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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. Oh, Bonnie, what amazing timing for me to read this, for I, too, suffer from worryism from time to time. I will be chatting with God again today about this. Thanks, Bonnie and InCourage.

  2. Great sharing! Yes, I believe many women (if not all) suffer from worry at some point in our lives. I have suffered from constant worry about money. So much so, last year, I worked two jobs while my husband was out of work. I nearly killed myself physically and mentally. I asked for God’s help. At the time, I had sneering looks from “friends” and couldn’t understand why God took so long to answer. But I had to realize He was all I needed. I let go. I let a lot of things go, and now, I feel free from that anxiety. I am learning to trust in Him with every new day.

  3. Thank you Bonnie. You have just moved my heart to see someone I love dearly in a new light. I have been baffled by their behaviour at times, especially when the tasks at hand seem to be more important than “showing up” for the hard stuff. I will carry this image of how their heart might be suffering but I was unable to see it. fyi this person also struggled as a small child immigrant, bridging the gap for parents, and feeling alienated.
    Blessings to you.

  4. Oh Bonnie! I love how you’ve applied Genesis 1:2-3 here. I had shivers up my spine as I read this, and HOW the Lord spoke to me just now through you. I know the Lord “works all things for good.” But how encouraging to think that God stands waiting to create beauty from chaos, to bring Light into darkness.

  5. Bonnie – The older I get, the less important I realize it is to maintain control and order. Having kids blew this apart when I was in my late twenties. Then the more you go through life, the more you realize that it is just impossible to live up to our own idealized standards and expectations for how things should be. The only antidote is total surrender, every day. And God’s version of “order,: by the way, may have absolutely no resemblance to our own. But we persist, we mobilize, we do our best and trust him for the outcome.
    I like your prayer – “Let it be, if that’s what God wants for me.”

  6. I will use that prayer, also. We always say something like “If this is your will for my life, increase my desire for it. If it is NOT, please decrease my desire.” Yours is easier and makes a great “breath prayer.” thank you!

  7. @Heather: It’s amazing to me whenever God’s timing places me together with another friend like you! Thanks, Heather!
    @Pamela: It took a lot of courage for you to hang in there, in faith, while “friends” fell to the wayside of support. Amazing story. Those are the days of water walking faith. What a testimony, Pamela! I’m so happy you shared something so special from your heart.
    @Billy: How comforting to know this is a common struggle. It’s awesome knowing this faith journey is made easier with bloggy faith friends along the way. Thanks, Billy!
    @Holley: How encouraging it is to share a moment in a heart such as yours, Holley! Thanks for sharing. You are an encourager, through and through! Thankful for you.
    @Deb: “You have just moved my heart..” Thank you, Deb! Blessings right back.
    @Anne: Wow. Thank you for sharing your encouragement, Anne! God is good!
    @Bradley: Oh, yeah! I should disclose I went to the women’s conference because I just had my 2nd baby born and I was completely zonked out from sleep deprivation & needed SLEEP. I was totally green behind the ears being a mom of two (yikes!). Parenthood definitely sped up the demise of any vestige of control or order! ;p “The only antidote is total surrender, every day.” Thanks, Bradley. That’s one to take to the bank.
    @Sanee: Thanks, Sandee!
    @Catherine: What a wonderful prayer, Catherine! Thank you for sharing yours! Thank God for breath prayers.
    @thegypsymama: “It’s a great reminder that worry shouldn’t be our accepted state of being.” Thank *you* for your beautiful perspective, Lisa-Jo! Love it.

  8. Thank You for the reminder let it be, I found myself in need of this today struggling to see the light and the good, then I opened my e mail and found this what a blessing. Also a picture from my son of a rainbow that came after the rain yesterday and he took the time to capture it in the middle of his work. Each day will bring us rainbows if we just let it be God has control.

  9. @Doug: What an encourager you are! Thank you for your kind words, Doug.
    @Chris: What a beautiful ray of sunshine your encouragement brings, Chris. “Each day will bring us rainbows if we just let it be. God has control.” I love the bloom of reassuring images of these words bring. Thank you!

  10. Precious story, Bonnie. Glad you are featured over here too πŸ™‚ Love reading your work πŸ™‚
    I too used to worry a lot, until God placed me in a position (as a missionary) to depend fully on him for EVERYTHING (especially finances). Now I have NO choice but to depend on him, knowing that there is nothing I can do (in my own control) about it anyways.
    U r loved, girl!!!!

  11. You and I have discussed how this topic is one in which we have much in common!
    This was a beautiful post that touched me on many levels.
    Thanks, Bonnie.

  12. I’m not much of a worrier. There have been times in my life when I have worried about specific things, and I get frustrated that I’m not in control of so much that happens, but then God gently (and sometimes not so gently) reminds me that worry is the opposite of faith. AHEM.

  13. I was at a Womens’ Study weekend this past winter. The speaker taught us many things; among these was a phrase to use when being pressured to do ____ (you fill in the blank). It was “Oh, well!” Not said in anger but in love. It fits here well when you begin to worry about what will happen. Say “Oh, well. God will!” My question is why for me it is easy to let go and let God in some situations but not in others. My guess is that I am still in my growing up phase in faith.
    Diana Kimberlin

  14. A good reminder for someone who struggles with this, too. I have to admit to myself that I hate feeling out of control. But I must remember too that if worry saddens my Father, would it not be better to fear saddening him? Perhaps the development of the authentic “fear of God” (loving awe, respect, gratefulness, love) would be a good antidote, too.

  15. I love this, ‘In an effort to avoid hurtful circumstances, I relied on my ability to plan…’
    I’ve never thought of it that way before. I’d add control to that as well, for me.
    Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. Wonderful as usual.

  16. @Russell: Thank you, Russell! Blessings right back!
    @Maureen: What a blessing you are! Thanks your loving encouragement, Maureen! I love the way “used to worry” is the phrase paving your path to serving God in the front lines as a missionary. God’s got your back, girl! You’re awesome.
    @Bridget: Thank *you*, Bridget. Sharing is such a comfort to the journey.
    @katdish: You’re enjoying a wonderful blessing, Kat. “Worry is the opposite of faith.” Now, that’s quotable! Thanks!
    @Diana: Thanks for sharing and passing on the “good stuff” from the study, Diana. “My guess is that I am still in my growing up phase in faith.” Your guess is wise and true for all of us on this side of heaven! πŸ˜‰
    @ Beth: Thanks for sharing here, Beth. Your test will become a testimony to share. God bless!
    @Ginny: You’re encouraging, as usual. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing here, Ginny! You’re awesome.

  17. Bonnie, always a joy reading your posts. You are absolutely right. I often find myself in an unfortunate routine of blah.
    This reminds me of the nudge that John gave Peter when Christ called from the shore to cast the nets on the other side after the crucifixion.
    Peter had to hear that nudge from John before he was convinced that it was truly Christ.
    Sometimes those faith interventions come from others believers too. Kind of like this post to me πŸ™‚

  18. Bonnie, I totally can relate to the “what ifs” scenarios and I imagine if it would to happen all over again, what would my ideal response would be and it will chew me up over and over again. It is hard to let go. I worry about many things and it chewed me up.
    I thank you for this post, I needed the Faith Intervention, it is not that I do not have Faith in our God. I tend to worry the smaller worries by myself and the “bigger” worries, I give them to Him. I rationalized my worries, I am reminded by your post, that He has time for ALL of my worries. Thank you for this “nudge’.

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  21. Great post..I always know when I am worrying, I am wanting to control the what if’s and when I want to control it’s because I think I have the answers and if God would just work thing out this way then I would not have to spent all this time worrying…a circle that only gets smaller and smaller till I find my self tied into a knot. I think your prayer just untied my knot…thank you.