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I am the wife of a servant-hearted assistant Pastor, mom to my two precious boys, and a happy homemaker. We serve at Revive in Escondido, CA.

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  1. Praying out of fear or when in need–these are the times when it is easiest (and perhaps safest) for me. However, I know we are to pray expectantly, demonstrating our faith that we serve a big God, but as you put it so well “I’ve been afraid of being expectant in case God’s answer is ‘no’, or in case I ask for the wrong thing.” Thanks for the encouragement to go deeper, Jessi!

  2. My prayers were at one time born and breathed by fear. To grow beyond that point, I intentionally started my prayer time with praise. I wasn’t much good at it. SO I determined to grow that part of my prayer and added to my prayer that He would teach me.
    When I began to focus on all His inherent qualities and praised him for His greatness, I grew. When I looked at all He had created from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea, I grew. When I looked through a microscope to the tiniest details of life, and through a telescope to the immeasurable galaxies beyond our reach, I grew. And in my prayers, as I in childlike fashion, crawl up into His lap, and talk to him about my joys, I grew. And when I laid aside my worries because he already knew, and made request for others, I grew.
    When I observed the details of His uglier creations, the creepy crawly things of earth, I find that in all the details, the textures, the colors, the shape, and function, I am immensely amazed by His design with purpose, I grew.
    When I read His word, I praise Him in the margins. And as I grow, I write more pages of His Greatness and find that His blessings are written in the margins of my life. The closer I get to him in praise, I find that He reveals true miracles to me, which renews my praise for His unfailing love. May God grow you too.

  3. I agree with Julie – thanks for the encouragement to go DEEPER into prayer. It is easy to stay “surface” in our prayers in order to avoid letdown. Yet God calls us to more than a surface relationship!! 🙂

  4. Great post! I love your simple steps to a more meaningful prayer life. Sometimes we make too much of the “right” way to pray. How you’ve put these verses together, like stepping stones, leads to a truly Biblical path to follow as we pray.
    It was a timely post for me to read because I’ve recently realized that I have a bit of a problem asking the Lord for material things …. like the cute wooden milk crate in Target (now out of stock both in stores and online). Bummer. It would be so cute made into an ottoman and used in my family room. Do you think it’s wrong to ask the Lord to help me find one somewhere? or maybe He’ll lead me to something better/cheaper. or maybe it’s a silly little thing of no consequence or eternal value.
    Thanks again and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

  5. This has been on my heart and in my prayers lately….praying according to God’s word and not just according to what I see and want in my earthly state. I saw a young man walking along the road on Christmas Eve…he looked dejected and lonely (to my eyes). I started praying for him and felt that God said to my spirit, “You focus on the physical need which will last only for a short time, I am concerned with the spiritual need that will last forever”. It made me stop in my tracks. Lord, teach us how to pray according to Your Will and Your Word!! Amen!

  6. These are things my prayer partner has been teaching me. To pray God’s Will…Thy Will be done. Stop telling God how to answer prayer but pray the Scriptures. Pray the Word of God into the situation. Into my life. Into others lifes.

    You are practically in my backyard…I’m over here in Fallbrook. I’m in Escondido a lot.
    Blessings to you.

  7. The only condition in order for our prayers to be heard is righteousness (Proverbs 15:29),
    Amen, Amen, Amen

    Jessi, how close are you to Simi Valley, Ca. we are moving there the end of Feb.