been dating for about a year and a half and I love him to pieces. We have been talking about getting married. But I struggle with a lot of anxiety and am constantly asking myself if I’m with the right person and obsessing over little things that I don’t like or aren’t sure about. We are going to start meeting with my pastor and his wife for some pre engagement counseling tonight and I have been so fearful and anxious. Please pray for peace and clarity to know what is real and what is my anxiety talking. Also pray that we have wisdom about how to talk through things related to anxiety. Thanks.

    • Lord, I lift up my sister, Leah, to your hands, to your throne, to your mercy, to your all-encompassing love. Relationship is what you are about. The most important one is between her and you. Even marriage comes second. But marriage is probably the most important one horizontally on this earth. Oh how we want it to be blessed and given by your hand. So in this decision, strengthen her eyes on you, attune her ears to you, let her surrender her will to yours, and give her peace and assurance every step of the way. You do not hasten, so don’t allow her to enter the trap of making a quick decision. You do not badger or persuade by deceit or condemnation. Let her understand your thoughts and wisdom and trust you. In Jesus precious name, who knows the end from the beginning, AMEN!

    • Leah,

      Lord I life Leah up. Give her whispers of rest for her anxious soul. Guide her on this journey of love & marriage. I pray the counseling sessions go well & she can see herself as your beloved. Open her eyes to see the love you have for her & help her surrender her will to yours. Make it clear if this relationship is to move into marriage. Slow her down to your pace of life. Don’t let her make a hasty decision either way.


    • Father, Be close to Leah – help her to find her first and most important love in her relationship with You, and help her to feel Your presence and comfort as she faces these decisions and these anxieties. Father, You are the God of peace – may she find peace in You. Father, You are the God of wisdom – may she find wisdom and clearly know Your leading. Guide her pastor this evening as he works with them – may he be Your servant in helping Leah and her boyfriend to know Your will. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  15. I pray for all the hurting families in the recent school shooting. I cannot imagine what they must be going through right now.

  16. Lord of great wisdom, I place Jas at Your feet of guidance. Thank you for her heart for You. Would you grant her discernment re: the decisions that need to be made re:school etc. We all know what it’s like to feel confused about a choice & to feel rushed to make a decison. But Lord we also know that You are the God of peace & Your way is always the way of great peace. So would you calm her anxious heart & prepare her to receive your good & perfect answer. Prepare her husband’s heart as well. I pray that Jas would maintain a submissive heart & quiet spirit through it all. In Jesus Name we pray Amen.

    Please pray for God to grant my husband and I strength & comfort. His mother is facing a major health crisis. I would like for God to grant me wisdom in my two ministry roles.

    • Father, Be with Maria and her husband – and especially be with his mother as she faces this difficult health issue. Father, You are our Great Physician – I pray for healing, for wisdom for the doctors, for strength, for peace. Be a comfort to Maria and her husband – may they find rest as they trust in You. Guide Maria in her service to You… give her the strength and wisdom she needs daily as she seeks to do Your will… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  17. I live in south Florida, near the Parkland school shooting, and am a retired teacher from the public schools. The intense hatred that is erupting from people, both believers and non-believers is building up and extreme. While everyone has been praying for the families of the victims, the overall pain in the community is resulting in a fury that is overwhelming. I feel a need to speak if the love of God, of His compassion and mercy, but it is so difficult to do in the midst of this hatred.

    • May God step in to this situation. May He speak His peace and His truth into every soul who feels emotion at what has happened. I pray against hatred, disgust, anger and people reacting directly from a place of hurt. My prayer is that God would use this incident to firstly, draw people to Him. That His name would be exalted among the nations despite it not looking that way at all now. Oh God, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

    • Father, I share with Mary her pain over this tragedy and the hurt and anger that is erupting as a result. May Mary be a reflection of You, of Your love… May she know when to share, and when to just allow her life as a believer to be reflected in all she does. Father, bring healing to our country – we are so unworthy, we have turned against You in so many ways – we need to turn to You… thank You Father, for loving us so very much… and for being the author of peace – may we know Your peace today… in Jesus’ name…

  18. I would ask today for guidance and wisdom about medication I am on for anxiety, and also at the same time I am dealing with food issues. I am working with a doctor on both issues, but need to decide if it is the Lord’s will about the medication. It has been a long battle. My goal is not to be on any medication at all, but I need the wisdom to decide. Thank you for joining me in my prayers.

    • Mary,

      Praying for God’s guidance to lead you. May He send whispers of rest to your anxious soul today. Lord help Mary know what to do about medications. Guide her on this journey. Give her a sense of peace & calm. Bring her back to better health.


    • Father, Be close to Mary this morning – help her to trust in You as her Great Physician… give her peace from the anxiety of her heart. Guide the physicians who are working with her, may she know clearly Your leading in whether she should continue with the medication… thank You Father for Your love and care for Mary… in Jesus’ name…

  19. Hi. I am taking a group of people from northern Sweden to Uganda in 2 weeks time. We would really value prayer for our trip – it is all so very different to life in Sweden. (Travels, heat, masses of people are some issues our that our group worries about). My prayer is that God would work in each one’s heart, to speak a direct message needed for them to hear. Prayers for me would also be appreciated. There are so many thoughts of failure as a person, unworthiness and challenges to my anxiety that are nagging at my brain now. Thank you for prayers!

    • Father, Above all be close to Karen this morning – help her not to be buffeted by Satan who would seek to destroy the peace that You bring – help her to see the worth that You see in her – help her to feel Your presence in her life, and the assurance that You don’t see her as a failure, but as Your precious child. Guide her as she lead this group to Uganda – may they have safety as they travel, may their time there bring honor and glory to You… be preparing the hearts who will be touched by this team as they serve You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Dearest Jesus, May Karen know your love in a new way today. May she and her team see your work even before they leave Sweden. We know Lord, that you love to use the most unlikely in the most unusual ways. May Karen’s team be fully united and winsomely glow to all. May your perfect love for them cast out all fear.

  20. Lord, I pray that you will make it clear to Jas the path and is to take. Please bless her and give her peace for her and her family wherever you take her.

    I am requesting prayer for my next step and for provision to live. I have 38 days of sobriety today and I pray that God will direct my path to where He would have me go.

    • Father, I thank You this morning for Lynn, and for her 38 days of sobriety… help her to trust in You as she continues this journey toward healing and wholeness… help her to sense Your leading in her life… may she see herself as You do – a woman of value with a purpose to serve You and live for You… be close to her, give her peace and strength to walk each day in Your will… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jesus – we thank you for the amazing woman you created when you created Lynn. Thank you for bringing her through 38 days of sobriety! This is huge and we are so grateful for this big change in her life. May she know how much you love her and how very close you are to her each and every day…

  21. I would please love to have prayer for my family in that we grow in the knowledge and glory and desire to know God experience his love, that my husband would desire to grow spiritually and my children would have a strong walk with the Lord. I also pray for our physical health to be better for all of us as we each have some things that we have to deal with.

    • Father, Be with Kelly and her family today – give them peace and wisdom and they see to grow in You, and to know You, and to walk with You… may Kelly find her strength and comfort in You, may she trust Your leading… heal this family, Father – both physically and spiritually… thank You for loving us so much that You know and care about the burdens of our hearts… may Kelly know Your love in this moment… in Jesus’ name…

  22. In Courage,

    My heart aches for those families & students in Florida. Send your whispers of rest to all their souls today. Give them a sense of peace & calm amidst this storm.

    I ask prayers for family & friends. Jan has breast cancer. She had surgery a few weeks ago, not sure the results. May she have peace regarding the outcome.

    FIL has stage III bladder cancer. He is almost 90 & has been in & out of hospital since Thanksgiving week. MIL has been sick with cold. Give her strength to deal with this-she is 83. Send them whispers of rest to their weary souls. Allow me to be there for them & assist my hubby.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Father, Be with each of these friends that Beth has shared about. Give Jan Your peace as she awaits the results of her surgery… may she know Your healing – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank You for being our Great Physician – help Jan to trust in Your. Be with MIL and FIL also – thank You Father, that Beth is being Your servant in caring for these dear elderly ones… bring healing, bring rest, as Beth requests, to their weary souls. Bring strength to Beth, as she ministers on Your behalf to others… in Jesus’ name…

    • Joining you in these prayers, Beth. Praying for your family and friends. Praying for you as their help and support. And thank you for joining in today and praying for so many in this community.

  23. Dear Lord
    Please bless all the people in this prayer chain with your presence and knowledge and comfort of you.

    Please guide Jason down the right path to do your will and be your light. Give her peace about her schooling path, strengthen her marriage and her children as she follows your will.

    We live you Lord and just wish to do your will and be your light.


    It has been a season of struggle for me even though I know how blessed I am. My mother has been battling cancer for 7 years. I started my fight with it last year. Please pray that I can find joy in the journey and not sink in the mire. Prayer that my children all follow the Lord’s leading so that if I do not get to follow their lives here on Earth I will see them again. Pray for my dear husband. I’m a mess and very hard to live with. He is such a patient Godly man. Thank you

    • Father, Be especially close to Kris today – help her to feel Your presence and Your peace. Father, I would pray to You, our Great Physician, for healing for both Kris and her mother… guide the physicians who are caring for them, grant wisdom to give the best care to bring healing. Father, be with this family – may they each trust in You to lead them to do Your will, to follow Your leading. Father, help Kris’s husband to have an extra abundance of patience and comfort to share with Kris… bring Your comfort to this family… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Oh Kris, I can just see your heart through your words here. What a precious and loving heart. Joining you in prayer for your loved ones. Praying for you on what I know is an incredibly difficult journey. Praying for His strength and love and peace to overwhelm you.

    • Kris,

      It is so hard to watch our parents go through tough illnesses. Prayers for you and your family. Father encourage Kris today. Send her your peace & comfort to endure on this journey. Give strength to mom, Kris, children & especially the husband. Help the children & husband to follow you always & to lean into you for guidance.

      Here’s a song to encourage you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYFR11Iz-hE&list=RDSYFR11Iz-hE. It is “In His Eyes” by Stephen C. Chapman. May It bless you today!


  24. I am currently on the last two weeks of a six week break with my boyfriend. It has been trying. I know seasons of waiting are perfect for cleaving to the Lord. I need prayers for faith in our relationship to be healed, my boyfriend leaning on Jesus, and trusting in the wait. Praise be to God for his allowance of our seasons, and his sovereignty.

    • Father, Be close to Kalli today – help her to find her first and most important love relationship with You… and help her to trust Your leading in her life as she moves forward on her life journey… thank you Father… in Jesus’ name…

  25. As I read each post, I prayed for all of you – for the situation you are in and for the help you need. As for me, I am having a bad day. I am so tired of my life – of the constant stress. For the past 16 years or so, my son has been struggling with emotional and mental health issues. My husband and I are supportive of him, but are we doing the wrong thing? Are we enabling him instead? Now on top of the mental health issues, my son has physical pain. Just when one thing gets better, another malady comes along. Just when I get my hopes up that he will get a job and be able to function in the world, he has another set back. I am so tired. I wish it would just end already. It’s hard to put it all in to words. I’m just asking that you pray for my family. Please give us strength. Thank you.

    • Dear God,
      I pray for Christine. I pray for her son, that would provide the social and mental health and medical support maybe needed to help him and their family function in their roles. I pray for relief for his parents to be Able to give this burden to you and have support of their own to be able to be okay. God I pray you meet Christine in this hard place today and fill her overflowing with love and mercy that she will have excess to give to those around her and herself. Amen

    • Praying that God beings you comfort and renewed hope during this time. Jesus will give you the strength you need to go on. Praying for mental and physical healing of your son and praying for patience, strength and peace for you and your husband. Our God is a good, good Father and just how you want what’s best for your son, He wants what’s best for us. God bless you always ❤️

      “Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world.”
      – ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”
      – ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!”
      – ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:35‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • Father, Be especially close to Christine this morning… surround her with Your presence… bring her Your peace and comfort… be with her son as his life journey has been difficult – help Christine and her husband to know how and when to help… thank Your for loving us so much, and for caring so much about all our life problems… keep Christine from discouragement, help her to trust in You, even when she can’t see the next step ahead… even as I write that I know it’s so difficult, so strengthen her heart and spirit… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  26. Prayers for Granny Merritt…she has lived a long life and seen many wonderful things. Help her health remain stable and heal her to see more time here with family. Her presence gives strength to sooo many…… In Jesus Name…Amen

    • Father, I join Priscilla in prayers for Granny Merritt… may her health be restored. Thank You for the blessing she has been to so many, for for the many years that You have given her. Thank You for Priscilla and her care for Granny – help us to see in our elders the wisdom of their life experiences… help us to learn and grow by their examples… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  27. Lord, I lift up Jas before you. Bless her with Your wisdom and guidance that she seeks. Put before her people who will speak Holy discernment into her life and show her the next step in your path for her. Be with her husband and family. Give them wisdom and guidance as well. We ask all of this in the name of your most precious Son, Jesus. Amen

    I ask prayers for healing. My husband had intestinal surgery Thursday and while he is healing well – praise God – but he will have to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes to remain healthy and avoid further surgery.

  28. Please pray for my sister Lynda who is currently under spiritual attack from the enemy. She is going threw some marriage problems and has become the “victim” in all of this. She is blaming me and everyone else in our family for her problems. May the Lord open her eyes to see we are not victims but victors in Christ! I have had to distance myself from her and that is difficult as all I want is to have a relationship with her. Please pray for my whole family. Thank you so much for your prayers! I know that Gods got this!

    I pray for my sister Kalli and her boyfriend. I pray that you will give them a season of rest to reflect on you and your goodness. Help Kalli to know what ever you have for her future is good! Please lead them on the right paths as they trust in your goodness! Help her to wait well. We ask it in your precious name Lord Jesus!

  29. To see where The Father is leading. In financial need. I have a business but it’s not yet enough. I had to move in with my parents I’m 48 & I need a full time income & my own home. (My husband left after 18yrs & I worked with him supporting him so no out side job experience all these yrs ) Thank you for your time in prayer. May ABBA bless you all today.

  30. Oh, Bless you for this opportunity to have prayers sent up on behalf of our precious young grandchildren. Their Christian parents are following sinful, selfish ungodly philosophies that can be found on the internet, that include harsh and cruel treatment of all sorts, including not paying attention to their cries for help, leaving them alone to cry always, no matter the time of night or day, ever since they were born! Also including neglect, and ignoring in general, not spending time with them, and no schedule, parents are supposed to be able to live the life they lived before and not be bothered with love and nurturing. And then limiting the time with grandparents because parents are jealous that the children respond to love, time, etc. other needs that the grandparents give. Please pray the Lord would change their hearts to these babies and get them on the straight and narrow and love them as they need and as the Lord wants them to. Also that all grandparents involved would have His wisdom for what to do, as we can say not even the slightest advice or we are cut off.
    Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • GM, I am praying so much for your situation. This sounds awful for those children and, if it truly is a situation of neglect, authorities may need to be contacted. I can’t imagine how that would feel as they are your children and grandchildren. But this sounds like it could be an extremely damaging situation for these babies and extremely unhealthy.

      Praying for wisdom as you move forward, and for the parents eyes to be opened.

    • Just wanted to send you lots of love, GM, and let you know I’m praying for you and your grandchildren in a special way right now! HE IS FAITHFUL and WILL listen to the cries of the helpless. As hard as it seems, let us trust Him! You are loved!

    • gm,
      I am praying right now that you will be able to love your children and grand children as God would love them.
      And be thankful for any opportunity you have to be a part of their lives.

  31. I pray for Maria and Mary, for healing and guidance and peace and strength, and for the Parkland area to be comforted and receive God’s love…

    I’ve been feeling depressed lately, and asking God what next steps I should take.

    • Dear Lord,
      Thank you for Joy. Please bring her special encouragement today. Nourish her soul through your word and through those around her. Strengthen and inspire her with a brighter outlook. Help us to cast our cares on you, for we know you can carry all burdens better than us.

  32. Lord pls have mercy and make haste to save and deliver my family in the ff: 1) our first son who is stranded in his medical education due to financial lack 2) debts : pray for divine debt cancellation with bank, cooperative, organization, landlord, ABC shelters, cm, and favor 3) divine health and family for me, spouse, brother Ugo, Kenneth, patients 4) favor with immigration 5) ministry growth and provision 6) victory in court cases and full payment of all fees and outstanding arrears 7) divine wisdom, guidance, Strength 8) financial abundance and surplus 9) Jubilee for my family and Israel 10) excellent spirit for sons R, B, B, E, C 11) favor in new house with fence, gate, interlock etc 12) to be Rapturable

    • Dear God I pray for Ada, I lift her up as she brings these requests to you. I can see her heart is heavy with concerns and full of struggle and I pray that you bring her to trust you in this time of struggle. You fill her to overflowing with love and grace and trust and she might be so full that her cup overflows and pours over her family and those around her. I pray for favor for her and her family as they struggle with financial concerns and legal concerns , I pray these troubles may be dealt with quickly and they may be able to remove these concerns and be done. Amen.

  33. Ladies, thank you so much for this loving cyber community that has blessed me so much since I joined not long ago. About 3 weeks ago I went through a break up, not one of those with blow ups and oh we all saw it coming or anything but one of those that I think needed to happen, that maybe God even orchestrated to work powerfully in both of our lives. Currently I am struggling with the grief, the sadness. Trey and I are still in community together, which is good, but makes it hard for me not to see how we can’t be back together yet, why I have to feel so lonely without him to go to for comfort, why all the good things about us are just gone. I don’t know that we are broke up for good, and I don’t think we are, but I know God is calling me to be content where I am and to trust him with the outcomes and the work and it all. It’s hard for me not to go into control mode and try to make things happen like I think they should because I hate this pain and I hate not knowing and I hate the sadness. Trey is hurting too. There’s alot of lies he’s hearing that I know he needs God to be the one to make him believe truth. Please pray for Trey, that God would meet him mightily and give him courage to heal and seek what healing he may need to seek out from a counselor or mentor. Pray that God surround him with his presence, truth, and love. Pray for me that I might be filled with unexplainable patience, peace beyond understanding, joy and contentment in the present, and trust and rest in the Lord through it all, and unconditional love and grace and mercy for Trey as he struggles. Please pray for Trey and I’s relationship, that we learn how to respond healthily to each other’s hurts, that we learn to love God over all else, and that we follow God’s guidance and discernment in our relationship (as is as well as if there is a future together in intimate relationship again, which I also pray for somewhat selfishly, but I pray that God bring us together to use this as a testimony and to glorify him even greater than we might be able to separately). Thank you for your prayers, it gets hard to keep moving and going when the sadness hits and it gets hard to take care of myself. I love you all.

    • Kristi,

      I know that breakups are never easy. I have gone through several of them, and they have never gotten easier. But I knew that God was always with me and loved me. And I pray you know that too. Below is what I wrote the other day and posted on my Facebook page. But I thought it might be what you needed.

      As I am reminded of hardships I’ve gone through in the past and may face in the future, God’s word is my assurance.

      And not only this, but [with joy] let us exult in our sufferings and rejoice in our hardships, knowing that hardship (distress, pressure, trouble) produces patient endurance; and endurance, proven character (spiritual maturity); and proven character, hope and confident assurance [of eternal salvation]. Such hope [in God’s promises] never disappoints us, because God’s love has been abundantly poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.
      Romans 5:3-5

      I just love that. As I pray through the hardships and things I am struggling with day by day, I can see the light of Christ shining through those situations giving hope and assurance to me of His love.

      What are you facing today? Are you suffering, going through hardship, distress, pressure or trouble? How can I pray for you today?

      Let the sufferings & hardships you face today produce in you the patient endurance, character and hope in Christ that you need to make it through and that you can use as a baton to pass on to others in need.

      Kristi – I just want you to know that God is doing a mighty work in you and trey, whether or not that is for you to be together or for you and trey to be with someone else. Lean into God and let his word wash over you and assure you, read and memorize his promises and let his truth heal you where you are sad or hurt.

      James 4:8
      Come close to God [with a contrite heart] and He will come close to you.

      Praying for you!

  34. Hi there. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been going through hardship. My grandpa passed away, then a week later my husbands Grandpa passed away. Neither were very unexpected but it still leaves a person hurting. Right before grandpas passing my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first. The weekend of his grandpas passing I miscarried. My husband Dave and I are very confident in Gods perfect timing but this has still been a real challenge, mainly because I am trying to find a different job and we are in the market for a home as well. Just all of these things adding up has really been a struggle to manage. If you could just pray for healing where it is needed as we continue to walk through the miscarriage, and breakthrough for a really amazing job opportunity that is definitely ordained by God who knows my heart so well, and a home, my husband and I would deeply appreciate that and any other prayers or insight you may have. Thanks you!

    • Brianna –
      Someone once told me that a miscarriage simply means that baby wasn’t quite ready to enter the world yet. Perhaps, he/she sensed all that was on your plate and has decided to delay his/her arrival. I know (as I am sure we all do) the challenge of having a lot on your plate. It seems if you add one more ounce that it will topple over? While I cannot answer the question of why, I do trust that God has a plan that we cannot always see. I’m praying for you.

    • Brianna, I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby.

      Lord, would you comfort Brianna and her husband as they walk through wave after wave of grief due to all these loses. Thank you that they know you, trust you, and are willing to follow wherever you lead. Please show your plan and guiding hand through their job and housing situations in a way that only you can. Bring peace and unity to their hearts today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  35. I am feeling so overwhelmed. 2018 has gotten off to a challenging start. My parents are ill and I have relationship and financial struggles. God blessed me with a little girl last year, and I want to protect, provide and love her, but it is challenging when I don’t know how I will pay rent. I have faith that God has a plan for both of our lives. Please pray that I can quiet the doubt, fear and worry to hear his voice.

    • Elizabeth, praying for God’s peace and provision for your situation. Also wisdom for you as you move forward to figure out what is best for you and your little girl. Praying for blessings.

    • Elizabeth, praying for strength for you as you look for God’s plans for blessing you and your beautiful girl.

  36. My husband and I have been truly blessed and have our third baby on the way. We are now looking for a house. I am due in the beginning of June and would love to find a home before then instead of after. Please pray for wisdom for us as we look for our new home, for God to provide us one that would be such a good fit for our family. I homeschool also and am so desiring nature and space to run for my babies. Thank you so much.

  37. Prayers for a couple of things weighing on my heart this morning. My father is having prostate surgery to remove cancer, and I worry for him as his health is not too great right now in other areas and fear for the toll the surgery may have on him.

    Also, I ask for prayers for me and my husband. We are struggling with some things in our relationship and I need strength and wisdom to know how to best work through our issues.

    Thankful for your prayers and for this beautiful community.

    • Sheryl – I will be praying for your father and husband. My husband and I just came out of a season of struggle, so while I may not know all the details, I understand that marriage can be challenging.
      I also have a family member currently in the hospital, so while the sickness may be different, I understand the concern.
      Emmanuel – Thank you that you are always with us. Please show Yourself close to Sheryl today. Encourage her. Comfort her. Strengthen her. Renew her heart, mind, soul and body. Thank you for being the perfect Father that always cares for His daughters! Please help her father’s surgery to go well and give her the wisdom and grace she needs to be the wife you’ve call her to be. Amen!

    • I just prayed that God will make His presence known to you, during this time of “unknowns,” and asked that you would begin to reveal that when we find ourselves covered in darkness, it is really just God’s shadow, as He hovers over us with His warm embrace. I also prayed that the following message, I’m about to share, will prove helpful in mending your relationship with your spouse. This perspective proved very helpful, with my own marriage, in assisting my spouse and me in learning how to view one another as God sees us. This allowed us to view one another through the lens of grace, which brought us closer together, even when we were still in disagreement over something. The message to remember, and teach your spouse, is that “your spouse is NEVER the enemy”…So, if you ever find yourself feeling that your spouse is the enemy, then you know that THE ENEMY is hard at work, trying to destroy your marriage. May Christ reach out His loving hand onto you this week and fill you will His abiding peace.

    • Sheryl, I am praying with you for your father. I pray that the surgery is successful and that your father fully recovers quickly and easily. I understand how you are feeling as my father has been battling pancreatic cancer since October 2016. I choose to believe that God has been and continues to heal my father in any way he may need it, not only his body, but his mind and spirit as well. I ask that God does the same for your father and for you. I also pray that God gives you and your husband the strength, wisdom and understanding that you need to work through the issues in your marriage. Love and blessings to you! ~Kimberly

  38. Please pray that, if it is God’s will, I be able to delight in Him, while making my way through the things of this world that bring me pain and sadness . Please pray that, if it is His will, I be given a renewed sense of purpose, and the energy to focus on those things which are pleasing to Him. Please pray that I feel God’s presence, in my life, as I navigate the demands of this world. I long to be a breath of fresh air, to all those I encounter. Please change my heart Lord, to accept thy will as my own, if any of the above requests are not in your will for me. I ask all of this through Jesus Christ, your Son, or Savior, Amen.

  39. Please pray for my daughter Amanda, 19 years old, left our home what we consider a Prodigal child. It was a shock to my family and our church family. As David said in one of his Psalms, my tears have been my food day and night. As a mother, I am broken and feel betrayed. Thank you all, and I lift all my sisters in Christ who have posted! May the Lord grant the desires of your heart.

    • Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for Amanda, keep her close to you, protect her wherever she may go and lead her to You. May she find true meaning and life and hope in You and truly know and receive Your love, peace and joy. May she return to her family soon. Comfort Nahemi and the rest of her family, and may they rest in Your peace and know that Amanda is safe in Your hands.

    • Lord, Nohemi is worried for her daughter. As a mother we want the best for our children. Lord, each time Nohemi thinks of her daughter in worry, protect them with your rainbow that is the convant between You and us. Give them the peace beyond all understanding!

  40. Lord I lift up to You Sheryl and her family. May You place Your healing hands on her father. Guide the hands,eyes and brain of the surgeon and all the people involved in this surgery. That everything may go according to Your will. May You bless also Sheryl and her husband. Help them in their relationship.may they see each other through Your loving eyes Lord. Bless them and their family.In Jesus’name amen.

  41. Please pray for my family. That I may hear God talking to me once again.That I may be patient when He remains silent and trust in Him . For my daughter’s father that he may take an appropriate décision concerning his work . God bless you all.thank you for your prayers. In Jesus’name amen

  42. Please pray for my brother who is currently in the hospital for a problem with his pancreas. He may be having surgery in the next day or so. Please also pray for wisdom for my husband and I as we seek to make decisions about plans for our family.

  43. I pray for Sheryl’s father as he walks down this path facing Prostate Cancer . Lord please lift him up and wrap your healing arms around him as he is in a undergoes surgery. Also please provide his surgeons with the wisdom and knowledge they need to perform a successful surgery that results in her father being cancer free.

    I ask for prayers for my granddaughter. My husband and I are raising her as her parents are unable to provide her with the love and ,stability she deserves. She is now in process of applying to college. I ask for prayers that God point her to the school that is best for her and that she’ll be in an environment in which she’ll thrive. And that the demons that unfortunately she struggles with as a result of the chaos of her early life do not cling to her and she has the strength and faith to walk the path that God has chosen for her.

    • Lord, please pray for margaritas granddaughter. Help her find the right school to go to. You are always with her. Help guide her to where you need her to be.

      I could really use prayer in my health. I’ve been struggling with dizziness and nausea due to vestibular neuritus. I’ve been on prednisone and now I’ve been tapering off the medication and having trouble. It might look like my symptoms are coming back or it could be withdrawal from the medication. I just would like prayer that I will fully recover from this and tolerate not being on the medication.

      • Father, I pray for Courtney, that You give her a complete healing and free her from the medication. Show her in which way she has to navigate this and let her see Your healing. Your are her loving Father and are with her through this. I praise You for this! In Jesus’ name.

  44. Hello! I would like prayers for the restoration of a relationship, for wisdom in it, for an open door to rebuild and go ahead. The Lord knows anything about it and has already done miracles, but still need a big one, which I believe is on the way. I would need some support as I wait, has already been a long time, but the Lord is faithful. He really brought me through this time. Thank you for your prayers! Be blessed! Praise the Lord!

  45. This morning I am struggling with anxiety and anger that I don’t have the words to voice. I have been having symptoms for over 2 months which the doctors can’t seem to find the cause of, even after getting an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and biopsy this week; and I’m angry at god that this is happening after going undiagnosed with my autoimmune disease for 8 years. All of this also means I’ve had to spend significant amount of time away from my high school students (I’m a third year teacher), including this week when I felt like I should be there in he light of the news of the shooting this week. I’m angry that god is letting this happen to my body without answers, I’m angry at doctors for not figuring it out; I’m angry at politicians for not taking steps to protect our students and teachers, and I’m angry that everyday citizens are making this an argument about which side of the aisle they are on instead of looking for real solutions. I’m anxious that these issues will never be solved – for me, for this country.

    • Dear Father, please lift the burdens that weigh on Logan’s heavy and angered heart. Please bring answers and peace to Logan as only you can.

  46. Please pray for wisdom and kindness in my family. My husband and I are divorcing and my daughter is afraid of living with him without me. My parents are seniors and my Mum is sick, please pray for my dad as he takes care of my Mum and that he isn’t overburdened. Please pray for my two brothers who are both unemployed and during this time have relapsed into drug use. And finally for me, that I keep in faith with God and remember that on the darkest hours that I’m not alone.

    • Father, I pray for Kate & the many issues of her family. Give her strength & courage as she deals with all of it. Take care of her & do a mighty work in each family member. Thank you, Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen

  47. I’m thankful that this subject was brought to my attention. I’m struggling with numerous things. My husband has dementia/alzheimer’s. It’s difficult being as patient as he needs me to be. I often fail at this. Also, my health is deteriorating. I’m dealing with numerous ailments including falling alot. The other day, I fell & hit my head on the wall, putting a hole in the wall. Praise God that I wasn’t in pain the next day. I would deeply appreciate any prayers you might say for me.

    • God, you put Debi in this place. I don’t undertand why you would let any person be put in a spot that is so difficult, but I ask that you give Debi that understanding. Give her eyes to see the good you have for her in it. Bring friends along who understand and know what she is going through. Bring people she can talk to and cry with. Bring in people who bring laughter and silliness. Bring in people that will love Debi and her husband right where they are at – people that love them with action and not only words. I pray for rest for Debi – that you would be her Shepherd who leads her beside quiet waters. I pray you restore her soul to know new pieces of Your goodness each day.

  48. Please pray with my husband and I for God to provide more work for us. (My husband runs his own company and work has been quite sparse all winter). We have been trying to thank God in advance (like in 2 Chronicles 20) for providing and taking care of us, but it has been a long journey and we are both very weary. God, we pray that you would take us to a place where we could be generous and not just be scraping by!

    • Thank you Ashlee for your sharing your heart. May God supply your needs even before this goes out….He alone knows us and what those needs are. My husband and I are self supported missionaries and God has supplied in cattle sales at times of need, fruit sales when we needed the help for our employees, and each step is a step of faith. May you see His hand on you and directing your steps.

      Praying for some medical needs and to know if we are to travel back to US sooner than our tickets….may God show us His Will.

  49. Please pray that God will give me wisdom and discernment. My husband of 25 years is so far from God. We have been separated for 4 years, going through conflict for 8. We have 3 kids, ages 22, 20 and 16.
    My husband wants a divorce but won’t make any move to make it happen. He lives in his own apartment and lives like he is “single”
    The kids and I still live comfortably in our home and my husband pays for everything financially- the bills, kids college and anything else.
    But he states it’s too late for us, he’s never coming home and he just wants to move on. There have been affairs and many lies and deceit over the years. I’ve been standing for my marriage and family really for 8 years. In my heart I know I’m released from this and I have biblical grounds for divorce but I don’t know if that’s what God really wants me to do. I feel confused and conflicted and I just want to walk in obedience to God. That’s truly my hearts desire.

    • Dear Stacy! I am so happy to read that you really search for the LORD’s will in your situation, even if it may be different from what you want. I pray He would show you clearly what to do as you abide in Him and trust His loving heart!! You are loved!

  50. please pray for my family, I am a follower of Jesus all my life. I turned 50 this year. I fell away from my faith until 2012 when I met Jesus and He asked me to Trust Him. It has been difficult for my Husband of 24 years to realize that I have put Jesus in the heart of our marriage. Dave is not a believer and has resentment towards me for changing our family. Our 2 sons Tyler 22 and Ryan 20 are following the path of their Dad and teasing and putting me down for being involved in my church. I pray for my guys everyday that they will have a personal experience with Jesus that will change their lives. God has called me His Beloved and spending time with him while reading the Bible and praying has given me much comfort as I live in a home of anger and lack of understanding. please pray for open hearts, minds and ears as God pursues each of them.

  51. Please pray for my college student son. He struggled in his first year of college and is currently repeating the second semester of the demanding program he is in. He took a step back last semester taking only general education classes and did so well that he made the Dean’s list. This step back seemed to give him the tools he needs to succeed going forward. But despite this I am still concerned. He tells us that things are going well this semester but I keep feeling there is something he is struggling with that he is keeping from us. I do have problems with anxiety and I could be making all of this up. I just don’t know how to tell the difference between my intuition and my anxiety. I pray if my son is struggling with anything that God guides him to bring it out into the open and to get the help that he needs so that he can continue to succeed in the program he has chosen. Thank you for your prayers. ~Kimberly

    • Jesus, please be with Kim. It’s so hard to be separated from our kids – even if they are grown up. Please give her the certainty that you love her son more than even she does and that you will take care of him. Be with him as he goes through school. Please help him to do well in his classes and study hard. Thank you Jesus for Kim and the great love she has for her children.

  52. I went through a hard time woth depression last year, but God really heard my prayers and my joy and hope and a new perspective is slowly returning. I just still feel so trapped in fear, I know God is always good and was guiding me and loving me all the to me past year, I can see it know, but I could not see it last year and I am so afraid of feeling like that again, I made so many mistakes and did not like the person I was last year. I know God has callled us to live abundant lives and live in freedom, but suffering is necessary too. I am just so afraid of it, and I love seeing things clearly and feelimg God’s love. So I would like to request prayer for wisdom and just ultimate trust in God and understanding about how to live in freedom from fear, because it is hindering me from enjoying what I havr know.

    • Jesus, I pray for Barbara tonight. I pray for her to be released from the spirit of fear that is holding her back. I pray that she would feel your protection, that she would learn to dwell with confidence in the shelter of your wings. Lord, you made Barbara for many reason, to live in fear is not one of them. Be near to her and fill her with your love. Thank you Jesus for the gift of Barbara….

  53. Please prayer me to get back to work, after my husband past 7years ago, I have finalized the settlement of his mother’s trust, lost my job finished Masters, made repairs to my home, but in the mean time I have lost my confident to sell myself. I tend to self-doubt I can be employed again. I have a few job interviews in the month that I would especially like to be hired for one.

    • Jesus, I pray for Tricia as she looks for a new job. Starting something new can be scary God and we bring that fear and self-doubt she’s feeling to you. God, please fill her with strength and confidence to know her worth, her abilities, and all of the gifts you’ve created her with. We pray that the right job is clear and evident to Tricia…and that she can get back to work soon.

  54. Please pray for my marriage. I can’t even begin to write down everything. We both are feeling hopeless and have come to believing our relationship is meaningless.

    Lord, I lift Tricia up to you. Be her provider as your word promises. Thank you Lord that you have opened up doors of opportunity for her to work. I pray that she would get hired to do the job that is meant just for her. Bless Tricia in your precious name Jesus.

    • God please pour your love into this couple’s relationship with u first and then also with each other. I pray in the name of Jesus who came to demonstrate your Love for us..and to show us how to love and give meaning and purpose to life. Philippans 1v9 ❤️

    • Echoing Julie in prayer for restauration in your relationship!! Please Andrea, don’t give up! HE is STILL able to do exeeding abundantly above anything we can ask or think! I believe it. He is mighty and powerful and will give you strength – one day at a time. HE IS FAITHFUL!

  55. My financial situation is at a precarious level that I pray will soon be remedied. The job hunt is intense but without results. Greater than this need however are my prayers for a dear friend who will undergo surgery around the brain on Tuesday. I welcome the praying hands of those reading that the surgery will be successful and that she will be healed.

    • I am praying for you Alli and your dear friend. God will provide for you. He promises he will. Trusting him on your behalf. Healing prayer for your friend and steady hands of the surgeon. In Jesus name. Amen.

  56. Please pray for my sister Wanda who lives many countries away from her family and is struggling financially to make ends meet. She is discouraged although wanting to trust the Lord will provide. My heart aches for you alone. Please Jesus, hear our cries for your provision. Amen

  57. On behalf of all who posted I prayed for all of you as I scrolled down the page. It breaks my heart to see such pain and suffering. I know one thing for sure GOD IS FAITHFUL! He will answer your prayers, it may not be the way we plan, but we know His plan is always better. Holy Father I lift up each one of these prayer request to You and ask that You give them the peace that they so need to help them through their struggles. Help each one us to rejoice in Your promise that You will never leave us! Jeremiah 29:11 promises us of His plan for us!

    My prayer request is for my son-in-law who professes to be an atheist, pray the Lord will open his heart…and I believe their children are on the same path!

    My second request is for myself. I live away from my children and grandchildren. One daughter is living in North Dakota and the other lives in Indiana. I have not seen my grandchildren in ND for 3 years. The other grandchildren I saw this past Christmas (blessing). I am a teacher who got into education late in life so I can’t retire with a feasible retirement and live close to them. I have to continue working-I am almost 60 and would love to retire from education ( it has become such a racket to even be a teacher!) I pray for God’s direction in my life and I do want to be in His will….Sometimes it seems selfish of me to even ask God for this, compared to the other struggles in other people’s lives! I would love to be able to live closer to my children and grandchildren….even if just one of my daughter’s. Blessings to each and every one of you…

    • God cares for your struggles just as much as anyone else, Denise. You matter just as much to Him. Praying for you and your entire family. Bless you as you work at teaching young minds. That is such important work!

  58. I will pray for each and every one of you! It’s heartbreaking to see so many struggles, God is a wonderful healer! Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that He knows the plans He has for us.

    I would like prayers for my son-in-law who is an atheist and he is leading his children down the same path! My grandchildren! It breaks my heart!

    I’m almost 60 and do not live close to either of my daughters. This breaks my heart continually. I pray for God to open a door of opportunity for me to live by at least one of them. I haven’t gotten to see my older set of grandkids in 3 years! I am a teacher who got into teaching late so retiring right now is out of the question. I would love to quit my teaching job and God use me in some sort of ministry that will enable me to live closer to family. I would also ask that you lift my husband up in prayer…he claims to be born again, but he does not walk a very close walk with the Lord. Thank you all and blessings to each of you!

    • Denise, there is so much here that I can relate to. Just today in Sunday school I was so aware of how the enemy tries to steal away the children of believing parents. Pls pray for my friends. God knows their circumstances. I love them. I long for them to be restored in their relationship with God. It is hard to shine into pain and darkness but oh how God provides for us! Glory glory!! I lift Denise’s son in law to u father…I know something of this type of deep concern Denise must have for him, and the whole family. Lord comfort Denise in her fight for their precious souls. May she never give up! Strengthen her feeble arms. Provide ppl to bless and support her. And bring ppl into the path of this family to draw them to you! Work a miracle pls Sovereign God. Like only you are able!
      Work a miracle in the lives of those I love and long for too! Amen YOU ARE FAITHFUL GOD and able to accomplish more than we could ever hope or imagine! We claim Your promises and continue to pray in Your powerful and worthy name. All praise to You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Lamentations 3v22

    • Praying for you, Denise. The fear of grandchildren growing up without the Lord must be heart wrenching. But your prayers over them are so much more powerful than their fathers desire to keep them from knowing Him. God can intervene with friends, teachers, media, etc. Your prayers are powerful and effective!!! My grandmother was the praying backbone for our family – so don’t take that lightly. My prayers for your children, grandchildren and family. That God reveals Himself to them in mighty and undeniable ways. God bless you.

  59. I am asking for your prayer over my marriage of 32 years to my high school sweetheart. He has just told me that he doesn’t want to be together anymore and is full of blame and anger. He sprung this on me out of the blue and then didn’t speak to me for 9 days – yesterday – when he told me he still feels the same way. I honestly cannot understand where this is coming from and our children will be devastated. I understand that I have some things to work on and am wholeheartedly committed to God to make those changes in me. But he has such a spirit of unforgiveness and spite that I am truly worried about his health with this sudden shift in his mindset. We both led groups at church and he was so close to the Lord that is just so grieving to me that he has strayed so far. I am full of fear about the future and how I will be able to make it financially on my own. I covet your prayers.

    • I pray for Kimberley in what I can truly sense is the most earth shattering and deeply painful situation. Father sometimes we just cannot understand! Particularly the anger which can erupt from someone who has walked with you for so long! Father I pray for your Holy Spirit to brood over this situation. You know it. It may have surprised her but not u! Pls provide a path on the wilderness!

      • Thank you so much, Julie. I cannot tell you how much it means to have someone that doesn’t even know me stand in the gap for me. Blessings to you…

    • Praying for you, too, Kimberley! I can’t imagine how terrible you must feel. But He will not forget you. He knows exactly what’s going on and in His love, He will turn things around for His glory. I firmly believe He will. Praying for that. You are loved!!

      • Thank you, Little Mary – I appreciate your kind words at a time that a do feel forgotten. Our house is so very quiet. Trusting God to light my path. Love to you and yours.

  60. I am asking for your prayer over my marriage of 32 years to my high school sweetheart. He has just told me that he doesn’t want to be together anymore and is full of blame and anger. He sprung this on me out of the blue and then didn’t speak to me for 9 days – yesterday – when he told me he still feels the same way. I honestly cannot understand where this is coming from and our children will be devastated. I understand that I have some things to work on and am wholeheartedly committed to God to make those changes in me. But he has such a spirit of unforgiveness and spite that I am truly worried about his health with this sudden shift in his mindset. We both led groups at church and he was so close to the Lord that is just so grieving to me that he has strayed so far. I am full of fear about the future and how I will be able to make it financially on my own. I covet your prayers.

    • Lord we lift up this family and cry that this battle is your battle not theirs. Lord whom who brought together, please
      keep together in the unity of your love through the pain and storms. Jesus heal and restore their love, their marriage and commitment, their courage, and their hope. Oh Lord have mercy on your people!

      • Thank you, Terez. Brings me to tears to read God’s people’s gracious words of prayer for people they don’t even know. Thank you for taking time to write. May God bless you and yours.

  61. Kimberly–
    I pray the Lord will provide for you emotionally, financially, physically.
    I can’t imagine how your heart is breaking and how concerned you are about the future.
    I pray you will be surrounded by the love of all who read about your circumstances
    And will feel peace and strength that only our God can provide.

    • Thank you so very much L…amazing how much the prayers of strangers buoys the spirits. Prayers for those little ones at your church to have their families attend along with them and hear of God’s great grace.

  62. My request is:
    We have 3 families of siblings at our church. They have been attending for about 6 years. There parents only come if the kids are in a special program (or , praise the Lord, when one of them is baptized)
    Please pray for these parents that the Lord will burden their hearts to attend church services with the kids.
    And that they will surrender their hearts to the Lord.

  63. My finances. If I could get rid of some of my debt and have my husband understand what a marriage/partnership really is… constant prayer but so stressed.

  64. My finances. If I could get rid of some of my debt and have my husband understand what a marriage/partnership really is… constant prayer but so stressed.

    • Praying God will provide you with grace love and patience as you work through your financial issues. It is hard but worth the effort.

    • Jesus, please be with Sandy. Marriage and money are hard subjects and to tackle both at once may feel insurmountable. But you, God, are bigger than all of our problems and we bring them to you. Please give Sandy strength and a clear path forward – one in your good, pleasing and perfect will. We pray for her husband too, Jesus, that you might bring them together as true partners. As they individually draw closer to you, may they also draw closer to each other. We love you Jesus and we know you love Sandy. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ve still yet to do.

  65. There is so much I need God to touch at this time. Many ongoing & life changing health issues for various family members for the past 13 yrs & my mum now waiting again for further tests. God has been so faithful in it all I praise Him for carrying us all, and look to Him for all we will need in the coming days. Also as said above I ask for prayer for friends who have wandered from their Heavenly Father, one of the deepest concerns I have ever known for souls I love so dearly. I believe God will restore them to Himself but fear for them. God knows it all. I have never known Him more fully than over these years seeking His intervention in this situation. I desire to be faithful to Christ in spite of my Many weaknesses & inadequacies & failings. Grateful that our God is bigger than it all! The battle belongs to the Lord

    • Jesus, I pray for Julie. For her family’s health issues Lord, I pray for healing. For good results for her mum. For friends who have wandered far from you Jesus, I pray that you wrap your arms around them and draw them close to you. Be with Julie – help her to stay strong in her faith and to trust in your. We pray all of this in Jesus name!!

      • Thank u so much for your prayer Joy. Means so much to have Gods family sharing in prayer! God bless u sister xx

  66. My prayer intention is for God to help guide me while i get through college. I’m having a hard time because i have no idea where my life is going and i feel lost. i need some guidance from the Lord

    • Father I ask that you wrap Lane in your loving arms. Bring peace, calmness and protection from anxiety to Lane. Father I thank you for all of the opportunities you have prepared for Lane and I ask that you give her, trust, guidance, clarity and wisdom for the next steps she should take for her future. Please direct her steps and open up the perfect doors for her. Grow your gifts in her and shower her with abundant blessings in all areas of her life. AMEN!

      Please pray for my family. My husband is struggling with grief (his father passed away in November) and my 6 y/o son has anxiety. I am also struggling with anxiety and have been feeling overwhelmed lately. Just feels like we are all drowning. My husband and I are attending a retreat soon so please pray for God to prepare/open our hearts and protect my family especially over the next 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

  67. I will be having a basal cell skin cancer removed from my right calf on Wednesday this week. Please pray for a smooth procedure! Thank you!

  68. Lord, I come to you, in regard of Pam’s life and health, may you be with her during surgery and that you lead the doctor’s hands. You are the Healer and in You she will find rest! Amen!

    ->Today I feel burden and my heart is heavy, would you pray for my husband’s salvation. May God restore our family and have mercy on us!

  69. Father, I pray for Pam, I’ve known you to do smooth procedures – so I pray this for Pam. In Jesus name, Amen.

    I’d really like to be married – to glorify God with this, to talk to a husband about Jesus and do life together. I find being alone like a square peg in a round hole. There is a man at church – we’ve known each other a good while now – I would just like to know if he is a future husband. Just to know rather than keep wondering.

    I’ve also got to make some tough financial decisions – wisdom needed for the process.

    • God I pray for L. My sister in u. Father u pray that u will touch her at the point of need and longing in her heart to marry. Lord it is not for us all, tho I would also like to. I ask u to help L fully appreciate her wholeness and completeness in u, in the most intimate relationship we ure children will ever experience. Help us all to remember that no matter who comes along or doesn’t…ure love is constant and no one will ever love and know us as u do. I pray for happiness for L, whether u have a future husband or not. I pray for good friends and connections for the times she may feel alone. Help her know she is not! X

      • Thank you Julie, you are so kind in responding – I pray in private for you too. You sound like a lovely sister in Christ xxx

    • Father I pray for Anne. Thankyou for who she is in u! Thank u for all she is as a wife and mother. Help her be faithful to u in all the roles she fulfils. Help her to know you love peace and patience. Father where their is strain in relationships I ask for a healing balm. Ure love to be poured out so it overflows between Anne and her husband and to their kids. Thank u for their kids. Give Anne and her husband a glimpse of why u want for them all. Please protect the kids from any friction. Put a bubble around them so that they will not pick up on the tensions potentitially around for their mum and dad. Draw them all to you. Xx

  70. Please pray for my husband’s small business. We had a tough year last year and need to find and hire a person with a great work ethic. We’ve spent 3 years looking and trying to find the right person but none of the people work out for long. It has been very discouraging. At the same time I am caring for my mother who is dying of cancer and our adult son is seriously struggling with stress. I am fighting depression and fear. I need to experience God’s presence and peace for this time.

    • Father, u know all things and ure timing is utterly perfect…even when we feel like you may be running late or are delaying a response or answer- u r not. Father I pray for Anita and her husband. Thank you for staying with them these three tough years. Bring to their mind this nite all the ways u I’ve been faithful in this time, so that they will be full of praise and thanksgiving to u for all u have done and provided and in turn help this to encourage and assure them of how will continue to do so. U r faithful God.
      Father all of this is occurring in a difficult and emotive backdrop for Anita and the whole family. Help her to know that u know every detail. I pray for comfort and peace and calm for her mum in this difficult time. May she be bless with good carers, doctors and nurses. I pray for loving and supportive friends and neighbours. I pray for Godly ones especially to speak a word in season to each family member. I pray that u will work in her mum’s life so she has peace with u. I pray for Anita’s son. Oh Lord, how stressful and challenging all of this is for them all. So much uncertainty and storms. Help them know that u are with them. Just as u were in the boat with the disciples during their storm. U were not afraid because only a word from u was required to cause it to cease. Calm the storms in Anita & her son. Help them father. X

  71. I want to thank God tonite for incourage. I had been getting my emails for quite some time and honestly often eagerly await it in work when it comes through at 12:01pm. Thank u father for many words in season, whether comfort, challenge, rebuke, or encouragement! Thank u for the people who write the many posts. Pour into them father. Thank u for all these women! Thank u that we can all pray for one another. Thank u that tho we are strangers…in u WE ARE FAMILY! ❤️ Thank u that even if we never look one another in the eye in this scene of time, we will one day spend eternity with each other and with u! Thank u thank u Jesus for making that possible x

  72. Father thank you for all the wonderful people at in-courage and for Julie S. Father let her continue to receive emails and encouragement or whatever the message you would have for her.
    I am in need of prayer for my family. My sons almost got into a serious fight last week and now my oldest son says he is done and wants nothing further to do with us. I let my daughter-in-law say so many things and did nothing to defend my daughter. I let people say things and don’t defend anyone. My son said that I cower in a corner like a scared puppy. He is right and I don’t know how to speak up anymore, that I just stay quiet . I have seemed to lost myself again and now I am going to lose my kids because of it. My oldest son is gay and I don’t accept his life style. I don’t know how to tell him that I don’t accept it. My oldest daughter doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with us because of her father, so I don’t see her or my grandchildren a whole lot. My middle child is a mess. He doesn’t understand that his wife is a very mean person and is very greedy. My youngest daughter is epileptic and she is separated from her husband. She has no money and we have become her caregivers. She doesn’t have any regard for her father or I. She just thinks she can manipulate her father into giving her whatever she wants even though we can’t afford to take care of her financially. On top of all of this, my health has not been good. I have been in and out of the hospital for the past month. On top of all of this my husband is an alcoholic. He drinks a lot and spends a lot on beer. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have prayed for God to help with the whole situation, but I don’t know how to listen for Him. I feel so alone even though I know He is here with me.

    • Dear God
      Thank u for Gina & the fact she is seeking your help with the many difficulties she has so openly laid out here for prayer. Help her to know you have heard her requests. Father there is so much we just do not understand &/struggle with. Father I pray for the many troubled people mentioned. Father I ask you the healer to step in to their circumstances and bring restoration, healing and peace. I pray for relationships. I pray for physical safety for each of them and Gina too. I pray for her emotional and spiritual well-being. Fill her with the knowledge of your love and sovereignty, also with you peace which passes all understanding. Pls send ppl across their path to help and support them. In your name x

  73. Dear Gina, You have so much on your plate. I prayed that God would show you the way through. Remember when Peter walked on water? He was able to do it, before Jesus solved the problem of the storm. Sometimes God shows up and leads us, before he changes our situation.
    I ask for prayers for my marriage, we have drifted apart and I feel lonely and miss the connectedness.

    • Laura,
      I pray for your marriage. I pray that God gives you opportunities and open doors for you to speak up and let your husband know what you need and how you miss him. I pray that God would speak to his heart too and make him ready. I pray that this loneliness is only a season for the two of you and that beyond it is an even greater connectedness and relationship. I pray that God fills your marriage with life again and gives the two of you a desire for each other and eyes only for one another and that God will make room for all the time the two of you need to reconnect. I pray that God would help you to be bold in seeking a revival of your marriage. Lord You are our rock and foundation and Laura’s marriage is a covenant between her and her husband and You and I ask in Your name Lord that You would come in and renew their marriage. That You would make Laura’s husband a rock, anchored in You, for their marriage. I pray that she could follow him and submit to him and that he would lead her and love her and that You would bless their marriage abundantly.
      In Jesus’ name, amen!

  74. I know its late for me to comment here but if someone reads this i ask you to pray with me for deliverance from anxiety. I just feel so alone, nobody comes at my door to see how i am doing or why I didnt show up at church for a month now, Im all day with my children inside alone, tired sad and anxious. I dont know why I dont have any friends or just someone who would listen and help me see everything from Gods perspective. It is the kind of stories you post and I really wish I had these kind of relationships and sisters in Christ. Thank you , God bless u all!

    • God, deliver Flor from her anxiety. Surround her with peace and love! Help her to see that she is never alone. That you promise to never leave us or forsake us. Help her to find friends who surround her with love and show her how loved she is. Grant her friendships like the blog posts incourage posts. Amen!

    • Dear Heavenly Father
      I lift my sister Flor to you tonite, thanking you that although I have no idea where she is, u do. U know her geographic location butmore intimately where she is emotionally and spiritually. Jesus, you came as the light of the world and I ask you to shine light into Flor’s heart, her thinking, her anxiety and and low mood or exhaustion. Lord lift her weariness and barrenness. In place of all of this I ask you Holy Spirit to breath life, hope, vision& passion, particularly a hunger for God. Father I also pray for her kids that you would draw alongside them and provide for them in all things.
      I pray for bros and sisters to draw alongside our sister here. I pray for her church and ask that you would cause her to come to mind even this night and that someone will link in with Flor. Help her to know that she is not forgotten by you EVER! Help her to realise too that all around the world she is part of something so much bigger and more precious! Your family here on Earth. Give her peace and happiness! X

  75. And thank you also for letting me pray for these women in the comments above. It helps to lift others instead of praying selfish.

  76. Prayers for me as I contemplate where God might be leading me regarding foster care and/or adoption.

    • Tara,
      I pray that God would bring the child or children into your life that He has for you. I pray that doors would be opened and in this wait that your heart and home would be readied even more. I pray that God would give you the strength and heart for whatever children He gives to you and that this would be an opportunity for you to share Jesus with others. Lord I pray that Tara would be waiting on Your timing and plan for this situation and would follow Your leading. Lord, please ready the children or child to come into her life and have your hand on the agencies and families that Tara may be encountering and going through in this process. Imbue this whole process with Your love and presence so that all involved would be witness to Your work. In Jesus’ sweet name, Amen.

  77. Thank you for this opportunity to pray for others and request prayer!
    I would love prayer for my family and marriage- to help me to be understanding of my husbands needs and to know clearly whether I should return to work or remain a stay at home wife/Mom, also as for what to do with the custody situation with my 12 year old son- whether I should let him be full time with his father or whether it is prudent for me to keep him with me longer. I just ask for prayer for true clarity on these things, that the Lord would make it crystal clear to me.
    Thank you so much.

    • Jemima, I said a prayer for you just now. That you would find a sense of peace each day as you seek to understand Gods direction for the decisions that you have to make with work, your son and husband. I prayed that He would guide you accordinging to His plan and that you would find comfort in this time of waiting for that direction. I know often it’s the “Be Still and know that I am God” patience and trust that we need to hold onto.

  78. I ask for prayer that God will continue to be close and keep me trusting and being patient as He leads me down this path this past year of a career transition to consulting on my own. It unknown territory for me. I am excited yet also carrying worry of which I haven’t had to professionally and financially for some time. I want to be continue to be at peace with as I wait for it to be what He wants it to be for me.

  79. Praying for you Jeanie as you transition to another part of your life. God always have a better plan for you. I am praying for peace within my heart. Losing someone you love is one of the hardest thing I had ever encounter. I have really good days where the memories of her brings a huge smile to my face and yet as soon as I turn the corner, a song comes on and grief hits me all over all again. It is a constant battle of emotions taking over whenever it wants to. I miss you so very much Zer Cha, my best friend. How will I survive this lifetime without you! So many memories we had created and so many more we were to embark on. To think I have at least 30 more years to be here on this earth without you. What a lonely road the future looks…. I know she is at peace and no longer suffering. Just me being selfish and wishing she was here Lord.

  80. I believe in the bible that it says to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. I am in need of prayer that God will help me get over a very hurtful breakup. God delivered me from a relationship that was not healthy in Christ but Satan is sure trying to tell me that I need this relationship. I loved this awesome woman but as far as I can tell, we were not equally yoked. I have given her to God but Satan keeps wanting me to go pick her back up from the foot of the cross. Please pray for her too. I believe that she is under as much of a spiritual attack as I am. I can say that because of this breakup, I saw my not living in Gods will and He has drawn me the closest I have ever been to him. God is good.

  81. Hello I am new here and a new christian. I’m hoping that by excepting jesus plan for me and trusting him with my whole heart my life can improve and new doors will open for me and my teenage children from a previos marriage and starting over at 45.
    we are moving to my moms house broke and with very little but our personal effectssome photo albums and our 3 cats and dog.
    Please pray for my children to be happy and do well in school during this transition.
    pray god opens up doors and help me heal
    thank you.

    • Paige-
      Having been in a similar situation to you- (but with one kid and a dog and never having been married before) living at my parents and not doing great financially when I first came to Christ, I can really relate to your situation and would love to pray for you- I will say for me that God opened up doors for me to opportunities that I had never previously had, some through my wonderful new church family, and also to an awesome man in my life- who I am now married too! God has all different directions for each of us of course and it’s not even that all things and circumstances always change- but my heart changed and my perspective changed and I knew, and still know, that I am never alone even in the suffering, because Jesus is right there with me!
      Dear Lord, I pray for Paige right now. First thank You Father for the awesome blessing of her story and thank You for changing her heart and for her salvation! That is always a victory. Lord please be with Paige and her family and help her to cling to you in these trying times and to know that You are working in her life. Lord we don’t know all that You have for Paige here Lord but I know you have plans for good for her- to prosper her and not to harm her, and if she has a heavenly perspective and focus on You Lord, You will work all things together for her good. Lord have your hand upon Paige’s family- her children as they face this transition, be with them Father, have your hand over them and cover them with your love and grace. Lord, also open up new and great opportunities for them Lord and help them to know You and have their own relationships with You as they grow and throughout their lives. Lord, I do not know this family’s church situation, but please, Lord, if they are unchurched, help them to find a home church and a family there. Please bless them financially to cover their needs and that they may bless others with any excess, please help with all of those practical material things associated with moving and life changes. Bring those people in that Paige needs to help her. Lord and bless her relationship with her mom as she goes to live with her. I know sometimes this can be hard even in the best situations but bless them all and have your hand on this whole situation. Also I thank You for the healing that You are already bringing into Paige’s life- that she reached out here for prayer, and I pray that this healing would just continue. Help her to know that even in this pain and brokenness, she can draw near to You and find her completeness in You. Bring Your love and new life to everyone involved. Again we thank You and praise Your Name O Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!!

    • Paige, I pray joy over this new chapter in your life and I pray that you and your children (your whole family) feels the presence of the Lord in your lives and that each of you will seek Him in everything to come. I pray that you and your family are blessed abundantly and that you all grow deeper in your newfound relationship. Thank you for giving us the chance to pray for you.

  82. If you would, please join me in praying over my boyfriend/fiance. We are moving in October and had planned to get married this fall, sometime maybe in September, but he told me just a few days ago that he’s not sure if he’s ready to get married just yet because he’s afraid of change, and afraid of messing things up once we’re married and us ending up divorcing (his parents divorced when he was a baby and that has marked him). I’m praying that God calms his fears and inspires a heart change in him, to trust in God and His good plans, and to trust that if our foundation is the Lord and His will and we put God first in our marriage, He will keep us together.
    I feel strongly led that we should marry this fall, not out of an I want to, but out of that surging-heart-feeling and peace that comes from Holy Spirit. If need be, we will wait, but please join me in prayer for a heart change and for fears to be calmed in him.

    • Hello Thanks for sharing your request.
      Times like this can be so stressful. Change is scary. Ask good for guidance and I pray that you may find the answers you need and your boyfriend finds clarity to his wants and follow his heart and to be brave.
      Everything happens for a reason and will happen at the right time.

      May your wedding plans star on track.

  83. Oi, sou Camila tenho 26 anos. Sou jornalista e trabalho como missionária.
    Estou passando por dias difíceis, o que fazer do meu próximos meses, quero muito estudar inglês, e escrever meu próprio blog. Peço oração para que possa encontrar em Deus o caminho e a direção que necessito.