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  1. (in)courage,
    I have one word….”COFFEE”. As a java junkie I admit that my favorite way to connect with friends is one on one over a steamy hot cup of coffee (or tea) for my tea loving friends. I enjoy having people over or if we both just need to get out – meet up at a favorite coffee shop or try a new one. As the old hymn goes, “Blessed be the tie that binds.” Christ is the ultimate tie that binds, but coffee is a close second lol.
    Bev xx

    • I love connecting with my friends over coffee on a Saturday morning without the kids :). It’s a relaxing time that we can just catch up on life.

    • I am halfway there, Bev. Because I live more than an hour from some friends and more than a days drive from others, I’ve introduced coffee dates over the phone. The day and time are agreed upon in advance, usually via text. Just knowing that I have a special time set aside to spend with a friend warms my heart. And after our usual hour spent connecting over the phone, I know that even though distance separates us, we remain close friends.

  2. My friends and I seem to meet around shared passions: our kids, a ministry activity, a project we’ve taken on. Side by side we work together and get to know each other better in the process.

  3. Keeping it REAL. It seems the busier I am, the more I value the friendships where I can be myself, quickly. I don have a lot of time to sugar coat, so I don’t. Sure, I don’t want to be careless with my words, yet I find my best friendships provide a path of grace where we accept each other right where we are in that moment. No frills.

  4. Most of my very good friends are spread out far from me. Being married to a now retired military husband, means we made and were then separated from many special people. To go through their life battles far away, is hard. Facebook, messaging, calling and texting keep us together. Sometimes being intentional about making efforts to meet up when we travel close to where someone lives, revives the closeness.

  5. Time, a cup of coffee, a glass of water, discussions on gardening, food, quilting, families, and crafts. These are the ways I connect with the people that are close to me. Some are family, others are dear friends of 20 or more years that are miles away. Cards, notes, and prayers keep us close.

  6. I have a friend that just really pushes me to vulnerability yet without being pushy. We ask eachother the hard questions and talk about the hard things and it’s just easy to connect doing it. We love adventures and especially love to connect over adventures!

  7. I’m not one to post things, but so love reading this morning blog each morning when I wake about 5 am for work. For many different reasons I’ve chosen to NOT ever do social media, and this spiritual/Devo blog is about as close as I’ve come! Because of my limited social media connection to others (which honestly is fine by me), I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind friends personally texting me pics of their children at special events, spiritual or thoughtful messages, or even kind words that remind me that they’re thinking of just ME (not an audience of their social media “friends”). I have a dear friend whom I’ve met because I taught her children and coached one daughter on a cheer team who thinks of me each morning when she’s doing her morning Devo/prayer time and sends me that day’s thought, scripture, fun world application…… I can visually imagine her probably rushing to straighten hair, apply make up or pull on the spanx, as we both are working moms of girls, yet taking the time each morning to remember ME–an audience of one–and share that mornings thoughts, prayers, scriptures, personal requests. I love the intimacy of friendship in that daily task she makes special for both of us as sisters in Christ. She is a treasure to me because I know she’s FOR REAL. In my later forties, it is truly what I’m looking for in friendships. We rarely have time to do dinner or coffee because of demanding work schedules and daughters who are very busy, but I love that gift of CONNECTION with her even if I’m not seeing her physical being right in front of me.

    Blessing to all today! Go make someone’s day with a smile or kind gesture! Let others see the Jesus in you…..❤️

    • I have a friend who’s become a mentor to me. She asks the hard questions but in a loving way. One of the greatest things about her is I can be real with her and don’t even think twice about what she might think about me because I know her love for me is unconditional! She pushes me towards God on a daily basis and I appreciate that so much!

  8. This is awesome, would love to win& share with a friend who’s had many troubles recently in her life! Thanks & God bless!

  9. My sister is my best friend and we live 1500 miles apart and are both really busy with active teenagers. we stay connected with texts and phone calls and whenever she or some member of her family is within a 6 hour drive for a swim meet or college visit or something else we meet where they are for a few hours!

  10. Food and meals are the main way my friends and I are able to get together. Living in a big city, we can always try new places and go to different areas of town.

  11. I have a long-time friend who lives about two hours away. Every November, we enjoy a craft fair together. We don’t buy much, but we talk and talk while looking at pretty things. I’m looking forward to it again in a few weeks!

  12. My friends and I like to take a trip down memory lane with laughs and tears. We love to talk about how we met and how far we have come!!

  13. I used the video walkie talkie app called Marco Polo to stay connected to a dear friend. It’s kinda like a video instant message. Since we’re both busy moms it can sometimes be challenging to even type a “thinking of you” text, but these videos can easily be shot with chaos happening in the background. Love it!

  14. We connect at Her home !A cabin in the woods by a steam ! What a reminder of God’s being present .

  15. Our little group stays connected by serving together throughout the year. We have VERY busy times and of course down times , but always texting/sharing fb posts or just getting together for fun and lots of laughter . We stay connected also by praying for each other, routinely since we all need that !

  16. My bestest friend came into my life at the perfect time. I was lost due to many bad mistakes. She helped me find my way and show me how to find God again as he never lost me. To this day i have grown in my spiritual life and the rest of me as well. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and have been baptized. My best friend is also a pastors wife and is amazing…

  17. We are blessed to work together, we pray together, our kids grew up together (she is more my sister and best friend since we were 16 and I went to live with her family) now our grandkids are growing up together. She is my prayer partner and the one who I vent to and who keeps me on the straight path! I love her with all my heart! I am truly blessed! We connect if no other way by text because our lives are so busy and demanding we can touch base all day!

  18. My best friend lives 2 states away and has since we graduated high school in 2003! She is happily married and justnhad her first baby. She works at a college and I’m a therapist somour schedules often don’t match up to visit like we would want to. We make the time at least yearly to see each other and she even drove 3 hours one way to be at my baby shower, then had to get back for an event on campus that same day. We are always able to pick up right where we left off and although I wish we were closer and am a bit jealous at times when Indon’t have her close l, I know she holds a special place in my heart because she has been my friend the longest!

  19. I have 2 close friends and we set “meetings”. We mark them in a calendar and we choose a new restaurant and we meet. Our meetings are filled with laughter, catching up and often the hard deep talks about the difficult subjects and events that we just can’t discuss with others. The “meeting” gives it an official feel and the term also allows us to tell others this is an important time and I can’t reschedule!

  20. My friend and I rally together when hard times hit, and we always try to find a scriptural solution or encouragement to get us through our situation. Having this in common helps our bond become even stronger.

  21. My girls and I get together for dinner. Great fellowship, deep conversation and food. What more can a girl ask for!

  22. Leslie has been my best friend for about 30 years. We met at work and hit it off right away. Over the years, we have taken the train together, met for lunch or dinner, gone to plays, and helped each other through the loss of our parents. I strive to be as good a friend to her as she has always been for me.

  23. My friends and i meet during our Sunday Blog Talk Radio
    program that our Chaplain does each Sunday. We have a chat room, so we
    can interact there during the service. And during worship , it is always an uplifting time.

  24. Through shared experiences…my best friend and I have had an amazing friendship for 18 years now! What started in high school has continued over time, through life’s ups and downs. Most recently, we have connected through a shared valley of overcoming betrayal trauma. And the ultimate light to overcome the trauma has been God! If you would have told me at 17 that me and my best friend would be sending each other uplifting messages about the redeeming love of Christ, I would not have believed you because life then was about graduating and boys and maintaining a social life. It’s funny how God knew then that we would need each other most 18 years later as we go through the most difficult time of our lives!

  25. I have many friends but one in particular that I can tell anything too and she does not judge. We actually met on a writing site “Gather” and have only gotten together a few times in person..

  26. I connect with my friend, Sara, through email and text who lives over an hour away. We both work in the medical field, so we encourage each other to keep our eyes fixed on Christ even when things are tough.

  27. Living three hours away from my “long time” best friend, makes friendship building more challenging. Donna and I can’t go out for coffee or meet at all, without intentional advance planning to find a day, time and place that’s half way. So we call each other, and leave voice mail messages. Through trial and error, we find time to talk on the phone. Sending text messages and photos of our cats and family help, but I miss seeing Donna! As we share our common memories, love of the shore, family, career struggles, and health issues, we share TRUST. By listening and sharing words of sympathy, encouragement, compassion, and mutual respect, we are “re-friended”!

  28. Could be any thing…..We meet for a walk, for coffee or lately its been HAPPY HOUR! 😉 I mean who wouldn’t want to meet for a “HAPPY” HOUR….the thought of an hour of HAPPY is just super!

  29. I have a friend that I can confide in. She feels the same way. Lately, it seems, that we haven’t been able to see each other in person, but text prayer requests. It is non-stop chatting and catching up when we do get together. Love her, miss her when we can’t get together as often as we’d both like and definitely treasure her friendship.

  30. My best friends all live out of state or country, and it’s hard to connect now that we are married and each in our own jobs. But we send texts, share on Facebook, and tag each other in posts we know will bring joy. It is hard on the heart, but right now it’s the little things that keep us linked.

  31. Occasional texts, phone calls when possible, and a bi-annual New Years tradition to get together. Not even 900 miles is too far to connect with a great friend!

  32. I connect with a longtime childhood friend, Cindy, by email. Even when she is busy and forgets to connect I connect and keep our friendship going. This lady was married to a pastor, who passed away many years ago, and stays involved with their church. She has a compassionate heart toward my situation as I have a husband who is currently experiencing short term memory problems, anger and unable to be active. Praise God for such friends

  33. My best friend lives on the other side of the world in Singapore! We met the first week I lived over there in 2000 and connected right away. We moved back to the US in 2003 and thankfully my friend and I have been blessed to be reunited 4x in the 14 yrs since! We do our best to stay connected via Facebook, emails, texts, and occasionally FaceTime until we can be reunited again! And every once in a while we send each other a special package of gifts! But the best gift is when we can give each other a huge hug and sit and talk for hours!

  34. Stay in touch. I move a lot, so staying in touch with my friend even if it’s a text lets her know I care.

  35. My best friend and I have very different, busy schedules so we have to prioritize spending time together. When we aren’t together, we send each other text messages during the day to check in on each other and ask about anything we know is going on in one another’s life.

  36. Random texts and little gifts occasionally that show thinking of them. I am not as good as I want to be …. all are a work in progress.

  37. Coffee talk. I made a friend taking an online bible class and we speak at least once a week if not twice a week and I would love to win to share this with her. I have been trying to send her encouraging words or messages at least once a week.

  38. I am so thankful for my friend Susan. She is a co-worker and my best friend. We have known each other for almost 6 years now. I think the Lord put her in my life because I needed someone like her. She has allowed me to tell her my deepest darkest secrets. She is always there for me and I am there when she needs someone also. We don’t get to get together like friends do, but we can be here for each other at work. She is the best person God has put into my life. I also have a new friend I think God has also put into my life. We work together also and she is becoming a wonderful friend. I am not sure why God has put her into my life yet, but I’m sure that there is a reason.

  39. I write letters via snail mail when I am thinking of my friend for whatever reason.

    I loved Lisa-Jo’s book! Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  40. I must share how this book has changed my life. I was in a very lonely place. I Have a wonderful husband who truly is my best friend but I felt like I was missing this connection. Tears streamed down my face as I read Never Unfriended. Other than God’s Holy Word, I’ve never had a book speak to my soul like this one. Immediately I started praying for 1 or 2 ppl for God to lay on my heart. Sure enough He did. One friend was going through a hard time no one even knew about. She needed someone to say I’m here. You don’t have to have it all together. What a sweet friendship that has formed from that. Another friend was having the same feelings about friendship as I was. I reached out. Had them over for dinner. Shared real life with her and she has really brightened up because of it. I love how Lisa explains, we may not have the friends we want but be the friend you need. I feel so blessed to be a part of someone’s story again. I’ve been terribly burned in the past but I’m giving it to Jesus and He’s covering those wounds. I can’t wait to get these new items. For myself and as gifts!! Thank you Lisa! I don’t think you’ll ever know this side of Heaven how you’ve touched peoples lives! God bless you!

  41. Being older and in transition in my life – move, job positions, etc – making friends has been hard. But God has helps me see the need for friends and has helped me reach out – the newbie – and I believe I will never be I friended! Thanks so much!

  42. I like to send an extra-special greeting card to my friends. There is something magical and exciting about receiving something uplifting and personal in the mailbox. A greeting card is tangible, can be displayed in the house or even at work, and is a constant reminder that God has blessed us with the gift of a friend for all seasons.

  43. I meet with my dear friend KC every Tuesday afternoon for coffee. It’s a great time for us to catch up, encourage one another and relax together. Some of my close friends live quite a distance from me, so we message each other regularly.

  44. My good friend lives in TN – & I live in MI. We connect by chatting weekly on the phone – but we also send each other “happy mail.” Like I just sent her a little box of my favorite fall-inspired tea, biscotti, and stickers. We can’t have tea together in person right now, but we try to find little ways to let the other one we value our friendship.

  45. I met my best friends through fitness. We started out as just being running partners but have now grown so much closer. I have them to thank for deepening my faith and my relationship with God. Don’t know what I’d do without my girls!

  46. I am actually “friendless” at this time in my life (and quite lonely). I’ve been praying that God will put friends ~ not just acquaintances ~ in my life again. When I made the decision to listen to what God was telling me at a time when my marriage was experiencing a great deal of attack by the enemy, I lost friends and some family because I chose to stay in my marriage and pray through our troubles. It was a decision I don’t regret because God not only restored our marriage, but He saved our lives. That was five years ago, and since then I have had no close friends. I long for the laughter, comfort, and coffee that I once shared with my female friends.

  47. My good friends from high school and myself do not live nearby each other so I try to be intentional about texting or sending private Facebook messages to chat with them and let them know I’m thinking of them! When we do get together it feels like we are just starting from where we left off the last visit!!

  48. I connect with my friends through a variety of ways: coffee dates, lunch dates, shopping antique stores but most of sharing our love of Jesus.

  49. These would be a great gift to share with a long time friend who has not yet accepted Jesus as her Savior … but has been through a number of health challenges the past year … and she has shared with me that she has started praying! What a blessing! It would be my honor to share these with her and help her understand more about a personal walk with our Lord and all the blessings that opens up to us! Thanks!

  50. Some of my dearest friends live far away and we don’t get to see each other often but we schedule times to share a phone call. Sometimes they last a long time but the is scheduling it. Love Lisa Jo’s book!

  51. My best friend moved 250 miles away almost a decade ago, but we stay connected on Facebook, and talk on the phone at milestone events (like when SOMEBODY turns 60).

  52. Thank you for allowing me to read everyday will your spiritual help It means a lot to me and some days it is exactly what I need because I am facing the same situations. Thank you again for all the help you have given It is a true Blessing.

  53. I love to have friends over for a meal (or coffee and) and linger at the table talking and connecting!

  54. My friends and I usually connect over pie at Village Inn! We used to meet over coffee but they closed too early . We are bonded over our journey as mothers and I’m so grateful to not be walking that road alone!!

  55. I have had my best friend since 3rd grade. We are both now in our 50’s and still going strong.

  56. I almost didn’t start a friendship because my friend had a name that conjured up bad memories. I had a bad experience with a “Rhonda.” I say this tongue in cheek (sort of) but in reality, I would have been foolish to not forge a friendship with this new Rhonda. She’s so much of what Lisa describes in her book – a friend who doesn’t need my acceptance, isn’t worried if our lives get busy and we don’t see each other for a while, and always ready to listen. I’m thankful!

  57. My best friend moved across state – in Texas that’s a long way away. However, everyday after work on my drive home I call her and we discuss our day together. Since I am divorced it is nice to have someone to share your day with. Distance is not an issue if you commit to staying connected!

  58. 3 of my friends and I help every Wed night with our church’s AWANA club. We take turns bringing a meal that our families share together before club starts. It’s a great time saver and opportunity to connect during the week!

  59. Picture this ….a rocker , a mug of coffee or a mason jar of sweet tea , a porch surrounded by fragrant blossoms and nature , pillows to soften , musical instruments to sing , and stories to tell .
    That’s what friendship is.

  60. Would love to connect with my friend she just recently move to Southern California after living in Northern California most of her life. Will be seeing her this winter. A perfect opportunity to share with her this book and added extras. Moving to anew town new job and making new friends can be hard. But this would be so awesome. I hope to win.

  61. Especially since moving away from my close friends recently, we’ve used letters to stay in touch. I treasure my mailbox findings. My best friend and I even swap book boxes once in a while so we can read the same book and have a discussion about it. We even have our own online board on Goodreads.

  62. My best friends and I connect in different ways; with the woman I consider a sister (we’re practically twins with how similar we are) most of the time it’s just sitting quietly and enjoying one another’s company–throw in some very random conversation and maybe a baked good here and there, and you’ve got our friendship in a nutshell. With the other woman I consider a sister (more my little sister), it’s blasting good, fun music on the way to grab a bite to eat or walk around the outdoor shopping mall. She and I are almost never at a loss for fun and enjoying our time together. The first friend’s husband is also a dear friend–a brother, really–who we all connect with over theological conversation and good food and video games. Throw in my biological sister, and my fiance, and what ties us all together, at the core, is our love for God and each other (fueled by each in a beautiful, endless cycle) and the knowledge that our little family will always be there for support and prayers…then you have a small picture of the family that I’ve chosen for myself. Because each of them are certainly more than just friends.

  63. Oddly enough, we send GIFs back and forth over Facebook Messenger. She lives across the country, and sometimes we go days without speaking just because of schedules, but we’ve had entire conversations entirely comprised of GIFs – and we know exactly what the other person means!

  64. text messages keep my best friends and I connected – during a busy day just a quick note can brighten a day, even when you don’t know why you are supposed to send that note! We get together when we can – but since we live half a country apart, those times don’t happen often enough, so making sure to touch base at least once every day or so (if not every day) helps us stay in sync.

  65. I have a best friend since high school and we get together for lunch as often as we can. We stay connected by
    email or phone. And right now is going through breast cancer for the second time and she is withdrawing and I am making sure I encourage her by sending her cards and emailing often and making sure I stay in touch even when she doesn’t feel like it. I pray for her daily and sometimes hourly. I just can’t imagine her not being in my life and I thank God for her.

  66. Thank you for your daily encouragement! I’ve been sharing (in)courage posts for several years.
    The opportunity to join the give away is another encouragement. Each of your writers is a blessing! Thank you

  67. My precious friend & I share our hearts over technology devices since we live far from each other. God is so good to connect us through (in)courage ministry in 2013.
    God bless you all❤️

  68. Lately, the best time to connect with my friends has been in the precious window of time after my son goes to sleep. I’ll settle him down, tidy up the kitchen from dinner, and then I’ll hear a knock at the door. My friend and I will curl up on the couch between laundry piles and board books. It allows me to feel like I can give my undivided attention to my friend, without needing to stop to nurse or keep my toddler out of the bathroom cabinets.

  69. My dearest friendships have grown through serving Jesus, others and walking through life together, and just showing up. I have a big circle of friends that have walked through parenting babies to young adults, marriage crisis, illness, death & heartache. But to get that level of support& connection; we have played, vacationed, shared chores, to build our relationships. Nadine, Molly,Marion, Vicki, Linda, Teresa,Mashelle, Maggie, Katie, Shelley, ..the more I list …the fear I will miss one! I am blessed & rich in friends. I am currently walking through grief of the loss of my husband and these women are priceless and a gift from God.

  70. Many years ago I received a card from a friend thanking me for being the kind of friend that was just “easy”. She explained how nice it was to never have to explain herself with me; to be able to just be herself; to not have to worry about if we haven’t talked for a day or for a month or two…. that she always knew I’d be there no matter what with no explanations necessary. I had no idea I was that kind of a friend and basically how treasured those qualities were. But ever since that day, I have strived to be that for all my friends. I want all my friends to know they can connect with me anytime with out the obligation to connect with me all the time. I am very blessed to have many forever friends that I treasure immensely some I connect with daily, others weekly or every couple of months. But they are all treasured as gifts from God!

  71. I have a dear friend in S.C. that we actually do SNAIL Mail with each other. It’s such a blessing to STOP and read a letter.

  72. My best friend and i were college roommates 40 years ago. Through the years we have remained connected via letters (back in the day) but today thanks to technology we email weekly and for quick prayer requests we text. We call on those special days but in case of life’s emergencies we fly. We have been through births, deaths and all things in between over the years. She lives in the northern part of the state and i live in the southern part. We know we can count on each other. I thank the Lord for bringing her into my life.a

  73. I recently moved 900 miles away from my BFF…. But I have remained a part of my book club and even though I can’t attend in person…. We see each other via video chat every week.. This has been a tremendous help while I settle in and look for ways to connect at my new location

  74. Coffee and/or a Walk are my two go-to ways to connect with friends! (And of course, small group or Bible study, too –but for one on one connecting, if I can combine coffee AND a walk it’s a win-win!)

  75. I make the time. Maybe it’s a coffee date. Maybe a trip to the bookstore. Meet at the park with the kids. Sometimes all we get is a 10 minute conversation on the phone or brief text message. Learning a new craft together. Doing a bible study that we ride together too. It’s the knowing what you have in common and making it work into our everyday lives.

  76. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to the realization that friendship is definitely best thought of in terms of quality and not quantity. I have a few close friends and we like to make time for each other and chat at the local coffee shops. These are where our best talks regarding our children, friendships, relationships, etc. take place.

  77. what a wonderful idea…an early Christmas gift for a precious friend of mine…who has had a difficult year, dealing with several health related challenges. Thank you for offering this thoughtful “prize” for whoever is chosen.

    • How do I connect with her? A hundred different ways…we are always “there” for each other…thru the laughter and thru the tears. She blesses my life more than I could ever hope to explain. 🙂

  78. My BFF moved a little farther away so sometimes we meet 1/2 way. We’ll grab a coffee or Jamba. She can’t be in loud places because of bad ears so we may take a walk along the river or find a yard sale. We text a lot and send pictures too but it’s not the same as being there. She is always my reminder to ‘live in the moment’. We’ve been there for each other through our mom’s deaths and I can’t imagine not having her for my friend.

  79. COFFEE!!! Mostly because it’s the only way we can stay awake long enough to connect after our young kids are in bed! 🙂 It’s so worth it because she (aside from Jesus) is my lifeline to sanity through marriage and parenting young kids.

  80. I get together every other month with four high school girlfriends. It is usually the last Sunday of the month. We pick a restaurant and whoever can make it attends. It’s awesome because we don’t have to try to find a day/time that works for all of us… we all have it on our calendars. We also try to take a trip together every year. It doesn’t have to be a big one, just time spent together.

  81. Most of my close friends live in other towns or states, so we keep in touch with email, text, Voxer, Facebook, SnapChat and phone calls. Occasionally, we can get together in real life and that is such a treat!

  82. A group that was getting together weekly just fell apart. Got a text this morning that everyone is too busy. Not sure where to go from here. Have to find new people willing to get together regularly.

  83. My friends has started taking me to a weekly Bible study and I treasure our rides there and the time together.

  84. My new friend, Kate, and I get coffee frequently and love to just talk and have fun. We love to plan get togethers too with our small group at church. I am so blessed by her. She loves and accepts me for me, even the hard life stuff, she gets it and prays for me and understands. I am so grateful to God for her.


  85. Intentionally goes a long way. People are busy. But people are never too busy to tell someone Or text them to have a great day or that you love them. That’s how I connect with people: sending a verse, sending them a word of encouragement and simply saying hey I love you.

  86. It is extremely difficult to connect with my friends. We all live in different cities and some even different states. So, while we connect over text, phone, and facebook (social media), I still try to find ways of letting them know that I am thinking of them and love them. I send hand written letters, cards, and “happies” (little gifts) through the mail.

  87. I love to meet up with a girlfriend over coffee or lunch for great one on one time. About 4 times a year I host a luncheon or brunch for a small group of us. We share a meal and talk & share about what is going on in our lives, what God is doing in our lives, & pray for one another. Sweet times of fellowship. Love your Craving Connection book!

  88. I tend to be quieter and more reflective after losing several friends through different life circumstances. Lately, I’ve met a new friend through work who is outgoing and brings me out of my protective shell. We tend to go out in the evenings and/or on the weekends together. There are few people my age at my workplace, which I recently moved back near my parents to accept, so it’s been somewhat of a challenge in all honesty. We seem to accept each other for who we are. I’m really enjoying getting to know her better.

  89. Both my closest friends live in different towns, so a lot of texting everyday or at least a few times a week. When the one lived here it was coffee together or breakfast together. Being intentional and trying to connect in bigger and small ways amongst all the busyness.

  90. I’m an introvert and have never had any close friends. My closeness is to family. My sister and I are best friends. We had a girls day out last fall. We went to an Amish store, Tea Shop, Hobby Lobby and had lunch at Panera Bread.

  91. Listening/looking for when they share their unspoken/unannounced needs, often without realizing or remembering it, and trying to find ways to help fulfill those needs (oftentimes done anonymously) as I’m able to.

  92. My friend and I connected in church.. we had a quick bond and seemed to help lift each other up. I recently moved to a church closer to my home.. we still communicate through messaging and even meet up for coffee and some open bible discussion. Our talks have helped me through tough times and she always reminds me Jesus is on my side. She has helped shape me into who I am and I appreciate her dearly!

  93. Friday morning coffee with my girlfriends while our kids play together are my lifeline. So grateful to walk through life with these women.

  94. My husband is military,so we have many friends who live far away. Text messages, Facebook and my blog allow us to stay connected.

  95. Jesus, our genuine love for each other, and food are 3 of the main things that get me & my peeps together.❤️ In fact, we are starting the “Saved You a Seat” Bible study this Thursday.

  96. I connect with her by us sharing the same future dream of possible missions, which has kind of changed over the years. We go to the same church which connects us, and we always exchange hugs!!:)

  97. My friend lives in Michigan and I live in Washington state. We read a chapter at a time and have virtual cofee dates to discuss the chapters each week. Then we encourage each other to practice what we learn. It has been such a HUGE blessing in my life!

  98. My Best Sister in Christ (the one I prayed a long time for) talk every morning together on our drive in to work. We both commute over an hour and it gives us time to laugh, cry, pray, worship and share! This time is so sweet between the two of us! <3 I am so thankful for her!

  99. I have a life-long friend, Jill. She and I stay connected through the phone and social media. Have lost touch for a few years during our early adult years, it was like a miracle to find her again. So thankful for my sweet friend!!

  100. I hadn’t had a friend other than my husband for nearly 17 years. No, not one other friend. No one who knew me, called me friend, and no one that I knew or called friend. On Thursday, September 28th this year, I received an answer to my hearts cry and pleadings to God to send me Christian women, His daughters, whom I could call friends and grow together in the Lord. I hadn’t been to church in 17 years, but I had been born again and knew the Lord for 30 years. I was lost, hopeless, weary. Loneliness was my name; seclusion from people and total isolation in my home was how I lived. In early August, God lead me to do an internet search for Christian bookstores near my home. There was only one in my area. I felt compelled to read every single listing on their website, and I came across an upcoming event to be held there; a Bible study called “Redeemed: Grace to Live Every Day Better Than Before”, by Angela Thomas-Pharr. Despite being full of fearful thoughts of “what if’s”, I bought the book and registered to attend. I received my book in the mail and counted the days until the study began, and I was filled with a new Hope in Him, and I knew that God was going to move mightily in my life. I hoped He would give me a friend. During the first session, I cried as God spoke beautiful words of His steadfast love for me as He began to remove thorns of sorrow, pain, loneliness, and despair from my heart. The woman sitting in front of me turned to me after the session ended. She introduced herself, told me she was looking for a friend, asked me to be her friend, gave me her phone number and address, and invited me to sit with her for the remainder sessions. I shared my information with her and accepted her invitation. As we were talking, I told her that my husband and I were planning on attending Sunday morning service at a church I found online. She said that was the church she attends. I asked her about the Sisterhood group at the church. She told me all about it and invited me to come to their Bible study that began the next day, called “All Things New: A Study on 2 Corinthians”, by Kelly Minter. I wanted to attend, but couldn’t afford the book. She offered to buy the book for me and encouraged me to come. I went to the study, she gave me the book, and I met 35 of God’s beautiful daughters who welcomed me and loved me as if they had known me all my life. Today, I have nearly 50 women in my life, and so far, I’ve formed close friendships with 13 of them. I now have friends whom I see on every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday mornings, in the bookstore and at church during our Bible studies. Cindy and I text or call each other throughout the week to pray together, encourage one another, and share how God is changing us with the week’s scripture readings and homework assignments. She’s had me over to her home for lunch and fellowship, and we have plans to get together again. Just this morning, as I was sitting down to study, another friend, Irene, texted me saying she was thinking of me and wishing me a blessed day. I am being so blessed by Father God, that I can’t contain the exceeding joy that He has so graciously given to me! I never knew that friendship was such a lovely blessing from God. Thank you for letting me share. Blessings and Grace to you in Christ Jesus.

  101. My very best friend is long distance. We connect through weekly phone calls, text, cards in the mail:)

  102. Usually over early morning cofee when its just us but these past few years since we’ve moved I can’t do that anymore if ever. My closest friends live miles away so now its by cell phone, messenger or facebook usually with a good beverage and lots of you can get through this statements from us both. Its hard connecting now with us both being so busy and I no longer have anything but free WiFi. Prayer helps. Sometimes a good,long letter helps so much more than we can imagine, even sending a card or funny joke or photos. A good pick-me-up.

  103. We do a girls night out as often as possible…go to dinner & see a good Christian movie whenever the newest one is out:-)
    Connecting with like-believers helps us to sharpen our swords & encourage each other!
    Praise the Lord for good friends❣️

  104. My dearest friend and I have a standing “date” every week’ same time, same place. Occasionally we have to shift things around or reschedule, but it’s been so great to make it a priority and know that time is coming every week when I know we can connect and be real and go deep.

  105. I connect with my my friends by dedicating a specific time each week or month to get together so we know ahead of time before our schedules get crazy. Every Thursday night, i see the women in my Bible study and every Saturday of the month, me and my closest friends get together for an afternoon of catching up.

  106. Friday nights is when I get together with my closest friends. We catch up laugh and read together. There is a song we sometimes sing, “make new friends don’t forget the old, one is silver the other gold.” It’s so true each of us have other friends outside the group that we cherish dearly. I feel so blessed to have been given friends for different seasons. Each with their very own special friendship talent.

  107. I would have to say friends, coffee and gods word is the best. But since I’m a busy mom of five that’s not easy. Mostly texts and Instagram encouraging posts are how I keep connected

  108. food and friends. we love hosting dinners/cookouts with each other to catch up– we’re all in crazy busy life-stages so seeing each other isn’t as often as it used to be, but when we do we make it count! when just seeing friends 1-on-1, we like going out to eat— good way to catch up and talk! I guess my friends and I just really love food 🙂

  109. I connect with my friends mostly my facebook messenger these days….I have moved to a very remote area but do have internet, such a blessing to be able to talk with my friends who only want my best, who keep my confidence and understand me.

  110. I have two friends that I connect with often. One lives in a different state and we used to attend the same church, telephone technology is our friend :-). The other is local and we used to work together, so we grab breakfast and chat 🙂

  111. As a single working mother who has a pretty demanding career, I don’t have much time to ‘hang out’ over coffee. My child also has autism and many Saturday’s I’m working too so when Sunday comes around we need rest/home time. My two closest friends also work and are very busy. What helps is that one is of the same educational background as I and we always converse via email mostly regarding curriculum/policies and school practices that are not developmentally appropriate. I love to have an put,etc and her listening ears because there are many issues I deal with that my family members wouldn’t understand or be able to help. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I usually host a big gathering – this is the one time a year to meet up with many!

  112. My friend and I connect by serving together. We are co-directors for VBS, run our Family fellowship team and do some PTA work together as well. We also get our families together for BBQ’s and Sunday dinners.

  113. How I connect with friends is email, social media, and text messaging. Especially since it seems like phone calls don’t happen anymore. If I see them at church, then we catch up there.

  114. Thank goodness for technology! My best friend and I stayed connected thanks to messenger while she was serving the past two years in Thailand. Now that she’s back in the states, it’s like we never skipped a beat. It’s so nice to be able to chat over coffee face to face!

  115. Love connecting in person have a day just for us eating etc. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  116. I still love giving cards – hand made or store bought, whether arriving in the mail or attached to a little gift. Words are like seeds, it’s an opportunity to plant a seed of grace, encouragement, friendship, thinking of you…etc.

  117. I would love to win these. My best, dearest, friends live hours from me. One closer than the other. I know I can go to them with anything and they will pray over the situation. And they tell me, without sugar coating, the things I need to hear.

  118. After I relocated 3 years ago, 4 hours away from home, my closest friends and I rely mostly on email. We make them interesting with pictures from the net that relate to whatever’s happening in our lives. It’s not as good as face to face, but it still heart to heart. ♥

  119. I like to connect with friends over a quiet meal with no kids! Especially after an overly hectic day!

  120. There are a group of seven of us who have been friends for over 15 years. We started as homeschool moms but now that our kids are done we just get together to do life. It really doesn’t matter what we do, just that we’re together.

  121. Facebook and we live in the same town. There are 5 of us and we call ourselves the “Ain’t Right Sisters”. We are very busy and find it hard to get together. We try to at least every few months but sometimes it’s not everyone. But almost every day we are sharing our lives and our hearts and our prayer request and our prayers and our laughter and our burdens and our joy with each other. They mean the word to me and I know I can trust them. None of us have “actual” sisters, so that makes it an extra blessing.

  122. My friend is a snowbird who travels south for the winter. So we connect in person when she is home in the summer months for lunch, dinner and softball games for our granddaughters. In the winter months, we snail mail cards, utilize Facebook and text/call each other.

  123. My best friend and I vox every morning, heck multiple times a day! We share everything in life and hold one another accountable. She is a gift.

  124. My friends are all long distances from me so we do fun snail mail and messaging online to keep connected. It’s always nice when we get together in person, but we don’t do that nearly enough. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. One of my best friends lives 3,000 miles away. We have to work at connection! A three hour time difference further complicates communication, but I love sending my sweet friend cards (yes…old-fashioned mail is the best!) but at times we send each other memes or text messages. It’s so great to know you are remembered! Thankfully her dad lives here, so I see her a few times a year…can’t wait for this Saturday when she’s in town!

  126. My dear friend lives 3,000 miles away…so cards, occasional calls (three hour time difference is a challenge) and lots of texts and memes keep us connected. Thankfully she comes home a few times a year…I get to see her Saturday. We will meet up and catch up and there will be inside jokes, secrets and a few tears…and lots of laughter. Joy!

  127. I love having a long awaited cup of tea with my dear friend. It’s the perfect time for us to catch up, relax and reminisce over how good God is and how he continues to bless us. Our friendship began overseas and has blossomed over 20 years. Our husbands have retired from the military and we live 14 miles away from each other! Life is good!

  128. We chat for about an hour almost every Thursday morning, about 6am, before her 2 littles are up and I have to get ready for work. Txt messages, photos & emails are the other ways. And we try to get together once a month with our 2 families either over tacos or a fun child friendly activity. Our 6am convos have gotten each of us thru some tough days & weeks. I’m so thankful for our friendship.

  129. My best friend and I write letters and send care packages to each other monthly. It’s the best!
    Happy Autumn!

  130. Right now I have little ones, so my connecting with friends tends to be “play dates”. We get together, let the kids play, but it really is more for us women. It’s our time to talk. I have gained several deep friendships through play dates.

  131. I generally try to call close friends and/or connect via snail mail. I used to be better about staying in touch…but sometimes I worry that friends don’t want to be bothered. I just need to remind myself that koinoia & agape friendships are precious and few. We all need to take time out to connect with loved ones!

  132. A few of my friends and I love to connect over TACOS and QUESO DIP! There is nothing like coming together, having conversations and sharing a few laughs (and sometimes a few tears) while we dip those chips. 🙂

    Happy Taco Tuesday!

  133. There is nothing sweeter, than good, real, true friendship. I have some of the best, and have lost some of the best. God is always faithful, and the stories and truths in this bible study and book have been extremely healing and truth-breathing! Thankful <3

  134. My friend and I are constantly connected through WhatsApp texting. She finally lives close to us compared to previously living in different countries. We are always communicating through WhatsApp though and consulting each other about life. It has been a great source of encouragement for both of us to be able to chat whenever we need to.

  135. My friend Brenda and I connect through workouts! 5 years ago we went to a yoga class together and since then we’ve ran a half marathon together! She’s super speedy but she’s also willing to walk with me when I need a break.

  136. I get up at 4:45 am once a week to have coffee with a friend. Sometimes we talk about scripture, sometimes about our kids, our marriages, our families, sometimes just the day-to-day stuff of life. It is always life-giving. ❤️

  137. I have been friends with my BFF for almost 25 years…since 5th grade. We haven’t lived in the same town since 6th grade, but we have remained friends, no matter how many hundreds of miles have been between us. We talk on the phone {old school!} almost every day. She is like a sister to me, and I don’t know what I’d do without her!

  138. Many days it’s a quick text during her kids naps to see how her day is going,but once a month we fit in a ladies night out to catch up when our lives are busy and not crossing paths daily.

  139. I connect with my friends with Voxer (specifically because LJB recommended it during the launch) and through texts. I “schedule” texts in my phone when I’m thinking of them, to be sent throughout the day in an effort to bless them richly as they go about their day. It helps me be intentional AS I’m thinking about them, even if its in the middle of the night or wee morning hours, without pestering them at a crazy time.

  140. I love to connect with my friends through lunch or dinner; several of us love bowling, and a group of us recently even carved pumpkins together! We have also connected through Bible studies and Contemporary Christian concerts, which is such a comfort in sharing such a special bond as brothers and sisters in Christ!

  141. Right now…. I connect with Whatsapp. My best friend lives in Germany until December, and to keep up our habit of talking almost daily, we found this handy app to let us text and call for free! When she moves back (YAY!) we connect over chick-fil-a, tea and chocolate parties, or watching a favorite movie where we know all the lines. And we will start reading books together, including Unfriended!

  142. One friend moved away and we connect via text. Another friend – we connect through Facebook and text. A few friends I connect with through email. Others – we connect through bible study or a cup of coffee and dinner

  143. Any way that we can. It’s hard in this season but we make time for those we love through dinner, coffee, attending a Bible study together or even through a quick text. Every outreach and opportunity for connection feels like a gift. We celebrate milestones, we grieve losses of every kind, and we laugh and pray for one another. The key is just making time and continuing to reach out.

  144. My childhood friend lives on the opposite coast now! We’ve known each other since she moved to my hometown in the first grade. Our mothers are also very close friends. Much time can pass, but with an email, letter, or photo, we reconnect in a flash because of all we share. I admire her, respect her, and miss her dearly. We get to visit in person maybe once a year and seem to always pick right where we left off.

  145. It seems I connect with my friends at work while dealing with work related or health related issues. We wanted to help each other with being healthy the way God Intended. So now , we connected in work and spiritually reminding each other we are worthy and loved and blessed no matter what the day throws our way. We are given power to all overcome every obstacle. I would love to share this with my dear friend .

  146. I have a few close friends that have been true lifesavers the past few years of my life. They have staying in touch almost daily to help keep my faith to keep me going through a lot of hard times…from caring for a mother who suffered a massive stroke, a divorce after a 23 year marriage, a son away at his first year in college, a teenage daughter, and a job in law enforcement. The connection with these friends and God has keep my head above the water. Would love to have these books!

  147. My friend, Marjorie and I have stayed in touch since our high school days. We live in the same state but miles away from each other. As our age is somewhere in the late 50ish range, :–) writing letters may have been what we did “back in the day”, but that now has changed to emails and phone calls. She is a joy to know and I am blessed to count her among my friends!

  148. I connect with friends by sending hand written cards in the mail just to say Hi. I also call them because callls are better than texts.

  149. My best friend and I text and message daily, but at least once a month we have a long dinner together at a restaurants, where we catch up on things that are going on in our lives. Sometimes we spend the day out of town and course have dinner. 🙂

  150. I love shooting quick messages to friends with encouragement, funny stories, or things to get us to say, “me too!” Texting is so helpful in these busy days of motherhood when we can respond at our convenience.

  151. I try to take a minute to visit with family most of all . They keep me centered. Coffees , dinners etc .

  152. I’m in the stage of life where play dates are the best way to stay connected. The kids all play and the mamas have good conversations and coffee…well we try 😉

  153. My friend Vicky and I are always here for each other. We have each other’s backs, and have lived each other through thick and thin, through kid troubles, through marriage issues, medical episodes, and much more. Keeping it real helps to keep us real, love each other, and we are sisters from other mothers. I don’t know what i would do without her.

  154. One of my oldest and dearest friends don’t get together as often as I would like, but when we do manage to make time it seems to always center around a relaxing meal! What can I say? We love to eat a good meal! And what’s even better when you don’t have to be the one to clean the kitchen. All the pressure is off and you can just relax and enjoy!

  155. I wish I lived closer to my best friends. Phone calls are our biggest ways of connecting now that I’m 100s of miles away.

  156. My best friend is my sister. I am disabled from chronic lyme disease and can’t drive or work but she will call me about 3 times a week. I can’t see friends and have lost a lot of friends being so isolated with this disease. But when I see her (she is 3 hours away) we always start the day by having long chats over coffee in the morning.

  157. I love connecting with my friends over pizza and a movie! We go to a pizza buffet and talk for a while and then hop over next door to the dollar theater and catch a movie. I love spending that time with my friends. 🙂

  158. Front Porch Friends are the best. We can drink sweet tea in the afternoon to cool down in the heat of the coastal heat or coffee early in the morning before the sun comes up and talk about all that God has done for us and what plans he has in store for us to come. Our children come out and play with each other and have the best of times running after each other and it only validates that God is wonderful in his creation of such lovely children and they are his and ours to share.

  159. Once a friend always a friend for me…distance never removes them from my thoughts…friends for years or just met yesterday…they each reside in my heart forever. I’d welcome new ways of demonstrating my love for them.

  160. I recently have tried to resurrect the ancient art of letter writing!! It seems like it has become a thing of the past. Who doesn’t like getting a personal handwritten letter in the mail??? We have become such an instant society. Don’t misunderstand — I am extremely grateful that I can be connected in an instant with my daughter who lives on the other side of the world! I’m thankful that it doesn’t take months for us to exchange thoughts but it is nice to find something other than bills in the mailbox.

  161. Meeting up for a walk, and talk over tea and just really listening to one another and just cheering each other up

  162. I connect differently with friends. Some I text, or email. One group of friends-we all worked together-meet once a month at different restaurants. We share life-good, bad & ugly-& pray for each other. Any way I can. I have even sent encouraging texts, or emails. One friend & I used to call each other to check up on our status. We were going through aging parents at the same time.

    Blessings 🙂

  163. My favorite time to connect with my friends is during our weekly discipleship night, every Thursday. We have our coffee and we catch up, but we also study God’s Word and pray together. It’s become such a special place to be; I can not imagine life without these women now!

  164. I connect with friends by calling them or meeting them for tea. Sometimes I have one over for scones and tea. It really depends on schedules and our kids.

  165. Sadly my best friend and I live six hours apart. But every day we meet at Skype and talk about our day or what’s going on. 🙂 she’s amazing <3

  166. To tell the truth, I really don’t know how to be a friend. I’ve told myself that no one wants to hear about my crazy, sad life. But, recently I’ve joined 3 bible study groups at church because I can’t get enough of learning about God and I love doing book studies. Within these groups I’ve found a group of women that are amazing! They have truly become friends that I never thought I could have. I want to learn how to keep those friendships. These books would be perfect for me to start!

  167. I was recently in Dallas for a wedding and a very dear friend offered me her couch. I had several other obligations while there as well but Virginia and her family were amazing hosts! I never felt like I was in the way or that my visit was an imposition . We were even able to spend lots of time catching up, as well. Our friendship was born about 35 years ago in a community college biology class and God has continued to bless it. I’m reminded that friends are all around, just be open to them and the friendship can blossom!

  168. Coffee and brunch dates are my favorite way to connect with friends. Also, my new goal for being a better friend is to drop cards in the mail when they need some encouragement/love or just because. I am co-leading the We Saved You a Seat Bible study so that is a way to connect with multiple friend each week too, we are loving the study so far!

  169. My best friend and I FaceTime to share our individual and group Bible study insights. We live on the opposite sides of the state because we’re both in college now but we didn’t want to end our Jesus talks! I also love to go have coffee with my new friends in college who also want to pursue a relationship with Christ. Some of us are more mature in our faith and others are just discovering Jesus; either way, I also look forward to having those talks every other week.

  170. I’m so blessed. I have three best friends and we have been friends for over fifty years. We get together as often as possible. We have shared laughter and tears. Our times together are never dull as we always find plenty to laugh and giggle about. We are best friends but we are also sisters of the heart..

  171. My 15 year old granddaughter Mikayla lives in Michigan and I’m in South Carolina so don’t get too see her often. She has a blog and loves to journal and write about her walk with the Lord. Would love to have this for her.

  172. My best friend and I had been friends for over 40 years. We had our ups and downs through our friendship but we never stopped communicating with each other even when it was challenging. I cannot imagine my life without her and I know she feels the same. We keep each other accountable and encouraged. Women live longer than men and we promise that when our hubby is no longer around, we will move in together and enjoy whatever life we have left with each other. Love her to the moon and back and am so thankful for her.

  173. My best friend is Jesus. We communicate through Prayer and the Bible. What a Blessing for all of you who have a close girlfriend you can share life with . I hope to have one someday .

  174. When I am not sick, I usually spend Tuesdays with my sister from another mister. We have been friends for 16 years. I love her as if she were my sister. We usually get a coffee and catch up on the week while our little girls play.

  175. Being intentional with friends. Phone calls, real mail, even Facebook… I’ve lived in enough places at this point that social media has been a blessing for staying connected.

  176. I have met my newest friend through races. God has grown this into a beautiful friendship full of laughter and trips and realness in our time together. We have been started worshiping together on Sundays as well. We are amazed at what God created. We love our training time and down time. We are going to help each other cross the finish line at our first marathon in a month. I couldn’t image doing it without her. She encourages me when l don’t think I can take another step. Big goals are achieved one step at and it’s way more fun with friends.

  177. I connect with friends over recipes and coffee: Recently I had found a fun recipe, I shared it on Facebook and asked if anyone would like to make them and come over for a coffee date. We spent a wonderful hour and a half doing *real life* friendship, and it was a blessing.
    My dearest friend is my little sister, she lives far away, so every morning we share a devotional and a prayer, before our families wake up. We’ve had a tough year, so this ministry is a real blessing to us. Thank you

  178. Meeting at a Saturday morning breakfast is a great way to connect. I think it’s so important to get away from the distractions of your house.

  179. Life is so busy… my main friend and I try to get together weekly but it just doesn’t happen. However we do call each other 3 or 4 times a week, message each other daily. We do see each at church but even there we don’t get to interact more, because we are busy worshiping the Lord.

  180. A few of my friends who have moved away and a few that are local are meeting up at Disney World to run the Wine and Dine half marathon. Distance means our friendship has changed, but we are still friends and are there for each other however we can be. Can’t wait to see them again soon.

  181. I moved from Illinois to California several years ago. Although I knew this was the right move for me, I regretted leaving behind precious friends from the Midwest. So, we’ve gotten creative in ways of staying in touch. One of my favorites is a conference call with gals that know each other. Three of us chat about once a month. One still lives in my previous home town, the other moved to Upstate New York, but when we chat, it is as if the miles and time disappears. We support each other, encourage each other, cry with each other and inspire one another. I highly recommend it. It requires some patience in scheduling, but the love you’ll retain is so worth it.

  182. Connecting with friends is one of my greatest treasures, but we rarely are able to with scheduled nowadays. I would love more time for lunch days wirh my friends and miore connecting. 🙂

  183. I would love to win this for my Best Friend and her daughter. They are going through situations with her daughter and friends not wanting to talk to her anymore. It’s hard on the daughter but also hard on my friend her heart aches for her daughter. I feel like this would be a perfect lift up for them both. I could get the book for them to go along with the journal and day brightner. 🙂

  184. I have some friends but no one who seems interested in a deep relationship. I try to connect with friends over coffee, lunch, having them over for dinner, showing them I’m willing and available. As much as social media and technology are available these days, I think they give a false sense of connection.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  185. I have a friend who just GETS me. We connected over coffee, books, and Bible studies. Unfortunately, we live in different states now, but we still talk through online messages almost daily. It’s so important to maintain close friendships like ours, even from miles away.

  186. My sisters and I have a Sister Circle letter that we use to keep in touch with each other. I had the idea to start it a couple years ago as a way of keeping in touch because the eldest of the three of us lives over 3 hours away. And as the name suggests, it goes in a circle. (We’ve now lovingly shortened the name to The Sister Letter.) We each are allowed a single sheet of paper to fill with whatever we want. We usually write news, but it can be a verse or a picture or whatever God puts on our hearts to share. When the next sister receives the letter, she takes out her old letter and adds her new one, as does the next sister. When it comes back around to me, I do the same and keep it going. As it circulates, we always get to read each other’s letters. The fun and funny thing is, when we get the chance to speak in person, we often catch ourselves saying, “Oh, that’s in the Sister letter, so I can’t give all the details!”

  187. Text messaging helps when all of us are home with littles. It makes me feel not so alone.

  188. There are so many ways we connect… A girl’s dinner out, a movie, a coffee, meeting for a nice fall walk… And sometimes just a quick text message to remind each other that even in the busy times, we’re always here for each other!

  189. I connect with my close pals (and making new ones!) by meeting up for a walk, coffee (at our homes or a shop) and if we don’t have time to see face to face, using the Voxer app to ask how their day is going or catch up. I love it, like walkie talkies as a kid:)

  190. I must write about my sweet friend Jodi Summers. We meet in an online Bible Study. Jodi and I have become quite close. Our relationship is one of encouragement and prayers for one another and our families. Jodi has and always will have a special place in my heart.

  191. My girls and I connect during busy times across the miles by sending each other youtube links of songs that remind us where we’ve been, who we are and that we’ll always be together no matter what the future holds! Theyre such a blessing.

  192. We have been studying this book in our Tuesday night group and it has been very helpful for all.of us in different ways. It’s been encouraging to have our hardest conversations brought to the surface so we can look out for one another. 😉 this would be awesome to win.

  193. In my day to day friendships, I usually connect by shared, real life experiences. People who are in similar phases of life. Who “get” when I’m struggling with certain aspects of life as a mom, as a wife, as a woman. I have one dear sweet friend,however, who I get to see, if I’m lucky, may be once a year. God brought us together as college roommates and we are best friends now. I long for those one or two visits we get each year, but it only takes a text or a call for us to know we’re there for each other.

  194. Simple…a phone call. “Hey there! How are you today?” With texting and messaging, we forget to just call and talk. To hear each other’s voices keeps us connected.

  195. Every week my friends gather in my tiny apartment to watch a cooking show and learn how to master the “classics.” We gather to fill each other’s lives over a dinner that is “inspired” by the show. Since we are all in school right now and most work full time, this is a much needed break.

  196. Being in a sorority on a really large campus you’d think it would be pretty easy to connect with friends but it’s actually really hard. There’s about 200 girls in my chapter alone and there total 19 sororities on campus. I would have to say connecting over coffee is a great way though. Almost every college student lives off of coffee especially as an undergrad. Sometimes I’ll always just see girls at my university that I’m friends with on Facebook and be like “Hey you seem like a really positive uplifting girl, let’s go get coffee and be friends!”

  197. Every Tuesday my friends and I gather at a table and discuss life and God and it’s been wonderful.

  198. I love to connect over coffee and the aroma of the goodies in the coffee shop. Would love to grow in friendship with a little help from this book. We need to “Go to Grow” LisaJo is amazing in person. We laughed SO hard it felt great! I love her.

  199. I love to meet with friends at the coffee shop and the yummy smells of the goodies. We need to “Go to Grow”. I seen Lisa Jo in person last night and we laughed SO. She’s hilarious!! I love her.