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  1. I love the toe nails and your multi coloured cloth like Joseph’s.
    Rest rest and more rest. Just what I need.
    Amen amen and amen.

  2. “For everything there is a time, and a season.” Ecc 3:1
    Sabbath rest can come at any time or day—it is a time to still our labors and rest in the Lord.

  3. As I go from a semi-busy season at work to a full-bore busy season–I truly needed this long weekend. God is soo good to know when we need to stop & take a Sabbath rest.

    This weekend I have napped a lot & just rested, watched a little TV & gotten a few chores done. It feels absolutely wonderful & I feel a bit refreshed!

  4. I plan to get ‘rest’ this weekend by preparing to give the Children’s sermon for next Sunday! The title is “Some of my favorite things!” I will also visit a friend in the hospital who had to have emergency surgery! OUCH!

  5. Soon schools will be back and my substitute job already called me for two jobs. I want to go back to the classroom and at the same time concerned with how I am dealing with my grandson’s daily routine. Two different times between my work places and his elementary school. I wonder about homework. This Labor Day will be a time to regroup and gathering arrangements for the next school year. Lord, I need you.

  6. This picture reminded me so much of my recent mission trip to Trinidad! My friend and I found two hammocks tucked away on a quiet porch. The owner offered them to us. Almost immediately I was dozing off in the soft quiet twilight. That was rest!