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Amber C Haines, author of Wild in the Hollow, has 4 sons, a guitar-playing husband, theRunaMuck, and rare friends. She loves the funky, the narrative, and the dirty South. She finds community among the broken and wants to know your story. Amber is curator with her husband Seth Haines of Mother...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Orphan prevention… yes. Thank you for going and serving. I’m not in a place in life right now where I can go, but I have several friends who are, and are going, and I hope to help by sending. And thank you for your word-picture of Mary. I wonder if she had ever heard Jesus talk about “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone…”? I can’t imagine what she endured. Thank God He is risen.

  2. Amber,
    I wait like Mary for beauty to be born from the ashes of my son’s life. Any child who is without God is an orphan. Praying for orphans everywhere including those in Haiti and in Pakistan where I partner with a ministry for orphans – giving them food and shelter and teaching them to read and write and most of all teaching them about the love of Jesus. We don’t realize how many children worldwide are sold into slavery and child labor. Thanks for being a champion for the least of these.

  3. ‘When the world brought rice to Haiti.’ We are broken even at our finest and hopeless without the ‘baby boy hanging.’

    Your words always tke me to a sacred place Amber, one that’s real and raw, a stunning place of healing. Thank you!

  4. So tender, powerful, effecting…. Never does your storytelling burst into more beautiful song than when you’re sharing a picture of hope among such great devastation and desolation. You’ve stewarded these stories so well, Amber, and you’re holding my attention to a place and a people who need a response.

  5. Thank you. Finding beauty in the ashes…I love this. I do this. It’s like making old things new. It’s my favorite hobby. It’s what brings life.

  6. Oh Amber, this is breathtaking… I love how you see Jesus in everything. I love how you tell it to us so we can love him deeper. Keep going friend.

  7. This is glory. Beautifully written Amber.
    The passion of love in my mama heart resonates.

    Scripture says the glory of man is woman (1 Corinthians 11:7), and I believe the glory of woman is the fire of love in her soul for her offspring. The intense travail of labor endured in love giving birth to life and exultant joy.

    It’s what brings us to our knees daily for our children, what gives us the desire and fervor to push past the obstacles of weariness, lack of sleep or resources to keep giving.

    This piece expresses the subtle but fierce power of God’s heart in woman.

  8. You can’t know birth without walking through the ashes of its glorious fire. Your brush with even a few still smoldering embers is the foundation from which new life begins. So much hope here.