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Roxann is a Caribbean girl who is passionate about the Holy Spirit. She writes to bring healing, hope and freedom, as her life verse Isaiah 50:4 says

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Oh, Roxann… such a good reminder. Why is it so threatening to reach out to others sometimes?! I love how you brought the focus to the Body of Believers and our mandate to care for and love each other. Thank you.

    • Thanks Christan. When we lose sight of the greater call to love others, we shrink back and neglect the body (as I do most times). I’m still learning to love, it’s easy for me to be alone and not be lonely. I still lean on the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to reach out. It’s difficult to reach out when we’re hurting, but Jesus has something greater in store for us when we do.

  2. Roxann! Girl, I loved this! Thank you for your words. Such encouragement to me. I haven’t experienced a parent passing, but have experienced great loss in terms of a family member dealing with drug use the past two years. Its so hard to sometimes give emotionally and with words of encouragement to others going through similar situations, as I don’t know what will happen to my own loved one someday. I sometimes don’t feel like I am equipped to give when I myself am grieving the loss of people’s perception of our large family unit, but your words remind me that “ministry doesn’t require perfection”….Amen! God still uses us! Love to you! xo

  3. It’s a hard gift to give, isn’t it? I’ve felt the same about comforting friends who’ve lost parents. It’s been nearly 20 years since my mom died – hard to wrap my head around that – and still it can feel as fresh as yesterday when I hold a grieving friend. Thank you for showing us how to give through the grief. The only way to redeem it. Thank you.

  4. It can be so hard sometimes, Lisa-Jo. I want to reach out, but it’s so difficult. The emotions are still so raw and it hurts all over again when someone close to me is grieving. I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m also thankful that you’re able to minister through it because it shows me that there’s hope for me still.

    Haley, thanks for reaching out to me and I’m so sorry to hear about your family member. I will pray for your family. God is so good to us, He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve and He doesn’t waste our experiences. God is still able to use us because of who He is, we just need to make ourselves available. He’s perfect, it’s His perfect sacrifice that brings healing and comfort to us and equips us to serve others.

    I’m still learning to reach out, and I encourage you to continue reaching out as He leads. Grace to you, His great grace is sufficient.


  5. Roxann, Thanks for this post! Grieving comes in many forms. You may grieve the loss of a loved one or the hurt of something a loved one did. Maybe the hurt of your husband having broken a trust…….etc. Grieving is painful no matter what. One of the most powerful gifts our Lord provided me with was to be able to take my hurt and be there for others who also were dealing with pain similar to mine. Having someone who has been there and made it through whatever the greif may be is soooo encouraging to the person in pain. It helps restore faith and grows hope for a new normal. I hated hearing about a new normal I had to greive the loss of my old normal to be able to embrace my new normal! Embracing this has provided me with such a gift to share with others. Praise God!

  6. Donna, I know what you mean. Change can be so scary and difficult, but we’re able to embrace the changes because of our constant God. God is able to use whatever we encounter in this life for His glory and the healing of our hearts and the hearts of others. He encourages us to put ourselves ‘out there’ whenever He leads so that we can display His love to others and experience the healing He brings.