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Kristin Anne Smith is a wife and mother, but most importantly, a daughter of the King. Redeemed by His grace and so grateful. She is passionate about sharing God’s hope in the dark places and shares how she continues to be transformed and experiences God’s extravagant love. Kristin blogs at...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Well written sister definitely good food for thought. Mary was indeed strong in her faith and trust in God and left all the finer details to him. I will try not to be afraid and be stronger in my faith renewal as I consciously and consistently seek God now and for the new year ahead.

  2. The book I most enjoyed reading was the Five Love Languages, I’ve read all the versions of it. I recently spent Christmas with both of my parents for the first time in 10 years. They are divorced and through reading this book I reflected on moments when my parents were showing me love, I just didn’t understand it because we have different languages of love. I was able to see how both my parents express love differently and how I can learn to accept and give love in the form that they need it.

  3. I loved reading the book called The Proposing Tree, it was very romantic and delightful
    I could picture every scene in my mind, It captivated my attention to read more, it’s a lovely
    Story of love, regrets and happy endings .

  4. I am reading “The Jesuit Guide to ALMOST “Everything”. A Spirituality for REAL Life
    One of the things that I am working on incorporating in my daily life is The Daily Examen.This reminds me to stop throughout the day and more importantly at the end of the day to look back and see where God was present in the events of the day. A reminder to give thanks to God for His work in your life. To ask forgiveness for my failures, give Him thanks for the good that I was able to do with His help, and pray that God will give me the grace to be more aware of Him in my daily encounters tomorrow.

  5. Kristen,
    Great post! I have often wondered how Mary could be so brave and say “Yes” so quickly! Here she was a young unwed woman about to be pregnant in a culture that frowned upon unwed pregnancies. But she believed and went forth. Joseph needs applause also! He believed and married Mary and was the father.
    The last few years have been super stressful for me and my family! We have had many changes. Dad in assisted living, medical issues, on hospice and mind failing, husband had 3 job changes within 2 years-all with same company, and I quit my job this year to be more available for my dad. What can next year hold? I am a little afraid, but know that God is in control and He will see us through all these trials!

    • Thanks so much Beth. My 2015 was filled with heaviness in many ways as well. Praying for you tonight that God would give you a peace about the coming year and you would remember that through all of this past year He was there!

  6. Well written! Recently God has put on my heart those who accept his will for their lives and do not look back. I am trying to give control to Him, but that causes me anxiety..can you tell that I am a type A personality? Several years ago, God got my attention by blessing me with a stroke. As I recovered, I realized that He had given me the grace to accept that I could no longer do things that I would have never thought I could live without, such as driving. Today I seem to be regressing back to my “old” lifestyle and I’m pretty sure He does not like it! My husband and I have had several health issues this year and while I still have His peace with the health issues, I still get the feeling that I need to be in charge of things. AS IF I could do better than GOD! Lord, help my arragance!

    • Valerie – while our challenges are different, our attitudes sound similar! 2015 has been a year of regression in many ways for me as well and while I am not thrilled with the way I am having to walk through the end of the year I am finding hope in what will be accomplished in the renewing of my mind through Christ. Praying that for you as well!!

  7. It has been a tough 3 years…..battling with chemical depression after a hysterectomy. ..I have read many books by Holler Gerth, Lysa, Mary Sutherland and a few other inspirational and encouraging Christian ladies. of the best books I read was “Out of The Darkness” by Chonda Pierce. ……it was medicine for my soul…..I’m so thankful to the ladies who share their experiences of real life . It helps to know that others have been where you are and have gotten through it…
    I’m looking forward to a healthy 2016….it would be a blessing to read these 10 books! Thank you for the opportunity.