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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. Lysa,
    My “word’ for 2014 is “intentional”. In order to be intentional I can’t always be rushing. It is my desire to have connection and compassion in place of a string of accomplishments. One way I attempt to un-rush my schedule is to pass all opportunities through the filter of is Kingdom building or self-building. I examine my motive. I am learning not to say “yes” to things just because they build my self worth…I really weigh out whether it is a God thing or a Bev thing. Example: I have company coming on Weds. I could bust my behind trying to make my house look pristine so that I would be lauded for my clean house or I could meet with my friend, whose mother is dying of cancer, this morning for coffee in order to listen. I’m choosing Plan B. Thanks for the encouraging reminder to examine my actions in order to un-rush my life.

    • AMEN BEV!!!
      We face decisions similar to yours everyday, and we automatically choose by the flesh, and not by Spirit. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us. I hope that we were all listening……

  2. Thank you Lysa for sharing your struggle with people-pleasing and what the Lord is teaching you about eliminating the impulse to rush. I am especially struck by your words “I have made my decisions and now my decisions have made me.” Far too often, I will blame circumstances or other people for the exhaustion that results from my rushing around, trying to earn others’ approval but the choice is mine. Whether I admit it or not, I have made a conscious choice to rush, to earn other’s approval and I need to hold myself accountable for my decisions. I am so thankful for Jesus’ example and for His grace that sets me free from all of this. May we walk in this grace today and every day.

  3. Lysa,
    It’s amazing that your message today is about being un-rushed. It’s my last day home from summer break and tomorrow I head back to my desk as a secretary at a middle school and what my principal once called “organized chaos”. My days are filled with constant demands for my time and attention and it has carried over into my life away from school to where it is hard to let go of the frantic push. I’ve prayed many prayers asking God to slow down my mind, my heart, my emotions, to live with His peace, joy, and purpose. The older I get, and some days I feel pretty old, the more of a struggle it is to keep this pace and keep my sanity. I’ve tried to keep His truth in front of me at all times. Having truth written out and on my desk brings me back to my purpose there. I’ve been known to take a short break to just go cry it out in prayer in whatever quiet alone place I can find, which sometimes has to be the restroom. Always, I have to start my day in my quiet corner to have even a short time to set my feet on my Solid Rock. I know I can’t even take one step into my day without spending some time of stillness with Him. Still working on trying to develop stillness in my mind with overwhelming and endless lists of things wanting my time and attention. I want to live the “Best” that God has for me and not miss the beauty along the way. Here’s to an “un-rushed” life!

  4. I was reminded recently through a sermon that I am not God. And when I say no to something, it allows God to use me in other ways and it allows someone else to be used by God. There is no guilt in saying “no” in a busy season. I love the description of Jesus’ ministry being unrushed! Thanks for your words this morning!

    • Sooo true~ I want to stand up, raise my hands to Heaven and shout “Amen~Amen~AMEN!”. I believe life in general has become a busy season~ and we need to stop~ take a breath~ and say a prayer. Love our children. Love our husbands. Love our Father. And thank them all

  5. Yes, this is me. A single mom with 3 kids, working full time. I live a very rushed life and it’s taking its toll. In fact some days I’m so overwhelmed by the demands of life. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus was rushed too, and HE too felt the overwhelming-ness of life.

    Would love to win! Thanks Lysa!

  6. Rushing is my life right now. Working 35hrs a week, mother to 2 small kids and 1 school age kid, housewife and wife. There is not enough time in the day. But I am not writing for your giveaway. I am lost, lost connection with Jesus and alone, I am sad. I can’t connect I am a disappointment to myself and to a God. I can’t balance it all. I’m overweight I never really lost the weight from my third child and she’s three! I’m finding one too many glasses of vino do it to block out my pain of not holding it all together I know I need to get fit and healthy inside and out but I am not consistent in my efforts, I’m ashamed of all the years waisted I’m not of strong faith, I’ve failed.

    • Stay strong Jasmine! God sees you and all you are doing-all you go through. Keep clinging to and seeking Him. He is with you through it all…

    • Jasmine, you are so much stronger than you could ever imagine an it’s time to speak identity over you. God created you. You reaching out with transparency and honesty shows just how much His love is for you because the Holy Spirit convicted you to reach out. At points of desperation, that’s where He can do the most miraculous work. Piled altogether, yes, the lack in whatever shape or form can be overwhelming, suffocating. But God is the one who breathed life into you and He will continue to do so. One thing He has been sharing with me lately is this, the Holy Spirit whispers to me when I am overcome with my failures and says, “I’ve got you. You don’t have to master it. Let the Master handle it. Can you do it just this once? Just this time?” Hear that whisper, Jasmine! Say yes again and again. Try and try again until it becomes habitual and you are continually saying yes to Him. Even if the yes of the day is to speak life into yourself by fasting from negative self talk. Even if the yes is to forego the glass of wine for some quiet time; on your knees and letting God catch the tears of your dispair. It’s yes to one thing; little by little. He’ll walk you through. I’m praying courage, strength and peace over you! Daddy, Jasmine is hurting and the enemy is surrounding her with all that she is not. Speak to her spirit, Father. Speak through the Holy Spirit to tell her just how much You think of her; that she is your daughter. A daughter of the Most HIgh God. One that you created and formed for your purpose. Show her the blessings. Guide her daily to say yes just this once for today and again for tomorrow. Help her every hour and never leave her side. Thank you that she is so wonderfully made and Your love for her exceeds any seemingly insurmountable issue. Thank you for helping her! Thank you for the amazing life she is going to have. Jasmine, such a rich name; of great worth. Thank you for showing her that worth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Email me, Jasmine, whenever you need prayer or an encouraging word!!! God doesn’t see you how you are, He sees you through His Son’s eyes; precious, beautiful, gracious, compassionate, caring and full of life!

    • Jasmine,
      You’re overwhelmed, so it’s so good you reached out. Reach out to your sisters, your husband and especially to God. How? We all struggle with that. One step, each day. Talk to God. Talk to him and ask for his help, his grace. Ramble, cry out, whisper. Whatever form it takes! Maybe take a long walk, in place of the glass of wine. If you can’t go alone, walk with your children and talk to God while you walk. You’ll be spending time with God and teaching your children to spend time with him too. I’ll be praying for you.

      • by sisters…I meant sister in faith. 🙂 We’re here for you. You haven’t failed. You only fail if you stop trying.

    • Jasmine,
      Can you feel GOD’S LOVE that is expressed as you cry out to HIM??? HE is already working in your life as we speak. GOD has you by the hand, and HE will not let go. Stay encouraged, and know that GOD IS………….

    • Jasmine,

      You sound as if you might be experiencing some depression which means that you will need to make an appointment with a doctor. Sometimes it’s necessary to take medication until our emotions/hormones level out. Alcohol is a depressant so the wine is only making it worse and adding to the self defeating cycle that you describe. I know it’s difficult to “feel” like doing anything when you might be depressed, but I would encourage you to start reading God’s Word daily. Praying for you!

  7. Unrushed. It’s something I longed for the past two years, and I’m finally slowing down. Because of God’s trustworthiness, I was able to walk by faith at His prompting to make changes in my life a few months ago that are resulting in a slowed-down pace. As a result, I’m able to see God more in the daily moments of my life and am able to finally breathe. So life giving when we unplug from busy. Today I am going on a picnic in a beautiful park with one of my close girlfriends…so blessed that I can choose to unrush this day and enjoy God’s creation in the beauty of relationship with a sister in Christ.

  8. Today I am taking time out for an unrushed lunch with friends I haven’t seen in too long!

  9. Can I just say I initially rushed through this post so I could say I “read” it while juggling emails and chats right now? Unrush. Stop. READ! Digest what you read! Seems simple, right? I’ve been reading and comprehending for more years than I haven’t yet how easy it is to skim and mark it off a list of to-dos.

    I need to slow down and read posts like this. Read my devotional. Read my Bible. And not just read, allow time to really understand and think critically about what I’ve read in the context of the Bible and my life– life application. That’s what I will do when I try to unrush.

  10. I “inrush” when I chose to rest in the knowing and trusting that my God has my very life in the palms of His hands! I’ve learned a very hard lesson over the last few years that I can’t control everything around me! I can’t control the winds & waves of life but I’m so glad I know the One who can! Knowing, trusting, resting! My words for 2014!

  11. Unrushed – wow, that is something I so need. I struggle in feeling I have to say ‘yes’ to things I used to do because I used to do it so I am the person who should do it. I say ‘yes’ then get frustrated that they keep asking me. I need to learn to say ‘no’ but I can’t seem to shake the guilt of saying ‘no’.

  12. This is so timely for me (and our family) right now. Trying to balance three kids, all their appointments and interests that we want to encourage and both myself and my husband working full time, I’ve been trying to convince him that we need to start saying no to some things. But which things? Would love a copy of your book – it sounds like just the thing we need to read right now (just need to find the time to read it!). Thank you!

  13. Whew! So loved this post, especially after God had whispered to me this morning that this was a time for me to fly under the radar…to be less rushed…to do simply what He has called me to do today. The one thing I can do today to feel less rushed is to simply do what’s placed in front of me without worrying about the timing or the next thing on the list. Thank you for cooperating with God just to give me this confirmation! 🙂

  14. By guarding my time in the morning for prayer and meditation along with leaving margin on my calendar, I am choosing to live unrushed. Oh, this message is God speaking to my heart right where He has been hitting home lately!

  15. A simple way for me to “unrush” is to say Yes to Jesus. Listen for His voice in your decision making and you will never go wrong!

  16. I cannot wait for this devotional series and the book! It is perfect for a busy mom!
    God Bless!

  17. Today I am “rushing” through my emails, emails that include devotions from Lysa, Proverbs 31 and incourage so that I can get my work done. I’m reading all of these messages about intentionality and peace and no fear, but I’m rushing through them so that I can do my “real” work. I think now of the story of Martha and Mary and Jesus telling Martha that Mary has chosen the better “work.” From this moment on, I will try not to rush through this day that the Lord has made. 🙂

  18. As I prepare our year as a homeschooling parent, I must be intentional and bring our schedule to the Lord. It can be very enticing to “overbook” us with all of the wonderful opportunities out there but at the expense of our sanity and peace of mind. I would love a resource that would help me put this into practice.

  19. “Unrushed”. Now I have a word for what I need in my life! I am so easily overwhelmed with caring for my family (which includes 2 with chronic health issues), holding down a full time job and feeling like there is more I should do. I know for me that I will have to be intentional in choosing to not let life around me dictate my time, etc. Quiet time first thing in the morning is so important to help me prioritize my day and have the right mindset. Thanks for your willingness to share your struggles. It is so important that we not take this journey alone.

  20. I am anxiously waiting for this book to release. It couldn’t come at a better time in my life. I have found, though, that spending time with The Lord, first thing, every day, seems to help me with the busy-ness I have found olef up in my life.

  21. One way I have slowed the pace of my life is starting my day with Jesus. Really focused quiet time has opened my heart to the people and situations around me that plead for my time and attention . I love me and my life so much more when I don’t feel rushed and can let Jesus lead me through the day being His hands and feet . Walking in this way is hard but God is faithful to lead as I look to Him for direction and purpose .

  22. For me it is going to be about learning to trust God more and working less. I try really hard to work as much as I can and take every overtime opportunity there is available. My family and my marriage has paid a price for this.

  23. Rushing even as I read…. Lord, unrush me! Rushing is so commonplace in my life, in my circle… we try to do so much (and so many good things) that we are missing the bigger picture. Appreciate you being God’s mouthpiece today. So. Need. This.

  24. Take a deep breath and observe what’s around me.. no matter what it is, just observe.

  25. Wow…As I read this, tears in my eyes, I can completely relate to the rush of everyday life. Working full time as a home health nurse, 3 kids, one with special needs, baseball, dance, church, cooking, cleaning, playing referee…it’s all overwhelming, and I daily feel like I just can’t breathe. Like the every day routine is suffocating the life out of me. I would love to give a simple way to unrush my life, but I just can’t quite figure that out yet. I would love to read your book, and I look forward to its release. Lord, please unrush me!

  26. I need to be intentional about not letting myself get busy with a lot of little things that don’t really matter. Thank you so much for this post!

  27. I woke up this morning feeling very tired. Before I read this I was thinking of all the things I ought to do today. I chose a couple boxes off my weekly list and was planning to finish them. But, in light of this reminder to live the unrushed life… I think I will go catch up on some rest. The list can wait. It will all still be there tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

  28. I’m always rushing….the story of my life!! But recently I broke my leg and have had a cast on for EIGHT WEEKS (non-weight bearing) and still have an air cast on for three weeks. My sweet sweet husband was left holding the bag of taking care of the house and our animals (we have no children) and as I sat there and watched him scurry around doing this or that I saw a picture of myself. From that moment I prayed to God to help me to slow down and take time for more of the little things, like fishing with my husband or running with my dogs or just taking the time to sit on to porch for small talk with my hubby and most of all giving Him His time back. I also had to tell my husband how sorry I was for not taking the time I should have for the little things with him. This devotion today has hit the spot and reconfirmed all that I’ve been feeling!!! Thanks so much for your words each day!!!

  29. Thank you for this much needed message, Lysa!! I’m a single mom, but overall, my rushing is self-induced. I feel that being unrushed for me, most days, is just stopping, taking time to breathe, and reminding myself that I’m not a failure if I don’t get everything done on my to-do list. I need to be unrushed…. and I’m praying that Jesus will complete the heart transformation in me that is needed to accomplish it!!!

  30. How to un rush? good question for a middle aged, slightly overweight housewife of the sandwich generation… you know, older parents, younger children. Pray, pray, and let Romans 8 :31-32 companion my day. Friends help, as well as caffeine and chocolate.

  31. When I need to unrush my life, I just say no to the things I can say no to and sit on my huge porch overlooking my lake and just pray and meditate on things of God. Such a refuge!

  32. As the kids bicker in the background, breakfast isn’t made and I have work to do, instead of stressing I need to breathe and pray, “God, unrush me”. I need this reminder daily. I really, really need to read your book!

  33. Lysa, thank you for this message. This push to examine our schedules with a red pen. My own unrushing is involving resigning from the things we like, the stressful things, in order to enjoy and do more of the things we love. It’s been so good to feel passion in my soul again. I can’t wait to see my family’s passion again too. ❤️

  34. I did a motion & time study one time, over a period of 2 weeks to see how my time is spent – was surprised when I realized there was a lot more time spent ‘thinking’ about what I needed to do rather than the actual time spent doing it. That settled my mind in an incredible way & began ‘uncluttering’ my thoughts, giving me the gift of time to be focused on each responsibility – it opened time for essentials – having a devo/prayer time, investing into others, etc. I’d love to have a copy of the book to read, then pass along to others. Thanks for this opportunity!

  35. Today I feel I need to unrush my schedule by not allowing my mind to stress about everything I need to get done. I’m 7 months pregnant and still have many things I need to get done before the baby comes. My mind seems to go there every day. Today I am choosing to allow God to renew my mind and refresh my heart. I will take every thought captive to obey Christ! With the Holy Spirit’s help of course! Thank you for this reminder to stop rushing!

  36. As I stare at all the boxes that still need to be unpacked from our move last week, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I’m trying to take time for walks and reading emails about not being rushed.

  37. You spoke to my life. I will starts using the word no more when situations are overextending me.

  38. I unrush when I allow myself to say “NO”. “No” to another obligation, “No” to feeling that this chore has to be done today or bad things will happen, “No ” to skipping my quiet time because I’m too busy.

    I’ve just returned to work after three weeks with pneumonia. I stayed home and rested. Guess what? My desk is still in my office, my emails are still in my Inbox, my tasks are still awaiting being done. Nothing fell apart in my absence.

  39. I can unrush by taking my work email off my phone and just putting my phone aside more to enjoy the moment. I washed the car with my husband this weekend in the driveway, and I couldn’t believe how much peace and joy I found when I wasn’t being so attentive to the phone! I would love to win this one, and I would share it with my Mom who is rushed, too.

  40. I am trying not to place too many things on the schedule and that’s hard with two active kids. But we are getting there….slowly but surely. Trying to reprioritize things and getting healthy again. And in the midst – keeping our focus on the Lord and keeping Him first and foremost.

  41. I’ve been rushed now for years, but back in May I did something crazy and I said no. I’m now waiting to hear from God what my best yes should be.

  42. A simple way for me to “UNRUSH” would be to stop being afraid to say NO, putting things in right priority and to stop thinking if I <<<<<< don't do it, it won't get done!

  43. I can unrush my life immediately by learning how to say “no” and stop and listen to what God says my “yes” should be.

  44. Oh, how this spoke to me in the midst my rushed morning!! What a perfect message for all of us – to keep that laser focus on what truly holds the most importance in our lives! I had just told my husband the other day as I looked out our kitchen window that we haven’t taken the time to eat on our deck once this summer…. our summer has been filled with work, ball games, and BUSYNESS!! After reading this, I believe we will be eating out on the deck tonight!! I am ready to breathe in some fresh air and let my soul be still!!

  45. It’s so easy to get caught up with everything going on and to say “yes” to what everyone else needs you to do. It’s so easy to stay too busy and then neglect what’s most important… time with Jesus, “unrushed” time with my family. I’m really praying to put things in their right place and trying to say only say “yes” to the best things. Can’t wait to read your book… need it!

  46. “Rest” has been on my mind for a little bit now. I needed the Lord to show me that it was okay to set boundaries for myself and in those boundaries I’m protecting time to be intentional, to care for my family, to pray and read and study, and to reach out to those that the Lord points out. So I say yes to the Lord daily and I gracefully say no to those things that aren’t important including others requests. Also, it really helped me to make a list of what I feel is important and what others seem to think is important for me to be doing. It helped clarify and get perspective.

  47. My efforts to stop rushing aren’t working – Stopping to rest only seems to allow more to pile up. I know I need to spend more time in the Word, but even that feels like another check mark on a to-do list, which is very sad. Your point about connection and compassion strike a chord with me though, and I find that any time I invest in others, is time I don’t regret.

  48. I have also been to the Holy Land and loved it. There is something so peaceful there and I instantly felt un-rushed. Our lives are so different than they were back then. But, you are right, Jesus was being pulled in so many directions, and he took the time to not be rushed. What a beautiful revelation.
    With five kids at home and a husband, they keep me busy enough. I have been looking for work to fill those “boredom” hours, but if I have a job, I’ll be rushed even more. I won’t have the time for connection and compassion. Since I don’t “have” to work to make ends meet, I think I will forget that idea for a while. I have been praying about working, perhaps this is God’s answer for me.
    Thank you Lysa!

  49. I feel like the big majority of why I’m always feeling rushed is because of the amount of time I spend on social media. I must refresh Facebook 100 times a day! And so because I’m devoting all my time and energy to that, I fall behind on the more important things. I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to put my phone away an hour before bed, grab a good book or my Bible and focus on that instead!

  50. Life is so short and I want to live in the moment and give myself fully when I am with my family and friends. I want to spend quality time with Jesus and reflect on all the blessings I have in my life. I am so looking forward to your new book!

  51. Please pray that I become “unrushed” without having a meltdown. I’m going through a divorce, I work full-time, I’m trying to sell my house, looking for a new place to live, and trying to get my son back to college. I try to find time to be still and rest but everything seems so difficult and rushed right now. I’m looking forward to reading and learning something from your book. I have hope that my future will be calm and unrushed. Thank you for your blog.

  52. We have not quite two weeks until school and soccer and the summer schedule ends. I read a book called “Hands Free Mama” that reminded me that I just need to sit back and enjoy watching my boys becoming men. To stop the rushed madness, the constant striving, and to live this phrase. . “I love to watch you. . ” because when I watch, I am fully present. And that is the meaning of time.
    Looking forward to reading your new book Lysa. May I remember to “unrush”. 🙂

  53. Time is something we all have the same amount of each and every day. I take one day at a time. Life is a journey…

    The one way that I need to UNRUSH is better plan ahead. I’m one of those people that finds satisfaction is giving so I’m always putting together happy packages or trying to give a little extra. I have to find balance with my family, work, church, and other demands that come upon me daily.

    I can’t wait to read your new book!

  54. Such a wonderfully simple reminder about what we should be focused on. I love the quote “I must unrush my pace for connection and compassion to take place.” Father has had His thumb on me all summer about this. It IS an intentional life. What I can do is say YES to this lifestyle. Today one of those “yeses” is to say no to a job offer that would benefit my family financially. I choose to be and do with them at an unrushed pace. Thank you for continuing to share your heart .

  55. One way I am unrushing today is to spend 5 minutes reading my bible. I know it doesn’t sound like much but it is a very managable number for today. I find that on those rushed days if I can commit to just 5 minutes, it makes such a huge difference in me.

    Thank you SO much for your post today! I really needed to hear it. 🙂

  56. Thank you for sharing ‘Unrush Me’. This was something I didn’t know I always wanted to hear. I hope to find myself unrushed by spending more time just slowing down, making time for peace and finding hope in the slow times and silence I’d like to find in my days. I walk through each day feeling all the demands on my life with my aging mother, my full time job, the boyfriend, my dogs (who are my children), my friends and all I really need is to remember God’s unrushed life and realize life is not about getting it all done; that part will happen. It’s remembering God’s undying love for me and that He wants me to slow down and enjoy HIm. He is the only one that gives me the strength I need to get through these rushed days and constant demands upon me. I want more time spent with God and I believe He will unrush me.

  57. I can unrush my schedule by ridding myself of standards not even placed for me. I often become so consumed with pleasing rather than praising in this world of constant competition and proving. When I look to the Father and the way He lavishes his love on me, I no longer feel the need to please others. I need to get caught in his rhythm of grace rather than the disappointing and unsustaining rhythm of rush.

  58. I can intentionally make sure my morning “chores” are done before I go to bed – it would make SUCH a difference in the rush I feel before leaving for work. it would start my day on a less harried pace and allow me to “be” in the moment of preparing for my day.

  59. I unrush by making a plan. But I’m learning to be more realistic with what I can accomplish. I’m also learning that my kids don’t need to be involved in a ton of activities.

  60. (this is a work in progress for me)….to “unrush”, I need to remember to greet God as I start my day and to be in His Word…to seek His “timing” and “pace” and “direction” for my day… if I keep my eyes on Him, FIRST and FOREMOST, all the other “priorities” will not be pushing my heart and mind for “first place”. As I am attentive to His Spirit, those areas that seem to demand my attention will be less debilitating…they may even be sources of blessing.

  61. A couple of days ago I was feeling rushed, stressed and about to be overwhelmed. I’m in a place right now where a lot of big decisions have to be made with my family, my job, etc. I stopped to pray silently and I felt the Lord say to me, just breath. So I did. I stopped and meditated on that and just breathed. It probably wasn’t for more than a minute or two but since then I’ve been forcing myself to take those moments when I’ve begun to have that overwhelming feeling. I believe God is helping me through these moments of breath to clear my mind and to listen for him to guide me.

  62. I have so much enjoyed your books and look forward to reading this one.
    I have trouble just sitting still in God’s presence — always feeling the need to be “doing” something. Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God, keeps popping up everywhere and I know that God is telling me to stop and listen and rest in Him. I am trying to learn to do that because I know that is the most important thing I can do.

  63. Weigh the priorities of my day by God’s scale not mine. My time with the Lord and in-real-life relationships first. Great revelation, Lysa. I’ve thought of this as well–Ever read of Jesus running to get some where? It seems like I’m always running to meet the demands of my schedule.

  64. Quite honestly, this is a struggle for me. There’s hubby/family, ministry and work, and so on and so on. Everything needs to get done, and normally that means “now”. Consistent prayer for God to order my steps and direct my path helps me prioritize. Continually feeding myself through worship and the word as I complete my tasks helps strengthen me to get it done. However, I need more of God’s wisdom and direction on what to pull back on and what to say yes to so that I operate not just in what’s good, but so that I can make the finer distinction between what’s good and what’s best.

  65. I am striving to unrush myself by being more organized, and not having to rethink work related items I have already spent time on. I pray that the Lord direct my behavior.

  66. My word is release. I have made it my goal this year to release all people, places and things that drain my energy. I cannot do and fix everything or everyon, and am not meant to.

  67. Unrushed…..that word spilled over me like a gentle shower of love this morning. I felt myself breathe, taking a moment, soaking it in, embracing it. My husband and I plan to retire in a couple of years. I have been working on what to do after retirement and we have not even gotten there yet! I don’t want to miss the days, months, years and moment leading up to retirement by rushing there. Thank you for the reminder to let life be the blessed peacefulness our Father gives us. I decided a week ago to apply for a doctoral program… and now I am rushing to complete the requirements…will the program be there in 2015? Yes, it will. Do I have to be in the program starting in August, taking the GRE in a week and beginning classes in 6 weeks? No I don’t. There are many other things that the Lord has for me to do and now I realize that one of them in being UNRUSHED! Thank you for the breath of life that filled my spirit while reading your post.

  68. Lysa, thank you so much for this message. Rush becomes a mindset that is so difficult to throw off & keep off. Thanks to you, to Celebrate Recovery, to a few others, I’m learning slowly but surely to focus 1st on Jesus. Everything falls into place then & I can breath. I find if my 1st moments awake aren’t spent in prayer & the Word, the entire day is a disaster in one form or another. Thank you for reaching out.

  69. One simple way I can unrush my schedule right now is to make it an absolute priority to begin every day with a quiet time- just me, my Bible and Jesus. I make the mistake of not doing this on a regular basis. I let too many other things get in the way. There is so much to be done in a day! But, oh how beginning my day with the Lord changes my day entirely; my priorities are a little different, and problems are put into perspective more quickly. This is my daily goal and I thank you, Lisa, Proverbs 31 Ministries & (in)courage for helping me, encouraging me and loving me every step of the way. 🙂

    Kerri Shaw
    Collierville, TN

  70. Thank you Lysa, for this timely post. It’s so easy to rush, hurry,go. I’m in deep need of this devotional and I can’t wait to receive it!

  71. What a powerful word! I have that deep longing inside me to live unrushed. I feel I could be more who God designed me to be if I could just slow down a bit (or a lot)! 🙂
    A tangible way I could start would be to get out the door earlier. I could drive unrushed, therefore probably be less stressed. Thank you for this challenge. R.T.

  72. Lysa, I will be signing up for the 5 day devotionals to help me become unrushed. As soon as I saw the email Unrush Me, I clicked on it right away. I have been drowning with the emotions of my daughter leaving for college in three weeks, my husband will be having surgery for prostate the week before she leaves and our married life will change forever with the lifestyle changes, and my son is starting to pull away from me at 14 years of age (normal and good), and I won’t even throw in my work schedule. I haven’t even had time to have a really good cry and tell God how I am feeling and have time to stop so that I can be strong. If I am even to start your 5-day devotional, then staying connected to God and making sure that I start my day with him is the beginning and getting up earlier to do so. I am looking forward to the devotional that you are sharing with us!

  73. God always has a timely word for me. The problem is that I am sometimes too involved with my schedule and plans to hear His word for me. Today, I almost skipped this message. I am so glad that I ignored that voice telling me that I needed to go, go, get busy, don’t get behind. To unrush today, I am going to tune my ears and mind to what God has in mind for my day.

  74. This reading really resonated with me today, as “rushed” is pretty much the theme of my life. I’m a single mom to two young children who I have 24/7. There are endless appointments and constant demands and responsibilities that rest on my shoulders. As I write this I have less than two months to find us a new place to live and get my children registered for school. Beyond exhaustion is what would classify my current state. When the anxiety surfaces I’m learning to reframe my anxious thoughts and to meditate on God’s goodness instead. I tell God I need to feel His presence and that I know He has plans to prosper us and that He is loving. Seeing as the pressures of the single mom’s life are endless, I have many opportunities a day to practice this skill. I figure at some point, I’m gonna get really good at this! 🙂

  75. The only way that I can unrush is be still and know. And remembering that God’s ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts, and His timing is not my timing.

  76. To take time to play baseball or swim with my children.
    Thank you for your encouragement and honesty.
    Kim S

  77. Yes, I need to unrush. It’s time to slow down and soak up God’s presence, listen to his voice, and go out and share his love with a world of people who are in desperate need of him.

  78. I have been learning to say the right no for the last few years, and as only God can do, those no’s revealed a new direction for my life. But still, I fall into the rush trap, I need to purposefully slow my pace.

  79. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes I just stop what I’m doing, go outside (or stand at the window) and breathe in some beauty…a tree, a flower, a bit of sky. 5 minutes won’t send me too far off track, but it ” unrushes ” me.

  80. Hand over all things to God and listen to the Holy Spirit as He reveals wisdom and discernment. Dwell in His Word and apply.

  81. Taking just a few minutes to close my eyes and be still helps me. In that time I can pray or reorganize my priorities of the day, or just remind myself not to let the important things(like really listening when my daughter tells me about her day) slip away.

  82. Something God has been teaching me in this season while we wait for what’s next is to find the joy in life despite being caught in the daily grind of work and life. I can choose to find joy despite my circumstances. I think apart of that is to become quieter, set aside specific time to find that joy and just be. I should realize that time with my husband, family, and friends is never wasted!

  83. God has been so faithful in revealing the areas that He needs to work in my heart. I am overjoyed by His presence. I look forward to receiving your email reminders to be still and spend time with people.

  84. Unrushed is a little something we all need! The unrushed can happen during a vacation that you stressed out to get ready for, or an unrushed season can happen when a loved one is sick or hospitalized. We need to create our own unrushed moments. The book sounds phenomenal!

    This was kind of a joke shared on Twitter, but I found that it could be very helpful to slow down life during the day:
    A time to just STOP, sit, think, reflect, pray. Two minutes is nothing out of the 24 hours we are given, and yet those 2 minutes can change how we feel (less stressed!), change the direction of our day, even change our health!
    Happy “do nothing for two minutes” today!

  85. This is so true. I know I need to have my time with God first thing in the morning, but I almost never do. A couple of weeks ago, I actually did, and the rest of my day felt perfectly timed and amazingly unrushed. It was truly His hand and His confirmation that I need to prioritize time with Him every morning before attempting to do anything else.

  86. Even though I am at home with three under five, I still find myself rushing through the house. When I become a woman on a mission, my preschooler completely falls apart. I am trying to find peace in our chaos and embrace this season of constant nursing, milk cups, diapers, and toys everywhere.

  87. I am a mother of three, a 8, 6 and a 7 month old. I work full time. My mornings are the most rushed part of the day for me. One thing I can do to unrush my schedule is to wake up a 1/2 hour earlier. This would give me some alone time before the rush of the kids.

  88. I am stressed to the max these days – but I find that if I ask God to show me what needs to be done that day, He will show me. But it’s up to me to follow His direction and not mine.

  89. I just made plans to get away camping with my family. I find that when we are intentional about getting away from home and out to nature. Time goes slower and we are able to get away from the pulls and distractions of the business at home.

  90. My 1st. thing needs to be Jesus every morning…the compassion and connection…unrushed…

  91. I just prayed “unrush me”! Now I am going to try my best to avoid procrastinating today…When i think of all that still needs to be done for my daughter’s first year at college, I start to feel panic coming on. I’m not ready myself for a new school year. I will gladly take prayer from any of you who read this.

  92. For me, unrushing sometimes means waking up a few minutes earlier so that I can “adjust” to my day and prepare my mind.

  93. I was just telling a friend this morning that I feel rushed – too many things going on. I love your phrase is this “My Best Yes.” Thanks for the reminder on following Jesus – unrushed – connect and show compassion. It sure is hard to do even to your family with a full plate.

  94. My word for 2014 is “fix”…the Lord has revealed many verses in scripture for the word throughout this year so far…with one of the most important verses being Hebrews 12:2
    Let us FIX our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
    Thank you Lysa for your reminder to “unrush” with intention…. to chose to say the right “yes” each day and fix our sight on Him.

  95. After reading Lysa’s (Unrush Me)! I loved it. And it made start thinking of how I could Unrush my schedule right now. My schedule changes from day to day, so I came up with a game plan so I don’t feel rushed. I’m printing out the message: I must Unrush my pace for connection and compassion to take place on my own paper and laminate it, and put on my fridge, bathroom mirrors, and in my purse. So when I feel rushed anywhere I’m at I will read it & take it in and remember if I’m rushed I can’t have connection and compassion with The Lord. If I don’t have connection & compassion with The Lord I can’t have it with my self or anyone else. Thanks Lysa.

  96. Lysa,

    This hit home!!! For the past few years work has gotten busier and busier. I usually end up rushing around all the time. So much so that I tend to carry it home with me. This year has been tough trying to meet the health demands of an aging father and work in this “crazy” fast-paced environment. I have felt stressed and worn.

    I need to find balance between rushing everywhere and just resting in Jesus to connect with others. Want to be more intentional with my friends and family. Need to be there more for them instead of rushing and stressing.

    Thank you for the devotional! 🙂

  97. RELATIONSHIP (prayer, communication and FOCUSED TIME) with God will unrush me. If I “be still”, I will “KNOW” my plans, priorities, possibilities and progress.

  98. sit down and stop running in circles (sometimes literally!) – spend time in prayer and the word

  99. I have been working on this very thing for the last year. My husband and I both work and have 4 kids. Our days are spent at work and our evenings are spent on chores, homework, ballgames and practices. It is a constant struggle to stay connected as a family. I am so looking forward to your new book! I have learned to lower my housework standards, be more present with my children and husband and try to find fun in the not so fun day to day.

  100. The past week has been that rushed week for me with the next week looking nearly as busy. I need to make more time to center myself with God’s word and find rest in God’s presence.

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  101. One way I can intentionally “unrush” is to simply leave one night each week open in my schedule to reach out to someone who I haven’t “had time” to meet up with and who is someone God’s been putting on my heart. Otherwise I think also being open to the daily opportunities God provides. Talking with or helping someone is more important than getting every bullet of my To-Do List checked off. 🙂 I think there’s a good balance to it all too – having a heart for people like Jesus did but also still allowing some quiet rest time for yourself to connect with Jesus and be filled up so you can be a blessing to others!

  102. I am learning to “unrush” by repriorotizing. There are so many things that I’ve placed higher on the list than they should be. God matters. People matter. Loving them both matters. Philippians 1:9-10

  103. Unrush came so timely today as I am preparing to go on a two week mission trip and I am “rushing” trying to prepare my family before I leave. As our team is preparing for the trip, we have spent time discussing how the pace of the people we are going to minister to is very unrushed and their time unplanned. They take time for connections and we need to slow down and remember that. I have a feeling they will minister to me more than I could ever to them. A time to slow down before I go will be more beneficial to my children than my planning ever will be.

  104. For me it’s learning when to say “No, thanks” to things. Staying focused on the important people, relationships and things in my life and trying not to be distracted by the rest. Asking the Lord to help me when I can’t say no. It really is a constant battle for balance. He always gives Grace. Thanks for this reminder.

  105. Lysa, As a working single mother of a 16 year old I feel rushed (stressed and wear out) all the time! I look forward to reading and studding (taken time to slow down, sit down and focus) your new devotional book. I pray that it will show me how to un-rush myself, my child, my home and my job along with my life in a whole. Thank you for sharing not only God’s word but the words for encouragement and wisdom of life to me.

  106. I so much enjoyed your article. Looking froward to reading your new book. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. The one thing that I would do to “unrush” me today is focus on how Jesus is our role model in this life. If we would follow His example there would be no need to feel rushed. Thank you again for sharing this information.

    Sharon Abdo

  107. I ALWAYS feel rushed. Even while i was reading your amazing writing, i kept looking for the bottom. I just feel like I need to get to the end, and for what? Really, I am on my lunch, so why am I rushing???

    I am so looking forward to forcing myself to slow down and enjoy your devotional.

  108. I simply want to be able to recognize the difference between the tyranny of the urgent and the necessary. Sometimes the urgent is so unnecessary.

  109. I can unrush myself by grabbing my bible, a journal, a coffee and a pen. Going to a quiet place outside and just enjoying the stillness of reading God’s Word. Thank you for a chance to win a great book

  110. Once on a walk this summer I was praying and looked up to see a robin perched perfectly still on a fence nearby. The verse “Be still and know that I am God” came immediately to mind. When I catch myself rushing I think of that robin and those simple yet profound words of assurance. They stop me in my tracks and bring my focus to God’s Spirit within and around me.

  111. Since I am very task and goal oriented I focus straight to the goal at the end and I don’t slow down to enjoy the journey there. I need to enjoy the in between whether it be conversations, people, nature, music. I need to learn how to enjoy the present moment.

  112. Awesome article and it spoke to me…. I am a empty shell of constant demands…will love to read this book 🙂 and I need to read this book!!!

  113. I am not sure what to do to ‘unrush’ my schedule. Between time with God, being a work outside of the home, work inside of the home, maintain a family, encourage family bible time and fun quality time for our family of four plus two dogs; I find that even my sleep time feels rushed. I am hoping to gain some ‘unrush’ insight through this book study.

  114. I’m unsubscribing from many email updates that I used to get and read every day even though they added nothing to my life!

  115. Loved this message today!! Especially “Yet, He didn’t rush. He talked with the woman at the well. He reached out His hand, making contact, and healed the leper. He felt the touch of the woman with the issue of blood and stopped for her. Do you see it? Connection and compassion were central to every interaction.” and the point that Jesus walked out of his way for 3 days to have a conversation with Peter. Good word today, Lysa. Thank you for sharing.

  116. Thank you Lysa! I started your Unglued Ladies Bible study at my local church (I attended the same church for 43 years and changed to a new Church over a year ago.) I only know a handful of ladies at my “new” church. I feel this is where God has called me to plant my roots deep. We have over 20 ladies in our “small group” each and every week! AMEN!
    Thank you for this devotional, “Unrush me Lord.” I am a working mom of 3 young girls and feel like time is slipping away. Was just online looking for resources to help me connect with our babies…this is the answer God has given to me…slow down. Between my commute, work, household duties and other demands…I need to slow down and remember what matters…our kids. I want to raise Godly young ladies. I will be intentional about my interactions with each of them today. I have to add…I love love love your material…you should see the impact it has made in many lives of our ladies study. Thank you for your obedience!

  117. In order to unruch I have to seek out time with God, even if it is on the toilet, He calms my soul and speaks peace to my heart. The devil tries to destroy that time by keeping us “busy”, even doing good things. Our souls need that time with God to find peace and strength. I wish I had found you Lysa when my children were small. God truly uses you to speak to my heart. You are an inspiration because you are not perfect, you do not have it all together. But you yearn to be a true daughter of God. And when you write, it makes me want to try harder too. 🙂
    God bless you.

  118. This was EXACTLY the message I needed to hear today! One way I think we can start truly connecting is by starting with a very simple two letter word…No. We can even say, “No, thank you.” 😉 I know I personally agree to help with things, take on things, do things before I really think about the time it will take or if it is something that I even really want to do. By learning to say no to things, I think that will free up some time so that I can be more intentional with my relationships.

  119. When things ar espiraling out of control it seems – I stop and try to remember ‘just Jesus’ – I stop and think about our Lord and ask Him to help me – I honestly can say I can feel Hi sarms surround me and calmn me down! Praise Him!

  120. As a mom of three little ones I feel so rushed and frazzled I can’t think straight. I try to say no more to enjoy the things we say yes to but I am still torn in so many directions. I need to unrush.

  121. I would love to win this…what a great reminder that we belong to God and it is His time not ours. Thanks so much 🙂

  122. Unrush, even spell check on this iPad was quick to change it! The pace of life is hectic as summer winds down and school cranks up. One specific thing I will do to “unrush” is pray about my fall schedule and consider if there is time to connect with others. Then I will adjust to unrush. Thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing you revelation from Christ with your readers. What encouragement! I’m happy that you were able to enjoy a trip to the Holy Land.

  123. Hi Lysa,
    I always love following you and hearing what you have to say. God really doesn’t expect us to rush, does He, but to savor, connect, and enjoy His presence and the presence of others. Just wanted to say hi, and that I wished I hadn’t been so rushed last summer when you spoke for AWSA. Would have loved saying hello, but we were headed for England the next day. Thankfully, our pace was slower there. I’m glad you shared about the holy hush and rushlessness of the Holy Land and of Christ’s example. I would love to visit there someday, but in the meantime, thanks for the encouragement to slow my pace and steady my glance on the Savior.
    May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands, Lysa! I love how He has done that through the years.

  124. As a working mom, the evenings continually seem frantic, I have exactly 2 hours from walking in the door until the youngest goes to bed. So much vies for those two hours. I have started un rushing for at least 15 minutes during that timeframe to flat out enjoy the kids: singing and dancing, tickling, pillow fight, crafting, just something purely focused on them. Some nights it is only 15 minutes, others 30-45 minutes. I plan all of the other nights activities with that pocket of time in mind. I cherish that time of unrushed focus on them.

  125. Unrushed…its something I need to be constantly reminded of. Although it may not seem like I have enough time, I can always function better & therefore get more done without feeling rushed, when I spend time with my Jesus, resting in His presence.

  126. I need to be purposeful about starting my day in prayer and in God’s Word. I need to give the Lord my day as soon as I wake up and ask Him to direct me throughout the day. When I do this, I find that my day goes much smoother.

  127. One big step for me would be to get up when the alarm goes off. I keep pushing the snooze button and then have to rush to get out of the house on time, getting to work late and frazzled. It sets the mood for the day. So I will try to get up earlier to not be so rushed in the mornings. I would love to win the book. I’m sure it would help me a lot. Thank you for all you do!

  128. There are SO many amazing opportunities for us in today’s society, from a diverse array of opportunities to serve our community to a plethora of social activities to numerous physical activities to improve our minds and bodies. You have to learn to say NO to some of those. What has helped me choose between opportunities is knowing how God has hardwired me to serve in His kingdom and taking time to listen to His calling in my life. I try to ensure I don’t have multiple events lined up every day and that I don’t have events lined up every day of the week. I need time that is flexible so that when God calls me to minister to a hurting friend I can just drop everything and go be with her so she knows His love. Everyone should make sure they leave a cushion of time in their schedule so that they can have the freedom to not constantly be rushing from one activity to the next every single day, thereby giving the Holy Spirit no room to work in their life.

  129. simply. I can stop. I can pray. I can take time to choose, rather than do. I can walk instead of run. I can contemplate my day, my time, my moments by His will. I can.

  130. Thank you for sharing your heart this morning.
    2014 has been one of the most rushed years of my life. On February 14,2014 my marriage of 20 years ended with a decree of divorce. After 11 months into my marriage was the first time I was hit. and in 20 years I have gone through it all…physical, emotional, mentally, and then the ultimate one, an affair! The affair happen 9 years ago and it is without a doubt the worst feeling of being betrayed and robbed!
    But Im in counseling, reading a lot of encouraging books, have a church family and lots of support all around.
    I found that in my marriage I was constantly rushing, always going and doing everything and anything just to try and keep my mind off all my problems and my hurts.
    I have two wonderful children ages 17 and 11 that I absolutely just poured everything I had into them. Again being mom is always a rush each and every day.
    Financial speaking 2014 has been horrible due to the divorce and I’m a stay at home mom who has provided child care for almost 18 years now. Just like with every other job in this world my child care business completely seized in January 2014. I had 4 full time kids that I was providing care for and within 2 weeks I lost everyone of them. Due to the parents losing a job, one got a job transfer, and was up against family members who could babysit for nothing! which I totally understand.
    But from Jan until middle of May. Can I tell you when all that when down…I went in complete RUSH mode. Going and doing everything I could to make ends meet! My child support wasnt my security shall I say! lol
    I cant tell you what all I have done to keep us a float. I’ve cleaned houses, commercial clean, watched kids for almost nothing. I figured some money was better than none. But everyday my mind would continually rush! I was going to different organizations for assistance, called churchs, found food pantries, pawned jewelry you name it I had done it.
    Finally one morning I had hit a wall used all of my resources and I had no one else to call and try to help me. I had been all over the greater tri state rushing and trying to do all I could do. and in the process I was soo stressed and my poor kids were watching before their own eyes become a very Stressed out, short tempered, nervous individual! They were so feeling the affects and I was myself.
    That morning God spoke LOUD to me. Here I am trying to think who I can call on or where can I go for more help…..BIG AS DAY I HEARD GODS VOICE SAY, COME TO ME!!!!! I lost it right in the middle of my kitchen floor!
    Instead of rushing around and trying to do it my way, always trying to do it all and of course I was rushing cause the bills were still coming.
    God spoke to me and made it very clear. I had gone to everyone but Him!
    From that moment I cried out for His hand and started to trust more in His timing instead of rushing around….living life miserable and that included everyone around me.
    God stepped in and Ive learned to BE Still! dont get me wrong everyday is still a struggle. But Ive got a Maker who promises me that He will walk beside me every step of the way!! I dont need to rush cause I know Hes in control of everything!!

    Ok now that I’ve wrote you a book instead of a comment. I’m so thankful for your ministries and your eagerness to share and serve at the same time.
    God Bless You and All Your Service!!!! 🙂

  131. The revelation of being “unrushed” made me ponder at all the projects that I “have to” accomplish. Jesus demonstrated that He only did what the Father told Him. I too want to focus on His goals and purpose in my life. This year I chose the word “FOCUS” as way to keep me grounded in the Word and trusting in His Spirit. This will keep me depending totally on Him. Unfortunately, life has a way of demanding details such as cleaning, cooking, writing, etc. May I pause and ask the Lord to ground me so I can give Him the attention and be directed in every task set before me.

  132. “It’s not the location that changed me. It was the revelation.” I like that quote. Until it becomes “revelation” it is just “information”. I learned that a long time ago and it is pivotal to understanding people and being compassionate. Living intentionally is one way to “unrush”. Enjoying the moment. I have really worked on both this summer and it certainly has its dividends. Great post, Lysa.

  133. With a newborn in the house, I have been thinking a lot about what my “best yes” really is. My tendency is to rush, accomplish, speed-up, but in the {many} quiet moments of nursing a newborn, God is reminding me to slow down and nudging me to remember what is really important. My stubborn will sometimes bucks the systems He’s put in place, but I’m learning to embrace this season with all 4 of my children and celebrate our daily graces and daily joys — they truly are abundant!

  134. I could simply shut off the phone for a few hours a day and the computer as well. This time in an of itself would go a very long way to “unrushing” my life. I am committing to doing this. One other thing I need to learn how to do is say “NO”. After pouring every ounce of myself into my two daughters (ages 22 and 16) as a single Mom for the last 14 years (having divorced from a physically, emotionally and verbally abusive man) I feel God is telling me to take some of myself back and get back to Him in a big way and enjoy the simple things of life. He has shown me that this will mean saying “NO”, sometimes to my children, and sometimes to others!

  135. Thank you, Lysa, for your encouragement. As a young single woman, I feel the depth of your words “unrush me”. I am trying to fill this stage of my life as I see so many my age waste it. This is a good concept, but unfortunately I am achieving it so well that my health has begun to suffer from a busy, hectic, stressful schedule. I need to stop and look at my Savior’s example and listen to His voice in my life. Thank you for all of your encouragement… I am currently leading a Bible study and we are studying your “Made to Crave for Young Women” and there is not a girl there who is not touched by God speaking through your words! Thank you for all that you do!

  136. It is ok to say no, saying no, allows someone else to say yes………leaving you feel “unrushed”

  137. My life is rushed due to me. I think I have to do some many things in a certain time frame. The things are not very important just things. I am slowly learning to let them go. I make myself sit down and relax. I am a total Martha who wants a Mary heart.

  138. I believe that I can ‘unrush’ by intentionally building the habit of doing it, making sure i am not letting distractions come my way. Not an easy habit to build (but habits are never easy to build anyway) but i believe its worth it. Because ‘unrushing’ doesnt just apply with my time – it also applies with my thoughts (especially my thoughts) my words & my life itself. 🙂

    So excited for your new book, Lysa! 🙂

  139. To unrush I try to take at least 15 minutes a day to just sit and contemplate/pray. With all of the electronic media we have it is the only way I can calm my mind.

    Sometimes it is just going outside at twilight (my favorite time of day) and breathing.

  140. The firstborn of six, I have always been a “fixer”. For the past 15 years, my daughter has suffered from an in curable disease, and the past year has been a nightmare as the disease has turned horribly aggressive. Through the chaos, the inability to “fix” anything, God quieted my heart with these words: “I did not call you to heal your child, or anyone else. That is MY job. I called you to walk beside her, to comfort, serve and support her. To uplift her with prayers and praise. To encourage her and minister to her. That is YOUR job.”
    This is how God is “unrushing” me…by teaching me not to try to do HIS job. My job is big enough.

  141. Today I took an actual break in the middle of my busy work day to read my Daily Bread and today’s Incourage message which I desperately needed!

  142. Starting my day with a cup of coffee in my comfortable chair looking out at the trees and thanking God for his greatness is how I try to unrush my day. Pausing to reflect in the middle of work day and read this wonderful devotional is another way I’m focusing back on what matters to make this the best day! 🙂

  143. Lysa: What a great message. It is funny that this came today. I had just sat down with my kids this morning & talked about how our family is the most important team that we are on. I think we just learned to unrush here in that we are all deciding to work together so that things are not placed on one person’s shoulders. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to read the new book.

  144. I so resonate with this. I am currently laying down during my baby and toddler naps, seeking to recover from severe adrenal fatigue that was born out of the rushing, the people-pleasing, the striving apart from Christ. Praise Him that He hems us in. Many times he has brought me back to the verse in psalm 32…”do not be like the horse or mule who must be bit & bridled or it will not stay near you” In this season, it means slowing way down to heal and care for myself and my family so that I’ll have something to give beyond. To listen to what pleases the Father instead of being ruled by the accolades and approval of others. Thank you for sharing these insights and may The Lord continue to slow us down in order to hear his tender voice.

  145. As I was waiting for my e-mail to load with this blog post I was in a rush wishing our Internet wasn’t running so slow. Many times I read through my devotionals so quickly that I think I fail to take in the message, but this one hit home. Just what I needed to hear today and what I need to be reminded of often.

  146. Lord, unrush me.

    I think one of the best ways to unrush is to be places early. I’m specifically thinking of church. I’ve been nagging (oh dear, yes, nagging) at my husband when we’ve been at church lately to help me with the kids because we need to get them to their classes. Yes, this is true but they don’t need to be there even 5 minutes early. They just need to get there and I can stand and talk to a friend more than once.

  147. Had an emotional week last week, so gave myself a rest-day today – reading, blogging … just relaxing, so a well-timed post.

  148. I am learning how to “unrush” now that I am happily into “forced retirement”. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life teaching, which I loved, but life’s circumstances changed when my husband died because of cancer. These days amidst the busyness of volunteering, I enjoy spending time with God in the morning while still in bed, having my cup of coffee and taking time to enjoy doing the usual day-to-day chores. Jesus is always the best example.

  149. Very timely, Lysa! Thank you so much for sharing. You have an uncanny way of speaking right to what I need to hear. (Obviously God uses your words to reach me and many others!) I have an amazingly long to-do list right now, filled with all kinds of “musts”, “nows” and “have-tos”. However…my mother-in-law ended up in the hospital yesterday and is now on life support. It’s amazing how that change in her life has suddenly made my to-do list look extremely un-important, un-urgent, and un-necessary. It’s a shame it takes something this big to make me get my priorities straight. My list has plenty of “good” things on it, but it’s too easy to let my time fill up with good things so that I don’t have time for the *best* things.

  150. Am pregnant for the 2nd time and allowing myself to be at least less rushed than I was the first time around. Like watching a repairman climb onto our roof with my two year old, talking about his shorts and the ladder he climbed. She is a consistent call to slow, and this was a great reminder. Blessing, Lysa.

  151. i have rushed all of my adult life. I don’t know how to do life any other way. I am hoping this will help me. Thank you!!!

  152. By unplugging from technology & freeing myself from comparing our social calendars to mom friends.

  153. Taking time everyday before I get out of bed to read my YOuVersion Bible app plan. best way to start the day!

  154. Taking time to live and be in each moment.
    Life is short and I miss God moments when I rush and panic.
    Unrush me Lord is indeed my prayer for me so I feel the calm and stillness inside that all is okay right now and accept me as okay right now.

  155. I allow or at least 30 minutes a day to just lay down and cuddle with my dogs…..calms me down ….and I talked to the Lord about my day, about how much I need him, and it refreshes me to be able two finish my work or whatever I need to do.

  156. I feel the pull towards more time with God and to live my life to His rhythm and priorities. I need the courage – the faith and trust – to say”no” to the world and”yes” to the Holy Spirit. With His help I need to live differently.

  157. Using my 10 minute drive to work being silent and listening to God vs. always having to turn on the radio or listen to a cd.

  158. This so resonated with me as my summer has had too much rushing. My goal for the summer, ironically, was to be intentional. I need to look at my day and decide what must be done and what would be nice to accomplish so I can focus my energy instead of rushing around trying to do everything and then not really doing anything well.

  159. I need this study and book. Thanks for writing what Jesus gives you because it’s usually what I need!

  160. For me, with two small children, the key seems to be to let them do things at their own pace whenever possible. My son has begun to want to scoop his own ice cream, and it is a slow, messy process. But he is so determined to do it himself, and I seek to find joy in his determination, as I watch the boy turn, tiny bit by tiny bit, into the man.

  161. I spend so much of my life on a schedule…between work and home……being rushed has be coma a comfortable place for me ….maybe I am afraid to unrush and just be. I would like to be more spiritual , to know Jesus better but I don’t know where to start

  162. My life verse has been”Teach me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom”Psalm90:12 I have been trying to make up for lost time but missing out on the very thing I was trying so hard to grasp. ..The Lord has been teaching me to be present with whom and what was in front of me…be intentional. That is my prayer each day…can’t wait for your book!! 🙂

  163. Taking as little as five minutes to read something for pleasure helps me slow down as I step into the pages of someone else’s story. Love to read a wide variety of genre’s & usually have several books going at once. Give me some well-written words & I’m content! Would love to win a copy of your book!

  164. Honoring the Sabbath has been the way that I take a break from being rushed. It is during that time that I can reflect and truly see what God is trying to tell me. Yes, I still feel a little guilty not utilizing the day productively (I blame my Type A personality for that one), but it always leaves me refreshed and renewed for the days to come.

  165. These are such timely words of encouragement. Lately I been exsausted from staying up trying to finish a myriad of things that “must” be done. My nightly ritual needs to begin to include releasing my burdens and tasks to The Lord and trusting in his care for me. The world does not rest on my shoulders.

  166. I really needed this today as I just got done with a lengthy conversation with God in my journal about how I feel lost and guilty, unhappy, and unloved. Much of that stemming from the disconnect I’ve created from Him by being too “busy” for him. As a stay at home mom it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and to feel guilty when you start to think about yourself. But what I found most profound when I was writing to him was that all of the feelings I was having, abandonment, loss of care/concern, feeling unloved, unappreciated…it’s exactly how I am treating him. perhaps once i begin to slow down and cherish each day and each opportunity I have, each encounter and interaction I do have, then maybe just maybe things will turn around for me. Maybe once I turn my focus back to him and take it away from this devilish world, my cup will once again begin to overflow with joy from Him. Tis yet another season of life.

  167. I think I can be less rushed with my schedule by handling things slowly rather than rushing to do many things at once. I have also been spending time with The Lord everyday when I get up which helps me be patient and not feel as if I need to rush my time with Him in order to get to my to-do list for the day!

    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  168. I love the thought of being intentional with my time. Really looking at the relationships and connections around me and focusing more on those than all the busyness

  169. To unrush, I think I need to just enjoy each moment and choose my prioritize my time wisely. It’s easy to mindlessly browse facebook or watch a TV show, and then be late because I didn’t make enough time to make a healthy dinner or prepare for wherever I need to go.

  170. I need to un-rush by setting intentional times for my devotions, making sure that I start my day on the right foot!

  171. I need to unrush by giving up the things that aren’t important. Prioritize my time. Social media is taking up too much time in my life!

  172. Praying and being sure my yes is God’s will and direction for me and being ok with saying no.

  173. Please Lord, help me unrush by allowing the Holy Spirit to truly speak LIFE:

    L~ Live
    I~ Intentionally,

  174. I would love a copy of your new book unrush to help me slow down in my fast paced life I live. I need to slow down and focus more of growing my relationship with The Lord.

  175. One way I can help myself become unrushed is by making a list the night before and prioritize the importance. The next day try to get the first two or three things done.

  176. I have always said that Alabama wrote the song “I’m in a hurry to get things done. I rush and rush til life’s no fun” with me in mind. I am always rushing…in a hurry. I have noticed that my relationships suffer because I don’t take the time to invest and value them. How can I reflect God’s love and grace when I rush by someone like a tazmanian devil. I can’t wait to read Lysa’s book.

  177. Hi! I am a recovering “people pleaser”. I have been very convicted by God to simplify my life and the life of my family. So much easier said than done!! I am really trying to make a conscience effort to go before God with all of the activities we are currently involved in, as well as possible activities in the future to see if they are what God has for us at this time. This journey is a process, but God is showing me that life is much too precious to let it slip by because of being too busy.

  178. I need to learn to not feel guilty when I say NO. Also goal setting & prioritizing after praying!

  179. My number one thing I can do everyday to help me feel unrushed is to…. start my day with Jesus. Waking up, grabbing a hot cup of coffee and spending some time in the Word, doing a devotional, and or just praying helps me slow down and unrush…and this effect lasts throughout the day. Starting my day this way reminds me throughout the day just Who is always with me, just Who has my life under control, and just Who will surround me with His peace.

  180. Grounding myself, take in the surroundings of that moment. Take deep breaths & add a prayer if thanks. Best way for me to do that would be setting a timer on my phone or watch to alarm me to take that time out. I rush & leap to the next tasks of the day & put aside the most important people & moments because of this.

  181. I am a night owl. Therefore, I tend to stay up too late making it hard for me to get up on time in the morning. And, this causes my day to start in a rush and it continues that way. With God’s help, I am slowly moving myself to a better schedule. I have to admit, though, it’s been difficult. Old habits are hard to break.

  182. In that moment when I know the rush is overwhelming me, I can remember to stop right there and cry out to God, right in that moment.

  183. Wow all of you women are amazing God is great it is reassuring and encouraging when you hear the different stories from all walks of life from different women who struggle with the same thing but in different ways I.would like the book but to be honest all of you women have encouraged me and help to keep fighting but slower if that makes sense

  184. I continue to revisit this one. At times I just say no to most everything and other times I have a hard time saying no. I’m sure I then miss out on the “best.” I too find myself rushing and forgetting those around me. This year I’ve been putting people before things that need to be done and don’t worry if things are left undone. I have connected better with my family and friends better. I’ve also had more time to be in Gods presence. I’m looking forward to reading your new book.

  185. I have stepped away from leadership positions to unrush my family life. I will still be involved with some activities, but no longer leading them. It is definitely something I have to work on, being unrushed.

  186. I must run it by my husband before I say yes or mark it on the calendar. He knows my people pleasing, pile more on/cram more in hick up I battle. So he is a voice of reason, reality and it keeps us on the same page.

  187. By spending time on what’s important like family, grandsons and the relationships that are priorities. That’s how I stay in rushed. And by saying no!

  188. I can un rush myself by sticking to my schedule of quiet time in the morning before doing anything else… once I have had my time with GOD… everything falls in place…. I just need to practice this discipline a little more…..

  189. I once was a single mom raising my 4 children alone. I remember the weight like it was yesterday…bearing down on my shoulders leaving its mark on me with exhaustion. Just thinking about it can leave me almost breathless…rushing between 2 jobs. Keeping the pace, no time for stillness…swim meets, gymnastics, soccer, ballet, church programs, all pressing in…tick tick, tick tick! Rushing from work to home, to one event to the next…rush, rush, rush. Oh wait, need to squeeze in God so “Hurry up kids…we need to have quiet time in 10”! In between it all I was suppose to be a ‘woman after Gods heart’ yet I barely had time to even whisper His name, let alone know His heart. I was too busy rushing to create 4 kids whose normal was all about ‘rushing’. Then one day, when I ended up at 34 in the ER with chest pain…hooked up to machines and wires everywhere, I broke. In my despair and complete failure, I gave up. Yet in my despair, God revealed His grace to me. In my weakness and failed attempts at appearing to be ‘ Single Mom of the Century ‘ , Jesus met me with Grace. Grace to accept myself in all my humanness and limitations, and Grace to let my kids be kids, unfettered to this worlds expectations and free from being defined by worldly success’s. We began to embrace the art of learning to be still…a huge chasm between that and the art of Rushing.

    So, I’d like to encourage those of you young Moms out there who are all stressed out rushing around…yank some of those ‘ activities’ out of your children’s already crammed schedule. Really, when did it become so ‘ necessary ‘ that every breathing moment of our children’s lives has to be filled up with an activity. Why not begin to emulate the art of being still…God asked us to ‘be still and know that I Am God’! Wouldn’t that be a beautiful activity to see your children doing…learning to be still?! Oh Father…here we are, Your girls, desperate for change…totally incapable of making it happen. Please, deposit a desire for stillness In our hearts…reveal to us how to stop rushing in exchange for Peace. And Father, take care of Jasmine tonite…let her know she is loved! Amen

  190. To pause and enjoy my children…In conversation and their play. Sitting and absorbing their boundless energy and endless joy.

  191. I feel so much less “rushed” when I make a “to do list”—especially at work. As a paralegal, deadlines are a part of my life, and making a list (in priority order) helps so much. Scratching off an item from the list allows me to see what I’ve accomplished and keep me focused on what I still need to do. I am so thankful that Christ loves me just as I am—there is no need to accomplish things on a to do list when it comes to His love and acceptance.

  192. For me to unrush- I just simply need to tell myself to breath – like really take deep breaths – inhale, exhale – it is amazing to do something as involuntary as breathing that simplifies your thoughts – thank you

  193. I so needed to hear this today! I think every time I snap at someone (especially my kids), it is because I am rushing! I hate to think that I am not connecting with them and giving them compassion because I am trying to do too many things at once! I would love a copy of your book. Thank you!

  194. I have learned to pray, prioritize and invite God to guide (and fill) my day. It’s amazing how calm my days become when I choose to approach each day with this attitude!

  195. I have to take a deep breathe, step back from the situation, and then pray!!! And on a side note, I sigh a lot – LOL!!! I pray for God’s will to be done in my day — and if I slow down just a moment it helps me to see!!

  196. I am learning to be mindful of my breathing when I am unrushed it is slow and steady. Also, getting up early to give
    myself space to be unrushed. This post was just what I neded we need to have a unrushed demeanor to connect in a fast paced world. I cannot forget this! I pray God will bring this to my mind as often as needed. Wow this was convicting.

  197. I can begin to unrush by being present and not responding to my phone the instant it chimes/rings… it CAN wait!

  198. Lord, please help me to set aside my agenda and live for yours so that I may be unrushed today. Help me to do this simple act of trust everyday Lord because my agenda is never for your glory but for mine. Amen.

  199. My husband is presently going thru chemotherapy. One week on; one week off. My 2 children & I have him as his regular self/personality during our(whole family’s) week off. The week of treatment he is a completely different person. It has been most difficult on our children, ages 13 & 11. Our older son is more laid back, but our daughter is the question and you better have a good answer type. And, trying to understand the “almost always” answer that~ this is what the medicine does to dad~ is ~put mildly~ hard. What is notable is that now no one expects really anything of me/us. Which~ considering~ is a truly a blessing.
    What floats thru my mind is that to decline for reason of illness/loss is acceptable. Yet taking time ~ saying no~ when there is no “emergency” is so unacceptable to so many. Sadly, priorities get lost in the normal daily shuffle.
    Don’t wait ~ make your choices wisely now. Don’t feel obligated. And~ don’t make anyone else feel that way either. Don’t expect an “emergency” is the only “good” reason.

  200. There are so many of us who need this simple reminder. “I’ve made my choices, and now my choices are making me'” is so profound. But recently I have found when I choose the right things, HIS things, HE makes a way for me, and moves the chaos. Before I always tried to do that for myself and failed. But I am beginning to see that if He wants to use me, I have to trust, and to allow him to set my “to-do” list based on the works He needs me to do. The other things are still there, but amazingly what needs to get done, still does, and the rest falls away, or is handled. I’m only still beginning to see this and forget every two minutes, but when I unclench and allow things to unfold in His timing, it’s amazing what happens. My prayer is for Him to keep showing me, reminding me, and helping me to remember to “Let go, and Let God.” He is SO much better at running my life than I am…

  201. “Jesus never rushed. He set His life to the rhythm of connection and compassion. With great intentionality…”


    This is my goal: to make connections with…and have compassion for…others. Thank you so much for the reminder that it’s not just gonna happen…I have to be intentional and CHOOSE not to rush.

  202. One way I can unrush my life right now is by prioritzing what’s really important, my family & others, versus what my job and financial responsibilities tell me are important.

    I am committing to focusing on the PEOPLE.

  203. Lysa, I so relate to you and what a great day for me to read this as I rush to get ready to come to the SheSpeaks conference this weekend. I feel like you did prior to your trip to Israel…wishing this would come at a less busy time. If I am honest though, there are never “less busy” times. I so look forward to this weekend and how God will speak anew to me as I set aside my self imposed busyness and take time away. Also, I look forward to meeting you personally on Saturday at lunch. Your writing has resonated with me on so many levels that I feel like you are an old friend.

  204. I think the key to unrushing ourselves is learning how to set up and keep up true priorities for our lives. Once we know that, I think the rest would simply fall away and would not bother us as much if these things would not get done. I think constant prayer asking God to reveal what are the things He wants us to accomplish every day and in what way- would quite un-rush our days, attitudes, and lives.
    And what an awesome idea for a necklace!!!

  205. Not ironically this was one of my spiritual/life goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year-to live unhurried, seizing and investing in God moments and His timing! I need to pray over my “plate” each day and make sure what is there is what God wants and not fall into the trap of doing and being it all! I need to look for God’s interruptions and inspirations to keep me following hard but purposefully after Him-love the compassion and connection piece-isn’t that what it’s all about?

  206. Thank you for always sharing your heart with us. I pray that we may not only read your words but put them to practice. God has gifted you with great ability to write and describe many of our hearts desires. I want to live an unrushed life that honors God and is moved by love and compassion instead of a to do list. I pray that as I intentionally start my day with Him and by renewing my mind on His Word that I may begin un rushing my life daily.

  207. I definitely need to “unrush.” I want to be about the “who’s” in my life, and not the “do’s.” Connections…not tasks. Lord, please help me to make the decisions that you want me to make.

    • Love that thought process!!!!! The who’s and not the do’s…… that is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  208. I plan on attempting to be as intentional with my time a Jesus was, realizing that having a life changing conversation with someone is much more important than picking up my girls’ toys from the living room. As I read this post I have been challenged by all of the extra stuff in my life which causes me to live a rushed pace. Its time to simplify life and take time to enjoy the blessings from God.

  209. This devotional is really helping me to put into perspective saying ‘No’ and letting go of things I can’t control. I became intentional this year with slowing down and this devotional among others lately have been confirming for me that it is the right thing to do right now for me and that will flow into my children, husband and others around me. I am excited for The Best Yes book and look forward to reading it and seeing where it will lead me.

  210. How true this is and how hard to remember this daily when the rush of life takes over. Thanks for the reminder.

  211. To give the best no, especially when your plate is full. However, Nothing can slow you down like a death in the family or sports practice in which your child cannot drive yourself. Once you are there you wait, so it is a good forcing to stop, chill, relax!

  212. Hurry, heart racing even in quiet moments. Feeling guilty if I’m not doing something. Can’t enjoy lazy moments. Sleep is my escapee but wake up feeling guilty and more rushed. How can I relax and not feel rushed to produce? I physically make myself not rush but secretly my mind is …. I’m tired.

    • I TOTALLY understand EXACTLY what you are describing here. I need the secret to this issue too. Hang in there sister!

  213. I need to learn how to say no more often. I don’t like to let people down so I often say yes even when I want to say no.

  214. I am a working mom of 2 active boys who are home for the summer! I have been having a difficult time this year really staying sane. I work out of my home, which I love, but I have been feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up with everything. So I have started getting up earlier to spend some time exercising and reading my Bible in the quiet moments of the day. This has helped me to start my day with a much more relaxed attitude. Also, I am learning to let some things go. My expectations far exceed my ability to meet them, so I am trading my perfectionist tendencies for a more peaceful existence.

  215. Ann, (One Thousand Gifts) has taught me so much about slowing down and thanking God for His MANY gifts.
    Counting reminds me to slow down.

    • That is a beautiful book~ it is my staff pick this month at the Library where I work. His gifts are endless…..

  216. This is what I have been dealing with especially the last two weeks. The world is crashing down on me and I have had to intentionally slow down and forget the demands. If I do not, my family suffers and I am seeing that. However, my soul is suffering and I can feel all through me. Thank you for sharing this. I know we all go through this from time to time.

  217. Some of the demands are necessary so my main goal is to inrush in my mind (anxiousness) and learn to feed on his promises and truths…

  218. I was JUST saying yesterday morning how I feel like I am endlessly rushed. Rush to get up, rush to get everyone ready and out of the house…. we are usually behind schedule so then it is a rush to get to work on time. Then once at work…. EVERYTHING my customers need is a rush. The pace can overwhelm me at times. I NEED to be unrushed. So I think I need to be intentional about my time which may mean more organization. I need to better identify my goals for the day and then be intentional with my time to get those things done or at least move closer to completion without being at a mad pace. I love all the wisdom from Lysa…. its like we live parallel lives. Can’t wait to read the book and would LOVE to win a copy. 🙂

  219. Exactly where I am at, and where I have been. At the beginning of the year, I asked the Lord, “what is the word you have for me this year?” And I felt a gentle answer in my spirit the word, “rest.” Rest is so much more than sleep, so I am on this journey this year of trying to discover what it all means to rest. Thank you for this writing.

  220. I’d love a chance to win! I can “unrush” by actually enjoying the movie my kids are watching instead of trying to get something else done!

  221. Seems like me and the whole world is rushing. In our rush do we “see” the woman at the well? Do we “see” our spouse or children as we rush out the door? To truly see requires the heart and spirit as well as the eyes. Lord, unrush me, so I can “see”, amen.

  222. I can unrush by sitting and playing with my girls. Instead of letting dinner prep or laundry become more important, I always am refreshed by time spent playing with my girls!!

  223. I’ve learned, as a mommy of littles, that I need more “rest” in my weeks so I don’t burn out. So, I always make sure to plan free days in between busy days. Plus, with all three still taking naps, I’m forced to slow down in the afternoons.

  224. I need to not work so much and not do so much. Spend time with God, my hubby, family & friends.

  225. I procrastinate therefore I rush 🙂 I’m learning that it is better to start a project and work on it a little at a time and not have to rush.

  226. Unrushed and intentional is what I long to be! I don’t have to offer myself up to people pleasing behavior to only feel too drained to complete what is most important.

  227. Begin each day by asking God to help me be constantly aware of His presence throughout the day. When done successfully, it certainly takes the pressure off of me and everything going on around me. My focus is centered on Him. Rather than all of the distractions that surround me in my rushed world.

  228. I have found that if I take time to spend with my kids if they ask, that that helps me unwind a bit and feel not as rushed (which is counter-intuitive!)

  229. I am learning to intentionally take time to be alone with God. There are times it isn’t possible when I would typically do it but I am learning to find time at some point. It helps my perception.

  230. Trying to get up early to seek The Lord before family life begins! Trying to do things a day at a time, making a schedule, to do list for today only.

  231. I feel like you’re writing my heart down on paper!

    By the end of last year I was feeling rushed and it was affecting everything: my mood and my entire life. For as long as I can remember I have believed that the Lord supplies all my needs, but suddenly I realised that included my time, the hours I needed in each and every day. His promise was not just limited to tangible needs.

    At the beginning of every day now, I hold out my hands to the Lord and ask Him to take every piece of this day and give me back exactly what I am supposed to have, trusting Him there will be enough time for everything that is right. My days are completely revolutionised. Often things are cancelled or added in, they are rarely how I had first planned them. However, it doesn’t phase me as I know He is Lord, and Lord over my days. I’m seeing the moments to slow down and actually taking them which is what is making all the difference.

    Oh Lord, unrush me, your servant is willing.

  232. There are days (many of them) where I feel like all I did was rush around to the next thing on my list. I am kinda sick of rushing around. I’m ready to start living and to stop rushing. I think by not trying so hard to please people and to stop worrying about what they think about me and my decisions, I will be able to stop rushing and start living. Thank you, Lysa, for your message today. It’s exactly what I needed.

  233. I think that I need to remember that GOD has the whole world in his hands, NOT ME. And that its fate doesn’t rest in what I do or can get done, it rest in the holy and complete plan of the Lord.

  234. I’m so, so glad that this is a topic that is finally being addressed! I see myself all the time falling into this temptation to ‘keep up.’ I’m not always sure what I’m keeping up with, but I still feel the pressure. Right now, I’m currently working at a camp, and naturally camp-life is a fast-paced environment. We have guests that are coming to join us, and they’re having the best week of their whole summer! Yet, I often times feel myself exhausted and trying so hard to save face, so that the guests won’t see my exhaustion. We give ourselves over to this pressure to constantly maintain a pace, that I don’t think we were ever meant to. I have two more weeks of summer, and my desire for these last two weeks is to maintain the pace the Lord is asking of me, not people. That’s so hard for me, because in that process, there’s a chance I may disappoint people, or have to say no. But I’d rather leave this place with life building in me, rather than a ‘fleeing’ mentality. I once heard a speaker say: let us grow less efficient with our time, and more extravagant with our love. These was so pivotal for me, because like you wrote, I heard Jesus’ truth in it. His pace was perfect, and yet from our production-centered mindsets, we may deem that as inefficient. But that is the life I want to life: my schedule bending to whatever the Spirit moves me to do. That is how I would like to ‘unrush.’

  235. Start first thing in the morning, pray and set an intention of being unrushed for the day. How you start your morning can have a huge impact on how your day follows.

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  237. I have been trying to keep in my mind, “well done good and faithful servant.” I think most of our commitments come trying to please people, and the can easily integers with our need to make the right commitments and please God.

  238. Complete my tasks with joy, being ever mindful that time sitting at Jesus’ feet is the most important time I will spend doing anything. Stop and listen. Stop and whisper, “Jesus,” before I make a move, to remind me to unrush…

  239. I want to unrush by taking and/or making the time to son with my daughters every day. We need more time to connect. Thank you for all your insight and encouragement.

  240. My word for unrushing is proper. I tend to be a procrastinator and so work (I have 4 kids) tends to pile up and then I feel overwhelmed and stressed BUT, when I work at the PROPER time, I have time to play, time to enjoy and give to my family when they need me.

  241. Wow- slowing down couldn’t be more appropriate. As I read through so many of these comments, I couldn’t help but to think of how insane it is that we all can relate so well on this topic, yet continue to struggle with people pleasing and squeezing as much as we possibly can into every single minute of the day! We need to band together to put this to a stop! I am so very guilty of this and have been trying to ‘break the cycle’ of constantly being rushed and on the go. I struggle with the specifics of it- of how to say no when people I love ask for my time… I love spending time with all of them, but my job as a child of God, mother and wife need to take precedence over all else. I love Bev’s strategy of deciding if she is doing something for her own gain or for God’s– I will definitely have to put that strategy into practice.

    And for Jasmine– my dear, you are NOT a disappointment to God! The only thing He may be disappointed in is that you do not see how very valuable you are and how much love He has for you! I can completely relate to not being able to keep up with the rat race and not meeting my own expectations for myself. You are not alone. But- we all need to remember we have two main jobs while we are here on earth and they are actually pretty simple if we stop overthinking everything so much- love our God and love others (including ourselves!). Everything boils down to that. Yes, there will be days when you forget something really important that you were supposed to do (such as pick up your child) or not have anything for supper and need to order pizza even though you feel like your kids have had way too much junk food lately. You might feel guilty because you know you could have been more patient with a co-worker today or because you took out a tough day on your husband. IT IS OKAY. We have all been there. Look to Jesus and know that he loves and values you more than you could ever imagine. He endured pain beyond what we can fathom and separation from God for YOU and me, so that you do not need to feel the weight of your failures and mistakes– don’t let this precious gift go to waste! If we don’t accept His grace then He did all of that for nothing! Don’t refuse this gift! Praying for you girl!!

  242. I’ve been going through my schedule seeing where I need to delegate and where I need to let go. I am ready to be unrushed!

  243. Thank you for this Lysa. one simple thing that I can do to be “unrushed” is to eliminate the activities which do not align with the fulfillment of my life purpose and allow my “no’s” to follow suit.

  244. This was beautiful, and very much needed. This morning, God decided to give me a demonstration. I am terribly busy these days, and much of it is beyond my control. I am a single mama to two lovely little ladies, abounding in energy. So, I am a full-time mama and a full-time employee, and soon to be a part-time student, so that I can keep my job. Phew! I have been learning to slow down, to put my family first, to cherish those moments in the day that God carves out for us to rely on Him and to delight in each other. Yesterday, I lost it. I couldn’t find my checkbook. We cleaned the house, which it needed, in a failed attempt to locate the missing item. Then this morning, as I awoke in the wee hours, I began to search for my work. Again, impossible to find. As my heart began to panic, God whispered, “Slow down. Go to Lysa’s website.” I did and I found this beautiful blog on living the unrushed life. And so I stopped, remembered to breathe, realized that the world will not fall apart, even if I miss a deadline. And then God opened my mind, rushing in to those empty spaces to fill my anxious heart with Himself. And as a bonus, He lead me straight to all of my missing items. Thank you for the reminder that God is truly in control. I don’t need to rush, for He is already there, ahead of me, waiting to point me in the right direction.

  245. This just touched my soul with 4 kids a rotating schedule with my husband it just seems they days are passing me by without getting much done. I just want to spend more time with The Lord. Feeling rushed all the time makes me feel like I’m missing out on so much if Gods most blessed treasures

  246. I have so much work to do at work and home that I feel rushed all the time. I recently went on a mission trip to Nicaragua where I felt unrushed and I’m intentionally trying to keep that pace and feeling. My people are more important than anything else and I’m hoping to reflect that in my choices. I simply need to put a boundary/time limits on work and give time to my family.

  247. Praise God for giving you this message to share with us, Lysa. While I was working full time I constantly felt rushed. Rush to get to school. Rush to teach first graders what the state determined them to learn. (But s student began a conversation about God, we took the time to listen.) Rush to get home. Rush to cook supper. Rush to evening events(including bible study.) All I seemed to do was RUSH with little accomplishment.
    Then God allowed one way for me to “unrush.” He permitted me to retire from my teaching career, so I could concentrate on Him. Trust Him. Adore Him. Thank Him. Praise Him. I did not share all the facts that led to my retirement. In my hear I believe it is a gift so that I can “unrush.”