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Ann Swindell is passionate about equipping other women to share their stories beautifully and powerfully through Writing with Grace, where she teaches Christ-centered writing courses. She is the author of Still Waiting: Hope for When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thanks for this Ann! The Bible tells us “It is more blessed to give than receive.” but doesn’t point out that it is also a lot easier to be the giver than the receiver. If we don’t let people help us, we may be robbing them of the blessing God wanted them to have by helping us. It’s hard though! Thanks, again

  2. Ann, I see truth in the words you shared of the good it is to receive help from others. I’m so glad the Lord brought you love in this special way. Your friend’s response to your need demonstrates the “love one another” instruction given to his disciples. I wish I could say that I can totally relate to your story more, but in reality I have a somewhat different experience. I have a health condition in which many everyday products used by most people in our society make me ill to the point of disabling me. These things include fragrance of any kind, smoke, and animal dander. So, for others to be in my presence and not cause me flare-ups, a detox of all these items from body, hair and clothes would be required. In the beginning of my illness, I believed it was too much to ask of others, so I suffered silently (though asked for prayer). In time, I sensed I needed to ask the leader of my women’s group if they would be willing to make accommodations for my needs. For a short time, an attempt was made but every few weeks I was asked if the restrictions could be lifted. So, I agreed and went back to suffering quietly. As my health diminished, eventually I could no longer attend church and was even more sensitive to things than before. Yet, I wish to give Jesus the glory that He deserves as He has truly been my help in my isolation. I hold fast to the words, “The Lord is my helper…” Even as my heart breaks with loneliness, He keeps coming to my rescue lifting up my chin reviving hope in me when the situation seems utterly hopeless. Though I’m still waiting for the door to open to a community that may be equipped to come alongside someone in these perplexing circumstances, I have a deepened trust that God will be the one to orchestrate that family. May He continue to build love in the local family of God in which you are set. I thank Him for what He has given you and what one day He may give to me. Blessings to you.

    • Diana,
      Prayers that God will bring some friends alongside you that understand your condition. I pray for healing and restoration. Prayers that the loneliness will soon dissipate!
      Blessings 🙂

      • Beth,
        Thank you so very much for your prayers. Your reply is itself a welcomed help in the midst of my circumstances! I am blessed today:)

  3. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! I never mind doing the giving…but I have a HUGE time accepting the nice things others do for me. I just don’t ever know how to respond appropriately because I feel embarrassed…or overwhelmed…or emotional. I don’t know. Your insights are so helpful, because just being thankful is enough. And seeing a friend’s kindnesses as being taken care of…and a reminder of our value to Christ…LOVE this.

  4. Giving to others gives me joy. When a good friend had both parents in hospital I went & got a meal for her and hubby. That same weekend I got some food for a neighbor who lost a son. It’s what I do! I also sent money anonymously to two families in our church last year knowing how desperate they were.
    The Bible says to bear one another’s burdens. I do it lovingly, although most times I don’t ask first I just do! Most people would say no thanks, we’re fine. I know better. If God lays it on me I will send cards, emails, etc. to people to tell them I miss them or how much I like them. I want to love them as Christ would.