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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. My Dream is to have my own blog or page… I love to write and encourage Women… I have a group of 15 people that I currently send out an email too… almost all of them have told me I need to follow my dream and just write… so little by little I am letting GOD speak through me in what I write… Finding myself at crossroads in having to change careers, I never though I could actually do this… but it seems like GOD just speaks to me and I write I am lead to write…. So far I am encouraging myself in the process… GOD continues to amaze me and I’m enjoying Holly’s book … I find it hard to believe that I can be amazing… but I am a daughter of an amazing GOD so I have to be a little bit like Him…. Thanks….

  2. I will dare to dream to finish college after almost two decades of raising babies. πŸ™‚

  3. My dream us to be able to give back to others as I was given too.. Single moms, the unemployed, the homeless: be it financially, emotionally or thru encouragement!! We are called to this and that is my goal!!

  4. I’m in the throes of following my dream… It is to write the story of a sacred hope in the midst of life’s real, chaotic, mess. While the words will be open to anyone who wants to read them, it is truly my heart’s personal message for my boys: three broken, wounded, traumatized brothers who entered my life through foster care and became our own through adoption last year. Above all else, I want them to grow up knowing the peace of love, the hope of healing, and the grace that the gospel gives us all. While my dream is to write it for them to carry throughout their lives, I suppose my true dream is to live it for them – to them – through them, and one day… it will be in them.

  5. I had a baby with Down Syndrome when I was 19. It put my dreams on hold. (of course I do not regret a single minute spent with my lovely boy.) Although late, I pursued my dreams of going to Art school, but… I got intimidated and transferred programs to one I felt I could do. {easier}
    I have realized that I have a lot of dreams in me, yet to be fulfilled…
    Creating, Writing, Documenting and Speaking… I have stories to tell, and a heart to listen.
    God is really speaking to me about being “enough”… when I always doubted. This book and this message… It is so perfect… for such a time as this.

  6. My dream is to find a job that I enjoy going to daily. Not just a “paycheck”, but somewhere I am appreciated and not taken advantage of.

  7. I’m writing a small 7 chapter novel. The first chapter and most of the second chapter are complete. It’s a weighty subject that I’ve tried to lighten by the sense of humor of the two main characters, a husband and wife. My purpose in writing this is for my nieces and nephews mainly and any others that read it…that we make a difference on this earth while we’re here. Whatever God speaks in our heart we follow to leave some good for those next to us and coming after us.

  8. My dream is to go back to school. With four little ones this doesnt seem too possible right now, but would love to get a degree in child and family counseling. I also dream of writing…learning how to get all my words out.
    I soooo want this book!

  9. Living my dream as a missionary in Africa, but soon to be taking a new leap to the Philippines!

  10. My dream is to offer rest, refreshment, and biblical care and encouragement to weary missionary families in Africa. My husband and I are in the midst of our international adoption travel in Africa and we are doing our survey trip as well – investigating the practical details of moving our family to Africa to do this. So many times it feels overwhelming until I realize that this is for God’s glory – and He is in all the details… I need that reminder daily – even hourly some times.

  11. My dream is to have children. But my fear is that I wont measure up; I cant bear the thought of raising and loving a child that doesn’t loves christ
    But christ came to.tackle fear so I run toward my dream by praying everyday for our future children

  12. My dreams are currently undergoing some adjustments due to life circumstances that I couldn’t have foreseen. So I’m learning that God’s plan and puimportant this season is what’s most important. I’ll be obedient to the bigger picture and my prayer is that he’ll allow me a way to carve out time to create more scripture art. My dream is simple right now, but it really is my desire to not be too tired to create.

  13. My dream is to welcome a child into our home who would not otherwise experience a loving family.

  14. My dream is to go back and finish college! I want to be able to tell my kids I finished and so can they!

  15. Oh, how I love being here!! Some days I feel my dreams morphing and changing with the weather and other days we get calm and quiet just taking life in. I’m already doing some living out a dream, having an amazing husband, blessed with beautiful children and living and loving in the here and now means a lot too. Having found an amazing opportunity to work from him, blessing and providing for my family is priceless as well.
    My blog is a creative outlet that is just one more place that dreams are coming true through. I may only rarely get a chance to capture thoughts there but I love having my place to record these life moments. I also dream of taking my children into missions, showing them the importance of sharing God’s amazing love.
    Perhaps one of my biggest dreams, which I have no idea how it will come together is, leads me into being a foster family.

  16. My dream is to find a job I love. I have a passion for college students and right now I am applying to so many jobs within that area and praying lots πŸ™‚

  17. My dream is to be a childbirth educator. Just working on getting funds to pay for training.

  18. Im adopting! Being single and 40, I decided to research adoption. Part of it was the maternal instinct, but mostly it was God calling me. It’s been a crazy rise, but my daughter moved in last week! She’s 15 and precious. So many years of foster care and abuse have left her unsure and angry, but God is good! The best place for her is with a single woman with experience in helping others with trauma. I was a missionary in Bosnia for seven years after the war. God definitely brought us together as I live in FL and she is from KY! πŸ™‚

    • Wow LeAnne, what an amazing story! You might enjoy a book I recently read called The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. In the story, the main character is a teenage girl who has aged out of the foster care system and is now on her own. She struggles throughout the book to learn how to interact with a world she has never been able to trust, and how to learn to love. The author is an experienced foster care mom who is starting a non-profit organization called the Camellia Network, to encourage communities to partner with local foster care kids to make their transition into society alone an easier one. http://www.camellianetwork.org

      God bless you & your daughter!!

  19. I dare to finish college after being in college for over ten years. Working full time, being good mom and wife, while trying to make time for the things in my own home doesn’t leave much time to attend school or study. It is sometimes discouraging because people in society are constantly telling me that I’m wasting my time and it is easy to sometimes fall victim to their negative words. I pray to God regularly asking for continued strength to keep pushing through and courage to avoid the negative thoughts of those who I feel are trying to pull me down. I just finished my Associates in Criminal Justice and what a rewarding feeling it was. I dare to have the courage to take the next step in my life God has chose for me and hope I can see it clearly as I sometimes resist change for fear of not having security.

  20. I currently work as a Mental Health Specialist in a children’s psychiatric hospital. My dream however is to be a teacher. I am working on my teaching degree while I work nights at the hospital. I start student teaching in August and then I will be able to start teaching in Jan. i want to help our most precious asset achieve their dreams!!

  21. My dream is going back to school or training to become a Biblical Counselor after my kids go to college (I have 2 more teenagers at home) I would like to help women who struggle with the issues of this life and they will be able to find hope in Jesus,

  22. My dream is to get over my fear of speaking and share God’s love with women. I have no delusions of being the next Beth Moore, but I’m willing to see where God takes it!

  23. My dream for the past 3 yrs has been to work with people who are battling cancer. I lost my 47 yr old brother 2 yrs ago to cancer , 2 days before his 2nd wedding anniversary πŸ™ . A job became available in an small rural oncology office. Not having alot of office background it was a long shot. I went for it and got the job. I love to make these special people smile each and every day! God has truly blessed me!

    • I’m sure you are a blessing to them its a very special thing you are doing. I work as a nurse on a cnacer ward and its not easy but i know God uses me.

  24. My dream is to someday be an encouragement to woman through my blog…or speaking. I went to my first Women of Faith conference 12 or more years ago and always thought how cool would that be….to make an impact like that for God!

  25. I am in between dreams right now, waiting and listening for God’s direction in my life. I have my own dreams, but I am discerning if they are in God’s plan for me.

  26. short term: I want a job as a hospital pharm tech. I recently got a job as a pharmacy clerk (after applying to like 25 jobs), and plan to pretty much immediately move into pharm tech roles.

    long-term: I wanto be a pharmacist and am in pharmacy school.

    I also dream of being more social and I am working with a counselor on social skills. Not going super well, but at least it’s going πŸ™‚

  27. My dream has been to adopt, ever since high school when my family adopted 2 of my siblings from Russia. Well, it came true! We’re in the process of an international adoption and I almost can’t believe it’s true sometimes! God is good! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I dare to dream of going on a Christian cruise.
    It doesn’t matter where, just the idea…

  29. It seems like all my dreams from when I was young got put aside for everything and everyone else. I have been praying and seeking God’s will for my life here and now, where I am and in the middle of my circumstances. I know the best dream for my life is His!

  30. I know God loves me unconditionally, but always dreamed of being loved just as I am by my husband….I am now living in that dream, and it’s wonderful!

  31. It is important to ‘keep’ dreaming ~ In my twenties i dreamed of having a family and i loved children. We walked the journey of infertility and have two children via the gift of adoption! Now i am in my 40s and realize i kind of stopped dreaming…. now my desire is to get back outside the box and get our children outside of themselves ! Opening some doors of opportunity for family mission work and possibly finishing my college degree and hoping to make a difference in this life for Christ! We are so blessed~

  32. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a director of my own school. It would offer parents an alternative to public schools. Mine would be an affordable, competitive, private school with a unique early childhood education focus, as well as traditional teaching practices.

  33. I am following a dream I have had since I struggled in school…to help those young little “nuggets of love” in early elementary who are struggling with reading and basic foundational reading skills. I am a dyslexia therapist and God is opening doors to help all kinds of precious kiddos early in their education before they begin to feel “dumb” and compare themselves to there higher achieving peers.

  34. I am living my dream. But if I could take it a step further it would be to continue to follow gods design and raise my kids to serve him in a mighty powerful way.

  35. My dream is to finally write that book I have been writing in my head the past several years and to speak to women about the dreams they have hidden in their hearts.

  36. I’m in a dream. I could not ask for more, except for God to lead me where he needs me. My life certainly did not start that way, with a failed marriage, dead end job, and no place of my own to call home. Yet years later I see the dream God had for me all along. The struggles, the pain, the will for more then just what was in front of me, that was the dream I needed to be in order to become who I am today. The dream I’m in now will only last as long as God sees fit, till then I enjoy the ups and downs because the adventure is only as adventurous as you dare it to be.

  37. I am running with my blog! I was hesitant to start because I thought, “Well, anyone can hop onto a computer and start writing. Why would anyone care what I have to say?” Now I think that, just maybe, God might want me to do this, and I love it!

  38. my daughter has a dream. she has for a long time. this weekend she gave us 10 pages typed of her mission/vision/calling statement ~ her God sized dream! Now as her parents how do we embrace & navigate this dream with her & God? We start by asking God to help us. it’s bigger than us & we need God to help take steps forward into His dream for her. excerpts “7 years ago I fell in love with Africa ~ it’s what I dream about, what I love, talk about, think about. I love working with children. I love Jesus and I’m falling more in love with Him each day. I’ve never felt more alive in Christ that I do now. I have never felt a greater passion for missions that I do now. I have never felt a greater passion for Africa that I do now. The goal is to love. When we love God & love others we are compelled to serve. Duet 6:4-7 My greatest desire is to ultimately love Christ & in doing so He has given me the passion to serve Him by serving children” Her 25th bday coming soon ~ the words “dare to make that difference, take that step, follow that dream” are being heard loud & clear in her ear. and as mom ~ take that step, help her follow her God sized dream ~

  39. My dream is to open an etsy shop! I have the ideas on what I want to create now I just need to make them a reality and open that store. I already have the name picked out and have discussed it with my husband and my best girl friend.

    I truly feel as though I am being led this route and it isn’t just some whim.

  40. My dream is a larger family. My husband and i have 1 son but concieving him was a challange. Instead of going the medical route again we stepped out in faith and became foster parents. Neuther one of us ever saw ourselvesvin this role. We gave our dream to God and followed what he wants us to do. Now i sit here with this 12 week old little boy in my lap. The thing is, he’s only here gor a little while. He has a mama who loves him and is working very hard to get him back. God grew my family but not how i imagined….he brought me this llittle boy to love and pray over but he also brought his mama to me to love and pray over. So my dream is being fulfilled in ways i couldnt have imagined.

  41. My dream is to move from our small town ((this would require a miracle) to a city about 30 miles from here, so we can plug into our church more, and continue reaching out the women the way God has placed on my heart!

  42. Mu dream is to be able to bring hope and healing to pre and post abortive women. I am almost done with my Christian Counseling degree and then I can begin to live out my dream!

  43. I will dare to follow my dream of becoming a paralegal. It’s all in God’s hands and timing for the right opportunity.

  44. My dream is to become a sonogram technician once my toddler is older. Its foing to be more school, and money, but its something i really want to do.

  45. Hi I’m Katy. My dream is to (besides be a good Christian and follow a path which worships God and does what is good in his eyes…) I want to be able to get into a course I applied for at college so I can get a good job and help my mum out and repay her for all she has done for me. My Dad recently left her so it’s down to us now! I also want to travel and see many wonderful places in the world like Russia , Alabama and Paris. Have a flock of guinea fowl. And I want to keep my friends and also make many new wonderful ones πŸ™‚

  46. I am currently pursuing my dream of a healthy body and becoming a “runner” again. The dream I would love to pursue is that of speaking and writing but I am currently struggling with whether this is God’s dream for me or only my dream for myself.

  47. I think my dream is to take my family into the country and live a more self-sustaining lifestyle, not having to rely on corporate America, and being able to have my whole family with me every day, not only in the evenings. Pretty much to get back to basics and live a much simpler – and hopefully less stressful – existence πŸ™‚

  48. I always dreamed of being at stay at home mom and have been lucky enough to do so through these hard times! (praise God!) But my dream continues as I pray I raise my children up to honor God and that they will grow up and to be strong adults not afraid to follow his will. It is so hard to stand firm in your belief these days I can’t imagine 15 years from now!

  49. My dream is to help other woman who may be struggling with an eating disorder. But, first I knew God was telling me it was time for me to let go of my eating disorder. After 13+ years of struggling I am finally on the path of recovery…I’m choosing to walk with God instead. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
    I know with more time that I can begin to make my dream a reality. God is truly amazing!!

  50. It’s not really a BIG dream…but I dream of being content with who I am and what I have, of learning, just like Paul, that no matter what my circumstances are, I really CAN be content because of the God who promised to never leave or forsake me and who will work all things together for good to those who love Him. Ok, to me it IS a big dream. πŸ™‚

  51. My dream was (and still is!) India! A few years ago I couldn’t get India out of my mind. But God was awesome in finding friends for me there. Changinging my husband’s heart. A Christian Veterinary Mission trip in the foot hills of the Himalayas. And just returned from my 4th trip there, this time working with Made by Survivors and the girls rescued from sex trafficking. Two of these trips I went without my husband…just God and me! I could not have dreamed all this on my own! God is so great!

  52. I am in a new season of life…empty nesting.
    I had breast cancer in 2010…I don’t any more.
    My husband lost his job in 2011…God provided another.

    I am not sure what to dare to dream any more, but I know God will plant it and water it. I want to be good dirt for His dream to take root in and flourish to be a blessing for others.

  53. I am slowly daring to follow my dream of being self-employed. It will take several years before I can do just that alone, but I’m starting to work on it.

  54. My dream was always to be a wife and a mother…and it is such a blessing (at least most days πŸ™‚ ) to minister to and serve my wonderful husband and 5 precious children

  55. My dream is to become the parent God wants me to be. I just need to be brave enough to cast my agenda aside and follow His.

  56. I am following my dream to be a stay at home Mom and have been blessed to be able to do this for the last 18 years! πŸ™‚

  57. My dream…

    …is to continue on the path of healing that I have started on. To learn to be more than a survivor – to live each day vibrantly and authentically. To become a wife and mother and be able to share the hope and love that I have been given with those around me.

    A more “every-day” dream is to start running. I have been really trying to become more physically fit and more than anything I want to start running. I was just thinking this morning about finding a 5k I can train for. Somewhere in my mind…running is associated with strength and perseverance – maybe this is why this dream is so important to me.

  58. thanks for this giveaway! my dream is to be an author of children’s books and poems that will make a difference in their lives, and bring glory to the Father!

  59. My someday dream is to write.

    My current dream (which I am doing) is to raise a household full of children and to do a lot of reading.

  60. Hi, my dream is to go on a missions trip to a Spanish speaking country. I am working on learning and speaking Spanish fluently.

  61. My dream is to help people with elderly parents. I’d like to do simple daily financial tasks and monitor their financial status so that they are not taken advantage of or lose track of everyday bill paying or medical payments, which are difficult to track. I’m retiring from teaching college after 30 years in May, but am too young to ” fully retire”. I taught business courses and know my strength lies there, but want to redirect to another practical application.

  62. My dream is to finish the book I am writing and see it published. I know it will happen and that I’ll be able to use it as a platform to get God’s message out. I am already living part of my dream because I am teaching English in college and getting to mentor young people to see their purpose and God’s plan for them. I have been doing this for 10 years and have young people whose lives I’ve help molded all over the country and in positions of great leadership in both the secular and Christian communities. I am blessed that God has allowed me this AMAZING life!

  63. My dream is to find myself again. I am recently divorced and realized I completely lost myself in my marriage. I want to find that girl again that was so ME. She makes occasional appearances but I’m hoping to find the courage to get her to stick around full-time.

  64. I am working on the final stages of my dream, having gone back to school to get my Master’s degree in family therapy. I will graduate in May and am looking forward to the final realization of my dream to be someone who can help support, love, and train hurting families. I can’t really believe I made it this far and I am so excited to be able to fulfill my calling to bring God’s love into the lives of those who need it most.

  65. When I started going back to school, I decided to pursue a degree to my dream job, museum studies, instead of getting a “practical” degree I wasn’t really interested in that I could use anywhere the Air Force takes us. I know that you can do what you love if you look for creative ways to do it!

  66. HI there! I am currently home from radiation treatments for tumors on the right side of my head/brain which is causing balance & walking issues and loss of hearing in my right ear. Thankfully, I have 100 % hearing in my left ear! I just completed full head/brain radiation treatments @ Mayo – Rochester,MN.

    When I go back in a few weeks to see if the MRI reveals that the tumors have shrunken and I am making improvements – I AM GOING TO CELEBRATE BY CREATING A BLOG. I have always wanted to do it, but something has held me back. I feel that God will bless me thru this whole 3rd time of cancer. I have been wanting to write and put my thoughts down and document parts of my life to share with my children, who are ages 20 & 18. My struggles seem small compared to what others are going thru, but God has blessed me through every part of my “STORM”. My favorite song is ” I Will Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns.

    • Oh Cherri,
      May our God, the great healer, bless you! I would love to read your blog as your journey through cancer.

      You may be blessed by a blog written by Vicky Westra, who is currently battling stage IV breast cancer. She also has two children. thewestraworld.blogspot.com.

      When you start my blog, please come let me know at mine, and I will follow you!
      I will be praying for you.


      P.S. I love “Praise You in This Storm” too. It got me through many hard days following the loss of our baby to miscarriage several years ago.

  67. I dream to write, I dream to sing, but I think the big dream that’s nudging at me lately is to be Mom. I am not able to be a mother to children of my own (including foster/adoption, so please don’t suggest that), but I can still be “mom” to others, whether that is friends’ children, children at a local summer camp, or children in the social system.

  68. My dream….well, my heart’s desire is to pass on to my grandchildren, my 10 yr. old granddaughter specifically, the unconditional love & Godly example my Nana passed along to me. (without even knowing she did it!) She taught me how to bake wonderful
    Christmas Cut sugar cookies & decorate them with love, butterscotch pie, homemade noodles & serve people in love. I never heard an unkind word from her lips. She read the Bible through 4-6 times a year till she could no longer physically do it. She taught me how to knit baby clothes & blankets. As daylight receded, we rocked in one of the old, squeaky rocking chairs & she read to me while holding me tenderly. I want Ashly
    to feel that same security that has given me an underpinning of faith.

    • Carol,
      This brought tears to my eyes. I was blessed to have two wonderful grandmothers and a mother like this. One grandmother in particular really modeled to me what it means to leave a legacy of faith, loving God and loving people, and service.

      I know you will make a tremendous difference for your Ashly. <3

  69. My dream is to start writing fiction again! I haven’t been able to in so long but it’s something I really, truly miss!

  70. One dream is to be debt free. Been working on that. Another dream is to be all that God wants me to be in order for my daughter to know Him personally and be all she can be!!

  71. My dream(s) is to raise a God-fearing family. Raise a little gentlemen that respects others, has manners, and loves the Lord. To do my job as a mother just as God intends me to. My other dream is to move back home and be around my friends who uplift me, guide me, and walk along with me in my journey to follow the Lord.

  72. I am finally living part of my dream. To be able to stay home and raise my boys. The other part would be to find a job I can work from home, to bring in a little extra income for our family.

  73. My dream is to be loving to all who come in contact with me- to finally reach the goal of not reacting, but loving with patience and kindness. To share Jesus with my parents and see them accept Christ before they leave this earth. To truly be a God filled wife and make a difference with our foster kids. To love all people equally not judge. This is a lifetime goal.

  74. I just started following my dream of being at my goal weight! I CAN and WILL do this with God’s strength and ability for me! I BELIEVE!

  75. I dream of having a mini self sufficient farm. I have also had this dream of having another child.
    Most importantly right now, I dream my unemployed husband would find a job or go back to being self employed.

  76. I am following a few dreams, homeschooling all the way through and our latest dream, a vegetable garden in our own house, no more renting. This has been a long haul saving to get our own home, it’s been almost year here already. I’m so thankful to be in this dream come true. Oh and the book/bag and journal look amazing. : )

  77. My dream is to open my own tea shop that offers a place of quiet from the chaos of the world to be still, read a book, or share with a friend. While it has not happened yet, but I dream to have it become a reality someday.

  78. I am following a dream to be used by God in women’s ministry at my church. Trusting Him, being used by Him and remembering that it is about Him.

  79. My dream is to impact my local church my ministering in music. I am able to follow that dream now after many years of waiting in the wings!

  80. I will dare to be courageous to be who God has made me to be and not be pulled into being someone I am not. To step out knowing I am free, and let him show me just what he has for me to do and be today and every day.

  81. How interesting to see that I am not alone in my dream-to find myself. I have 3 wonderful children, and after divorce and a business that failed when the economy tanked, I can’t seem to figure out my purpose any more. I am so grateful for incourage offering up real life stories and the community for women to share. Thank you!

  82. My husband and I are embarking on our dream of a different lifestyle for our family. We are selling our home, moving across the country, and have bought a new business that will enable me to stop working and stay home with our children. It means leaving the security of our families (who live close by), a steady source of income, and the support of sweet Christian friends. God worked the details, every one of them, so we know this is what we are suppose to do during this season of our lives, and we are excited, scared, and thankful.

  83. My dream is to be an encouragement to women, and maybe one day write a book. I already blog, which I love to do… but usually feel guilty about pursuing it because I am not “busy” DOING something. I want to dare to dream, and would love to win this giveaway as a reminder that it is OK to dream

  84. I am living my dream of being a stay-at-home mom but I dream of being more intentional in my parenting and productive in my home-keeping.

  85. I’m following my dream of helping my mother overcome lots of emotional baggage and damage from the past. My dream is to see her free in Christ and it’s happening.

  86. I am walking out one of my dreams now by going to college to become a PTA. My other dream is to help women to see that they do have a purpose in life and thru their courage to believe and trust in Jesus it can be so

  87. I am going to take an art class at a local community college tomfollow my dream of being an artist!

  88. My dream is to become debt-free, organized, healthy as can be, and to manage my time more wisely. All a work in progress right now!

  89. I have followed my dream of staying home with my little girl,(who is adopted) but I also have a dream of adopting a little boy with down syndrome. God has placed this on my heart for the last year or so. Just waiting patiently for God to place it on my husbands heart.

  90. At my age my dreams are just that, dreams. I once heard a Christian lady say that sometimes our dreams are not meant to be. That we need to pray for God’s will, not our will. Sometimes I wish I could go back 20 years and do things differently.

  91. My dream is to have courage in the day to day things! Thanks for the opportunity to win…

  92. I want to go to Grad school and get my Master’s degree. I also want to apply for a job “I’m not sure” I am “good enough” for…but feel God tugging at me to try!! It may be Him opening a door. I am going to lose these last few pounds I have set out to lose back this summer. Almost 30 lbs. lost so far. God is so good. I’m thankful that He gives us dreams and then is merciful to help us accomplish them too.

  93. My dream is to follow through a twelve step program to help me with my habits, hang ups and hurts. It is wonderful each morning to get up and give it to God. Seeking His will and not mine, asking for His thoughts, actions and words to become a part of me. I am close to sixty and I am thankful I can still pursue my dreams as if I were a teen. That is the way it is with the God I serve and adore!

  94. I am truly living my dream and it was bigger than I dreamed. One of my favorite sayings is:
    “Dream big, cause you can never outdream God.” He put a dream in my heart and He has fulfilled it through our family (4 kids later!) and being the pastors of a church that ministers to college students.

  95. After making it one year of marriage, both my husband and I dream to go back to school and work hard paying off our house and being Godly parents to his son, who’s mom is not a believer.

  96. I’ve just been given the opportunity to follow one dream–heading to grad school in the fall to study medical physics. I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity I’m being given.

    The other dream, though, is the one that makes my heart race, both from nerves and passion. My other dream is writing, something I’m scared to death of pursuing. I’ve got a finished manuscript doing nothing but growing older in a file on my computer right now, and the plans for a second growing stale in a folder. That is the dream I want to be brave enough to chase.

  97. My dare is one we are currently living out….being called to a brand new community, 500 miles from our families, starting a new church, beginning a bulk food store in our community, reaching out to others, establishing new relationships & friendships…scary, yes, rewarding, yes…God is faithful!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  98. I am living an unexpected dream…lost my job…depending on God…working very part time…really enjoying being home and having more time for family, people (my husband is an inner city pastor) and my dreams.

  99. I am living my dream even though I didn’t realize it was my dream. I am raising my sons, they are homeschooled and are with me 24/7. Now don’t get me wrong its not easy but I love waking up to them and putting them to bed at night. I didn’t go into being a stay @ Home mom and a homeschool mom willingly but I have come to understand that this is what God wants me to do.

  100. After years of raising 3 children, a husband, working in our family business, I now have the opportunity to pursue dreams…Funny, can’t think what those dreams might be….maybe photography, maybe writing, ….maybe a blog….Wow, think I really need to pray about this…I do dream that I can become a person who turns daily to God for comfort, direction, and guidance.

  101. I am going to audition for Sunday’s Best this weekend to pursue my dream of a Gospel Recording Artist!

  102. I have always dreamed of being a mother. Since I couldn’t have children naturally, God blessed me with 2 step-children, 3 children to adopt and 5 more foster children and counting! I can’t wait to see how God plans to help me fulfill my dreams through foster parenting even more of his beautiful creations.

  103. I am living my dream right at this moment. I went to school for seven years to become a Christian social worker. I’m still figuring out what that means but for now God has given me the great honor to work as a counselor/therapist for children in the foster care system. I work for a secular non-profit organization and I struggle with combining my faith with my role. God has been good and has been teaching me that this is where he wants to use me. This has been my dream for a long time, to work with children and families, and God opened all the doors for this dream to become a reality. Now that I’m here it’s challenging because I want to directly share the love of God with others. The dream, that I believe, was placed in my heart by God continues to grow as I now seek to honor God in the way I provide services for the children I work with.

  104. I am daring to capture pure joy on film and praying through pursuing this alongside of loving my littles/biggies and pastor hubby. unsure and hesitant, but it keeps calling…

  105. My dream is to be content with my life — the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to raise my 3 kids to know that God has a plan for their life — that they will encounter storms along the way but that God will carry them through it.

    • Me too, Val, me too. Contentment is hard sometimes….but raising our kids is important work!

  106. I dream of creating a postpartum bed & breakfast in my home where new mothers can come to bond & connect with their newborns…where the mothers are cared for and lavished with love so they can fully give to their new babies.

  107. My dream is to be like Jesus. My dream is to be more of a Godly wife and less of a selfish woman. My dream is to go to school and learn…

  108. I guess I don’t really have a dream. I am a SAHM of five kids, and two cats and a dog. I love my husband and my family and we are actually a stepfamily, blended together by God. I think my “dream” is just seeing my children grow up full of the Love and Joy and Peace that God wants for them, and to watch them fulfill their own dreams. I spend my days caring for them and my nights praying for them. I don’t need anything more than that.

  109. My dream is to have my own horse farm and offer horse and ridier training, clinics, camps, mentoring programs, and hippotherapy for mentally & physically challenged children and adults, soldiers and those needing spiritual refreshment that comes when communing with one of God’s noblest animals. Through my God given gifts I want to work in this industry to bring to the fresh perspective of integrity, caring, witness of Christ in me, and glory to the Rider on the White horse – Rev 19:11.

  110. Dreaming to be closer to the Lord in a way that continually trusts in Him. As I get older, I thought this would get easier but there is complacency to deal with and just plane old bad habits to beat. Spending time with the Lord each day……my dream is to make that time the real REALITY of my life.

  111. My dream is to save enough time each day to worship God and pray for friends. Only after that to go out and love unconditionally those who are starting over after their lives bottomed out by providing “creation time” in an organic garden. After getting dirty in the soil and watching the growth of plants to drink deeply of the nutrition provided with the cooking of and fellowshiping around a meal together. Learning to praise God together in his provision of life.

  112. I am working more on being a missional mom and reading the book The Missional Mom. What dream will I dare to follow?….. My dream that I am working on following is to be an inner city missionary family. So far from where we are right now, but so amazingly heavy on my heart. There are so many families here in our own country that need hope, hope that can only be found one place. That is my dream that I dare to follow.

  113. I have dreamed for quite some time to have my own blog. The devil has worked his wonders on not making that a reality until recently. God has placed an individual in my path to help me succeed in fulfilling my dream. I recently came across a gentleman who attends my church. We were working on developing a “Welcome to Our Church” card and out of no where this gentleman says he works in graphic design. We tossed around some ideas and he ran with them. Before we knew it, we had an amazing card to present our new visitors with. I have since spoken with him in regards to one of my dreams…….a blog. I thank God for placing this gentleman in my path. I am so excited to start this new journey of blogging my “journey with God”. I hope all of you will visit me once my blog is up and running. “With God, all things are possible.” Amen to that.

  114. My dream is to have assurance that I am following God’s desires for my life instead of trying & hoping

  115. My dream is to be a professional organizer. Ms. Holly’s 3 identifiers clearly convict me of my calling.

  116. My dream is to be a professional organizer. Ms. Holly’s 3 items in Chapter 2 clearly convict me of my calling.

  117. I am already following the teaching dream–I teach college English for a Christian university’s satellite campus here in Alaska.

    The dream I really want to follow more is as a writer.

  118. My dream is to become an adoption attorney. I dream of serving God by saving children and connecting with them with loving families.

  119. My dream/goal is to finish school and get my all-time dream job. My goal is to have a career that is fulfilling, meaningful, and thought provoking each day.

  120. I visited a dear pastor friend in South Africa for the first time last September. She can no longer travel to the States because she is on dialysis. It was my first international trip and as soon as I got there I had an overwhelming sense I’d come “home!” I was blessed to tour schools and an orphanage and I have such a strong desire to return to SA. I have taken a part-time job to save money for travel expenses and to go back for perhaps a longer time and both help my friend on a personal level and do ministry outreach. When I was there nothing seemed to challenging. I tend to by shy, but with her encouragement, I spoke to a sizeable group at the largest banking center in SA during their “Workplace Ministry” lunch. And.. again it was as if I’d been doing it always. I know in my heart I “belong” there because I have such a passion for SA and the people since my visit. It’s just somehow making that dream a reality, particularly financially. Who’d have thought – me – a single woman, nearly fifty-five years old, living in the house I grew up in now has this dream to be more than 7,000 miles away!!!

    • Amy, Just keep holding on with all you have left. I am praying for you. We serve a God who is Mighty to save…He knows you and loves you and sees your hurt. Keep calling out to Him. Sending LOVE your way from Missouri

      • the love of a stranger feels like the most beautiful thing right now….thank you Lori…

  121. I have many dreams but I think my ultimate dream/goal is to really discover who God has made me to be and called me to be and start living that out rather than relying on my own ideas of what that is/I am. I’d like to finally convince my self that “I am Amazing” and would like to follow the path God has chosen rather than being stuck in a rut of “not good enough” and taking the shortcuts or dead ends that only lead to disappointment.

    • Got an error message that this comment hadn’t posted so I did a new one. Now there’s two. Can you remove either this or comment 140 so I have just one comment/entry. Don’t see where it’ll let me remove one.


  122. I have many dreams but I think the ultimate dream/goal I have for my life is to discover who God has created me and called me to be and start living that out rather than relying on my sometimes skewed perception of who I am. I would like to finally convince myself that “I am Amazing” and start following the path God has laid out for me rather than staying stuck in a rut thinking that I am not good enough and taking the short cuts and dead ends that only bring disappointment. I dream of living fully and amazingly!

  123. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 45. My dream is to learn to depend on Him more…to be a living example of GRACE under circumstances!! Leaning HARD on Him!

  124. My dream is to continue to pursue my love of writing fiction novels and non-fiction magazine pieces. I’ve written books since I was a little girl and started one in college that really grabbed hold of my soul and scared me a bit to continue. This blog collection of lovely lady writers is encouraging me to get back to my passion and live the good life and dream a Godly, beautiful, talented dream!

  125. My dream is to be a stay at home mom. My hubby is almost done with his Masters then it will hopefully come true!

  126. A dream that ties clear back to my youth is that of telling my story in a book…I have envisioned it in so many formats…but have not jumped in with both feet ..I need a push… πŸ™‚ Blessings all…

  127. I am currently pursing a dream of writing. I have been blogging for several years now, but God is really opening up my creative and storytelling side! It is fun!

  128. Wow. Well I guess my first dream would have to be to allow myself to dream at all. It’s been a rough few years and I have pretty much let all of that die. So, a dream to dream. πŸ™‚

  129. My dream(s): To help my broken and hurting kids find healing in Jesus. To be able to support my kids financially doing my photography business.

  130. So many dreams…To make a difference in someone’s life. To sell my paintings. To write a devotional book. To become a foster parent. Then adopt a foster placement.
    And to believe He equipped me to make all of these possible.
    Lovely giveaway (and am loving Holly’s book!)

    All for Him,

    • ** and I can’t believe I spelled Holley’s name wrong! ack! I’ve been staring at it all week long, too. I have no excuse. Just a sincere apology!

  131. The dream I will dare to follow is the dream I’ve had since I was a child: writing. I love to write and love counseling teenage girls. I am slowly, step by step, working toward that dream by writing as much as I can, and placing myself in situations where I can be a mentor for teenage girls. My husband and I are leaders in our church’s youth group, and I’ve been working on my blog the past couple of months and have decided to become more serious about writing. God has given me this gift and desire for a reason – and I will dare not just to dream, but to FOLLOW that dream; and, ultimately, follow Him.

  132. This past week, I went through my 6th miscarriage. Although the hurt is really deep and there are so many questions I want to ask God, I’ve been given some tremendous comfort by the story of the blind man in John 9 – Jesus is asked whose sin is responsible for the man’s blindness. The response:

    “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”

    I’ve been overcome by the strong desire to truly allow God to work through me…IN me. I’ve wanted this in the past but this week, I would call it a dream. I want my dreams to be bigger and more meaningful – and to be aligned with God. This by no means makes the hurt any less, but I’ve been slightly comforted knowing that God’s plan is so much greater than I can possibly know or even fathom. There is part of me that wishes I’d never had to experience this. But there is that part of my heart that believes that if God’s love and light can somehow shine through all of this for HIS good, then I’m okay.

    • Sandy – I had 3 miscarriages and I know a little of the pain and frustration you must be feeling – I will pray for you and trust the Lord for healing! I did finally have a little boy after that!

  133. I am passionate about women’s health and physical fitness and I dream of helping young women, new moms, families, older women to embrace the body God has given them by keeping active as a way of living and glorifying God. I plan on starting my business this summer with family and friends who have volunteered to be my guinea pigs. I want to encourage not just fitness that is beneficial for the body but a spiritual training by discovering and shaping the motives behind physical activity that will bring life to the soul!

    • This is amazing, Shereen! Do you have a blog? I would see any advice you may have in this area.

      It used to seem strange to me, but I have been feeling God asking me to get fit, to take care of my body, etc. I am starting to see the correlation between taking care of my soul and taking care of my body.

      I am excited about this journey, but scared, too!

  134. After 4 years at home with my perfect little miracle boy, I am daring to get back into the workplace. I was forced to quit my job when I had a completely horrible and difficult pregnancy. Being on bed rest for the whole time made me realize that I didn’t want to work when my baby got here. We were so lucky to have him hang on that I wanted to spend all the time with him that I could. Now that he has gotten older and will be going to school this fall, it is time for me to venture back to work. I love what I do, working with other people’s children, and I miss it greatly. I can’t wait get started back on my path. I love my children but I also miss all my other little kiddos at school!

  135. My dream is to quit my day job, the one I went to college for, and become a photographer. I’m taking steps in that direction, and it’s exciting & scary all at the same time!

  136. I, like Jules, in the first comment aspire to be a writer of a blog, short story or possibly a novel….one day!!!! I do have a blog that needs a bit tweeking….okay much tweeking. I am a very young at heart 43 year old mother of 3 boys all under the age of 13. I am also the wife of a Chief in the Navy and we’re preparing for our 3rd deployment which will extend through the holidays and end around this time next year. So I’m looking for some inspiration, discipline and guidance through it all….

    Ultimate writing dream???? To write a book with my oldest son who loves writing as well and possibly be in the midst of it when our Chief comes home…..

    Bless us dear Lord with all the dreams we can handle~~~

  137. I’m dreaming of adopting a precious child someday soon. For a few years now, we’ve been unable to pursue that, but it seems like the Lord is slowly bring that time to pass.

  138. My dream is to become a mother to an adopted child. God tells me to wait, and I am doing so. But I still dream.

  139. I am dreaming of the day that my husband doesn’t work as a police officer anymore :0 ) Silly dream, I know… He wants so badly to be a full time youth minister… BUT God has a plan that we are right in the middle of. I can see the end coming just haven’t made it there yet!

  140. My dream was to find a job that was something I enjoyed after staying home 10 years with my children. I now work part time at a library (I LOVE reading!)…would like to see that dream become full time within the next few years!

  141. Now that the children are gone, living their own lives, i decided to go back to school just to see if I would make it at the University. And I am and loving it so much. it was a my dream but I will use it to help others and will try to inspire others to fulfill their dreams.

  142. My dream is to someday open a cafe/yarn store for all of us creative people to hang out at…someday.

  143. God has put on my heart the desire to become a Christian Life Coach. Eek! So exciting and scary at the same time : )

  144. My Dream is to go ahead and retire to spend more time with my hubby who is already retired.!

  145. I hope and dream to one day have my poetic inspirations published into a daily reading book format for my devoted readers! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  146. I dare to dream and TRUST HIM as He leads me to step into Women’s Ministry – now if only I can reign in the dream into some manageable chunks – Yikes!!!! But truly – if you had asked me 5 years ago if this is where I would be and this would be my hearts passion I would have said ” you are not all there!!!! You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done…” He saw, He knew and He is bringing me here anyways, what a blessed Redeemer – PRAISE GOD!!!!

  147. The dream I dare to follow is that of continuing my marriage, and knowing God will work good things in it.

  148. My dream is to move beyond the plateau of mediocrity to excellence…spiritually, personally, and physically. I want to be an inspiration to my children and all lives that I touch.

  149. One day I want to achieve owning my own little business and have a big dream of being my own boss and make enough to take care of my family as well as my aging parents.

  150. Can you even imagine I have to stop and think what my dream is? I’m so caught up in being what I need to be for the people I love so dearly that I don’t give much thought to my own dreams. So, with that said, my dream would be to find me again. Who I am in the midst of being wife, mom, office manager, and of course daughter of the King of Kings. What brings me joy outside of my fabulous children and husband, yes my dream is to find Jen again!

  151. I would like to utilize my love for teenagers and my second language (Spanish) and do missionary in Central or South America.

  152. My dream is to marry and have a family. I am 34 and MY plan was to have started this so many years ago. But God, in His goodness, knew how damaged I was and refused to leave me there or let me marry or start a family in that state. The last few years have been some of the hardest in my life, but they have changed me into such a different person. From hate, anger and bitterness to kindness, joy and gratefulness. I can’t wait to see what He has for me.

  153. I can honestly say that I have more than one dream. I dream of writing my own blog. For me. Others can join in. It will be about anything and everything from healthcare issues to technology to just everyday life. By all means, I will also show how funny everyday life can be and how to enjoy it while you can. As a career changer, I dream of finding employment in what I love doing: healthcare & technology. These are two of my dreams. As I stated I do have many more dreams, but whatever my dreams are I will do them with and by showing other through love.

  154. Oh, I would so love to write a blog and reach out to women with God’s word, believers and nonbelievers alike! I keep telling myself that I won’t have what it takes and that no one will care to read what I write, and so it goes and so I never start! Holley’s book is definitely making on impact, though, and I realize a lot of what I tell myself are just excuses and maybe even lies. I know I am not perfect, and thank you, Holley, for helping me to realize that I don’t have to be perfect, just “Amazing”, which I already am, right?!!

  155. There is a dream stirring in me…. I’ve not even voiced it to anybody…. I want to WRITE…. something… not sure what yet, but something.
    God is doing a work in me. πŸ™‚

  156. One of my dreams I am living and that was to be a mon. I didn’t realize it would be to two wonderful little boys.
    Another of of my dreams is to minister to people any way shape or form. I love being used by God. We are currently in Youth ministry. We minister to about 20-30 youth. We love every single one of them. I love seeing how God is changing them and how they are falling deeper in love with God and building a relationship with him.

  157. My dream is to be able to be a part of helping churches become communities of transparent, broken, people.. where broken people can honestly turn and be received for who they are and accepted because of what Jesus has done. . . and to somehow involve counseling, gospel centered relationships in this…
    I also dream of being a Mom, who hopefully doesn’t have to work full time…
    I also dream of writing and finding my voice through words…
    I also dream of being involved in loving and being a light to the world of aviation, pilots & their families….

  158. My dream is to have a job that I can’t wait to get to. I believe that if I follow God’s leading, He’ll take me to that dream.

  159. My dream is to lead my children to pursue God and His will for their lives – to live passionately for Him. It is also a dream to minister to women, helping them to discover Him and all that He has for them – enabling women to live passionately and joyfully for God.

  160. I am pursuing the dream of writing a book. I have had this story in my head for about 6 yrs now, but have never thought about really doing anything with it. But lately I have felt that still small voice saying “you can do this”. I have a long way to go with it but I know with my God all things are possible.

  161. My dream is to be a mama to my babies and a wife to my husband. to love my God, my family and my home and have that filter out and touch others’ lives. i’m in the middle of that!

  162. I dream of teaching young women that they are AMAZING! I want to work with young moms to teach them that they can follow their dreams and to have that unexpected blessing.

  163. My dream is to touch the lives of women using the tools and skills the Lord has given me. Whether that be through my writing (my blog), through conversations, or through my business (I’m a Mary Kay consultant). I want women to know that they are beautiful and amazing just the way they are…because this is something I’ve struggled with my entire life.

  164. During this past year a lot of things have happened that could have destroyed our marriage. But we chose to follow our dream and put God at the center of our marriage. Is everything perfect? The answer to that would be NO! We still have problems to work out but we are working them out with God at the center. We spend more time together and talk about what is bothering each of us. We are now living our retirement dream together as one instead of two. God is so good!!!

  165. I will dare to follow the dream to share God’s love with people who have not yet heard the name of Jesus!
    Whether in our local neighborhood, church, or in a land far away, it will remain a priority. Whether we are doing normal things at work, or sponsoring people to go where we are not equipped to go, i can trust Him to make the most of our strengths, gifts, and resources!

  166. My dream right now is to grow in loving God and others through writing. At this point my blog and correspondence are the primary means of following that, but I’m praying about whether/how to cultivate more intentionally what God has given.

    Lovely, encouraging product line! Thanks for the giveaway.

  167. I will dare to follow my dream of being a wife and mother despite a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome and despite ‘failed’ relationships in the past. God has been incredible in renewing my heart and mind…and this year finds me dating a man beyond what I could have dreamed for myself, and with a healthier body thanks to surgery. πŸ™‚

  168. To become a mommy thru the foster/adoption process. We are just getting started! πŸ™‚

  169. Wow, as I read through some of these I think do I really have a dream? I don’t dream to change my job or become something else, such as a writer, etc. So I guess that would be my dream/wish is it ok that I am content with my life? I do wish to make a difference in the world, but realize I can’t change the whole world, so I dream of the ability to be able to see what God wants for me in my life and is what I am doing good enough?

  170. My dream is to raise my daughter to be a strong woman of God by showing her what that looks like in my own life. What an awesome responsibility He has given me to shape this little life and point her toward Him.

  171. I dream of doing mission work in China. The Lord of the Harvest is faithful to lead us onward. It is so exciting to see how He is working and to read of so many wonderful dreams.

  172. My dreams change every day, every week. But the ONE dream I have and that I cling to, is to be the Mommy that daily shows the little men in her life that our hope is in Christ. After losing my identical twin 3 1/2 years ago suddenly to leukemia, then my Daddy this January after a tragic accident – watching my sons hurt was harder than my own personal pain… after that I found that I have to be that example of hope. That example of what dreaming beyond tomorrows chores, schoolwork, meal plan – dreaming of that future with our Lord and Savior. So my dreams aren’t of monetary reward, my dreams are of raising children that know there is “real life” after this world and we have big dreams of living a life that glorifies our Lord – we have a dream that will come true! And I dare that dream each day… with lots of prayer!

  173. I dream to find God…to pursue a relationship with Him. I am so hungry for His word…His peace….and I need it. I’ve been going through some difficult therapy and am so very broken. I dream to find out who I am in Christ and live a life that is pleasing to Him.

  174. My dream is to develop my writing more as a means of glorifying God and outreach to women – to turn my blog into a full-time ministry and to complete and publish several novels. I want to help women embrace passion and joy in their marriages and lives, and to teach them how to live as a redeemed Eve, fully in love with the God of this Universe. I want to be able to model a Biblical marriage of mutual love and respect to the women of the world that I’m working with and the girls I’m mentoring. I want to see more women on fire for the Lord, experiencing the joy of God and the blessings of a Christ-centered marriage. That is my dream and my daily prayer.

  175. I think i have stopped dreaming. I would love to understand my purpose and how to achieve it

  176. My dream is to work with out youth and young children in church. They are our future pastors, deacons, missionaries, etc…. I want these young children to know that God loves them through everything.

  177. I am living my dream my right now!! After having my first child in Jan. 2008, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but my husband and I just couldn’t figure out how we would be able to financially make it work. 18 months later our second child was born, and my desire to be at home became so strong, it hurt me so bad every day to drop my children off at day care. In Jan. of 2011, circumstances at work became so stressful, and after a lot of sleepless nights and praying, we decided I would quit my job and pursue my dream to be at home with our kids. A little over a year later, God has made it perfectly clear to me that this is where I belong. Although we have to sacrifice some things to be able to financially make it work, I wouldn’t want it any other way. The Lord works in wonderful ways, and I am so glad I chased this dream!!!

  178. I am positioning myself to start a ministry to girls 12-18 where older Christian women are mentoring according to Titus 2. I have suffered setback after setback, however, I am trusting in God’s perfect timing. I am (in) couraged!

  179. My dream……
    I’m not really sure as I’ve been so busy raising a family, being a good helpmate to my husband, caring for my grandaughter and just ‘being there’ for my daughter to fulfil hers that mine has been left behind, changed, discarded and now unknown. I pray for God to renew a dream in me… a passion, a delight to him.

  180. I am an artist. God gave me this gift. I have been through a very hard two years, but through the hard times, God has drawn me closer to Him than ever before. He has shown me how much He loves me, and that He is Faithful always. Through the last two years He has given me gifts that I feel He wants me to paint as my way of telling my story, through my gift. I painted a design that I feel He wants on a shirt Beloved, surrounded by whispers of scripture He gave me to encourage me. I have completed two paintings and have at least 9 more, with scripture to go with each. I don’t know what door God will open for me to get these paintings out but He is faithful and I know He will handle that. I am just going to paint.

  181. I dare to dream about raising a house full of choas (i.e. two boys and a husband).

    I dare to dream about success with my writing, despite the world telling me I’m simply not qualified.

    I dare to dream about God using me as a golden spoon for “special occasions” (1 Tim).

  182. If I could follow my dream it would be to counsel young women as the Bible instructs us to, but I guess you really need a formal education.ihave learned a lot in the last 60 years I really would love to share Gods instruction with our younger generation. I have a wonderful rapport with my grandchildren they call me regularly.There mother lost custody over nine years ago and my son has been doing a fantastic job ever since two girls and a very talented boy. They live in Tn. And I live in N.C. Well I hope the lord continues to bless your ministry I know it has really helped me.

  183. I have always had a relationship with God but in 2006 my relationship with Him took on a whole new attitude, look and journey when I allowed Him to speak to my heart with my soul wide open. Since then I have felt God calling me into Women’s Ministry and I most recently became the Director of Women’s Ministry at a church. My dream and I believe what God has called me to do is to one day have my own Women’s Ministry. A dream that would allow me to go and speak at women’s conferences about my faith journey with God, write Bible studies and possibly a book. I believe God placed that dream inside of me and throughout these past years he has been leading me, guiding me, teaching me and getting me ready for when the time is right. God has consistently told me to trust in Him and to have patience. It’s hard but when I fully commit to what God has for me, it is amazing how everything just happens.

  184. To be healthy by eating healthier, exercising, drinking water, going to bed at a regular time (early), gain energy that I might serve the Lord and glorify Him.

  185. My dream (as a runner) is to run a marathon and hopefully I will do that at the end of this year. Between now and then I’m running 12 half marathons and several other races to prepare my body for the demands of running a marathon.

  186. I never dreamed that I would be married for twenty-five years this June.
    I never dreamed that we would have three sons and a daughter over a period of 18 years.
    I never dreamed that I would make a “career” of teaching our children at home.
    If I had my “dreams come true” , my life would probably be very different .
    I want to live THIS dream I live. It is where the blessing is.

  187. My dream to dare to follow is to raise a godly son who loves to read God’s Word and walks close with the Father. That’s my dream for myself also to love God’s Word and to love the One who breathed those words into human writers.

  188. My dream was to be a stay at home mom…and God answered that dream! I also dream of starting my own photography business one day…still working towards that one πŸ™‚

  189. My dream was to be a stay at home mom and God answered that one! I also dream of starting my own photography business…still working towards that one πŸ™‚

  190. God has given me gifts in the area of crafting { sewing and kniting] and I have dream of turning it into a business. Another dream would be to give back in a way the gifts God has given me.I have done some of that but would like to do more!

  191. I believed that God gave me a dream to follow Him into women’s ministry. He allowed me to see Him at work in and through me particularly in mentoring and helping to start a mentoring ministry. Currently I have had to step away from that dream for a time… Time to wait on the Lord and ask Him what is next. I don’t believe He is giving me a new dream. I believe He is reorganizing it. It’s nice to know it is in His hands.

  192. I dream that one day I can feel good about myself again; that I will feel loved, worthy, special. I dream that I will become a wise woman who can use her hurts to heal other women. I want to be good enough and confident enough and happy enough to become a life coach myself.

  193. I dream of a solid Christ filled marriage and family. I come from a broken family and my dream is to be the mother God has called me to be for my girls and that includes being the wife I’m called to be to my man!!

  194. funny how you have a dream, and dont even realize how it is a God dream…..this feb i was reminded by a friends story about her dream of owning a home on several acres of land has come true…..her story brought back a memory of writing somethng a long time ago about my dream of a house….well found that dream written in a journal from ….get this feb 1997(15 yrs to the month)…wow God…and after reading it , the dream of the house itself was the least of my dream….and God has brought all of it to my life, including the house we just moved into …..get this in feb of this year….
    here is my dream as i wrote it 15 yrs ago…..
    a house thats full of warmth, love & comfort, a place to be safe
    a yard full of nature, trees, birds, squirrels & flowers to enjoy
    a heart with love, honesty, forgiveness and giving
    a soul touched by Gods word, one that reaches out to others
    a spirit people see when they meet you, one that draws friends near to you and
    shows compassion to all
    a mind to understand daily life, to have wisdom and to use what you know for
    goodness and with the blessings of God, a husband, children to share this life with,
    a family to call my own, afamily that is caring devoted and happy….

    ……i was dreaming of having Jesus in my life and didnt even realize it was what God
    had dreamed for me all along…..Praise you Lord

  195. My dream right now is to follow God in each present moment and let it be enough as He reveals little by little who He is creating me to be. I want to practice this discerning who God is creating me to be so I can stay true to His designs for my life without getting to caught up in comparing my life to others and trying to be something other than what he purposed for me. Right now I know I love to move, to create, to explore, to share, and to learn by experience. I hope that I can learn to wait on God with joyful expectancy…believing He has beautiful plans for me and that I do not have to strive to make anything happen, but just resting in Him is enough!

  196. I’m in the middle of my graduate school program where I am following my dream to become a school librarian. I want to be the one to recommend a book to a child that creates in them a lifelong love of reading, or to be the adult that they feel comfortable talking to, or to create a lifelong love of learning. I dream of being exactly where God wants me, and fulfilling the plans that He has for me.

  197. My dream is to be a farmer’s wife. My husband wants to have a farm when he retires from the military and I want to support him fully.

  198. My dream is to make a difference for God. I am still searching for a way that I can do that, just haven’t found it yet. I feel that it has to do with kids. I continually pray for God to show me the way.

  199. My dream is to write a book about my Mom. I’ve got a number of chapters written, but it’s really slow going. It’s not they typical biography, more just snapshots of who she was and what I learned from how she lived her life. She’s been gone for three years now and I still miss her very much. That makes writing hard sometimes, but I feel compelled to share part of her story. πŸ™‚

  200. Telling the story God has written over our life, that’s my dream and God has made it possible for us to tell it in so many ways. Funny how something he speaks into your spirit comes to be over four years later.

  201. The Dare I dream to follow is going back to college. After having kids and working. Also being scared to go. But I have taken that step to register for next semester. I’m excited..

  202. Oh, I so hope I win. I recently got a “dream” tattoo, the last words my mom said to me. I dream of being a writer. I promised my mom that I would go after that dream.

  203. The dream I am daring to follow is the dream to be a mother. After struggling with 5 years of infertility, my husband and I are just beginning a journey of adopting twins from Ethiopia. We are trusting God!

    • Jessica, I just wrote a minute after you! Praying for your journey to your children. Be prepared…it’s AMAZING!!!!!!! God’s richest blessings. Kami

  204. My dream has always been to have a family and be a singer/song writer. We endured infertility for many years, lost 3 unborn children, and went through a failed domestic adoption. Life was hard. It felt as though God left me. Through all of the tragedy, I learned that He did not leave me. I now have 2 children adopted internationally. They are truly my own. And we are soon to be traveling to meet our third son. We have all been waiting four years to be united…a dream and prayers God has continued to answer. God stripped me of my fertility so that I could become a mother to the motherless. When I dreamed of having a family, God dreamed BIG for me!

  205. Following my dream to become a teacher- a second career and degree for me. Graduate school has been intense and overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time. Starting student teaching this week- and it comes with the range of emotions and nervousness of a new job. Praying for God’s favor and help for the next six months! Graduating in December- and praying for the right doors to open for a job. So…there are a lot of prayers and work going into this dream, but going full speed ahead and believing this is what God has for me!

  206. we followed our dream in 2010-2011 to serve overseas as missionaries, only problem was we discovered I was suffering from depression and had to sideline our plans. We are praying for a new dream and how to dream in the new place we have found ourselves in 2012.

  207. To be healed and debt free in 2012! To walk in God’s purpose and His Dream for my life.

  208. My dream is to boldly share God’s amazing grace, love, and joy with others through written word and voice as He would call. However, even before that, it is to live a life as His witness to my family and friends.

  209. This set is so lovely! My dream is to follow my calling and go into ministry by pursuing my love for writing and reaching women who are hurting through that medium. I’m actually following my dream right now by starting small with a blog.

  210. My dream is to be an example of someone committed to and living a healthy and Spirit guided life. I’m also dreaming, researching and studying up on how to change over to a location free career.

  211. My dream is for our family to have unstructured time to just get to know each other better and to make God a more intricate and central part of our family life. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway . Blessings!

  212. I will dare to follow the dream of being a true follower of God, a true Christian in all senses of the word, not just on the surface.

  213. I dream to set a good example for not just my children but the rest of my family. I dream to be a devoted follower of the holy trinity and show grace in all aspects of life.

  214. My dreams are to be a writer and also to finish my graduate degree so I can counsel parents of NICU babies. An amazing “angel” did that for me when my preemie was born and I want to be able to pass it on and help and uplift other parents with that struggle.

  215. What dream am I daring to follow? At 32 years old, I am going back to school… terrified, yet confident that I can reach my goal of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. It will take lots of hard work, determination, and most of all, faith, but with God all things are possible and I know I can do this! πŸ™‚

  216. My dream is to always have God smile through me. I want to be an example of Christ to not only my children, my husband, my family and my friends, but also to strangers. πŸ™‚

  217. Dare to be bold and to express myself the way I am, to dream and keep the track of my dreams, to believe that I can do all things through my God who loves me, even though sometimes it seems hard-to-believe.
    Thank you for the great website and inspiration.

  218. My longtime dream is to land in a job that I truly enjoy, a job that fits with the talent God gave me and with my training, a job that can provide a means for my family, a job where I can glorify God through what I do.

  219. Being home with my Kidd has always been my dream and I’m living it now. I think the next dream that I’m considering is homeschooling…still wrestling and praying over the decision, but I think that may be my next journey.

  220. The dream I’m working on is learning how to love others extravagantly in a community I’m new to and a little lonely in. I love how God opens doors for us to love others when we are feeling a little awkward or on the outside, so I am praying that he will show me where I can serve, even when it may be outside my comfort zone or something I hadn’t considered.

  221. I will follow my dream that my husband will become a believer in Jesus Christ, that our young marriage will last for a lifetime, and that our one year old son will become good fruit as God wills it. I dream that one day we will be financially stable to go visit my family that lives thousands of miles away so that they could meet my wonderful husband and baby boy and that college will soon be over in a year for me, God willing graduating on time spring 2013. Last but not least that God continues to work through me and my new family for good works and that my new extended family (in-laws) will become believers as well.

  222. I am struggling with my dream right now, trying to figure out what to do and when to do it. I would love to go back to school or do many different things, but I am in a stage of life where I am concentrating on being the wife and mother God wants me to be.

  223. My dream is to be in step with my the plans my heavenly Father has for me. That’s always the best! And I love the bag!!! Hope that’s in the plans, too!

  224. My dream is to be a great wife and mum. I had other dreams, but none so important as my family. I really struggle when people are able to name big dreams-I’m glad they have them, and I’d really like one of my own. When my boys are a little older maybe?

  225. My dream is to go back to school to get my teaching degree, possibly teaching special education. My heart’s desire is to work with children, and I would love to have my own classroom someday.

  226. After many years of struggling with long hours in retail God opened a door for me to follow my passion. Kids and food is what he always prompted my heart to love. He has blessed me with so many wonderful life lessons through these children and there parents. It is not work because I believe he has me right where he wants me serving him and the broken hearted that he places in my path. To fully follow and obey, I must remove self and look into the eyes and souls of all he places before me. Through cooking classes that range from 3 to 60 year old’s in a community that is open to learn that food and the homes they live in need beauty, and the importance of sitting down to eat as a family. God has blessed me beyond measure and I love passing on the knowledge he has given me. So, I say to all of you never give up and continue to live in the wonder of a childs eye’s.

  227. Over the years I have had several dreams. God fulfilled one in a big big way–he introduced me to my hubby 8 yrs ago. That was a wonderfully nice surprise!

    Since then my dream has gone to finding a medical coding job in the area. God allowed me to take the course and pass the test first time out. But He hasn’t yet provided a job in that area. I’m just going to pray about it and see what happens. I would love, like some of you, to have a job I enjoy and not just a paycheck.

    I would also love to help many many more people. I have family and friends that I would just love to assist in many different areas of their lives.

    A big dream I have is to see an end to Cancer and the need for Relay for Life. I love doing it and supporting it, but don’t like having people being diagnosed with cancer and see them go through treatments, etc.

  228. My dream is to finally step into what God has designed me for. To stop letting fear rule my life , to fully accept and thrive in the Love and Acceptance that God has for me and to not be afraid to be me, exactly the way that God created me to be. Blessings Ladies!

  229. I am living one dream… being “Mommy” to two shining knights and one pretty princess. As for my other dreams, for years I allowed my decisions to be heavily swayed by a desire to please influential people in my life; I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed in my choices. Oh how I am realizing how many dreams and likes I put aside! I have agreed with God that He will be my guide as I make future decisions to affect the course of my life, but right now circumstances have me waiting for the time I can pursue God-given opportunities and desires.

  230. I am living my dream! Of being married, loving and being loved well. Of teaching kindergarten and loving it. To continue dreaming, I am excited at the potential of starting our own family πŸ™‚

  231. My dream would be to walk in God’s strength and confidence, rather than fear of failure. I love photography, cooking and DIY renovating and decorating, but am fearful to step out and teach or be compensated for my efforts. I know it’s a gift from God and I want to use it to bless others…
    As others have written, I am living a dream as a wife and mother. God is so gracious!

  232. I am in the middle of pursuing my dream. I just finished school & getting my second degree, this one in elementary education. I had a plan laid out for my life but God had a different plan. I believe teaching is a calling & I have come to realize it is my calling. I am now praying to find a way to teach & still be their for my own children because teaching them is my first & foremost dream.

  233. My dream is share my story which is proof that God can and will use ALL things to His Glory. Many ask me how I can still believe in a loving God after all life has put me through. Born crippled, abused as a child/teenager, abandoned by the father of my first born, buried a child at age 21, orphaned by age 22, widowed at age 30, abused by my second husband, a live organ donor, a cancer survivor, the death of my step son in a firery car crash, survived a ‘unsurvivable’ aortic aneurisym and still work everyday in a job that allows me to brighten the lives of others. God has redeemed every situation and every loss. He has never left nor forsaken me. Each trial has just pulled me closer to His throne of Grace.

  234. My dream is to find a friend in my area that I can talk to when I need support and that I can support in return. I have often been an encourager but I haven’t found someone to be a friend who is also encouraging. . .even though I struggle with anxiety at times and do not always seem to say the right thing. . .been hard to find someone in my area.

  235. My dream is to finally be free from low self-esteem. I want to see myself the way others see me – confident, self-assured – and actually FEEL that way inside. I want to live the rest of my life with a passionate appreciation for every moment, knowing God has a plan for me and that plan doesn’t include negativity or self-doubt. I want to help other girls to learn and KNOW that they are wonderfully made, amazing females, and loved fiercely through all their struggles.

  236. I dream of living a life to serve others. Most importantly helpless children and/animals. If i had a house and the means to take in children and animals that needed a place to call home, I would open my door to every one who needs a home and love. most importantly LOVE.

  237. I’m daring to follow my dream of being a stay at home mom. It was hard to give up the full time career I worked so hard for and live on 1 income but every day God is showing me how blessed I am for it.

  238. I dream of being home full time with my kids. Right now my husband and I are in a season where I’m working while he’s looking for a job. My job is a blessing since God uses it to provide for our family but I am looking forward to the day that I get to be home to live out my calling as a mom.

  239. I have a dream to do “more” and be “more” but I’m not sure what that “more” is just yet. I’m a SAHM and feel I want to do something outside of my family without taking a job. I don’t feel that God has shown me what it will be yet, but I pray I have the courage to jump at it when He does.

  240. I dream of teaching high school or college students. I am in the middle of a Masters program and substitute teaching to help make ends meet. My husband and are putting our two oldest children through college right now, so sometimes my education gets put on hold as we pay for their tuition first. But I’d like to finish my Masters and teach english. I have a heart for students of all ages but I enjoy the intellectual interaction with older students.

  241. My dream is becoming a reality. I never imagined I would return to Iowa and live on a hobby farm. God totally has my story written though and I am learning never to say never. I married, had children and as they grew, we realized that they are completely missing out on the natural part of God’s creation and what it is like to raise something from seedling on, what it is like to wander in quiet in His creation, what it is like to see the miracle of new life. We started to look for a little piece of land to let our kids learn hands on and in the word. We found a little hobby farm in Iowa, the place we both said we would never live. We are uprooting our family, following God in this adventure and beginning to live our dream. We close on the house on Friday, prayers welcomed for that, and will begin to “grow” our dreams!

  242. I am taking online courses right now to learn more about the Bible and my dream is to lead women’s Bible and Christian book studies.

  243. The dream to realize how amazing I am to God…not by what I do or don’t do but for who He has made me!

  244. My dream is to be able to use my quilting in some way to make money for my family. I would also like to start a ministry to help the many women who are hurting in my church.

  245. Honestly, I have many dreams (who doesnt?) But the thing is im only 17! But my dream up until this day is to be a blessing. Not just cliche speaking GOD BLESS YOU, but to surrender my self in complession to ever single person who is in need. I know that Jesus works in mysterious ways and he has wonderful plans for every one but the bible says that faith without action is dead, the bible also says that you have to be a server of everyone to a leader of everyone, so my dream is to be a blessing! πŸ™‚

  246. My dream has always been to go to Africa and bring home a baby:-) not quite able to do that yet but I am the one who is heading up a mission trip this summer to Africa for my church. Super excited to see what He does this summer.

    On a smaller note, a dream I have is to have a less busy schedule and have time to get back to blogging.

  247. My dream has always been to go to Africa and bring home a baby:-) not quite able to do that yet but I am the one who is heading up a mission trip this summer to Africa for my church. Super excited to see what He does this summer.

    On a smaller note, a dream I have is to have a less busy schedule and have time to get back to blogging. That may be slightly unreasonable;)

  248. Hi there, well this topic of following our dreams is one that God has been dealing with me lately. Ever since I was a little girl I loved writing. I was not allowed to watch tv during the week and only for one hour on Saturday and another hour on Sunday. We didn’t have a lot of toys, just a hand full of Barbies. I would spend a lot of my time writing out skits for my little sister and I to act out in front of our home video camera, lol. I also spend a lot of my time reading. Once in junior high I had an English teacher who noticed my writing and encouraged me to pursue getting published. I remember pouring all of my 13 yr old heart into a fiction story and sending it off to a juvenile magazine. I sent my whole heart along with it. The magazine sent back some ideas that they wanted me to try with my story before re-sending. I took this as a total rejection and even though my teacher continued to encourage me to re-send it my heart felt like someone had danced and stomped all over it. I was crushed. Well, I am 30 now … and that dream has never left my heart. Over the years I have had many different topics pass through my mind for potential book ideas but I have never acted on it. Recently the Lord has been showing me how the topics I had chosen were not edifying to Him, they were edifying to me. He has been doing a work in my heart and I have been feeling a strong push to write again, but this time on a subject I feel is too big for little old me. But I know deep down inside that this is pleasing to the Lord, this is the book He would have me write. I have started to write bits and pieces of these leading I feel in my heart. I haven’t shared them with anyone yet – that 13 yr old girl inside of me is trembling. I don’t know if now in 2012 it’s important to have a blog to get published. I feel overwhelmed by all that I do not know. I would not know how to get followers or put up those pretty links on my page or even get the word out about a blog, and truthfully I am not sure a blog even sounds appealing to me. I have thought about beginning by submitting articles to sites like this one, sites that love the Lord and honor Him. But I really don’t know if that’s the way to begin or if I should simply continue to write down what I think will go in my book and then figure out how to get it out there into the publishing world. So, if you can’t tell I feel like I have a mountain sized dream that I feel totally incapable of reaching and yet I can’t ignore this calling I feel deep within me. I hear a voice inside saying “just write, pray and write, and the Lord will show you the way in the right time.” So that’s where I am at, which isn’t very far at all into my dream, but it’s a start.

  249. My dream is to find a way to support our family financially with a second income but still be involved full time with my two little ones.

  250. My dream is to live like I believe that my Father loves me extravagantly no matter what my day-to-day life looks like. I’m still holding out for my dream of being a mom, and one day, trust the Lord will bless us, but until then, I want to dare to live fully right where I am, and watching Him meet me in this very moment.

  251. My dream is to help my friends and relatives and acquaintances to believe in them selves more, learn to be healthier and eat better, and be content with what they
    have now or take the steps to reach for what they want. I feel contentment now and see so many who are still seeking, possibly not satisfying dreams.

  252. My dream is to own a small business in which all of my family has the opportunity to work!

  253. I try to make the journey to my beloved mountains every weekend where I find myself sitting at the feet of the Lord Jesus. The very One Who spoke this creation into existence. As I sit and reflect on the past week, I can so clearly hear His voice for I am away from the things of man. Away from all the noise of a world in chaos. It is in these moments when He speaks to me that I can take my pen in hand and journal what He is saying and then when I find myself struggling I can take that journal and remember. Remember the One Who has all things under control and the very One Who holds me In His hand. The realization comes that He will never let me go.
    I always take my camera with me and He always points out something for me to photograph. For you see He can be found in the smallest flower, leaf or even a black bear. And when I leave to go home, I not only have His words that He has spoken to me, but a recording of the beauty that is found in this cathedral of His own making.
    My dream is to take what He has said to me and shown me and put it all together in a book so that it might uplift and refresh those who are on this journey called life. We are all on the same road – the road that leads to Christ. We all have days where we are overflowing with joy and then there are the days where we are so weary. No matter where this day finds you, may you lift your eyes to the mountains and truly SEE the One who loves you. And may you hear His voice as He speaks to your heart through all that He has made.

  254. My dream is to write novels with stories that inspire people to help themselves or to feel good about similiar situations that they have been through and persevered.

  255. I’ve been thinking about writing a book on our recent, 3 month trip across the country. Several people have encouraged me too and I recently realized that I actually wanted to! One day when I wasn’t sure I heard this song come on on the radio(and now it’s sort of my “theme song”):

    “What are you waiting for?
    What do you have to lose?
    Your insecurities try to hold to you.
    You know you’re made for more.
    So don’t be afraid to move!
    Your faith is all it takes and you can
    Walk on the water too!”
    ~Britt Nicole, Walk On the Water

    I began to get excited, and I felt like God was confirming it to me.
    Now with his help, I WILL:
    Dare to take that step.
    Make that difference.
    Follow that dream.

  256. My dream is to write. I have always dreamed of being a published author with a real book, I’ve just been waiting for the thing God’s wanted me to write about. After 5 years through some incredibly hard times, I think the Lord has finally shown me what I am to write about. So I am about to start writing the book He has already written in me, and share the proposal at She Speaks this summer. It is definitely a God-sized dream, as I am not one to put myself out there. But I’m excited to see what He does next. πŸ™‚

  257. My dream is to be reunited with my daughter and her family. Sometimes we don’t understand why and how things happen and I ask for God’s guidance to help me understand. I don’t know where this is all leading but I am so impatient and I know in God’s timing all things happen for good.

  258. I am currently writing a book which contains a story about abuse, to show how great God is even amidst trials like this and bring encouragement to people who go through these very painful situations. My dream and prayer is that it will be published and will be a blessing to every person that reads it.

  259. I’m in a strange place. I realize my dream and purpose. I just don’t have the courage it takes to jump out and take that first step. I was abused as a child and I know now that the Lord wants to use my difficult story to help free other women from the pain and addictions that come into the life of an abused girl. I had a vision from the Lord where he opened the cage I was stuck in and whispered for me to stand and use my voice. That’s where I’m nervous. I just don’t know where to start. But I will do it. He will keep filling me as I lean on Him for strength. I will let Him hold me up and use His words when mine fall so terribly short. I want to fly like the bird on the picture – I’m out of the cage now! That’s my dream and I know He will give me the courage I need to walk it out.

  260. My dream is to follow God completely. I once prayed that He would give me more so that I could give more away. It’s been an amazing blessed way to live.
    Currently involved in youth ministry.

  261. I dream to be a labor and delivery nurse someday. Right now though, I will continue to be a momma to my babies.

  262. My dream is that someday I will be able to help ladies who are hurting and in need of someone to share with and someone who understands. I have been one of those hurting ladies and have friends in bible studies who helped me and show me that God loves me and that Iam Already Amazing!!

  263. My dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom. God blessed me with a wonderful husband and two children. We’ve always had just enough money for me to stay home too. Thank you Lord!

  264. My dream, since I was 7 years old has been to be a missionary. I ended up getting married very young and then raising two wonderful children. Now that I am a grandmother, I have been on 3 mission trips, and am in charge of taking a group of young people on the next one! My husband and I have been offered a position, and although he still needs some convincing, I am praying that this lifelong dream will soon be a reality!

  265. I dream that as I deal with decreasing mobility and physical ability as my MS seems to be hitting home much more, I will show everyone around me that He does love me and I can still lead people to Him

  266. Wow. My heart is racing… anxitey-like racing… I’ve never written on a site before. The words on this post excited me as well as scared me… I have been learning about “desires” and “dreams” for the past, well, tomorrow it will be 13 years.

    Thirteen years ago tomorrow, my whole world changed. After a year of devestating and difficult events: (Loss of a desperately wanted baby, family members with very serious health issues) the unthinkable happened… my husband was injured. Badly. There was deep concern that he would make it through the day. As he was helping a Pastor of our church to trim some trees, he was struck by a huge branch and fell 20 feet… leaving him paralyized. Typically, I am known as a strong person… but after the year we had had… this accident was the final straw! Where was GOD in all of these life altering events? So many plans were crushed, the hearts of our 5 year old twins were crushed: right along with my husbands spinalcord. Survival was in the moment. There was no planning… it was minute to minute making decisions… I can say, that I never had felt so alone and abandoned by God as I did in the emergency room that afternoon: March 31st, 2000.

    During the first 11 days following the accident, I began writing how I could see God working in our lives…. as each day passed and more and more people found out about my husband being injured… we could feel Gods arms wrapping around us… it was amazing! The shock had not worn off… but we knew God was with us. There are so many amazing “God sized” stories that my almost 19 year old twins and I re-visit… especially as they are planning their lives… attending college and working. I’m so proud of them, as there is no way we could ever pay for them to attend college… no way I could plan for them… Dreams and Desires had to be surrendered. It has been in that surrendering… daily… minute by minute… that God has shown Himself so faithful!!

    A lot has occured over these past 13 years… so many heartaches, so many disappointments of a momma’s heart that I desired for our children… many tears that shared together as we’d leave for vacation to the beach, without Dad… my anxious heart still pounds as I make plans again this year… perhaps for the last time… (the beach house is a gift for the three of us by a very generous family. That beach house has been a place of healing for us!)

    As I read this article… I was moved to think if it was time for me to “dream” again? Do I dare desire? This frightens me because I have been given so many amazing opportunities to “see God” through a camera lens. Each “WOW” pictures has a story of how God was speaking to me at that moment in time. I places these pictures in a journal… I shared the journal with a Bible Study group… and was asked for prints… and cards… and other items with the prints that God gifted me with. I have been encouraged to start a business… but, “do I dare”? I ask myself over and over… It’s such a vulnerable place to be… the prints are so personal… they are God’s love letter to me… I have been asked to take Portraits, as well. I have no formal experience… no educational background in photography… I shoot when God “WOW’s” me… when I know He is speaking to me…. This was all coming at me, out of nowhere.

    There is more to this “story”… but, am feeling afraid of sharing more… I can view others as “Amazing” in the events and activities that they do… but, I don’t find myself in that place. As I take portraits and share them with each person… it’s easy for me to remind them how Amazing God made them and gifted them… but, while doing so… I still feel crushed… Our dreams of being short-term missionaries, our dreams for retirement… I’m ashamed of desiring to be worthy of believing Psalm 139 for myself…. God’s gifts through each picture He’s given me, reminds me… I think the call to a new level of surrender is being asked of me… Thirteen years ago…whew, seems like yesterday, I was called to surrender dreams and desires… I’m afraid, but know I need to obey.

    • Dear Karen,
      Your writing here truly touched me….all I can say is that I am here praying for you and your family…praising God for all the beautiful and mighty things he has done in your life through such a hardship. I have never met you in person, and this is my first time leaving any comment for anyone like this, but I just wanted you to know that, to me, you are super amazing. You are giving me Godsend inspiration for me to obey him by doing a better job at surrendering my personal (and very dear…) dreams and desires. The Holy Spirit is speaking to me through your story. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing.

      God Bless you,

  267. My little girl dream was a real family…a safe family…andfriends…or maybe just one friend…a real friend…a safe friend…
    After 40 years of dreaming, I have…
    –a sham of a marriage…feel like a fool…
    –no friends–feel like a failure…
    –dreams that feel like dead wishes…
    but God has given me miracle kids–a tiny morsel of my dream…a taste of His love.

  268. My dream is to someday attend seminary so that I can get a Masters of Divinity πŸ™‚ I’m working on figuring out my money situation now so that I can someday make that dream a reality!

  269. My dream would be to own my very own small Hair bow and Candy store … I would have our hair bows decorate the candy containers … the bows would be part of that gift. This would be a perfect dream for me. As a mom who is out saving lives, and who works in an office all day long, I think something more my speed and what I love to do … this will also give me more time to answer calls πŸ™‚ because my oldest would be able to help work for me too.

  270. My dream is to gather the courage needed to finally start writing a book series that God has placed in my heart. Of course being blessed with twin preemies is making me put this dream on the back-burner for the time being. Trips to the hospital are not conducive to writing.

  271. My dream is to be a wonderful wife, great mother and encouraging friend – to live my life in a way that others see God’s glorious light in me and are drawn to Him.

  272. My dream is that on this side of heaven, I will once again see my children and grandchildren together at the same time ( I haven’t seen one daughter for 20 yrs and never met 3 of my grandchildren)…I have been doing my best, before the Lord, to try and encourage them to contact each other, as they are not close, and we live in 3 separate areas of the usa. I am battling life threatening disease for a few years now, so every day is a gift… but to see my family together and spend time together as a family, will take not only a dream, but a miracle from His Throne. My dream is somehow that I could find a sponsor of a beach cottage here in the states and then bring them all together for a week or two… Only with Gods intervention will that ever happen… So I guess my dream is also a prayer!
    In the meantime, for the last 2 years I have looked at the opportunity to be a Blessings Unlimited affiliate, but was afraid to take the leap due to my health situation. But last week, after prayer and encouragement from a friend, I signed up. So , please , if you have a moment, life up a prayer to Heaven that the Lord will first use this opportunity as a vehicle to encourage and bless others in their faith, and second that it will help me in some small way towards my dream of my family getting together. I was very excited when I saw this giveaway as that tote is already on my “dream” wishlist along with the cup!
    Blessed Easter everyone!
    Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com
    palmbreezeliving dot blogspot dot com

  273. My dream is to fill my home with the love and grace that has been given to me. My relationship with Christ is new…and I feel like I’m alive for the first time. I cannot imagine a more important job then teaching our two small children about our Savior. My husband and I have been working to establish new traditions in our family. But most importantly….we are living the dream of changing our family legacy.

  274. My dream is to really admit I have a dream. For so long everyone else’s dream was on the for front that I forgot how to dream for myself. Now that I am getting closer to having an empty nest I am entering a new territory of “what is my dream”? I think one day I would love to be used as a speaker for God, sharing about stepping out of the shadows of life and into God’s light or to write a book to encourage wives of law enforcement officers. So I guess I really do dream after all.

  275. My dream is to finally live in the Promise and to be free of the depression and anxiety that have followed me my entire adult life.

  276. When I saw this question, “what dream do you dare to follow,” I felt like I got that God-bumps (as in goose bumps!). To put it short, the dream I dare to follow is to live each day in this new life in Christ for God’s glory. And that I dream to be in the Lord’s presence with all my loved ones for the eternity. I dream to hear him say, when I am done with my days here on earth, “well done, my child…”

    Besides surrendering and answering to the Lord’s knocking and being baptized to become his, I have been going through some major life changes in the last 4-5 years…from losing my dearest and biggest supporter of lifetime, Mom, to breast cancer, losing my career as a ballet dancer as I left the dance company so that I could take care of her back home (17 hours flight away), watching my Dad go through the loss of his wife and then retirement from the company he served 42 years, living with grieve-stricken Dad for a year, marrying my God-given friend and getting pregnant within 3 weeks of our wedding, not to mention moving to and from 5 different countries… God knows everything that is in our hearts and everything else.

    I just hope and dream that I will fulfill my calling….through being a Mommy, a wife, and a dance teacher for all levels of students, and still sometimes as a performer on stage…the calling of being God’s beloved through our Christ Jesus. Amen.

  277. I am still searching for my dream! As the mother of teenagers, I am going back to school – plugging away with one class at a time (it’s not so easy for this mama!). I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up!

  278. I’m still seeking God’s heart on what specifically He wants me to follow….but my dream includes reaching women’s hearts through words, and God’s word, to encourage, build up, challenge, and equip. I love to write, connect, and encourage! We’ll see where He leads! πŸ™‚

  279. I am making a declaration to follow my heart…strive to live the life God designed me to live…one of passion, courage and boldness. Status quo is no longer acceptable and mediocre is non-existent in my vocabulary. Trying to be all things to all people has left me empty and lacking zeal. I will go confidently in the directions of my dreams and press towards the life of bountiful blessings!

  280. I dare to follow the dream of being a writer. Of maintaining my waning blog, of writing a novel, of leading women’s ministry at church without fear but with awe, of helping the Latin community gain education and courage.

  281. One of my dreams was to be a wife and mama. I am! Now my dream is to be the women God meant for me to be in those roles. I fail everyday in this area. God is gracious and I am so glad to have today to be the best I can be in what ever I do.

  282. My dream is to work as a missionary showing people love through helping them with thier health. this is becoming a relaity as I ma soon to go to Bulgaria to work with Gypsies and start up a community health project and help churhc plant! God is good

  283. My dream is to live a godly, active life…growing in the Lord and mentoring young Christians in their growth as well. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver (Final Stage) and Avascular Necrosis (Bone Death – over 50% of body). The doctor’s say I’m living on borrowed time; I say I’m living on God’s time. I have recently moved and am working on getting my body healthy, even if the doctor’s say it cannot be done.
    In fact, after two months, I am already doing better than I did for two years where I used to live. I was led back to the country (which was where I lived as a youth) and am taking it a day at a time. Lord willing, I will continue to have more good days than bad. Before I moved I was in bed for three months and they didn’t think I’d get out of it. Well, here I am and I know at this point the Lord isn’t through with me yet! I’d love to be in His Presence but not until it’s His timing…not the doctor’s.
    Your post encouraged me – thank you so much!

  284. My dream is to be who I really am and not the person that some people think I should be. I want to be who God made me to be.

  285. My dream is to marry the man God has given me, even though right now it seems the relationship is over. And to be the best wife I can be!